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When does Christmas officially end for you?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 27, 2022 3:43 pm

When does Christmas officially end for you?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 27, 2022 3:43 pm

Before Hayes Permar and Will dive into what happened over the holidays in the sports world, Hayes gets a sneak peak of what it’s like in the Brinson household for Christmas. What happened with Russell Wilson and how did he fall off so far? Does Will believe his prime is over or is there potential for a comeback? How did things turn around so quickly for Baker Mayfield? What do you do next if you’re the Carolina Panthers?


We are on the edge of our seats as we watch the Camellia Bowl. Am I saying that right? I don't know how to say Camellia.

Am I saying it right? Camellia? Sounds right.

Camellia Bowl. 6-6 Georgia Southern versus 6-6 Buffalo. Somebody's coming away with a losing record. Somebody's coming away with a winning season. Once I determine which team is wearing which color, I will give you an update on how the game is progressing. I believe Georgia Southern's in white and is advancing the ball down the field but it's near the middle of the field.

Nobody's a threat to score a whole lot. But it's ball week so we will keep you updated on all the bowl games. We'll do all our betting on bowl games this week so you can know what the lines are so that you can waste your money assuming you're at a place where it's legal. I didn't, I did not put tunes in the document to request. Sometimes I have like specific tunes that I want. I was curious what your move was as far as like how long does Christmas music play after Christmas? Yeah.

I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna be honest. The stations that play Christmas music tend to on the 26th they flip right back and I think I'm not alone here. There's a lot of people both A you got multiple family or just schedules that are weird or whatever. Yeah. People work, I mean we see all these athletes that you know have games on Christmas day well then their family might just say well okay well on the 26th we'll just do the opening presents and the family meal whatever.

Yeah. So like I think you can get value out of easing out playing Christmas music for a couple more days. Now again the 27th I wasn't gonna come in here and be like oh baby all Christmas all Christmas music. There are a couple that that reference you know New Year's.

There's a couple that I feel like fit in this between time. Yeah. But see I have worked at a station in my time where they would play Christmas music all the way until New Year's. It's a little much for me. It's a little much for me personally when I'm done doing Christmas things like. Right. Because I've also will do the post Christmas stuff. In fact right now my family may be gathering I had multiple different family gatherings but partly scheduled got a sister who lives in New York. Yeah. She came down with her family for a stop in Raleigh and then they're headed to the beach for a week of vacation with my mom right. So I could be at Christmas with them right now for what would be my third or fourth straight day of Christmas but instead their flight got delayed and so.

Extend it though. Maybe in theory my voice is there and the rest of them are together. If they you know if they're listening to me while we while they open presents I don't know but like it would have made sense for them to be playing Christmas music right now because they are doing their first Christmas together. Sure.

Even though we are the 27th. Yes as soon as I'm done doing Christmas things though like I'm good I'm good. So whenever Victoria is done doing Christmas things. For me personally.

The rest of us. No no no just for me personally like I'm not listening to it in my car but hey if you want to keep listening to Christmas music until June that's on you. All right we'll talk Christmas music and other topics with Will Brinson CBS Sports and the Pick Six Podcast.

Joining us now Brinson what's going on? What's up man how you doing? Happy holidays.

Same to you. How long did the Christmas tunes roll in your house? So my mom is pretty fierce about the day after Christmas like there's no decorations left. The tree's gone.

Everything's everything's cleaned up. My brother and I Charlie we took care of we have a burning barrel here at the here's my parents farm. I think burned everything burned the reeds through the Charlie took my son Robbie on a on a gator ride to go toss the tree on this giant pile of stuff. And yeah very very very Brinsony the Brinson Christmas a very Brinson Christmas involves lots of like outdoor work. We have an oyster roast good stuff though. Excellent but but Christmas is over decorations out music is out. Decorations are long gone yes. And is there while we're on top of Christmas music because we can make plans for next year is there a is there a best jam band Christmas album like I don't even really know like this this. Our mutual friend Carl Mcclam got to go to Warren Haynes Christmas Jam yes up in Asheville and also I think they there was a bunch of people who went to smell the glove at Lincoln theater. Yeah well that yeah that's that's standard that always goes down maybe I'm not a Raleigh guy I'm just saying like I don't I don't know that there's a I think the closest thing is probably like Jimmy Smith's Christmas album which is kind of you know it's more really more blues than.

No that works but maybe maybe the answer is in true like jam band fashion you can't put out a Christmas album it's like oh the the show that on the 22nd where they like wove into Christmas too like it would be it would be a full show not just one one Christmas album. All right let's talk NFL football I'm gonna give the panthers in a second but because the broncos are fresh on my mind because they fired their coach give me this quick summary of what happened with Russell Wilson. How can he fall off so far? Well I would say that one of them one of them I mean the biggest answer is probably like I'm not sure you know we saw Russell Wilson hadn't really been good for like 18 months or a year and a half season and a half now maybe he suffered that hand injury with the Seahawks last year didn't play well after the return you could sort of chalk it up to the injury but he quietly hadn't been playing that great before the injury as well and you know I mean he's older it's not unreasonable to suggest that there could be a a drop off in in skill set even though we also I think we all at least those of us who have followed Russell's career closely for a long time believed that he would be a good court here he told us he was going to play till he's 40 and he wanted to do that and I guess when like hall of fame level quarterbacks tell us that Brady Rogers you know it keeps and it keeps happening we're just sort of like all right yeah Russ says he's gonna play 40 like why would he why would he not?

To me I think the biggest problem is that so if you look at the timeline for this they the the the Broncos fired Vic Fangio and they go out and they hire Nathaniel Hackett now the presumption was that when they hired Hackett they wanted to trade for Aaron Rogers who was Hackett was his old offensive coordinator in Green Bay that didn't work out Rogers wanted to stay in Green Bay and so then they go and trade for Russell Wilson well after that they go and sell the team to the Walton family who by the way the by Miles the richest owners in the NFL like five times richer than David Tepper who's like five times richer than the next guy and so now you have this sort of situation where I think you have an ownership group that didn't trade for Russ and didn't hire Hackett and you have this dynamic of Hackett and Russ weren't really you know brought into they weren't brought in to be together they were excited about each other and excited about the new opportunities but what happened Hayes was you could see it early on in the season there were all these delay at game penalties I mean Peyton Manning explained this on the Manning cast it's like basically Nathaniel Hackett was giving Russ three plays because Russ wanted ownership of the offense and he would give him three plays and then Russ would pick one and call it in the huddle and then the Broncos would go and run that well that's just not how you need to run an offense like there's this is an extra layer of complexity that's wildly unnecessary and I think that sort of got them off sync you know and once the pressure starts to build on an NFL team like that it just became too much for the Broncos I mean I want to believe that Russ is not washed and that he can come back and have a productive season next year but if somebody told me that he's done being a great NFL quarterback I would kind of believe it I mean just given how he played this year certainly you're gonna have to you're gonna want to find a coach who is an offensive guru that can try and get Russ back on the right track now it's just been interesting to watch and he's a guy that like you said we believed him when he said he could play for a long time because he seems like one of those take care of your body work out you know diligently am I crazy I know it's not right these days to fat chain people I'm not trying to do that but didn't didn't it just look bigger that's all it looks a little thicker it looks like he looks he looks like I feel like like like post holidays you know I mean yes yes I know exactly what you mean and it just in the sense of like you know like I'm not I haven't been like gorging myself but I've had you know I don't normally eat three chocolate chip cookies a day and maybe you know the last couple of days I have and so you feel a little thicker and yeah Russ Russ does look a little thicker I tend to agree with that and so you wonder did he get out of shape like what like what's the deal I believe it was I think it was the owner Greg Penner who's like a the grandson the grandson-in-law of the of the Walmart founder who just did a press conference like literally five minutes ago and said that you know they don't think the problem is Russ but that Russ is going to have to work and focus and die and and and really dive in this off season to correct some of the issues that they had so in other words sort of a message sent to Russ but wouldn't expect them to move on it would be way too prohibitive from a salary cap perspective yeah Will Branson joining us from the pick six podcast CBS Sports if Russell needs to look for guidance in turning things around he needs to look no further than Los Angeles where Baker Mayfield has resurrected his career in like two games how do you here's the thing that this is naked eye I don't get deep into the tape and obviously I'm not watching as much NFL football as even like hardcore fans certainly not guys who analyze the game I can understand how a quarterback can go from a bad team to a better team and look better that makes sense to me in in theory that's not crazy but if felt like Baker was making throws where it's like regardless of what the play call here was or whether the offensive line is blocking he threw it to this guy 15 yards away and the passes looked like they fluttered and like weren't sharp and like it looked like they thought he couldn't throw the ball much more than 20 yards and you didn't see much evidence to suggest they were wrong in calling plays like that like and so that does seem weird to me when it goes from he seemed like either injury still hadn't recovered or whatever it was not sharp to I mean it looks like a very not great but like a very much a starting NFL quarterback which is very much not what he looks like at any time with the panthers yeah I mean like with the panthers he looks worse than Sam Darnold and now with like and now with now with the rams it's like oh you know this guy looks like he could be a you know be the reason why they let Matthew Stafford walk this already like yeah if Matthew Stafford retires they'll be fine this all season uh I mean the best the best guess that I would have and it's a great question because it's hard to say I mean he's not you know in better he's the first uh quarterback in NFL history to start for and and then obviously to lose a game with three teams in the same calendar year because he lost with the Browns in January 2022 lost to the panthers and in several times and then lost with the Rams uh his first game there um good luck anybody else replicating well they keep adding games that see now more people are going to be playing games you know in January right yeah so but yeah like the final week of the season is January 8th it's pretty gross yeah you can get two games in you got you got multiple chances to lose a game there late in the season now in the new year exactly so um I think the best answer would be uh Sean McVay and that's not necessarily me saying that Sean McVay is a genius and that's why he's you know he's like just fixed Baker Mayfield but I think sometimes and you see we saw this like Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians or if you want to dial it back even further like Rich Gannon and John Gruden where later in somebody's career and it doesn't have to be the end of their career for example Baker you just end up with a really good fit for not only your personality but for your skill set as well and I think that Sean McVay and Baker Mayfield are very similar in terms of their competitive intensity and um and their desire to win and just I think that they just sort of clicked the second he got there and I think that's really interesting for the future of the Rams because there is a chance Matthew Stafford walks away after this off season you know he's had tons of health issues uh I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he did um you know as a Matthew Stafford as the Matthew Stafford stan of the NFL media I don't want it to but um you know do what's best for your health and if that happens I think Sean McVay who would definitely consider going into television would also be very enthused about staying in LA if Baker was there they know Aaron Donald's coming back you've got Cooper Cupp returning um I think I think that's probably it more than anything else Baker I believe has had now in his career. 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Excludes bike, bike plus and tread basics. See additional terms at McVay is either his sixth or seventh head coach and like he's in his fifth year I mean it's it's or play committee it's a play caller but you know he had um you know he had huge let's see do you have Hugh Jackson when he started and then Hugh was fired he had uh was it Greg Williams as the interim and then he had Freddie kitchens uh and yeah and then he had two two guys with the panthers I mean and now Sean McVay I mean it's it's an insane list of uh of just play callers that he's had to deal with and so I you know you sort of wonder like maybe this is also the first competent play caller competent head coach that he's had in his career too. Yeah Wilbur it's join us from the pick six podcast um more power to Baker Mayfield but it was it's a stunning turnaround to see what he's doing. The other interesting thing for quarterback play for the panthers this year and I described it earlier is like Sam Darnold being average is awesome for the panthers. He threw 15 of 22 for 250 yards one touchdown no interception. We do not need spectacular quarterback play. We need average never terrible quarterback play to to shot as a team that's what they do. What is the move now for the panthers because again I feel like there there's part of the you that says all they need is a quarterback to complete the solution right they obviously have a good defense they could use another playmaker on offense but like if if Hubbard and Deontay Foreman are a good backfield and DJ Moore is a good consistent piece they could be good but is the move now I guess as a fan I'm tired of like just guessing on the next quarterback right and I know you are always guessing when you draft whatever but I'm like am I talking myself into Sam Darnold like add another piece or two to the draft that are playmakers are like let's see what we can do with a season of just average court be the 17th best quarterback in the NFL and let's have the number one defense and like a top five rushing and we're not gonna win the Super Bowl but that could get us to the NFC Championship. Am I crazy getting excited about Sam Darnold? Maybe a little crazy. Well but I think that there's a large segment of panthers fans and I've heard from my my cousins who came in town from Charlotte over Thanksgiving and then like and then you know more like more like you know I mean you know how it is like you you gotta you know you have you have people over for the holidays and they want to talk about the panthers yeah right yeah they want to ask you like hey so what's the deal with Steve Wilks and I'm like I had no problem talking about it obviously but it's like everybody's sort of it feels like the there's a large segment of panthers fans who and I'd be really curious to see how this plays out but like would be like you say kind of fine like let's just roll Steve Wilks and Sam Darnold back out there next year even if they just miss the playoffs like just add some pieces and see if this is a potentially winning formula or a 500 formula or like maybe more given how Tom Brady could be gone from this division um the Falcons don't look like you know none of these teams would look like the panthers if Tom Brady leaves the panthers could just be the favorite doing this with Steve Wilks with a 7.5 uh over under wind projected wind total to be the favorites of the division but like but I think the problem is I would just be so surprised if David Tepper was willing to go that route himself because I think he is so driven by the idea of a superstar quarterback and so driven by the idea of a superstar coach now what may happen is the question becomes like you know with Steve Wilks as an interim and then Sam Darnold is a free agent like would he be he could easily go out and try to find you know interview Wilks try and find try and land some big fish in the coaching game and then when he realizes he can't and it's likely he will it's likely he will realize that uh come back and get you know get Wilks and then you go and sign Darnold who may be comfortable playing in Carolina now that he he if he knows the coach and he knows the system and he knows and he believes that it's a good fit for him so I think it's still on the table I would just be just given how David Tepper has played his cards so far as an owner I would just be surprised if he was willing to accept the status quo coming out of this year uh it's crazy I will say on on principle I can say there's nothing to do with Steve Wilks I am an anti-promote the interim guy in general so like that one is a is a is a little bit easier and like yeah you got to maybe you got to go to Steve Wilks and ask him what he does want where he does want to be a part of the team moving forward but I'm on team don't promote the interim that's right the interim is usually a bad idea because the interim is usually given the benefit of the doubt by the players to to to they're more motivated and they play harder and it sort of feels like a flash of the pen now having said that Wilks has been with this team a long time he's been a head coach before this is not like some random guy with no experience whatsoever who um you know got a got a shot at being the the interim head and he's been an interim head coach for like longer than Matt Rule's been the head coach this year too right yeah yeah um it feels like a little more than interim all right final question for you Will Brinson what's your guess for the number one most purchased alcohol at north carolina abc stores in the year 2022 oh that's a great question uh like like as in like vodka or bourbon or no no no we're talking brand we're going brand brand okay um you could get this you could get this it's like I feel like you see it around a lot and it's it's it's one of those like it's it's good enough that everybody would get it even if you had is it is it is it is it darker or clear I'll give you that it's clear tito's I'll say tito's you are correct sir oh man this he does not necessarily have to know alcohol he just knows other people's alcohol um just seems it does seem like standard right you're like I don't know what they're gonna do I didn't know if this was a um because you know you got to factor in the summer months you you're not gonna have you know you gotta be pounding bourbon in the summer months that's true smart um now I thought it might be a trick question like related to tequila I was gonna go espa long blanco but I think tito's is so just if you bring tito if you have tito's at your party no one is going to give you crap about the quality of your alcohol without you having to spend up at like you know go get some gray goose or something like that you are correct um will brenton he knows nfl and he knows north carolina abc stores we will give you more from that list later in the show brenton enjoy the rest of your holiday week uh and enjoy uh I guess jj watt retirement news or whatever retiring uh first ballot hall of famer no doubt about it and of course friday amtrak mayonnaise you'll be there at the mayo bowl uh have fun have fun my man good to see you start a journey not a fad 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