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Coming straight from the Carolina Panthers press room

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January 31, 2023 3:52 pm

Coming straight from the Carolina Panthers press room

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 31, 2023 3:52 pm

What did Vashti think of Frank’s first time at the podium? Also what did David mention in regards to not hiring Steve Wilks? Why did David Tepper feel it was so important to route the team in an offensive direction? Plus, how did the players react to everything? Any lingering disappointment from players that Steve didn’t get the job?


Frank Reich was introduced as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Our friend from, the one and only Vashti Hurt was there because she's everywhere. Nobody is everywhere like Vashti Hurt is everywhere.

And she joins us from Main Street. Tell us what's what was up. Alright, give me the mood in the in the room over the because I know you can you kind of have the pulse of the players to so give me the mood in the room during the Frank Reich introductory press conference. And Cuba Hubbard was there. Taylor Moten was there. Jeremy Chen, Dante Jackson. So some of the captains were there. And Brady Christensen was there. He was on a boot for those guys, for those who want to know an entry update on him.

He kind of left back. But, you know, I think people are kind of in a wait and see, you know, after what happened with Matt rule is kind of like, okay, well, we hear you. We're going to be behind you, but we're not going to get too excited too quickly. I actually, I was kind of bored.

If we're keeping it, you know, I got to keep it a buck board at first. But he was asked about his philosophy on quarterbacks, like mobile quarterbacks versus pocket passes. And I actually posted that to my to my Twitter to our Twitter. That was the best answer I thought he gave. And to me, it showed me that he is a real, you know, you hear the term football guy, but that's when he really showed his personality the most when he was going through the advantages of having a mobile quarterback versus having a pocket passer quarterback. So he seems to be a guy who is all about the ball, the X's and O's, the details. And we'll see how that translates for the team going forward.

I don't know if I retweeted or I just forward it to Victoria because I want to play it in a little bit was David Tepper's answer about diversity. We'll get to that in a second. But to Frank Reich's answer about quarterbacks and the mobility and you need to me, he undersold the number of times the quarterback would be asked to play for the play from the pocket as only 10 it. The modern, the modern offense might be leading us to a point where maybe it's not going to be able to play.

Maybe that is the right number going forward. You can only put guides in that position based on what is available to you and the quarterbacks coming out of college by and large are not pocket passers and to ask them to become that will probably take three, four years before they could ever get to that. Some of some of the best quarterbacks in the league.

To bail them out of situations at first, even Joe Burrows, that guy for those people who think he's primarily a pocket passer. So I agree with you. David Tepper spoke passionately. I'm using your phrase here because I'd retweeted it from you about the diversity and he talked about his organization. I want you to speak on that for a second and then we'll get to what he did. He didn't say, but what did what was your impression of his his answer about diversity? I felt slightly defensive, but I think he knew he would have to answer that question because of the job that Steve Wilkes did and for him not to get the head coaching job. And there's already a pending lawsuit against the NFL regarding their hiring practices when it comes to head coaches and for will to get passed over a black man to get passed over for white men.

This was these were going to be a question. This was a question that he was going to be asked. He was probably vetted as much as you could vet a billionaire who runs things.

You know what I mean? So he basically defended his his his hire. He defended his organization. He said, even if you look in in the in the front office and you look in those meetings, he says that as as a white male, he's in a minority. And so he's trying to break up the good old boy network. And he said that several times in the answer and that that, you know, that the president is a woman and he's mentioned that we are Suleiman and their general counsel is a black woman. So he's saying that there's diversity among in the Carolina Panthers organization.

And he's standing by that and that he's not all about, you know, your cronies and your friends. He's about who's best available and having that available for the team. I said this last week. Steve Wilkes not getting the job is an indication of a larger NFL problem.

There is no question about that. Steve Wilkes deserved earned the job as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. But I'm not going to necessarily automatically put David Tepper in the category of he's part of the problem. I just think all along David Tepper wanted an offensive coach and ultimately Steve Wilkes is not an offensive coach and he was always going to hire somebody who was offensive.

But I do I look, I think it's a bad look. I actually think the worst look for David Tepper today was not addressing Steve Wilkes directly. Not not thanking him. I mean, how did he did his defense at the beginning? Because that was the first question that was asked and and he did, you know, and I didn't I didn't catch that I was it was a scrum and he then he did acknowledge Steve Wilkes and and thank him for what he did during his time as as as Panthers interim head coach. So he did do that, but then he wanted to not talk about what Steve Wilkes wasn't but what right was and I do want to note that he mentioned as an owner in those NFL owners meetings as they're making and changing rules. He says the rules are always benefiting the office and he says that's what it's going to be going forward because people often high powered offenses and school a high scoring games. Keep viewers attention and I think that that was something that that he is that that was that was important to him when he was why and probably why he had his eyes pretty laser focused on an offensive minded coach. Yeah, somebody still has to stop the offense the for 49ers and Eagles had pretty good defenses, right?

So look, I I'm not I'm not not going to to me. It was obvious that he was always going to go after an offensive coach. You saw all of the all of the people that they brought in. I mean D'Amico Ryan's wasn't even part of the people they brought in right is his his defensive acumen is we all we all know how good that is and he's probably going to be announced if he hasn't already as the head coach of the Texans, which good luck with that D'Amico Ryan's nobody else has lasted more than a year in a while.

But so I just think that he was always going to hire an offensive guy. So but again Steve, I'll be interested to see where Steve Wilkes lands and real quick before I let you go. Vashti any sense any lingering disappointment that Wilkes didn't get the job from players that you have been able to chat with. I haven't been able to chat with any, you know, we aren't in the locker room anymore and I don't you know out is this is their off season. We did speak to a couple of guys on the side as far as we spoke to Jeremy Chen and we spoke to Donte Jackson and while you know, we'll still a guy that they liked and and they supported they know that this is a business and you hear that all the time.

This is a business. And they're excited to see what what right is going to bring to the Carolina Panthers, but I think in this is just my own opinion privately. A lot of those guys are lightning has messed up. We were vocal about what we wanted. This is what we pray for this guy. We were in a position to make the postseason and that still wasn't enough.

So I believe privately, you know, they were like, you know, they probably were in their group text like yours messed up publicly. They're saying we're going to support the guy who's the head coach now and that's and that's just how it goes in any business when you have a change of leadership. And so now now it's more about what he can do. And you have to unfortunately move on move on from Steve Brooks because David Tucker made his decision. I heard you're the best at Carol at Carolina at keep Carolina There are other Twitters for for Vashti, but you are the hardest working person. I know I appreciate your time always and we'll talk again very soon. All right. Thank you.
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