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The Minnesota Vikings versus the Buffalo Bills game is much more interesting with Josh Allen being injured currently, how much is this likely to impact their chances of winning?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 11, 2022 7:30 pm

The Minnesota Vikings versus the Buffalo Bills game is much more interesting with Josh Allen being injured currently, how much is this likely to impact their chances of winning?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 11, 2022 7:30 pm

The Minnesota Vikings versus the Buffalo Bills game is much more interesting with Josh Allen being injured currently, how much is this likely to impact their chances of winning? Vic joins Adam to let him know what he’s been told and seen since Allen’s injury and whether Keenum looks like someone who can fill his shoes.


Speaking of super fun, I've always thought this year that the Bills were unquestionably the best team in the league, also super fun to watch, but there is a problem. And for that, we turn to Vic Carucci, who, man, I can't believe it's been so long since we have talked to Vic Carucci. Now at Sirius XM, he's covered the Bills, most recently with, also with, votes from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he joins us on the Adam Gold Show. Vic Carucci, how are you? I am great, Adam, and it's great to be back with you and hear your voice again, my friend.

Oh, man, I missed you. All right, explain this to me. I've never heard this. We're taking it one hour at a time with Josh Allen's elbow.

Now, this is such a huge deal because he is, you know, he's arguably the odds-on favorite for the MVP, certainly one of them. I mean, one hour at a time, have you ever heard that phrase used? That's a new one for me too, and I've been at this stuff.

I'm older than dirt, so yeah, that's a long time to have not heard that phrase. I'll say this jokingly, I think, and I'm not sure he was even doing this, but this is my attempt at humor. He was channeling his inner Belichick, right? He was trying to do the okay, but it wasn't even in jousting form, even though he has kind of been doing that with the media this week on the Allen issue, as everyone takes their best shot at asking a question.

You know how that is, right? Angle in instead of going head-on, and maybe he'll miss the angle. Well, he's caught everyone like a top NHL goalie, and it kicked away all the questions, but I say this. It would still surprise me.

I'll go as far as say, shock me, Adam. If we see him playing Sunday, it would really, given that not only has he not practiced all week, and there's been no disputing, at least from what I understand from the team's part, even though they've said nothing at all on the record, the reports that this is the color, the ulnar collateral ligament and possibly some other ligament ligaments, a sprain or damage and, and having, you know, dealing with that, whether it's football or baseball, we know, we know the type of thing it is, which generally does not heal in a matter of days. Um, but again, that could be entirely different for Josh.

I will not try to play any doctor. I am just trying to play reasonable observer and say that to me, if this is not a surgical thing, which, which we can safely assume it isn't at the moment. Then, and rest is the solution is, is one week of rest sufficient knowing that, and this I'm going to attribute to the medical folks with whom I've spoken who haven't treated Josh, other NFL people who are not involved with the bills, but I've obviously it's been a topic of conversation. And like you, you, you tap into your network of people, right?

Your sources and what they've been saying to me is just practically speaking. Um, you, the, you, the trick is determining when is the right time to have him throw again, throw an anger again to where it wouldn't risk, uh, further damage. And, and I, you know, so if it's Sunday, well then God bless him.

But my sense is based on just everything I I've heard in these other conversations and, and, and, you know, you don't get going by the nature of what this is. Sunday seems too soon. Perhaps even next Sunday, perhaps even next Sunday against Cleveland would be too soon. Vic Carucci, uh, Sirius XM satellite radio joining us here on the Adam Gold show, uh, cause I've heard a lot of people say that, well, you know, they're fine because they have case Keenum. And it is interesting that Keenum would play against the Vikings team when he took over as a backup quarterback and took them very far.

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And that is the question on the table is to deter is determining. How good are these guys? Because if they're the Superbowl contender that a lot of us thought before the season, obviously the big chunk of that was Josh Allen, a quarterback, but it had to speak to the rest of the team that they got better on defense. And then adding Von Miller and the, and, and others, Jordan Phillips, others in the off season, and then growth and development of younger players defensively. They've taken some hits back there. Micah Hyde out for the year at safety, Jordan Poirier, not going to play again with an elbow injury. And Greg Russo, who's been a rising young talent on that D line also out with a, with a, a high ankle spring. But, but there's that, and then the receiving core and Stefan pigs and gate Davis and Dawson Knox, who just got a, just before the season, got that big, a high profile tight end contract.

And yet of course, hasn't really delivered that way, but that's the expectation there. So all these questions are offensive line is everything else on this team. Good enough to allow you to be on a Superbowl path.

And here's my answer, Adam, if you're that team, you do survive. I'm not saying necessarily the whole rest of the year, but you do find a way to survive without the franchise quarterback it's happened in Bill's history. They were on those Superbowl years. They had, they got through one of them to the Superbowl with Frank right playing multiple postseason games, including the greatest comeback ever while Jim Kelly, the hall of Famer was out.

It can be done. And, you know, Keenum, I think is, I, I, I think he's a good enough backup guy. I would have, I thought it was a great, great trade that they made when they got them.

And it made sense to me. It wasn't a big price, but solid, smart, dependable guy, very much a different quarterback, certainly than Josh, but who is Josh other than Josh? And then the question is, you know, his intelligence is savvy, keeping them on, you know, making, staying within himself, making plays and old and listening to step on big say, look, I told everyone in the receiver room, we got to step up. We got to do our part to help make him better. So the answer is, if it's, if the realistic window is, is a few games, let's say just for discussion sake, you know, one to three games. You should be able to survive that well enough to still be on a Super Bowl path come the time that Josh is back with you for that stretch run. Final question for Vic Carucci.

And I appreciate your time, sir. And it's been great to catch up the I think the bills and what do I know? I'm not I'm a dope, but I think the bills are the best team in the NFL with Josh Allen. I don't think it matters where they play playoff games. If Josh Allen is the quarterback and he's healthy enough to be Josh Allen, they can beat anywhere, anyone, anywhere at any time. So wouldn't it be smart to just let him get as healthy as possible and then get him ready by the end of the season?

You and I are on the exact same page. I fully support and agree that with that point. There is a definite narrative thought, Oh my God, the only thing that's held them back is that they've had to play on the road in the post-season. Well, they were on the road in the divisional round game last year and, and, and, and found a way to screw that up for coaching decision. We, we know the 13, absolutely.

Okay. So, so the 13 second story could have also happened anywhere. Like you said, it didn't have to be Arrowhead. They played well enough at Arrowhead to leave Arrowhead with a win and likely, likely get to the Superbowl and perhaps go hoist that trophy. So yes, the, the, do what you can to make sure you got that guy number 17 as your quarterback, you can make the playoffs even without winning the division, which suddenly got a lot tougher and then go and, and, you know, get, get what you're supposed to get with him there. Uh, wherever that might be. Yes, I'm, I'm with you a hundred percent.

Vic Carucci, you're the best at Vic Carucci on Twitter. I appreciate your time. Uh, best of luck to everything and a happy holidays. I'll talk to you soon. Hopefully. Same to you and yours, Adam. Talk to you. My friend, Vic Carucci, uh, Sirius XM he's covered pro football for ever forever.
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