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Will Brinson compares the NFL and the USMNT

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November 28, 2022 3:57 pm

Will Brinson compares the NFL and the USMNT

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 28, 2022 3:57 pm

Will Brinson starts our Monday off with a comparison question between the NFL and the USMNT. After a long Thanksgiving weekend to catch up on the VERY eventful sports weekend. Was the game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos more about the Broncos or the Panthers? What did he see Denver’s defensemen do to Russell Wilson that he thought spoke millions? The conversation turns to HOFers, whether Russell Wilson is even a potential candidate; and which is a tougher HOF, MLB or NFL? …Who could the potential head coach be, if the Carolina Panthers don’t stick with Steve Wilks?

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We're all ready for Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, pick six podcast moderator. What is the hat today, sir? Gaucha. Yeah. Oh, Steely Dan. Yeah. It's a Steely Dan hat.

Actually, I've got a Deacon blue. I'm all decked out in Steely Dan gear. What are you doing, Steely? Are you pandering to me? No, no. Well, no. I'll give you a heads up about it, too.

You don't have to get it on Instagram, but it's double wonderful. He makes he makes Steely Dan gear and does like really. Yeah. Oh, I need for Black Friday. Yes. Yeah. He did.

He did a huge drop on Black Friday. I got a my old school sweatshirt. So will you just send me the link and we'll talk about it later? Yeah.

Sounds good. What are your other draws? We got draw wise today. Well, in my Uruguay, who's Uruguay playing today? Portugal.

Yes. Draw Uruguay. Uruguay is a very difficult team to score against.

I think Portugal is a little overvalued as a right there. And I have one tomorrow that off the top of my head, I'll figure it out in a second. Off the top of my head. I can't remember. I got a question for you.

Sure. Better offense. U.S. men's national team or the Denver Broncos? That is tough.

I will say the U.S. men's national team, because they get closer to scoring than that. Actually, I'm not sure that's true either. It might be a push. It might be a push. I know the Panthers offense is definitely better than the men's national team.

Yeah. At least Sam Darnold knows how to finish near the goal line. Just grab the ball and roll across. Total credit for the creative play call by Darnold there. That's the actual stop, drop and roll. He got a play call because he got stopped. He dropped the football. He then dropped himself and then he rolled across the goal line. All right.

So I'll ask it this way, because I think it's. To me, when do I ever get an on track segue? And I did that with that Broncos. I mean, that's what I just never do. I'd like to have myself.

I know that was very good. So was that game more about the Panthers or more about the Broncos from your perspective? Probably more about the Broncos and just how low things have gotten for Russell. I mean, I don't know.

So like there's a I saw this like here's a Twitter account to write for Mile High Report. It was like he's like basically like trying to go through trade scenarios for Russell Wilson, which like they designated or like a post post June one trade. They can only have a thirty thirty million dollar cap hit next year, which ignores the fact they would have like a sixty six million dollar cap at the year after that. Right. It is. I mean, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, when they played for the Seahawks, would routinely come back east and always win these games against these, you know, lesser or inferior, you know, Eastern Time Zone teams.

The rules of travel didn't apply to them. And it's just kind of stunning to see Ross come back to North Carolina, a place where he's had great success. Yeah, it feels like. And, you know, Latavious Murray averages seven point one yards per carry. And the defense does a pretty good job of limiting Carolina.

You know, you have the you have the D.J. Moore touchdown pass on the first. That was a great throw by Dolan. Really good throws in this game. I have to say, like, I mean, eventually in the middle of this game, maybe late third quarter, early fourth quarter came out exactly when it was defensive players started yelling at Russell Wilson.

Yes. Like that is when things have reached a boiling point. And one of the things about this Broncos organization is that, you know, you had so much transition this offseason with Russell coming in via trade and then Nathaniel Hackett being hired. But then maybe most importantly, after all of that transpired, the team was sold, you know, and I think Russell was part of the selling point for the Walton family.

You know, not that they wouldn't have bought the team anyway, because, you know, printing press for for money, no matter how bad you are, just look at Dan Snyder. And but but like having a franchise quarterback in place is definitely a, you know, we'll crank up the price, crank up the bidding, et cetera. Now, the problem is Russell Wilson is stuck there. They cannot move on from them.

They are married to him. And it's basically over the next few weeks, it is going to be Spinzone City as everyone tries to put all the blame on Nathaniel Hackett and to try and like, like we've seen this with Russ in Seattle, and I think we'll see it with Russ in Denver. And I would expect Nathaniel Hackett is fired.

Yeah. And then the next coach is catered to Russell Wilson, however, whatever the hell that means. I want to get back to the Panthers here in a second, but real quick about the dysfunction that is obvious within the Broncos. Part of it to me is that while Russ maybe didn't get on real well with all the guys in Seattle's defense, right? He didn't. He wasn't like Buddy Buddy with the Shermans and right. But but even so, you could tell that there was a difference between Russ and those guys. There was the legion of Boom and Russ were not they did not hang. No, they did not hang. But the difference was that Russ was there at the beginning like they were. So they they they had an understanding for who each other was. The I don't remember who the defensive lineman was that came at Russ, but that guy picked up a very dumb penalty and it hurt.

It hurt Denver's field because I don't remember exactly how it hurt, but it impacted them. And Russ Geico asks, how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance? Of course you would. And when it comes to great rates on insurance, Geico can help, like with insurance for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat and RV, even help with homeowners or renters coverage. Plus, add an easy to use mobile app, available 24 hour roadside assistance and more. And Geico is an easy choice. Switch today and see all the ways you could save. It's easy. Simply go to or contact your local agent today. Right.

Auto parts. Whether he was right or not, Russ said something to him, and that guy was not here for it because Russ does not resonate in that room because they don't have a history with him. And Mike, Mike, Mike Purcell, by the way. OK, so and because I said this a couple of weeks ago because Russ doesn't have history with them and Russ doesn't have history with the fan base, there is no honeymoon for him. He came in and he was worse than the last quarterback, whoever that was, whatever quarterback they had last year. Russ hasn't been better than that guy.

And I guess it was Drew Locke. And because of that, they don't look at Russ as the guy who might be headed to the Hall of Fame. They look at Russ as the latest disappointment and they are over it. And you know how how incredible that fan base is. It might be crazy, but they might be Washington West, to be perfectly honest, in terms of an unrealistic fan base. But they don't I don't think they like it. Last year, Teddy Bridgewater, actually, but yeah, he's worse than Bridgewater, way worse than Teddy Bee. And I think one of the this is something I've noticed over the last few weeks.

I think it's just interesting. And I don't want to linger on the Broncos, but I think it's a it's a pretty big topic around the NFL locally here, too, for for the remaining Wisconsin fans in Raleigh. Shut up.

You can drop a whole pack off, buddy. Just get badger now, pal. Russell Wilson, Wisconsin. Now he's going to start talking about NC State, right?

There's like, you know, it's a lifelong NC State like legend. Now, as you say, you said might be a Hall of Famer. I think three hundred sixty five days ago, you would not have heard anybody use the word might in there.

I would have, but that's fine. I think you're right. But I'm saying, like, I think I've heard this a lot of people do this sort of kind of backing Russell out of that status where he was because we just assumed he was going to play five to 10 more years or whatever it is at the same level. If this is Russell, he's got a Super Bowl ring, never had an MVP vote. I mean, right. Like it's not I mean, he is likely a Hall of Famer, I would think.

But if his career just goes off a cliff, it is a much less likelihood of it being a guarantee. Just remember that I am the baseball guy and Baseball Hall of Fame standards are way above Football Hall of Fame standards. And I'm not saying that's right or wrong. That's just the way the halls of fame are viewed.

All right. You have a percentage. Well, it's not just a percentage.

It's just the standards for performance to get in the Baseball Hall of Fame are significantly higher than they are for football. I mean, oh, wait. Oh, my gosh. Yes. Totally. Yes.

I mean, there are I mean, we have this Veterans Committee now. Fred McGriff is Fred McGriff at three hundred four hundred ninety three or whatever home runs. I don't think it's a Hall of Famer based on my baseball standards.

Right. But he'd he'd have been on the second ballot if we were doing the the NFL. Harold Baynes is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Yeah, but it's a committee that lets you get hit by a lot of baseballs while standing at the plate. You're 100 percent right on Harold Baynes.

There's no business being in all fame. All right. Quick break. We'll come back. I do want to just ask you a couple of questions about the Panthers when we come back. But we'll also talk about the game last night, which was, I think, eye opening for a couple of reasons. And I want to get to those.

And also we'll talk about the teams at the top as things start shaking out. Will Brinson on a Monday on the Adam Gold Show Geico asks, how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance? Of course you would. And when it comes to great rates on insurance, Geico can help like with insurance for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat and RV, even help with homeowners or renters coverage. Plus add an easy to use mobile app, available 24 hour roadside assistance and more. And Geico is an easy choice. Switch today and see all the ways you could save. It's easy. Simply go to or contact your local agent today.
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