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Righteousness Revealed, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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January 22, 2020 9:00 am

Righteousness Revealed, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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January 22, 2020 9:00 am

If you’ve never known how to reply to someone who asks, “What’s the big deal about Jesus?” then this is the message for you. Pastor J.D. continues through the passage in Romans 3 that some scholars say is the most important in the Bible. Through its message, we learn what makes Christianity so different from every other religion and how accepting Jesus’ forgiveness changes the foundation of our lives.

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Confidently with JD Greer at the cross, God was able to accomplish two things that seemed like they would forever be in contradiction. The first one is that God's justice was satisfied.

His righteousness was upheld and at the same time leave the ones who would commit of the injustice we could be saved to see for God to be righteous. Sin had to be punished with JD and asked what's the big deal about Jesus in today's message is for you pastor Jeannie is working through the passage in Romans three that some scholars say is the most important in the Bible through the message we learn what makes Christianity so different from every other religion and how accepting Jesus forgiveness changes the foundation of our lives.

If you miss any part of the study through Romans. So far everything always catch up online Jeannie right now let's dive on in his fascinating God presented him.

Paul continues as an atoning sacrifice some translations also propitiation what it means is that anger is assuaged God's claim against you is settled.

Now I will tell you there's a number of more shall we call them liberal theologians who book against this whole concept of MSM on a number on the cross Jesus what you paid for sin because God is not some petty vengeful God was angry at sin. Trying to exact punishment for it. If anything on the cross, Jesus was just demonstrating how brokenhearted he was over our sin he was demonstrating how destructive sin is. He was demonstrating guys how much he loved us a Christian songwriter. For example, named Michael Gonder that really popular song beautiful thing, some of you may remember that were popular a few years ago but he said this just couple years ago. He said the idea that God needs to be appeased with blood is not beautiful. It is horrific. He said and I quote I would love to hear fewer Christian artists sing about a father murdering his son.

If you can't think of anything to sing to God about other than gratitude for taking your same with the bloodshed you should stop singing that's ironic to me that the guy wrote some beautiful things would be so blind to the most beautiful thing that is ever occurred in human history, the wondrous Cross or how about this one.

I'm about to become the least popular person in the room. He knows that William Paul Young, the author of the shack said this in the book he published this last year called lives. We believe about God. The asked the question who originated the cross. If God originated across the course of a cosmic abuser doing divine wisdom created a means to torture, human beings and was painful and abort manner frankly is often this very cruel and monstrous God that the atheist refuses to acknowledge and rightfully so, better know God at all been this one not meet the old rugged Cross stained with blood so divine a wondrous beauty I see for toys on that old cross Jesus suffered and died to pardon and sanctify me listen.

Propitiation Hillis theory on the atoning sacrifice means that God poured out on Jesus, the righteous anger that he had told us in contrary to the author of the shack God's righteous anger toward sin is not in contradiction with his love is a necessary corollary to his love. I told you before that when you love somebody you hate the things that destroy them.

If you love the cancer patient, you ate the cancer that destroys the ravages their body. If you love your children and you hate the deception of the lies in the rebellion that you seek destroying their heart.

That's how God feels about our sin.

Sin destroys his creation destroys the glory and the righteousness that are the foundation of his universe. It destroys us. And so God hates God his angry, righteously angry at sin to Jesus death in the way to pay for and by so doing God could demonstrate his righteousness could demonstrate his righteousness, because in his restraint to see God just passed over the sins previously committed here to keep Kiki Fraser here to misread his righteousness may cover the second one real quick just because it might trip some of you up in his restraint got passed over the sins previously committed the sins lesson of all the Old Testament saints had never actually been paid for but never been attempt. They'd only been passed over.

Why is that well because the lands they sacrificed couldn't actually pay for sin. The Old Testament says that right somebody one the blood of bulls and goats can ever take away sin. Those things were only symbols of what actually would take away sin, which was the death of Jesus. Only a perfect man living the life we should've lived, been dying the death they were condemned to die could actually take away our sin. The lamb was just a symbol of what Jesus would one day do so throughout the Old Testament God for gave Abraham sins and David sins and Moses the sins of Esther since he forgave them on credit, he forgave them like because they acknowledge that one day Jesus was going to come but now that Jesus has come.

Paul says God has demonstrated his righteousness at the present time so that he would be righteous and he could declare righteous, the one who has faith in Jesus at the cross, God was able to accomplish two things that seem like they would forever be in contradiction.

The first one is that God's justice was satisfied. His righteousness was upheld and at the same time leave the ones who would commit of the injustice we could be saved. You see, for God to be righteous. Sin had to be punished are people that waiting, why couldn't God just you forgive it.

I can go back okay okay I thought we all learn a lesson here everybody back in the pool now okay working on an Allstate the same direction was to start over. Here's why. It's because forgiveness real forgiveness always requires a price to be paid, they get here are a few ways to think about that say that you, Jacob or Mike. I bet you'll bore micro so you steal my car right you steal my car you are driving you reckon you gonna be like Jenny. I'm so sorry. You know I a wrecked car stole your car. I don't have money to pay for this.

What are my options are okay like take you to court and sue you, make you pay for the car option to underwrite your car, maybe make me feel better about you reckon my car option number three.

If I disabled more about I forgive you. But let this nugget happens on dry okay but it is all to say I forgive you what I just implicitly agreed to do implicitly agree to pay for the damages myself. They don't just magically go away. I was at forgive you and boom the cars back to normal. I just agreed to take on responsibility for your wrong was change the scenario say you're a business owner, a competitor spread lies about your business and destroys your business is what your what your options will you get your your executives back in a boardroom meeting throughout way to destroy their business. You could take them in accordance sue them in and get them to you know make them pay for the damages.

But again, if he is a business owner you choose to forgive them what you implicit what you and what you doing you are saying that I'm not going to retaliate against you.

I am not going to avenge the wrong I'm going to absorb the wrong and you were going to get good whereas I took evil. Forgiveness always implies suffering which is what happened at the cross, God absorbed the consequences of our sin into himself from people say let us don't think there needed to be any kind of payment. The only kinds of people who say that are those who have never actually really suffered under injustice. People who have experienced abuse or rape or discrimination or genocide. They understand this, there can be no peace until righteousness is been sort really like this you know the Old Testament story of Uriah Uriah was the guy who was married to Bathsheba to David commits adultery with Bathsheba about why your rise away at war reinvesting gets pregnant David was to cover the sensor week put Uriah in the midst of the battle so that Uriah will die. Basically David murders Uriah and so that he can take Bathsheba for his wife.

Nobody will know about the adultery I will year later Nathan the prophet confronts David inhibitions that you are the man you're guilty and David admits it I you're right I'm the center and then Nathan, the prophet looks at David and says your sin is forgiven.

It has been taken away. I want you imagine that you were Uriah's mother and you're watching this whole thing go down what your response. It's not that easy. No it is not that easy. You can't just say it's gone, there's gonna be some kind of justice on the earth plus Proverbs 1715 says is acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent, the Lord hates both of those things. So how's God going to acquits the guilty house he cannot acquit David for his sin and not do the very thing that he hates it took a massive death to make the Roman David committed right but it was not David who would experience that death, it was Jesus in David's place righteousness had to be restored for there to be peace the propitiation, the assuaging of anger can either be accomplished by us in a hell or it could be poured out on Jesus and our place the cross was not just Jesus showing us God's love Jesus was taking the place of our punishment is why we often say here the cemeteries that Jesus did not just die for you. Jesus died instead of you. And besides it Jesus what not to pay & the Crosby a demonstration of his love for us right. I mean it wouldn't be a liberal theologians love to say this like out he was just showing his how much he loved us, but if I dying.

He wasn't actually accomplishing something for us. How would that be love Jesus was shielding us from the wrath of God that we deserve. By stepping in the way and taking it into himself to that we would not have to pay for eternal in the cross, God was righteous in God could declare righteous, the one who has faith in Jesus will talk about that last phrase, the one who has faith in Jesus.

What is faith what is faith. Faith is the hand on the head of the Lamb.

Just like the Jewish father would put his hand on the head of the Lamb showing that all the sins of his family was being transferred on the Lamb and the Lamb would die for the sake of the family.

Faith is when you see Jesus as your sin bearer and you lay your hand on him and you say there's my lamb.

This is the one who was going to bear my sin. The Greek word for we translate faithlessness is to leave your weight on, or to join your self to. It's not a blind leap in the dark.

Faith is a commitment of yourself to somebody based on what you know about them. Thing about about it like this from a guy girl meet the get to know each other so not to fall in love. We fall in love and want to join themselves together in marriage when they get married, or when they agreed to get married and will know everything there is to know about each other.

Compounds are all kinds of surprises waiting for them on the other side of that I do about the get to a point where they feel like they know enough to make the commitment. And in that moment in that moment even though they don't know everything that unite themselves to become inextricably and irrevocably one of their debts become one.

Their assets become one. Their futures become one in most cases, they even begin to share a last name is what happened with me in the summer of 1997 I met a beautiful girl named Veronica Nick leaders and I was totally totally taken with her.

Evidently a lot more so than she was with me because it took 18 months of continual letterwriting and pleading and cajoling, but I am nothing if not relentless and so eventually eventually she came around, and then on the greatest day of her earthly life. July 28, 2000. She she think trader the last name appears for Greer and in that moment, we became one everything about us became one our debts became one my death. Again, hers and hers became minor assets became one of our futures murders clearly.

Clearly I got the better end of the deal.

However, however, because it was a little bit older than she wasn't been working for couple years I have this really nice car. It was a sort of. It was a new Nissan Maxima at all the kind of bills and what she had this this. It was a little Honda car CRX.

It was made for people that were under 140 pounds and were no taller than 5 foot two and had no air conditioning been wrecked and salvaged and rebuilt after we got married I might like to have my wife, it's just, you know, so I took that car in for a couple years I drove that thing and she got that Nissan Maxima why because everything was mine was hers and everything was hers is mine. So we just traded. We traded assets. Faith is doing that with Jesus. He takes your sin, you get his righteousness. You commit yourself to him based on what you know about him. The good news that Paul shared the good news.

I declare this a 2000 years ago.

Jesus said I do to you know everything there was to know about you, about all your sin he knew about all the mistakes you're going to make an unbelievably stretched out his arms and said I do I will take you many waits on you to say the same picture Cindy Dichter saying that your condemnation you in that moment get his righteousness you get his position to get his reward he gets the CRX of your corruption and you get the new maximum of its own ship. People asked me why I am sure that I will go to heaven when I die, is that we just think you're such an awesome person know quite the opposite is that Jesus was an awesome person and he live the life I was supposed to live in Jesus took my condemnation and died for everything that I've ever done everything that would disqualify people in heaven.

Jesus took on the cross and put away and now I have his position lifted up, was he to die. It is finished was his cry, the price for my sins been paid by Jesus on the cross, the word that he said it is finished. The record to tell a sty to tell a style so a word that they say was a banking word.

They found some receipts back from the first century, where, when, some I would pay off the debt to get receive limits crawl across it to tell us that it's been paid.

You can never again claim this payment against this person because it is finished. Corrie 10 boom, who was a woman who survived the Nazi concentration camp she said in the cross, God hurled our sins into the deepest part of the sea and he put up a little sign there in the deepest part of the sea say no fishing allowed many of you live with a goal kind of vague sense of condemnation, guilt, and you don't even know where it comes from a sense of disapproval since of fear and insecurity. Corrie 10 boom said that's because you are nearly as vigorous in appropriating God's forgiveness as God is in extending it is your sin was paid for in its entirety by Jesus. The became your sin on the cross do not insult him by saying you've done more than you can be forgiven of it is not. He feels that a humble statement you. I'm just so unworthy know what you're doing is you're looking in Jesus's face and save what you did was not enough that bloodied debt that you went there was not enough for my sin.

It was enough that Jesus died, he went to all that he went through because our sin demanded in the worst sin ever perpetrated by the human race was put onto the head of Jesus, so that all those Paul says put their hand on his head, his sacrifice for conveyors. What Jesus offers you, by the way, is more than just forgiveness.

It's justification is the forgiveness says that you may go. You may go because I'm no longer going to hold this payment against you.

Justification says more than you may go is as you may come. You may come and stay forever.

The table because you are now in my image were now my righteousness you belong to the table.

You can stay for ever.

You can stay forever, and contrary to Michael Dunker the alternate shot misses the center of our worship and it will always be when we been there 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing God's praise in his grace than when we first begun. One of my favorites. My hope is built on nothing less. In Jesus blood and righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name we sing the chorus. The modern course with gratitude that Christ alone. Cornerstone week made strong in the Savior's love that justification standing before God is giving you a whole new foundation is giving you a whole new confidence in life one more time.

Martin Luther faith is a living, endearing confidence in God's grace is for sure answer certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times because he had not only redefines your past. It also redefines your future knowledge of my justification leads me to so much more confident in how I face my problems today and how I think about what's coming for me. You see in the cross of got the approval I've got the absolute approval of the only one whose opinions really matter anyway. In the processing of got a God fighting for me.

I got who never slumbers her sleeves God, who knows when even a hair fall from my head.

I God who prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

A God who says that even if I made my bed and Al there. He would pursue me and there he would hold Colby with his right hand. I've got a God who was so just and righteous that I know that he would never, never, ever go back in his word to me. He will fulfill all his promises to me, but is also so gracious that when I violated his justice.

He sent his son to take the punishment for me because he is a God that was more gracious in my sinfulness. I know he's a God that won't leave me and my difficulties because he's a God who came after me when I was his enemy.

I know that he'll take care of me. Now that I'm a son people say want to know what you Christians always got a thing about the blood he crossed. I know why because it's the center of everything, the source of my peace in the past, the source of my confidence in the future is a bloodied cross in an empty tomb. It is my foundation is my cornerstone students to questions that I will leave you with one.

Had you received Christ. Have you ever received this as your own. Had you laid your hand on his head and said this is my sin bear he is mine. The gospel is different than religion. We got understand Mrs. Romans 123 it's different than religion. Religion is built on the premise.

I obey if I obey well enough gobble to clear the rights of the gospel reverses sentences no you are accepted your declared righteous by gift in response to that you start to obey gratitude and joy and peace as a gift.

You gotta receive becomes a great power. It will change your life. But it is received as a gift. There many of you listening to me and you been really religious but you never experience the power the new birth.

It starts with faith start to say and I do to Jesus. The second question is have you publicly declared that the baptism baptism is the ceremony.

The public declaration of what happens you you go under the water show that your you believe your sin was buried with Jesus you come up out of the water, showing that you have received his new life as a command he gives to every single person who has followed him. Have you ever taken that step. Since you became a Christian of publicly knowing people that you identify with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is working in many of you right now to make one of those two decisions you ever see Christ as Savior. If not, listen sometimes I get your prayer prayer after me and that's fine right now I want you to picture Jesus dying on the cross picture in their what you reach out the hand of your faith from your heart. If you want to receive Christ and want you to lay on top of his.

You have to say a word is not a prayer that saves is claiming Jesus is your son right now. Reach out to hand out your faith if you never have and just lay on the head of Jesus and Satan. My sin bear. I believe he died for all those things that I had ever done that were wrong. My sin bear know me ask you if you just did that. I want you to actually physically demonstrate that by lifting her hand up almost as if you were lifting it up to put on the head of Jesus generator hand same right now. Right now I'm claiming Jesus is my sin bear. I don't think I've ever done that on the claim is mine, but I pray for every hand that is raised by those that I can see in those that I cannot give them courage to do it on the mass of the do next. In Jesus name with heads bowed and you ever been baptized.

Baptism is the public declaration the public declaration that you are identify with Jesus. We have a lot of people in here. Some of you just getting Christians today. There's others of you and you give Chris a long time ago but you never declare that the baptism I know some of you are like well I just distancing that important, which is actually to do with my walk with Christ is a friend of the command of Jesus.

You don't start your Christian life and telling him what you are not going to do you a very clear command should obey it so well was baptized as a baby I don't reject what my parents did listen when your parents did you baptism and you are a baby that was there faith. It was me to express what years you need to know what was going on. Their hope was that one day you will become a Christian you choose it for yourself and making you have you fulfilled what they expressed the hope express in the baptism. Baptism of your choices you ratified, what they did not rejection of the ratification time. Stop making excuses. Some start of a okay but I pray in this moment.

I pray I pray in Jesus name Junior people's rings make that first step is to transform their lives. In Jesus name Amen your bill on land right listening to Senate life with pastor JD Greer has a lot of heavy theology me pretty and eating right. Any yeah joy can be at this wiser to say and I'm not even joking about this, that it took me 15 years work of the courage of the Romans it out.

It was always on my favorite books, but I knew was like a mother so much in another storm really anything wrong, but it's important. Remember that God has designed this book not to inform us but to transform us that the basic premises of the gospel are simple enough for a child understand that's why study the book of Romans changes change me when I was in college that was this book that open my eyes to just what God was doing in the world and also give me the assurance of salvation, the book of Romans teaches us that the gospel is not just the beginning point Christianity.

It is how God continues to grow as so as we dive into the necessary mind work of studying Romans what you see is that it's aim is not just the mind. It's also the heart and the affections and the practices and how we live.

We have a Bible study would love to put in your hands that will help you go deeper.

So, if you will reach out to us in JD

We have a three Bible study series that goes in this really just an attractive case and will be giving that out throughout this year, say, the Romans with them to put their studies in your hand. And yet, you must reach out to Jenny will make that happen is explicit study in first part of our whole box set today.

Perfect Jesus. What a study with a friend ask for the first volume of the Romans Bible study, inbox by calling 866-3358 663-3520 we can get online.

JD I wasn't interested inviting you to join us again Thursday on

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