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ACC Football Preview // NBA Summer League

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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July 19, 2022 4:18 pm

ACC Football Preview // NBA Summer League

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 19, 2022 4:18 pm

Adam gives his prediction on NC State in football for this upcoming season. Brian Geisinger of joins the show to discuss the NBA Summer League, and what the future holds for the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Landed in a hammock outside the patio of a first level flat. Cardenas circles the bases. I think it landed in a hammock. And now the door opens to that flat. Somebody's walking out there.

There's a baseball waiting in a hammock. And the youngster has the ball and throws it in the air. That's the cheer you hear. How did he know it?

Was he watching the game? I don't know, man. When a hammock lands on my patio, I know it. When a baseball.

When a hammock? Never mind. Oh, I like a little lounge music here on the Adam Gold Show. I was thinking more elevator music. No, it sounds like good bar lounge music. Maybe this is what you hear when you check into your hotel.

I don't think so. Where we're staying, it's a good hotel. I'm not giving away our location. We don't want paparazzi. But it's a good hotel, but it's not necessarily, it doesn't have the lobby, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles. But a quality hotel.

I think everybody in their mind can come up with something like that so there's no music playing in the lobby. Although, we'll probably, because everything happens at the Westin in Charlotte starting tomorrow, there will be some libations enjoyed there a little bit later on. Alright, I leave tonight. After the show, we'll head on down to Charlotte. It's the Adam Gold Show.

I'm Adam. That is Graham Hill, the new guy. And he's filling in for Dennis Cox who is en route to Charlotte, North Carolina where tomorrow we will talk to Dave Doran among other people.

I'm looking forward to that. So this is what we do every day at 1 o'clock except days we talk to Chip Patterson. And we let you decide. So Graham put out the poll today. By the way, you didn't even consult me on the poll and I thank you for that.

You're welcome. Nobody needs me for the poll. You scared me for a second.

I was like uh oh. No, no. I don't need to be consulted. It's fine. You can put anything you want on the poll. I don't care.

It's just listeners choice. So do we have production for this? We can get a quick instrumental real quick. That's good. Alright, so we're typing in one. I can hear you typing.

Yes, we're typing in one. Let's see. Play anything. It doesn't matter. No?

Alright, don't play anything. Alright, so here it is. We put out a poll.

Graham put out a poll earlier today. What should we talk about at 1 o'clock today? Favorite college football memories?

Really? I want to pick your brain a little bit. Alright, what's your favorite college football memory? The one I can think of right off the bat.

Well that's what the whole thing is. Your favorite memory should be? College football ECU versus North Carolina down in Greenville where it was the 71 point game.

And I'm not saying that because I'm not saying which side I was picking. But just the whole atmosphere with the whole line of the sky, the purple backdrop, and then the Dowdy Ficklin Stadium. I might have gotten the trademark Rowdy Dowdy. It was either that or when Russell Wilson threw the interception on the goal line in overtime against the Pirates a couple years ago. But that whole, I was in 7th grade.

So that was way back in the day. But that's a fond memory. Wait, you were in 7th grade when Russell Wilson threw that interception? No, when the North Carolina game happened.

God, I don't need to hear this. Alright, my favorite college football memory? Actually, Maryland rallying from 31 down at Miami to win over the Hurricanes. No joke that happened, but I was in college at the time. It's amazing that I remember that.

Number 3 on this list, NFL training camp. By the way, did you see the Panthers black helmet? I did. And you know, it's funny, somebody wrote that in as a write-in. Well, they DM'd me as a write-in option.

But yes, I did see that. You know, if it gets Baker Mayfield fired up along with his Bojangles meal, which I'm curious to see if he's had yet. Well, he's not in Charlotte yet. He's not in Charlotte yet? Not yet. Well, if it gets him fired up to play, like you said yesterday, we get above average Baker this year.

Doesn't have to be stellar Baker Mayfield, but just above average 9 win season for the Panthers? Maybe. Maybe. I think they have more issues than people want to assign to them, but I like the Panthers black helmet. I think it's a cool look. I actually like different color helmet options. You know, the NFL did away with that a bunch of years ago for safety reasons, as though you couldn't have two helmets.

Interesting. I didn't understand that, but they did away with that. Like, could you imagine Oregon if they only had one helmet? Oh man, could you imagine Oregon if they only had one uniform? They have seven different helmets, which is awesome.

I think it's fun. Anyway, I kind of dig the Panthers black helmet. Major League Baseball All-Star game that came in third.

It's all right. Look, I like the All-Star game. I will watch a few innings of it tonight. It used to be a better game. The game had a little bit more meaning. The players treated it differently. Now, it's not an annoyance, but it is more of an obligation for a lot of the established stars than it used to be. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these guys make so much money that whatever you get from being in an All-Star game isn't that big a deal. I wish Major League Baseball would treat it like the NBA. The NBA All-Star game is treated like A, it's a party all week, and B, there is an element of those guys that are still trying to prove to each other how great they are. And that happens in the fourth quarter of an NBA All-Star game.

They're still trying to prove it to each other. The Major League Baseball All-Star game? Nah, it ain't that.

It ain't that. Some of these guys, they'll play two innings and they're done. By the way, did you see how they're going to settle if it's tied after nine innings?

See how they're going to do it? No extra innings. Home run derby. If it's tied after nine.

Yeah, I think he's been a little bit banged up of late because he's been de-aging a bunch. I could be wrong though. But yeah, it would be great to see all the stars do that just like the stars don't do the slam dunk competition anymore.

But I think it's cool. Home run derby if it's tied after nine, which it probably won't be. And number one, this is probably where we should have started, ACC football. I'm going to take the next two minutes and just say that NC State, this is the year.

This is the year. And I don't want to hear we're better when nobody expects us to be better because that's just in your mind. That's not in anybody else's, that's in your mind. So don't self-medicate.

If you're good, be good. Embrace it. Right? You've already decided that you're an NC State fan. Right?

So you've already set yourself up. It can't hurt anymore. Right? If you say, well, we're better when people... That's not going to lower your expectations of it.

Right? You still think that this team has a chance. It has one of the best returning quarterbacks in the country. We have to see what the offensive line is going to look like. But it has a great defense. If they can stay healthy, they'll be deep on defense too. I think their offense will be good enough. And it could be potentially great if they can replace enough pieces at skill position, running back, Emezi, all of that tight end.

Get better there. The Devon Carters back who hopefully will take the real next step forward. Why not? I'm not predicting that NC State's going to be great or beat Clemson and win the ACC. But this is the chance. I feel as though, and I want to get your thoughts on this, NC State's season is going to be determined by that first game in Greenville on September 3rd. Well, I listened to Joe Ovius and Joe Gilliam yesterday, and Ovius said, you know, college athletics is stupid.

It doesn't matter about the matchup on papers. It's week one. Anything can happen. You know, a lot of people and some state fans would say, you know, that's the trap game. You know, we go in there with all this expectation, and then we just let ECU punch us in the mouth on the first play of the game. Whereas Joe Gilliam says that's also a big factor because if you want to have your ride off into the sunset season that a lot of state fans are hoping for, you can't have a dark cloud heading into week two. No, you go and you win that game. Look, I don't think it's going to be easy, but East Carolina isn't right now close to where NC State is. So if you lose that game, it's an indication. It's not, well, that's week one.

It's an indication if you lose that game. Adam Gold here from my man, Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement.

All right, Coach, simple. When do we start tax planning in retirement? We should start as soon as possible because here's one thing, Adam, taxes are not going away.

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Like special life insurance policies, you can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on your money that you build up inside your cash value. So there are a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring it.

So let's make sure to not ignore it. The next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan that will help you minimize taxation all the way through retirement. 800-661-7383.

All you got is call or you can text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. If ECU was a little bit further along, and ECU is not incompetent, I'm not trying to make that, but I think NC State could be legitimately good. They could be top 15. I think, honestly, I think the baseline is for them to be a top 15 team. The schedule is not overwhelming for them. I think the baseline to me is 4-0 heading to Clemson.

Well that's what they should be. They should be 4-0 going down to Clemson. Yeah, not even, on the field. Texas Tech is their toughest non-conference game. I know ECU is week one.

Whatever. They should win that game. They should win that game.

They should be probably a 10-point road favorite and win that game. But this is the year, man. Don't shy away from it. Don't NC State stuff it up. Embrace that this is the year. Go attack it.

Do everything that Rory McIlroy didn't do at the Open Championship. You still holding that from yesterday? I'm not getting over that. You're never getting over it?

No, he's, I keep... Almost like some State fans will never get over the wide right kick by Kyle Bambour at Clemson. I understand. Don't punt the ball to Gio. Don't punt the ball to Gio. By the way, that was in my list of college football memories.

Punting the ball to Gio. Alright, when we come back, Brian Geisinger, We'll talk also a little bit about Summer League, which is over. He'll be with us next. This is the Adam Gold Show.

I'm Adam Gold. Graham Hill, the new guy, is sitting in for Dennis Cox. I'm old enough to remember when there were multiple NBA Summer Leagues. Some teams sent teams to, there was like the Rocky Mountain Review. I think there were teams in Florida. There were teams in Vegas. Now everybody is in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League.

So, we've got, they actually crowned a champion now. Do we have Brian? Brian Geisinger, are you there, sir? No, he is not there. Brian Geisinger is not there.

We'll find Brian Geisinger in just a second. But it was an eye-opening Summer League and there are still things that need to be sorted out before we get to the start of the NBA season. Like, what happens with Donovan Mitchell? What happens with Kevin Durant? What happens with Kyrie Irving? We'll have to figure that out.

So until then, we have to wait and see what happens. I'll tell you what, it almost looks now that all those guys are headed back to the Brooklyn Nets. It almost looks like Kyrie and Kevin Durant are all headed back to the Brooklyn Nets.

And I'm not entirely sure that that's not where we're headed all the time. But at some point, we were always going to get back to that because Kyrie can only go one place. Nobody was going to give up what needed to be given up to get Kevin Durant.

So it was just never going to work out that way. But it looks like Durant is going to head back. So now we'll see what Durant and Kyrie and Ben Simmons can do.

I don't like Ben Simmons and Kyrie has become completely unreliable and Kevin Durant has had health issues. Other than all of that, we'll see. Brian Geisinger, is joining us. Are we all set? Let's see. What's up, BJ? Not much, man. How about you?

Doing well, doing well. All right. Let's give me because all the teams now show up in the same place. We don't have the splintering of Summer League. What stood out to you the most? I mean, I think you never want to overreact too much to Summer League and what you see.

But it is obviously a great place to see a lot of first and second year guys, guys that just got drafted less than a month ago, guys that are all coming off a rookie season and back for Summer League, perhaps for the second time. As far as like, I think, local stuff that was interesting about Salah Benkara going out there and doing the same, like totally looking the part and looking to be ever like absolutely the sort of like offensive half court hub of offense that he was at Duke and sort of looking very similarly with the Orlando Magic out in Vegas. It was really fun to see only in two games how many different ways Orlando was able to use Ben Caro as a ball handler, as a screener, as a shooter, as a guy to throw the ball into at the post or the elbow. So very impressed with what I saw with pilot and Caro very impressed with what Chet Holgren looked like.

Yeah. You know, out of good saga, he I think he probably played some of his best ball, like in in like the Utah games before everything migrated over to Vegas, but he looked excellent. The Thunder have a lot of, you know, interesting and talented young players.

They're still, you know, a year or so off right from really turning this thing around, but they've got a lot of stuff going on. I watched every one I watched all five warnings games. And I thought Mark Williams played pretty well only played about 100 minutes. It was really like sort of like platooning at the center position with Kai Jones, who was one of Charlotte's first round picks a year ago, right. But Mark, I thought Mark Williams looked really good. I thought defensively like, you know, he still has a tendency to to leave his feet and over help and leave the rim exposed, but he can really, I mean he can he can block shots, and I thought I just thought his timing looks pretty good.

I thought his ground coverage looked good. I thought he was I know you could even see sort of like the influence of Mark Williams, even when guys weren't trying to attempt shots around the rim, you know, guys passing out of would be layup attempts. So we'll see how that translates to the regular season, but I thought Williams look look like active on defense looks solid guarding the pick and roll and he struggled offensively but but certainly had some moments both as a pastor in like a lot finisher for Charlotte. The some of the stuff that I saw that really jumped out to me though was three players for the Golden State Warriors, because we saw Jonathan comminga.

We saw Moses Moody, and we saw James Wiseman, and none of those wise and wasn't even active comminga and moody played bit parts at best during the playoffs. And they want a title. So, what those guys, when you add that level of athleticism and potentially defensive ability, not to mention whatever they can do offensively. When you add that to that team's mix. It just seems and the, I think they're bringing everybody back, other than Gary Payton.

The second why who I absolutely love. I mean that looks like the start of another crew. Yeah, I mean that was the whole, the Golden State's plan was to have at least the sort of like public facing plan was for them to have the sort of like the the aging core that we all know of Steph Curry Trayvon Green clay Thompson, Andre would all back, you know Wiggins kind of a hybrid in between the old guard and this new mix of young players that that were brought in. And I think the thought was you either use guys like comminga moody wise been potentially like in a trade to go get you another like with now piece, or those guys develop. They're all very talented prospects very different prospects to see you can sort of like develop them simultaneously you know they're not going to like eat into the other, the other guy maybe there's some, maybe there's a look maybe with comminga in wise when there's like a little bit of overlap in terms of how they need to be used offensively right now.

But yeah, like they've got they've got pieces to, you know, they want to continue to roll with this with this same group and like look, they're going to they just had the most expensive roster in NBA history this past season, and they're going to break their own record next year because the band, the band's coming back together next year. And all obviously like, you know, wise men salary moody comminga all of their rookie scale contracts are going to go up. I love moody as a prospect, I thought Charlotte should have taken him over James book night in the lottery, a year ago, fact that he was 14, I think was was really a steal, because he's just got game he's strong comminga just an incredible athlete talent, you can see what he does just causing havoc he just when he would get in games this season, he would start doing stuff, not all right you know he started doing stuff. And with wise men, you know, go we talked about this leading into the 2020 draft like, I wouldn't have taken. I've taken James wise men to I wouldn't have taken him in the top five, he probably would have been somewhere from 10 to 14, you know like I'm with you heard of the lottery for me.

And, but, but regardless of like what you think about wise men. It is good, it was good to see him back out there playing Vegas, and I mean the reviews were a little bit of mixed but definitely had some moments, and it was be curious to see like how if he's able to play real minutes at all for Golden State in the regular season this season, you know that's like obviously the, the next step. Kevin Geisinger is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show let me ask you about two situations now across the league, one of them in Brooklyn, where Kevin Durant demanded a trade Kyrie Irving demanded a trade.

He picked up his. He picked up his option is player option, and was trying to shop himself. Are they both going to end up back with the Brooklyn Nets. Right now, it's like starting to seem like that, especially for Durant, right, because it's like I mean I do think like the nets are the most likely team for him to at least start the season on next year, you know like I just, you look out like Brooklyn's trade demands are obviously perhaps physically very very high Phoenix, you know, I don't know if they've completely just like been wiped off the floor as a trade destination for him, but things have gotten a lot more difficult now with with DeAndre Eaton yeah signed to, you know, now now you're resigned as a restricted free agent like, you know, he's not tradable right right legally not tradable and so you know there are some other reports being floated around that, you know, did Durant. He requested a trade, not because he was not because he was upset with what the how the franchise handled good friend Kyrie Irving, but because he's trying to use that as like some type of leverage play to get Irving traded. You know, like, but then I but I don't know for what like there really isn't much of a trade market right out right now for for Kyrie unless it's going to be, you know, the Westbrook exchange and what would be the status deal in recent history, but you can't trade for Russell Westbrook with Kevin grant is in Brooklyn, even if I guess you're going to be able to buy him out and then what was it like.

I don't really, it's tough to tell what's going on like everything feels like a lot of, you know, smokescreen hearsay whatever you want to say right now but I do think like the next. I guess give them credit for it like they decided to just write it out with Durant of, I guess the only thing the last thing I would say is like, if he is not dealt by training camp or the start the season like Kevin Durant to decide to not play basketball like he could do it Ben Simmons did last season, you know what I mean and just like not not play and really force Brooklyn's hand and then what would they do then so BS right now, I think, I think Irving will be moved. I think Durant at this point, and it could change is like likely to be back in Brooklyn at the start of next season whether he's at you know actively playing or not.

I would write on the back of Kyrie's Jersey caveat emptor let the buyer beware man I do. I don't know why any contending team would trade for an unreliable player, because Kyrie Irving has proven that he is not a reliable person, let alone player. I believe he jettisoned the net season with his stance this year, knowing what the rules were going to be in his home arena. He could have avoided that.

And he torpedoed their chance. This year, I can't, I can't possibly believe that Kevin Durant doesn't hold him somewhat responsible for what happened. I mean, how could you not in like, just to be clear like like Kyrie you and I both know Kyrie Kyrie Irving is an incredibly talented player that we've been talking about him on your show you since I was a fill in board off for you during the playoffs when LeBron and Kyrie want a title you know so like it's again we've been we've been we're fully you capable of understanding his skills and his talents on the basketball court. But, um, but unfortunately it's like it's everything else, and he absolutely think Brooklyn season last season with his stance on on not getting vaccinated like there's just, there's no, there's no if ands or buts about it like there was some other stuff that happened and hard and ultimately kind of quit and forced his way out to but that was related direct yes Kyrie Irving. So, it's just, um, I don't know what to do with the only contender that would trade for him is one like the Lakers that is so desperate. Yes, you know what I mean, because right now the roster, not championship good. This is this is the final stretch run for LeBron whether he's going to play.

You know however many more seasons, by the way, LeBron is eligible for an extension starting the first week of August, let's see what happens with with those negotiations, as they're going to now overlap potentially with it with it, you know with the Kyrie Irving trade of some kind so it's a mess, but only a team like the Lakers, who could see the fit on the court with Kyrie plus LeBron plus ad. They are so desperate to upgrade talent because right now this roster is just not good enough to maybe even get out of the play in tournament in the Western Conference or make the play in tournament in the Western Conference because Anthony Davis is almost as unreliable as Kyrie Irving, albeit for different reasons final question for Brian Geisinger at be guys underscore bird on Twitter ACC Donovan Mitchell plays game one for which NBA team. I will, I will go ahead and maybe it's going out on a limb here and I'll say it's going to be New York.

Just reading the tea leaves, they've got the package to get it done. I know there are some paying ups in the negotiations right now between Utah and New York. I think it's wise for New York to be patient like they ultimately have the best package to offer so like there's no real need to rush it unless all of a sudden you know New Orleans wants to throw their hat into the race here and I don't, maybe they will I don't see it so I guess Brooklyn could try to get involved in this as well but New York has the best package.

They they're motivated to get Mitchell for a bunch of different reasons so I will say New York, but um, you know, we'll see when the calendar flips to August, things tend to cool a little bit, you know, I'll be curious to see how that goes but I'll say I'll go out on a limb perhaps and say Mitchell spider to New York City. Brian Geisinger, I'll talk to you soon my friend are you, if you're going to be in Charlotte I'll see you there if not I'll see you soon. I'll talk to you soon gold, Brian Geisinger ACC

We have achieved halftime orange wedges. It's May 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina, it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly, the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary show presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now, find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast.

Yesterday on Twitter via entertainment weekly. First look new photos from the final season of The Walking Dead on AMC will release, featuring Daryl and Carol who are two of the original characters from season one. When the show first debuted back in 2009 Aaron who debuted in season five and apparently some off brand stormtrooper group known as the Commonwealth troopers. Adam Did you watch The Walking Dead at all. No, I did for a little bit and then I just kind of got out of it when the storyline became too repetitive of humans versus humans rather than humans versus zombies. Okay, yeah, I was not into zombie shows now.

I don't do that. I didn't do what was the like Twilight. What was those those shows were also zombie shows Twilight. I thought that was vampire vampires. Yeah, they're kind of the same aren't they zombies and vampires.

Sure. One can come out during the sun. I think isn't that how I guess vampires are actually alive. Yeah, zombies are not.

Yeah, zombies are afterlife. I don't know. But I mean, props to you if you're still watching that show because like I said 2009 that's a big big difference right there a lot of a lot of airtime. And then happy birthday to Dr. Strange himself Benedict Cumberback who turns 46 years of age today. Who's that? Dr. Strange. Okay, Marvel movie.

Yeah, this would be more at Dennis's speed. I just saw it today on famous celebrities birthday so I figured I throw it in there. Okay, trying to see that I'm trying to remember if there was anyone else but yeah, Dr. Strange Benedict Cumberback, so I guess you've never seen any of the Dr.

Strange movie. No, no, do you want to I have two other celebrity birthdays today. Okay, I believe Stuart Scott would have been 57 today.

So shouts to him and I don't think I talked about it. He was inducted into the NSMA Hall of Fame posthumously obviously this past last month. I was there as a statewide recipient, but he was inducted in and Scott Van Pelt did a kind of welcomed him into the Hall of Fame Scott was also voted Sportscaster of the Year he and Ernie Johnson shared National Sportscaster of the Year. But it was a really cool speech when Scott was talking about Stuart so shouts to Stuart Scott and Rachel Robinson turns a hundred today really Jackie Robinson's Widow.

Wow, 100. Yeah. Yeah. I remember you touched on the Stuart Scott the awards Bank with the last time I was on the show actually when we had West Durham on and Scott Van Pelt actually came over and congratulate you when you received your reward how cool that's pretty cool. How was your relationship with him?

Just I mean in the industry. No, I mean I Scott and I went to college at the same time. We lived in the same dorm. I didn't even think about that city of Maryland Scott was on the eighth floor. I was on the sixth floor of Ellicott Hall. That's pretty awesome. Glad you guys got to see each other that was in that's pretty cool. I Adam. I want to ask you do you remember last summer when the Zebra Cobra was loose and rally and it became I heard yes.

Yes. This was provided to me by a friend on Facebook, but apparently this past weekend. There was an injured Canadian goose spotted behind the Wendy's on Glenwood animal control has yet to be in contact animal control has been contacted. They had had no success in acquiring the goose probably because of how mean those animals can be. They're just cool to look at from a distance. But if you saw it like an up close picture of a goose one time and they have like some vicious teeth. Yeah, they also just kind of mosey across the street. They don't wait for the light to turn they just go and it's up to you. And if you hurt if you hit a girl like college kids on Glenwood, it's totally like like that.

It's exactly the same thing. And if you hit one much like a college kid, it's you're in trouble. Seriously. I wonder if that's how the goose got injured.

Probably probably so they don't have insurance sucks. Maybe maybe somebody will throw him some free, you know, Wendy's nuggets or something hopefully but we don't have to give them anything. Yeah, this is already disrupting the thing. This is an ongoing story.

We'll see if they ever comes to a conclusion. Alright, and finally on this day in 1935 the first parking meter in the US the park o meter was invented by Colton McGee and was installed in Oklahoma City by the dual parking meter company. Adam, have you ever had any negative experiences with parking meters as far as forgetting you know to pay it or whatever to me everybody has not fed the meter at some point whether or not you got a ticket for not feeding the parking meter remain you know is sometimes you get away with it so I've received a parking ticket for an expired meter before I did recently have an issue because now they have these kiosks right of two issues with with kiosks that are worth talking about one I was just in Chapel Hill.

Right. And they, it wasn't like I put cash in. I needed a spot for like an hour. And it was like two days like dollar 75. Sure, and I put cash in, and you're supposed to be able to lower the payment. But it wasn't allowing me to lower the payment. So it took $5 I cancelled it. And I tried to cancel it. And it said, no refunds here you have to go and call this office to get your refund. I put another $5 in, and it took $5 to park for where it would have cost $1 75. Which sucks of course but I'm not going through the, the time and effort to get $8 and 25 cents back from Chapel Hill. So consider that my donation.

Thank you very much I don't even pay taxes there. And the other one was we were on the rights will beach. And this was my son doing this. We're at rights will beach, and we're at a public parking lot where you pay at the kiosk.

Right. Okay, so he parked the car and just walk to the beach, like, without paying without paying at the kiosk, and we get back to the car, and there's a ticket on the window. I'm like, you didn't punch in the thing at the kiosk he goes, No, I didn't know I needed to, like, I'm blown away.

I'm blown away. I also had a brother once at a, on the Pennsylvania turnpike, who didn't take one of the tickets. When you get on the turnpike and then you take a ticket it wherever you get on the turnpike, it has the marking of where you got on, and wherever you get off and you go to the ticket window, you pay for that distance. He didn't take a ticket so when you don't have a ticket, you pay for the entire length of the turnpike.

It went from like a dollar and a half to $14. Yeah, I've never had any experiences with not paying a parking meter but I have personally been told four times. Excuse me.

In my lifetime. Toad? Toad from an apartment complex parking lot twice in Greenville and twice since I moved up here to Raleigh. That's way worse than having a parking meter expire.

It is. It's not a fun feeling when you walk outside and your car is not where you left it. So now I just take Ubers to my friends' apartments or, you know what, you're just coming to my house and, you know. Yeah, it's definitely a lot more costly than four times your car's been towed. I'm not going to advertise the tow companies that did it because I'm not going to give them that satisfaction but, you know what, they have a job to do. I understand, you know, no hard feelings.

Four times your car's been towed. Partially because it's on me. Anyways. And that does it. That was it.

That was it. Alright, when we come back we're going to place our bets. My gosh, we'll see how we'll do. It was not a good night for me. I think Dennis picked up a win.

We'll discuss next. It's the Adam Gold Show. I am Adam Gold. Graham Hill is on the 1s and 2s today playing the best of the 80s and 90s. Is this the music you listen to? I'm just curious.

Yeah, this was the music that I was growing up on. Thank you to my mom, Mary Margaret, who's also listening in. Oh, is she really? She is. Shouts to Mary Margaret.

Very nice. She said that, dating back to my last comment during Halftime Entertainment, she said that I have over $400 worth of hard feelings relating to those two incidents. We're going to leave that in the past. How did your car get towed four times? So one time, it's actually really funny, I went to pick up a textbook at a classmate's house that I let him board and I was literally in there for about five minutes.

He's a huge Hurricanes fan so I'm sure we were talking about something related to the Canes. And then when I'm walking out the front door, on the other side of his apartment fence, where like the main road is, I see my car getting towed away by the tow company. So that one was just really, they must have been around the corner or doing their rounds. Saw me walk in, boom, got it.

It's on its way. And then the other three, another time, was going to see a female friend and she was like, Oh, yeah, we don't have guest parking here. You can just park wherever you want.

Walk out there. Oh, you were sold. We didn't talk much after.

Yeah, I was sold on that one. We didn't stay in contact much. And then, you know, I'll just say the other two, you know, were probably just my fault. Just being honest, taking the blame myself.

Well, at least three of them were your fault. Yeah, at least. That's fine.

Look, don't park where you're not supposed to park. Yeah, exactly right. That's the bottom line. All right, so there you go. It is time to place bets. Are you ready to place bets, Grant? I'm ready. All right, let's do it. Place your bets, place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks.

Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slice. Okay, you can hold it. I owe you one. All right, so yesterday, real quick to recap, I went 0 for 3. I lost all of them. I had USA-Canada regulation draw, USA won 1-0, the only goal coming on a penalty that happened, I believe, the 78th minute.

I have, actually, I didn't go 0 and 3 because I have a future. I have Arian Knighton today in the men's 200 meter world championships. And I had Corey Seeger losing to Juan Soto in the home run derby final. Seeger had a good opening round, but he came up against Julio Rodriguez, so that's a loss. And Juan Soto ended up winning it, so that would have been a huge hit, but I ended up minus 200, so I am now below 4,000. I'm at 3870.

Dennis had a couple, I had one win, I believe, from, let's see, yeah, he had the win with the Costa Rica-Jamaica draw because there was a regulation draw, and I believe Jamaica won in extra time. So, good for them. Alright, let's get right to it. I always let you go first. So, I am handling Dennis' units, no pressure to me.

He says hey, by the way, he just got to the hotel in Charlotte. Did you just say that out loud? What? You're handling Dennis' units?

Yes, I am. Good. Which I had some assists with this, so he can't really blame me. I got to give a shout out to my boy Mitch Bedor who helped me with some of these bets. So, the first one is going to be all MLB All-Star themed games. The first one I got the under of Total Run Score, 7.5. The under is 12 of 3 in the last 15 MLB All-Star games, and we're expecting to see some really good pitching, plus the no extra innings. Right, absolutely. So, under 7.5.

Yep, under 7.5. So, does it count? Whoever wins Home Run Derby wins, so you'll get a run. So, if somebody wins in a shootout, it's a goal. It counts as a goal. So, will that, if it's seven runs total, it wouldn't be seven runs total, it's not going to come into play. It's either going to go over or it's going to stay under. Never mind.

Keep going. No run in the first inning at minus 155. There has been a hit in the previous four years, but hometown pitcher Clayton Kershaw is starting in his own stadium, so that should give him a little bit of a motivation factor to go out there and get through a scoreless inning. Also, Cy Young is starting for the American League, and he is American League contender. He will start for the American League team. He has only given up one run or less, and his last five starts before the break. Cy Young is starting for the American League?

Cy Young is no longer signing. Who's who? Oh, excuse me.

It is Shane McLennan. That is my fault. He's got Babe Ruth in a home run at plus 400,000. Sorry, that is very funny.

Live radio, ladies and gentlemen. What can you say? And then finally, the American League winning it at minus one and a half runs for plus 170.

All right, well, I wish you luck. All right, we're going to start big. Shohei Ohtani to be named the game's MVP at plus 400. Shohei Ohtani, MVP of the game plus 400 is going to hit and pitch, right?

I mean, he's going to hit at some point, and we know he's going to pitch because he should. The American League, because they are the favorites, but if you take the American League minus a run and a half, you get in with plus money. So I'll take the American League minus a run and a half at plus 170 for the All-Star game. And first total hits, runs and errors in first inning, in the first inning combined over three at plus 130. So hits, runs, errors combined first inning over three plus 130. By the way, I think Clayton Kershaw might not enjoy his first inning.

Might not enjoy his first inning. The American League is just ridiculously loaded. And they currently hold an eight game win streak in the All-Star game.

Yeah, it used to be the other way. I'm old enough to remember when the National League dominated the All-Star game. Dominated the All-Star game. And it's become the American League's domain.

And I guess they have better players, even though players change teams every single year. When was the last time you legitimately watched an All-Star game? There you go. Yeah, I can't think. I think of it. I watch like I will not see the first inning. Promise I will not see the first inning of this game, but I'm also in route to Charlotte. But like if I was just going home for the day, I'd probably turn it on and be like the fourth inning by the time I got to it.

Sure. And it's just like it's not I have to watch everything. I'll watch.

I'll be there to watch the end of it. And sometimes you turn it on and it's already like six nothing. These have not been great baseball games lately because I mean, it's there has been pitching dominance from one side. And once a team scores one run, it seems like they score five runs. I don't think these games have not been particularly close, but the All-Star games are also better games in the past.

I will say this. Shouts to Major League Baseball for not putting players in silly uniforms last night. They allowed them to simply wear their team's uniforms.

I think that's what it's supposed to be. Showcasing the uniform. Just like in the All-Star or in the dunk contest, you get to wear your team's uniform. And I understand in the NBA All-Star game, you want players to kind of all dress the same, but we don't need that in baseball. The home team will all be wearing white and the visiting team will all be wearing gray or whatever comes close to gray. All right.

Well, we'll hit the wall of sound. You'll hear a lot from SEC Media Day yesterday, including Nick Saban on the future of conference affiliation next. This is the Adam Gold Show. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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