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King, Champion, Brother, and Priest, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 6, 2022 9:00 am

King, Champion, Brother, and Priest, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 6, 2022 9:00 am

What fears control you? Is it fear of missing out? Or fear of pain, loneliness, or rejection? J.D. Greear describes how you can be freed from all of that.

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer well with the sprayer. The resurrected Jesus to be in the spare window champion within the broader the brace is controlled all the universe, how could you possibly be in the spare look at images rest and what he is one good news here on life after Jeannie Greer. I'm your host Molly benefits. Let's start with some reflection today. What controls you drives your decisions keeps you up at night. Is it a fear of disappointment's fear of missing out. Fear of death or pain or loneliness. Chances are that fear is a factor in the things bringing you pain or distraction right now, but the good news today is that it does not have the final word today. Pastor JD describes how you can be freed from whatever it is that's holding you back yesterday titled this message from Hebrews chapter 2 pain champion brother increase the difference in the middle here this between religion and the gospel. Religion tries to tell you what is will you and how you should go fix that. What the gospel does is it doesn't tell you what's wrong with you and I to fix it.

It does what's wrong with you, and until you look at what Jesus is done for you. Then you change in response to that religion tries to change by command gospel changes you by sight.

For the writer of Hebrews does not list 100 things to be doing better… What Jesus has done for them. And when you look at him when you see him for who he is in your life will change. So whatever spiritual dysfunction you bring into this place and I don't really like bills somebody right now there are many, and they are my huge.

I know that whatever it is, whatever spiritual dysfunction. There is one cure and that is look at Jesus. That's what he says your Hebrews chapter 2 verse five because we left off in verse four, last week, so let's begin there.

Verse five. It was not to angels that God subjected the world to come, which we are speaking. It has been testified somewhere where love that having a senior moment.

It's been testified somewhere I can remember a reverence that you have a senior moment.

The reason we know that is because he quotes all may perfectly work for hasn't forgotten where this is written under something is lost in translation of that phrase. What it really means is it's been testified everywhere. The whole Bible is about this what he is about the Savior that goes on the quote Psalm eight what is man that you are mindful of him, the Son of Man that you care for him. You made him for a little while lower than the angels you crowned him with glory and honor. You put everything in subjection under his feet. That's a pretty amazing statement is wasn't God made the world for you God for you, it was all supposed to be under your control, you wore the highest of all God's created order. You were higher than the Angels want to create the Angels became lower than the angels, namely Jesus, who is crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone before pictures of Jesus hears her first one than the one he is a king who got involved in it. You see people suffering. If I thought they brought the suffering on themselves. Tennessee.well that just get what they deserve. I never felt like that about my kids, my kids are suffering is because of something that they've done Longley. My heart breaks for them if I could get emboldened by to help them out. What he was a king who saw our suffering that he got involved number two.

He is a champion who saves a champion who saves some of your Bible say Capt. mean somebody who represents somebody else right. What was he fighting was he biting. One thing that most terrified of us, at least in our server moments is done in verse 14 it says that he delivered us from the fear of death, that it held us in slavery. Death is the one thing that terrifies all of us, at least when you think about it you got to think about it because it is only in the light of doubt that your light source to make sense. You have to start thinking about eternity because your life. The Bible says little wisp of smoke that appear for just a moment and it disappears. Sometimes your terrified of death because you fear the judgment of God.

So you start obsessing about appeasing God start wondering if you got enough to get to having people as they get older. A lot of times it desperately. Religious kids are trying to get prepared for the next phase. What he is saying is our champion took on that greatest fear death and he put it away forever all by himself. Verse 14. You see this since therefore the children share the flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same thing that through death he might destroy the one who has the power death, that is, the devil, some of you are past the age where you should've gotten married and you want to get married you I God, why did this happen.

I mean it's not like something wrong with you is not like you are no less a personal nobody will be around you.

Just this is not what God's plan was for you and get in your life, why some dream was shattered.

What I can say to you is all those things are just dim shadows with all the work prepare you for something much greater.

Something in the light of what you experience in eternity makes this look like a light and momentary thing. I do not want to ever gloss over your pain because I know that it is real, but I will tell you what the apostle Paul is light and it is momentary as a story to some girl who they were. Her and her boyfriend were about to get engaged and some right now look at rings together right before I'm there to get engaged he was in an automobile accident and its at first they thought it was good to be brain-dead but eventually he came back from that. He threw a long time to learn to communicate, but he just not nearly the person that he was he ill never be able to hold a job will never be able to have a coherent conversation, so she said I face this issue of what I do. We were going to get engaged but we were engaged were not married but I knew what his intentions were to talk about going to the struggle and how she knew that God was leading her to get engaged to get married to this guy she can say that's what everybody ought to do in every situation. She said this what God was leading me to doing the reasoning of the book was so powerful to me. She said because this marriage on earth will never be what I dreamed it could be this marriage here now will never be what I've hoped for since I was a little girl but see this marriage was a light and momentary thing that God allows us to experience, to prepare us for eternal glory and of God is going to let me know him more through this that I could put up with marriage that is not everything that I had hoped it would be because I realize that is not the point.

Ultimately that's the point. God has taken this thing out.

Of a disappointing marriage. That's what gives you the ability to see to go on in things like that because desk power has been defeated.

The parcel things you miss out down down here, you will experience in fullness. There are enemies greatest weapon you see a weapon within all the other weapons was that in our champion defeated. So now Paul says death, where is your sting grave, where's your rectory disease.

Where is your finality, disappointment, failure, rejection, where is your devastation, loneliness, where is your bitterness Christ has removed death from death is the only religious leader to ever have done that when people look at me and I like all religions teach the same thing. I say that anymore. Honestly, how can you couldn't possibly have read anything about Jesus Christ, and make a statement as backwards is that he is the only one to have gone into the one thing that terrifies us all death in Congress.

Religious leaders give you better ways to live better ways to run your family better ways to be better people. Jesus's primary work was a take on the thing that scared us most of thing that nobody could overcome the giant stood on the field but none of us could talk. He walked out there and all by himself. He took it down and conquered death through death, so that in his death. I can now find life so that even when I go through death, which I will I go through without estate deprivation without devastation. Good to disappointment without failure. I go through physical death without the bitterness of thinking it's all over. See our champion who saves verse 13. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers number three is a brothers not ashamed of us is a brothers not ashamed of his so beautiful. Verse 13 I was trying to think of how to ask this question sensitively never have somebody in your family that you are ashamed of no okay month we will know when the weird uncle right diversity is everything. I called Leonel please don't let all their right, if there were ever a family member to be ashamed of. You were the family member. Jesus should have been ashamed of. But one he probably identify with you.

He claims you.

He said that's my brother that's my brother that went crazy with this functionally going to get anything straight once showing up drunk one is out of his mind.

That's my brother that's my sister was reading this to our campus pastors as we want them said, then this genealogy is filled with people that we classify our church… Hope I'd almost every prisoner on my mother I school dropout Jesus genealogy is filled with because he was saying. I'm not saying I include my genealogy there.

My brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters that were my favorite resurrection seems to be in the Jesus by John chapter 20. Jesus appeared to Mary in the garden right first personal messages Mary, Jesus will conversation whether this is this the Bible might've always overlooked this, go and tell my what to my brothers that I resurrect. That wasn't the most common metaphor used for them is my disciples, my friends, follow respect to my peeps my policy to say that of all the things to say right there that's not the one I would've chosen right because what are they just done to him like why just three days before hello little guy is they left and they were cowards. They departed him in his hour of need better than the other men like you go tell those backwards cowardly, idiotic bolts that I raise from the dead. Like I told them 100 times. I was going to seriously I would've in the gospel according to JD that's not what he said he figured some of my brothers try to say essentially this is not ashamed. He wasn't ashamed to them that ashamed of here today seems to you there's more teaching in just a moment before we return. Let me tell you about our latest resource created exclusively for arsenic like listeners just like God was always there for the giants of the faith we find in the Bible, helping them thrive despite hardships and persecution. Our new study that will help you do the same help flesh out apply and pray through what you're learning. Christ is better follows very closely with our on your teaching so you don't want to miss this resource. Reserve your copy today by calling 866-335-5220 or visit us

Now let's rejoin our teaching with Pastor JD and first. Surely it is not angels that he helps, he helps the offspring of Abraham to stop real quick writer is such an unbelievable statement and help angels heal the offering of a ramp you got something the Angels are jealous of more energy I'll get to it in a minute. But you realize that Jesus did not become any of these things for them. None of them have to come in for you is not a king who got involved with them.

He was not a brother who is not ashamed of them. He was not much I want to skip a champion who saved them. He could have taken on Angel flashing.about 1/3 of the angels rebelled and became demons he could've taken on flash and he could have saved angels, but he didn't answer now.

First Peter says that angels are your thing on this angels long to look into the things that you and I experience of the gospel. Do you realize what is Kevin you is a king of God involves a champion to save his brother was not ashamed for the four is a priest who can help his appreciative helping a priest or somebody that you go to for help when you messed up. He shows you why Jesus is the best priest and why we don't think you need any other priest got him. I've got varsity only JV anymore. I here's what he's varsity one he engages us without judgment. He engages us without judgment. See, there's always a question when you go to God and that is is you judging me for my sin by any number don't you ask a person on the reverser so I can show you what I'm getting is not for my head, but is from the Bible for 17 therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people because he himself suffered when tempted is able to help those who are being tempted Christ. Here's what Jesus is the high priest.

He doesn't without judgment is because that were propitiation enough appreciation from and I were that you use a lot right.

Propitiation means that anger was taken away because of pain penalty was paid and he said he became a high priest because he propitiated our sins, he took them into himself so that now when I go to God is no more threat of judgment anymore until just before but I used to be kind of bored when I would go to God because I would wonder what God would run out of patience for me and I wonder what God will be like you know what man I forgiven you like a thousand times Valent that's it. No more pay a little bit. It's a mistake or I would go to Jesus ago Jesus answered sorry I need you to go to the father for me. You need to get help.

Like all seriously embarrass myself about their view. I'm not doing that you are on your own now son see it appreciation means that when Jesus therefore for the father he holds up the finished work. You don't listen to Nash for mercy for me.

Yes, for justice, he says, God the father. You can no longer punished. JD ever ever ever for his and why you punish me it would be unjust and unfair for you to punish JD for some but you punish me for so I need you to give him the love that I earned for him so he holds up before God justice. That's why he is a faithful and merciful high priest. He is faithful because he is what he paid all of the penalty for us, so that now all that is left for me is loss and acceptance.

I don't know what God is doing in your life. I wonder why you're in some of the pain you're in, but I can tell you this if you walk with Jesus.

It has nothing to do with condemnation. Even the wounds that he gives you now just the wounds of love is not the wounds of judgment, because Jesus took judgment out of the way, is a high priest to help us without condemnation is a high priest who engages us with understanding the day just understating reverse 17 that I just really very Bible you confused by verse 17 says all he had to be made like his brothers in every respect you because he suffered when tempted is now able to help those are being tempted the computer so I bought what would you be like Jesus might learn something like down here on earth, but he was like oh that's what that feels like I never knew that thanks now understand know of course I got for Vicki's always understood everything I don't really know how to explain the I just noticed like experientially.

For some reason, knowing that whatever I go through whatever I face Jesus has dealt with it firsthand. I can explain to you, but that just does something for me to know that I'm talking to a God who understands it, because he has felt it for himself. He knows firsthand what the lure of temptation is like he knows what it's like to be tired and hungry. He knows what it's like to wait, not knowing the will of God in a situation Jesus of the tomb of Lazarus, not understanding knows what that's like to weep as a God, why are you doing the things you're doing knows what it's like to experience betrayal and rejection by dysfunctional family knows what it's like to be stabbed in the back my friends by) ministry friends all that firsthand knew it was like to be single, long after the rest of his friends got married.

The Gospels record and doing all kinds of weddings while after he was in his 30s, when most Jewish men been married 13 years by that point is always what is what he got. Always a lawmaker in every room. He knows about the life you guys and girls are single and you your past behavior you thought you should been married might help you realize it every single time you pray you prayed with 33-year-old single adult every time he understands your disappointment and ministry. Matthew 2337, says Jesus, that outside of Jerusalem and said how many times try to gather and use winless if you understand what I'm saying.

That's the kind of failure in ministry is not new. What that was like church to fail. Sure, the prodigal son. He was the father the son had departed from. He knew it was what it was like to be a rejected marriage partner understands understands sometimes just knowing that he knows firsthand helps me you go through pain you want to talk to somebody was felt, what you feel. He felt little he felt that all we know that because she experienced it can be moved by so you go to a faithful high priest does a look at your pain from a distance walk through all of it and you can talk to him.

Somebody who has gone through it firsthand as 1/3 reason I get zero. Click he engages us with assured victory that because he's a priest or sat down the back and he sat down the right hand of God means listen your sentence as far as the east is from the West. Your guilt is removed about 30 sat down also means that your victory is secure. It is secure. Jesus sitting there. There are some of you in here that are so overwhelmed by struggle that you're having. There is an addiction.

You cannot seem to get under control. There is a temper.

You cannot seem to to be able to bring into what it ought to be.

There is pornography there are bad habits and sometimes you feel like God how cultlike I was like America to get victory this I can tell you this, your victory is assured. Is Jesus seated by the right hand of God, and you can get up when you fail because until Jesus falls off that throne your victory is secure so I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm never going to overcome simple habits. I know that I'm overcoming my simple habits as Christ overcame them all prices seated on the throne in Christ lives in me. Therefore my victory is secure and that's how he engages me see Jesus.

The writer of Hebrews says is a king who got involved is a champion who saves. He's a brother who is not ashamed. He's a priest to get out that Jesus is do you release assume he wants to be if you let them that's what he repeats over and over and over and over again throughout this book, Jesus. There is no way for you have seen the glory of Jesus and then turn around and look back at yourself as if you were the answer to your own problems. No way do you like parades looking Jesus seated on the throne. His opinions only one that matters is for you, then who cares who else is against you. So when you find your courage, lodging, don't try to read books about courage looking Jesus and safety is for peaceful manner. It also gives me are you overwhelmed with despair your moment to spare. By now look at the resurrected Jesus. How can you be in the spare window champion the king brother, the priest was seated on the throat and controls all the universe, how could you possibly be in the spare look at images rest and what he is and what is done you lonely you lonely your brother and your friend will never leave you never forsake you. Yes what you may experience earthly loneliness down here you got a friend. This is closer than a brother Fred was a better companion to you than a husband and wife, a father or mother what you lost was bad, but what you day was better. Are you discouraged of the lack of victory over sin right now is that you are just discouraged in it.

When Satan tempts me to despair and tells me all the guilt within Allport. I look and see him there made a mental trust very struggling your faith, strive and understand the difficult for you question your not answer me to right there with you.

I can explain everything that I can show you a God who conquered our greatest enemy and reveals good is now seated throne. Every you need more than a new command new teaching and you will power or new motivation, you need a Savior and who to trust and find refuge your listening assignment life with a message called King champion brother and priest from Pastor JD degree or if you miss any part of today's message.

You can hear it again Jeannie we have a companion resource this month that goes along with our teaching series. How are we helping listeners will use this Heber study guide Molly, thanks for asking that because were our desires here at Summit life is to help people study the Bible better on their own.

The book of Hebrews is an excellent laboratory to do that in does not only learn the message of Hebrews, but how to study the Bible is awoken, it do in this study as it is. Take your little journey that will compare and contrast Jesus to key historical people and events from the Hebrew Bible that the author of Hebrews references through those comparisons. What you see is that while there are many heroes of the faith.

There's only one real hero. That's Jesus. So our Bible study is called Christ is better I can think of a more simple way to say Christ is better and as you're hearing these messages taught on Summit life unified there there greatly enriched as you go deeper into the message of Hebrews through this Bible study. Your goal here at Summit life is for everybody within our listening audience to put Jesus first in their lives and to ask God what it looks like for you to live faithfully as a worshiper and a follower of Jesus, and I think this study will help you do that pink semi Sadie. Our thanks for your generosity today will see me this exclusive new Bible setting your donation is a partnership because when you get your joining with reaching the world power of the gospel can't do it alone. Seven Tony today and request the Christ is better work but go online to Jeannie or call us at 866-335-5220 866-335-2010 on behalf of the entire Summit life all your fellow listeners. Let me just say making ministry. Tomorrow we're dealing with a common problem in Pastor JD explained why going down so important to well-being. Molly benefits inviting you to join us Thursday Senate my

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