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NC BOWL WEEK: Part 2!!!!

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December 28, 2022 4:11 pm

NC BOWL WEEK: Part 2!!!!

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December 28, 2022 4:11 pm

ECU vs Coastal in Birmingham Bowl

ECU 53 - Coastal 29

Holton Ahlers 5 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD….and he conducted the band at the end. ECU didn’t punt until the 4th quarter…which was blocked, but didn’t change the turnout.


We are a Military Bowl pre-game show….

Duke vs. UCF in Military Bowl 2pm eastern, ESPN. First ever meeting between the two, ever.

Kevin Brown (play-by-play), Hutson Mason (analyst), Marilyn Payne (sideline)

UNC vs Oregon in the Holiday Bowl (if it doesn’t get canceled, of course) 8pm on FOX

Gus Johnson (play-by-play), Joel Klatt (analyst)


Duke’s Mayo Bowl, Noon, ESPN,

Maryland (7-5) vs. No. 23 NC State (8-4)

Series: Tied, 33-33-4; Last meeting: Maryland, 42-21 (2013)

ESPN: Anish Shroff (play-by-play), Brock Osweiler (analyst), Andraya Carter (sideline)

The former ACC foes are all tied up at 33-33-4. Last meeting was won by Maryland in 2013 before the Terps joined the Big Ten the next year. They first met in 1909.

Not to be left out, Wake Forest defeated an SEC team in the Gasparilla Bowl 27-17

Also, there was a pretty exciting NBA; especially for on player in particular. Luka with a 60-point, 21 rebound, 10 assist game in a 126-121 OT win over Knicks.

It's the first 60-point, 20-rebound, 10-assist game ever.

It's the second 60-point triple-double ever. James Harden had one in 2018.

It's the first 60-point, 20-rebound game since Shaquille O'Neal in 2000.

The 60 points are a franchise record.

Mavs were down 9 with under 30 seconds left, Luka had 6 points and an assist to help send to OT

Plus, our Carolina Hurricanes had a big shutout for their second to last 2022 game.

Canes win 3-0 over Blackhawks

Anti Raanta gets a much needed shutout

Goals from Martin Necas, Jesper Fast, and Jordan Martinook who is pursuing Gretzky’s goal scoring record


North Carolina sports kind of hot right now. Nine game winning streak for the Canes. One game winning streak for the Panthers. That counts as hot. Yeah.

It looks good. 2-0 in bowl games. We're rolling and we could go up to 4-0 today. We'll see. They're getting it done. You know what's not hot?

My house right now. Oh no. Because the HVAC is getting replaced. This was scheduled. This is not like things went terrible. Like the Duke Energy during Christmas.

It was not that. This was planned, scheduled and we have like gas and electric so things are cool. Yeah. Well things are fine but while they're doing the changeover it's a little chilly in there. My guys Johnny and Dean taking care of it at the homestead right now. I did chat with all the guys I'm gonna have to leave at some point.

Can I make sure you know what do you need from me? I also have large dogs. I was gonna say throw a treat for the dog maybe while you're there. It's man. It is super. I love my dogs and my dogs love most people but the problem is my dogs are humongous. Yeah. And they look like they like eat humans. Yeah. And when they bark and like whereas most our dogs bark I mean most dogs barks are somewhat annoying especially if they're incessant and non-stop right?

Right. My dog's bark usually means like oh there's a person I'd like to see them but it sounds like I'm going to kill you. I want to eat your face. I will rip the flesh off your bones if you come any closer. Terrifying.

That's what it translates to as to most people. So hope things are going well back there. I hope the dogs are staying in their area and not barking too much. See the funny things about dogs I love dogs but the smaller ones with the highery chirpy ones sometimes you got to worry more about them actually doing it because I got a big dog too and it's yeah.

Mostly the big dogs that I've found are mostly harmless but they just are a little more intimidating so um shout out to my guys Johnny and Dean. I also feel bad this uh I don't know if you feel me on this this is my first time really being a homeowner. I was a renter. Yeah. Partly because I love to not worry about problems.

Sure. And I love knowing nothing better than uh-oh something went wrong. Somebody else got it. It's in my house and it's not even my fault now like sometimes getting them to fix it at the right time and getting them to think it's as urgent as you but like especially when something like the the heat goes out like oh that's not my problem I'm just gonna call the guy that uh whose problem it is. Now I'm having to deal with all these things so I deal with like multiple places getting estimates and you got different family members recommending different people but I see all these folks when they come to the house and a lot of them are like hey man recognize your voice for the radio right so then I end up talking to these people but now I'm giving shout outs to Johnny and Dean and my guy Craig is out there listening on the radio it's like whoa why didn't I get to call on this one.

Well hey maybe you can give me a recommendation because I'm a first-time homeowner and I've got a back deck that's huge like the backyard and it all needs replaced so it looks all like money but yeah. I got people but I just feel bad because there's a lot of good people out there and I can only use one at a time. Uh-huh yeah. I try and spread it around but anyway.

It's expensive. As we said North Carolina sports are hot so let's talk about it let's get out the gate. We're off and we're off to a 2-0 start in North Carolina Bowl Week. Bowl Week across America it is the season to celebrate college football from city to city the passion is unrivaled. Coast to coast and beyond the nation comes alive for Capital One Bowl Week.

Free advertising for Capital One but you know when they put their name all over Bowl Week they're gonna get some residual love there. It is North Carolina Bowl Week it started last Friday it ends this Friday started with a win in the Gasparilla Bowl I believe for Wake Forest continued last night where they win for East Carolina. Pride of the Carolinas getting it done over Coastal Carolina those pretenders and frauds down in South Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl. I mean it would have been more fun if this was the Myrtle Beach Bowl I mean having the whole ECU fan base uh descend upon Myrtle Beach to take on Coastal Carolina that could have been interesting but anyway Birmingham was good enough ECU 53 Coastal 29 and can I say it and it wasn't that close right um early on the score was closer and the stats were out of whack ECU was putting up way more numbers um finally the score reflected it. Holden Ehlers quarterback going out in his final game five passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown for good measure and he even directed the band this is what it sounded like and here's where I admit I don't know the words to the ECU fight song so my bad uh ECU Pirates out there but you couldn't see it in the video there but that was a band playing under the lead of quarterback Holden Ehlers playing himself out congratulations getting the win he wanted uh we talked about it with Patrick Johnson yesterday they won a bowl game they got to a bowl game last year they didn't didn't get to play that bowl game because Boston College had to back out with COVID so even though you know they had made that step of making a bowl game this felt bigger because not only do you play the bowl game you win it you go out on top you get another win uh you get another win in the in the column and then you get to go out high note for ECU and uh Holden Ehlers I'm now are you getting messages about the eastern thing from yesterday no no no I'm getting messages about my HVAC saying that my life isn't that hard I'm more it was more because I was just giving shout out to people on the radio and I feel bad that other people listening on the radio are getting their feelings hurt that's all it was ECU didn't punt until the fourth quarter and when they did punt it got blocked so it was like uh maybe don't do that again right and in fact that was the only time we got a little bit dicey late uh uh coastal scored got it to a 16-point game which was technically a two-score game and you're like uh-oh if they get the ball back if they score again do things get tight no worries uh hold nail us through another deep pass got in scoring position again scored again 53-29 the final ECU wins it running away coach Mike Houston talked specifically about what this win means for getting the program back on track huge step tonight eighth win just the most since on the 13-14 first bowl victory since 13 um 10th bowl victory in in program history so uh a lot a lot of big achievements tonight and it's the perfect way for this senior class to go out it really is the only thing that would have made ECU I mean obviously you know going undefeated would have been the best right if ECU could have hit the field goal at the end of the game against NC State then this would have been a near perfect season for them right beating the end state rival NC State that would have been a ECU is back statement game like that's when ECU is rolling they're knocking off uh an NC State or a UNC or a Virginia Tech or uh you know South Carolina or something like that or a West Virginia that's that's when ECU's back then they go do well in their conference they win eight nine or ten games and they go to a bowl game and they give somebody trouble there so that's the only thing that kept this in my eyes from being basically a perfect uh ECU season I know there's other games that they could have I think they lost another one uh due to kicking but nothing would have meant as much as the NC State win but congratulations to them on the uh turnaround today in North Carolina bowl week we are currently a military bowl pregame show why is there no bowl game on at noon by the way I know it's noon and it's the week between Christmas and New Year's yeah I should have football on and day drinking I have no excuse to day drink I can't day drink at one sports center that's not socially acceptable but if there's a football game on right I can do it it's fine actually I'll tell you why uh we don't have a game at noon in just a little bit but we are a military bowl pregame show duke vs central Florida 2 p.m eastern first meeting ever between these two teams kevin brown on the play-by-play hudson mason the analyst and maryland pain and we talked to yesterday's the sideline coach I'm gonna play this whole audio from duke football it's a video they put out kind of like they're you know the big thing now before you play a game you drop a hype video but this hype video includes a lot of audio and it basically shows the difference in how duke was talked about between the time mike elko was hired and the season started and how duke was talked about once the season started towards the end of the season so it's a little long but I thought it was worth it duke probably has not been talked about enough this year I know we talked about it with maryland yesterday yes mike elko won coach of the year yes he deserved it we still probably aren't talking about duke winning eight games enough so in order to correct that just a little bit here's uh the audio from the duke hype video that they dropped with again the change in conversation about duke football that has happened in the past year oh mike elko I mean voluntarily walking in to take over this gig duke mike elko love mike but man that roster is about as talented as as you know me and a hot dog dude baby you gotta have it seven come on flint michigan mega bowl boys and nobody's taking duke seriously let's go here we go here we go duke has lost 17 of its last 18 acc games it is a far ways away from what it was when you turn them on it wasn't if they're gonna lose right how bad are they gonna lose duke football it is a tough tough thing to turn around to get consistent you know one acc win would be cool the blue devils roll past temple 30 to nothing as the elko era is underway in a big way that's just a basketball area anymore duke is 2-0 and the blue devils are the big surprise there they just got more athletic technically they're better riley leonard might be even more athletic than dale jones was within this system within the things that duke is now doing they're playing at such a high level they lost 13 straight and lead play goodbye to that one as they thump the cavaliers 38 to 17 duke is ahead of schedules i would not think that duke would be where they're at man the duke blue devils become bowl eligible for the first time since 2018 mike elko took this duke team to a spot where people were wondering man you're in the ballgame are y'all gonna do more get up here let's go duke has continued to grind and today a mighty impressive 24-7 victory how about the work of mike elko 11 months after nina king hired mike elko he wins eight games you can't help but be happy for this bunch everything they've been through what a moment for mike elko what a moment for this football program there it is i think that says it all the fun you can't really tell from the audio unless you're really paying attention to the voice but the funniest part is like the some of the people that were in the first part of it were the same people in the second part talking about and look that's what people are paid to feel time talking about sports on tv and radio they're going to say oh man i think duke's i can't see duke winning the game and then three months they're going to be like duke looks like one of the best teams in the coast of division right like that's the nature of the job i'm not calling them out but it is kind of funny to see it in there but well done by the duke staff to showing how much the conversation has changed there was nobody no one that said i could see duke getting eight wins this year like the most optimistic about duke would have been 500 at best and i didn't even i'm not i didn't see that and i wouldn't have been that optimistic about it it is incredible what they've done i'll incredible what they've done i'll talk to tim patterson a little bit later about the turn it's what they've done is incredible deserves a lot of credit the big question is once you go from four wins or three win two from going from two or three or four wins to six or seven or eight wins is awesome but you see a lot of programs do that we see that a lot of times in the state of north carolina what we don't see a lot of is when you start making six seven eight win seasons nine ten and eleven win seasons that's another thing much credit to what they've done that's another thing that's very hard to do at a school like duke's we'll uh hope to see it and we'll see if that continues um also tonight at eight o'clock on fox the san diego county credit union holiday bowl just a little insight here the reason we don't have a bowl game at noon is because this is one of the rare bowl games that espn does not control oh when espn controls the whole slate they spread them all out so you get one game at a time but about this unc game is on fox so it's at eight o'clock even though there's another bowl game starting right at nine o'clock that's why fox doesn't care about espn's little plan nope of spreading the bowl games out unc verse oregon also the first time these two teams have ever played so a lot of first-time matchups gus johnson on the play-by-play joel clatt is the analyst and bow nicks the oregon quarterback almost got sabotaged by mack brown did you hear this we learned it from mack brown himself you know i was gonna say yesterday we were on the ship and dan and i and bow were touring together and bow was going up the steps in front of me and i started to grab his ankle and i thought there were too many cameras and i didn't want to hurt him bad just it's just one game you know so but but i hung in there god looked at me and said no brother you can't do that and in fact i think the last time that's good mack brown considering wow twisting the guys saying i mean he's obviously kidding there yes but he said it out loud it's kind of a weird thing to say those things you keep in the uh yeah um and so yeah they i guess they were touring a aircraft carrier presumably the same one that unc basketball team played on years ago yeah mack brown said he almost uh grabbed bow nicks's ankle anyway okay all right and so those are the games today we'll see if north carolina as a state can go from two and oh wait for us at ecu getting wins to four and oh uh hope to get win oh excuse me also three no north carolina central also celebration bowl uh gasparilla bowl win birmingham bowl last night and then we got two more today military holiday that could take us to five and oh dukes mayo bowl is our last one on friday that one's noon on espn nail inverse nc state we'll talk some more about this one tomorrow to preview friday's game but uh remember the all-time series between state and maryland 33 33 and four so this is for bragging rights baby but that is north carolina bowl week your look next up getting out the game something big happened in the nba last night do you remember yesterday we were talking about there's like a superstar team problem there aren't there's not a miami heat or a uh golden state warriors in their heyday quite tight team you know the lakers are off they've got some stars but they're not great brooklyn nets are maybe riding the ship and turning into kind of a superstar team and then there seem like the celtics that are delivering on what should be a good team jason tatum's a superstar but even jason tatum not quite as electric a superstar in terms of like moving the needle beyond basketball right he's been playing incredible basketball one dude who moves the needle and we talked about he is worth the price of admission and they would love to see a guy like this in the conference finals and in an nba finals is luka doncic he has become must watch basketball every night not only the way he plays but like he's fun with it he's gesturing to his teammates when he fakes out a guy he plays with spirit and enthusiasm he smiles it's fun and it doesn't hurt to me this is true with nicola jokic too neither one of these guys look like obviously they're in better shape than i am right but neither one of them look like they are just spending eight hours a day in the off season chiseling their bodies right like luka looks a little bit like the dude at the y that's really good because he used to play in college but he's kind of pudgy now right he likes a beer too but it works for luka too because i mean he uses his size kind of to his advantage but he just doesn't look like some perfectly refined athlete so he just looks like he's not i mean he's obviously very athletic but he's not soaring through the air dunking on people as much as it's like timing body obviously an incredible shooter craftiness a flare a touch all those things that he has that's fantastic well last night it resulted in a 60 point 21 rebound 10 assist game and a 126 120 win overtime win over the nicks that's one of the coolest things about it is scoring a bunch of points is awesome i mean watching kobe brian put up 83 is amazing just because it's like it's almost a feat just to get up enough shots to score that many points like just to get off the shots regardless of they go in so it's like fun to watch that but i'm pretty sure that they won that game in a blowout right they needed every one of luka's points he was not just filling it up in garbage time or just getting buckets to get buckets they needed his points including they were down nine points with 30 seconds left and he scored six points wow and had an assist in the comeback including a missed free throw that he caught himself in the air and put back here's what the game tying basket sounded like for luka you make him go back right i don't think it's that's easy nice play there uh but i meant to send you the link of him at the very end he's he's got three free throws but he misses one so he makes one he's got to miss uh for an extra point and he gets the ball back himself and puts it back in to tie it to send to overtime but even more forget the play by play that's not important what's important is after the game luka who still has a flare from the dramatic told us exactly what he wanted 60 points 20 boards never it never happened baby how does it feel right now i'm tired as hell you can wrench later you're young i need a recovery beer oh we can handle that uh i'm tired as hell i need a recovery beer there you go yes 60 points 21 rebounds 10 assists it's the first ever 60 point 20 rebound 10 assist game in the mba it's the second triple double uh 60 point triple double ever james harden had one in 2018 it's the first 60 point 20 rebound game since shaq had it in 2000 and the 60 points are the highest ever for a dallas maverick um he is something to watch it again it's always cooler when all of these stats were not just padded right every assist every rebound every basket was made it including on the final sequence where he got a rebound and a basket uh and so he just went out and filled it up yes haters it did go into overtime so he did have an extra five minutes to get some of these points i don't care uh it was incredible and i don't even know anything else that happened in the mba last night but this is all i saw everybody talking about yeah and i wouldn't watch the highlight he's he's just fun to watch he's fun to watch the way he plays the game and finally getting out the gate not seven not eight but nine wins in a row for the carolina hurricanes last night it was a shutout uh they got goals from martin nichas the the greatest goal scorer in kane's history apparently he's just tearing it up well and he's been on fire this season yes and it's been it's been cool to see after last season where even right up to his exit interview yeah he couldn't tell if he was quite mad at himself mad at the coaching staff if he was like unhappy with the team unhappy with the fit whatever it is they worked it out in the off season they did uh because he is uh lighting it up this year and good for him for doing it and it's obviously good for the canes he has per fos got a goal and then jordan martin hook you want to talk about someone who's really on fire apparent i think he's right behind ovechkin and gordy how and for like the all-time scoring lead right now jordan martin hook tracking down gretzky um he's another dude look i'll be the first to admit much like duke football anybody who says they saw this coming lies i think you're lying yep and there's no bigger jordan martin hook fan here and the then there is here and i don't get i'm not deep up deep enough into hockey to be able to answer these questions but i felt like there were fair discussions about are the things that jordan martin hook brings to the team which is leadership camaraderie chemistry in a way that like if you know this team you know that's part of why they're good they play for each other they play for the coach they play for the team i play for the fans they play for the city that it's a little cheeky hokey to say that but like there is some truth in that it is they build a culture and jordan martin hook is a culture guy and i think there are fair questions asking do the do the pros that jordan martin brings an intangible are they being outweighed by maybe him not bringing as much on the ice and he just put that all to bed again i don't know hockey deep enough to know exactly how much this matters but it seems like when a line is just jelling it almost feels like an offensive line in football you don't always it it always helps to have great players on the offensive line like jordan stall is a great player even if he doesn't put up huge number of points and that's how you can see it is usually his lines do well even if he doesn't have the best stats so if you're an offensive line and you just you know each other's tendencies you know each other's moves you work together as one you can be a great unit even if you aren't the five best offensive linemen in your league or division or whatever and i feel like that's how it works with jordan stall oh yeah that stall line's been amazing this year people just enjoy playing with him he's a smart guy he knows the game and they they um they go after it in what i would call it like a rod brendan more style they get they bring energy to their line every time so um good on jordan martin for getting good done also it's very cool to see uh aunty ronta getting the shutout last night i didn't put all five of those goals on him last time but it's it was just a little deflating to have a 6-2 lead look like you're gonna you know laugh your way into the the christmas season and not even have to worry about the third period and then deflating to give up three goals like that so it's nice to see ronta snap back with a uh with a shutout and because again as much as it's awesome to feel like piotr kuchnetkov is blossoming early you want as many healthy goalies playing at top level as you can because you never know when you're going to be out one nope we learned that lesson last year so as much as great i'm great if kuch can be the number one guy and he can get it done let's go with it but having aunty ronta play great even if it means we got to make some decisions about who goes where is not a bad thing right um have watching guys have and maintain confidence in their games i think is an important thing for them you
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