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What do we expect Sunday from the Carolina Panthers?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 9, 2022 5:02 pm

What do we expect Sunday from the Carolina Panthers?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 9, 2022 5:02 pm

What do we expect Sunday from the Carolina Panthers? Konata Edwards of CBS Sports and Randy Slack of ESPN Wilmington joined the show to talk about the Carolina Panthers and Baker Mayfield as they face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Also, discussions about NC State Football and UNC Football, and the NFL.

Also, Dave Harding of the Duke Radio Network joined the show to discuss the Duke football team on the road at Northwestern Football.

Plus, Dennis & Adam make NFL picks based on craft beers from cities.

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All depends on how much fun we have with our friends, not of the scribe. And Randy Slack as we get to our round table. Randy from our affiliate in... Oh, I'm sorry. I love this.

I'm a pro. It's really embarrassing when you forget the format of the show. See, we have an open for this. It's the whole Knights of the Round Table.

Never mind. Randy Slack, ESPN Wilmington, Slack on Sports, the whole thing. Comedian, man about town, recommender of fine hamburgers. He joins us. And of course, our friend, dear friend in studio at one point, not of the scribe, Kenada Edwards,

Sir, thank you very much for your time. I'm glad I have everybody here. So let's go. Let's start with the football game. Let's start with the Panthers game. Is this game about Baker Mayfield or something else, Nada? It should be about something else. It won't be because it's going to be about Baker Mayfield. It's one of those things where we're just talking about Baker, Baker, Baker. I mean, it was the first game promoted on Thursday Night Football. So it's going to be about Baker, even though it shouldn't be. And even though he's tried to coach speak his way out of it all week or better yet for most of preseason, it shouldn't be about him, but it will be.

Yeah, I think you're you're 100 percent right. They spent all summer. They talked about Baker Mayfield every day for two months as though America really cared. Like, no offense to Baker, but I mean, we are.

It said to me and you can react to this as well, Randy. It said to me that there just wasn't that much to discuss about the NFL in June and July. Yeah, well, here's the thing. I'm a big fan of the UFC and sometimes not the best fighters are the guys to get promoted. But the guys who have the biggest personalities and Baker Mayfield is a guy with a huge personality is the biggest issue with this team.

So, yeah, quarterbacks matter. This guy has endorsement deals for some reason. Good for him. He's a big personality.

People are going to talk about it. Yeah, they he will certainly is. And I think that's his best quality as a quarterback, more than the ability to throw and all of that. I just think he presents himself as a number one quarterback. Morris way more than Sam Darnold did.

Sam Darnold to me looks like the backup quarterback and Baker Mayfield looks like the starter and I don't first. Do you think it was a real competition or was it just sold to us as a competition ready? I think it was just a lip service competition the same way this isn't really a revenge game for him.

You know, he doesn't want to talk about it. They didn't they wanted to make it like it was a competition. I will say though, it seemed like both Baker and Sam were really professional about this and it did come off kind of nice how I guess as far as what we saw, you know in the median and the general public between this quarterback competition and seem like the guys and the other it's pretty cool, you know with with how that situation went.

I appreciate you you getting into the brotherhood of this how much of that are you in love with Nada? The brotherhood I treated it like real like instead of Real Housewives. We had the real quarterbacks of Charlotte. That's that's what it was reality show. It was one of those things where we're talking about. Hey, these it's these two guys are really in quote-unquote competition even though if Sam don't again if Sam Darnold was that good to where he was going to be the starter.

They would have never traded right in the first place. So there's that there's that whole rigmarole, but I just enjoyed the whole reality show angle of this where they're trying to create this competition. They're trying to create this friendly rivalry and at the end of the day Sam Darnold Sam Darnold like yo, I get paid 18 million dollars whether I start whether I'm wearing this really cool hat. So, I mean, it's not a really so much about it that I really it's like there's only so much about it that you can really find cordial, you know, did is there a is there a hat worn on the sideline in the NFL that you would buy? No, right.

That's what I you said really cool. And there's the worst hats like I think the NFL the NFL has the worst apparel of any professional sports league. It's not there's no second place. So bad. There's no second place. I just like who'd buy who buys these hats.

All right, so not a what is what other than the the shiny object of Baker. What is the game about the game is about does Matt rule start off on the good foot for the third year in a row before it all falls apart. Like that's the story. Can they win this game against a team that's going to be down at least one of their corners starting corners might be down to offensive tackles. Can they do that? Can they beat the one legged man in the you know what kicking contest can they do that? It's really that simple. That's what the game is about.

Can you go want to know and can you bring something? Can you bring at least a good feeling before we all know it falls apart right around November or December. So you're saying this this game is about Matt rule Randy. What is the game about? Well, it's about the offensive line. I think that was a really big factor and why they were so bad. Obviously Sam Donald isn't a good quarterback. But when you have as many different offensive line combination that they had last year, that's not going to be good for any football team.

I've been covering the Panthers since 2018. They started that year six and two and I think finished seven and nine. This is a hot start team that always falls apart and looking at the schedule. I think this is a team that conceivably could start five and oh and potentially finish seven and ten. Seven and ten I think would probably would be a I think a fairly decent year for for this team.

Here's the I think you're I think you're closer. I like I understand what not a saying about this is a game about Matt rule. I think the the season or the first 10 games of the season is about Matt rule. I think that there are three things that I'm looking at in this game one. Are they going to get completely run over and trucked by Cleveland's run game? I think Cleveland's going to try and pound the ball at straight at Carolina all day long.

They've got really good running backs a good offensive line, although banged up and Jacoby Brissett isn't going to scare anybody. So maybe Carolina throws Jeremy chin up in the box and says we got 80 up eight up here dare you the other thing is it is about icky Aquano and get get run over slowly by Miles Garrett. And I also think it's about Christian McCaffrey like we had this we got to see how this team is planning on using the 22 because if I think they need to be creative. I think he needs to touch the ball 30 times a game, but that's just me.

I'm not worried about saving him because what are we saving him for? I mean not a creative and Matt rule hold on. There's Ben McAdoo.

Ben McAdoo is creative knows ask. I just need to clarify. I'm just asking the clarifying question here because you said creative and Matt rule, and I don't think we've seen that much creativity out of that coaching staff outside of maybe Phil Snow. All right. Well, that's a good it's a very good point.

That is a very good point. All right, speaking of creative Randy. Yes, did Dave Doran intentionally go vanilla at East Carolina and invite a loss when he couldn't get the ball in the end zone. Did Dave Doran intentionally go for now or is that just what the NC State's offenses. I mean, they are who we thought they were I think this is the are we thought they were I think it's a team, there's a lot of hype on them and, you know, they looked. I don't know, is, was the is the moment going to be too big for him.

It looks like this was just a disappointing, a nearly disappointing game for him, week one. They should have lost the game. I mean, yeah, absolutely. They should they should I didn't like the way they manage the clock at the end I'm like, you know, you could if he makes the field goal you could give yourself about a minute left, and you can go down the field and kick your own field goal.

Ah, that's possible. Apparently they were they were contentious letting the men, and then icing the kicker. When they didn't need to, although however that whole thing played out now you got a, I got to read on what ailed the wolf back in that game or maybe it was even better. Honestly as preseason for everybody. I think that's what we got to look at for this is that there were a lot of kinks that needed to be ironed out before and maybe this makes door into them. Think about the schedule and maybe scheduling a week zero game and getting all those kinks out against a team that can't really hurt you like North Carolina did. I kind of, I'm kind of more with that on because other than that, I don't mind like they were who they were going to be Dave Dorn is naturally boring, they have a team that is going to be just meat and potatoes.

And they, they got lucky. Okay, let's see if they continue to make the same comedy of errors, week after week, I don't expect them to. I think we just got to give them a mulligan on this one. It's it's week one for them, but maybe not free skew is now maybe hear me out real quick, maybe they made the offensive vanilla, because they're trying to get into the big 10, because they see Iowa and they're like well maybe we can play like this, and we can get one of these super conferences. Yeah, well they nevermind I'm not gonna I'm not going to bring up any source subjects about Iowa. It's probably best that we just let that stand as that. Look, I think there's an element of what NC State presented against East Carolina that intentionally played it close to the vest, and they're all pointing towards October 1 against Clemson. Hey, real quick about Clemson is the starting quarterback, not a going to be DJ Lee on the lay or Cade Kublick went down there yeah, it'll be Cade Klubnick by wake, much less by NC State, but the week before the clock is ticking, but clock is ticking. I like DJ, I think he's a great.

He's a really nice guy in the couple of times I've met him. And it's very clear and it's going to become even more apparent, even with these body bag games that are coming up against these two, two next opponents that I cannot remember at this moment, neither can I, and that's fine I appreciate you calling them body bag games. Look to me, Randy, you'll remember this, they were, we had the Kelly Bryant, he started that he played the entire year, he was wonderful they got to the playoff. The next year, four games in, they realized we ain't winning the playoff without Trevor Lawrence. So, Trevor, you're the guy, and then Kelly Bryant just wave goodbye.

Without the, without the transfer angle. You think Dabo is looking at it that way. Yeah, I mean, you got you got to go with the guy who gives you the more upside I think they know what they have in DJ, and it's not great. I mean, I don't, I don't believe they can beat good teams, really good teams, and I will put NC State in that category with bad offense. I don't I just mean they might be able to beat state in a, you know, 1713 game maybe they'll try to win that game 1713 with their own defense, but you're not going to be elite teams with no offense, Nick Saban gave into that I'm still waiting for Kirby smart and Georgia to kind of figure out that, you know, they kind of took advantage of some situations Alabama was out of wide receivers. When they got to that game, but, you know, we'll see. All right, let me, let me ask this we don't have a ton of time left so Major League Baseball approved rules changes I know not I didn't send you this on your, on your cheat sheet but baseball send some rules changes some of the things that I do like bigger bases.

So, 18 inches wide as opposed to 15 inches wide. They say it's going to promote stolen bases, I'm all for stolen bases pitch clock 15 second pitch clock with nobody on base. I'm okay with just keeping the game moving. Also the batters have to stay in the batter's box basically with eight seconds up in the pitch clock batters got to be ready to go, which I love. We don't need the no more Garcia para gotta adjust my batting gloves for 20 seconds. The Mike Hargrove human rain delay, most people won't even remember that.

There you go, but the shiny object is no shift. It's going to help a lot of the guys that are naturally pull hitters because clearly we have guys that are the game is shifting to, you're going to be strong pull hitters, you're going to have all this, it's going to increase batting averages, it's going to make the game more exciting. At the same time, I'm kind of mourning the shift even though I hate it so so much like I'm one of the, like, as someone that just watches a whole bunch of baseball I enjoy the strategy, you're taking a piece of it away. Even though it's made for some God awful batting average high Joey Gallo.

Yeah, I'm at the same point. I'm kind of looking forward to players hitting 300 320, a little bit more regularly now that they're taking the shift away. I mean professional sports are about entertainment, moving the game along with the pitch clock is great, getting rid of the shift is great. I mean, in the NFL, you can only have so many guys on the line of scrimmage you can only move so many guys, those illegal shifts and all that kind of stuff. There's rules in place, the, the NBA put hack a shack rules in to make the games and more bearable and more viewer friendly baseball needs to do things like that and the shift is one of those things that they absolutely need to do. By the way, if you did put a guy over the over the fence in the stands, if he caught the ball, it wouldn't be an out because if you reach over the wall and catch a homerun that's an out, you rob a guy of a homerun. But you can't start your positioning outside. That's true in the stands. That's the whole point.

Yeah. In fact, actually, I don't think it should be allowed, where if you if you run, you know, even if you started in the field of play, if you leave the field of play in the act of catching the ball. I think it's a homerun. If you if your body ends up on the other side of the wall. That's a homerun.

It should be. And if you end up trying to incite more replay Adam and we can't have no way. What do we need replay for if you are on the other side of the fence, we, we don't need replay.

Hey, well how much over the fence, a risk is no no no no no no it is an arm if your entire body ends up on the other side of the fence, whether your entire body is in the seats or your entire body as in as it has happened at Fenway Park is in the right field bullpen. Now is this like the Royal Rumble in WWE if do both feet have to touch the floor for it to count or can like you be upside down and it still count as an hour. These are rules we have to work out there are rules in wrestling. You have to have rules you can't there are no rules to break. Oh, that is true. That is true. If there are no rules to break.

It is not professional. See that's, that's absolutely brilliant look, I am. I want baseball to be great. But I think that taking away defense is not the way to do it.

I think there are other ways to do it but I'm like, I don't think it'll dramatically impact the game very quickly. You're not are your favorite moment of Queen Elizabeth. God save the Queen by Queen, that's fine might be it.

That's good. Randy you have a favorite q e two story or moment. The only royalty I thought about yesterday was Ozzy Osbourne only getting 10 seconds during the halftime on NBC that was the biggest injustice of yesterday.

I'm American through through I don't even know what my is so I can't speak on people in other countries. All right, very, very quickly, the open of the 2012 Olympics. When Queen Elizabeth and Daniel Craig as James Bond helicoptered into the stadium.

Go watch the video online. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for being with us today. Please subscribe Canada Edwards CBS sports calm Randy slack from ESPN Wilmington slack on sports, gentlemen, it was a blast, we'll do it again.

Thank you. Now the crack analyst for the Duke radio network, my friend, Dave Harding, former offensive lineman for the blue devil sir you look fabulous. Not quite as good as 30 to nothing over temple. Did, did that catch you a little by surprise, the amount of dominance that the blue devil's put on the field.

Yeah, it did. I mean, we talked just before the game and there were a lot of question marks swirling around I knew that, and we had talked you know Hayes in the barn, the guys had done the work, but I have not seen a first performance and opening game as crisp as that, since I've been affiliated with Duke. The communication was great, the effort was terrific. The thing that really stuck out to me was the tackling and obviously that shows in the big goose egg that temple was was forced to to yield and to submit so overall I thought I'm fantastic start for the Mike Elko era and you can feel Adam the excitement the energy, rolling off of that game. And then, then we could talk about defense but because I thought the defense obviously was very impressive Riley Leonard looked really good in the game again I'm, you know temple is what temple is I don't think temples very good but it doesn't really matter. He looked very much very polished, but I'm not sure that the most eye opening thing to me was moving more out to wide receiver.

I had not. I'm probably a dope but I had not heard that that was going to happen but he looked really good receiver like, like he had been working on that maybe for the last three or four weeks, three weeks, but I can tell you, you can put me out at receiver for three years and I wouldn't look half as good as that. I mean, it's pretty impressive he did not play the position at all, a little in high school but you had been completely focused on the quarterback position since he got to do. And for him to make the transition, it was three weeks almost to the day, the from the starter that he was switched out wide, and I thought the chemistry between he and Riley Leonard was fantastic, so much in the passing game as you know is about the timing and being able to throw somebody open anticipating when a window might be there down the field and for a wide receiver that granted has played quarterback so should know the concepts but for him to pick it up athletically so quickly speaks to what kind of specimen he is and his ability to mirror what you see maybe in the film room or drawing on the board to actually executing that on the field was a great surprise and I mean, instantaneously basically shoots up to the number one receiver spot on Duke's in my opinion just because of what he can do in the open field you saw the first drive, get the ball in his hands.

He makes one person miss has the speed to get away from other people on the defense. I mean Duke has needed that kind of it guy to go to guy, obviously, competition is going to continue to get more tough and tougher and a little stiffer but overall I think Jordan Moore has kind of cemented himself into that wide receiver spot. Alright, so let's talk about the defense, as it pertains to this week, I saw great pursuit you talked about the tackling Duke has speed certainly in their back seven. When you talk about the challenge of Northwestern especially Northwestern might be a little salty.

After the game a year ago here in Durham where we're Duke one. What's the challenge and how does that defense take even another step. The challenge is finding a way to match physicality or to out physical a team that is is highly physical, especially at the line of scrimmage.

This is a veteran offensive line when you look down the board it's grad students seniors. The quarterback is playing really well little fans saw him briefly in last year's game but your last year I think you can kind of throw out the window from a comparison standpoint just because of so much that's different. First of all, with the Blue Devil roster and the scheme this year but also the turnovers really put Northwestern behind in the game a year ago and then they clean things up in the second half and found a way to make it a game so wasn't a true example I think of what they're capable of but defensively, we talked about physicality up front, trying to match at least get some stalemates along the line of scrimmage. And then I think the big x factor for Duke in the past couple years and Duke has won the last three meetings against Northwestern but the reason is their speed, and you mentioned the guys flying around in the back half and then the secondary. I think that is something that a big 10 team doesn't experience on a regular basis, it is interesting the two different styles, Northwestern is built offensively and defensively. Just get in there and grind it out and it's really not Duke's forte. So it's kind of which one of those two clashing styles you get the speed, mixed with just the big grass fed beef guys running around and which one of those ends up winning the day is the big question in this game. Dave. Dave Harding, Duke Radio Network, the grass fed Northwestern Wildcats against the Duke Blue Devils.

Alright, final thing. Did anything that you saw, you saw against Temple, maybe change your opinion give you more of an optimistic view of what this season can be? It did. I thought you mentioned the execution event of Riley Leonard at quarterback, that's hard to do against air. I mean, I've seen quarterbacks plenty of times, throw incomplete passes, overthrow people, poor decisions, any of that. And so I thought the overall understanding and the communication of this team and the leadership that we saw out there, whether it's at the quarterback position or along the defensive line, that gave me a little bit more hope. Whenever a team comes out and is as crisp and not, I wouldn't say flawless, but able to overcome certain dynamics in a game, regardless of who your opponent is, that gives me more hope.

Also the tackling part, I don't think that can be understated. I've not seen a Duke defense hit with as much physicality and bring people to the ground on first effort, like I did on Friday night in a very long time and now it's all about sustainability. Can you keep that going against tougher opponents? I mean, Temple is going to struggle this season. I think Northwestern's got a lot more talent. Obviously, a power five opponent makes a difference. And so can you kind of capture that energy, harness the momentum that you picked up in the first game? I think it's really important in the way that they started and keep that going.

This is a big test and you've got an opportunity then to come home the next week against a non-FBS foe, regroup and move forward into the ACC play. You have to catch a plane, but final question is, is grass fed better or worse than corn fed? I think grass fed's better. Corn nowadays, kind of the go-to feed that's a little cheaper.

Anything pelletized, I don't really want either. So you've got to pay that top dollar for grass fed. So tonight, when I'm in Chicago eating either Italian food of some kind, might be deep dish, might be something else, I'm definitely opting for the grass fed.

Good for you. Dave Harding, safe trip. I appreciate your time, man. We'll talk to you very soon.

Sounds good. That was great. Quality way to end. Grass fed versus corn fed. Personally, I do grass fed. I do grass fed. Yeah, I'm with you on that.

I do grass fed. All right, we tease the announcement. We get to it about the right, not that far after 2-45. So I don't know what it says about me. Okay. But this is the second time in four months? Right? Second time in four months. Um, when was that? April. Was it April?

Al Campbell moved on? Right? Yeah, four months. So what was it? May, June, July for four months, basically four months.

So, Dennis Cox, when I get here Monday, you will not be here with me. No. Congratulations on whatever it is you are going to.

Whatever it is, I wish you and them the best. Them? Yes. Okay. We can call them them.

That's a pronoun that is used. All right, so. Yes, but you will still occasionally hear me. Oh, no, no, you'll be heard. You'll be heard.

No, I'm curious. Do my, the units that I have accrued, do those transfer to whoever? I think you take the units with you.

Oh, okay. You take the units with you. So I can just, I can keep those. Yeah, like if I were you, I would try to cash them in.

I ended on a here. I would try to cash them in. I still got futures out there.

Yes, you do. We'll keep tabs on those. Although I will not know if any of your PLL futures cash.

Oh, I'll let you know. Don't you worry. In all seriousness, thank you for the four months.

That was a good time. Apparently not good enough for you. That's fine. It's not a shout out to my ego. But I appreciate all you've done.

We've done some different things over the last four months. So thank you. Sometimes choices are made for us. And that is true. That's the thing as well.

Especially in this industry, choices sometimes are made for you. I'll see you at PNC Arena for sure. Oh yeah.

Although you didn't, but whatever. We'll see. Maybe I'll see you here.

Maybe during hurricanes games. Maybe I'll see you here. Potentially.

Potentially. Alright, we've got five minutes left in this shindig. In your final Adam Goldshow's shindig.

Not a vet final. And you might show up from time to time. Like I said, you'll hear my voice on occasion.

Doing different things. We've got games to pick, shall we? Let's do it. And we said yesterday we would pick them through beer.

Right? Yes. Should we start with the Browns and the Panthers? Of course. Alright. Now I'm going to ask you because you are that guy.

Okay. Cleveland is the visiting team. Great Lakes Brewing. Sneaky good brewery by the way.

In Cleveland. Really good. The Elliott Ness Amber.

Very good. I know you're an Amber Ale guy. I'm a huge Amber Ale guy. The Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is delicious. Or the Sycamore Mountain Candy, which is an IPA, but the Southern Girl Blonde Ale. Fantastic. Give me a winner.

Give me a winner. You had me at Southern Girl Blonde. I might have to go with that. As much as I love Amber Ale. Great Lakes has some heaters. They really do.

They really do. I can't believe, I didn't know they were made in, I thought it was a Michigan beer, but it's a Cleveland beer. Big in the Midwest. I'll go with Charlotte here. Sycamore.

I like Sycamore, but once you told me that Great Lakes, the Edmund Fitzgerald is really good. It's a pickle. It's a pickle. It's a pickle.

It's a pickle game. If I had to drink just one of them, though, I would be an Edmund Fitzgerald. So, kind of lean browns. Alright, San Francisco's at Chicago. Anchor Steam.

Very good. Are we going to Santa Clara beers or are we going to San Francisco beers? San Francisco beers. You know what?

Good point. I didn't look up Santa Clara beers. I'm wearing a Stan's Donuts t-shirt today for Santa Clara. Anchor Steam or Old Style? Chicago's favorite beer.

I've seen Old Style around when I lived in Wisconsin because it wasn't far from Chicago where I was. So, I might go... I don't know. Was it Anchor Steam? Yeah. Don't know it.

You can walk into a store and probably get an Anchor Steam, yeah. Okay. Old Style's trash! It's horrible!

I haven't had it either. God, it's so bad. Anchor Steam it is. God, it's terrible. Anchor Steam, yeah. It's a blowout.

It's a three touchdown win. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh. Oh, okay. Some Iron City. Iron City versus the Mad Tree Brewery in Cincinnati. They have something called the Happy Amber.

Oh, I'm sold on that then. Happy Amber. As much as I hate picking against the Steelers, I'll take the Happy Amber.

Yeah, I will too. Take the Happy Amber. Philly at Detroit. Yingling at Stroz. Yingling.

Yingling. This game is going to end in a tie. Wow, watch it end in a tie. This game is going to end in a tie.

If this game ends in a tie, you can point it directly to that. There are people who ride for Yingling and I have never tasted a Yingling that didn't feel like... Did this go bad? Is this cut out? I don't mind Yingling. Did it get skunky?

Maybe. So, no offense. New England at Miami. Sam Adams. This is pretty cool. Miami has a brewery named MIA Brewing. Okay. And they have a beer called the Miami Vice.

W-E-I-S-S. Let's see if we get to say Hefeweizen. Yeah. Okay. Alright, I see what you did there.

Just for the creativity of the names, I'm going Miami on this one. Me too. And I'm a fan of Sam Adams Alpine Lager. That's actually my favorite of the Sam Adams. Cold Snap's also very good. Okay. Cold Snap's also very good. Buck's Cowboys. Coppertail Brewery is the official brewery of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And by all accounts, very accomplished. Okay. Versus Dallas' Lone Star. Versus Dallas' Lone Star? Lone Star. Yeah, I can't do anything Lone Star, so I'll take the Tampa Bay one. Yeah, it looks like a very reputable brewery. I've never had one of them. I have had a Lone Star.

It's every bit as good as an Old Style. So, Dallas loses. Yeah.

So, we'll both go with the Buccaneers based on that. Yeah, the Miami Vice. That's a great name. Such a great name. I love the creativity there.

Absolutely love the creativity. Alright, we gotta get out of here. Thanks again for all you've done for four months.

It's been a good time. I don't know what you're doing next, but I'm sure it'll be a smash hit. Check social media. You'll find things. Okay. At the Fan Rookie. Yes. At the Fan Rookie.
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