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Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 24, 2020 9:00 am

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 24, 2020 9:00 am

Have you ever been in a fight with someone, and they quoted back something you said, but completely out of context? It’s incredibly frustrating to have your words twisted. And on this edition of Summit Life, Pastor J.D. explains that many of us do that to Jesus without even knowing it. It’s part of our series called, The Difficult Saying of Jesus.

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Talks about the difference between judging people pursuing prayer is the means by which God uses supernatural power in the people. The problem is not that your arguments are not persuasive enough. The problem is it's got to have spiritual eyes and ears accompanied with it before it does any good. So it is foolish for you to talk to people about God you're red in the face unless you're talking to God about people and weeping for them, and pray God's supernatural power to back you said that it was complete out of context.

It's pretty frustrating right you just want the record straight today on Summit life pastor and theologian JD Greer explained that many of us take Jesus out of context without even knowing it's part of our teaching series called difficult sayings of Jesus missed any of the previous messages get caught pellets get started.

Here's Pastor JD teaching from Matthew chapter 7 judge not that you be not judged.

If you ask the average guy on the street. The 92 verses in the Bible. This is more than likely one of the two that he is going to come up with. It seems to fit in with two or more cultures most prized members basic assumptions and that is that a religion is private and be morality is relative. So, this verse is wielded like a deflected weapon any time somebody says something that you know that you think you like is usually something that they like is wrong. I know I owe you my work it out.

Like all judge not is not really what Jesus meant well was read the whole passage gives us one verse waits for it. What he meant and regress about in Matthew seven verse one judge not to be not judged. For with the judgment you judge, you will be judged with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Verse three. Why do you see the spec speck of dust in your brother's eye, but you don't notice the long battalion out of your own. How could you save your brother, let me take the speck out of your eye when there is the log in your own eye you hypocrite, first take the two before out of your eye, then you can at least see clearly speck out your brother's eye, and then this little jewel of a verse do not give what dogs what is holy and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn around to attack you.

What does this mean let's see if we can make some sense out of it because I think there's a lot of beautiful truth in here, first let's ask a couple questions. What does Jesus mean by judging later in Matthew, Jesus would tell a group of people.

Matthew 22. You are wrong, wrong because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. This is not touchy-feely Jesus about.

Here's how Jesus would characterize his whole life. John 77 the world hates me why because I tell it that its deeds are evil one you judge somebody you judge somebody not when you assess their position.

You judge them when you dismiss them as a person. It is about passing a person off after you tell them the truth that he is all right to them. It's what you do after you tell someone, the truth that determines whether or not you are judging them.

It is what you do after you tell them the truth that determines whether or not you judging what did Jesus do after telling us the truth you brought us close. He made us his friends. That's a big idea. His big idea number two judging reflects extreme ignorance of our own sinfulness from you, so your order. When I was growing up there was your people.

I can remember who would flat condemn you for smoking a cigar because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit whether 150 pounds overweight, my bro once you get the Swiss cake roll log out of your eye, you know, before you start talking about a small even everybody else's. So yes, yes he is telling you not to be a blatant hypocrite that should be obvious, but I think Jesus is much much more.

Here I think he is confronting us for failing to grapple with the depth of our own sinfulness, which is probably the number one thing that we forget in the number one thing that causes most of our problems. John Owen settle like this. The seed of every sin is in every heart. I realize that diseases fully and while I might be able to control a few of the symptoms of my disease that disease fully and completely saturates me. I realize listen the seed of every sin that is ever been committed is in my heart so when I'm looking at someone who has made mistakes they may never have had the opportunities that I've had to keep those things contain I'm not looking at a fundamentally different person. I'm looking at somebody who is just like me and that changes how I approach them. Why, because with the judgment I pronounced I'm to be judged with that same judgment. What judgment was pronounced on me mercy mercy should that not change how I approach others will that change my tone after telling me the truth. Jesus brought me close how can that not change the tone with which I approach other people. The antidote to judging verse two is to remember the gospel to be broken by the gospel to consider the judgment that Jesus pronounced on your sick, depraved heart. Men bring you close and then brought you close in the same with others. Again, I told Joan make us what practical limit is to be a little things right now how you can know we are judging is your judge matter when you go on what is goes off at your judging knighthood number one you are judging when you're more enraged at somebody else ascend and you are embarrassed by your own number two, number two, you fail to forgive you fail to forgive your saying to somebody when you fail to forgive then I will not let you offer what you did to me even though I know really sums close to know God forgiven me. Jesus said that is an ignorance of staggering proportions. I that's not what forgiveness is forgiveness is to do what Jesus did, which is, yes, I confront the wrong but then I am sure this thing I am pronouncement to be under the blood of Jesus. And I'm no longer going to think about it any longer that you judge when you fail to do that you judge. Number three. When you cut off those who disagree with you.

It is really important so listen closely, especially if you're a church person you cut off that you disagree with you are judging when you disagree somebody it's wrong to somebody or something, like, say, faith, morality, politics, and because you can't agree on that issue. You cut them off.

Basically you're saying we can't really be friends if we disagree on this.

You have issues like that, let me say something I do not want you to misinterpret, but I think it is exactly what Jesus is teaching Elizabeth.

You have to love the person more than you love your position on a particular issue. There's another way to show your judging is a big one you gossip this by the worst one and one will get away with what happens when you gossip your talking negatively about somebody's false without giving them any chance whatsoever to actually address those false, at least in your talking to Ben they have a chance to address that we are talking to your friend about them you're talking to a friend who cannot really help them even by the way if you disguise it with. Oh, it's a prayer request. Let's pray for someone's outright. I'm just pray to God about that privately.

Okay God doesn't yet he hears it he knows about you telling about all day long like you know you when you're gossiping your you are bringing judgment down without bringing any kind of healing number five, you refuse to receive criticism. Why would that mean that I'm judging what you and I criticism because we don't like to admit. We have false but if you understand the gospel. Your faults really shouldn't surprise you should my reports went out to me, I always say, well of course we did about a few others you know about is not nearly as good as you think it is either way worse when you say that when you understand the gospel. Your faults really don't surprise you, not really that embarrassed by them weep when I might've found him like yeah we don't receive criticism while you're putting yourself in a position of perfection is were you like to be in front of position of perfection.

You can judge other people.

Whether it's your husband or wife or people on the outside plea again. You're more enraged of their sin in your embarrassed by your own, but will base what you think is somebody else's fault and I don't which is why like receive criticism. I like to give it number six. This is really ironic you judge when you refuse to correct somebody else's position you're watching judging when you refuse to correct somebody else's position when you won't tell somebody that God's word says they're wrong you know why. Why would you do that either egg you really believe what God's word said is true or be this is the use of the bigger one. It's no use they're not gonna change. And it's not worth the pain and the awkwardness of confronting them about the wrong because they are not going to change you just condemn the person and written them all throw them off as being beyond hope, which leads to the last one. Number seven you write somebody off as hopeless as you judge, you think in your life as hopeless. You quit talking to Sue. We serve a Savior who raise the dead is a great thing about being dead, you'll get more debt over time. There's no degrees of deadness right. We serve a Savior who works in the graves and says come forth in your life is beyond hope is that the person your judging about mass this I'm not near my razor hands.

I got on the nearby should at some point in your life you were considered by somebody else to be hopeless. Once you raise your hand right now somebody thought that you were hopeless will grant you can't N you see that.

Aren't you glad that he give up on you and why don't you continue to believe in. Yes, when they betray you.

You extend your hand and say friend friends. That's what it means to not judge not judging has nothing to do with not assessing the position is quite the opposite.

You worked your assessing the position clearly like Jesus did without dismissing I know a guy in our churches this week, set down a group of coworkers and explain to them if I'm really your friend tell you what I believe about the gospel he did inappropriate way in his context.

Some people got offended. I am sure, but he is speaking see with grace and truth because only grace and truth. Together, our gospel speech how to explain this have not been to describe Jesus. John 170. He was filled with grace and truth. A lot of people feel the truth but no grace is judge mental fundamentalism. A lot of people feel grace but no true that liberal sentimentality. Neither of them are Christian Christian speech is filled with grace and truth. Which means you state the position clearly and you continue to bring them close with grace speaking with grace and truth is the gospel way. Is that what you're doing in your relationships is your speech to people who are on the outside disagree with you is it characterized by grace and truth. By the way today's you who are believers, maybe not Christians yet. You probably seen a lot of us do this really bad like including man-made meet up here from the pulpit.

I've done it quite badly. Why because it's so easy for us and you and us to forget how much we been forgiven of almost all our spiritual problems start growing from that.

That's when I assume the position of judge when you hear a Christian speak with grace and truth using it. Sometimes you think that were fanatics as we believe the gospel too much is after the opposite. We don't believe it nearly enough because when you believe the gospel fully changes the tone with which you speak. You don't speak as a judge who condemns you speak with clarity, yes, but you speak as one who is been forgiven, one who understands one who never sets himself above and one who washed his feet. Now we come to verse six on verse six. Give dogs with holy and hunt for your pearls before pickles and travel them underfoot internal. What is that many way.

Can't mean that you just like dismiss everybody that disagrees with you right let the awesome pearl of your wisdom. Don't let them criticize that I would miss the entire point. What Jesus said in verse 25. What he's doing with this is very important giving you instructions on how to engage people on the outside but that raises the question well trained to become dogs and pigs. I'm not Jesus's apologist got to get up with him to give you little bit of thinking behind it. Just open your mind if you if you would their different forms of life on earth and the more complex the life form, the more it is able to perceive value in certain things. For example, plants are the lowest form of life basically better that you are not afraid of the lawnmower who convinced her to alert you that they don't think like that.

I have no capacity a dog, an animal is a higher life form and it is able to perceive some of those things. So if you had a dog till the dog is not even all you excited and I knew exactly what was coming you so you put it out there to jump up and down it would be excited about it.

If I put a pearl. However, before my dog.

The dog would sniff the pearl, look at me like what is this junk a pearls of great value.

It could buy that dog 10,000 dog emails, but they can perceive the value of the pearl so you fill out the dam and there like I can eat this junk today and Jesus as they come after you release your edible rhyme. Humans however can recognize the value of pearls.

So if you give a human a pearl they're going to say that's a great value and are going to take it. Here's the meaningless and throughout the Gospels, Jesus compares the message of his kingdom to a pearl. But there are some people who says you don't have the capacity and to recognize its value so they never grasp it, even when it's right there in front of them.

God has to supernaturally give us eyes to see the things that are really valuable.

Just like certain animals don't see value in certain things until we been given spiritual eyes. We won't see the value of the kingdom. Right now I know again if you're not a believer that's a little insulting but that's just how Jesus is not only time he said it the call people before you give them spiritual eyes gone blind you called Lane he called him to call dad. We get you are in such a condition that God has to give you eyes to see the truth in the beauty of the gospel. So what is that mean practically was any privately for those of us who argue that he's counseling here. I didn't give you several credible things. Your job is that you gotta make prayer. Your main weapon you make prayer. Your main weapon. Why is only supernatural power give sight to the blind. That's why we say EEM balance. We should never try to talk to a person about God without also talking to God about that person is not me persuading the dog right back to the dolmen out and I don't persuade him to listen is grossly valuable.

Tears limiting like eight reasons why truly valuable to do all day long ago some to CP. Gotta have a change of nature. Jesus is using is by way of analogy, and say you can talk to them all day long, but until gotta give them not to see the perceive the real value of the kingdom that supernaturally. It spiritually given prayer is the means by which God infuses supernatural power in the people.

The problem is not that your arguments are not persuasive enough. The problem is it's got to have spiritual eyes and ears accompanied with it before it does any good. So it is foolish for you to talk to people about God until you're red in the face unless you're talking to God about people and weeping for them and praying God supernatural power to them to the disciples go out and make their they're frustrated because they can't cast the demon out what Jesus say to them what problem is your points didn't rhyme didn't have good illustrations.

Note he said these things come out not, but by prayer and fasting is your time with God in the closet that gives you power in a pulpit whether it's this pulpit or whether the hope of sitting on the table. Your friends gotta be sensitive to what people can handle.

That's another implication you sensitive to what they can handle Jesus telling them I'm getting these people that he thought he knew were pig farmers man to feed the pigs.

Geez, I looked at some of the can appreciate the pearl yet, given that yet when we see Jesus do this one time she was talking to a crowd any processes.

I have many other things tell you but you cannot handle the damages were scared that Mimi was compromising the courage now listen, he just knew that they were ready for that yet. So he was to start with what they were ready for and deal with them there and then move out to those of the things right. CS Lewis, does this mere Christianity. It's great book every college student. If I was our education were never read for you graduate.

I CS Lewis says in a mere Christianity in the chapter on sexuality basically lays out a very traditional biblical view of sexuality. One man one woman marriage monogamous life that he says this at the end of chapter he says if this really bothers you, and you can't get over this. Why not punted for a while. Why not deal with the real issue which is the Lordship of Jesus and then come back and think through the chapter on sexual ethics because sexual ethics are not the center of the Christian claim they are in implication of the Christian claim, the center of the Christian claim is the Lordship of Jesus, I tell that to many of you, I would say that to you if you're like you Christians what you believe about morality and sexuality you have lost your mind by what we plant that for a while and why don't we just deal with whether or not Jesus is Lord and then why don't we once we get that question answered.

Then we'll see where that goes. Okay. And you gotta do that in relationships. You gotta sometimes plant certain issues so that you can give people what they can handle, which is why you should seek conversion to Christ before persuasion. Your point of view. Jesus does that all the time to jot a dog in John chapter 4 woman brings up a politically explosive issue. Geez, like that's not my main point you and I might disagree on global warming, but let's talk about the gospel and I'm going to sometimes view what I have to say about the former so that I can keep the focus on the latter see conversion to Christ before your point of view. Learn to adapt your message to your here is an application you learn to adapt it to Chris's love to speak without ever learning to listen to Marla Jones for this out Jesus in the hour of his death stood before two guys, Pilate and Herod and answer them in completely different ways.

Pilate, he answer about questions here needs to be born silent. Why Marla Jones is you go to become an expert at knowing when to be silent before Herod, when the answer Pilate questions you do that by listening to, or Jesus in John chapter 11. Here's another one Jesus in John chapter 11.

Lazarus dies. Lazarus has two sisters, Mary and Martha, both of them come to Jesus and say the exact same thing. Lord Binder, my brother would not have died to Martha.

Jesus gives a theological answer to Mary.

He weeps why the different reaction is different. People needed different things. There is a time when you give a theological answer to somebody that's suffering. There's a time to put your arm around me this week we learned that by listening, which is another implication we got to be regretted to devote ourselves to listening before speaking to my mechanic sometimes come here in the desert this weekend, but he I love this guy because he always did it, we will take 45 minutes to read and try to give me telephone my car that make that sound again is an old country boy. Mike is like what you do in your when you turn the corner and he's like his. Always gets it right.

He always gets it right. Is he takes time to listen. A big part of this whole thing and in applying verse six is you.

Learning to listen being patient with the pace of God in somebody's life. Jesus said, I love a person, regardless of whether they agree with the issue. I left them you make people projects its friendship and your patient with the pace of God in somebody's life. It's okay to back out of destructive relationships is an application I'm thinking here in terms of evangelism. He is saying to listen.

He is saying that if you were going to change others is because you are willing to be torn like he was. That is how God often works judging and not judging begins with you. Understanding the gospel the Gospels and God brings God brings forgiveness, God brings life and you and I John 317 out in coming to the world to condemn the world, I came to the world might be saved and that might mean that I get torn and that might mean that I get thrown in prison on my name. I get hit my head cut off or tell the truth but I'm tell the truth bill would grace because after I tell the truth, I'm not judging I'm bringing you close what we need to do pastor Jeannie Greer is calling us to put the lifesaving knowledge of the gospel first and to trust God with the results. If you like to hear more from Pastor JD.

You can always access our entire teaching archive free of are so grateful for your support and to say thanks for your gift to send you a copy of the book Pastor JD grout. It's called honest questions and quick answers JD the resource that were offering investment is actually inspired by another project of yours right here. Ask me anything typecast. Yeah, this is really a fun little project started about a year and 1/2 ago. I just I get asked a lot of questions running on college campuses and started to identify that there were ample questions got asked repeatedly to his open it up for listeners and said those questions you have and we collected a lot of women goal is to give think an 8 to 10, 12 minute answer to these the kind that you might hear from a friend who understood some things about the Bible appears in the coffee shop.

You know lots of questions that range from the theological to the practical.

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