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Where does NC State football need to improve?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 9, 2022 4:23 pm

Where does NC State football need to improve?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 9, 2022 4:23 pm

Where does NC State football need to improve? Luke DeCock of the News & Observer joined the show to talk NC State football, UNC football, and even some Carolina Hurricanes. Also, Adam & Producer Dennis give their takes on Carolina Panthers vs Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals, Las Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders, NC State football, Duke football, UNC football, and Wake Forest football.

Also, sports betting picks for the weekend.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. So should we just start minute takes? We got 60 seconds on a whole bunch of games. All right, we're going to start before we start.

This is a for many of you. You'll probably be excited about this a an English Premier League free zone. Oh, there is no EPL. So I can't wax poetic on Liverpool's next loss because that probably would have happened this weekend against Wolves. All right, let's get right to it. We're going to start with the Panthers and the Browns. We get 60 seconds.

I said this earlier. This game has almost nothing to do with Baker Mayfield almost nothing. It's Christian McCaffrey his ability his you how they use him. It's icky iguana trying to get run over slowly by miles Garrett. Just give us a little bit of time Baker will be fine. I'm not worried about Baker.

I am worried about icky iguana. I want to see what Christian McCaffrey does and I'm worried about Cleveland running the ball all over the Panthers with that said, give me the home team. Give me the home team in a tight one and an emotional one. Biggest thing I'm looking for is not just what can the guys on the field do.

It's to me. It's the sideline is Matt rule going to improve in terms of how he handles his timeouts time management. Well way play cloth like getting play calls in at the right time. Those kinds of things. That's the biggest improvement.

I'm looking for. I want to say yes, because I want it to be true. If I set the over under at one and a half. I take the under you take the under. Yeah, I completely agree.

All right, you go. I think the the Chargers have a great roster. Yeah, everything you just said about Matt rule will just change some of the particulars. You could say about Brandon Staley. I'm Brandon Staley to me is a giant wild card about what the Chargers are about this year. They have the ability to lose game in the end of this season. They have the ability to have the ability to make those calls and lose games in the end of the season. Wild card about what the Chargers are about this year. They have the ability to lose games They should not lose as well as any team in the NFL with that said I think they have tons of talent Justin Herbert is great to me. This game is about the Raiders I think the Raiders are the sneaky contender to the To the Chiefs. Okay in that division.

I do. I like the I like the Raiders on the road chart Cardinals and Chiefs like we can talk about the Cardinals if we have to but all I'm really interested in here is How do the Chiefs remake their offense without Tyreek Hill and others is not just Tyreek Hill, right? But they still have Travis Kelsey. They still have Patrick Mahomes Andy Reid still calling plays He's still botching timeouts in two-minute, you know clock management But this is they still have the you know, the best trigger man in the sport You know, you could say that about a couple of guys, but Patrick Mahomes is still him So I'll take the Chiefs but I how they do it is gonna be interesting Do the Chiefs improve defensively is my big question because that was their biggest struggle much of last season Yeah, but also how much independent study did Kyler Murray do?

Leading up to this game. That's what I want to know Did you get it or I know it's not but I know did you get your four hours in that's what I want to know It's not mandatory anymore. I would just I would be more Interested in whether or not he's you know, really are there standings for video games? Oh, yeah. Okay Well, where did where does he rate?

Where does he rate on fortnight or Call of Duty? All right, let's uh, let's move on out here. Is it it's my turn. It's my turn your turn You do NC State has a glorified scrimmage against Charleston Southern tomorrow It's gonna be wet and rainy potentially here in the triangle tomorrow So I'm wondering how that's gonna impact things to me. This is just a I like to call it a get right game You've made your mistakes You kind of figure out what you need to work on against a good opponent in ECU Now you get a chance to scrimmage somebody and actually have a count towards a win and improve things I'm not seeing much of a struggle for NC State but it's a chance for them to right some wrongs my read on all of these types of games is I will learn nothing from them zero. Yeah But it is a live practice.

So go out have a good live practice Yeah, don't get anybody hurt and we'll see you next week It's all I got all I got on these games. I hate them. They shouldn't but they shouldn't be on the schedule None of them should be on the schedule. That's zero.

They shouldn't count. They should all be exhibition and how dreamy is Devin Larry? Well He has to be better than he was against East Carolina Real real quick. The really disappointing thing was that state's offensive line could not push in the fourth in the second Yeah, couldn't fourth quarter could not push And it almost cost him a game.

All right, this game is a little bit more dicey. Georgia State has some dudes I think they'll be pretty good on both sides of the ball their game with South Carolina was closer than the score might indicate North Carolina's defense has been abysmal Abysmal They're gonna score, but I think how Georgia State plays offensively I really believe will give us what North Carolina season is gonna be about app States got a really good offense Georgia State's got a good one, but not app States. I want to see how North Carolina handles it My big thing I want to see from UNC is Do you have the letdown game after such an emotional back-and-forth game against app?

Like is this like like, alright It's a maybe looking at quote-unquote lesser opponents. You have that step down in terms of your level of play I don't know. We'll see from that. But yeah, UNC's defense has to get right. Otherwise You're gonna see a lot of high-scoring games. Well, we're gonna see those anyway, but are those high-scoring games in the 40s slash 50s or 30s 40s.

I'm thinking like 50 No, I'm good. Yeah, cuz you're not gonna score against good teams You're not gonna score 50 some odd points against good teams and just not not gonna do it All right next one up on the list Wake Forest is on the road at Vanderbilt They're a 13-point favorite in this game, by the way is Wake Forest and they get Sam Hartman back They do and I'm assuming that he is playing this weekend. I don't know how much he's gonna play He they might control his number snaps. Not entirely sure what they're gonna do getting coming off a medical thing I'm curious to see does Wake Forest offense Get back to what we saw them at last season in terms of just their level production their level play and I I Genuinely hope that Sam Hartman does play at the level they did last year. He's a good kid. He's a great player I'm excited to see him back on the field me too Sam Hartman coming back complicates NC State's life. I Think he is awesome. And I think their offense Dave Clausen is one of the top five or six coaches Yeah in all of college football now Recruiting is a different animal.

He's not at one of those factories. So he has to recruit differently, but when it comes to coaching the game Clausen doesn't have a lot of he doesn't take a backseat to anybody man I think wake will they will wake wake will win this game at an SEC opponent. Yes All right, ready? We got another one.

This is me, right? Yeah, Northwestern Duke We're gonna talk to Dave Harding about this later on part of the Duke radio network. I was impressed by three things Regarding Duke and their win over temple. I was really impressed by their defensive pursuit They tackled well, but they tracked receivers There weren't a lot of yards after catches They've got some speed in the secondary now temple could just be bad I was impressed with the quarterback Riley Leonard really good.

He looked like he had a complete command of the offense And Jordan Moore wasn't why it was a quarterback a week ago. And now he's is their best wide receiver might be so Northwestern's if a different animal I'm not as optimistic about the outcome But I did like what I see from Duke Northwestern hasn't played since their game in Ireland against Nebraska Which feels like forever ago, but it was only two weeks ago. They're not coaching against Scott Frost That's what gives me concern for Northwestern in this game Are you taking Duke? They can do I think I might take Duke I might I said I might I might I might well, we'll all get on the bandwagon if that happens All right, we have to be real quick. So I'll take the first you take the first game and I'll take the second game.

Okay, that's fine I had thoughts in the second game, but I'll take the first game. I'll take the first game Texas A&M hosting App State How does app get back up for this? Oh, I know you're talking about Carolina app hat app had the game One is sort of a stretch because there were 30 seconds left.

They had it. I Just wonder if Texas A&M defense is gonna be too good. That's my fear I hope I think app will stick in this game, but I just don't think they have enough to To outlast Texana. My thing is if app wins this game Because of you know, the old UNC beat app happy, Texas A&M Are we gonna say UNC is now a top ten team though? Yes. Okay. Yes I just want to make sure that we're all in the same long as UNC beats, Georgia State I'll restart the clock here for our final game here East Carolina old to Megan now Here's the thing about this game old to Megan has success against ACC schools that ECU currently does not have Even though you know to make it beat Virginia Tech godly, Virginia Tech What a what a joke they are now ECU should run away with this game But here's here's my thought for ECU don't let last week and a game that you should have had and you could have won Don't let that beat you again this week.

Here's the thing about that game. I know and I appreciate Mike Houston being Disappointed that they didn't win. Mm-hmm, but I don't know maybe I'm just I look at it differently if if anything I am encouraged by East Carolina based on what they did defensively like against NC State likewise So if their defense is good, I think their offense will be enough They're winning this game is used to run away with this they're there they're winning this game I'm looking forward to seeing the Pirates get better See no reason why we shouldn't talk to Luke to cock plus I'm sure sure he has thoughts on the Queen passing So I found out today that Balmoral is in Scotland, which technically is also outside London So I was right even though I just called it outside London thoughts on Queen Elizabeth the second's passing after a 70 year run as Queen ah Sure one. I'm married to a dual British subject.

So Great despair in the household. Okay when my wife I finally sort of thought it's a long story but obtained her British citizenship some years ago She actually invited the Queen to the party that we had at our old house She did not come but that would have been quite amazing if she had So I guess I'm a little bitter toward the Queen because of that her standing us up like that, but no I Guess I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said I will say I think Charles is making a huge mistake going by Charles the third when George the seventh would have been a call back to his grandfather and great-grandfather and Established himself in the line of the monarchy. Whereas the other two Charles's were both bozos.

So maybe that's better. Maybe he's just trying to Remake Charles in his own image. I appreciate you having takes on the on the new king So but you as you mentioned Inviting the Queen to the party when I was 13 or about to be 13 and I was about to be bar mitzvahed I did invite Richard Todd then quarterback of the New York Jets Lima Zilly then center fielder for the New York Mets and Warner Wolf all to my bar mitzvah Richard Todd Sent back a handwritten reply that he would be practicing at the time so could not make it And I did get a a meet-and-greet with Richard Todd We showed him because we framed it and we showed him the whole thing and he came over into the stands We had season tickets to the Jets He came over to the stand shook my hand Talked to me and my dad for about two minutes and then went back and beat the Vikings. So so there you go We just good.

Are we just naming guys now Al to mark gasps? No, that's just yet jets of yesteryear Oh, I know but you went through the you're going through the the all-time greats of the Jets The name was Matt and you and New York Sports TV. Yeah Yeah, it's that's it was very nice that you had got to share that moment with Richard. Oh My gosh.

All right, very happy for you. I know you've written about it a bunch this week the really both wins that were more escapes than wins like no fan base really should be all that Great this weekend that felt all that great coming out of last weekend app state blue game Gave up 63 points 5056 but still East Carolina should have won the game twice or at least tied the game and then won the game And then both the big boys managed to win but there were some warts that really shown So let's start with the wolf pack. What did we learn that might be troubling about the wolf pack? Yeah, I mean, I think probably it means the wolf pack was getting high on its own supply a little bit over the summer You know the to get up 21 up 21 7 at the half and kind of fold quite honestly In a couple ways sort of suggest a team that thought it had done enough that was done for the day That said if NC State punches in the ball in either of those goal line stands that it screwed up This is a completely different conversation. And I think when you look at all four schools this is the way everybody is sort of disgruntled about Being to an O or one and O or nearly pulling off a couple upsets at home in the case of the other two schools I think it's a sign of progress in some ways. I mean nobody's happy with the way things have gone That's a sign of higher standards for football in this state than we've had lately I mean, I think there's there's a period of time where even a Narrow escape at East Carolina or app state the the ACC team in question would walk away feeling pretty good And no one does now some of that has to do with the manner of these two games for sure But I also think the fact that that neither NC State nor UNC is particularly happy about where it is and certainly their fans are not Suggest that these teams do have bigger goals ahead and they haven't really done any actual damage yet other than maybe to their own resolve and the lifespans of their fan bases, but Overall, I mean that's kind of why I wrote what I wrote today Which is you know, these are normally these games against Charleston Southern or you know UNC continuing its road tour of the Sunbelt for some reason at Georgia State These games are usually kind of meaningless and we're just gonna get them over with to move on to the good ones in this case it did they're important and they're well timed because both of these teams need a fresh start and both of these teams should win these games by 20 plus points and Feel very good about things and we'll see you disagree already I don't think North Carolina is winning that game by 20 plus points because I think Georgia State is good offensively They didn't show it at South Carolina, but I think they're good offensively Like the state game to me is a practice and you need practice so good They're practically a live practice can be can be useful. I'm not gonna take anything out of the game North Carolina, I will take something out because I think they're playing a legitimate opponent on the road Again, why they're playing this game on the road. I don't know who owes what to somebody But I think we got to find something positive out of North Carolina's defense I mean, yeah app state to score six touchdowns in the fourth quarter I mean, I can't eat.

How do I how do I make sense of that? I was under the impression when UNC was bringing back a former defensive coordinator. It was Jean Chiswick and not Vic Caning I was apparently misinformed Nobody there's nobody in the business better at making chicken salad than Jean Chiswick. He is the the Bobby Flay Alton Brown Barefoot Contessa of making chicken salad in with a with a defensive whatever So I think you and see is eventually going to be fine Because they're they're going to be schemed up eventually the fact that they look like this in week three week 2.1 or what? I've lost track with week 0.6.

Hey, I hate week zero. It's weak. There is brutal It suggests that there are deep seated mm-hmm Problems with the functionality of that personnel that they've assembled on defense because it doesn't seem to matter who's coaching it They can't get their assignments right or tackle or do any of these things We call fundamentals or used to when I was a kid that is that is the oldest I've ever sounded It probably isn't but that's fine Thank you But but you know I I do think eventually James is it will be able to get the best out of this North Carolina defense Whatever that is, and I don't think there's any doubt that what we saw against Florida a.m. Although The kid Jeremy Musa could sling it. Mm-hmm kick and sling it And or or at what we saw against Epson.

I I don't think that's the finished final product. Well, it can't be well I'm just saying Sixty one points to have hot there's not going to be a direct line from there to whatever this ends up being I mean if it is then shut it all down and you know burn it all down and to me they were stay were soft at the point of attack against a and M and They weren't much better. I mean arguably they were certainly weren't much better against Against that I think I think this game matters and we're not that far away from a real big boy You know line of scrimmage test when they get Notre Dame Let me ask you about Sam Hartman's return for Wake Forest as they're going to Vanderbilt now They're a big favor. They're two touchdown favorite at Vandy I think that this in a roundabout way Sam Hartman's return as long as he's healthy enough to To stick out the whole season. I have no reason to believe he isn't but he you know When you're away from the team for three or four weeks Certainly, you can think about things differently.

I think it's it's trouble for everybody else in the Atlantic. Maybe not named Clemson Yeah, I I think so. I do enjoy the sort of ACC history and tradition of Sam Hartman's indefinite absence being one game The ACC standard for indefinite being a single game, of course.

Oh, no, I would It's I I think look wake was a 10-something point favorite even before the the whispers about Hartman right back broke I don't think wake would be bringing him back in the situation Unless you were ready to go and fully healthy So I don't have any concerns there. Yeah, I think in the long term everybody in the Atlantic Division was hoping Sam Hartman Nothing against the kid would stay out until after they had played him Yeah ideal scenario was for Sam Hartman's last game of his indefinite absence to be the game you played wake and then ideally he would Come back the next week against Clemson or whoever and play against them. All right, the Atlantic Division is going to be tight Look, Florida State's gonna be in there. I really believe that I believe that that they may not win the division But they have the potential to mess it up for somebody.

Sure. We always underestimate wake State despite the East Carolina game still has everything in front of them and Clemson is Clemson Although I you know, it's gonna be interesting to see who's playing quarterback by about the second quarter of their next game So it's it's it is interesting But it's also kind of what we were expecting in July and August before that the news of Hartman's sort of I guess you do almost call this sort of a Genetic injury based on his history with sort of things in his shoulder and tumors and whatnot You know before the news of that broke we expected way to be in that position So I don't know that this changes a whole ton I mean, I'm sure VMI is glad they didn't have to face Sam Hartman. Not that it made any kind of a difference 34 points is 34 points.

Yeah. Yeah, and would have been 54 if Hartman played maybe yeah, maybe I mean Mitch Griffiths is good Like I don't know that Sam Hartman was gonna do a lot more than that Mitch Griffiths did I'm sure Vanderbilt would much rather prepare for Griffiths Than Hartman and that's probably changed things up at practice a little bit this week But you know it is it's I don't think it dramatically changes than the intro of the Atlantic Division They are in the words of Dennis Green who we thought they were. All right, Duke at before we get to the surprise PTO signing of Calvin to Hahn today Duke at Northwestern.

Is this reality? Or is did we see enough from Duke against the bad temple team to think you know what this blue devil team might be a little different You know, I think there's what I saw against temple. Let's put aside the exes nose because look temple was Duke very as I wrote Duke very rarely wins the getting off the bus challenge and they absolutely looked like they were a different Division right then temple just not a very athletic big strong Imposing temple group, you know that it if it had been Campbell and I wouldn't have batted an eye nothing against Campbell But you just expect more from a right in the American So so Duke should have dominated physically and did I think what we saw from Duke was confidence and a fresh start and Players with optimism and look I was a huge defender of David Cukla if I think people still don't appreciate what he did with them Program, but by the same token, there's no question that even by the start of last season Everybody was kind of beat down and certainly by the middle of last season. Everybody was absolutely beat down now before that all happened They still beat Northwestern. So Northwestern like temple is one of the teams that Duke has historically. We'll see what happens this year Historically been able to out athlete and so there's a chance there I think for this Duke team to take some confidence in the team Where they're not going to be physically outmanned and and and win on the road I wouldn't say it's a lock but I think I think Duke has probably a better chance than people are giving them I agree because of the emotional boost of having some good vibes. It's been so long Years now since there were legitimate good vibes in the Duke program. That's not anybody's fault Not blaming David Cukla for that It's just the way it happened and Lord knows the one-year reign of error of chase Bryce didn't help anything But in the end, this is a different Duke team in the sense that people are more excited and that's not a criticism of anybody It just comes with a change in in faces on the staff In the locker room transfers all that stuff and then you take the good feelings of doing what Duke did to temple which is really crush temple Could have been much worse Yeah And take that on the road to Northwestern and see what happens look ACC teams on the road in non-duke Conference games against power five opponents.

It's cake absolute money. All right Real quick before we have to say goodbye Hurricanes a professional tryout for Calvin DeHaan left defenseman Familiar he was part of I'm just saying this for everybody else You know this part of the defensive core that led the Hurricanes back to the playoffs for the first time in a decade Really helped bail them out of the game first time in a decade really helped bail them out of the first couple of rounds of the playoffs when Trevor van Reemsdyke got hurt and Dougie Hamilton was kind of on defensive walkabout thoughts on that and what it means For this roster. Yeah, I mean, I know I'm not gonna get too worked up about PTOs I mean I think it's good to bring a guy into camp a lot of times like Derek Steppin It's guys who haven't found a contract somewhere else and this is a comfort situation for them where they know where they are They know the coaching staff. They'll get to play in a few preseason games, presumably maybe show off their wares for someone else I mean, I I you know, I don't know that there's a space on this roster Especially after the Stassney signing for Derek Steppin as much as I really liked it I mean, I think he's a terrific guide hire him as an assistant coach tomorrow if you were done playing Same thing with Calvin DeHaan another great guy knows the coaching staff you hire him as a coach or a scout or a development guy and heartbeat brew master if you were starting your own team brewery But I you know, I I wouldn't you know I don't know necessarily that there's going to be a place for him on the roster with the caveat that If they decide that Jake Gardner can't hack it and we kind of have gone into this hoping Jake Gardner can play again And you know, there's that kind of one spot on the left side of the deed defensively depth wise That maybe Calvin DeHaan ends up there instead of Jake Gardner and Jake Gardner ends up getting traded or on LT IR if he can't, you know physically play whatever so I think there's probably more space on this little roster for Calvin DeHaan Than there is for Derek Steppin is the other sort of notable PTO, but he's a likable guy people You know, he fits in well with the team.

He's not gonna cause a ruckus He's gonna come in trying to make the team maybe get a look somewhere else Maybe he ends up signing in Chicago and coming up here if you need him It doesn't hurt anything and that's kind of one of the things about waiting till later in the summer Same thing with the Stasti signing there are gonna be guys Available who might be good fits for you that you wouldn't give money on July 1st And you might not give money on September 1st But you want him in camp and I think Calvin DeHaan certainly fits that that bill I think both DeHaan and step on Will be in the opening night lineup Luke to cock. I appreciate your time as always. Where are you? We're getting money on that, buddy That's fine. Where are you?

Look Andre Kasha is only Five minutes away from the next injury. Where are where are you headed this weekend? I am I'm headed only to Charlotte on Sunday for the Baker Mayfield spectacular should be apparently Adam I don't know if you knew this I'm not this is Maybe breaking news Baker Mayfield would like to beat the former team that traded him away and it is in his first game for his New team this is apparently scandalous in the NFL.

I had no idea. I'm gonna write that they're breaking news I would I'm gonna write that down. All right, I'm gonna let me ask you this question before it before you go if You if I handed you a Great Lakes beer An Elliot Ness an amber lager on Edmund Fitzgerald a porter and I handed you a any one of the Juicy sycamores mountain candy or anything like that.

Which would you prefer? I'm not a sycamore fan per se I love so I would I would go with the Great Lakes, but in any in any conversation I will have to take the spotted cow that I'm holding up on your webcam right? Is that is that a Charlotte beer? That's a Wisconsin. Oh, it's a Wisconsin. It's definitely Wisconsin So when the Panthers play the Packers and we have this conversation, okay, I'll save it for that.

I'll save it for that You got to take the train by the way because we can do that we could take the train to the football game Thanks, man. Look the cock of the news and observer joins us every Friday. We have reached orange wedges Yes, sir I was talking to Luke here. Okay So Yes, we're actually we're talking a spotted cow actually will new Claris is the bottling company or brewery that makes spotted cow Okay, it's based in About out not even an hour south of Madison, Wisconsin So South Central, Wisconsin, the staghorn is my go-to.

It's an amber ale nice. Yes, very nice my go-to but yes anyway Speaking of things that are tasty and juicy D 23 Disney is giving us all the juicy stuff that we want to know what's coming up next in the world of Disney That's movies. That's Marvel.

It's all video games. Of course, maybe Yeah, it's all things Disney for example Indiana Jones 5 we have now seen concept art as well as costumes For Indiana Jones 5 who now I know it's Harrison Ford. Yeah, so I look I'm a big Harrison Ford fan, of course Um get off my plane. He's a nine.

He's 90. Is it really how I have no idea how old Harrison Ford is I am NOT going to buy Anything he does 80 actually yes as Indiana Jones I'm not gonna buy anything he does as Indiana Jones Who's the like is Shia LaBeouf gonna be in this I have no idea. I didn't even watch that movie It's terrible Absolutely terrible Raiders of the Lost Ark overrated No, no, they're not overrated.

Yes. I mean no just campy and awesome and worthy of other Indiana Jones movies, but not overrated. No, but I don't think anybody's calling it a work of cinematic art. It's fun movie It's overrated, okay Last Crusade's the best one what the one with Sean Connery Sean Connery.

Yeah, that's the best one. Well, it's it might be I'm not arguing that But it's because of Sean Connery who is Awesome was awesome. Yes, sir Sean that's right, sir Also we get There's a continuation to the national treasure storyline the the two-part movie that we saw Nicholas Cage And I can I just say go on I like those movies.

I liked him too. They're fun. They were fun movies See nothing great.

What's wrong? It's fun. Yeah fun. Yeah underrated actually, I think I still watch it If I see it, I'll watch it. I'll watch it. Yeah, but there's a national they stole the Declaration of Independence. I know They use lime juice to read the back Lemon, I'm sorry lemon juice. Sorry lemon juice in there So there's a Disney Plus sequel series coming to it called national treasure edge of history.

Now. It doesn't have Nick Cage That's fine. It doesn't need Nick Cage. It's Nick Cage.

I understand doesn't need Nick Nick Nicholas Cage Nick You know him that well, yeah, I only know him as Nicholas and I see Nick. That's that's how I know now So if you want to pay attention you can obviously follow what Disney puts out there But today we're getting some stuff regarding actually probably started just now because it's supposed to start at 10 30 a.m. Pacific time Uh-huh, Disney legends. There's an award ceremony going on. There's for example that we do some stuff for chat with Bozeman as well With his passing what he's done with Black Panther So a lot of different things going on also expect to see a Disney and Marvel game showcase later on today as well As well as the Disney Pixar studio showcase tomorrow This is what I'm looking for You'll see some stuff from 20th century studios as well as Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios nice very much looking forward to that We'll probably drop some different trailers. For example ant-man and the wasp the third movie for that Quantum mania will probably see a trailer Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 the Marvels will probably see Some trailers and stuff for that and as well as secret invasion We're gonna get a lot of those things but also a Sunday We'll get some stuff regarding Disney products as well as Disney experiences and Disney parks nice Yes, so have fun with that there are ways to watch also because Yesterday was Disney Plus day. You can get Disney Plus for a month for only a dollar 99 really Yeah for a whole month. Yeah for a dollar 99 nice. So you can go in and watch all those wonderful things Something to keep in mind as well if you have an electric vehicle Starbucks as well as IKEA are partnering up with some different companies to have locations to start offering electrical vehicle recharging So you can refuel yourself with coffee and recharge your car at the same time I like the I like the symmetry there there.

I kind of just came up with that right now. Oh good. There's There's a Walmart up where I live. Oh nice the Super Walmart. It's actually very good legitimately super and They have and I haven't not in luck. I'm probably not going to ever get a Tesla Although I guess maybe but there there are like 15 Tesla recharging stations in the Walmart parking lot specifically Tesla Yeah, okay, so I don't know if you can plug other if you haven't like a Chevy Volt or whatever Yeah, the other electric cars are because there's so many of them now I don't know if you can plug another one in I don't know how different the Apparatus is are such as an AC DC outlet ideas No, I don't believe so.

Okay so USB C versus USB Yeah, you're starting to see it all we have some here. But yeah, that's they're gonna be good. We're gonna need them We are gonna need them. I'm surprised we have we don't have a whole bunch of gas stations Now flipping to them. I do know in in locally here in Raleigh at North Hills There's a target and in the back of the parking lot There's about a half or even more maybe close to a dozen are they specific Tesla or anything specific good I think they're kind of universal.

We need them which is a good thing. That's fine I've always wondered will be like to actually have an electric vehicle No, if I ever get one, I'll let you know, please do Nerf guns were fun when I was a kid and I'm very excited that the iconic sharpshooter blaster from 1992 is coming back. Excellent.

Yeah Christmas gift Anyone wants to give me a Christmas? Yeah The iconic sharpshooter blaster from 1992 from Nerf guns, very cool And I believe you and I you yesterday you teased an announcement Yeah, you want to make that you want to do that now? I was gonna save it for for after Dave Harding Oh saving it for there is a a signal an announcement of significance coming at about 245 today. Okay, is that fair? That's all right. Yeah.

Yeah an hour. We got an hour Dude, if you're leaving come back and you'll hear the significant announcement Yeah at 245 today or thereabouts might be 248 might be might be 249 and a half How long the your conversation with Dave yeah, it does it's all it's all up in the air The Panthers and the Cleveland Browns this weekend should be fun Should be a nice vibe around Bank of America Stadium Although I would have what are we here Darren Darren Gant the other day said? Yeah, it's Going to be conducive to a running game.

It's gonna be a kind of a sloppy track That's unfortunate. By the way, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens Could not come to an agreement on a contract today was the deadline apparently so 23 million dollars this year and the worst nightmare He is prepared to play on the franchise time. I told you my strategy told you what I would do yesterday if I were the Cleveland If I were the Baltimore Ravens do not give him the exclusive franchise tag Let other teams Give him an offer sheet Do it you're gonna match it Unless it's ridiculous and the other team then would be not saying stuck with Lamar Jackson Mm-hmm, but stuck with a Lamar Jackson contract that is prohibitive so the Ravens are in this situation The only way they can really get out of it is to do something like that But ultimately he's gonna play on the franchise tag next year because he's comfortable with it All right. Let's shall we do a little Make your place your bets place your bets place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal All right, sir, where you want to go By the way, I'm at plus 1130 now. I gained 20 units yesterday. Oh you on the on the touchdown the game Davis, but On the Rams winning. Oh, okay Bummer, I try you had the Rams plus and my other bet was a UFC fight for tomorrow Oh, that's right is is cam Akers and witness protection. What happened? Maybe What I mean, I know he got in the game Because I saw him like with one carry but What what's going is he hurt again?

What was happening? I don't know. Well, they just stunk yesterday. Let's just call it Yeah, but I mean He's isn't he the better running?

I don't know. I don't know I was actually closer to my Alan Diggs Single Terry with 300 100 100 all 40 digs went for 122 Alan was 297 and if they gave the ball to single Terry Moore, maybe he does approach a hundred. He was 48 at eight carries Yeah, I mean, come on more. He needs more carries than that. Yeah more carries than that All right, sir college football tomorrow Duke Northwestern give you Duke to win this outright plus 300 outright Duke Very nice. Yep.

There it is. Very very nice set outright good for you I'd love to see the Blue Devils do that. I'm gonna go for another outright winner here Marlins at home against the Mets plus 130 Okay All right, I like the Mets are not reeling But I also don't think they're playing great It's like the time we wake up tomorrow Braves are in Seattle, by the way, it's a good series I think we could have a new leader in the division by the time we wake up tomorrow Okay, I think we could have a new leader in the division temporary but new Premier lacrosse league semi-final stars this weekend chaos take on the archers Water dogs take on the whipsnakes. Give me the whipsnakes and the archers to both win plus 150 Okay How are you doing on your Premier League? Parlays doing okay Premier lacrosse about 5050 on you've made 1,300 units on a 14 Champions League parlay.

Yeah, you're welcome. That's no it's good I'm just curious that this Premier League Premier lacrosse league stuff Have you taken advantage of it? Like me and cricket like for example, if I do a four I got four leg parlay on lacrosse I usually end up getting three of them, right?

Okay, there's always the occasion. I mean, there's only eight teams. All these teams are just stacked, right? They're just low.

Of course they are. Yeah It is kind of hard to pick but give me those two to win in the semis Plus one. All right, I'm going with a four team College football parlor, okay, either all ACC or local teams North Carolina on the road at Georgia State Wake Forest on the road at Vanderbilt East Carolina at home to Old Dominion Virginia Tech at home to Boston College. I am really nervous about that one is Virginia Tech gonna screw me again If those four hit plus 240 trust either of those What Virginia Tech or Boston College? I don't trust either of them Plus 240 five if it hits all right, so I'm giving you a Five-leg NFL parlay.

Okay five. Sure Ravens over Jets Niners over Bears Bengals over Steelers Titans over Giants Chiefs over Cardinals plus 535 I like it. I like it. All right, here's my Panthers Browns action That's a pick them game. By the way, what Panthers Browns?

Yeah. Yeah, the the line is pick them. Yeah, it should be pick them I don't I'm not I'm not a hundred percent confident in a winner in this game, right? I don't know like I have my doubts about what the Panthers really are. Like I said Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson will bring it back in the water sound for take the predictions out of What they what they said they're both right, right? Healthy Christian McCaffrey's difference maker Browns have the better roster But it's probably not even close right Browns at the better roster. All right, so I like a running game I like Christian McCaffrey and Nick Chubb to do work. I like Christian McCaffrey 75 or more rushing yards and a rushing touchdown or in a touchdown Says rushing touchdown rushing touchdown. Okay, and I like Nick Chubb 75 or more yards and a rushing touchdown both 850 all right Just for them each to get a rushing touchdown is 300 but let's go crazy Let's go gets the opener. Yeah, let's go nuts. Let's get weird Yes, this is the Adam Gold show
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