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December 8, 2019 4:15 pm

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December 8, 2019 4:15 pm

In the latest struggle between Main Street and corporate America, grocers say the rapidly-expanding chains of Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have effectively forced them out of business. NPR's Alison Aubrey has the story. Plus, what has former New England Patriots star, Rob Gronkowski since retiring?

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Learn our CBS Sunday morning podcast is sponsored by Verizon wireless Verizon is launching its 5G ultra wideband network for ultrafast speeds ultra low latency and massive capacity. This is 5G built right morning jingling and this is Sunday morning. Just 17 days until Christmas. While shopping for gifts may be our top priority right now. Buying everyday necessities is a year-round concern which helps explain the rapid rise of the type of store offering big savings, but this morning a closer look. Are these savings really ideal or no deal. Allison Aubrey reports our cover story. There are more than $30,000 stores nationwide. That's more than Starbucks and McDonald's combining but is very cost of these bargain retailers. They tend to highly saturate areas and at what point is enough.

The rise of the dollar store and buy some cities are pushing back on Sunday morning when it comes to the legends of combat a few FNA the longevity of Mel Brooks we know not just for his hilarious work, but also for his long marriage to another legend, the late actor Sam Bancroft, Mel Brooks will talk about both with Ben Mankiewicz this is 2000-year-old man is 93. When did you know that you will fight in school. I guess my neck still learns from being taken by the neck to the principal's office taking on his own movies, blazing saddles. I don't know. I don't think so.

I went too far and talking the love of his life by growth, I love you Mel Brooks at home with Mel Brooks later on Sunday morning for the record, she's a singer and songwriter whose achieve success markedly young age name is Billy eyelash and this morning she's invited our Gayle King into her private studio in this bedroom. Billy eyelash and her brother Phineas recorded one of this year's biggest albums. She's the youngest person ever nominated all four major Grammies. We mentioned she's only 17, love, and love performing. You didn't think you'd be this half of the phenomenon that is Billy. I rated nine and will catch up with retired NFL star Rob Gronkowski braver visits with our long time Sunday morning colleague Eugenia Zuckerman, Bill Flanagan takes a stand for baby boomers plus Steve Hartman and more coming up when our Sunday morning podcast continues dollars stores.the landscape they offer bargains to be sure, but overall, are they a deal or no deal. A question which helps explain why Fort Worth pass new restrictions on them. Just this past week. Our cover story as reported by Allison Aubrey of National Public Radio Louisville is part of the nation's breadbasket is the prize but it's not easy to buy fresh food in this town of 1600 in 2016. The discount retailer Dollar General opens next door to the local grocer Dollar General first word we checked Davis is doing the grocery business, but he says his mobile location just could not compete. It's one example in nationwide controversy about the increasing influence dollar stores can have not only on where we shop also eat Louisville's Dollar General does not sell fresh fruit or vegetables or meats have lower prices on just about everything else.

Some people might look at the situation and say dollar stores are selling what people wanted. She prices competition competition were playing field so the volume by your with the grocery closed most of move now drive letter and down the road incorrectly build the local grocer also closed after Dollar General opens thereto in the struggle between Main Street and corporate America. The concern was once Walmart in town after small-town readers going out of business by a huge and controversial discount retailer shopkeepers call the merchant of death today the focus is on dollar stores. Consider this, there are now more dollars stores in the US than Starbucks and McDonald's combining 30,000 of them as many brick-and-mortar retailers struggle dollar stores have quietly expanded to nearly every town in America and bargain hunters love them delighted and happy every time I come here for like all. There are three major chains Family Dollar located mostly in cities Dollar Tree the only store where everything is actually a dollar Dollar General now the largest retailer in the country when it comes to the number of stores 16,000 stores have that option available to run and get really get out there Are Way, Dollar General spokesperson Krista get stemming housing to new stores over the last year our core customer has about $40,000 or less. Total household income and we know that they are shopping asked from very rural areas to metropolitan areas all over the country in many communities the dollar store is a real asset. A convenient place to grab detergent or battery, but in some small towns and urban areas. The dollar store is also the closest thing to a grocery store and this can be a problem if you talk to the executives.

Dollar stores. What would you say that, shame on you. Your killing America. Just so you can get richer wow pretty strong statement about a model that is brilliant model to make quick box off the backs of our health. For years Barry Popkin has warned Americans about the dangers of too much sugar and soda. Now the professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is concerned about dollar stores solve your at a time when poor diets are linked to nearly 900 the day in this country.

Popkin says dollar stores sell rows and rows of sugary drinks, candies, and processed foods high in salt and fat increases the risk of heart disease mortality, cancer mortality, diabetes, obesity. This is the worst food. So is it exacerbating the health problems of the demographic that shopping yes it's adding to the health crisis about lower-income America faces that black, Hispanic, white America all shop in the stores considered to cab County, Georgia, near Atlanta dollars Thursday you have here in the County. Currently we have a total of 68 Family Dollar Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores within this district County Commissioner Lorraine Cochran Johnson, 25% of people in the cab County live in a food desert at the low income area with limited access to supermarkets. She worries there are just too many dollar stores in these neighborhoods. They tend to highly saturate areas when you look at the pattern of growth of the dollar store as well as the areas that have the highest levels of obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure. There is a direct correlation you see that in your data, we see that in the data. That's one reason why Fort Worth, Tulsa, Birmingham, New Orleans and Kansas City, among others, have already passed restrictions on where new dollar stores can open and as you might imagine dollar stores oppose these measures. Ultimately, when you stifle competition. The customer hurts the most.

I think it gives us an opportunity to provide economic impact of jobs and to be able to really help the communities. As for the impact that stores have on what we the big three chains say they're not grocery stores but Dollar General's Crystal disseminate stores do offer healthy options, frozen vegetables. We have all natural chicken from Tyson healthy options side-by-side with some really item their curly fries underneath the broccoli five bears breaded butterfly shrimp back to the customer's choice to be able to make their decision and we have the option that should they want to be able to helpfully Dollar General.

Dollar General being fresh produce to some of its stores, but so far only 3% as words competition Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar, the company declined our request for an interview. But in a statement points out, they quote complement and operate side-by-side with grocery stores back in Western Iowa grocer Chuck Davis has one last store open the town of Kingsley, but it's unclear for how long. Dollar General is building a new location.

Here to are you worried on the floor. You are essentially asking people to come into your store and pay a little extra so that you can stay in business is hard-sell for people in your community.

List hard-sell producers to the people really hard beside the now page from our Sunday morning on December 1921 78 years ago today déjà vu for representative Jeanette Rankin of Montana. Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor just the day before, killing more than 2400 US service personnel and civilians in his defiance, David Congress, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt demanded unanimous approval of the war declaration would have seemed assured.

If not for the presence of representative Rankin the first woman ever elected to Congress and a lifelong pacifist she'd been one of just 50 members to vote against entering World War I back in 1917. Now, in a case of history repeating itself.

Rankin voted against war for a second time, only this time she stood alone boot off the house floor. Rankin briefly took refuge in a telephone booth like a cornered rabbit wrote the Washington Post, Jeanette ranking chose not to run again at night and devoted the rest of her life to pacifist causes, including opposition to the Vietnam she died in 1973, 92 are controversy over reputation standing on principle is take out with preacher Gareth this week Stephen Law ally Richmond: one of Washington's biggest midterm monument list for me to set races you think Republicans have the best chance of taking credit see what Nevada not Georgia.

Georgia is right up there with New Hampshire's products to New Hampshire people really just don't like you have more from this week's conversation, follow the take out with major Gareth on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski wrong as we know him back in March when he took early retirement from the NFL, but he has his reasons as he explains to Rita nine with your strategy when you put together the borders first started in pieces start for journal strategies to figure it out. Just click something about making things. Click start and more than 260 pounds is bruising style made him undoubtedly one of the best ever play the game right here so it's a bit surprising to find him doing an intricate jigsaw puzzle you know just lower my stress level just the way I was feeling you know is always anxious, always going and I just needed to finally find some down time to just relax. Now he has all the downtime he wants.

Earlier this year at just 29 Rob ground housekeeper retired. Walking away from football to focus on his physical and mental health before your little boy I knew you know your footballers know about all the damage away from the game of football and then start working on my mental well-being for sure is this event is so we know we met up with Rob his father and his brothers were the Gronkowski boys played well while the oldest Gordy Junior played professional baseball.

Growing up all the ground. House keys are very aware of their wild and fun-loving reputation. Senior says that image is only part of the story. When people think Gronkowski family. They think athletic sports NFL, but you're saying that academics matter always first. We actually saw the stone discipline translated to success on and off the field for all the boys have had a hand in endorsing products and there's even a new sports game show persona.

His mother, Diane Walters says that Cronk has always been wrong. Five and he was the character like raising five boys who don't remember we did football best while baseball, hockey and golf all her sons went day I still like her mother. As I see somebody hurt because I know I was in a situation over and over and over what you focus on your song.

The whole time will focus on what the ball is focus on some slick pleased stuff during these years in the ground.

Housekeeper sustained a laundry list of injuries by more concussions right now. So after yet another injury during the last Super Bowl which is one he walked off the field for good myself anymore is basically the main reason the lifestyle all caught up to me find my way through the last two years wasn't enjoyable anymore. So that's when it's time to go and walk away. When you say felt like you were fighting like my body my mind but physically you know this for you every day to get through and I just love the juice now is fight is to put his body together again roots are here, so shots of fresh ginger to physical therapy and training felt good after about two hours and those jigsaw puzzles which he says are an important piece of his recovery to start improving my problem-solving skills to on top of it, you know, crazy. My brain was clicking.

I was just going is on wheels.

The risk of traumatic brain injury that NFL players face is well documented and Gronkowski is very aware of the realities of adjournment letters from several months ago. My head is like swollen house feeling back here away like I'm talking my like liquid to summer brand you could push a person like a jelly donut catches me out. Hearing you say that you sit here saying every day waking up and feeling on blue ball but I'm saying Mike from where I was improving a lot every week and if I stay on the right track to keep on improving despite the painful cost of playing. He's quick to defend the game of football that we do have one suggestion to make it safer have every player sit out one game a year or week of recovery in the bushes game tell you one extra week of rest is huge. All as for himself, Rob Gronkowski says he's happy with the changes he's made in his life continues to put the pieces together in your broker cover. Every week you know sometimes you know there's no progress made that week, but the stops just keep on fighting this keep on going, keep on doing the right things, you know, go back out you'll get myself feel good again go back out and enjoy myself. It happened this past week.

The merger of CBS with fellow media company Viacom to form a new corporation, Viacom, CVS thank you to everybody who actually made this happen. It might become CBS chair Sherry Redstone and Jo Bob Bacchus made it official Thursday morning bringing the NASDAQ opening bell with the help of stars from both sides of the family CBS this morning's Dale King. The light shows Stephen Colbert the daily show's Trevor Noah even SpongeBob SquarePants together with Joe I Anello the chairman and CEO of the CBS side of the company. The new team leads a corporation that combines the CBS television network CBS news, CBS boards and Showtime with the MTV networks, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount Studios to name just a few of our many brands. All told, Viacom, CBS lays claim to 22% of the television audience with some 140,000 classic TV episodes. As for what's next.

As we say in the broadcast business day to longtime friends of Sunday morning.

Shirley remember our Eugenia Zuckerman, who shared her love of music with us for many years recently dealt Eugenia challenge what she's facing with her customary grace and courage as we hear from Rita brave Eugenia is internationally became my friend became my constant and if she looks familiar to talk about. Well, it may just be because she spent more than 20 years on the same day. This is one of the pointing scores of stories about music for Sunday morning viewers radically expressive before this I have a problem with voices I wanted to be a person who could bring them into that world.

Let people know how gorgeous the music is pack your bags, get on the train and she didn't shy away from raising sensitive issues with artists like singer-songwriter Judy Collins, 1999 worked hard to drink drink hard hard hard. I have been able to stay away from a drinking datatype for 20 years now. Remember that exchange with her. I certainly do because she was a close friend.

She somebody who is very open and talked about difficulties in her life very openly. Today Zuckerman speaking out about the difficulties in her own life. I think I was in denial and that the denial was at that time, helpful. What happens if I can't play the flute. What will happen to me what was happening was that she was experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer's disease was her daughters Arianna and Tonya who started the search for a diagnosis wasn't just that she forgot she like she'd never heard the story before and never were concerning my think is there something going on could be anything illegal figured out and she actually just was relieved years ago when Zuckerman actually got the diagnosis, confirming that her memory really is fading. She did not despair. I went home with Italia laughing on the subway, as we always were, and I sat down at my desk and just looked at the wall for a while and then I don't know why I picked up the piece of paper and pen started writing writing what would become a new book of poems describing her experiences with Alzheimer's. What's that word…. It's a place where I need to go today but I can't find my address book no matter where I look please don't let this be my nasty faith to forget appointments and what therefore Zuckerman's husband of nine years. Dick Novick says her memory comes and goes. You're like a walking dictionary shall forget the word. You'll supply it's funny to rule for me. I then compose the composer was just a second composer was busy and when she recently. As a guest of honor at the Alzheimer's Association gala in New York. I am in all of your generosity and your help in making this horrible difficult disease disease is been nervous to present Tatian forget what I'm doing that recently celebrated her 75th birthday is True sense of and it does seem like you still take joy in some of this so much to take joy here I am in beautiful place and animals that I love the people in this area are fantastic. Well I'm lucky I feel very lucky progress and crazy time is the point is, when there are people in the best way to protect good people is to convict final season Millstream

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