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Stop Negotiating, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 27, 2022 9:00 am

Stop Negotiating, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 27, 2022 9:00 am

Have you ever tried negotiating with God? “Oh God, if you just give me this one thing, then I’ll do this or that for you?” Pastor J.D. points out the absurdity of that kind of bargaining because God doesn’t need anything from us in the first place!

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Today on Senate life with JD Greer get the grace of God gets the glory. We don't on it No, we get the grace of God gets the glory. The only people who go to heaven are those that know they don't belong there.

Know that there is nothing they can do to fix that or change it, but trust that God, who said he was so gracious that he do it for us actually did what he said he knew Their author legend. I'm your host Molly benefits okay honesty. Time have you ever tried negotiating with God this ounce and I are oh God, if you just give me this one thing I'll do this or that for you. I think we've called the hunt had at some point right today.

Pastor JD points out the absurdity of that kind of bargaining because let's face it doesn't actually need anything from us in the first place. If you have missed any of the messages of this teaching so far. Or if you'd like to get your copy of devotions for the distracted family JD or by calling 866-335-5220 right now. Let's get started. Pastor JD with the second part of our message titled stop negotiating first concept talk about fans and papers from Romans chapter 4. It concerns how you know for sure that you belong to God, or why you think it is that you were going to go to heaven. Most people would you ask him why do you think God what you would heaven others like it has something to do with their behavior are good enough, your sincere love as a Christian you believe enough to go to church about you give enough people from other religions. By the way, use the same criteria they do switch out some of some of the specifics instead of going to church is going to Boston synagogue devils on why that it's like we are always trying to make a deal with God, we give God obedience God rewards us with heaven, but here is what the apostle Paul says what the Scriptures say Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. Abraham was about 90 years old, God told him that he was good to have a son and grandma never had any children.

He evidently was infertile and so God says you have a son and against all logic against all evidence against all hope, Abraham said, well, I believe it. God saw all his faith in God's promise and God credited to him as righteousness.

Verse five to the one who does not work you see as an illustration of Abraham, but trust God instead justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness. I had a seminary professor who said that this is the most important verse in the Bible what it means. What faith credited as righteousness means is that God counts our faith in Christ as righteousness, even though it is not that righteousness is a gift that God gives to us that we do not possess in ourselves. On the basis of something else. According to Romans 451 it was declared righteous and goes to heaven has three primary characteristics characteristic number one is that you know that your ungodly.

There's an inherent admission and what Paul says here that I am ungodly. I cannot do anything to change that.

It's just admitting what is true.

The second characteristic is you do not work which means you don't think there's anything you can do to change that status. There's nothing you can do to earn heaven. There's nothing you can do to make up for what you did and then the third characteristic is that you trust God, who said that he would take care of you. Trust that he did exactly what he said he would do. And Paul uses Abraham as the best example of this, God's, God's God's measure of goodness is the 10 Commandments listen recently I was reading some of Martin Luther said if you want to stimulate your relationship with God than for a month. Just every morning to the 10 Commandments in your mind and pray through them about Walmart with recommended it outright. It is been absolutely devastating for me. Mornings as part of what we call quiet, they wanted the 10 Commandments because others realize that there's not a single one of these that I just instinctively naturally keep, for example, you shall have no other gods before me. I asked myself.

Do I really love and cherish God more than everything else in my life is you the most valuable to me and I'm more concerned about his opinion than anybody else's.

Thou shalt not covet.

MI always fully satisfied with the situation the God has medium right now and never craving somebody else's income or success or family situation, and I'm telling you when I get done with this list. I realize that I'm all for 10 when you're over 10 on the final exam. You're not good to pass the class. You really feel like you're a good person to save you so you just look at the wrong standard. Which brings up another thing some of you don't trouble yourself the 10 Commandments you come up with your own standard of what it makes for a good person. It was always a little bit at standard huts and let me two problems with that. First of all, you made it out. Seriously, what is that what else is that working life, what would you think that having God's I came in to whatever works for you. Bathroom standard awesome. Come on course not, that you live up your own standard if you want to shoot yourself and have half the time at your own standard web describe it to you is if you have a little invisible tape recorder or somehow record as a visible and invisible recorder in your neck that only activated when use of the word ought she audited that he ought to do that now. To do that and as all recorded and then at the judgment seat.

God only judge you by whatever you said somebody else ought to do during a single one of you in here that would pass the judgment.

You see we like Abraham are utterly unable to please God, because the problem is not ignorance. The problems that we need a little religion bill. The problem is we are dead and we are simple and there's nothing we can do to actually change that. The second reason we can't make a deal with God. Number two is that we don't really have anything to offer God anyway is all Paul explained that verse for the Woodwards wages are not credited as a gift given as an obligation right plumber comes over to my house and works on something and see has been a bill for 80 bucks same.

And here's a gift as a here's a he's like is what I did the work. I owe him. We think of heaven. In those terms that God is always heaven because we paid all this good work here. Two problems with that. First we know everything that God needs alluded to this at the beginning to think how foolish our negotiating sounds. God wants of obedience.

I'll go to church another Google search. I love church. How can I say no to that. You know I can't review a course that would have anything but which would put God in her debt.

Second, being good in one area that Teresa Bagley broke God's laws in another area.

Imagine if you were on trial because you been caught for a for assault and battery and breaking and entering.

The judge is about to bring down the gavel yet will I not guilty of assault and battery, breaking and entering, but the judge I only use paper scrolls that are made from recycled paper and always get paper and plastic is better for the environment and never involves water and have own compost pile driver previous and I just am so environmentally cut users that will that's awesome but doesn't think about your broken hurt somebody.

It's irrelevant. We can put God in our debt by just covering up disobedience to his standards by some other arbitrary standard that we make for ourselves.

Number three.

Here's the reason Paul says you can't work your way there. Mrs. Golomb get the glory.

God alone has determined usually get the glory for all this.

Here's how he explains it. Verse two if, in fact, Abraham was justified by works, yet something to boast about, but not for God. Meet me really translate it. If Abraham had been able to impregnate Sarah by his own power that he would've boasted everybody man I was nine and a pull that off, he said. But here's what this but God will never let that be. God will not let all the credit for the work that he does on earth, and specifically the work of building his kingdom and bringing people to heaven is not to let that be credited to any human being and if we aren't heaven based on what we did and we would spend a lot of our time in heaven, talking about what we did to get ourselves there.

We walk up to each other, and evidence of what you do when your faith with your wife or how long will you.

How much would have the chapters of the Bible. You are now many books so God must be lucky to have you here the book of Revelation is very clear all of this book of Revelation says that there is what we were nametags in heaven. As you know that your book of revelations is you wear a name tag, but it sucks you in your four head tattooed there and the name that you were in your four head is not to be your own is can be the name of Jesus Christ receives when somebody walks up to me and says why are you here, I'm not a talk about JD's name and how awesome he is, and appoint my four head a mistake. That's why I'm here because I never send not one time when I lived and how she had so much faith I walked on water and and the devil tempted me for 40 days in the wilderness and I would not succumb to his temptation, not even one top and I was on the cross and instead of giving hate tobacco people to crucify me passive father forgive them for they know not what they do is not my name in the record of my deeds or my reputation that is going to earn me my place in heaven. It is Jesus's name that is going to be attached to me and the righteousness associated with his name back that he died the death a big condemned to die and live the life I was supposed to live. That's my name to get put here and when people say why are you in heaven comes a point in my head and said that's why I'm here. That's how God is set up we get the grace God gets the glory. We don't want it God that know us.

We get the grace of God gets the glory. The only kind of people who go to heaven are those that know they don't belong there.

Know that there is nothing they can do to fix that or change it, but trust that God, who said he was so gracious that he do it for us actually did what he said he do. You cannot earn heaven.

You cannot make a deal with God in any shape form or fashion. What this passage tells you is that righteousness in my righteousness I mean full acceptance by God is a gift that God gives to us while we are still simple, but it is possible Paul says to acknowledge that you are more guilty and more worthy of condemnation than people could ever imagine. The problem is not the people know the real you. The problem, because if they saw the real you. They would know that you'll never get to heaven, you are simultaneously more worthy of condemnation the people never imagine you are more sure that you are loved and accepted by God that anybody ever dreamed possible because that status was given to you, not on the basis of what you've done what you deserve.

It was given you on the basis of Jesus Christ not you.

Martin Luther called this the most important and probably the most misunderstood doctrine in the Bible is the doctor.

He says, on which the church rises or falls.

It is the doctrine which separates true Christianity permits in its absence from every other religion on earth because every other religion on earth. All of them you can put in one category you spell them with two letters and those D0 DO is what I do. That is going to earn me a place in heaven religion as a substitute out various things for the due part is when you go to monster date, full bath, or when you're nice to people. Whatever right, but it's all characterized by its what I do, that urge me a place in heaven. The gospel is the only one spell DO in E. Is what Christ is done Jesus and my place is his record, the gets attached to me and it's because of his righteousness that I have assurance before God and so Paul says, in light of that, here's what you should do. How ironic that we have a message on done that I would give you three things to do, but just that there is A.

Paul says you gotta stop negotiating.

Yes, come negotiating what God did as he saw that we were in a situation in his heart broken. He said you can't fix it. What you broke was priceless. You can never put it back together but I'm so gracious that I will come and do it for you if you just hang on there and you sit back and you let me rescue you want to stop negotiating. You see, God does not want anything from you once you write a check or for your lunch money in the plate today you have anything you give them anyway. He has something for you.

It is an inestimable gift.

Let me give you the sign that you finally understood this here is when you have finally understood this. You will feel sure of your salvation, decide that you don't get it is that you're still negotiating right and you're still unsure while but not enough to get him out.

Now I've done it had a good year when Jesus has become my salvation then I am as sure of heaven as he is y'all I don't hope I'm good enough for God to let me in because I know that Jesus was good enough, getting under his name when I will go to heaven. If God does ask that question. Why so if you would have it no disrespect to God with you, but it breaks ride because Jesus did it all and I believe you did what you said you did and he said it was done this. It was my righteousness. I don't have even answer the question why should I let you with me and that is what Jesus did on my last will return for the conclusion of today's teaching and testimony.

I wanted to remind you about our featured resource. This is a brand-new 15 day devotional for all of us who live distracted lives.

It covers the topics of relationships, faith rests, and even parenting, daily devotions offer a chance to dig deeper into Scripture and can help you get in the habit of regular Bible reading. It also comes with conversation cards that are perfect for any group setting, breaking down barriers and building intimacy along the way we like to encourage you to reserve your copy right now by calling 866-335-5220 or visit us Thanks for being with us today. Now let's finish up today's teaching style negotiating which leads to B will cease boasting when you do that Christians you understand the gospel for the least self-righteous people you'll ever meet, and I know that you met a lot of ridiculously self-righteous Christians which are surging mineral interest of the gospel. They think they do. They haven't 20 or seven dollars. We stop boasting.

Imagine if you are Abraham summers ago new baby while Abraham still got it in you. I didn't know you had it you like I didn't. I didn't have it.

God we understand the gospel and how lost you were the Jesus Christ gave it all to you as a gift of my only hope.

My only Plenum only boasts is his righteousness, and all the sudden humility replaces pride and a sense of gratefulness for plate assesses a sense of entitlement and then gratefulness leads to gracefulness. Listen, that's the soul of Christianity the soul of Christianity as I am so grateful to what God has done for me that it just spills out and how I treat everybody else you want to know what Christian generosity is Christian generosity is not people who give the God because they think they're earning their way to get into heaven. Christian generosity people who give radically generous as Christians are simply people who say in light of what Jesus has given up for me this is what I want to do for my neighbor as they been since he is been the me I want to be to them what Christian marriages. Christian marriage is not to people who start to treat each other better because they think they got to live in heaven because of that Christian marriage is when two people saying I want to be to you. I will treat you the way Jesus treated me and then you start arguing but you're not arguing about the normal stuff you're arguing about who gets to out surrender and out survey don't give the other one and those arguments are awesome right, because just you beginning to argue that you beginning to love as you have been loved.

You see, when Paul says in verse five that a Christian declared righteous does not work it mean that Christians don't do good works. On the contrary, what he means is that the reason that we do good works is changed. We no longer do good works in order to be accepted by God. We do good works because we have been accepted by God and not put a joy in our works, that replaces a fear that we used to do good work for can be thought of not going to reject me. Now we do it because were so sure he has received us that we can't help. Let that spill out want to be generous. Everybody the way that he was the eyes. So Paul says in first Clement 15 I work harder than everybody but it was not because I was trying to get God to accept me because I was responding to this incredible grace of God that he had given the me which leads me to see final thing here Paul says you got a trusted you got a trust in your trust that he did what he said he did want this to the one who does not work, but trust God to trust in him who justifies the ungodly, some your translations for board trust right here say believe in like a translation because believe in in English to us means like believe in. I believe George Washington exist. Some translations say believing on and that's better, but my favorite is a store trust because it shows you that there is an action that's going with this mental decision that you made on the illustration I've used over the years with you is is like sitting down in the chair that you're sitting down and right now when you came in there was a decision process. You probably don't remember the decision process but subconsciously you decided that chair that you're sitting on right now in any of our campuses.

You decide to build what your body I and at some point you said I'm going to transfer the way to my feet off the way my body off my legs much in the month even.

I'm going to ship it out of his chair. If you did not think that you would hold you up, you would not of done that right because I would've been embarrassing to go to bed laughing appointment in YouTube videos and you would've gone through that. But at some point you said, I believe it and any and and and he started to set again, this is all were put in super slow motion were sitting down and at some point you committed high because all of a sudden the weight went off of your your your your legs and you started to fall just for psyches are funding you sat down right in the weight was no longer there. It was there that is what the Bible call trusts what it means to become a Christian is when you say I believe the chair I believe Jesus did what he said he did.

I believe he was crucified for my sin. I believe that God raised him from the dead. As proof that he accepted Jesus of the payment for my sin and all the sudden you say I trusted and it's mine and you sit down and it in the moment that you transfer the weight of your salvation off yourself and onto him at that moment Jesus record is transferred to you so that means you like what you use illustration about, making some new stuff okay so I'm watching the Star Wars trilogy times two with my kids to the flag of the right of passage for every teenager in a fight their own and so on course for starting before we do number five Empire strikes back to go back to number two.

Skip one to Stonington and then on mint number three and go back in and with number six return to Jeddah well okay so number six return of the Jedi on the basic plot on the run. It mean doll like you don't know what happens but I'm return the Jedi there trying to blow the death Star for the second time, but from is the empires gotten all smart and know that they before Phil rounded as a plane to fly in and so on that you gotta get the four still damp and so they say the Han Solo and Chewbacca in that whole crew is going to go to four still down with the Watson indoor and all the other ships are to come in the moment your forceful doubt the noble death Star by force will then come down the nibs you hit the four still no blowup and so you get this like climatic moment whether all racing toward this force field and that for fill that come down its grades one by one. Start exploding and if you will not you start doing echoes on solo is late, and so on console. I want the pilots actually says in the movie when the pallet says something like this. I cannot believe we have trusted our lives to that swash buckling smuggler or whatever on solo and when he says that I think that is the perfect definition of what Paul talks about when he needs faith because it means I'm headed this direction and I know that he's going to do what he said he do I know that he is going to take down that force field of God's righteous judgment and I know that when I walk into heaven to be a dominant wall there and on the say you did it.

You did what you said you do in the resurrection with the proof that you did what you said you would do in Abraham, Abraham, Abraham trusted God. That's the illustration Abraham trusted God when God said to go live in a land that you know where it is yet a neighbor is aware that body on but you get out there and I'll show you and Abraham trusted God and when you have a kid your hundred years old and hinted how that goes. That I'm not a type, and Abraham trusted God and kept going forward. He kept marching toward believing that God would do what God said he would do what God told you and me that he would do is that he would take care of our sins because he was so gracious and so loving and when you and I believe that we trusted Christ righteousness.

What comes hours. That's what he means it is you believe he do what he said he would do the words it was credited to him were not written for a loan written for us. God will credit righteousness, for we who believe on him, trust him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead because he Jesus was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life. Our justification when you believe that God has torn down the force field. The way to God said God would do it at that moment your declared righteous. Paul said, because Romans did not summarize it with them. For with you if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord knows that history says he is and you believe in your heart that God raised him from the which means that he did what he said he do and you will be saved, not might be saved when they could be saved, or if you trouble hard to be saved, you will be saved.

At that moment. You see, it's with the it's with the heart that a man believes unto righteousness, and it's with the amount that you make confession unto salvation and involve my favorite verse Romans 1013 is a little bill for whosoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved that last for she's to trouble me because I would say what you have to ask him what you when you call up to him what you say like hello Jesus, they never know what you say you're missing the point. The point is not what you say to him is simply that you call Jesus by the right name you call on the name of the Lord you haters on the front of my mom says that you can tell a lot about your relationship to me one more basil and then you call me right so if when I answer the phone at home and the voice and the other in the line says, may I speak to Mr. Grignard, I'm like okay you know me at all.

This is clearly a telemarketer call me Grignard if they say mass with Dr. Greer or Pastor JD at my well getting a little bit about me because there you know. Call me by whatever on if they say, can I speak to JD Microsoft is a person's mental personal social level.

There are four people in the universe who, when I answer the phone, they will say daddy my daddy only four likely that and there is one person in the universe who calls me back a man I can sell your relationship with me based on which name you call me what Paul means when he says whoever will call on the name of the Lord listen that you just want to call Jesus the right name and that name is my Savior learn to calm Jesus by that name. If not, you can count on him today.

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