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A big flip right before the NBA draft: coincidence?

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July 5, 2023 3:50 pm

A big flip right before the NBA draft: coincidence?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 5, 2023 3:50 pm

Konata Edwards, CBS Sports, on his thoughts about the Vegas script flipping between Miller and Henderson.

Did Konata see this outcome happening? Was there anything he was surprised about? Could the Hornets even keep LaMelo Ball AND add Scoot Henderson? What does Konata need to vent about? Where is this franchise right now to being a legitimate top 6 team? What does Konata see THIS player’s future looking like with the team? Moving on to important things, like Ted Lasso, Adam has finally started watching it… Adam now has opinions on which seasons he’s a bigger fan of, so does Konata agree?

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I want you to join us to watch a look at this video and the truth of It's one of the most stringent ever. He's going to have to be on his Ps and Qs essentially for the next five to seven years, because there are very, very stringent penalties and the possibility of him going back to jail.

Now, I'm not gonna say it's high, but it's one of those fool around to find out things. Like if he doesn't stick to the straight and narrow, there's going to be issues here. So he's on a prove it thing in light. So I expect we're going to see the best of Miles Bridges going forward, because quite honestly, he doesn't have a choice. And if he messes up, it's on him. But I don't blame the Hornets for not trusting him right now. He's going to have to show and prove. And more importantly, with the ownership, new ownership that's going to come in, this is going to be their kind of first impression, even though Dave Plotkin has been in the fold for a little bit. He's had a key card to the office for a while. But at the same point, Miles Bridges is going to have to show and prove.

And that's all I really got on that. Like, if he shows up, cool. He's going to get his max. He's going to get the Jeremy Grant contract.

If not, then I wonder if he's even going to be in the league at that point. I mean, the truth is that it also, based on contracts and everything, he's also a candidate maybe to even get moved at the deadline. All right, a couple of very, very quick things.

And I know you and I have something very important to hit on before we have to say goodbye. The Lakers did basically all of their business, including whatever they would add during the trade deadline. They did it all last week. Gabe Vinson from Miami, Cam Reddish, who could be a sneaky great addition to that team at a free agency, and they brought everybody back. I was stunned that they even brought back D'Angelo Russell, but they brought back everybody. They've got like nine guys that can play now.

I think the one thing we got to give Rob Polinka credit for is he figured out early. We're not going to stop Jokic. It's everybody else we got to stop.

Yes. Like, we just got to stop everybody else. We stop everybody else. We have a chance in a seven game series against Denver. And mind you, Denver has gotten weaker. They lost Jeff Green. They lost Bruce Brown to an insane contract. Big time. That, you know what, I'm glad for him. Wouldn't have been me.

Wouldn't have been my money. But that all being said, like the Lakers are building this like, okay, if we get 50, 55 plus from LeBron, we get maybe 50 from AD. As long as they're healthy by game 83, we're going to be fine. And we'll go toe to toe with anybody in the West. Now, whether they feel confident against anybody in the East, that's to be seen for right now.

But right now I like them. I think they're a top three team. I think they're better than Phoenix. I'll put it that way. I think they're better than Phoenix right now.

And I think they're a top three team in the West. All right, final thing. So I finally, after becoming an out and out English football fan, the world had been telling me, oh, you got to watch Ted Lasso. You got to watch Ted Lasso. Asking me a thousand times.

Oh, so what do you think of Lasso? I hadn't watched it. And then three days ago, we downloaded Apple TV. Season one, done. We're almost all the way through season two.

Okay. And I was told that season one was great. Season two wasn't as good, but season three had bounced back.

What does it say? I think season two is better than season one. I can't go with you that far, but I do understand your viewpoint on it. Because if I'm honest, season one is a little too major league for me.

Yeah. And I love major league. I do too. I love major league. But at the same point, like soccer major league only goes so far. Season two, where I absolutely agree with you, is they go into territory that we don't normally typically go in sports.

And not in comedy. Yeah. And that's where it breaks new ground. Now, granted, now the one thing I'm going to warn you, everybody says season three bounces back. I am not the biggest season three fan. Okay. I haven't gotten there yet.

I mean, and it feels like a little bit of a letdown, but what I will say is like, if you love season two, be prepared to be slightly let down to the off-ramp on season three, despite the fact that they're heavy overtones, that is season four is coming. Oh, I can't wait. By the way, I'm a huge Roy Kent fan. I love everything about Roy Kent.

Nathan- Somehow that does not surprise me at all. I love Roy Kent. Just the, first of all, the honesty of the show is so great. They just, everything fluff just spits out of their mouth before, like if you thought, if you had, if you put a filter on yourself, like there are no filters on this show.

Everything is absolutely straight out. I love Roy Kent. I love Keeley Jones. And Nate the Great has become a complete jackass. And I kind of like the character now, but he's a- Oh, buddy. Oh, wow. Nate the Great. And I know- You gotta text me. I know it's coming. I know it's coming with Nate the Great.

You gotta text me. My son has already spoiled it for me. I know it's coming with Nate the Great. The dart scene was phenomenal. Loved everything about that.

Kenada Edwards. It's one of our best, it's one of our best shows ever. And thankfully we have that. Thankfully you have that because otherwise it would, you would be focused on the Mets and yeah.

Hey, they've won, they've won a few here where there's only like seven teams between them and the wildcard now. We'll talk about that next time. Kenada Edwards at not to describe Hey, thanks, man. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Talk to you soon, man. We got it.
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