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Breaking News! Matt Rhule was officially fired from the Carolina Panthers head coach position this afternoon.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 10, 2022 4:04 pm

Breaking News! Matt Rhule was officially fired from the Carolina Panthers head coach position this afternoon.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 10, 2022 4:04 pm

Breaking News! Matt Rhule was officially fired from the Carolina Panthers head coach position this afternoon. Plus, there were more surprisingly bad games from the weekend and we're here to talk about it.

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This is The Adam Gold Show.

The response to it is also very interesting. We'll get to all of that. I am Adam Gold. You can participate in this program or on this program, I don't even know. You can do that on Twitter, at A Gold Fan, at V2, V underscore 2 underscore the Victoria.

Victoria is producing this program. We'll even throw phone numbers at you later if you want to participate in the Met Rule-a-thon coming up at 1 o'clock. No, wait, wait, wait. Before we start. I'll hang on to that.

I'll hang on to that for a second. So yes, we always leave at least the 1 o'clock segment open for people to participate in some way, shape or form. So yes, it will be a Met Rule-a-thon right there. We'll also talk with David Hale of ESPN covers the ACC because it was an interesting weekend.

And of course, Will Brinson will join us starting in about 13 minutes. Also a little baseball because baseball was played and the Mets are no longer playing it. So we'll we'll get to that later. I don't need to belabor the the Mets at this point. So we might as well start.

Let's do it. But because we spend so much time with with football with NFL football in the first hour of this program, we normally like to just mention it quickly and then move on to the college stuff because we want to spend more time with that. And then the Panthers go out and fire Met Rule.

So that era is over. Steve Wilks, who was a former defensive coordinator for the Panthers and then got literally one year with the Arizona Cardinals before they either decided he was not the guy or lusted too much. I think it was over Cliff Kingsbury, which he's not the guy either, but whatever he fits them. He he's right from Central Casting for the NFL, right? He's right from Central Casting in the NFL. I have a I have a couple of thoughts on who the next head coach of the Panthers is likely to be.

And this is not going to be a flattering discussion, but we'll do that a little bit later on anyway. So Steve Wilks will get an opportunity for the balance of this season to be the head coach and we'll see where it goes from here. To me, this was a mercy firing of Matt Rule because we've talked about Matt Rule a lot. Matt Rule really is a good dude. I mean, like there's no he's the most non football coach football coach I have ever followed, covered, whatever. I don't know Matt Rule. We've spoken to him like twice in two and a half years.

But he comes off as just a regular guy who you like. And I believe that that was evident by the way the Panthers players discussed him over the last few weeks. They were 100 percent on board behind Matt Rule. Yeah, even Brian Burns just came out with a tweet saying how he still supports him even after yesterday's. They love him. Christian McCaffrey was angry yesterday after the game.

Yeah, look, they say they love Matt Rule. So this was a mercy firing because it would have been unfair for Matt Rule to absorb all the slings and arrows of what was going to be another horrific season and argued, not even arguably, this would have been their worst under Rule. Yeah, this was trending towards their worst. Remember, when we talked about the absolute best case scenario for the Panthers this year, my opinion was eight wins, eight, nine. Man, that's the ceiling for this team. And it was predicated on a good start.

They're one and four. So it wasn't going to be that. It was probably going to be closer to three wins under Matt Rule. So good, smart move by David Tepper to end this now. Matt can just kind of chill.

Yeah, 40 million in the bank. He'll be fine. He'll be fine. We don't have to worry about Matt Rule.

He'll get a college job. There's some sort of a an assumption that Matt Rule is going to get big college jobs and like he's never had a big college job. It ain't like he's Urban Meyer. I mean, I'm not comparing Matt Rule to Urban Meyer in terms of personality or anything like that. Matter of fact, he's the anti-urban Meyer.

He's a nice guy. Matt Rule didn't fail as an NFL coach because he came in here thinking that he could do it all like Meyer did. Matt Rule failed at this because he just wasn't good enough. Eleven wins, 27 losses, no hope, zero hope. Very popular person within the walls of Bank of America Stadium, but he was always in over his head and most of us realized it last season. In the middle of last season, most of us realized it. And I've heard way too many arguments about builders need time.

It's unfair. He got a seven-year deal. All he needs is a quarterback.

Bupkis. Yeah. All of the faux justification would have been merited had Rule demonstrated at any point in the first two years that he could do this, even if he wasn't going to be great, if he could get to, you know, where he could see the bottom of Ron Rivera's shoes. Ron Rivera is a good, not a great, a good head football coach. But he couldn't even see where Ron Rivera was.

It was just obvious. So 38 games and it's the same as it ever was. The team got worse.

They're significantly worse today than they were in year one. Every single quarterback regressed under Matt Rule. Everyone. Yeah.

Everyone. Sam Darnell was better as a jet than he was as a panther. And the Jets were terrible. That's the problem. That's saying a lot.

You're going backwards. Baker Mayfield. I'm convinced is not this bad. He looks pretty bad. He looks pretty bad.

So they were just hopeless and it's unfortunate, right? Nice guy. Let him just let him just be. Yeah, let him just be put some Halloween decorations out.

You know what, Matt? I need some help. We got witches on on posts that need to be stuck out in the yard. Christmas lights are coming.

I got crazy looking cats that need to go out. Yeah. All right.

All right. Let's we'll move on. We're going to talk more about Matt Rule with Will Brinson coming up in a little bit. We had a lot of staying on brand this weekend in ACC football here locally, especially. NC State did what they had to do. Come from behind win over Florida State.

They did all the things that they do that we get mad at. They did lose Devin Leary to a right shoulder or arm injury. We don't I have not seen results. Not that they're sending me the results of the MRI, but I have not seen the story based on the results at this point. But they were anticipating having them yesterday. So I don't know. You never like to see your quarterback with his throwing arm in a sling.

No. So that ain't good. Jack Chambers finished up. He caught one pass and completed none in a quarter of work. OK, OK. Well, he he throws a nice ball. Nobody caught it. He only threw one.

I think he might have thrown two, but there was a penalty. Anyway, state one. Without a passing game, state one. Good for them. They relied on their defense.

Good for them. They were down 17 three at the half. Great drive to open up the second half. Leary to Darryl Jones for a 10 yard touchdown that made it 17 to 10. Then state's defense completely took over Florida State punted four straight times.

And followed that with a pair of Jordan Travis interceptions. We'll talk about the last interception in a second. But let's talk about I think it was the second punt. Either the first or the second punt.

I don't even I don't even I don't even know. Here's the thing about what I don't even name of the punter. He crossed the line of scrimmage before punting the ball.

First of all, I thought he was I thought it was a fake and I thought he was going to get it. And then he just decided to punt it after running across the line of scrimmage by a yard. And I did not know the rule for that. I just figured, well, that's an illegal punt. They're either going to make him punt it again or, you know, state will just get the ball plus however many yards.

Nope. Five yard penalty plus loss it out. It's essentially an illegal forward pass.

And that's what that is. Five yard penalty plus loss it out. And I'm thinking, wow, that's better than a turnover.

That is just tremendous. And then state's defense or state's offense, actually, what's the difference? State's offense went minus five minus five holding penalty holding penalty. They had the ball at the 13 yard line. And Chris Dunn had to come out and kick a 53 yard field goal, which he made. And I thought, that is spectacular. I had never seen a punter cross the line of scrimmage and punt. I'd never seen that. So I had no idea what the rule was. And then state's response to it was, yeah, this is too easy. We're going to make we're going to ratchet up the degree of difficulty. And then after state had taken that 1917 lead, they punted at the plus 36.

And I thought, why? Yeah, your kicker just made essentially the same freaking field goal. So why not? Just just kick it. Yeah, there's plenty of time left.

There was five, almost five minutes left. So just kick it. That's the goal. Put points on the board. Florida State.

As long as you kept Jordan Travis from running, you were probably okay. Of course, they had trouble with that. Nope, they punted it. Florida State drove. There's penalty. Like, wait a second. All of a sudden, Florida State's at the 22.

Time's running out. If they kick a field goal, they lose. And then Jordan Travis throws one of the dumbest interceptions I've ever seen. Now, it might not have been on him. It might have been a receiver running a wrong route for the people who are anti. You shouldn't throw it in that situation.

I'm like, I don't know. I had no problem with throwing it. I had problem with the actual result of that. Their kicker wasn't very good, right? Florida State's kicker wasn't good.

So I don't know. It's just the whole thing was a mess. But hey, look, the Wolfpack won the game. They won the game. And look, that's the way State's going to have to win. They're going to have to win ugly. If Leary is out for any length of time, they're going to have to win ugly. Although Jack Chambers threw the ball a ton in at Charleston Southern.

He comes from a passing offense. Let him chuck it, man. Of course, State hasn't chucked it all year. So UNC holds off Miami 27 to 24. Hurricane scored 10 points in the final 30 seconds of the first half to make you squirm. But UNC never struggled offensively.

Probably didn't get the most out of the almost 500 yards of offense either. They got to the run game while Miami never did. They had the now they have the upper hand in the coastal heading to Duke who acquiesced to Georgia Tech again.

Dudes, what are you doing? Come on, Duke. You screw the whole thing up. Actually, they didn't.

I'll explain in a second. Probably throw throw a shout out to Georgia Tech for bucking up for a second straight game with a interim coach like there was no hope. Then you go to Pittsburgh and win. Now you beat Duke. Look, maybe Duke is just water finding its level, which we all have to assume is at least possible. Right. As good as it looked for five weeks, even in the loss to Kansas, as good as it looked, we all in the back of our mind were wondering, hmm, when is it midnight? We're all doing that.

I'm not I'm not different than anybody else. So they lose. But if you're if you're Duke, if you beat Carolina Saturday night at Wallace Wade Stadium, you're sort of back in control, sort of. But I don't think Duke's going to beat Carolina.

So all that does is put Carolina big time in control. They will have wins over arguably the two biggest contenders in the coastal, although Pitt, maybe I don't. Georgia Tech's undefeated. You guys still got to beat Georgia Tech. Wow. Gotta beat Georgia Tech. Anyway, the that's what they did.

All right. Real, real quick. Wake Forest. Oh, by the way, Duke did force overtime against Georgia Tech. They were down by, what, 14. They return a punt for a touchdown. Turn it over on downs. Then they get the ball back with like three minutes left. Drive down the field. Score touchdown. Tie it up.

Send overtime. Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech kicks a field goal and then Duke on third down completes a pass for a first down. But there was an offensive pass interference penalty and Duke ends up attempting a 52 yard field goal that Charlie Ham misses.

And that's it. Georgia Tech wins the game. Wake crushed Army, although Army did rush or did, you know, pile up about 400 yards of offense. So Wake still has the same excuse me, the same type of issues that they have had in the past and that you can move the ball on them. So there go Wake like when Wake and Carolina play, that figures to be very similar to what we saw last year, which is basically a pinball machine. We're just it's going to go to tilt. Both teams are going to hit 50 and we're going to we're going to have fun.

And, you know, and if mascots had to do push ups after each score, they would be in trouble. But I'm OK watching that. It's fun.

It's more fun than watching some of the things that we tend to have to watch. But Wake obviously is a dynamite team. All right. Real quick to to baseball where we're. Will Brinson is otherwise indisposed at this moment.

We are going to push him back just a little bit. Two things about baseball. We had the division playoffs. I'm sorry, the wild card series over the weekend. It was kind of sad to see St. Louis get swept, not because I wanted the Cardinals to win.

I wanted to be able to see Albert Pujols and I guess Yadier Molina both extend their careers as long as possible. Interestingly enough, they each got hits in their final at bats. Pujols, I believe in the eighth inning, hit a single down the left field line. He was pulled for a pinch runner. Yadier in the ninth also got a hit. He was pulled for a pinch runner. But the Cardinals couldn't come back and tie the Phillies.

And that was that. Phillies swept that that series two games to none in St. Louis. Philly advances to meet the Braves. We'll talk about the Braves in a second. The Mets got beat in three. There was only one game yesterday. It was the Mets and the Padres and the Mets did in last night's game.

Really what they had done over the last six weeks. And that's just not hit all all credit to Musgrove for shoving it at the Mets. I mean, he was great. Like there weren't a lot of teams that would hit him yesterday. But Padres were good. Padres with a better team over three games. I'm not even sure the Mets were that much better than them on Saturday night when the Mets won. I think it was really one inning that did it. But the Mets were otherwise sort of feckless at the plate. And the Mets didn't get the starting pitching.

We talked to Elliot Johnson about this. I guess when we previewed the wildcard series, in my opinion. It's your starting pitching dominance is overrated in the postseason. The postseason is all about getting a key hit and your bullpen.

Those are the two elements that win postseason games. And the Mets didn't get key hits. And it didn't even matter whether or not their bullpen was good because the starters weren't. Max Scherzer was awful.

Probably not healthy. Jacob DeGrom gutted it out for six innings. But he wasn't great. And Chris Bassett yesterday was terrified of the moment. If you watched it, you could tell he was afraid to pitch to the shortstop, the seven hole hitter. He was terrified of throwing him a strike in the second in the second inning.

What are you doing in the second inning? And Padres ended up winning that game was I think it was six nothing. But the game was over in the second because you could you could just feel it.

You could feel it that it was over. With that said, Padres look like fun. Soto Machado. Look, if they're gonna get home runs out of the bottom of the lineup production of the bottom line up, they're gonna be tough. They're not gonna be tough for the Dodgers to be, but they will not go down without a fight. And I actually think that they have good enough starting pitching. All you need in postseason baseball is good enough starting pitching. You don't need dominant starting pitching because you're probably not going to win that way. Um, but the Padres were better than the Mets, which frankly might not have been hard because the Mets might have made it easy.

End of story. Uh, guardians swept the Rays and gosh, the Rays had so many chances to win in that 70 inning game on Saturday. That was scoreless going to the bottom of whatever inning it ended in. The Rays had, I don't know, three, four chances to score runs and never did. And finally, boom, home run. We're done. See ya. Uh, Rays go home and the Mariners rallied from a seven one deficit on the road in Toronto and game two of that series to win it.

But I think 10 nine, my nose was eight one. They were down eight to one and rallied to, uh, to tie it at nine and then one at 10 nine. Uh, so good for the Mariners. The Mariners are fun and they are going to be tough out.

Although I do believe Houston's the best team and we'll see the Yankees deal with the, uh, the guardians. Uh, one more, uh, one more quick thing about the Braves before we break. They they're, they're going to get the Phillies. They think they beat the Phillies 11 out of 19 this year. Phillies have good, good enough starting pitching.

If they hit, they're going to be a little bit of a problem, but there's a lot of similarities between the two teams in terms of how they score runs, which is pretty much long ball. But the Braves signed Spencer Strider to a long term contract. They signed him to a, what it amounts to a seven year deal where I don't know that the total is like 97 million.

I think it's seven years, 97 million. When I tack, when you tack on the, the team option, if Spencer Strider is a, you know, a top of the rotation starter, you know, a number one or a number two toward the end of it, then they stole the stole money again. I don't know the lemon pepper wings at magic city must be so amazing that everybody who plays for the Braves signs for significantly below market value.

It, they must be the most delicious things in this, on this earth. That's the secret. I'm telling you, but good, good signing. And actually with pitching, it's a little bit more dicey to project. So the Braves are taking, they're taking a risk, but if they're just close to right, they're the winner of this. Uh, but again, I've said this before, I ended the Braves going back to the world series. Uh, that's a, that's a fun team. That's a fun team. The only reason I would be rooting against them and I'm not, I'm not rooting against them. I am rooting for them. I like, I like the way that team plays baseball, so I am rooting for the Braves. But if I was rooting against them, I'd be rooting against fans, the most childish fans in ever, ever. Anyway, uh, that's personal for me. That's, I apologize for that. This is the Adam Gold show.
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