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Why are Panther fans SO concerned about the shutout friendly game against the NY Jets?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 14, 2023 3:14 pm

Why are Panther fans SO concerned about the shutout friendly game against the NY Jets?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 14, 2023 3:14 pm

The Carolina Panthers lost their first preseason game against the NY Jets at Bank of America, but here's why the fans shouldn't be too concerned about it just yet...

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Again, All right, now I have a quick theory. Darren Ganz is going to join us in about 10 minutes. Quick theory as to why so many people freaked out at the Panthers 27-0 loss to the Jets. The Panthers just had the first pick of the draft.

I'm going to play a little bit of hyperbole here. They just won the coaching staff lottery and they're coming off the biggest train wreck of a head coaching tenure maybe since Steve Spurrier in Washington. We all know Spurrier is a legendary college coach but he went to the NFL with all this bravado and he stunk. He's a great football coach and it just didn't go well so he got out of it.

He lasted one year with Washington before bailing. Matt Ruhle was it was an awful awful decision and it worked out as it probably should have. But there are so many expectations for the Panthers to be good, have gotten the quarterback right, have gotten the head coaching staff right and you contrast that from where they were and everybody is looking for a night versus day reaction and sometimes there is dawn and sometimes there is dusk and it's just not going to be that stark right away. So I think therein lies some of the problem for Panthers fans.

So when they see a lot of the things that they have seen in the past, why can't we block? Why can't we be creative offensively? Again it is just a preseason game and we should all be able to process that. I think that there is so much desire from the fan base to be a real football team who does really cool things. Like Wynn. I think right well yes like Wynn but also how you get to that point.

I said this last year. I think the Panthers are very good defensively with the potential to be great. Is their defensive line great? I don't know.

I don't think so. I think the defensive line is good. I think that certainly Brian Burns can be an elite player. I don't know that he has been that elite player just yet. Not that Madden ratings are the judge of this but what was he 15th among edge rushers in the Madden rankings? Again I'm not saying that that's the be-all but when the Madden ratings came out we talked to a gaming expert right? Mike. And Mike pointed out how much actual scouting and evaluation goes into their rankings.

Again I'm not saying that that's the reason or anything. Brian Burns hasn't yet crossed over into that category of oh my gosh he's a headache on every play. He just hasn't. Maybe this is the year where he does that. Maybe this is the year where they're the the Panthers are good enough on the defensive line to create more of that impact from him.

Maybe he gets somebody on the other side. By the way you know who was ranked ahead of Brian Burns in the Madden rankings? Who's that? Hassan Reddick.

Oh. Remember him two years ago? Reddick had a big year. He just had a big year for the Philadelphia Eagles. Right? He did.

Played in the Super Bowl. So I'm not sure the Panthers are as good defensively as they need to be to kind of cover for an offense that will have some growing pains and still is probably a playmaker or too short on at receiver maybe even running back. So there is going to have to be some level of patience that the fan base just isn't willing to extend.

Too eager. You got to calm down. Right. But again I think it's it has been such a long time. Theoretically the first half of the 2018 season isn't that long ago. It isn't. But that was the last time the Panthers looked at their team and went yeah we we we can be something.

This is exciting. Right. By that point I think they were sort of almost done with Cam. Remember he had a couple of he had two two seasons that were marred by injury. And then in the first they were six and two going to that Pittsburgh game on Thursday night. And it looked like huh Cam is starting to resemble the Cam of old. The ball had some zip. The offense was a little bit different. Wasn't wasn't quite the same as it was when they went to the Super Bowl. It was a little bit more pass short pass oriented. More conservative to be honest.

And then he got hurt. And it's been. It's been what it's been. Yeah. Since then. Yeah. All right. So that's just my theory as to why people were bent out of shape over 27 nothing over a game that will not matter a single bit. No. On September 10th at Atlanta.

It doesn't mean it's an indication of the year. Just let them work the kinks out.
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