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Who's ahead in the race between Baker Mayfield & Sam Darnold?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 1, 2022 4:33 pm

Who's ahead in the race between Baker Mayfield & Sam Darnold?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 1, 2022 4:33 pm

Who's ahead in the race between Baker Mayfield & Sam Darnold? Travis Hancock of WFNZ in Charlotte joined the show to give us the latest on the Carolina Panthers and their quarterback competition between Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. Hancock also weighs in on how the rest of the team is looking from camp, and how younger players are being given the opportunity to step up.

Dennis continues his tour of NFL cities, as we highlight all there is to do in Tampa, FL as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the next team on the list.

Plus, Steve Politi of stopped by the show to discuss golf, including the LIV Tour event that took place in New Jersey over the weekend.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at Capital Financial This is the Adam Gold show. I said this about 25 minutes ago. One of my absolute favorite followers, not followers, follows, although I guess he follows me too. We DM all the time. On Twitter, Travis Hancock at T-Bone WFNZ from the Mac Attack show in Charlotte. Travis Hancock is a fun follow on Twitter.

Even if you don't care about sports, he is a fun follow on Twitter. And we're going to talk about the Panthers before, but before we get to that, first of all, did you change your name? Yeah, well, you know, first of all, good afternoon, Adam.

Thanks for having me. Yeah, Robbie Anderson changed the spelling of his now to Robbie with an IE because it's a different year, different Robbie. So I'm now Travis Hancock. I'm T-R-A-D-I-E. It's a different year, different me.

So to respect Robbie Anderson's wishes, and he's got a lot of wishes, apparently. I'm now Travis Hancock. I feel better about myself doing this.

I like it. I don't know. Maybe you've grown.

Maybe you're taller. You know, who knows? Whatever, whatever gets you through the night. Do you want to talk about Ethan Bear first or do you want to get? Never mind. Just kidding. We don't have time.

No, no. I was saving that for the end. If there's enough time, I've got a lot of thoughts on there. I don't want to interrupt your show with that stuff. I'm totally sure. I do. I do as well. I'm saving it for a podcast.

All right. So who's in who's in the lead? Is it Sam Darnold who talked trash to the defense or is it Baker Mayfield? Yeah, first of all, I'm curious to know exactly what Sam Darnold trash talk even resembles. I said this on your show a year ago and we talked about it. I am a Jets fan.

So this is my fifth camp with Sam Darnold and I'm not sure I'm done with him. First of all, in terms of having to, you know, either as a fan or cover. I've kind of had a dub. I don't really know exactly what that trash talk would. I'm interested to know what it is, but now it feels like, you know, we're not down there live yet for our show because of our morning hours. We're down there tomorrow and Wednesday for the first time. But it feels like Sam has kind of been in the lead and maybe on it's not unexpected because Baker's due to the offense. He's got to get acclimated to the new wide receivers. And we've seen this before actually the fans eyes, you know, Matt corrals the darling so far of the of the quarterbacks, but rookie quarterback and you know, the young kid that happens, but we've seen this before with Sam. He goes out there and he looks all right. He did the last year in camp did it with the jet. He looks okay. He looks the part. He's throwing well, he's confident.

But we know once the pads go on like I did today and it gets harder and more difficult and the guys are coming out for real. Sam has the ability to melt rather quickly. So Sam can have the lead all he wants to right now. But we've seen it before and when things get really real, we know that ultimately that Baker probably should be the guy could Sam hasn't done the ability to take control when it matters most, you know, it's funny Travis Hancock or Travis Hancock is joining us here on the Adam Gold show right after the trade was made buddy of mine who actually used to produce this show is a producer up at ESPN and got me to go on their afternoon show to talk about it. And one of the odds that Baker Mayfield is the starting quarterback. I'm like the bar ain't high if if if Baker Mayfield through three preseason games cannot Eclipse Sam Darnold then that's on Baker Mayfield like so I used to be a Jets fan.

I'm a recovering Jets fan. Travis. Here's my take on Sam is that he doesn't really like to push it. He doesn't he's what he's kind of kid too conservative to be to be this average like if you're going to be this average at least take some shots down the field learn from Daniel Jones who's not afraid to make thousands of mistakes because he does all the time Darnold plays it too safe. I think Baker is a better version of Darnold. I think he's the better player. I don't think he's awesome. Is that a is that a good read of Baker?

Absolutely. I don't think when we look at Sam Darnold in his first four years wedding get ripped is the description you have for him. He plays conservative and then he holds on to the ball and once the pressure gets to him, he wilts under that pressure. Here's the other thing too with all that you're saying you never as a coach or organization want to do stuff just to placate the fans.

We understand that and we don't know fully. What is the hot seat for Matt rule David Tepper have on the hot seat. I don't think so. But in the fans eyes, he's enemy number one public enemy number one, no doubt about it. So if you go into the season and you face the Cleveland Browns in week number one, you've got a caged the lion and Baker Mayfield shopping at the bit to go after them to get the fans involved in that stadium. So could you really truthfully say, you know what, darn about dual Baker and camp. He's the guy for week number one. How in the world could you sell that and if things go awry, they're going to boo Sam Darnold immediately.

So you're probably going to have to turn the Baker not long after that. Why would you when you play the Browns week number one want to not play Baker Mayfield with all the pent up aggression. He's going to have for that game. I'm going to go back to another player here in a second, but just a couple of real quick things based on what you just said a hundred percent agree with you on the perception of Matt rule being on the hot seat because they asked me that question also on that on that interview and I'm like, I don't you know, I don't know me. They could have a bad year and it might not be his fault and they could have a good year and we could obviously watch the team and go. Yeah, he ain't the guy so they could be better with somebody else. So I think the fans percent and media perception of hot seat is different than the owner.

Here's the other thing. I think about Baker whether or not he's great doesn't matter as much. He carries himself as a number one quarterback probably better than his ability Sam Darnold doesn't there's no presence with Sam Darnold and Baker very much has one.

You are a thousand percent, right? We talked about this in the in the lead up to the you know, we had talks forever about do we want Baker Mayfield and it has been slow dependent on, you know, we went through this quarterback search. It seems like forever and still might be going on. We'll see to your point. We'll see after this year, but that's the one thing you can say that the major difference is we're not in the huddle.

We're in it. We're not in the locker room for say but you don't get the sense that Sam Darnold commands a huddle that Sam Darnold walked into a huddle and those guys look at him and they believe for the good and bad of Baker Mayfield. He instilled a belief just the way he plays and the respect that they respect the way he plays the game with that energy with that swagger. He even talks to the media here like a number one quarterback. He doesn't speak at the podium like a guy that's just trying to get with the difference in the way that Baker talks and Sam talk to different people and I'm not trying to you know, annihilate the character of Sam Darnold, but they just command a different respect in a different level of trust and I think that's the main difference right there to your point. Yeah, I mean look, I think Baker ultimately will be the starting quarterback and I think it'll be in week one for many of the reasons that you cited Travie Hancock at t-bone WFNZ on Twitter.

That sounded better in my head when I thought about it. I'm not sure if we have to maybe adjust that back. I'm not forgetting it sir JC horn stepped on the field. Finally you talk about presence. I mean, we sort of forget that this kid played what two games last year, whatever it was until suffering the season-ending injury and like they are treating him like oh, man, he's back. His practices must have been so great last year that this guy already feels like an established player.

Yeah, two and a half games. He got hurt in week three on that on the turf at Houston, but you know, we Mac and I my co-host here in Charlotte, you know, we get blamed a lot for hyping people up. I tell you though the hype for him.

It's not just coming from us. It's people in that building at the highest level from decision-makers to coaches. They all believe that he is legitimately that shut down number one corner. And yeah, it's a little scary that he had to go on the public last week already back today, although he sat out some drills. Yeah, they're going to be extra careful with him because you know, if he's out there and he's playing at the level we played with all those just two and a half games. He takes them from a good defense to a potentially great defense because with Jeremy chin back there at safety Dante Jackson's really grown on the other side of another corner over there as a leader and as a player. If he's out there man that that's secondary.

It should be really special and it's going to have to be because they lost the son Redick up front. The other edge rusher opposite Brian Burns is really a spot that the world monitoring here of who can step up and the linebackers outside of Shaq Thompson is also on the public list right now with knee surgery outside of Shaq Thompson. There's not a lot of depth behind him. So the secondary really the heart and soul of the defense and I think a lot of that depends on the health of JC horn. He's an absolute physical freak and we're all excited and just hopefully that this you know, when it comes to the foot injuries as you know, it's a it's a scary thing. We saw with Greg Olsen later on in his career, but it seems like when there's one foot injury, you know, there's always another one around the corner and that's really the kind of fear we have. Now, hopefully he'll be okay because if you have a shutdown corner, it makes all so many other things on your defense so much easier.

So we'll close on this the we you there are positions of real interest for the Panthers. We've got left tackle with icky. Iquano that'll work itself out. Look those look like Brady Christensen is progressing really well to where if Iquano is not ready to be the left tackle Christians.

It could man that spot. Maybe Iquano starts inside. But ultimately, I think they're better if they flip but what about Derek Brown in the middle of the defensive line because I get the sense that that really is the key to this team defensively. Yeah, and you know, he ended the year on a really good note. He got benched against the Dolphins and that horrific loss down there where he on the plane, Matt rule had a conversation with them and told him that he's got to step up and really the last whatever, however many games it was three, four, five games.

He really took it to another level, but you're right. We focus on the edge rushers, but that interior run defense was a big problem last year as well. They have that ionitis another guy from Washington to play next to him now, but Derek Brown, you know, it's what is he going to be a good player which he has been a time or can he elevate to a great player and kind of play where he was. Can you play up to the level where he was picked which was the seventh pick in the draft, you know, we're not sure yet but again much like JC horn and what we talked about how he elevates his defense to another level. If Derek Brown goes from just good to great at times.

What does that do for Brian Burns and the other edge rusher? So you're exactly right. I brought it up numerous times kind of a guy. We don't really talk about a whole lot here even in Charlotte. It's kind of, you know, it's not the sexiest spot there necessarily to talk about but you know, I'm interested to see he's got great leadership skills. There's no doubt about that. Yeah, he's got that part now. It's just a matter of getting consistently game in game out play like he did end of last year and hopefully that benching against Miami really rattled him and it did last year. Now does that carry over a very intriguing guy to monitor especially early in the season? Yeah, I mean, I'm a big fan of Travis Hancock at t-bone WFNZ. You know what? Maybe by the next time we talk, I'll go back to Travis.

But for right now, I kind of like Travis. It's training camp. We're trying all we're trying all sorts of new things and we ran out of time. We don't have time to talk about Ethan bear. Nah, that's how you know what next time to get me on to be all hurricane prepared for it all.

It's just going to be 12 minutes of Ethan bear. Anytime a man. I'll talk to you soon. Anytime guys. I appreciate you. Have a good day.

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Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond it? 800-661-7383 that golden ticket is a $1,000 value or you could text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuda. Before we get to a profile of the city of Tampa as we continue our preview of the entire NFL, although not necessarily football like you might want to visit. You might want to go with the Panthers down to the game in Tampa when they play the Buccaneers down there.

So you need things to know about. We'll give you that but when we're done with that, we'll chat with Steve Politti from, New Jersey advanced media because the live golf tour was in town in his neck of the woods at Bedminster about 50 miles from New York City. About 50 miles due or about an hour due west of New York City and we'll talk to him about the experience.

He followed Phil Mickelson wrote about the Mickelson experience on Friday. Anyway, so we got a lot of things to talk about with Steve Politti, but until we get to that point, it's time to preview Tampa. All right. First of all, I got I got some some feedback on the candle wick diner. Oh really from last week. Okay, and not to mention Indianapolis. Okay, so we talked to our friends over the mix 101.5 morning show here.

They're from Indy but Indy's a great spot. The candle wick diner. The menu is too long. I don't even know how you do that.

Yeah, they like 12 pages on a menu. It's awesome. Sounds delicious. By the way, another fun fact about Indy before we get to Tampa Bay Elvis's last concert was in Indy. Whoa. Yeah fun. Now there are a lot of different things face. Sorry.

No, you're totally fine. A lot of things to explore. First of all, a good place to stay in Tampa. You can stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Really? That's that's what Tampa has to sell. Well, I mean, that's just a place for you to stay. Okay.

That's what I mean, but there are a lot of Hard Rock Hotel and casinos. Yeah, but you can say one in Tampa. Okay. Well, I can't dispute that. Exactly.

I can't dispute that. I mean, come on. You don't want to, you know, eat a buffet breakfast and pull some slots. Because why not? I wonder how many there are. That's a great question. Hard Rock Hotel.

Oh gosh. Quite a few. There are quite a few. But there's one in Tampa that you can stay at. A lot of things that you could do as different activities.

I guess you could say. For example, you want to take a stroll down the Tampa River Walk. It's a 2.6 mile walk. Again, the River Walk. If you want to get outdoors a little bit, make sure you have some sunscreen with you.

If you don't want to get to the beach and just, you know, stretch the legs a little bit. While you're out and about, go check out the Florida Aquarium. Florida Aquarium.

Very nice. Which I hear is actually really, really nice. Go check out the Florida Aquarium. Florida should have a great aquarium. Yeah. Right? Sticks out all the way out into the ocean.

Exactly. And the Gulf. There's ocean everywhere in Florida. So yeah, it should have a great aquarium. Also, for some nighttime entertainment, make sure you head out to the Tampa Theater.

Right? You can either catch a show or a movie there at the Tampa Theater. The Tampa Theater. Okay. Very nice. Opened in 1926.

Did it! Yes. The Tampa Theater. And it's a non-profit theater as well. Oh, okay. So movies? Are we talking about movies?

Okay. Yeah, some movies occasionally. Some shows and plays. Very nice.

Things along those lines. So it's a non-profit theater. But again, built in 1926.

Pretty cool architecture and such in there. By the way, this Sunday they're showing Blazing Saddles. Oh my gosh! We gotta go.

Yeah. I'm in. Let's go. Let's take a trip.

Somebody's gotta go back and get a load of dimes. Sorry. Slim Pickens. Also, feel free to check out the, we'll call it the Tampa Ballet. Oh yes. Pretty famous down there. Very famous for their ballet. Yeah. The Tampa Ballet.

Their production of the Nutcracker. Yes. Very good. Yeah. Check out. Yeah. Go check that out. Make sure the kids are... Yeah.

No, no. Get a babysitter. Yeah. Get a sitter. Don't think you're gonna bring culture to the kids. No. The kids don't wanna go. Leave the kids at home. Not that age. No.

They're not ready for that yet. Just leave the kids at home. If you want a good Cuban sandwich, the West Tampa Sandwich Shop. Open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. All they do is breakfast and sandwiches. And Cuban sandwiches? Cubans are their go-to.

All right. Cubans are the go-to there. They should be. Tampa's notorious for having great Cuban sandwiches. Yes.

But also apparently their breakfast is fantastic as well. Okay. I like that. Again, 6 a.m. Do we have a Cuban breakfast? I don't know.

Do we? I'm sure there's a breakfast version of a Cuban sandwich. I'm sure. A breakfast Cuban? Okay.

Yeah. Find a place here in Raleigh that does a great Cuban sandwich. I know actually a great Cuban sandwich spot whenever we touch on New Orleans, whenever we visit there.

The Butcher in New Orleans. Had that when I was down there in the Final Four. Fantastic.

Absolutely great. I had a, I'm trying to remember the place I was at. I had a muffaletta. You ever had one of those?

Can't say I have. Traditional New Orleans sandwichy thing. Okay. To me it was more of a giant hunk of bread.

I'm for that. With like all sorts of marinated, cured meats, salami, ham, things like that. Go on. On top of it. Go on.

Very good, but very a lot. And? And?

A lot of bread, a lot of cured meats all stuck together. All good points. Yeah, where can I have this? All good points.

I need more of this. It's much better, much more worth it than the vignette. Okay. Which is just a funnel cake, people. It's also delicious. It's delicious, but it's just a funnel cake.

Very, very good. And the coffee's trash at Cafe Du Monde, but that's good. Hey, we're not in New Orleans. We're in Tampa right now. We're in Tampa. We're in Tampa right now.

100% cool. Let's go to Nacola's Donuts while you're there as well. Hand-making donuts for three decades.

Alright, it's not quite. You know, from where was the first donut shop we did. Jack Frost donuts from 1937 up in Cleveland.

Three decades is like 21 years. Well here's the thing, I was looking Apparently a lot of the good ones over in st. Pete's and some other place st. Pete look, Tampa st Pete you think it's the same area. They're 40 minutes away. It's like Raleigh and Durham. No, it's not it's worse I know way worse not to mention the fact that Tampa and st. Peter separated by a freaking body of water. Yeah When I went to the final 499 it was in st. Pete Right. It was in st. Petersburg. That's where st. Pete times one. That's no it was in No Where is Tropicana Field st. Petersburg? Yeah, right. That's where that's where the final four was played Everybody stayed in Tampa Stooges it took forever for ever My I might have it flipped.

I met it. I I'm pretty sure I'm right. I think yeah the sit Tropicana Field is in st. Pete. It's just the worst the worst by the way, Raymond James Stadium is actually in Tampa Yes, it is as is This well, it's not even it's called Amelie arena now The where the lightning play? Yeah, Emily arena.

I'm talking about the box, right? But it's also in Tampa. And by the way, I went to an ACC tournament in Tampa men's basketball tournament, okay, which was unfortunately for a lot of people sort of hey There's a tournament here because it won like the city really embraced it But it was a very good basketball tournament talking about Brooklyn. No, no exactly, right, but The the area that was in which is now built up a lot more than it was then was a very cool Soundside area with restaurants and bars kind of looking out over into the water good spot. I like Tampa I'd go back to Tampa.

Okay My endorsement my endorsement. Yeah, you can get Nicole's donuts Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City Biloxi Bristol, Virginia Yeah Cincinnati Daytona Beach Lake Tahoe, that's nice New York. I bet that's a five-star Northern Indiana, we don't even have a city. We're just in northern Indiana Just controlling the whole state guys South Bend Gary the whole Rockford, Illinois. Oh, there you go.

Exactly I have nothing else that nothing else to add your honor. All right tomorrow We're doing Jacksonville, but to tease for Wednesday, they pull out of my Dunkin Donuts Cup. The only thing it's good for The next we have the on Wednesday, we will have The Cardinals. Oh, we're going to Phoenix. Yeah, actually we're going to Glendale. We're going to Glendale not quite in Phoenix Yeah, we're going to Glendale going to Glendale which I have stories I'm store. I have stories about Glendale All right, I'm we're gonna go home for me sort of June 19th 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the Canes Corner Look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina Listen now find canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast Couple of weeks ago we were talking about Nutley High School where I graduated high school class of 1984 somebody who is far younger than I Steve Politti with NJ dot-com The old Newark Star ledger.

I don't even know if it's still called the Star ledger I think he also graduated from Nutley High School, but after I did because he's younger I think I graduated with your brother Steve. How you doing? I'm doing great It is I'm glad I'm glad we can have discussions about did they put luxury boxes in the oval yet or not But that's another story for another time You had the the occasion To head out to Bedminster, New Jersey the the nice little enclave in Somerset County To cover the live golf event.

I am curious. I read your story about Phil Mickelson getting heckled on Friday I am curious your experience out at Bedminster. What were your thoughts on what you saw? Yeah, you know I was really interested to see what it was gonna be like because there's been so much attention and so much I mean for good Or bad controversy still is publicity.

Yeah about the thing that I honestly thought there would just be a lot of curiosity And then to kill a lot of people there. I was wrong you know, you know only a few thousand people and you spread a few thousand people across a 500 acre golf course which which Trump Bedminster is I mean, you know There were just a lot of holes where it felt like you were watching a Hooters tour event And I made I made the one line only at least Hooters treats women better than the live golf sponsors do That's the problem. Yeah It just wasn't I mean, you know, they play music it was a lot of you know a lot of noise but for the most part when you get away from guys like Dustin Johnson and Bryce Shambaugh Brooks Koepka I mean, there are a lot of nobodies out there playing golf that I mean, I couldn't have identified you put them Oh, I could have picked them out. I doubt most casual fans really couldn't So yeah, I mean I got the sense that there's a lot of really just a lot of noise and you know It certainly did not live up to its height that it was some new edgy thing that was going to change the face of golf Steve Politti from is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show That's the thing that has gotten me about this and I don't know how much of this part of the story you have Followed covered even leading up to the event at Bedminster But there seems to be this perception that because we recognize You know, maybe Two-thirds of the field even there's clearly a lot of guys that nobody has any idea who they are but because we recognize some names from our past Like Henrik Stenson who happened to win this week or Sergio Garcia. These guys haven't really been Good players really good players on tour for a few years now that the tour is actually better than it is but for the most part like even the younger players have either don't have name recognition or They're there for a reason like Kepka has been hurt and DeChambeau has been hurt or Matthew wolf hasn't played Well in three years things like that.

Yeah. Yeah, and that you forgive me Stenson, you know They signed him for 40 million and I'm convinced they did it just for the headline that he had to relinquish his European team Captaincy in the Ryder Cup, you know, he hadn't won. He hadn't finished in a top 10 since 2000 to 2018 I mean the guy who was completely irrelevant in golf essentially 46 years old near the end of his career, you know So yeah, of course He's gonna sign up and get the payday and deal with the hard questions for a few days And you know, certainly he did cash in four million dollars for winning that that's great But it certainly was not it's not a great field, you know And some of the guys they were like Phil Mickelson can't play a part of this that's getting ignored I mean, he he's been terrible since this thing started. I watched him play, you know for a few holes On Friday the first round and I mean, you know He just looked disinterested out there the best way you can describe it three putt of the couple greens where we have Good birdie opportunities, you know, he and you have to wonder right? So he's in his early 50s now clearly on the time when you would stop being competitive at the PGA Tour If you know, they're paying him 200 million where the hell it is Yeah, just for his name to be on the on the leaderboard because he was not a factor And I'm not I'm not even sure and I think you might have even written about this I'm not even sure Phil is having fun Doing this. I mean, I know he's in his element when he's around fans So there are clearly fans there in spite of the the guy who heckled Phil through it for the Saudi royal family Which I'm sorry, I laugh But it's a good line.

It's a great. It's a great line And and the whole thing was set up because I saw the video and I think you tweet you actually tweeted out the video That's how I saw it was for for people wondering who did that. It was this guy But he doesn't seem to be really enjoying himself except when the checks clear Right. Yeah, and then yeah, and you have to put in the context too This is a guy when he came to our neck of the woods I'm sure he was popular everywhere, but you know, New Jersey, New York had really adopted him as its own He won the PGA championship his second major at the time and bought the stroll which a famous New Jersey golf course You know the galleries at Bethpage when they had the majors there I mean really like it was the you know, even the fact he's a native San Diego and he was he was our guy up here And certainly the crowd of heckling aside was very positive Fulfill, but it was just not the same level of galleries. I mean there was no juice. There's no buzz Just you know, probably a couple hundred people following him Whereas, you know when he played PJ even a regular PJ tour that he could keep the count had it having people a gallery of just Five deep, you know around him. That just wasn't the case And I think he's got a note you've got inside that he's not playing for into made-up events made up trophy I mean the team thing we haven't even talked about that But that's trying to get this people's juiced up about, you know, team cleats versus team crushers versus the four aces. I mean, it's just Just sort of silly what they're trying to do to you know to make this look different than a PJ tour and then yeah Overall, I don't I agree with you totally that he's really doesn't have a lot of fun at all Yeah, but he does have a pretty I mean that's a pretty fly high Flyers hat And he has much he even mocked at the at the very first press conference He sort of mocked, you know, the long history of the high Flyers So yeah, he's still showing a little sense here But I just I didn't get the sense that he looked like he was in really enjoying himself And final final area of this and I'm just curious because I wasn't there and you spent time out there this week this became More so this week for obvious reasons than it had been although I think through social media There is definitely a political element, but this became a political. I'm not even gonna golf ball This became a political golf ball this week for obvious reasons.

I mean it was it was a MAGA rally You know Trump Donald Trump was out there on the 16th hole in his You know in the clubhouse with Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene So, yeah, I mean, you know then it was a let's go Brandon chance or fulfill and fill in the course it's sort of fascinating because Days earlier, you know families of the 9-eleven victims who believe that Saudi Arabia had had a big You know financially backing the hijackers who killed their loved ones had a very emotional press conference Just two miles from the course and you know I just wonder the juxtaposition of that and then seeing these people sort of celebrating You know Trump and having it this course and and you know I it's just it's just another one of these examples of things that people people will overlook to you know To support the MAGA cause and yeah, it became it no matter where your politics are It just seems like you would be certainly if you ever live up here and you're you're a majority person you remember what happened in 9-eleven that you certainly Would want to distance yourself from even any hint of people who are involved in it But yeah that wasn't the case on Sunday over the weekend and you're right It was it looked like a minor a minor political rally out there It was that's really I mean for all the people who want us to separate the two sports and politics We're all LeBron James wearing I can't breathe free t-shirt, but when it's yeah, they don't they don't seem to care when it's chanting Let's go brand another cop permit. Yeah, that's that's that's a very good point. Absolutely, and I'm okay I'm okay with the blurring of the lines. I just think that you can't separate the two. I mean we Real quick me Bill Russell passed away yesterday and there's there's the blurring of the lines with somebody who was an activist During his playing days Jim Brown Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ma like there's always been sports is part of life man. We can't separate everything Absolutely tonight. It's been that way.

It's been that way for for a hundred years It's never gonna change. There's no question Steve Politti. One of the bright lights of Nutley High School.

It's you It's Martha Stewart, and then it might be me and your brother That might be it. That's the whole thing. That's the list.

You got it. I Just love to point out the fact that I went to the same high school as Martha Stewart Real real quick as we wrap this up I mean that I don't I don't We don't have to like Everything that athletes or sports figures say think whatever support but to to do the stick to sports crap Really means you simply don't like what they said It's all it means so I support you whatever the stance is I I support your Right to be a citizen and that's all these people are real quick about the golf tournament I Could be wrong here. I Do not believe you can be pro both tours I've been talking about this on Twitter with some people. I don't believe there is a there is a situation where you yeah I'm pro PGA Tour. Yeah, I'm pro live now, man. You're not because those two entities Cannot coexist together they can't not in the same continent they can't and So if you're and I'm not saying you can't be pro live that is you're right and that's fine but if you are pro live then you are anti PGA Tour I I just I just don't see how you that's sort of like being a Duke and Carolina fan.

Nope ain't happening You got to pick a side and if you're pro live you've picked a side and that's okay. This is the Adam Gold Show Show June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canescorner Look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina Listen now find Kane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast
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