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The Carolina Panthers announced the newest head coach...

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January 26, 2023 4:59 pm

The Carolina Panthers announced the newest head coach...

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 26, 2023 4:59 pm

It was down to Frank Reich and Steve Wilks, so did David Tepper go with the right one? Were there signs that Tepper was leaning more towards Frank than Steve? How does Julian feel Frank will do in this position and does he think it’s a wise choice? What does Julian see the strategy being with this new HC? There are very few "can't miss QBs" out there, so will Frank use his same method at picking mid QBs or go about it differently?


Panthers have hired Frank Reich as their head coach and I mean he certainly has experience. Some of it is actually good experience and he was in a very difficult spot last year. We all saw what happened when they fired him and they brought in Jeff Saturday.

It went in the toilet although that could really be because Jeff Saturday had nothing for the gig. I mean honestly I don't know and who knows what kind of personality issues there were with Frank Reich and Jim Erce, the owner of the Colts. But the search for a quarterback is paramount and his last two stabs were poorly constructed.

The Carson Wentz attempt was no good and the Matt Ryan attempt was no good and it's hard to overcome bad quarterback play and I know that the Panthers understand that. Julian Council locked on Panthers podcast. Super short notice. We'll kick it around for a few minutes with him. All right, when you saw the news, give me your first reaction. There it is. That's basically my only reaction because we kind of already know at this point after yesterday in the reporting from Jeremy Fowler VSPN and in Rapport of NFL Network that the Panthers were down to Steve Wilks and Frank Reich and Kellen Moore and it looked like Frank Reich was likely the leader in the clubhouse.

So I was not surprised and honestly I was relieved that they went ahead and did it today instead of waiting until like Saturday or Sunday and ruining my day that way. So I'm totally good with this happening right now. All right, here's I mean on the bright side, I mean there is some positive history with Reich as a head coach. Forget about what he did as a coordinator. He's had some good years as a head coach.

The last two were not good but he made the choice. He convinced the owner that Carson Wentz could be worked with and I know there are people that will look at statistics and go oh he's fine. Carson Wentz was not fine.

There was a reason they dumped him as fast as they could on the commandos. They wanted to get out of Carson Wentz and then the choice to go Matt Ryan was obvious obviously also ill-advised which to me means he's right at home. Well I won't pretend to know the dynamics in Indianapolis because I'd be actively lying to you myself and the entire audience but um when you look at it though I feel like when you saw these right at home Frank Reich should understand how paramount it is to have a franchise quarterback and have stability at the quarterback position because early on in Indy when he was first there they went to the playoffs and went to the divisional round before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs and who was the quarterback that year? It was Andrew Luck and then when Andrew Luck decided in August of the 2019 season that hey actually never mind I don't want to play football anymore I'm tired of getting beat up and being in rehab constantly. Frank Reich then saw what life is like in the NFL without a franchise quarterback and it wasn't like what happened in Philadelphia when Wentz went down when he was honestly on an MVP track and they brought in Nick Foles for a team that was already going to have the one scene already had all the inherent advantages he had to go through a full 16 game season of Jacoby Brissett and not to disrespect to Kobe because I think he's been excellent in the opportunities he's gotten in the NFL considering what the expectations were he was obviously a great player at NC State but he's not the guy you want to lead you through a 16 game or 17 game season Frank Reich understood in Indianapolis Cleveland saw that this past year when he was playing with Deshaun Watson so we have that you bring in Phil Rivers another NC State legend it works out for a year but then feels like all right well I'm gonna retire now and go with the rest of my life and then you bring up Wentz it was okay until it wasn't they had the big win on a Saturday night against in the end against um the Patriots and then Wentz just soiled himself in the last two games of the season including the week 18 loss at Jacksonville where then you see Jim Mercy on the tarmac basically saying get this man out of town I don't know why they brought in Matt Ryan that was a fiasco but Frank Reich has had five different starters in the last five seasons at quarterback so he should know just like here in Carolina how important it is to find that right quarterback and no matter who got the job it was always going to be dependent upon their success is always going to be dependent upon finding the right quarterback so that's the same case of Frank Reich and we'll see if the Panthers can find the right guy and if he can coach him up and we'll find out if that happens in the draft and is the right guy there at nine because that is an ultimate spin of the wheel uh right up yeah well this is what the Panthers do better than anybody is trade up but uh if you could point out to the time trading up worked out for them well I don't know I just know that it worked for Kansas City when they got patched from homes I know it worked out for Buffalo and they got Josh Allen not to say that the Panthers are gonna get the equivalent of those quarterbacks in this class I've just seen it happen before where teams have successfully traded up and got their guy I've also seen the Chicago Bears trade up for Mitch Trubisky so we'll see uh-huh uh and the 49ers trade up for Trey Lance who maybe it's worse maybe it works we'll see let's give him some time okay right more time I would I would point out trading up doesn't really matter because if your guys there go get them what is like how do they know who their guy is this is my point with top 10 quarterbacks it doesn't make a difference if you drafted first second third we can point to massive failures at one at two at three at four at five there are tons of them it's just a crapshoot there's there are very few can't miss quarterbacks coming out we're not even completely sure what Trevor Lawrence is yet uh I think he's I mean he's obviously the but well I don't know obviously but I would say he's right now the best of that class and I guess Fields would be the second best and in a way those dudes coming out of high school in 2018 they were the best two quarterbacks in the country leaving college right now they might be the best out of that class yeah I like it you're right it's a crapshoot but it's they have to go out there in my I mean I don't know they have to but you would sink now with the new head coach three wasted seasons trying Baker trying Darnold and I'm trying Teddy I don't even know really they even really believed that he was gonna be the guy but now it feels like this is the time to go get a rookie and do it I guess the conventional way but you're right yes it's a crapshoot we have no idea if it's gonna be the right guy and if the guy that they drafted is the guy that they actually wanted but it seems like that's the next direction for this organization to go considering all the other quarterbacks David Tepper was talked into bringing here to the reclamation project and those not working out are you ready for the Anthony Richardson era to start um if it starts in 2025 oh patience I love watching him against Utah not so much the next week against Kentucky yes uh patience well Kentucky there's another one uh yeah no okay all right yeah look it's um uh it is it's a it's a total roll of the dice I would always rather build my team and then add my quarterback unless the right and I think they've done that though Adam that's the thing I think they've actually in a position where the team is built they need a couple more additions like they could use another wide receiver and obviously another like a pass catching tight in add maybe another corner and a linebacker I guess because I don't think Scott Thompson is going to be hanging around now that Steve Wilkes is out of town um so yeah there's a little bit of holes to fill but that's every team in the league so I don't think they're that far away you got the coach who's shown that he can get you things at the playoffs if he has the right quarterback now just ending at the right quarterback and the division is right yeah that's it whoever's gonna get this job is gonna walk in a position where they nailed quarterback and they were able to fill some of these other holes there's no reason why they shouldn't be competitive this coming fall other than I guess it's the Carolina Panthers Julian Council Lockdown Panthers podcast my friend man at Julian Council on Twitter uh thank you very much especially on short notice no of course all right we'll talk to you very soon my friend all right take care you got it Julian Council uh all right look I hope it works out I really do I don't I don't I'm not a I'm not a he they didn't hire the guy I wanted therefore I'm not going to uh root for them now go get the quarterback Frank Reich is a quarterback was a quarterback and a good one he's not he was not a bad quarterback he was a good quarterback again you don't engineer the two biggest comebacks in college and pro history without being a good quarterback he's good now go get one and coach him up
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