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CL Brown weighs in on Carolina Basketball; Why are people mad at the Mets?

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December 22, 2022 4:09 pm

CL Brown weighs in on Carolina Basketball; Why are people mad at the Mets?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 22, 2022 4:09 pm

CL Brown of the News & Observer breaks down the win by UNC Basketball over Michigan basketball in the Jumpman Classic, and how he has concerns over the lack of use by Hubert Davis with his bench.

Also, former MLB player Elliot Johnson weighs in on why so many MLB owners & executives are upset at New York Mets owner Steve Cohen for spending so much money in free agency.


This is The Adam Gold Show. from Caddyshack? Yeah.

Right? I don't even have to have a reason. Is that one of your go-to, like, do you love Caddyshack?

I'm just trying to get there. Yeah, but it's not a movie I watch over and over and over again. Okay. Okay. He doesn't need to. Guess he can quote the whole thing.

Pretty much. Stripes might be a better movie than Caddyshack. Stripes is a better movie than Caddyshack. Stripes is amazing. That's good.

Razzle dazzle. If it were Germany, you'd have to make my bet. So, yeah, Oceans. All the Oceans movies. Oh, yeah. They're undefeated. So, you became a soccer fan during the World Cup.

I did. Well, I had started watching Arsenal a little bit, EPL stuff. It's a good way to wake up Saturday morning, get my sports fix in.

I'm just addicted to sports. You like Arsenal? Are you a Gunners guy? Yeah. This is my first full year of watching EPL and I'm like, yo, this is really fun. And all my friends, we've all picked teams now, which makes it even better because now I can just yell at them.

Yeah, absolutely. For no reason at all. Now that you're an Arsenal fan, do you hate Tottenham already? See, I haven't gotten the rivalries yet. My rivalries are whomever my friends are rooting for. I hate them and despise them and wish bad things for them and only them.

Alright, it's fine. Like, I'm a Liverpool guy. But I like Arsenal a lot.

It's a lot. I hate Gabriel, who's got injured. I don't know how long he's supposed to be out.

Depending on who you read, could be three months. He had surgery. Yeah, he was huge for us.

Tremendous. And having the World Cup danced mac dab in the middle of this particular joint. And he wasn't even playing. That's the thing that got me is that he wasn't even really featured for Brazil. Then he played in their last group stage match because it didn't matter. They ended up losing that match. And that was, was that Morocco?

I think that, well, I don't remember it was. But they lost the match regardless of who it was they played. They lost the match. And now he's out, which is a bummer for Arsenal because they don't have as much depth up front. They've got, I mean, soccer's great and Martinelli is also great.

He also didn't play until that match as well. Yeah, but I'm a Liverpool. My son is mad that I have become a soccer fan because he was a soccer fan before me. And now I watch way more soccer than he does.

So, yeah. That's a nice little reversal stuff. I'm sure you were the one watching stuff before him. And so now he watches stuff.

And so that's a nice little, that's a fun reversal. And he doesn't even want to talk to me about it now. He's legitimately mad at me that I care.

I 100% care. And I will say this, and I don't think the people are wrong who criticized me on Twitter for pretending that I know what I'm talking about, right? It's what we usually do when we get in front of these matches. That's exactly right.

You have to sell it. Don't tell the people, but I kind of feel like I know what I'm talking about a little bit. I mean, honestly, I see the combination, the connection between that and hockey. I think that's what probably what makes it because in terms of just like the balance of the like, you know, how things are start forming up and you can see stuff happening before it does.

And that being like a connection point for you to be like, oh, okay. I think soccer is way more random than hockey. And hockey is random. Hockey seems pretty random. So I'm interested to figure out why you think soccer is more random. I just think that it's way harder to score. The goal is gigantic.

And we still can't score. Yeah. And I mean, it's way harder. This is the first World Cup, first Men's World Cup that I watched like this. And like seeing the difference.

I didn't understand the differences, which is why I appreciate the EPL times I watched because we are really not on that level. Like when people were like, oh, yeah, you know, like, we're just like a little bit behind. Like, we still got people can kick.

We got cleats. No, no, no. My bad, guys. Total different level.

It is a completely different level. All right. Let's let's let's play. Let's play some bets.

I forgot the format of the show. It's Friday. Exactly.

It's Friday. All right. I lost I lost my soccer wager yesterday at Blackburn beating Nottingham Forest in an EFL Cup match. But now you're just saying Robin Hood stuff now. Right.

Exactly. So anyway, I will have a soccer wager today. I will definitely have a soccer wager today. All right, Brendan. Yeah, you're a guest. Yeah, you go first. Sounds fantastic. All right.

What do you got? Oh, you go first because I forgot to pull this up while we were talking. All right. No, Dennis goes first. I go last.

All right. Wake Forest, Missouri bowl game. Oh, today. Six thirty tonight.

Man, which which bowl is it? Great. Oh, Gasparilla. Yeah, Gasparilla. I don't even know what Gasparilla is. It sounds like a beverage, but sure. We'll go with that.

Sam Hartman over two and a half touchdown passes plus 130. Really? Yeah. Over to he's trying to impress people. He might go pro. He might just slide into the portal and leave. Yeah, one of the two is going to happen. I don't think he's going back to to Wake Forest. Are you ready with your no, I can't. I put it in the wrong folder.

So it's quite all right. I will start with a soccer wager. EFL round of 16. This is the last match of the round of 16. We have Liverpool playing at Man City.

Liverpool dearly did get the short end of the round of 16 in the Champions League. They're playing Real Madrid in the round of 16. Look, I think city is going to win this match, but we're just going to go this way. Each team to score in the first half. That match starts in about 45 minutes.

Each team to score in the first half and plus 235. City hosting Liverpool. There.

City's way better than Liverpool, even though Liverpool did win the earlier match this year. Are we still waiting on you? I got it. All right. All right. So I'm definitely taking it doesn't have to be today's stuff, right?

You can do whatever you want. I'm definitely taking that 17 and a half that was mentioned earlier. Over like Louisville plus 17. Yeah, that is not tell you is something weird is going to happen. Hundred percent.

All right. Oregon State. I saw them play earlier this year. I like them.

They're getting 10 versus Florida. Oh, yes. Yeah, I'm going to do that. That's that's the thing that I'm going to do. And then, ooh, yep, Boise State.

Boise State's getting 10 and a half versus North Texas. All right. I'm just I'm like, I just threw it all out there.

Give all the machine gun machine gun style. Yeah. All right, Dennis, you're up. Marty Neches scores tonight, plus 210. Anytime goal for Martin. Anytime goal. All right. I like it.

All right. We are we are going to also do the NC State basketball game tonight. We are taking Louisville plus the 17 and a half of parlaying that with over 144 and a half. So we can Jack the value up to plus 265.

There you go. I don't like doing even money bets. I don't like taking favorites to at minus money.

The whole point is to grow the coffer the whole point and I am at plus 92 75 for the year. So I have a bet on that game as well. Sure. Louisville leads at halftime plus 530. Oh, and no finger of over under fingernails left for NC State fans. Zero. Take the under. Yeah. All right. My final wager for the evening. And this will close the segment and we'll we'll say goodbye to Brendan Whitted. We had a football NFL football game tonight.

Oh, yeah. Not completely forgot Jaguars at the Jets. Yes Jaguars plus two and a half and over 37. How is it possible that the over under is 37 Jacksonville's been scored? I know the Jets have a good defense, but I think it's going to take a bunch of points to win this game. Is that Zach Wilson will start a quarterback Jets are going to have to I don't think the Jets are going to roll over. I think this will be a good football game. We'll take the Jaguars plus the two and a half and over 37 at plus 265. I think Jaguars are going to win the game.

Yeah, I think that over is I mean 37. I mean, but the Jets have been really bad. Even that last week. They scored what 17 points or something like true. So I think Jack the Jaguars are going to score some points. They've been they've been scoring this. I mean, I said Jay, I'm in Jets. Yeah, the Jets aren't. Yeah, they're like their offense is terrible, but they've been scoring points to okay. They've been scoring some points with Mike White though. I thought Mike White was there.

Yeah, he doesn't win either. He's got a bus of ribs. Zach Wilson goes again. We thank Brendan Whitted for hanging out. We covered a lot of ground. We covered a lot of topics. That was fun. We'll do that again.

You know, it's what the it's what the holidays are all about. Just kind of reconnecting and going through some of the stuff we talked about earlier in the program. C.L. Brown will join us in just a moment. Big win, obviously, for the Tar Heels last night. We do start week 16 of the NFL tonight.

It is a it is a game in which both teams and this comes out of nowhere. Nobody would have expected Jacksonville at the Jets in week 16 to matter. There isn't anybody that would have thought that. A week ago, who would have thought that Detroit at the New York Jets would matter? Zero people.

But it did. This one matters tonight as well. If you are an Eagles fan, Jalen Hurts has been ruled out of their game against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. So no Jalen Hurts. That means Gardner Minshew will start. And that's cool if you are a Gardner Minshew fan. And I would say that's cool if you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan, because the only thing that matters. First of all, you can beat Dallas with Gardner Minshew. The only thing that matters to the Philadelphia Eagles is that Jalen Hurts is healthy. Probably by the last game of the regular season.

That's it. You know, get one get one game in, play a half in that game and then sit around for a week because you're going to get the bye and then be ready to go the second week of the playoffs. You wanted to play once because the their first playoff game wouldn't be till January 21st. That's a long way out. That's what we get. We have 18 week seasons.

All right. We also have 20 game conference schedules, which my gosh, that's too many. North Carolina didn't play a conference game last night. They played at in Charlotte against the University of Michigan. And that is C.L.

Brown. He is a finalist for the North Carolina Sports Writer of the Year. I am proud to have him on the program. You are. Don't laugh. That is a fact. It's a facts only program, C.L. It is a facts only program.

All right. Just, you know, blank slate. Your thoughts on what we saw out of the Tar Heels last night. Well, I mean, I think they they're beginning to form an identity here. And I think that identity starts with Armando Baycott and he's he's playing up to, you know, the preseason player of the year kind of expectations that that we had of him from last season. I don't think he started off the season for whatever reason.

I don't think he was really locked in to start the season. And these last four games that they've played in and he's scored 20 plus in three of those four games. He's been dominant.

He's been he's been worthy of, you know, that preseason praise. And so it just makes everything flow better when they go through Armando. And if they can continue that, then, you know, I think they'll continue to be to be winning games. Yeah, I think Hubert Davis talked about it after the game is that we we we have to run our offense through Armando Baker. The way it jumps out to me is that this team's identity really needs to be the same identity as they had a year ago. Is that it's about Baycott and the switch that they made, you know, later in the season to let RJ Davis basically be the point guard and Caleb love to be off the ball more. I mean, that's for everything else has to work through those three guys.

No. Oh, for sure. For sure. And I think part of the problem, you know, during the games that they lost was that none of the big three, if you will, was really living up to, you know, their potential. And Caleb and RJ still aren't necessarily shooting the ball at the at the best clip right now. But I mean, we saw RJ make four threes and I think the stat was he had had four threes combined in the previous three games. So if he can, you know, if both him and Caleb can kind of get back on track, you know, they're in the mid 30 percent from three point range last year.

And, you know, they're they're barely like sniffing around 30 percent this year. So, you know, but I think that will kind of take care of itself if they're beginning to play through Armando. You know, I think they'll get more open shots because a lot of teams will still try and double Armando. And probably the biggest number from last night is zero turnovers from Armando. And something that has been plaguing him this season is, you know, passing out of double teams or or when he's trying to dribble through and figure out what he's going to do when he sees a double team coming. He hasn't really handled it very well, but he did last night, although I didn't feel like Michigan probably doubled as much as some other teams have.

But, you know, he's if he can keep that turnover count low, then, you know, then and as a team, I feel like their turnovers probably this season. They're probably turning it over at a higher clip than they should be because, well, because of whatever reason, because I feel like it's a lot of silliness sometimes. I mean, we even saw last night, I think it was Pete Nance throwing an R.J. on the wing or vice versa.

And, you know, somebody zigged when they should have zagged and the ball just sails out of bounds. You know, like it's kind of miscommunication still. But I think they'll still get that worked out as as we head into January and ACC play kicks up. C.L. Brown from the News & Observer is joining us. He covers the Tar Heels.

You can follow him on Twitter at C.L. Brown Hoops. I wonder what kind of an impact, you know, maybe future NBA thoughts had in Baycott or or Caleb Love at the beginning of the season. And the reason I bring that up more so for Baycott than Love is that I was listening to the Draymond Green podcast.

I don't even know how long ago it was. And he said that everybody, every big man in the in the NBA, everyone can hit a three. And I wonder how much Baycott, you know, wanted to show that he can have more of a game from, say, 18 feet and beyond, as opposed to where he generally does operate, which is near the basket. Well, I mean, I didn't really feel like that's been a problem for him this year because we haven't really seen him take a lot of out of character shots.

And I don't know what to say. I don't have the stats in front of me right now, but I would gather he hasn't attempted, you know, more than three three pointers all season, but not even three. Right. Maybe just some some longer to me. Okay, I don't even think he's really taking a lot of those. My, my, my feeling with Armando was that he just wasn't aggressive, it was almost like he just didn't have the hunger, like I felt like more like I was starting to question was the NIL opportunities he had and everything that kind of took him away from basketball. Did that hurt him when he came into the season because it just didn't seem like it just didn't seem like he had that same want to, like, I am going to assert myself and be dominant it seemed more like more like this is, you know, I did what I did last year and I'm going to continue to do that just by showing up that's that's more kind of the field that I had for him than him necessarily trying to show off NBA skills or whatever because to me in the NBA they want to see you do something and do it at a better level than everybody else. So, if he if rebounding is his thing if that's what he just homes in on and makes rebounding his thing. There's a market for that, you know, I mean, yes, it's definitely going to be smaller than if he could shoot three right you know, but, but there would be an opportunity, but I mean I still feel like, you know, it's probably still going to be a long shot for him and guys like our Oscar to see boy from Kentucky and Timmy Gonzaga just because they, you know, they have a game that's better suited for 20 years ago, and 30 years ago in the NBA then what the, what the league is now, I think we found that out really with Jaleel Okafor remember that remember that guy I mean look, he, they don't there's kind of.

They don't have that guy anymore, that guy that guy doesn't play in the league as good a college player, as he was. What are your thoughts on North Carolina's bench. Um, I mean I still feel like Hubert has to find a way to utilize it, because I think the help is there.

And you know we see puff and and Seth tremble. Now, I think they are solidified in the rotation in every game they're going to get, you know, pretty good minutes. And I think the Marco done when he comes back from his injury I felt like he was just starting to really get in a groove when he got hurt so it was, it was unfortunate timing for him, but I think he will be that third guy for sure, off the bench that that you know Hubert Davis trust and will always use. But after that is where it comes into question like, you know, I mean I think the interest styles is somebody who could really, really help and with Hubert Davis talking about wanting to extend pressure, and you know play that trapping full court press a little bit more, because we've seen it work we saw work against Virginia Tech, when they came back from down 18. We saw it work against Ohio State when they came back to tie that game and send it into overtime, I mean without the, without the press they don't win that game, period.

And so, but he needs the bodies to keep everybody you know make sure everybody stays fresh and so I feel like the bodies are there. You know, Tyler nickel has played well in spots he's gonna have to make some shots because you know he's supposed to be a score and a shooter, and he's he's shown that and flashes but you know against what the Citadel is when he had his, his big game but, you know, again so I'll say he comes out and he misses two three pointers that were pretty good looks, so he's going to have to, you know, he's going to have to do what he's supposed to do, obviously, but I think he's got had opportunity to do it, so he was gonna have to figure that out because this team can't be another iron five kind of team, I mean I think he's, I think Hubert's tendency is to lean towards these five, maybe a sixth, and maybe not so much, I think that's his tendency. Hopefully it'll be, I mean, whatever helps them win. That's the only thing that matters.

If the only way they're going to win is to trust six guys, then I think Hubert will do that. And I liked I liked fiery Hubert Davis, by the way, I'm a fan. I'm a fan he's never going to be pretty animated last good for him.

Good for him. I like the passion. I like you see L brown. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year if I don't speak to you before then we'll talk to you very soon. All right, thanks for having me.

You got it. Steve Cohen has $17.5 billion. And figuratively, although close to literally. He has given most of it to baseball players to play for his baseball team, he happens to own the New York Mets they absolutely broke the internet. The other day when they signed in the middle of the night. Carlos Correa former Houston shortstop played last year for the Minnesota Twins 11 years 312 years $315 million. And Elliot Johnson joins us, who I think was the second choice behind Carlos Correa for that contract.

I'm sorry you lost out. Well, I think it's clear that, you know, anytime we go into the CBA negotiations, it's the, you know, small market teams against the large market teams out. And I think this is what they're trying to discourage. Because a lot of the owners don't necessarily have the piggy bank that Steve has, and they don't like that he is running this in a way that money is no object for him, and he's going to go out there. I wouldn't say that he's being reckless because if he was being reckless what he would be doing is simultaneously trading away his young talent while at Major League talent he's not doing that.

He's going to not to the bargain rack he's going to the top of the luxury items and paying top dollar and outbidding everybody else. I mean, that's why they got Verlander. That's why they have Scherzer. And that's why they now have Correa. You could even make an argument that he overpaid for Francisco Lindor because if he had waited and let him go to free agency, I don't think that his, his contract demands would have been as robust because he didn't have a great platform year leading into that potential free agency.

So I think that it's great for baseball. I think it's ripping a kind of veil back from the small market organizations that claim they can't spend money. They can. They choose not to. And I think there's more behind it than that, Adam. I think like in Oakland's case, I think they're either trying to move out or trying to get a new stadium or both.

And I think the race case, you're probably seeing the same thing. They're trying to get a new stadium or move out or both. And I think that by not spending money, they're trying to show that, you know, you're going to have to get taxpayers to fund their stadiums if you want them, if you want baseball to stay in those markets.

Elliot Johnson is joining us here on the Adam goats. We have a lot of issues there wrapped up in, or, uh, you know, kind of brought to the surface because Steve Cohen just wants to win baseball games. And he is clearly not interested in the Mets turning a profit for him at the turnstile.

He wants to win because if you play the long game here, winning is the most important thing. Winning gets you fans, gets you more attention, makes you more money, should pay for itself, but it also raises your franchise value. We just saw the Phoenix suns sold for $4 billion. You know, I mean, the Mets or the Yankees or a major league baseball franchise is the values.

They automatically rise when the Phoenix suns go for 4 billion. What's that from fans of other teams? Well, it's unfair.

Well, here's what's unfair from my perspective. It's, there are, there are now 12 franchises in major league baseball that will have salaries, payrolls that are less than the Mets luxury tax bill. That's not a, it's unfair that those teams choose to spend no money with major league baseball generating all the revenue that it does and distributing revenue to each team.

Shouldn't everybody's payroll be about 150 million at least. So this was something that came up, Adam was having a minimum or a floor on how much you had to spend. Right. The problem with that is what the players didn't want was the ceiling. Right. You can't have one without the other. You can't have a floor without a ceiling.

You can't get it. But so if we had had that, we wouldn't have this exciting, you know, think about it, we're talking about it right now. It's an exciting time to be a Mets fan. It's exciting time to be a baseball fan because, you know, he's, he's not going out there and just trying to, you know, take his time and build it. He's talking about a multi billionaire who gets what he wants when he wants and he wants it. You know, I mean, this guy literally you know one of the few things you know that you, you can have there's very few things that you that money can't buy in this world, and getting a championship is something that he cares about.

I think you could probably argue that trying to pay for one. You could never get one as a player, of course, but he's going out there and doing what you know what we used to complain about George Steinbrenner doing back in the day. Now that the boss is gone, Steve Cohen's kind of taking that void, and he's looks like he's going to satisfy that villain role in Major League Baseball. Yeah, look, I'm okay with it and I was okay with George Steinbrenner doing it because I know this is going to surprise people.

It doesn't guarantee you anything. It just doesn't because when the Yankees were winning their four out of five for championships in five years. It wasn't that they bought it, and they built it. They built it through their system they they augmented through free agency but they didn't even go big splash until the very end of it. I mean the truth of the matter is that the Yankees were built, not bought that that Yankee team. And buying it doesn't always win Boston's tried it, and they have done better when they have done, sort of the the journeyman type players.

It hasn't always gone well it doesn't guarantee anything. I'm looking at the last year's top payrolls in baseball. I mean the Dodgers had a great season, but they didn't win it. I don't think anybody remembers that Mets had a great season until the end didn't win it they were second in payroll. The Yankees were third Philly. For most of the year they didn't look like they were going to win then all of a sudden they did Padres got in beat the Mets but ultimately it died.

Red Sox were awful. It doesn't guarantee anything. You still have to go out and play the game and there's 162 games in everybody's schedule and it's just, it's not the it's not the not not just not the only way to win.

It might not be the best way to win. And you remember so those Yankees teams remember it was Jeter was coming up and young and inexpensive Posada was young and inexpensive on that team Mariano was just breaking it and was unhittable so you've got three really really good ball players and then they supplemented in with the Gary Sheffield's in the wrong mondesies from time to time. You know but by and large you can't just buy the team it's not going to work. He's doing everything he can to make them good right now but he's not sacrificing the future while doing that.

So that's one of the things for people to understand what they're trying to do. You could argue that trading off Pete Crow Armstrong for high hobby bias was a was a terrible move because that sacrifice future right. So, I mean, you know there's there's other things that have been done that aren't great but I think that by and large this is good for baseball it's good for him to come in and show what it's like to, and what an owner's presence can do, because, I mean, I know you live through it the willpower and family versus the family owner in an organization. I mean it tells you everything about how the organization is going to be run what they're going to do and the culture that they're going to establish in terms of what they expect My problem with the Wilpons was that he took a personal financial loss and used the team and not just the sale of the team, he used the team while he owned it to rebuild his own personal wealth.

And that shouldn't be the case. I mean, I have no problem with Steve Cohen if he wants to supplement the team. Like, I know Tom Dundon, I'll use this example, Tom Dundon, the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, you know, the team has lost money each year he's owned them. They lose less money now than they did before. And he personally supplements the team for the losses.

Yeah, he covers that personally it's not an enormous number. And I don't know what the Mets operating revenue is going to be, but I'll bet they can cover the payroll. I'll bet they can cover $500 million in because that's also going to be the luxury tax penalty. What are teams doing with that? Do you think Elliot, what are they doing with the, you know, the Mets are going to contribute about $15 million to all the revenue sharing, you know, the revenue gaining teams through this policy. What do you think those teams are doing with it?

So you bring up a great point. I mean, the goal of it was supposedly to allow them to make it more competitive because if you think about it, if it is the competitive tax, you're supposed to reinvest that into your team because they want the games to be more competitive. They want them to be closer.

They, you know, because, you know, I don't know if like you, Adam, this is what I do. If the game's close, you know, it's hard for me to go anywhere. But if it's already a blowout, I mean, I mean, I'll come back.

Maybe I'll go to the concession stand, whatever the case may be. If I'm watching on TV, I don't even really want to watch it if it's a blowout. But if it's close, I mean, there's nothing more exciting than a game being a walk off or the last play dictating it, whatever it may be. I mean, those are the best games of all time. I mean, if I'm watching college football on Saturday, I don't care what the rankings are.

If it's close down to the end, I'm watching that game. So if you want more involvement, more fan involvement, it makes more sense to distribute that money and reinvest it into the team. But teams like the Pirates, teams like the Marlins historically, they just take that money and pocket it and then never seen again. I mean, the Major League Baseball just spun off a company from their social media that they've been generating. And every team owner got about 30 million dollars. There's no nobody's talking about that. And that's before we started the season. And we're already there. You know, all the whispers are already talking about how unfair it is and complaining and whining and crying. You know, I mean, we're literally taught in as you're coming up, if you don't like it, play better. Well, that motto can extend to the owners, too, Adam.

It's funny how many comments I get from people. This is why baseball needs a salary cap. I just went, why would they need a salary cap? Because if you think a salary cap leads to competitive balance, then you don't know what the salary cap is for. The salary cap just artificially tamps down salaries. It keeps more money in the pockets of the owners.

Now, you may be, people may be in favor of that. But let's just say it, that the owners need to keep more of the money. But nobody goes to watch Steve Cohen own.

And forget about being a Mets fan. The players deserve the money. I'm against salary caps in every sport. I think the Major League Baseball with the luxury tax the way it is, I mean, for a lot of teams does act like a salary cap. Clearly it doesn't for Steve Cohen. But hey, he knew that going in. He embraces the Steve Cohen tax, the fourth threshold of the luxury tax, doesn't he?

Clearly. I don't think he cares. It doesn't bother him.

If there's something shiny enough and he knows it's going to help his team. I mean, and he's not making these decisions lightly, Adam. I mean, he's making sure that he pays attention to whether or not there's value for what he's talking about. Even like his comments about the draft, where he knows that he can get a luxury item and make five times that investment right away because it's so inexpensive. Even the first pick in the draft is still really, really inexpensive relative to the amount of production that you could get from them.

Now there's risk associated, of course. But Carlos Correa has been a great player for a really long time. He's going to fit in really, really well culturally. I think the thing that we haven't talked about is the black eye that this has created for the San Francisco Giants organization that they were about ready to announce this signing and what he was going to do for that team, that organization. And within the span of a very short amount of time, he's now a New York Met and everybody's complaining that he had somewhere else to go. I don't think that that's a bad thing. I think it talks about the dysfunction that's going on with the Giants right now. Really unfortunate.

We'll close on that, but I want you to just expand on it a little bit. What did the Giants do wrong or what could they have done better that would have gotten them out of this situation with Carlos Correa? Because my understanding was it was flagged medically and then they probably went back and tried to rework the deal.

Hiding behind medicals is one of the dumbest things in the world. I can't stand it. I think they really got buyer's remorse out of them. They didn't want to extend the money to them. His bat doesn't play as well in San Francisco as it does in Houston, that's for sure.

It doesn't play as well as it does in Minnesota, that is for sure. So I think they realized that what they were paying for wasn't going to be what they were going to get. But really the embarrassing thing is Crawford, what a professional, just went ahead and let everybody know that he was okay with moving over. So the culture hit that they're going to have to take now in that clubhouse after doing that because he's such a beloved member of that team and he's earned it. And it's not like he's not good.

He's a freaking really good baseball player. So they've got a lot of things going on. They're going to have to deal with that.

But it's an embarrassment for them that they're going to have to come back with their tail between the legs and admit to their fan base that they messed up. Elliot Johnson, you are the best. I appreciate your time, man. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And I will talk to you very soon after the first of the year. Happy holidays, Adam. Thanks, man. You got it. Elliot Johnson, he is outstanding. This is The Adam Gold Show.
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