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A lot of questions, not a lot of answers…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 20, 2023 3:49 pm

A lot of questions, not a lot of answers…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 20, 2023 3:49 pm

Does CL see UNC making a regression right now? What’s going on with RJ and Caleb Love? Who doesn’t understand shot quality? What’s going on with Caleb Love and potentially things going through his mind? Is there a lack of chemistry, or drama, or something else going on? How does he feel about Jalen Washington?


The other part of this story is what to make of North Carolina.

CL Brown from the News & Observer joins us on the Adam Gold Show at CL Brown Hoops. All right, I'll call you the doctor. Let's diagnose the problem for North Carolina as you see it with four regular season games left.

Well, you'd question my bedside manner because I would say I don't know what to tell you. Oh, no. No, it's one of those situations where it's been a constant all season that it's like a team searching for answers that just aren't readily there and a lot of people want to make the comparison and I think the team maybe in the back of their mind was thinking like last year in February they could flip a switch and all of a sudden get prepared and make a run into the postseason, but it's totally different. I mean, it's not just the presence of Brady Manick. It's Dawson Garcia left the team right last year. So then it was a different team essentially with manic had to be in the starting lineup and the rotation was different and everything so they they had to get kind of used to playing with each other and they learned and they transformed that part of the season. There hasn't been anything the equivalent of that this year in terms of lineup rotation somebody from off the bench who's all of a sudden been a big help and that kind of thing and and it actually brings into question how Huber Davis has used the bench as well because I don't think there has been enough development from the early early part of the season till now from any of the bench guys to where you could even look at them thinking this guy is going to be dependable for the rest of the way from off the bench or this guy should could can really push his way into the starting lineup from off the bench.

So a lot of questions not a lot of answers in Chapel Hill right now. Yes Huber Davis is not he has not given up but do they have to kick somebody off the team in order to I'm just kidding to him to improve. All right I thought the bench issue would would be there but how do you what do you make of I don't know if regression is really the right word but at this point last year R.J. Davis was playing at a high level. Caleb Love has always been this player he has always been hot or cold and honestly more cold than hot but when he's hot he's awesome but R.J. has not been the same player that he was at this stage of the game last year. What do you make of that? Well I this probably oversimplifying the problem but you know R.J. has had basically a dislocated finger on a shooting hand on and off during the season and you saw at one point mid-January there was a stretch where he was on where he was shooting like 48 percent from three-point range he had gotten really hot early in the season is when he initially injured it he wasn't shooting well it healed up he was shooting well he re-injured it and so that's kind of been a back and forth kind of thing and I think that is part of the reason anyway why his shooting percentages haven't been the same as as earlier in the year but you're right about Caleb I mean he takes essentially the exact same shots now as he was taking his freshman year and last year and he just is hitting at the same percentage he was last year which is why a lot of Carolina fans have soured on him and I think the thing with him specifically is it's not a matter of him missing shots it's it's the shots he takes and when they take him and when it's a bad shot and you know I still don't think he fully has fully understands shot quality you know I still think in his mind um and as a competitor as a player you you feel like you can do a lot of things you know what I mean like but I still think in his mind um he he is going for kill shots right like that final four shot against Duke is both the gift and the curse you know he makes it they get to the championship game but it almost seems like this season he has chased that moment and tried to in some of these games in tight situation instead of just making the right basketball play at the time he's trying to make that shot again yeah I mean down the stretch last year love was love was making a lot I mean he wasn't making a huge percentage of the of his shots one like he became a 55 percent three-point shooter but he was making the big ones and when he gets hot he'd make four in a row or five in a row and it would be a complete game changer is is there a chemistry issue on the court or off the court with these guys as you could tell I've heard a lot of stuff and I don't really care about uh the drama or the gossip but uh is there any way that that's getting in this team's way count on the professional parts people at o'reilly auto parts to recommend the best products for your vehicle and budget get maximum cooling system performance for 10 years or 300 000 miles with peak long life universal pre-mixed antifreeze and coolant save seven dollars after mail-in rebate plus get two times o rewards points stop by o'reilly auto parts today oh oh oh o'reilly limit supplies each store for details I don't buy it I mean I haven't seen it there there have been times where I've watched guys play and you can tell there's an issue um and I mean in the past overall I'm not saying with this team in particular but I I have never seen Caleb Love and RJ Davis in a situation where it seemed like they were not trying to make the right basketball play or trying to you know trying to make the best play they're still competing and really when you think about it I mean they're still competing when you think about it I mean they haven't had the embarrassing losses that they had last year you know they they are competing even the game yesterday against state it was 60 60 with you know however five and change left they were there yeah they they've been in games really the exception is the the first half against wake forest and into the second half and they get down 26 and then they fought back in that game too to try and make it interesting so it hasn't been where they just laid down and haven't played but I think that the most puzzling thing with this team for me is to be a veteran team to have two experienced guards when it comes down in crunch time that's when all of that is supposed to pay off for you and you're supposed to be better than some of these things you're playing and it just hasn't played out that way I feel like they still make kind of the same mistakes the same kind of sloppy turnovers um the same kind of bad you know bad shot selection instead of being deliberate being focused you know being disciplined in what you're doing to get the high percentage shots that are gonna change games and too far far too often this season they haven't done it enough at cl brown hoops on twitter final thing and real quick uh put your coaching hat on or your coaching uh quarter zip uh sweater um if you could make one tweak to the rotation that you think might help what would it be oh wee can I give you two give me two I mean to me jayden washington has to play he has to get minutes even if it's not for this season you're setting up next year um and I also feel like there are situations where don tres styles should be on the court you know whether or not he actually helps you know and is a difference maker on this team I just feel like he's an athletic player a strong body who in certain situations this season could have helped them and his number wasn't called and I think that to me is one of the uh you know one of the many questions I've had with this team this season cl brown but jaylen washington I I love this kid I think he's got all the talent in the world and you know he wasn't hurt yesterday he just didn't play against nc state there I'm not sure why there are a lot of people who think he's the best pro prospect on the roster cl brown at cl brown hoops from the news and observer I appreciate your time my friend I'll see you soon thank you sir you got it for tbwa shiet day new york and nissan iski code n o a y 000 5000 spot entitled my 23 aria launch gm brand fully loaded 30 second radio spot stereo monocompatible mixed with two pop the all-new nissan aria is a fully loaded ev it's brimming with style and power up to 389 horses of it innovation and intelligence e-force all new drive it'll pin you to your seat your very plush seat the all-new all-electric nissan aria nissan aria with e-force 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