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Historical blowout for a National Championship game

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 10, 2023 4:04 pm

Historical blowout for a National Championship game

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 10, 2023 4:04 pm

When did Wes know the TCU vs Georgia National Championship was a wrap? Where does Wes rank Georgia now, with which other top notch programs? And is Clemson one of those programs he still believes is elite? Stetson Bennett was given a huge compliment, but Adam and Wes both think this might be a stretch? Not only is recruitment helping Georgia, but this other element is making impacts; whether people want to believe it or not. How does Wes feel about these Cinderella stories and whether they can ever be successful against these power teams?

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Wes Durham is joining us, the voice of the ACC, the reason the conference turns a profit. Good morning. Good morning. Good afternoon.

Or whatever it may be. I think it's afternoon. I'm not sure. Yeah, it is.

It's 1230, so yeah, it's afternoon. What was the most interesting thing to you about last night? Oh my goodness. That it was over in the first three series. I didn't expect... I thought Georgia would win the game.

I thought it had a chance. And I said this on record to Dave Archer during a commercial break, because you know he does Big 12 radio on Sirius XM in addition to working with me on the Falcons because he played at Iowa State. I said to Dave, I really hope this is not Miami, Nebraska at the Rose Bowl. And he said, yeah.

Without Kendrae Miller, he worried that that was in the offing. Oh sure. And it was worse. Way worse. Yeah, and it was. I mean, it was not even close and it was impressive to how Georgia went out and executed last night and TCU did nothing to help themselves. I feel bad for TCU. I know kind of how that goes where you're just punchless in a ball game of that magnitude.

But Adam, at the end of the day, Georgia's got this thing rolling. I have no problem with what David Pollock said yesterday on game day. I respect Kirby Smart. I've known Kirby a long time. Hell, I did the games he played in. Oh man.

I did. I mean, he played in arguably one of Georgia's most bitter defeats. In 1998, they lost to Georgia Tech in Kirby Smart's senior game. And he knows it. I know it.

We laugh about it now, but it is a bitter, bitter pill. But he has done a remarkable job in Athens of creating the, and Georgia people don't like when I say this too, he's gone Tuscaloosa 2.0 east. Yeah, he has. And I'll say this, it's a better landscape for him to be successful long term than Nick Saban's been in Alabama. Your partner, Roddy Jones, said that to us yesterday.

He said that Georgia is set up to be a better version of Alabama because they're in-state recruiting base. They don't ever have to leave the state, and yet they can to go get what Brock Bowers- Brock Bowers from Napa, California. Napa? Joshua Marino from New Jersey.

I mean, it's there even in the Mark Rick days. Right. Yeah.

Matthew Stafford, Highland Park, Texas. I mean, you can take your pick. They are now to a point where I think you have to put them with Ohio State, Alabama. I'll still keep Clemson in there now because I'm, you know, I'm for the team, as they say. I'll keep Clemson in there as long as Clemson's willing to get back there.

Right. And I think they are. And I hope we can add a couple more schools. I'd like to think Florida State's got a shot at some point in the next three to five years. But I think Georgia is one of those teams right now.

And Southern California, until you tackle somebody, I'm not putting you in there. I agree with you. It's just that simple.

There are programs that can get to that. So I'm going to differ from you on the Clemson thing, but I think Clemson can get back to that. I do. To me, the difference between Georgia and the rest is Georgia on the offensive and defensive line. I've never seen anything like it. In college football, I think Clemson's had it on the defensive line. They haven't had it on the offensive line and that's what separates them.

I think that I could rush for a thousand yards behind Georgia's offensive line. Well, the funny thing is, is that you know they have running backs, but you don't know who they are. They all look the same to me. That's exactly right. From Milton, who they put in there early, to Robinson, who scored the last touchdown. Doesn't matter.

And here's the thing, too. The quarterback's good. The quarterback's real good. I don't know what he is at the NFL level.

I can tell you what I think he is. Mike Cavan tweeted today, and Mike Cavan is a notable name at the University of Georgia as it relates to their football program. He was on Vince Dooley's staff. He recruited Herschel Walker.

I jokingly tell him he slept on the front porch in Wrightsville, Georgia for a month to make sure. But Mike Cavan tweeted this morning, somewhere along the after dark hours, that Stetson Bennett's the greatest player in Georgia football history. Okay. Okay. Greatest player versus most decorated are two different things.

Just like I say, I use the illusion about Tyler Hansborough. Is Tyler Hansborough the greatest North Carolina UNC basketball player of all time? It probably is. It probably is. It probably is. It probably is. It probably is. It probably is.

Pretty damn close. Okay. He's great, but he's not better than Jordan. He's in the first five. He might be. Okay.

I'm not even arguing that, but I'm just saying. He might be in the first three. Okay. But he's not in the first two.

Behind Michael Jordan and Phil Ford. Okay. Right. I'll give you, I mean, look, we don't have enough time for that discussion. Yeah, that is true.

Just like, but see, here's the other part about Georgia. And I want to get this said, because I think it's really important for perspective to take place here. We've dynamically changed the landscape of the game in the last seven years. We all know that, right?

Okay. In the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference Television Network, which is now in its fourth year, four, the game has changed dynamically from when we launched in August of 2019 to what it is now, right? I would say this, Georgia has embraced that landscape change, facility challenge, all those things. They've got an athletics director in Josh Brooks, a president in Jerry Moorhead. The alignment, you hear my man Packer talk about all the time, is as strong at Georgia as it is anywhere else.

And that includes the other side of the house, the NIL. That part is real at the University of Georgia. And people can say, well, you know, I don't care. Well, don't care, but understand the methodology behind why they're successful. Do they recruit good players? Absolutely. Are they well coached? Absolutely. Do they have NFL draft talent? Absolutely. But they also have embraced the landscape change at the University of Georgia. And if you don't, if you don't become like Alabama will, and Alabama will be right there and the other schools will and the other schools that are probably, you know, before NIL would have been right there, the LSU's of the world, the Ohio State's, the Michigan's, the true, they'll all be there. Right.

And that's like the the powers probably won't change. I do want to ask you a couple of other questions before before we have to say goodbye to West Durham, voice of the ACC. By the way, the schedule comes out. ACC football schedule January 30th, 20 days away.

And I'm going to give you a sneak preview of what I'm going to say on January 30th. Why the hell are we scheduling so many power five games outside of the league? Doesn't help our conference record, because just look at what the SEC does. Well, I would say this, too.

Let me ask you this. The Southeastern Conference and somebody tweeted this last night, I think it was Matt Hayes from down in Jacksonville. Georgia is a really good football team. Tennessee for most of this season was a really good football team. Yep. At the end of the year, Alabama was a very good football team.

Yeah. Just because Georgia beat TCU 65 to seven or whatever it was last night does not mean Mississippi State was any good. Does not mean that Arkansas would have beaten anybody of note. Correct. Does not mean Missouri.

I like Eli Drinkwood's fine. Does not mean that Shane Beamer did beat Clemson and Shane Beamer won a bowl game. They had a good year. They lost the bowl game in Notre Dame, but they beat Tennessee and they beat Clemson.

Good for Shane Beamer. That does not mean that that whole damn league is the best 15 football teams, 16 football teams in the country. Right. I know I'm with you. I'm with you on that. But most art and SEC fan will go, well, Vanderbilt we know is not good.

Well, I'm here to tell you there's some others that aren't any good. Right. Okay. But there's a lot of, there's room to grow. We'll just be generous to the University of Florida.

Right. There's room to grow for the Gators. There's room to grow. There's room to grow at, um, in all honesty, there's room to grow in Florida. There's more, there's room to grow at A&M.

I mean, but that's what I'm saying. Georgia was a dominant football program. Oh my gosh.

Well, don't forget the quarterback at Rice next year got $350,000 in his year at Georgia. Oh, well, it's good. Did I say that the right way? I think I did.

I think that I think you did too. Okay, go ahead. So going in and this came out of a conversation I was having after Tulane beat USC.

Sure. Oh man. Just wait till we get to the expanded playoff. We're going to see these upsets all the time.

What are they saying? Because last night, last night was Cinderella. TCU was Cinderella. They're perfectly situated as a power five conference champion that's seated somewhere in the six, seven, eight range that's just going to get trucked when they meet up against one of those.

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No, it's just normal. So bundle your renters and car insurance with progressive and put the savings toward a new car. It's time progressive cashflow key insurance company coverage provided in service by affiliates and third-party insurers. I'm not going to bet against the bank. No, I think the same teams are going to win. I'm not going to do it.

I'm not going to bet against the bank. And I'm just, I mean, I hate to say it that way, but the house always wins. Yeah. And the house right now is in Birmingham with Greg Sankey. Right.

No, Bucky, you're on the rent in the building. But, but even, you know, if you just said Georgia, Alabama, Ohio state, the house being the, the powers that Georgia, Alabama, Ohio state, and I'll throw in Southern Cal for fun. Yeah. Let's throw in Clemson for fun.

That is a lot of fun. Okay. So let's throw in the ACC champ to a big 10. Give me your best big 12 in Georgia or Alabama, Georgia, Ohio state.

I wouldn't even throw in the big 12 there to be perfectly honest. So then it's all right. So let's go, let's go that route. What does that mean for the other games? I have no idea. Fun.

Fun. Okay, sure. But we still haven't gotten to the, and this is longer discussion too. We still haven't gotten to the upheaval of the mechanics of how this is going to work when it goes to a campus. Everybody thinks they got it figured out.

They don't. I'm promising you. Cause I've heard about the problems. It's going to be on campus. Every season ticket holders, not going to get a ticket. Oh yeah. That's going to be a problem. I mean, just saying most of them will all of them. Right. And so where's the investment piece going to be? Where's the, I mean, everybody envisions it being like next weekend in the NFL.

I don't, I don't envision, I envisioned, I envisioned like if your school is a Pepsi school, that logo being covered up on the scoreboard type thing. Yeah. Okay. Just saying.

Well, there are definitely going to be complications and exams. West. Just kidding. Oh no, no, no. The president's the president.

They got that. Adam, are you kidding me? By the way, does anybody check with governor Baker? Was he at the game last night?

Uh, I don't know. He might've been, he might've been. I know the outgoing president was not at the game last night.

No. Oh, well that's, uh, I understand, I understand the outgoing president of the NCAA could not make it. Oh, that's uh, that's too, what was he doing? Well, taking a check.

He was, maybe he was packing out of the, packing up his own office. Yup. I don't know. All right. Uh, West Durham, you're the best. I look forward to the ACC schedule release. I do too. I look forward to being a camera tomorrow night for Pitt and Duke.

Oh, look at you. We just talked to, uh, well, I just gave it away. We talked to Jason cable before the show. So, uh, we'll have Jason cable on later.

Yes. Jeff cables, uh, busy coming up with a game plan, uh, to go to the, uh, bold boys and bashful blue Jason cable number 25. That is, uh, that is true. Uh, I think, I think Pitt's I like, and here's the thing too. I I'm, I mean, I was encouraged a little bit after a disappointing bad loss last Wednesday night, when I saw Saturday at Boston college, I'm interested to see how the, how the momentum goes tomorrow night at Cameron.

Better have Jeremy Roach. Not playing from what I was told yesterday. That's a problem. Could be, we'll see the problem.

It's going to be a fun game though. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. All right, Wes, we'll talk to you later. Thanks. And now another no brainer money saving tip from progressive Marcus. What happened?

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