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A familiar NC face and voice joins the Adam Gold show!

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January 17, 2023 4:19 pm

A familiar NC face and voice joins the Adam Gold show!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 17, 2023 4:19 pm

How did Jay feel watching Tom Brady last night against the Dallas Cowboys? Does Jay feel any of these coaches are now looking at him differently after last night’s game? What’s it really like watching college basketball for Jay? And, what is one thing Jay lives by when it comes to the game? And going back to the Kyrie Irving debacle, what is his opinion of what happened and how the NBA handled it? And, it is Adam, so he talks about the other football; which is actually pretty important in the Williams family.


I don't know. I don't know how many Tuesdays there are in a year.

I think 52, right? JWill from JWill, the other guy, and Max on ESPN radio. I think the other guy is Keishon Johnson.

I'm not sure. I am lobbying for a change of the show's official name. Is that cool?

I've been lobbying it for two years now, so I made no headway, so any support I can get at it will be very much appreciated. JWill, JWill Williams is joining us. I'm driving in this morning and I'm listening to you guys take calls, and a caller from North Carolina, by the way, calls and says, hey, good morning, Keishon. He doesn't care about JWill. He doesn't even care about Max. He just wanted to say hi to Keishon. The amount of people that call him like, oh, hey, Keishon.

And I'm like, okay, great. What's your point? They forget their points. We can't call into the show just to say hi. What are we doing here?

I mean, you know what? I don't take a lot of calls in the show, but I think we should do that. Just call and say hi. How you doing? I will take calls with you.

Maybe I can filter some calls for Keishon while we're at it. We'll have to work that in. So as you were watching Tom Brady last night, did you feel old with him?

You know, it's hard, right? Because I've known Tom for a while. And I also know that last year he led the league in passing yards and how incredible of a year he had. And so, you know, Adam, I've always thought Tom was old, right? Anybody in athletic world who is in 35 or younger is old.

Right. But the thing that became more apparent than anything to me, AIG was the fact that, you know, we have quarterbacks in NFL these days that are so agile, that are so mobile that can create so many plays with their feet. I think about the quarterbacks that are left in the playoffs right now from Trevor Lawrence to Jalen Hurts to Zach Prescott, Patrick Holmes, Joe Burrow. All these guys can create plays. And last night when I watched, you know, that pass rush, guys coming off the edge, I saw Tom Brady that couldn't get out of harm's way and just had to throw the ball in the dirt or had to throw a bad interception in the back of the end zone because he lost a little bit. But the game has changed. And that's the part that's challenging. Oh, there's no doubt that he can be mobile, but it's usually scripted mobility.

Right. And he's great at the quarterback sneaks. And every once in a while he can, if everything works out, he can get out and run a little bit.

But it's not, it's not a pretty thing to watch, but he doesn't have anything close to the other guy. He can't make plays when everything breaks down and these guys can get outside the pocket. I mean, what he did a Patrick Mahomes thing, though, at one point last night, he got out. Yeah. Little, you know, forward lateral almost.

But that's the only thing that's the only time he ever did anything like that. I was watching and wondering if Josh McDaniel or Kyle Shanahan, even though they probably don't need a quarterback, if they're watching that going, is he really better than anything we have? Well, I mean, Josh McDaniel, I mean, what do they have? Well, they don't have anything now. That's true.

They don't have anything. Right. So I think that's more of a decision that Tom has to make about the Raiders organization more so than whether the Raiders would like to offer him or not. Cause of course, if you go to Raiders with Devante Adams, you have to figure out Josh Jacobs here, who's a free agent. Who's going to get a big time contract. You know, there's other things to figure out, but of course you want Tom Brady, the college and hand thing is interesting because you say, yeah, they have a quarterback, but hypothetically, the only way I could see it being done in San Fran is if you're willing to say, okay, look, we're going to let Jimmy G walk Trey lands. We're going to trade him. We're going to get pieces, even though we moved up in the draft to get him, we're going to trade him. We're going to get collateral, get other assets. And we're going to have Tom Brady do this for a year or two and black party become the backup for a year or so.

That's the only way I could realistically see it happening, but I don't know, man. Brock pretty looks damn good. He does find a way to get to the super bowl at AG.

Like what, what are you? You're already in the super bowl. You're already there. I'm with you. Like to me, he looks, Brady can do it on occasion, right? Somebody as good as him, it will show up all of a sudden in one week.

Oh my gosh. It looks like the old Tom Brady, but for the most part, he can't repeat it week after week after week. And the fact that he threw it, what is this 66 times last night? That's insane. That's that's bad coaching.

I think. Well, I mean, well, so I get torn with this because I think it's, I think it's a lack of availability or options and you can end that on coaching. I don't, when you look at, when they are last in the league and rushing yards per game, and you're watching white and you're watching for net who just can't seem to break any ground and you're down in a game early, what other choices do you have now? I know he's led the league and passes the last two years and I, that's not a formula for success, but it's also kind of like, you know, you, you reap what you sow, right? Like allegedly when Bruce Ariens gets kicked upstairs and you're saying, no, we can do with buying left which we can do with Todd Boles as our head coach.

Like you miss a lot of that creativity, a lot of that innovation that Bruce Ariens brought to the table. And I think for Tom, you recognize it's about the entirety of the team and the pieces, the coaching you have around you too. One man can't do it by himself.

Well, that is true. Maybe a little bit more commitment. I think they gave up on the run game.

First of all, coming out and throwing three passes right away was probably not the best way to do it, but who knows? They, I'm sure they know better than I do. Jay will is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. He'll be with us every Tuesday. I want to talk to you quickly about hoops. And then I want to talk to you about something that you did about, oh, I guess it's about three weeks ago now on Ryan Clark's podcast, the pivot that was about 90 minutes of the best stuff that I have ever watched and listened to.

But I want to talk to you about that too. The Duke Blue Devils are not ranked. You played three years at Duke. Do you know how often you were out of the top five in the polls? This is one hell of a question.

I do not. Yeah. From week 11 on, Duke was in the top five every week when you were with the Blue Devils. They are out of the polls for the first time. I throw out the pandemic here.

That doesn't even count, but they're basically out of the polls for the first time in like eight years. Wow. First off that stat is mind blowing.

Yeah. And you know, look, I think one of the, this is personal for me and this is the way I talk about college basketball. It's not as buttoned up Adam, or it's not as, uh, you know, corporate as some people may like winning is blanking hard and I'm not making excuses for John Shire, but this is also why it's a lot of people regardless of whether they were offered the opportunity or not. Cause you know, obviously Kay had John in mind. You're, you're filling the shoes of the best to ever do it on a or one B with John wouldn't to ever do it.

You can make an argument that coach K is one of the best coaches in all of sports, all of sports. And, you know, I spent time with him. We had to do something for chase bank with Jamie diamond. I was a CEO of the company and it was just a simple Q and a, and he was transiting a lot of the culture aspects that he taught, uh, to the corporate world and his ability to articulate messaging, his willingness to get you to buy into something bigger thing. It's not, it's not easy.

It's beautifully executed and, you know, watching John, who's never been both people try to fill those shoes with the talent that he has. And now see on the road at Clemson, not having Jeremy road shoes, the orchestrator and the most experienced guard on your team. Uh, those are huge shoes to fill. And that doesn't happen overnight. It takes a minute to get acclimated with learning how to push individuals and, um, and hold them accountable when it's your first year doing it full time. And I it's been hard. I obviously Jeremy Roach's absence has mattered.

They get, they can't, they just can't play half court offense. Uh, Tyrese Proctor for maybe isn't ready. And I know he came a year earlier. He was supposed to be in the following year's class.

Uh, so he came a year earlier. Uh, so they just can't get anything going on the offensive end. They've got a lot of very good players, but nobody that can get their own offense at some point, they, they won a national championship with a similar roster in 2010, of course, Shire was not a freshman. Nolan Smith was not a freshman and Nolan could get where he wanted to go with the basketball. They had nobody else that could do that. Uh, but that was an older team.

If this was an older roster with the exact same makeup, I think they'd be fine. But essentially everybody who they rely upon is a freshman. Well, and here's the thing too with Proctor, right? Cause you know, AJ, it's not too long ago, 20 plus years now that I was that freshman, that was more of a score, more of a three guard coming in and all of a sudden trying to manage the responsibilities of being a point guard. It is, um, you know, I often joke with my wife because I could be in the middle of doing a TV segment and also multitasking to do a text message with her about our kids doctors appointment that we had planned for later in the day. And then they got adjusted and then we have to take the dog out, right? Like I'm literally multitasking three to four things because literally training on the job at Duke basketball was exactly that. Right.

And like the, the bandwidth it took to bring the ball down the court, to look at the shot clock after I've been turned two or three times and say, Oh my goodness, we are 21. What set are we in? Oh, by the way, um, Derek lively hasn't gotten a touch in the last three to four possessions. Oh, by the way, do we want to get a shot here or what set are we actually in? Is everybody in the right place on this set? Wait a second. My guy is winning.

Should I take advantage of this? You know, people think that playing a game of basketball is just reactionary. It takes so much thinking, especially your freshman year, that you could think you can overthink things that it retracts all your reactionary skill sets, right? Then you become box become robotic. So I, and we watched Jeremy go through that last year. I went through that. So there's a settling into the game scenario where the game has to slow down that I don't think a lot of people are privy to because they have to go through the experiences.

And I think that's what you see with Proctor trying to manage the game while also trying to find out who this new version of you is. Uh, not everybody comes into basketball and is LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Jay Williams is joining us here. Oh, you were a point guard. See, I have you as the best two guard in Duke history. I mean, I'm top five all time in the fifth.

Where would you have me? Uh, I, again, I say I have used the top two guard, but you were, uh, you were willing. You were willing passer as a two guard. So it made you so valuable. That's a good adjective. Willing, willing, willing. You don't have to be, why would I want you to pass the ball?

Just take it to the hole. I look, I've shown, I've shown my son highlights of J Will at Duke. He's impressed. He's impressed.

Were they in VHS or were they updated? Oh my gosh. No, it's all, uh, it's all been digitized.

It's all been digitized. He, uh, he's a, he's a hooper. He likes, uh, he loves watching you play. All right.

I want to talk to you about the pivot. You were on with Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and it's usually Fred Taylor, but he was not there that day. And it was right after the Kyrie Irving. Uh, I didn't, I don't even know how to term it. Uh, you know, the stuff that he, the, the, the video, the movie that he, uh, shared on his social, what, whatever that he reposted.

Yeah. I have, look, that whole thing for me to me was Kyrie just didn't want to admit that he had probably done something he shouldn't have done. So he dug in, I didn't like the way the NBA and the nets treated him. Um, because they essentially, uh, they wanted to make him, I don't know, gravel or something like that. And I didn't, I just didn't think that was appropriate. Um, not to mention the fact that I don't think forcing somebody to, uh, go through some training is ever good.

They have to do that because they are willing to do that. Um, but I, I, I thought that episode, you guys got into a lot of different topics, but you talked about this. Um, w w what were your thoughts just so for people who didn't see the episode, I encourage people to go see it. Uh, what were your thoughts on the way they treated Kyra?

You're a net season ticket holder, correct? I am, but like, you know, I also, I, I tell people how I see it and, um, you know, so number one, I pushed back on a lot of people the first day. Cause I say, you know, everybody's sitting up here on the national platform saying what the punishment should be or how disappointed they are. Did you even watch the film first and foremost, you'd be surprised at how many people that are in positions of power spoke about Kyrie that didn't even make an attempt to watch the film.

Well, I'm not going to watch it two hours long. I'm like, okay, but you're, you're sharing an opinion about it. You're sharing an opinion about it and you're reading off excerpts of what other people have said. So the first thing I did is I watched it, um, watch a door, a couple of things I disagree with, but then I also watched, you know, the first day everybody started, everybody was angry at, um, you know, Kyrie and I kind of took the position because I wanted to see how people react to this.

It's like these little thought experiments or things that I do a lot of times on TV, because I'm curious, you know, where the media likes to take certain narratives and who they like to apply narratives to. So my first realistic question and logical question to myself was why would Amazon have something that is antisemitic on the platform? Right. So I positioned the conversation around that, um, cause I thought that would be question. It wasn't about reacting to Kyrie's posting of it. It was why is this on the platform? It'd be so anti-Semitic on which, you know, they haven't removed it.

It's still on their platform by the way. And their CEO, uh, Javi has made, you know, made, you know, comments about it, saying that, you know, freedom of speech and things of that sort. So, you know, for me, I think it was more of a combination that I'll context matters to Adam, because to go back when Kyrie Irving made the choice not to get vaccinated, which he was one of multiple people in NBA that chose not to get vaccinated for some reason, the fact that he became the face of the unvaccinated like he became daily being attacked on networks about his decision that other people weren't being attacked. Right. So I think it was, I think one of the reasons he did react that way is due to the fact that he feels like he's always being persecuted or challenged. Persecuted is not the right word.

I take that back. He feels like he's always being attacked some way, somehow by the media. So like there's context to that relationship that needs to have understanding. Cause you see how it can translate into how he's handled a couple of other different things. I don't mean to be long winded.

The only thing I want to say about that is, you know, over the last several weeks, Adam, we've had some really fascinating things happen. So a picture with Jerry Jones comes out, you know, about him being at a rally. Okay. The way he handles questions around that, he didn't show remorse. No, like he didn't show any lessons learned. He just said, Oh, you know, that's not really the case. And you know, um, I was just there as an observer and everybody moved on and away from it.

They just moved on from it. Right. Like, Oh, okay. So, uh, okay. Dana white.

Uh, and that's even trickier situation, right? I mean, like it happens, burn DeMar Hamlin's near death experience on a football field on Monday night that we all watch, uh, between the, the bingles and the bills. But you know, the video comes out and I sit up here saying, I remember we spoke about Ray Rice on TV when the video came out and, and, but we're not saying anything about Dana white and I'm pushing to talk about it on platform.

It's so it's when you see sometimes how hypocritical the world is, it just forces you to put things in context. And I think diving into those type of issues on the period I thought were important. It's a great show.

Uh, you know, it was, it was about 90 minutes, but it was, it moved. Uh, I thought you guys were great. I'm a big Ryan Clark fan too. Um, and I know you guys are tight. So, uh, I think, uh, birds of a feather, uh, as they say, um, all right, first of all, I know your wife is a former soccer player, so I will, we will close on this. Does she still watch soccer and do you, because I know you love your wife, do you watch soccer with her and have you chosen a side at this point? Uh, well, first off, I'm a big, we call it football in our house. Oh, I love that. I love that football. That's real football.

Okay. And the football and, uh, yeah, we watched premier leagues on Saturday morning. We, uh, watched the world cup. My wife is, you know, I lived with Abby Wambach when I was training, um, in her host the beach at the home depot center to try to get back and play. Yeah. I'm a huge footy fan. I'm a huge, you know, um, you know, the U S fan when it comes to watching that in the, in the world cup, we're actually going to try to go to France and two years ago, watch the women in welcome.

So we're, we're huge 40 people at my house, man. Excellent. All right. So what's your side? Do you have a side? Does she have a side?

What do you mean like a side? Like a team. That's what we call it. Cause I'm, I'm a, I've become, I'm a huge football fan now. Enormous. Who's your team? Liverpool. We stink.

We stink. Yeah. Yeah. I'm, I'm a man, you guys. Okay.

My son, my son is a man, you guys, that's like being a Yankee fan, but that's all right. Well, first off, wow. There's if we had more time, we would dig into that. I don't, I don't know if I felt like a slight, just a little, there's a little bit of a slight. Well, Hey, I think you guys are really good though.

And fun to watch. And, uh, I wish you guys, I thought you guys would win the, uh, the Manchester Derby. My son talked me out of betting on that and I bet it as a draw. And I was, I'm still mad at him. I I'm, I'm docking his allowance. No emotions when it comes to sports, you know? You're right.

Jay will. I appreciate it, man. I'll talk to you next week. All right, brother. That was fun. I'm glad, I'm glad he's into it.

Yeah. I'm glad he's into as, and he calls it football. Love it. I love it. See, you don't see football players.

Don't do that though. They get mad, mad. He's a basketball. He's a hooper. So, uh, all good. Uh, all right.

Half time. And before you start, I just want people to remember every Tuesday we talked to Jay. Well, we'll, uh, we'll explore a lot of things. Yeah. We'll be talking to him.

Not Keyshawn. I know. I just made it up.

I made that one up. That was weird this morning. I'm driving in, I'm listening to that conversation or that segment.

They would try to take some calls. First guy's like, Hey Keyshawn, how you doing? Like, he's not even talking like Max. He's from North Carolina too. And Max is the one that said, whatever this guy's name in North Carolina, you go. You're not from North Carolina. Not interested in anybody else. No.
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