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King, Champion, Brother, and Priest

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 5, 2022 9:00 am

King, Champion, Brother, and Priest

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 5, 2022 9:00 am

The gospel flips the script of religion and frees us from every fear and every chain. It’s the difference between Christianity and every other religion!

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer because we reject God as a race, we were just got called all the hoarding on the earth. What is amazing in the Bible is not solvable that bad people I've had a king come after them to suffer in their life with pastor Jeannie here.

I'm your host Molly benefits joining us for a while now, you've probably heard Pastor Judy say that the difference between Christianity and every other religion is the gospel in our new teaching series called Christ is better. We are discovering how the gospel flips the script of religion and frees us from every fear and every chain. After all, the gospel is not about what we can do to be accepted by God about what he has already done to save a huge distinction that we celebrate every day here on Summit life. Now here's pastor Jeannie with the new message that he titled King Champion brother to context of the writing of Hebrews is that the writer is concerned because the people that is writing to are beginning to lag behind in the faith.

They had a great start. When they started. Everything was was wonderful with men Jesus and and he loves me amend and all this is got a sweet, rapturous moments, and you got on cloud nine and to build the Holy Spirit but then things got hard whenever I told you that many of you know exactly what that's like as you have the same thing happened to be start off with a bang and everything looks like a purpose now and I just love my new life with Jesus within friends quit following Jesus with you and your kind knob all by yourself there. Or maybe somebody starts suffering, you start up questions you don't know how to answer. That's happened to I know a number of you.

Or maybe I get to a place where you destroy struggling with some temptation. The bottom line is you you're having a hard time going all the way with Jesus. It was supposed to be different. You bought your lonely mother told you last week. I don't care what anybody says it is hard to feel close to God when you are lonely and in pain so you are starting to fill yourself lag behind the book of Hebrews is written for you because the writer basically has one thing that he goes back to over and over and over and over again and it is this the keep your eyes on Jesus, you see that phrase appear in a dozen ways in it in a dozen different formats as they look to Jesus. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Keep looking at Jesus hold fast to Jesus, but now we see Jesus. That's what he's going to show you here in chapter 2 is he's going to be for things about Jesus for pictures of Jesus that if you get these will absolutely revolutionize your Christian life is a this is the difference the fundamental difference here. This between religion and the gospel. Religion tries to tell you what is wrong with you and how you should go fix that. That's how you would summarize a religious approach what the gospel does is it doesn't tell you what's wrong with you, and how to fix it. It tells you is wrong with you and it tells you look at what Jesus is done for you. And then, in light of who Jesus is and what he has accomplished.

Venue change in response to that religion tries to change by command gospel changes you by sight of the writer of Hebrews does is not list 100 things to be doing better What Jesus has done for them is just look at it and when you look at him when you see him for who he is in your life will change. So whatever spiritual dysfunction you bring into this place and I don't really like this even look for somebody right now they are many and they are not huge. I knew that whatever it is, whatever spiritual dysfunction. There is one cure and that is look at Jesus.

That's what he says your Hebrews chapter 2 verse five because we left off in verse four, last week, so let's begin there.

Verse five. It was not to angels that God subjected the world to come, which we are speaking. It has been testified somewhere where love that writer having a senior moment.

It's been testified somewhere I can remember a reverence. You have a senior moment. The reason we know that is because he quotes on a perfectly word for word three hasn't forgotten where this is written under something is lost in translation that phrase. What it really means is it's been testified everywhere. The holy Bible is about this what he is about the Savior that he goes on to quote Psalm eight what is man that you are mindful of him, the Son of Man that you care for him.

You made him for a little while lower than the angels you crowned him with glory and honor. You put everything in subjection under his feet. That's a pretty amazing statement is not, it wasn't God made the world for you God for you, it was all supposed to be under your control. You were supposed to be the vice regent next to him. That was to oversee all of creation. Everything you see, it was for you. You wore the highest of all of God's created order.

You were higher than the Angels that I know you hear that your boy a way that everybody will open a result higher than the Angels writer we see our fallen angel you know why for a little while. It says you were lower than the angels, what it says for a little while.

That means is just temporary. Whenever an angel shows up in Scripture. They are so glorious and they are so beautiful and they're so terrifying that the first words out of Angel's mouth whenever they appear in Scripture is always what fear not right. They also want near naked Shelby would like a nurse going to run a heart that's that's just stupid Christian art when an angel shows up in Scripture. The first thing they say is You don't need to buy because they are so beautiful and so glorified and so large and also everybody look right now to the person on your right and the person on your left, right, look at them that person one day if they know Jesus is going to be so unbelievable that even Michael the Archangel and debris will pale in comparison to them, so you do a double take when I got there is no way there is no way there is not believe that my friend is in the Bible right so God created all this to be under our feet and then he gives what is perhaps the greatest understatement of the Bible. At present, we do not yet see everything in subjection to him.

We see all creation, subject to man controlled all. Right now, hardly we see death and disease and famine, and tsunamis. Instead of being on top of the world is anything the world seems to be on top of us and honestly listen. That creates a problem for a lot of people because see.

Instinctively we know instinctively. We know that we were to be on top of the world.

That's us of the God put our imaging in a bed inside of us, so that when evolution tells us well it's a big one big accident. I mean, you know, you look couple degrees out this way would all freeze couple to resolve this way would all burn out.

But you know if you were just were lucky we got in the right plan at the right time and in his survival of the fittest backers more disease and famine. That's all part of how creationists spun out. There's something inside of us that knows that is not true. That's why it's a problem. Evolution would say is not a problem. All the suffering that something that's not a problem that's as part of, you know the reality of the accidental nature of our universe we know instinctively that is not true. We know that we were created so that the world would would be of service to us.

We know that there is something unique about humanity, and we know something is wrong and honestly that creates the number one apologetic problem that people have for Christianity is because they say will you know if God really did create myth. How come the world seems to be so out of control.

How come we have seen how come so many people suffer, how come why why why do all these things.

Why is this all happening to the world. Writer acknowledges the presence of that question because you're right we don't yet see everything underneath our feet, but verse nine we see him for a little while was made lower than the angels himself on the create of the Angels became lower than the angels, namely Jesus, who is crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone before pictures of Jesus. Here's your first one than the one he is a king who got involved. He's a king who got involved a writer says that's in verse nine he is crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering and death. So because of suffering and death what the writer is showing you here is that there was a king Jesus got involved it wasn't by the way just one citizen looking out for another.

He was the creator and yet he got involved in an eminent writer switches metaphors he goes from Kings. The science you'll see that here and in another verse or two because he feels about us, not just like a king would feel about a subject he feels about the father does, with the sun that understand is no more's apparent you sometimes and I see people suffering up a fight that brought the suffering on themselves. The tendency to build well that just get what they deserve. I never thought that about my kids and my kids are suffering is because of something that they've done Longley.

My heart breaks for them if I could get emboldened by to help them. I would, he was a king who saw our suffering that he got involved, and by the way, it wasn't even that we were innocent like the girl in the story I told you were. We were just being mod.

We brought it upon ourselves.

We deserve death we had brought it on to ourselves and Jesus saw it, and he got involved and he took it. What is amazing is that our king stepped in when we think it's amazing the were all suffering euros.

The Bible doesn't really think that that's amazing. The Bible says the world suffering because we rejected God as a race, we reject God and that's what caused all the heartache on the earth. What is amazing in the Bible is not that good people suffer.

It's that bad people have had a king come after them to suffer in their place who tasted the death that we deserved on our behalf, so the writer says you got a king who tasted death for you a king and is all life who came and took the doubt that you have brought upon yourself and sword. The curse he was a king who got involved. There's an extra burst him for it was fitting for it was fitting that he, for whom and by whom all things exist, in bringing many sons to glory, should make the founder of their salvation perfect through suffering. Number two. He is a champion who saves a champion who saves that were founder in Greek really could be translated and I think ought to be translated champion you see that in contact some of your Bible say Capt. evening, somebody who represents somebody else in the old days. A lot of times into armies with 5 inches representative, I think, like Hector and Achilles in the movie Troy. I think that was about before was a movie was not really that it's right you think of these two warriors that are fighting on behalf of these two gigantic armies, and whoever wins the Army shares in that victory. What you have is that he was a champion who came and fought death on our behalf right. What was he fighting was he biting one thing the most terrified of us, at least in our server moments is done in verse 14 it says that he delivered us from the fear of death, but it held us in slavery. Death is the one thing that terrifies all of us. The least you think about military defendant Lonnie, just a moment that I wanted to quickly share a little bit more about her brand-new resource investment to the Hebrews takes us on a journey that compares and contrasts Jesus to key historical people and events from the Bible through these comparisons we see his superiority.

He is the hope for a new creation. The perfect sacrifice.

This is why we named our newest Bible study, Christ is better is it 10 session workbook that includes some helpful insight and deeper reflection question meant to give you greater understanding deep in your faith in Christ. Our goal is always for everyone within our listening audience to put Jesus first in their lives. Give us a call at 866-335-5221 19 shady and reserve your copy today. Now let's get back to today's message with pastor Jean Pierre avoid what he does he gives you these kind of like nuggets of wisdom sandwiched between mountains of nonsense should be did between those malls and on since what is nuggets as if you are like what were about to give you as many constellations of the death is fascinating is because the one hand, we all seem to have something of a death wish it were saying we know that were not what we should be and so we kind of we cannot under what we long for that. We long for death because we know were not what we should be be of guilt and shame and not living up to our standards set up to one side and on the other hand, there's this enormous fear of death. Seems like the end of everything, it's the unknown is also our response to this internal conflict is just to suppress the thought about.

We hate to think about this is that's crazy because we know it's coming. We know it's there.

We know that really you even if you don't believe in God realized that that the 70 or 80 years you get on our do not compare to what comes afterwards. If there is an eternity, you got to think about it because it is only in the light of doubt that your light source to make sense. Leo Tolstoy will Tolstoy said, quote something strange begin to happen to me at age 50. I had a wife who love me and whom I loved at a large estate which without much effort on my part increased.

My name is respected.

I enjoy physical strength and yet I could not live because of the knowledge of my coming death. The question which brought me to the verge of suicide sought an answer without which one cannot really begin to live. Is there any meaning in life that my inevitable death does not destroy today or tomorrow. Death will come to those I love and then to me soon. Not only I will not exist, but eventually no one will exist will remember anything that I've written or done. Why then the one with the effort what's all for which all lead to what difference does it make whether or not I do this thing or that thing or nothing at all so I could give no rational meaning to any single action or even my whole life. What was so surprising was how we can fail to see this for a time, it is possible to live intoxicated with life. But as soon as one is sober.

It is impossible not to see that life in the face of death is a fraud and a stupid brought it back how often I have been told all you cannot understand the meaning of life. So don't think about it just live. I can no longer do that you have to think about you have to start thinking about eternity because your life. The Bible says little wisp of smoke that appears for just a moment and it disappears. Most important thing that you give your children is not a good college education is not a lot of extracurricular stuff is preparing them and their children and their children's children for eternity if you as a parent are not. Compare your kids for eternity if you care more about where they go to college and where they spend eternity that you are you are committing a crime against your child hears what happens. That fear of death as you get older it eventually starts to creep up even if you just don't think about a lot it starts to creep out because you start up the December 50s. It delivers those that fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery. That is terrifying because you pockets the end anything for like it's the under this enormous pressure to experience everything you can. Right now you feel like if you miss out on anything.

You never to get a chance to do it since you become. You become, you become desperate become bitter if you go past an age where you wanted to be married and you're still single start to get angry because you're like my one chance to be young and beautiful and Marion is passing me by. Or are you not happily married.

So you start to think I get one shot up as I gotta find happiness and romantic love. And so this marriage that I got into didn't do it, have to go outside of his marriage to find it because I got one shot to be happy. That's it.but that is the captivity that death brings because it is making you hostage to this idea that unless you get things here on earth were never going to experience them at all or start to panic when you see yourself aging by him. If this is all depressing. I'm sorry but when you look in the mirror and you notice your body getting older and you're not as nearly as good as beautiful as you used to be with your guy or girl what you're looking at is the process of dying. I don't depressing as you watch yourself age were watching yourself by, and that makes you start the panic because you're not what you used to be. So if you're a woman you inject her face for Botox to start the workloads that are completely appropriate for a woman your age for different reasons and they were inappropriate when you were younger.

I if you're a guy you need lumbar red sports car and button your shirt down your navel and start ahead on cocktail waitresses and make about one of vomit right what that is is is is panic it's panic because you are sensing inside of you.

This process of death when you get older you start to obsess about building a legacy in the remember resort to try to control your children because you see in them. Your future that they don't regard you rightly if they don't treat you properly, then what good is your life. Sometimes your terrified of death because you fear the judgment of God. So you start obsessing about appeasing God start wondering if you got enough to get to having people as they get older. A lot of times it desperately. Religious kids are trying to get prepared for the next phase.

What he is saying is our champion took on that greatest fear death and he pointed away forever all by himself.

Verse 14. You see this since therefore the children share the flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil personal use, easy did it all by himself. You think your David and Goliath. That's what it stories in the Bible. David and Goliath.

You got armies of Israel and the armies of the Philistines. They choose their champion which is Goliath is 9 feet tall is twice as big as anybody else that's more God chooses her champion the Israelites are much a coward to live anything so little 14-year-old shepherd boy was from rocks and a leather strap is out there to be there champion course you know the story with that with that with that slingshot.

He brings the giant down while all of Israel stands on the sidelines as cowards do not lift a finger to help him. He wins on their behalf. What's give you a picture of is our ultimate giant that we face death when everybody is terrified of one nobody can overcome.

There was a figure who showed up was very unlike what we thought he would be because he was born as a carpenter son. He grew up horny enough dying as a criminal and he would face death and through death he would destroy death while we all sit on the sidelines and what they dampen. He is our champion is our champion because he conquered death through death dear wasn't even by the witnesses terrifying form. There is terrifying prospect. Terrifying for him with one of most illuminating scenes in Jesus's life is the garden of Gethsemane, I preached you on it before walking through it, but limit us. Make sure you get this uses some images in the garden of Gethsemane that if you don't read them with your eyes open you to go right past you says her first but we went into the Garnica 76 suddenly immediately more portly, he was overcome with a sense of horror was what was OCC was looking in the hell is looking into death. Death is separation from God.

He was looking into the sting of death, but it says that he was overcome with sorrow sorrowful to the point of death which means are so broke his heart that it just about killed him if he even went through what we begin to sweat great drops of blood. A medical condition. The doctors told he might try doses which is when you under so much stress so much anxiety to the capillaries in your body begin to burst, and you begin to literally sweat drops of blood. Our champion went in and he face death and all of its bitterness and all of its trouble so that we could through his death to escape the power of death, so that now we look at doubt, and we say death, where is your staying grave, where is your victory. What that means is that when I now stand beside the grave of a newborn baby. As I have done several times faster.

This church with a family whose heart is broken what I say is yes. This is a moment of great grief, but there is a time coming when you will see that child again. Not as they were. But as God intended for them to be what is it like to walk into heaven after having lost the miscarried child.

Would you like after having lost a child in infancy. When you walk into heaven.

One of the first people you're greeted by is not that child as they were.

But as God intended them to be and you see them in everything you know about them. You see them and you finally face them. What is that life that is something that you can only have when you understand that there somebody took the sting out of death. Some of you suffer you you doing an innocent it's. It's not fair by any some of you are past the age where you should've got married and you want to get married you I got why did this happen. I mean it's not like something wrong with you is not like you are no less a personal nobody want to be around you.

Just this is just not what God's plan was for you and get in your life. God why. Or maybe some of you men your your business fell apart at a point in your life or it shouldn't have some dream was shattered. What I can say to you is all those things are just dim shadows.

The following were preparing you for something much greater. Something in the light of what your experience of eternity makes this look like a light and momentary thing.

I do not want to ever gloss over your pain because I know that it is real, but I will tell you what the apostle Paul in light of the religious leader to have gone into the crane and come back to life. What comfort that can bring us as we consider our struggles, even today. You're listening to an encouraging message from Pastor JD career on Senate life Katie were really just getting started, as we spend this month studying the book of Hebrews, but it's already begun to help me remain faithful in my walk with the Lord God for Shay say that Molly, you know. Hebrews was written to people who needed a boost in their faith. They really have the same struggles that we have today. How do I trust Christ when everything around me seem so challenging and difficult. It's hard to make Christ first in our lives in a world so much distraction book of Hebrews gives us a very clear message and that is don't give up trying you one of the things you like to do your Summit life is to provide you with with a practical resource that will take you deeper into the passages that were studied and so this newest Bible study that we've we've produced will do that with the book of Hebrews Hebrews is one of the most rewarding books that you can study some of the things that look challenging when you first read them with just a little bit of explanation, you'll see only white makes sense.

But why what the writer is communicating will change your entire life.

This book of the Bible.

Hebrews shows us over and over again that Jesus and Jesus alone is worthy of our trust in our devotion. He is the only true hero of our faith. This is a fun study that's can include some interesting insights into the Scripture questions that'll make you dig deep, not only the Scriptures but also your heart and then some easy homework that you do between sessions. That'll help help help your spirit understand the word so much better.

Take a look at it today and reserve your copy JD Thank you, JD, we'd like to give you this exclusive Senate life Bible study right away. Our way of saying thanks when you donate today to support Senate night. The suggested level and $35 or more doing that missing many Denny today and remember to ask for your copy prices that are 10 sessions in a thick 528-663-3524 given request.

This new resource online I Molly, even if it's inviting you to join us next time. When Pastor JD described years you powerful neck pain, right here on Senate life changing

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