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What we learned from Lions-Chiefs game and looking ahead to the first NFL weekend

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 8, 2023 4:30 pm

What we learned from Lions-Chiefs game and looking ahead to the first NFL weekend

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 8, 2023 4:30 pm

John Breech, CBS Sports joined Adam to recap the Detroit Lions' 21-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. He shares what the game told us about both teams as we look ahead into the season. He also discussed how he views the NFC South playing out this year.


All right, let's get to what happened last night at Arrowhead Stadium when the Kansas City Chiefs were beaten at home by the Detroit Lions 21 to nothing or as we bring in John breach from the pick six podcast.

One of the super friends there. Can we say that the Chiefs beat themselves as well? I mean you look at what Kansas City did and they don't have Travis Kelce. They don't have their best skill position player out there and they probably still should have won this game. And I would say they almost certainly win this game. If Tony doesn't have possibly the worst receiving outing, maybe an NFL history.

I mean, it was just ugly out there. Patrick Mahomes probably throws for 300 yards. If Tony doesn't have all those drops the pick six, obviously. So when you're talking about a one-point loss and a guy drops four passes and gets the ball. He gives up a pick six. I'd say that's your difference right there.

John breach is joining us here. Did you have a problem? I didn't but did you have a problem with Andy Reid's decision to go for it first on fourth and 20 and then on fourth and 25 after the fall start? Yeah, I still go for it fourth and 20 little dice here fourth and 25 even more dice here, but I probably still go for it. And the reasoning behind that is that look, you have to get a defensive stop whether you punt or whether you go for it and fail. You have to stop the Lions at some point. And so if you pun it that gives them more of the field or at the clock run the game out.

If you go for it and don't get it. Well, now there's only enough room for maybe one first down. You still have the three timeouts and then they kick a field goal and you're still only down for so it gives you a better chance of getting the ball back.

If you fail, I think so. I was completely fine with Andy Reid going for it. Yeah, I didn't understand the the anger at that. I mean, I thought it was I mean, I certainly understand why maybe it's a higher percentage play to punt it and play a little bit more field position game and maybe it's a case where you're only down one as opposed to maybe down for but ultimately you still had to stop him without before they got a first down if you didn't and it was over unless they got a first down on the first play, which is not what happened there.

John breach is joining us here. The Lions are obviously good. I don't know where you pick them. I know that you picked the Bengals to win the Super Bowl, which is in and of itself kind of a bold statement based on the Bengals history, but did this confirm anything that you thought about the Lions or maybe change your opinion of what they are? I didn't really this game. I don't think told me much about either team because I have thought the lines would go in. I think I predicted this would be a three-point Chiefs win. So I thought this would be a close game and that was earlier this week when I thought Travis Kelsey might play you take Kelsey out and there's no reason so it wouldn't be a close game. So, you know, the Lions played gritty.

That's their word. They always show a lot of grit and I think that the important thing here is that we saw flashes from some of their rookie. He says they slowly kind of work them into the offense. So that was Jumeirah Gibbs averaging 6.6 yards per touch. Sam Laporta catching all five of his targets.

I mean those two total almost a hundred yards. You're getting a hundred yards of production from your rookies and they're only going to get better. So I think as far as the Lions winning is obviously huge and I think that's a huge stepping stone toward possibly winning their first playoff game in 32 years at some point down the road. I'm still impressed with the Lions going into the season. I'm still impressed with the Lions, but I didn't walk out as thinking all this team is going to win the Super Bowl now because they beat the Chiefs at John breach on Twitter pick six podcast daily NFL podcast. He is one of the super friends.

He hangs out with Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson, two of our other very good friends who show up on this program a lot. Let's let's go to the Panthers and the Falcons to me. It's a division that other than the Buccaneers. I think any of the three teams can win it.

To varying degrees. I think the Panthers are probably the third choice among the among the three teams. How do you see this division?

And what are your opinion? What is your opinion of what the Panthers can be? Well, I think that all four teams are relatively even.

I think I agree with you. The Buccaneers are probably a little bit step behind as far as the roster goes, but I think the Panthers Saints and Falcons are pretty similar with the main difference being just who do you trust the most at quarterback? In this division, if you go through and power ranked the four quarterbacks, I think that whatever quarterback you put at top is probably the team you think is going to win the division. Obviously, Derek Carr is the most experience, but you know, experience hasn't really won him any playoffs game in his career.

So who knows what that is? And with the Panthers, I don't know. I just don't know what to make of Bryce young. I need to see him out there play an actual football game. There were times in the preseason where he looked a little indecisive and what's going to happen in the regular season game when that happens is he's going to get sacked or he's going to try and scramble and only gain a yard and the play is going to fall apart.

So I need to see what he does in those kind of situations. I think right now I'm kind of on the Falcons bandwagon. I just feel like they have the best all-around team and Arthur Smith has built an offense that doesn't completely rely on the quarterback.

I mean, obviously the quarterback is the most important position, but you know, they can run the ball down your throat. So if it takes time for Desmond Ritter to figure things out, I think the Falcons can still win games. Yeah, I think the biggest question mark I have for the Panthers is I don't know if they can pass block and that's a problem. I think they'll be able to run block.

Okay. I don't think they can pass block and I'm not in love with the skill position set at in terms of receiving options for Bryce and they have to get better at that and they're banged up. Among at least two of their top three wide receiver targets John breach from CBS and the pick six podcast is here. I am intrigued by a couple of games on the schedule. I want your take on before we have to say goodbye 49ers at the Steelers. I don't know why I'm suddenly feeling this pang of the Steelers might be sneaky good.

Yeah, I don't think it's something that I don't think we drink spoiled milk for dinner last night. I think this is legit feeling at them. You look at what the Steelers have and look they have a great great defense. So it's just a matter of can this offense catch up to what the defense is doing and can this offense be as good as their defense and they spent their offseason upgrading the offensive line.

That's really what they need to do. And I think the big question is can Kenny pick it take that giant step forward? It looked like he started to take it at the end of last season. He seemed to be getting better week in and week out and man, I would not be surprised at all if the Steelers upset the 49ers. I think that Brock Purdy, you know, we saw him play five games. Nobody knew who Brock Purdy was now you have all this film on him.

Mike Tomlin's one of the smartest defensive coaches in the NFL. I think that Purdy is going to struggle against the Steelers defense and I won't be surprised at all. If Pittsburgh wins this one and upset, I will not I will not be either. Plus home underdogs are always cool. Here's another home underdog.

We got to wait all the way to Monday night. It is the debut of Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets. I almost feel like for for Rodgers and the Jets in New York. This is almost like you better win the game because if you don't it's already going to start same old Jets, but it is the bills. Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of pressure on the Jets in this game, which does seem a little crazy because they are the underdog. But when you bring in Aaron Rodgers, let's not forget.

This game is being played on the anniversary of 9-11 in New York. So there's all this added pressure. You're talking about a team that's been on hard knocks and people have been watching you in the spotlights been on you all off season and on the flip side, the bills have somehow been. I don't know if they're being slept on or just everyone forgot they existed, but except for that kind of quick step on digs drama that lasted for a few weeks in June. We haven't really heard anything from the Buffalo Bills this entire offseason. They just been kind of quietly going about their business.

They seem more than happy to be flying under the radar. I think I do like the Jets in this game because I thought they were good last year just minus third disastrous quarterback situation throw Aaron Rodgers in there and I just think the Jets are going to have that kind of underdog. No one respects us edge, which they should have because they're the underdog Monday. So I do think I like the Jets a little more in the bills on Monday night. And honestly, who does respect the Jets?

I mean, if we're being honest, I mean, nobody respects the Jets because they don't they don't really deserve anybody's respect. You deserve respect John breach CBS pick six podcast at John breach on Twitter. We'll talk to you again down the road, sir. I appreciate your time.

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