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ACC QBs flood the transfer portal

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 6, 2022 2:46 pm

ACC QBs flood the transfer portal

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 6, 2022 2:46 pm

The NCAA transfer portal is wide open now with thousands of football players having entered, including NC State QB Devin Leary. Adam Gold speaks on the athletes looking to cash in while they can.

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This is the Adam Gold Show. I want you to use mayonnaise. They said now they are selling a blended version called Frozen Mayo Nog. Not surprisingly, that sounds even more gross today than it did yesterday.

That sounds awful. It's the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. Dennis Cox is here today.

You know, here's what's funny. You and I worked every day together for however many months it was. It was a few.

It was several. And I mean, I don't have a dislike for, like a vehement dislike for any condiment, but I know that you do for mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise.

And I actually thought of you as Victoria was telling, using that story yesterday at halftime entertainment. I'm like, oh, Dennis would hate this. I hate it. I hate it for a lot of reasons. I actually have nothing against mayonnaise. I think it has a role and a place as a viable condiment. Not on my table. No, I understand that.

It's a little irrational, but I get it. Everybody has this taste for something. I actually have that for eggnog. I don't like eggnog either.

I mean, I can't think of anything I would want less than eggnog. But that made me gross. That grossed me out. That legitimately made me queasy. I thought, well, you know what?

I could go right here. You know, I had my lunch sitting next to me. Now I don't want to eat. Yeah, certainly not if it's creamy.

I don't want anything creamy. All right. Anyway, thanks for hanging out. It's the Adam Gold show. Dennis Cox sitting in for Victoria. Holy cow.

We've got a lot of things to do. You can watch us on TV. WRAL Sports Plus. You can get that online, right? Just go to right there.

Click on them. Look at that. I can watch those idiots. I'm sorry, that idiot. I don't mean to lump you in that. And Adam.

Sagging is self-deprecating. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So anyway, we've got a lot of things that we're going to do. Trey Wingo is going to join us a little bit later on. Adam Smith from Inside Carolina is going to join us. We got some things to do.

And there's a lot of interesting, at times, maybe thought-provoking, oh, I hate to do that on a Tuesday, make you think. So let's see how much we can cover before Adam Smith joins us at the bottom of the hour. Before we start, serious concern for the people in Moore County.

Okay. Like, no joking around. Deliberate attack on their power plant. It's taken power out. I don't know if it's the entire county, but it's tons of people in Moore County. That's where Pinehurst is.

The Sun, you know, the Sandhills, all the golf resorts that are down there. There's a lot of people that are losing a lot of money because of this. Do you think about the people who, and I don't know if the Pinehurst resort itself was affected, but if you, there's a lot of people who are losing a lot of money. Yeah, because of this. It's an unquestioned act of terrorism. Unquestioned.

Just based on the designation that it was a targeted intentional act. So thoughts with the people who are really impacted, the medical, the people who need medical attention that is getting more difficult to provide because of the lack of power down there. They say they should be getting it back by Thursday. Outstanding. Anyway, so thoughts thoughts with them. Now to sports, the rough stretch continues for North Carolina. We talked about it briefly yesterday. We discussed the fact that the women's college national championship match was last night at Wake Med Soccer Park in Cary and it was an opportunity among other things for UNC to feel good about themselves based on the football team closing on a three-game losing streak with all three losses coming to non first-string quarterbacks.

I don't know, maybe you should be prepared for the backup. Just floating that out there. Basketball team has now lost four in a row and they haven't really played well in any of their nine games so far this year. They just haven't.

I mean they won the first five against lesser competition and then well they this is what they are apparently right now. Now I hope that it gets better and we're going to talk about this with Adam Smith later but just as a quick aside they've got two games against Big Ten schools left on their non-conference schedule. They have a game against Ohio State.

I think it's at Madison Square Garden. It's a neutral site game. It's that CBS Sports classic with Ohio State. They're playing Ohio State and the other two teams I think are UCLA and Kentucky but their matchup is against Ohio State. Duke just beat Ohio State so and then they have Michigan.

I believe Michigan is a home game. If Carolina doesn't win one of those they're in a position where they probably need oh I'll just say a top four finish in the ACC with the correct number correct type of wins not number the correct type of wins just to get in the field because what they have so far proven is that they cannot beat good teams. They're going to have to play well in league play really well and beat some of the good teams in league play. They already played one Virginia Tech and they lost that game.

Anyway we'll get back to that with Adam Smith a little bit later on. So we got the football team. We got the football team on a three-game losing streak. The basketball team has lost four in a row. Last night Tar Heels had a 2-0 lead over UCLA with 10 minutes to play in the national championship game but the Bruins scored twice including this header off a corner kick with 16 seconds left.

Friskies up to the goalkeeper in the box to help. It is in! UCLA finds the equalizer with 16 seconds left at the death.

The Bruins say not over yet. All right um I believe was that Kate Markgraf from uh ESPN? I'm not sure it was I know Julie Foudy was on color last night. I don't remember who was the play-by-play announcer but there was some controversy for people who saw it the whether you saw it live or watch the video on Twitter or online. You could absolutely make the argument that that tying goal was caused by a foul of the keeper in the box in the box in the goal. Yeah right you can absolutely make that argument.

I have viewed that video I don't know how many times. I don't see a clear foul on the video that we have seen. Okay I was assured by people that they saw another angle that clearly showed a foul.

Oh I'm not even going to argue. I'm just saying the video I have seen does not show a clear foul. There's no extending of the arm by the player the UCLA player in question. Could they have called it? Absolutely and I think you could probably argue yeah that could have been a foul and if it was called you probably if you were UCLA you would argue hey that's not a foul because just like Carolina is arguing that's a clear foul. I think it was one of those things that could have gone either way. There was a lot of players in the box but it was played poorly either way and if it's not headed in it's going in the far side netting anyway and it would have been a goal.

It's a phenomenal corner to the back basically to the back post. Yeah a phenomenal corner and then UCLA won it in the late in the second half of overtime. So congratulations to UCLA Anson Dorrance denied his 22nd national championship. All right now to quarterbacks. Let's start with UNC quarterback Drake May. Not a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

Four players are going to New York City none of them are named Drake May. Caleb Williams who I believe will be your winner Southern Cows quarterback. I'm not allowed to tell you that that was my first place vote. CJ Stroud Ohio State quarterback didn't vote for him. I'm not allowed to tell you I didn't vote for him.

That's fair. Stetson Bennett quarterback of Georgia. Excuse you like he's Georgia's what eighth best player. Sorry. Max Duggan quarterback TCU didn't vote for him but considered.

I can't tell you that I considered voting him voting for him but I didn't. I thought this was just a quarterback award though right? It is just a quarterback award.

Unfortunately that's what what it's become and that's why Stetson Bennett is in New York. Hey Georgia's best team in the country. He's the quarterback. He must be their best player.

No no but whatever. Best other players Blake Corum running back of Michigan missed the last two and a half games hurt. Hendon Hooker quarterback Tennessee.

Yeah. Also missed the last few games injured. And Bryce Young Alabama who is probably the best quarterback in the country but that's fine neither here nor there. Anyway he missed some time this season too.

He did. If you are Drake May don't it's not your it's not your fault. I mean coaching staff all that defense. Don't lose your last three games. If you play at North Carolina don't lose your last three games.

End of discussion. All right let's just continuing with Drake May here for a second. In the transfer portal era knowing what we know now and by the way there's a database of all the players in the transfer portal and their value in NIL would may consider following his backup to Colby Criswell who entered the transfer portal would may consider leaving UNC.

Well that's my that's my that's my attention you know I'm a Carolina kid you know it means something wearing that Carolina blue so that's my intentions and I love this place and you know these fans have been great you know it's been a heck of a season you know first year for me you know I couldn't ask for more I probably wish games we got a little different at the end here but you know just thanks to getting all the fans and players. How do you handle it if other schools do reach out to you or your fans or whoever? Well yeah I mean I haven't had anybody reach out I don't know if I will probably I won't really accept the personal like between contact I just think that's bad you know but you know Carolina's treated me and you know how well it's put trust in me and I register trust with quarterback you know I'll stand on that one when that bridge comes. All right so basically May said he's not interested he doesn't want to say he won't accept the contact that doesn't mean that schools won't reach out I'm sure that schools will reach out to Drake May. If you are interested in maximizing your NIL value creating a bidding war then you are more than willing to put your name in the portal more than willing and actually you might not even have to put your name in the portal if because tampering happens all the time it ain't like tampering just started happening so somebody could reach out from you know state tech A&M you A&M you and say hey we got a million five for you if you come here we will guarantee you that and Drake May could bring that to North Carolina and say this is what state tech A&M you offered me a million five what would you what would you like to do and North Carolina would I would think have to come up with some sort of a NIL package for Drake May to make it financially worth his while to stay now this is just looking at the system as it is everybody's going to be different Drake May might have no interest in that and I'm sure that would please a lot of people okay okay I'm not I'm not saying it's good or bad I'm that's that that would be his op his decision I got a message yesterday from somebody who hates hates the portal era because you should stay no matter what what year is this almost 2023 right so we are applying ideals that were fine 20 30 years ago but now when conferences are signing media packages that are worth billions of dollars nobody is turning on Fox or ESPN to watch Bubba Cunningham Athletic Direct nobody's watching that I love Bubba Cunningham you know it's funny I was watching the Mac Brown press conference and I saw about the camera with uh would panda the person asking the question there's Bubba Cunningham like oh look there's Bubba Cunningham I found oh look handsome man Chris and I got to interview him on Saturday morning oh Bubba's I love Bubba he's great there we have we have great ADs here I'm we're very very lucky actually uh Boo Corrigan will be on with us later in the week so but nobody cares no offense to Bubba nobody cares about Bubba we don't want to watch Bubba we want to watch the team we want to watch the guys play or the women played regardless of the sport they should get something and they should get as much out of the system as they possibly can and the transfer portal provides that it provides value you know what your value is what somebody is willing to pay you that is your value think about this Devin it's going to be a great social experiment by the way okay how people deal with the as the portal becomes bigger and bigger and bigger because it's not getting smaller it is not getting smaller so on which is a new website that is devoted to college sports I think Ivan Maisel either writes for them or is involved in some way or shape or form they have a database in the transfer portal and they have all the quarters I don't know like 70 quarterbacks in the transfer portal like half of the 80s quarterbacks are the transfer portal uh for former now West Virginia quarterback JT Daniels is looking for his fourth school yeah southern Cal Georgia West Virginia I don't even know what order anyway so Devin Leary is in there and they have Devin Leary and his value in NIL you know what it is 500,000 no no no according to on three a hundred eighty nine thousand dollars okay in an NIL deal but that's before we see schools maybe jockeying for position Devin Leary is a really good quarterback with a good arm doesn't matter if he's a real pro prospect because he's only like six one six one and a half it doesn't matter if the NFL is in love notre dame doesn't need a quarterback that's going to play in the NFL they need a quarterback that's going to move their team and given the right set of circumstances Devin Leary can absolutely do that so and I don't know if he's going to go to notre dame but that's what they set his value at 189 what's drake mais 10 times that I don't know if it's 10 times that it's certainly more than that jacoby chriswell's value in the NIL marketplace is apparently 70,000 what because he was a four-star quarterback when they uh DJ Yui Yongle is in there what's his value in the marketplace I'll bet it's I don't know 150,000 as as average to mediocre as well average and mediocre the same uh as average as he was at clemson right it's still fairly high there I the social experiment for how people process the athletes acting as though this was a pro sport which it is I can't wait I am so here for the uncomfortable nature of college sports as fans process the players going to the highest bidder and you know what will change by the way in in college sports nothing the same schools will still get the best players yep they're just going to get paid and that is okay all right here's the other ACC quarterbacks in the portal DJ Yui Yongle, Brennan Armstrong from Virginia, Phil Jakovich from Boston College actually he's already landed at Pitt Keaton Slovis he's one school behind JT Daniels yeah he's looking for school number three what they both had USC together uh yes they were yeah well you know they might not have been uh Daniels might have already left to go to Georgia okay but either way they both yes yeah it's the it's the it's the legacy uh Criswell anyway what is Sam Hartman gonna do didn't you talk to Sam Hartman at ACC football I did and I asked him hey what are your plans for after this season and he and he directly told me this is it this is my final year he has another year of eligibility I don't know his mind could have changed which is totally fine but he told me this is my final year is Sam Hartman an NFL future NFL quarterback he might be John Wolford I think is a pretty good backup quarterback for the Rams right so I think I think Sam Hartman has a chance does he go that route or does he try to you know find a way to make 200 250 000 playing one more year of college and then go to the NFL all right to the NFL Baker Mayfield asked for and received his release from the Carolina Panthers very kind of the organization I think uh if he's claimed on waivers they would be relieved of the rest of his contract I'm only paying him like what five million right uh well they're only paying him five million uh the contract itself because you get the money from Cleveland I think also pays him five million so whatever there is left on the contract 400 000 maybe it's actually probably about a million dollars left in the contract but they they would be relieved of their portion of the obligation if he gets claimed the contract gets assumed by that next team if he doesn't get claimed then the panthers are still on the hook for their portion and Mayfield would sign an NFL minimum contract and here is Kyle Shanahan the 49ers head coach who was asked about the possibility of adding Baker Mayfield do you guys have any interest in pursuing Baker Mayfield on the way everywhere I mean we look into everything but that was I mean that surprised me right now and we got to discuss more this afternoon and stuff but you know I've always been a fan of his but feel real good about our players and we'll look into everything but I feel pretty good with where we're at right now it's very possible that Kyle Shanahan is playing a game there because they had they don't have an early waiver claim so they're they're in the back third of the NFL so somebody could block them by claiming Baker Mayfield so they couldn't get him and this happens in other sports too but it is also very possible that if Mayfield clears waivers that the 49ers would approach signing him because I don't not that Baker Mayfield is an upgrade over Brock Purdy but right now Brock Purdy is their quarterback again I'm not saying that Baker Mayfield's an upgrade over Brock Purdy we've seen Baker Mayfield now play enough this year to go I'm not sure he's an upgrade over anybody Steve Wilkes the head coach of the Carolina Panthers on the decision to let Baker find a new place Baker has been you know released you know we had a conversation today I talked to the guys about you know Sam will be the starter this week against Seattle and PJ will be the backup and Baker has been nothing but a professional since he's been here a complete pro tremendous respect for him as in I had a conversation I talked about you know my decision at the time to go to Cleveland was all based off him and the offense and having an opportunity to be you know with a productive team that I felt that could move the ball and you know this is a you know a tough business and sitting in this seat you know it's a tough decision on my part but it was something that I felt like was the best move for the team moving forward it's all it's the best move for Baker moving forward you know they're gonna they're gonna let Sam play and then when PJ comes back maybe they'll go let PJ play a couple of games I don't know I don't know if they were I don't think there was anything personality wise in the locker room I really don't but Baker wanted to play and they had decided that the other guys were gonna play yeah they did them a solid yeah so let's see if somebody else would like you to play for them this is the Adam Gold show this is Claudia's O'Reilly Auto Parts story I had just moved to a new city and barely even knew where the grocery store was yet when my car wouldn't start one morning I didn't know who to ask about local shops but I remembered a name from back home O'Reilly Auto Parts I called and they pointed me to a great mechanic just down the street now I feel a little more at home Auto Parts
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