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Why is Roger Goodell trying to take over Christmas??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 9, 2023 4:38 pm

Why is Roger Goodell trying to take over Christmas??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 9, 2023 4:38 pm

We now have THREE football games on Christmas day, so how does Will feel about it? What games look to have the biggest appeal in the NFL schedule this year? John Breech is great, but there are some weird things he does. However, he can do THIS, which would make a premium Thursday night game. Who’s the first coach to get dropped this year, in the NFL? Who’s a potential stunner, in Will’s opinion, for this upcoming season in regards to a coach leaving on his own?


All right, I am not sure if I'm supposed to be mad or not. No, I am positive.

I am supposed to be mad. At some point, like I don't want to give Mark Cuban too much credit, but was it Cuban who said eventually hogs get slaughtered about the NFL creeping too far into every day and expanding too much? Three games on Christmas Day, Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, Is that what I'm to believe? Yeah. And I mean, aside from the fact that Roger Goodell is really just rubbing it in Jesus's face, um, it is like, nobody cares about my frustrations as an NFL writer. Right.

Um, who's forced to work on, on crystal reporting of a writer has to watch three games and podcasts, but like, I don't know, man. I mean, at one point they, the NFL operated in a fashion that if, if, if, if Christmas landed on a Sunday, you know, they would have, or let's say Christmas is on a Monday. They would have the majority of their games on Christmas Eve.

Right. Uh, you wouldn't do them. You wouldn't do the night game. And then you would have, you know, maybe a couple of games on Monday on Christmas Day. That's happened twice.

Double header Monday football. You know, if it's Christmas on a Sunday, it just rotates through like it does for the calendar. I under, I understand why they want to take more eyeballs. I mean, they did this on Thursday from college football. Why are we surprised when you're trying to take Christmas from both Jesus and, um, and Adam silver, right?

Like that's not, it's not surprising at all, but to me, it's just, it's just, I mean, and again, I know nobody cares about me having to work. People love watching football is a fun football is family. I mean, I, I, I go by this Adam is like, my mom gets infuriated at the idea that the NFL is trying to just squeeze this last drop of attention from the country as if we didn't already pay enough attention to the NFL. Now, having said all that, if I'm not forced to podcast at night and I could sit around with my family and, you know, and imbibe in sort of, in some of Bob Ritz's delightful Christmas wine, um, and I don't have to work.

I can see myself enjoying watching some NFL games on Christmas day and celebrate the fantasy Spanish football. It's like the finals, all of that. Um, but to me it is, it's not even so much like the, you know, the hall, pigs, pigs get to eat hogs, get slaughtered or whatever the line ever.

Yeah. But it's, it's more about just like, really like, do you really, you really it's just, you have to set that in stone. Like Thanksgiving wasn't enough.

Thursday, Sunday, a bunch of occasionally Saturdays and every Monday wasn't enough. You just, you have to have Christmas too. Like let Jesus have a little something, Roger. Hey, maybe Jesus wants to watch the, uh, the Lakers and I don't know Celtics. I have no idea who's going to be on Christmas day, but yeah, I, the, that thing, it just, uh, it just bothered me.

All right. So this is sort of, well, Brinson is joining us here. Uh, he's the one who said, uh, leave Jesus alone. Um, so Robert, Ursay came out, I guess this is a couple of days after it was floated.

Jim mercy, Robert or say, you said nothing, uh, RIP Robert or say, uh, well, there's a good, there's some truth to that. So it's a couple of days after the story came out that Washington was interested in seeing if Andrew luck would come out of retirement. Now, Jim or say is, uh, he came out yesterday and said, Dave, if anything like that happens, it's tampering and blah, blah, blah.

And he is, he is correct. Now he's getting the NFL to investigate this. So was there more to this story than just the speculation that Washington would have been interested? Have there been other inquiries you think as to the availability of an Andrew lock who has not played now in what is it?

Four years. Um, and I mean, he left the game, he was still playing at a high level. He just couldn't stay healthy.

Well, and you know, you mentioned you couldn't say healthy. I mean, that's sort of the crux of it for me is like, Hey, Jimbo, uh, you know, maybe focus a little bit more on cleaning up your coverage of the band, which by the way, you should, you're going straight to music health for Mr. Just, just wailing cats trying to do, you know, the weight. I mean, it's just brutal to Jim or say band that hangs around Indianapolis and plays and don't listen to it. If you probably hear your drums, what's better than Jim or say band or the James Dolan band. I don't know.

Brady, Brady Gwynn. I like to joke about like, or she's always like wearing a cowboy hat leaned up against an oak tree with a guitar and a fan for these like non album covers. James Dolan for the who's owns the Knicks and the Rangers has his own little, uh, blues band. Yeah. He's also terrible. Yeah. I mean, what a shot, rich guy who's like, fancies himself a musician.

Is he good at music? Um, yeah, I think like, but Ursa, I mean, to me, the whole thing is he's going to come back. What are you, what are you trying to get from Washington here? They called him. He went, he's not coming back and he comes back. He's under contract with the Colts. And the reason he's not coming back and the reason he retired from football, somebody who's passionately devoted to and loved playing is because this clown show of an organization put Ryan Grigson in charge of surrounding him a talent. And they basically let Ursa get battered and beaten to death to the point that he walked away in the middle of his prime from hundreds of millions of dollars. Like they take a lot for an NFL quarterback. And it's not like Andrew didn't love the game. You want about his intellectual interest aside.

He was looking out for his future and he realized he just knew he it's so to me, it's like, dude, just let it go. Luck was never coming back to that team. But yeah, technically, I mean, I guess it would be tampering. Uh, if, if Washington tried to do that, I think it's actually kind of a rehab story. I, I, I don't know if the luck thing is from last year as well, but if you, you know, if you read the John kind of piece that it's coming from at ESPN, essentially they did the same thing last year. They called every team in the NFL. They thought might be interested in dealing with the quarterback, the primary quarterback, the roster. I don't know if they called boss last year. I can't get a hundred percent on that.

Wouldn't surprise me if they did. And they eventually settled on Carson Wentz. And so they, and I think the, the, the, the, the, the, the genesis of the pieces that they did the same thing this year in terms of trying to say, all right, you know, let's, um, you know, let's, let's go and explore every possible option to try and figure out our quarterback situation. And honestly, you know, people, people are making a big deal on this Washington thing. I know around here, you know, there are going to be differing opinions, um, about the, the likely starter.

I don't know if he's even the incumbent technically, but they really liked him out. And there was a time that same hell is a sure-fire top five pick. And then he became a fifth round pick and the Washington football team or the commanders commandos, commoners, or anyone will call them view him as a guy that is really more like a second round pick where, you know, like think about last year, if Lynch is a fifth round pick and they trade a first to get Tim Howell, Jim how was starting week one, the quarterback, the quarterback gets hurt very often follows the money. And I think in this particular case, people are undervalued Sam Howell because of where he was drafted. Yeah.

I hope they hope they do like him. I'd love to see Sam Howell, uh, get a crack and they know they have Jacoby preset, uh, in waiting in the wings just in case. All right. Two more quick things for will Brinson. The NFL schedule is scheduled to come out on Thursday. There's some question as to whether or not that's going to happen. My guess is that it will, um, how many times will we see the New York jets in prime time? Well, you can only have five prime time games. So the answer is five.

That's it. You can only have five prime time games. Five is the maximum number of prime time games.

I am like 99% sure. We'll have a, um, a schedule, a federal release recap podcast that we're doing. John breach is there are many weird things that John breach does, including loving special teams and kickers, but man, he is freaking awesome at breaking down the schedule and finding bizarre twist and, and, and, and, and, and two key things about the schedule. I'm like 99% sure at five is the match and you can lock in the jets for five. I mean, just, even if you take the worst team in the division, the frigging Patriots, right? You're getting Aaron Rogers against bill Bell. Um, you know, that's like a, just a premium Thursday night game for both of those teams. If you want to do that, you have the bills, of course, who are top tier team. The dolphins are certainly a team that people are intrigued by. Um, even if we are concerned about two in the offensive line. So right there, you have three in the division that I would expect that you see in prime time.

And then just sort of looking through it here, you have the cowboy. I mean, Thanksgiving day. That actually makes a lot of sense. Honestly, that would not be surprising at all. You will see five jets prime time games for sure.

Yeah. And, and I don't know, do, uh, do a national afternoon games count does, uh, does Thanksgiving day, does the four 30 game Christmas day, does that count as a prime time game? Because if it doesn't, then you might see the jets seven times. They were good.

They're going to milk every last bit. I want to say it does. And by the way, uh, if you're, if you're really like Sheldon Freud, uh, root for the package and the jets to finish in the same place in their respective divisions, which would mean they play each other next year, presumably Aaron Rogers is going to play two years based on the way that that trade went down. Good reason, Robert Greer too, uh, the name of the, um, sort of detailing how they got to the, the, the, the, the exact exchange for Rogers. Okay.

I'm going to check that out. All right. Final thing.

And this is just kind of a thing that I was, uh, I was curious about first coach to get sacked in the NFL this year, will Brinson will be. Oh, sheesh. Um, did you have odds? I don't, I do not have odds. I do not have odds. And to be honest, I think there's only one choice among teams that are, and I'm looking at teams that are theoretically contenders, but might have struggles.

Um, sorry. I'm like, I'm doing this. We're at this point where we're almost, I keep saying this every year. It's like, we're kind of saturated with these recently hired coaches.

We can't have that many pirates and every year is like seven. Um, you know, I tell you what would be, since I'm not prepared for this question, but because I don't have my laptop in the standing room in front of me, I'm going to give you a potential stunner for first coach. Now, first coach to this is not firing.

Is it fired as tricky, right? Check your sports book because I don't think it's insane to suggest that the new England Patriots start out very poorly. There's infighting between Matt Jones and Bill Belichick and the Belichick says I'm out. Like, I don't think that's crazy.

Wow. That would be a stunner. Again, turbo hot take. I don't think it's happening. Belichick is not the type of dude who would quit on anything. Um, I'm just saying like, you know, you start to sort of run through the divisions and it's pretty hard to find a case for firing somebody in season unless there's just a surprisingly bad start.

Um, every year we talk about the Cowboys and Mike McCarthy. Yeah, I don't think that's happening. Uh, you know, Washington's going through a sale. Um, Oh, uh, Todd Bowles probably makes a lot of sense.

Absolutely terrible. That does make sense. I also think Brandon Staley makes sense. All right, sure. Yeah. If Justin Herbert's taking a ton of sacks or the Kellen Moore offense isn't working, um, you could certainly see that happening.

And now too, with, with the Chargers, the specter of Sean Payton is gone, um, which makes it more likely that Tom Celesco would move on from Braden Staley in an expedient fashion, um, versus moving on from him and worrying about, you know, uh, Sean Payton coming in and wanting his own GM or his own personnel guys. Well, Brinson, you're a gentleman. Appreciate your time, my friend. Uh, we'll talk to you very soon.

Anytime, man. And, uh, good case. You got, yeah. Yeah. Let's, uh, let's, let's win game four and then win game five. And then, uh, I get like a week off.

Let Adam rest. Exactly. Thank you.

Many days off. I was, we were trying to calculate it in the, uh, in the commercial break. Yeah. I mean, we could be talking about almost a week. Wow.

What would you do? Mostly Mo, but that's fine. I'd love to be seen. Jim Harbaugh loves mowing his lawn. So simple things. It is the simple things in life. It brings you closer to the earth and that's what we're trying to do.
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