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Will Brinson, CBS Sports, joins Adam this Monday to go over the unfortunate Carolina Panthers SPANKING we witnessed yesterday.

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November 7, 2022 4:34 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, joins Adam this Monday to go over the unfortunate Carolina Panthers SPANKING we witnessed yesterday.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 7, 2022 4:34 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, joins Adam this Monday to go over the unfortunate Carolina Panthers SPANKING we witnessed yesterday. Adam doesn’t understand why PJ Walker is getting blamed for this, so he gets Will opinion on the topic. They also address the QB issues throughout the rest of the league; involving GOATs like Brady, Rodgers, and Mahomes. Is Brady back? Is Rodgers, and the Packers, season over already? And Will surprises us with some breaking news about WHO is going to be an interim HC??


My man, Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS, he doesn't write, he podcasts. The Pick Six Podcast, what did I just say?

The Pick Six Podcast is available for you. Have you already emergency Frank Reich potted? That is where I was coming from. Like I literally, I almost had two windows open, but I decided to close one and then- Oh, you get a nice breeze if he had two windows open. All right.

Yeah, you do. Especially if they're on the opposite end of the house. Perfect. We will get to Frank Reich on the other side. So that was eyeopening for a Panthers team that won a couple of weeks ago against the Bucks and should have won in Atlanta last week to have your pants pulled down like that and spanked just in public for everyone to see.

Can there be anything more eyeopening about where you are in the grand scheme of things? Because I don't think the Bengals are that good. I think the Biggles are pretty good. Okay.

Next one of us. I went on like my buddy Nick Costa's show on Wednesday and then I had a friend, another friend of mine in like an internet chat that I was like, people were like, Panthers might, this might be like Panthers, Panthers on the Moneyline, Panthers, you know, covers like no, don't, don't take the Panthers back. The Panthers are bad.

Yeah. I think everybody got fooled by the Bucks, the outcome of the Bucks game and you think about it, right? Nat Ruhl gets fired. Steve Wilkes takes over. You get this rah-rah effort against the Rams on the road, but the Rams are a bad matchup.

And then, you know, you come back home and you really get the actual rah-rah effort against the Bucks. Yeah. I think that, you know, and then, um, they should have beaten the Falcons, but the Falcons aren't good either.

Sure. But I mean, the Falcons, if that game was misleading, there were seven scores in the fourth quarter. I was just thinking like, PJ Walker's turned this off and did something explosive. I think you're right about this. Absolutely. Like, my whole point was that like the, the Bucks box score and the Falcons box score were both misleading. People were starting to think that Panthers had turned it around. Right. Oh, I'm with you.

I'm 100% with you. The Panthers were turning it around. They just, they're the same team. They still stink. They're very bad. And here's the thing that really got me is that this became a PJ Walker problem where did, did anybody notice that the Bengals had like three length of the field drives for touchdowns in their first four possessions?

Why is that? PJ Walker's fault. Right. And when you marched down the field against, um, a defense that is, you know, young, like I, but let's see. Let's, uh, it was somewhat banged up four out of the first five drives went for 42 yards or longer.

Right. Um, 54 see nine plays, 90 yards first one right out of the gate. I mean, that's a five minute and 18 second nine plane, 90 yard drive. And then your offense goes three plays six yards, quick part, quick exchange of punts. The Bengals go 10 plays 76 yards, about 14.

Nothing. Panthers go three place, you know, three, three and outs. Like if your defense is getting just, it pounded down their throats and on the field for essentially the entire first quarter and your office is going three and out, three and out, three and out. It's you're not, your defense is not going to like get better. Get stronger.

Like, I mean, that's, you know, that's a tough spot to be in. See if that had happened in the second half, I think it would be fair to blame the offense, but that happened in the first half. You shouldn't be this tired midway through the second quarter.

Hey, look, I mean, the Panthers, the Panthers started out pop, pop, pop, intersection park, intersection fumble. That was terrible. That was the first half on offense.

It was, it was as bad, it was, I will say it was worse than you just made it sound. They were utterly inept and that's, that is what it is. This is not a surprise to those of us who have watched this team this year. They are bad. And but I have been saying for the, basically the entire year that their defense has some really good pieces, but it's still not that good.

It's good. And then when you take Jeremy chin out of the equation and you have the injuries that they have at cornerback, not named JC horn. And he was hurt at the beginning of the year. And you realize that they're just kind of, okay, and linebacker, they're not awesome at linebacker. They don't have any pro bowlers running around the, the middle of their defense that something like this was bound to happen because the Bengals, if anything, they do have a very capable offense of blowing you out. And just like you said, the Rams were a bad matchup. I think the Bengals were probably maybe a worse matchup based on the way they play offense. I don't, again, I think the Bengals are just, I mean, they're probably a playoff team, but I don't think they're that great, but they certainly look like it against the Panthers. Yeah, I mean, I think the big ones are playoff team, better than people. I think the big ones are better than people clearly better than I give them credit.

Yeah. I mean, I mean, the Beatles, the Beatles are a badly coached team that happens to have Joe burrow on it. Are they badly coached? I mean, have we already decided that Zach Taylor, it was a, it was just a quasar last year getting to the Superbowl. I mean, it was just Joe burrow, like putting the team on his back and they just stealing games.

Yeah, but they got tasked when I think anyway, I don't think he's a very good coach. All right. That's, that's very fair. All right.

But didn't Zach Taylor come from the, uh, the, the coaching, the Sean McVeigh coaching tree or the, who's the coaching tree, uh, he, he served, um, uh, Sean McVeigh, a latte at an El Segundo, uh, Starbuck. That's, that's enough. That's enough. All right. That's enough too. When we come back, uh, the, the Aaron Rod, Aaron Rogers show has to be stopped at this point.

Tom Brady, uh, put up a number that I can't believe where he has achieved the number that I can't even believe is true. Uh, but we're going to talk about that. And apparently the, the jets are good. All right. We'll get, we'll get to that in a minute with Will Brinson next, the first Carolina Panthers quarterback was fired today as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Frank Reich, who led two of the greatest comebacks in the history of football. As the starting quarterback, we bring back will Brinson pick six podcast moderator. Let's just start there.

We're not, we don't have to spend a ton of time on it. Uh, the two comebacks I'm talking about, of course, were the bills over the Houston Oilers in the playoffs. What was it? 19 was it 88, 89 in the nineties, whatever it was. Uh, but I believe it was 90, yes, whatever 93, I don't remember the, I do remember watching the game.

I remember my grandfather. Yeah. For sure. Hey, would Jeffries say, would Jeffries and NC state guy? No.

Sure. Okay, uh, Ernest Givens, but that was a, um, it was a Warren moon team, 1992. So I think the bills were down 31 three at halftime and came back to win. And when Frank Reich was at the university of Maryland, uh, they were down, I believe 31, nothing at Miami in this second half and came back to win that game. It was NC state, uh, page high school, shout out page high school, hashtag three, three six. Uh, Will Brinson, a Greensboro kid through and through.

All right. Um, look, when, when you keep picking the wrong quarterback, it's going to come back to bite you. And they thought Frank, Frank Reich thought he could make something of Carson Wentz. He was wrong. And then he thought they could do something with Matt Ryan.

He was wrong. The quarterback getting the problem. I don't know. I think, I think, I think it's that this firing was as much about Carson Wentz as anything else. I know that sounds weird because Carson Wentz hasn't played for this team in over a year, in like a year. Right. Um, but when Carson Wentz missed the playoffs last year, when the, when the Colts missed the playoffs, because Carson Wentz laid a complete egg against the Jaguars in week 18.

Yes. Jim Gershay was apoplectic. He spent the entire off season passively, aggressively dragging Carson Wentz, or maybe not even passing, just aggressively dragging Carson Wentz, any chance he got. And when you think back on the Carson Wentz trade to acquire him, it was Frank Reich who, who, who vouched for, who vouched Chris Ballard for Carson Wentz. And it was Chris Ballard who then went to Ursi and said, Hey, I, you know, I trust Frank.

We were both in alignment on this. And when Wentz didn't work out, you know, Ballard had suddenly, suddenly Ballard's seat was hot. They lost a first round pick because of it.

They didn't make the playoffs. Ursi was still bitter about it. And so they traded Wentz away, you acquire Matt Ryan and it, like, I think that there's a sense of urgency within, within somewhere, Jim Ursi's feelings, a sense of urgency, knowing this, this happens a lot with these owners, by the way, a little bit older, you, you know, you want to, you want to win. You want to win one for the shoe and he's out here like going on 15 minute rants about Dan Snyder and like you can just tell that Ursi's, you know, blood temperature is a lot higher than it probably needs to be. And if the Colts aren't winning, he's only going to get angrier.

I don't know what this means. The timing of this means for Chris Ballard because we saw when in 2011, when the Colts when we last saw the Colts not tanking, by the way, Frank Wright was on that team, not tanking, by the way, Frank Wright was offensive assistant on that Colts team. We saw that, you know, that Ursi at the end of the season, when they had a number one pick, they cut Peyton Manning and they fired Bill Polian and they fired Jim Caldwell and they rebooted completely. And then brought in, you know, Ryan Gregson and Chuck Bugano drafted Andrew Luck. Now, was that ultimately a disastrous grouping of personnel?

Yes. I mean, it, they ruined Andrew Luck's career. They broke him.

They broke Andrew Luck. They didn't, they never won anything. They won a lot of games. They were a finalist. They have a banner. That's right.

They do have a 2014. The Colts were AFC finalists. AFC runner up banner. He's been playing the banner all the time. It's one of my favorite things ever.

I've heard of stuff under that banner like 50,000 times. Nice job. Good job. Good job. Good job. Good job. Oh my gosh. That's funny. But I mean, I do think that like it, I don't know what it means for what they're going to do.

Long-term in terms of the rebuild. I think that there's a chance that I also think that there's a chance, Adam, that Ursay and Ballard and Frank Wright met after Sunday's game, 24, three spanking in New England. And Frank Wright's like, I can't do this with, with same element. Like I can't, I can't coach with Sam at quarterback.

Really? I mean, this is a theory. No, but I mean, like, listen, like Matt Ryan, you're not playing great, but like we need, we need this. Then why did he bench Ryan for Ellinger? Because Jim mercy told him to, you know, if Matt Ryan gets hurt and can't pass a physical and Matt Ryan was the most set quarterback in football, if Matt Ryan like broke his leg in week 12 or something like that and couldn't pass a physical, they would own another $17 million. They don't want to, they don't want to pay him another 17 million.

So, so, you know, sometimes you got to suck it up for your boss. Let me move away from the Colts. They're completely, they're a dumpster fire and they're going to, they're not going to win the division. Do you want to go back and talk about the Panthers again? No, I don't want to talk about them at all. I want to talk about Aaron Rodgers briefly.

Oh, speaking of dumpster fires. They have now lost five in a row. And this was the first time that I thought that he looked really bad. And this one was against the Lions who can't stop anybody. He threw two interceptions in the red zone. He threw another from outside the red zone at the goal line. And almost everything was under thrown.

It was terrible. The thumb has to be bothering him. Why don't they use this as an excuse to shut Aaron Rodgers down for the rest of the year? They are not making the playoffs. They are not good. They're, they have their hardest games in front of them.

They're not, they are not making the plans. I don't think they're going to win three more games. The Vikings four and a half game division lead in, in the, in the NFC North is tied for second most, like second most. There's three teams that through nine, through nine weeks is tied for like the second most in NFL history.

Like that's the lead of the 2007 Patriots had in their division. They're terrible and their defense isn't good enough to shut anybody down. So why don't they shut him down? I mean, it's not like he's not going to be on the roster next year.

His dead cat pit is $99 million. Yeah. I mean, he's going to be there. It's not a crazy idea. I mean, I don't know that Rogers wants to necessarily like check out for the rest of the season. Like that's, you know, competitors don't want to do that. No, I understand that, but I mean, isn't the thumb hurt?

Isn't the thumb a thing? If it's not, then I mean, he's got to face the reality that it might be done. The other thing too, is that you could, and I'm just sort of leaning into your theory here, but you could shut down Rogers and at least for a couple of weeks, fire up Jordan love. Yeah.

Okay. Some is a possible trade candidate. Um, and then after that, you know, see where you are, see what, see if you win any games to decide, do you want to bring Rogers back?

And ultimately you could, uh, end up, you know, just maybe you don't want any games and you just let Jordan love roll it out. And then, you know, you have a team that gets a high draft pick and can get a quarterback or get a good wide receiver. Excuse me. A quarterback.

Yeah. But I mean, look, you don't even need to draft a wide receiver in the first round. You just get, you just have to get, I mean, look, they didn't really address it, but I think early in the season, their lack of wide receivers was a problem. They said that their, their problem right now is their offensive line is not good.

It's not healthy and nothing is working, including their defense. Um, so Tom Brady, who did Tom Brady things at the end of their game with the Rams this weekend, Brady has now combined regular season and playoffs for a hundred thousand passing yards. Is that a number that I just saw? It's a crazy number.

So it's, so it's insane. A hundred thousand passing yards. So the warranty is up, right? Don't we get a hundred thousand, uh, 50,000? I think you can get a hundred thousand, uh, mile warranty. So the warranty is up. So he's going to get all these calls now from the, the, the extended warranty department that we all get.

That they're the only one who gets those. No, no, no. Okay.

I'm just so much more. Yeah, for sure. That's where most of my three, three, six calls come from. So good for good, look, they're going to win the division, right? Uh, probably. Yeah. I mean, yeah, they're tied for first, you know, like it is, it's such a stark difference on and it's, it's, it's why I like, you know, you think about the NFL, people are game of inches. It's all the things shift on.

But like, it's true. Like that final touchdown, uh, by the way, that was the latest, a, uh, so now Tom Brady has more gaming drives than anyone in NFL history had just perked the tie, right? Right. The type of Peyton Manning. Um, that was the latest, a game when he drives, ever started his career, 44 seconds. And it was like the, I think the second latest he's ever thrown at a game winning touchdown past nine seconds left on the clock, like that drive and that play change everything up. When you compare it to like the, the, the Packers and the lions game, like if the Packers get to four, if the Packers get to four and five, right?

Okay. They still stink. But, and, but the bucks get a four and five and we're like, okay, they stink, but like, it'd be like, that's the difference. Three and six. And you're like, this team is in real, real trouble.

Four and five. And you're like, because of the way the NFC lays out and particularly the NFC South lays out. There's still very much a lot in front of them, uh, moving forward. And so, I mean, is this box team great? No, no problems, but they also have a lot of stars on, on different, um, on different levels of, you know, different levels of, of the field, different sides of the ball. And they can, if you, if you get through the playoffs and you're a division winner, you got Tom Brady, you can get hot for three weeks or hot for four weeks, whatever it takes. I mean, are they a likely super winner? No. Could they win the Superbowl? If they get in the playoffs? Yeah.

Absolutely. Well, anybody who gets in as a chance, the Bengals proved that last year. Uh, and the Bengals weren't great going into the playoffs, but got hot. So anybody who gets hot has a chance. I think, I think what really gives them a chance and not Tom Brady, what gives them a chance is that their defense can be great. And it was obviously very good against the Rams who have their own, their own issues.
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