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Goalie fight in NC, but it wasn’t with the Carolina Hurricanes!

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November 22, 2022 3:25 pm

Goalie fight in NC, but it wasn’t with the Carolina Hurricanes!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 22, 2022 3:25 pm

Brett Wiseman, voice of Carolina Thunderbirds, joins the Adam Gold Show to talk about NC’s other hockey team. The guys in the Triad know how to get down and the Carolina Thunderbird's goalie sparked some big interest on the ice the other night.


All right, we're about 90 minutes through the show.

We've got about 90 minutes left. It's time for some halftime entertainment. We have a special guest for halftime entertainment because he was entertaining us this weekend. He is the voice of the Carolina Thunderbirds hockey team and this worked out perfectly because, Jeremy, you were at the game.

I was. Victoria, do we have the call before we bring on Brett Wiseman? Here is what Brett Wiseman called when all of a sudden we got one of the greatest things you can get in hockey, two goalies squaring off.

Here's what it sounded like. Oh, goalie fight! Goalie fight! Wirick and Babic, here we go!

Oh my goodness, this is happening! Babic and Wirick going at it! Babic, a right, a right, a right, a left, a right! Babic, go Boris! Go Boris, go! Boris throwing right hands! He and Wirick! Boris has Wirick on the takedown!

Boris, Babic, you beauty! He is Brett Wiseman. Follow him on Twitter at Broadcast Brett, the voice of the Carolina Thunderbirds. Brett, welcome to the program. How are you doing, sir? How's it going, Hayes? It's going great, man.

It's great to have you. The enthusiasm you showed there, it was 100% authentic. If you watch the camera pans and you're sort of watching all the action on the ice and then when you realize it's a goalie fight, you brought the energy that everyone in the fight, you brought the energy that everyone should have. Jeremy, you tweeted almost in the way that Brett talked.

I think it was like all caps with an exclamation point. Goalie fight! How cool was it to call a goalie fight and what is this your, you know, eighth or ninth or tenth game that you're in your first season, correct? Yeah, this is my third week with the team and I've already had a goalie fight and about five minutes before we went on the air ESPN sent me a DM and picked up the clip. So it's, you know, we're 72 hours removed and it only seems to be getting bigger.

Fantastic. Tell us what it was like. I mean, what were you feeling when you saw a goalie fight?

Something that, you know, you could go 10 seasons and never call, right? Like what was it like when you saw a goalie fight? It was, you know, it was kind of just like I called it. It was a, oh my gosh, this is happening, which I believe I said. It was kind of that, oh wow moment.

This is actually going to happen. It was amazing to call. I think I lost track of which hand was left and which hand was right. Just kind of got, it was, I'm going to be honest, it was an out-of-body experience. I was kind of just, I was in the moment and just an amazing thing to call and to be a part of and the energy in the building was nuts. So I was there. I was there with my son watching the game. By the way, my son thought that was the most entertaining part of the game.

I don't blame him for that. But when I was looking, when I was watching this, it looks like one of those things where like, I think there had been a fight already. It was toward the end of the game.

It was like eight to three at that point. And, and you just saw the goalies kind of just circle and they're like, they look kind of bored. And it became this thing of like, why not? Like, you know, I had to explain my son, like, why did they fight?

They weren't even like talking to each other. They're, they're, they're like all the way across the rink. So like, did you find out like after the game, like why, why they just decided to drop the gloves? So I talked to Boris, um, Boris fabric after the game, uh, the beauty as he's come to me now. And he, he said that, uh, that, uh, why Rick, the, the Mississippi goalie had been challenging him set at the middle of the second period to, and kind of waving him down the ice during stoppages to meet at center and fight. So eventually it got to the point where why Rick was waving him at this point, Babbick was kind of circling and skating his way out there. Why Rick actually went over and asked his head coach, can I fight?

That's a real question. How many goalies we got tonight? I don't know how this is going to go because the rule is if you're a goalie and you fight, you're done. So, but both guys were done.

Mario Cavallari, who did not start technically played 24 seconds of hockey, faced zero shots and picked up a win. Yeah. Fantastic.

It was great. Brent Weisman, voice of the Carolina Thunderbirds joining us. Is there some of that element? I mean, I don't understand how you can have, it's one thing if you're in like a playoff series or you've been going against these guys for years, but like, how can you have animosity for someone that like, you barely even like can see them and there's no way they've bumped each other at all during the game. Right. They're not physically near each other during the game. Is there some element of folks and I'm not taking anything away from the skill of some of the Thunderbirds or Seawolves players, but do these guys know in part they are partly there for the crowd and that they're selling tickets? In a way and you know, from the actual hockey perspective of it, that had been what happened at the end of that game had been building from Friday night. Friday night was an 11 to 3 win for the Thunderbirds and there were some shenanigans that went on during that game. A Mississippi player knocked the net off on purpose late in the game when Carolina had a wide open yawning stage for that another goal. Joe Pace is the one that knocked it off and he's kind of notorious around the league from his time in Port Huron as being a comedian or an entertainer on the ice.

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Additional restrictions apply to your local Boost Mobile store for details. And Dawson Baker and Joe Pace got into it. Dawson imitated pace and knocked the net off its moorings on purpose, pointing at Joe Pace. They got into it. And then there was kind of a fracas and then kind of in the midst of it all, uh, Boris and, and, and Blake Weirich had their fifth bumping, uh, center ice pillow fight. But, uh, you know, it had been building for some time, even before that, uh, Justin Bioni for Carolina had taken a hit up high, um, that was not called a penalty. So Carolina really, for the rest of the game, felt like they had to defend themselves from anything and everything that, uh, that this expansion team was going to bring at them, trying to send a message and establish themselves. And the fun part is there's 14 more meetings between this, these teams.

Yeah. You know, one of the great things was there was a fight right before that. And the PA announcer just says, ah, you know, after the fight's over, he says, oh, you don't get that at a baseball game. And the crowd went nuts.

It was a great crowd. And then, then the goalie fight happened. So everybody got revved up for the first fight. Then the goalie fight happened. And then after that, like literally at the exact moment, right across the street from the, from the fairgrounds annex is the wake forest football game is happening. And, uh, after the goalie fight, the opinion announcer comes on and goes, well, you don't get that at a wake forest football game and just brought the house down.

So that was just an incredible, incredible thing to witness for my son's first hockey game. Brett, we're a little bit short on time. Uh, my producer is very upset with me.

Actually, Victoria didn't get upset, but she's just, uh, she watches out for me, but very quickly. I know that your father worked at sport has worked at sports here for a long time, and you're standing on your own two feet of your sports career. How did you decide to go the broadcasting route when he's been such a great writer? Uh, well, Steve's been, Steve's been great.

He's actually my uncle uncle. I knew that I it's all good, but, uh, yeah, Steve, Steve's always been fantastic to me. And, um, um, I said this in, in my writeup when I took the job, I knew in fifth grade when I was watching the oh nine final and I heard how doc Emmerich was describing the game. I pointed at my TV and said, that's who I want to be right, right there. So I've, I've known for a while.

That's what I wanted to do. I went to app state for broadcasting and here we are. Very cool. Uh, check him out on Twitter, broadcast Brett, check out the Carolina Thunderbirds broadcast.

Who knows? Maybe we'll get another goalie fight. Uh, we appreciate it. Keep bringing the energy to all your calls, man. Great work. Thanks. Hey, it's good to talk to you.
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