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Roundtable Time with Randy Slack and Jeremy Greene:

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July 21, 2023 3:28 pm

Roundtable Time with Randy Slack and Jeremy Greene:

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July 21, 2023 3:28 pm

What kind of football sicko are they guys? Does Jeremy think Bryce Young will go into the Hall of Honor, just from what he’s seen thus far? How far does Jeremy see them going? Were the guys excited about the Wrexham vs Chelsea match up? Have the guys gone to any concerts recently? What does Randy want that Jeremy is TOTALLY against? Barbie or Oppenheimer??


I've been talking the truth and a whole lot of stuff in your latest just lay a wager on United States minus six and a half. And when I hit the button, I've got this weird feeling of I'm now betting soccer, and I can't name any of the players.

So I may have a problem. All right, well, I'm going to come back to that in a second. I'm gonna get Randy's answer. Did the USA get it done, Randy? I don't think they do.

I feel unpatriotic saying that, and I'm sorry. They were a little old last time. They're a little bit older now. I mean, they've got some younger pieces, a lot of younger blood on the team, but they've still got some older legs out there. And the rest of the world is starting to catch up with us on the women's side. We were an early adopter in the women's game on the international level. Well, people are starting to catch up to us.

And I think the fact that we're getting older and other teams are getting better, it's tough to win something that many times in a row. Yeah, no, that's true. Jeremy Green, Randy Slack joining us for the Round Cup.

All right, Jeremy, I got to go back to you. I think it doesn't matter that you don't know the names of the players. At least you're betting on a game where there are stakes. So you assume that the teams want to win the game. Yeah, there may be some wonkiness of, oh, it's not elimination play, so the US might pull back or pull some of their starters out or whatever. To me, the real weird thing is betting on preseason NFL games where you truly have no idea what the motivation of the team is to win. A team might not care at all about winning. They're just trying to see certain players. So am I crazy to think that an exhibition NFL game is a worse or weirder bet than a World Cup game, even if you don't know the names of the players, but you just know that the USA is probably going to score some goals?

So with the USA, I can put on my Captain America outfit, which is I have a mullet and I can throw on an American flag bandana and just crush domestic lights. And that's how I feel good about wagering that. I have told Tank Spencer, my partner on the ESPN radio show here, if I ever come to you and say I made a wager on an NFL preseason game, I need you to take me to a meeting. There we go. There we go. Immediately.

Yeah. NFL. Let's go. Don't collect two hundred dollars.

Just immediately take me to somebody that can help with my problem. The best is when you see people like touting like inside info for NFL preseason games like, oh, no, no, no. These guys, they're trying to get it done tonight. I used to play cards with a guy that he bet on preseason NFL games.

And when I saw him getting worked up over the Ravens, not going for a touchdown and just kicking a field goal, I told him to make sure that he uses my promo code whenever the state of North Carolina legalizes sports. Well done. It's coming soon and it's coming. And we also might get some casinos.

I'm here now, too. That's the next thing. All right. Very important question for Jeremy Green and Randy Slack, because, Jeremy, we were going over some topics and Jeremy Green dropped without clarifying that the greatest concert of all time was announced today, too. So I've got to ask what this is. I've got other specific concert questions for Randy.

Actually, I've got concert beef with Randy, but I'm going to start with you, Jeremy. What is the greatest concert of all time that has been announced? So it is a Norwegian cruise. It's in April of next year.

And what people like me have been clamoring for, for many years is happening. It is the Creed Reunion Tour, two nights on a cruise ship. I think Dishwalla is in it, Three Doors Down, Fuel.

It's like every band that I grew up with. And I texted my now wife at lunch when I saw this. And I said, I don't know what we're doing.

It's the week before the NFL draft. So it could not be the worst time for me. But I am going to be on that boat. And I am going to become best friends with Scott Stapp. And we're going to do karate in the basement of that ship. I believe this.

I actually, hit me up, remind me when this happens. I got a guy who does guitars for Three Doors Down. I know he tours with him.

I don't know if he will get on the boat. But yeah, buddy of mine here from Raleigh, dude from North Carolina. I actually went to high school with the bass player for Three Doors Down. So you already got it in.

So yeah, you just got to strike up a late night and to get him to make sure you get the guys from Creed over there. Please tell me this is not the, like a couple weeks ago they just announced, I don't know, like the biggest cruise ship of all time. It's like the size of like six cruise ships stacked on another cruise ship. Did you guys hear about this one? I did. I'm not sure if it's the same boat.

Okay, good. Well, the only thing I looked at was that there were tickets still available, which to me is a travesty. They should have sold out the way Taylor Swift did. It doesn't go on sale until next Friday, I believe. Oh, Randy's saying that they're not on sale yet. Oh, they're not on sale yet? Yeah, I don't believe they go on sale until the 28th. I'm pretty sure. That restores my faith in humanity. We sold out Tay-Tay in four minutes and Creed is finally reunited after 20 years and we didn't sell that out in four minutes. I was very disappointed. Now, there may be a pre-sale on that, so you may want to look into that a little bit. Oh, dude, if there's a pre-sale, you better be darn sure.

Based on everything I've heard here, Jeremy was on the list for it. I have a Creed shirt that was bought for me in 1999. I was 12 years old. I was in a play at the DPAC, the Durham Performing Arts Center, and backstage all the pieces of concrete that make up the walls in the back. Every band that plays gets a piece of concrete design or whatever, put their little design. I was in this little community theater play that does well around here, but I took a picture pointing to the Creed one and captioned it with the standing on the shoulders of giants. To perform on the same stage knowing that they had been there apparently 20 years ago, I guess, was big for me. All right, while we're talking concerts, Randy, I've got some beef for you, okay? Did you go to any concerts this week down in Wilmington? I did not go to any concerts in Wilmington, no.

I did not. Well, there were three back to back to back because that's what Phish does, and my beef is this live Oak Pavilion down in Wilmington is taking the shows away from Raleigh. You took our Phish show, you took our widespread show, all the jam bands want to go to the beach now, they don't want to be in Raleigh, and I need you to cut it out, all right? Hey, buddy, look, we can talk about concert beef all you want, and there's some political things that I probably can't really say on the radio, but let's just say there's a particular radio station in the Wilmington market that has quite a stranglehold and maybe, perhaps, allegedly, a little bit of influence on maybe what gets booked in the Wilmington area. That's really all I'm going to say, but there's one guy there that I really, I refer to him as Bullcut Jones, and he and I do not get along very well. Well, everyone in Raleigh is now trekking down to Phish, and I'm like, you know, I like Phish enough to go if they're in town, but I'm not road tripping it for Phish, okay?

They got to come to me, but just in general- I would love for you guys to get more of those jam bands. Get them hippies out of here, send them over to Asheville, over to Jeremy, or keep them in the Triangle. That's fine with me. No, no, no. We physically can't take any more. All right?

No, no, no, Phish is actually not allowed in Asheville because it was right in the infrastructure of the city. I love you guys. All right, we're going to keep it rolling because we have so much fun doing this. Barbie or Oppenheimer or Barbenheimer, what are you doing this weekend, Randy Slack? Well, I'm going to Oppenheimer. My fiance is on board with the Oppenheimer. I'm a little concerned, though, apparently there's gratuitous, full-frontal nudity in Oppenheimer. I don't know if I want to see that in IMAX. Okay, all right. Well, this is Robert Downey Jr., I'm not worried about it. Haven't we already seen that? I can't remember if you- I believe so.

Yeah. All right, Jeremy Green, Barbie, Oppenheimer, Barbenheimer, or nothing this weekend for you? So, my wife and I, I feel like should be- this is a marital education course.

I would literally watch my car rust before I would watch Barbie. My wife feels the same way about Oppenheimer, so we're going- she's going to Barbie with a friend, I'm going to Oppenheimer by myself, and we're going to reconvene in the lobby after all these things are done, and we will- neither one of us will speak of the movie we just watched. We will continue to dinner and on about the date. All right, the only thing I don't like about it is that she gets a friend. I think that you guys should absolutely go on it as if the whole thing is a date together except for, like, no, we'll just be- you go in that door and I'll go in this door, and you know, two and a half or three hours later, whatever Oppenheimer is, we'll meet up and we'll have some dinner.

So, I don't think it's fair that she gets a friend, but otherwise I got no problem with how you guys are playing things. Well, my fear is that you put me in a dark room, and you know, Randy was talking about taking a nap. I don't get nearly as many of those as I want, and so you put me in a dark room, and I'm almost deaf, so it really doesn't matter how loud the movie is, whoever I go with or whoever sits next to me is probably going to end up with my head on their shoulder, and I just don't have any friends that I don't think that would change our relationship. I'm a big fan of the movie theater sleep.

It's such a waste of money, and then it's annoying when I have to go watch the movie again and streaming, but there's something about summer, especially when I used to work outside in the summer, and going to a movie theater was like, you know, I know that I'm saying the name of a title when I buy a ticket, but I'm kind of just buying a ticket to sit in pure darkness and 55 degree temps in the summer, so. All right, final thing, and I'll figure out a way to ping both of you guys with this one, because it's funny how these things are paralleling, Jeremy, you have been referring to this woman that we have known in your life for a while now as your wife. I can presume that that means everything went well, and you did indeed get hitched? She said I do, and I'll be honest with you, I was scared to death until the words that I do and I now pronounce you husband and wife came out of her mouth, because I have looked at this woman for five and a half years and gone, you could have hit a better man by swinging a dead cat at a fish concert, and yet you have settled to committing your life to me, and I still every single day look at her go, I can't believe you did that, but I'm very glad that you did.

Much like Washington football fans with the transfer of the team, they were not confident it was done until it was signed and officially done, as it was with you and your wife, and then Randy, you're still referring to the woman in your life as fiance, no rush, I think that that just happened not too long ago, but are you at least learning things about marital relationships from Jeremy on how to do a Barbenheimer weekend? Buddy, well first of all, I've done this, I'm 0 for 2, let's just say, so I think I know how to fail at this, also, look, we got engaged in Myrtle Beach at the end of April, we've already got the thing planned, we've already got everything booked, we've got everything ready to go in mid-October, so we're ready to go, and the thing I'm excited for is we're not doing a cake, we are doing a donut wall, which is very exciting. Respect, do you have to take it off the donut wall with your mouth?

Like I think that should be an obstacle, like you can't take it off with your fingers, like you have to like pick your donut with your mouth. If we do that, it'll be on one of those websites, and I don't think I can say the name of it on the show here, but yeah, if we do, you can pay for it. Please don't, Jeremy Green, Randy Slack, enjoy your Barbenheimer or Barbenheimer free weekends, enjoy Team USA to whatever extent you choose to, and I appreciate you guys, oh, and Randy, Jeremy and I will get you our addresses for the wedding invitations, still waiting on the one from Jeremy, I know it's already happened, but you know, it might come through here any day. I will wear my Creed t-shirt from when I was 12, and I'll make sure that, you put me in charge of the bachelor party. There we go, thank you guys, have a great weekend, thank you for making my Friday and the Friday of all the listeners a little more fun, appreciate it.
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