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Michael Felder, In The Bleachers, joins Adam and he asks if Michael thinks some rankings should be considered disrespectful?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 19, 2022 5:18 pm

Michael Felder, In The Bleachers, joins Adam and he asks if Michael thinks some rankings should be considered disrespectful?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 19, 2022 5:18 pm

Michael Felder, In The Bleachers, joins Adam and he asks if Michael thinks some rankings should be considered disrespectful? Michael has some analogies that are very relatable, but help illustrate these college football points.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. That was absolutely hysterical on Friday. Trey Wingo literally had a stat for every game that we talked about. He did.

It was impressive. And he didn't know which games I was throwing at him. He just has him ready. Right. He did.

He had no idea. Got a stat for everything. Absolutely tremendous. Alright, Mike Felder from Stadium is going to join us in 15 minutes to talk college football. Get his thoughts on NC State.

Get his thoughts on the App win. But we'll kind of go around the country as well and see what else is going on in this world. Tomorrow on the program, we'll talk a lot of ACC football. We'll get more into the Panthers.

Aneesh Sharaf, who by the way had the state Texas Tech game. So we're going to talk about that with him. And we'll talk also a little bit about Aaron Judge with our friend Elliot Johnson. Alright, let's get right to the Wall of Sound.

Because the Wall of Sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. So much Matt Ruhl stuff we haven't had time to get to. So let's get to it.

Here's Matt Ruhl. I mean straight up right out of the gate. Press conference after the game. You know obviously a very, very disappointing game. You know my heart hurts for the guys in that locker room.

I know how much they wanted to win the football game. And you know made some mistakes early in the game. I thought the defense bailed us out through that.

And took the lead in the second half. And then only to see it slip away. So obviously for our guys that's two games in a row where we've come down to the very end with a chance to win the game. And I've come up short both times. And you know I take full responsibility for that. You know that's my job.

That falls on me. And I have to help these guys find a way to just make one more play. And win the game. And they're trying. They're grinding. They're working. They left it all on the field today.

But we are coming up just a player too short. And I know how frustrated they are. So you know we're close. I believe that with all my heart.

I think we're so close for coming down the stretch. But we haven't found a way to get it done. And that's my job. To help us get over that last hump.

It's the hardest part. And we haven't done it yet. And didn't do it today. Alright we're going to get to why he thinks they're close in a second. I would simply say this about you know we came up a play or two short. It's very simple to look at it that way. Because in professional sports that's generally the difference.

It really is generally the difference. No matter whether or not you're really good or not. But the really good teams make that play.

Find a way. Right. They make that play. Because that play presents itself several times during the game. You don't just get one chance to make the play.

You get many. The good teams make that play and it impacts the game. The teams like the Panthers never make that play.

No. I would say that Matt Ruhl didn't fumble the opening kickoff. I would say that Matt Ruhl didn't fumble the ball on the first possession. After the Giants did nothing other than kick a short field goal with that opening kickoff fumble. Matt Ruhl didn't drop a third and seven pass in the red zone that looked like was going to be a first down.

He didn't do that. Matt Ruhl didn't do all those things. That's what this team is. This team is a player too short. That's what they are under Matt Ruhl.

That's unfortunate. So, when asked about being close and your evidence, it was his answer. I just think we know that every game in the National Football League, pretty much every game is going to come down to the final five minutes of the game. This is yet another one that comes down to the final five minutes of the game. And that's twice now that we've had a chance to go win it.

So, to me, again, it's not like, hey guys, we're close. It's more like, hey, we know they're going to come down to the last five minutes of the game. Last week did.

This week did. We got to win those games, though. And we know that. And that's why I start by saying, hey, it's on me.

I don't think I have to prove it to them. I mean, they're not, you know, they're the ones out there playing. They want to win so badly. But, you know, again, if we don't take the ball away, we're probably not going to win. If we're minus two in games, we're probably not going to win. And yet, we're still having a chance. And so, we've got to get off to a better start on offense. We have to just find a way to stay on the field. On third down on offense, there's a lot of things we have to do better. And, yeah, we're still, you know, they're down the stretch with a chance to win is kind of how I think we all look at it. Or you played a team that also isn't very good. Because that's the way I look at the New York Giants. All I heard after last week's game was, man, if the Panthers just didn't start so slowly, like, sure.

Yeah. If you score a point in the first half, maybe you have a better chance. But there's a reason you didn't score in the first half. That wasn't a slow start.

You got to hang on to the ball. I'm sorry. I don't disagree with you.

Yeah. Look, I've been there. Remember, I am a recovering Jets fan. Okay, I get what Panthers fans go through because I went through it.

I can empathize. They're not good. They're not going to be good. They're not a good head coach.

I like him in every facet of his life except the one that we watch on Sundays. Here's Baker Mayfield, who also wasn't that good on Sunday on overcoming the mental part of being 0-2. We just have to come out and play. It's the mental hump of the 0-2 record, but knowing that there's a lot of ball left.

But also, you know, you think about it. We were 6-6 at halftime when we should have been losing if you look at the stats and the situations. But we're very close. Eliminate our own mistakes and just go play. We put in the work.

We deserve to have fun on Sundays and go execute. A whole lot of humps going on in the Panthers. Matt Ruhl talking about humps.

Baker Mayfield talking about humps. Should be the Camels. Right?

They should. Yeah. I could have gone somewhere else with it.

I probably made the better decision. All right, let's go to college football, shall we? Dave Doran. Adam Golden Studio with my man Coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because, and this is a thing that we, it's a mirage. You see mirages.

I've ridden in the desert before. You see what's water ahead, but it's not there. Your financial mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get ahold of it. Two uncles.

Uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam. Both of them are going to do some damage to that balance depending on what kind of other income you have. You could lose 40% of your value.

So if you're looking at a million dollar IRA, maybe it's only worth $600,000 to you. So how do we get around this? Well, you don't get around it because you end up in jail if you try to do that. But you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming, Adam.

We need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of our financial accounts. And for the next 10 people, we'll do it at no cost or obligation, put together your very own tax and retirement plan. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. Good win. You beat Texas Tech. Your defense was great. It's good to see Peyton Wilson start and finish a game for the first time in three years, whatever it is. But the offense was disappointing.

Here's Dave Doran right out of the gate in the press conference. Well, I first want to thank our fans, students, parents, recruits, everybody that's here tonight of this awesome environment and really appreciate the crowd noise. You guys always, always help us out. And it's not like this everywhere is a reason that we have the home win streak. You know, it's it's how we're playing. It's how we're coaching. It's how you're cheering.

And thank you for that. Very proud of the team. That was a good team win. You know, getting the interceptions on defense and, you know, the way that I thought just throughout the game, different times, kind of fed off of each other, played some good complimentary football at times as a good offense. And so to be able to do what we did, I thought Coach Gibson really called some good blitzes at the right time and mixed it up.

The kids did a good job. The guys stepped up and, you know, kind of had to fill some voids and guys were tired. But when you get that many takeaways in a game and you get a turnover on special teams with their muff punt, you know, you ought to be able to win and it's good to get that win. You know, I know that was a big game. Look, NC State has dreams and aspirations. So they had to win the game. But man, their offense, gosh, could be so much better.

Devin Leary's was like one hundred and thirty yards passing. Yeah. We. They have to they just have to be more dynamic. They just have to be.

I am, in a way, sort of hanging on, not showing too much. But then again, they went into their bag of tricks and I'm going to talk about this with Mike Felder. They went into their bag of tricks with some flea flicker action that Thayer Thomas threw two passes in the game to beat Texas Tech. Right. Come on.

Right. Here's Dave Doran on the offense responding to Texas Tech. Well, it felt like we ran the ball pretty effectively in the game. But yeah, I mean, once we got the two score lead in the second half, the way their offense plays fast, we're trying to keep it away and use clock as you saw. So I think the run game at times was good and other times not so good. We had some good outside runs, I think, got on the edges with Demi's one touchdown early in the game and I thought Tim mixed it up pretty well. You know, in the run game, we were pretty versatile, you know, our counters are outside zone inside zone and had some off tackle trap stuff.

So made them defend a lot of things in the run game. Good for good for the Wolfpack being three and oh, Connecticut is not going to be a challenge. And then it's the real challenge at Clemson. Hopefully their offense will make the trip.

All right. So before we take a break and Mike Felder is coming up on the other side, we heard the Adam Whitten play by play clip twice voice of App State. But App State also has a student radio station. So let's hear from Jeffrey Marston, who is the student play by play radio caller for the Mountaineers and takes a snap. Troy sends for Bryce rolls left.

And they heave it deep and it's not going to get there. It's caught by Christian Horn, he's around the outside and he's gone, he's gone and he wins. Holy mother meatballs, it's a touchdown for App State on a Hail Mary. Wait, wait. Holy mother meatballs?

Is that what it said? I don't know what that was, but it was great. Holy mother meatballs? Mountain meatballs, I guess. I don't know. I have no idea if that's what he said. I have no clue, but it was great. Holy mother meatballs. I believe that's what I heard. That is tremendous.

You could feel the roller coaster of emotion. Gosh, we're going everywhere. Mike Felder from watch stadium at in the bleachers on Twitter knows more about football, let alone college football than any human being I know.

And he joins me on the Adam Gold show. Sir, thank you very much for clearing time in your day to talk to somebody like me. I appreciate your time. The Wolfpack, I know they're 3-0, but their offense is sort of not doing much. What are you, what is it? Is it offensive line? Is it skill? Is it scheme? Is it opponent? What are your thoughts on where the Wolfpack are offensive? Is it early? What are your thoughts on that so far? Now I can there.

Oh, you sound good. I think it's a combination of all those things. I think that there's a lot of a tremendous amount of pressure on Devin Leary and he's pressing, which means pressing does lead to sometimes interceptions, but sometimes all target throws. And then we're still figuring out what they are in the run game. And then, I mean, they had a, a perfect play that got burned because an offensive lineman was like nine yards downfield.

So it's, it's, it's one of those things where it's a confluence, it's a, it's a confluence of all these issues and there are a team that is, here's the thing being 3-0 is better than being one and two or two and one, but they still recognize that they have some problems and being able to fix those in the meantime, I think is the most important part. This is a team that we all expected them to be, you know, near the top of the ACC because of Leary. We expect them to be near being at the top of the ACC and offense and right now they're 11th in total offense. Yeah. The defense is carrying them right now, which is good, but at the same time, you gotta have that offense come with you.

Yeah. It's spoke to Chip Patterson before the season started and Chip comes on with us every Wednesday and he said, this is about a month ago and I, I love the Wolfpack and I love Devin Leary and I think their running backs are good enough. Only question was, you got to replace Iquanto on the offensive line.

Could they do that? I know the skill position talent isn't quite the same, but there should be enough and you, and they've recruited well enough and especially in college, man, every, every school should have a whole bunch of wide receivers that could step on the field and play the Trent Pennock's tight end injury, I think on the, on the low probably hurts them, especially the way he emerged last year. But their offense has just looked so weird to me and I was put off.

Maybe I shouldn't have been, they went into their bag of tricks in the first quarter against Texas Tech in week three. So my, my fear is that, well, you can't use that play again. Is that a, is that a fair way of looking at it? Yeah, that's a perfect way to look at it. And here's the reality is not only did they use it and it should have worked, it also got called back. Right.

Like that's the worst part of it all is the touchdown that you scored didn't even count, but everybody knows when you go into this, look, you're going to do this. So you can't use that for what, four weeks, five weeks. Could use it in two weeks. Right. Yeah. So it's going to be really interesting to see how that shakes itself out, but I mean, but you like, go look at the numbers, like in the top 50 wide receivers in the ACC, you have to go all the way down to what, 35, 37 to get to test there to, to get to their Thomas to get to Durney, like in during the run of that, like you have to go down all the list is far to get to those guys.

And that's the big thing for me where if you don't have a playmaker, you don't have a consistent playmaker, it's going to be really tough. And obviously they flowers on the BC is I'm not saying BC is better than NC state, but at least they know when we need something, we can get him the football safe thing with like Purdue when they had David Bell or, or Rondell Moore, like if he stays got to like find a guy that can get down the field and don't make something happen. A guy that can scare a defense, not a guy that can, you know, sneak underneath like there. Right. Uh, you know, the truth is, is that NC state has really two great quarterbacks because Thayer Thomas is also a great quarterback.

Apparently. I mean, he, every time I see him throw, he throws a touchdown pass, Mike Felder at, in the bleachers on Twitter from watch stadium. So I mean, I go back to that first game and I don't want to spend too much time in this mode, go back to the first game against East Carolina. And I want to give ECU the credit because they had to go line stands there.

The second one more impressive than the first one. But I was of the mind that state was trying to show as little as possible, but what they did was invite a loss. I thought that was a little bit troubling. Um, we haven't seen a really good power run game from them is, are they just not going to be able to do that, especially as they start going up in class, starting in two weeks? Well, it's a question of if you want to do it too, right?

So you have to ask that question. And I think that the running backs are more comfortable moving wide, which is wide zone versus inside zone. And they run more wide zone, at least from what I've seen. And somebody, and I'm sure somebody is going to email or text and say, no, they still run inside zone. And I'm like, not the same inside zone of when they had Garrett Bradbury or when they had right. Keep wanting to be like, it's not the same inside zone. So it looks like they want to try to get to the perimeter a little more, but the guys aren't fast enough. Once you try to hit the permit, once you try to hit the corner, they can cut you down. So I think that's going to be an interesting thing for them over the course of the season.

But the other part for me is what do they want to be? And I think what they want to be, and I think that trick play that we've talked about for a little bit, I think they want Leary to be a part of this offense, not just from throwing, but also a little bit of running. And he seems a little reluctant to do that. And that's the part that's the most interesting for me with NC state is does Leary like, cause we know he's super athletic. Can he, can he steal some yards for you? And that's the part that's going to be interesting over the course of the season because yet he wants to make sure he stays healthy so he can play all these games so that they can achieve at that maximum level. But your running game becomes more dangerous if he is a factor in that run game. And that's the part where I'm curious to see how this plays itself out over the course of the next, over the course of the season.

And obviously we, at UNC and NC state are always intrinsically tied together. What we've seen is Devon is, is, is Drake may be a little more willing to be a part of that, but that's also part of the fact that it is, this is his first time starting right. Devon Leary has got to make money next year to be an adult, you got to get health insurance. You know what I'm saying?

Like jerk May's like, oh, I'm still going to be in college next year. What's the difference. It's fine. Of course I'll run. So I think those things all come into those, those things all factor in for, uh, for Devon Leary, Mike, Mike Felder at in the bleachers on Twitter.

All right. As it were, we're going to do quick hits on NC state's next three opponents before we talk about the Tar Heels and Notre Dame. So well, not their next three opponents cause they're playing Connecticut, which is sort of an opponent. Uh, but in two weeks, the Wolfpack are going to, uh, Clemson.

I actually thought the tigers looked a little bit better. I know it's Louisiana tech, but I actually thought that even DJ looked a little bit better. Are they working some kinks out or was that opponent related? He's been working kinks out DJ is also in a fight for his life.

He wants to play in the NFL and he's, he's doing everything he can to keep this kid on the sidelines. And he, there's the craziest part is the better DJ plays, the more that Cade gets to play. That's the, like, I don't know if anybody else has thought about that, but that's the reality, right? Like if DJ plays really well, then Kate gets more time in the game. And so I think DJ is, he's figuring things out and he's also challenging his wide receivers. I think, um, this is a season where I've seen more frustration between, and maybe it's because of the transfer portal. Maybe it's because I don't, I made this because this is the first kind of season quote unquote we're truly out, but we're seeing more frustration between quarterbacks and wide receivers than we've seen in a long time, like visible frustration. Maybe it's just, um, ESPN or Fox or CBS or whatever, maybe it's just their camera angles in the way they give you a hero shot on somebody.

But I see, I saw downs with may. I've seen, obviously I've seen DJ with, um, is it in the gata? I've seen that. I've seen, uh, a chain and I mean a Smith at, at, at, at, at, and you're seeing these guys just look at the quarterback, like, come on, man. Same thing with, uh, Ronnie bell at, at, at, at Michigan.

Like we're seeing these things in real time. And I think the biggest thing is going to be is, is seeing DJ get upset that the wide receiver didn't make the right break. Didn't do the right thing. And he's like, no, man, we're supposed to be better than this.

And you do this for him, but not for me. And it's, it's building up. And so I think what obviously, as you say, going to Clemson, the biggest thing that I'm looking at, I'm going to be looking forward to is the, the, the, the line. And obviously our P to Brian Brett fees, sister breastfeed should be back for that game. And if he's not back, that's fine too, because it takes a long time to get over something that type of hurt. But if he is back, how they handle him is going to be interesting when you also have to deal with miles Murphy and KJ, Katie, like you have to deal with all these things.

It's going to be tough. So yeah, I just, I don't, I think the frustration is bubbling up and I'm, I'm very curious to see how Dabo handles it because he hasn't, he's not been used to dealing with her. I like the under in that game, regardless of, of who's on the field. And I haven't seen the under two weeks out, but I liked the under in that game, Florida state looks competent. And that is something we haven't really been able to say for a number of years. They don't look like they beat themselves.

I mean, everybody makes mistakes. It is college football, but again, they just look like they're competent and that could be dangerous. I still don't know that they have a great offensive line, but suddenly that game looks like a lot more of a problem for everybody competent or competent, cut competent June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The canes corner. Look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina.

Listen now find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast. They are. I think they look confident. I think they're the scary part for me is that they're competent, right?

Because if they believe in themselves and they don't assume, and here's the thing, think about it with Scott Ross, where he goes, why does this stuff keep happening? Florida state doesn't have that attitude anymore, but I think that that's a team that's going to be a problem. They're going to stick around the whole time. They stuck around against LSU. And even though they should've lost that game, probably they find a way to block it, feel a PAP at the end of the game and win Louisville, same thing.

They Louisville scored back and then Florida state comes back and they're able to get a finally in the game with the w like, this is a team that getting this great. And I guess maybe I'll date myself, but they feel a lot more like a mid nineties Florida state team, right? Like pre pre when they've won a couple of national championships, pre when they've been, had the best players of all time, right?

Like mid to early nineties. But this is a team that's like, we're not out of it. And for people from the state of North Carolina to remember that, remember the way they dominate ACC. But I would say like, they feel a lot closer to the road warriors. That was Florida. When I think of road wars, I think of Florida state. I think of East of you, we'll play you anytime, anywhere, any, we'll play you anytime, anywhere, any day. And this Florida state team has that feel to me. They played what they put a Friday game, a Sunday game, like they're ready to rock and roll. They'll do it.

Play the week zero game. This team has that, that makeup. And I think getting that level of energy is important. And by the way, like I'm, I'm, I'm still waiting on Virginia Tech to give me that same energy because they're the team that have been at Thursday night football and I know Brit prize is going to be a good coach, but they're still not quite there yet. Yeah. That, uh, that loss at old dominion was, uh, was disappointing, but I, I agree.

And the overall strength of the ACC fair or not, will always be measured by the quality of football played by Florida state, maybe Florida state first, to be honest and Miami Clemson, who never w but, but this Clemson thing, we all have to admit is really a last 10 years before then. It's true. Right? Yeah.

I mean, it's brand. They are the nouveau riche. They're like East coast, Oregon, Oregon was never anything.

And then all of a sudden they were w wait a second. Oregon's great. So that's what, that's what Clemson is.

I think, I think it's sustainable. What Dabo Sweeney has done there. Clemson is not a, Clemson is not a team that has Louis Vuitton luggage with no wheels on it that they inherited from their grandma.

This is a team that they, they got, they got the, Oh, they got the, um, away bags and they just got a really good package of away bags. And they're like, this is a new, completely different program than they were even with Danny Ford. And it's true.

And I love that you said nouveau riche. I love that. Guys, if you're not, if you're listening to the radio right now, Adam Gold and Michael Felder, guess what we do? We read books. We know stuff. All right.

Before I have to, uh, expose myself, uh, I said that very poorly. Very in our very in artfully, um, the strength of the ACC extends to Syracuse. What, what's going on there real quick before we talk about North Carolina, Notre Dame for a second.

What's going on in Syracuse. Are they good? I don't know. I don't know. Shreders. They're obvious. I have no idea.

I picked Purdue to beat them and then Purdue ran the game and then they lost. Right. I don't understand what's happening. I don't know, but it looks like if we got a group of guys that are going to fight to make sure they keep playing for Dino papers, honestly, I think that's what it is. Does that, does that make any sense? Cause no.

Yeah, it does. Dino is great. This team should have lost Gadsden is amazing as a wide receiver. And the three and O there, listen, we got, we've got a three and O Syracuse. We've got a three and O Duke to go out of the ACC. We've got a three and O Kansas. We also got a three. Do we have a three and O Washington as well?

Yeah. Washington wake, right? Wake sport. Like these guys are like stepping up and with Washington, it's a new coast with Syracuse is they want to keep their coach with, with wake. They were like, we don't have a quarterback. Oh, and then our quarterback came back and then we found a way to get something done. And then Duke is like, we got a new coach, but guess what? We play good defense and Vanderbilt is also three and O if I'm not mistaken, Vanderbilt lost the wake forest. There are two and one stepping up and being like, cause they should have lost the Northern Illinois. And they were like, no, we're not going to lose the, watch what we do in the second half. We're seeing teams stand up and step up. And I think that the craziest part, and I don't think Zeno papers is a part of this, but I do think with Elko, with Clark Lee, we're seeing these, um, defense of coaches do this thing.

That is the worst. I think Venables is also in that same camp. They're doing the thing that they hate. Braden Willis is going to be a superstar, uh, the tight end for Oklahoma because Venables was like, oh, you're the type of player I would hate to play again. And we're seeing them do those things. And I think with Syracuse, with the Syracuse, what we're seeing Syracuse do is they're like, you guys aren't that good.

So they're going to, they push the ball down the field. They guys didn't, what do you have the size on gadgets? No, I have no idea. I got it. I got it right here.

I'm too busy reading. Five, six, five, two 17. That's good size. Just throw the football to them as many times they got a five foot pin.

They got five, 10, 185 pound guy out there trying to cover him all day long, all day long. All right. Final thing. Notre Dame is at Keenan stadium on Saturday and I can't decide is, is this disrespect? Like I would have thought based on what I've seen offensively from both teams and defensively maybe from both teams, uh, that North Carolina, North Carolina would be a slight favorite at home. They're actually a one point underdog. Um, is that, is that disrespectful to North Carolina?

Disrespect on what? I don't know. I thought North Carolina would be favored in that game. I think Notre Dame's offense is because Notre Dame can't score. Yeah.

And UNC can't stop people from scoring. Right? This is like, this is like, um, it's like kissing a sister. Like what are we doing? So this is, it's not irresistible force versus, uh, it's, it's the opposite of that.

It's resistible force versus movable object. Yeah. This is, this is like taking your cousin to prom, like it's not good.

Like either one. Their offense is bad. Their defense is terrible.

What do we do? I guess we mash them up together and what that, what does that like, I think all things is easier than defense and if opens is easier than defense, then against a defense, that's not that good. That's office. This office from Notre Dame's going to be able to move the football guys.

They can run the football in North Carolina. It could be a long day. Yeah. And it just, that's the part, like, I don't, I thought they'd be favored by more, but again, like I'm, this is literally like your mom coming down the stairs and being like, well, you know, proms next week, I got your tuxedo and um, your cousin will go with you. And you're like, oh, okay.

That never happened to you, by the way, you, you, you always, uh, you always had a date and I'm sure you had a koozie in your back pocket at the time, Mike Felder from stadium, by the way, go, uh, go to do it's Felder, do it and, and, and upgrade, go to premium, go to premium for it's Felder. Uh, you are, you are the best, my friend at, in the bleachers on Twitter. Uh, thank you so much.

No problem. My wife's very worried. I'm going to hurt myself, but tomorrow on it's on the premium feed, I am going to do a fumble recovery tutorial where I do get down on the ground. So it's, that's all happening. Gosh, I'm going to be there. What time?

What time is that? Um, we're going to do it live, but it'll live in the group, but we're going to do it. We're going to do it live like bill O'Reilly baby. Oh, beautiful. We'll do it live. Excellent. Mike, Mike, I'll talk to you soon, man. Peace. Take it easy. You got it.

Which is completely lost control of that segment. I apologize. This is the Adam gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The canes corner. Look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcasts.
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