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Stewardship, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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December 2, 2021 9:00 am

Stewardship, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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December 2, 2021 9:00 am

Even more than politics, money is usually considered an impolite topic to bring up at parties. But Pastor J.D. is diving headfirst into this sensitive subject, describing the biblical principles for handling wealth.

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Today on Summit line G Greer talks about the relationship between our finances.

There is not the role that I pour a nice house but that should not come before, being rich in good works, not challenged by the way DirectDraw for some of you usually start reallocating your money until it could be said of you that you are the richest in good works, and only secondly secondarily a distant second. Are you rich in cars and houses with. I'm your host Molly Witt events. There are a few topics that are a bit party time and at the top of the list is money right up there with politics and religion but say pastor JD is diving into this sensitive subject about our financial resources. He's describing the biblical principles for handling wealth and you might be surprised by feel a part of our teaching series called all and so if you missed any of the previous messages can catch up right now. Let's get right into the message title here I am up Holy Spirit, which means I can't tell you what God wants you to give Virgil's and when you listen to them and you bade him you don't have to feel guilty because you're obeying God be settled in your own heart right you'll answer me. You ask this question to God. I just want you to ask the question walk with Jesus up for the processes that you ever dissuaded all the Jews of that I have is yours. You tell me what you want with everything I've was an example that God gives you the money.

Number one the best of his kingdom gives you the money to pour out as a Thanksgiving offering to him and he gives you your money to do with what he tells you those three principles undergird every biblical teaching on money right quick list of the New Testament that I want you to see Paul pick up the same three things exactly in his teaching argument.

The lightning round so you want to see what all will take all three of these things you'll see the exact same thing first of the six as for the rich in this present age.

Right right he's got all the rich people. As for the rich in this present age. Charge them what double know Charlie is like telling charge them what is way for charge not to be haughty to set their hopes and the uncertainty of riches, but on God's riches have a way of stealing away your heart from God riches very quickly become the thing that you hope in riches very quickly have a way of becoming to you the things you got yaps I got a have to have a good life. There are some of you that could not imagine a life being good unless it is filled with a lot of money riches become the thing that you thought you got have the hope for the future work for the feel secure about the future is no way I can face the future confidence letter to be pretty big, fat bank account and very quickly. Money replaces God as our primary source of treasurer and security but God. You see, is supposed to be our primary hope. God is the one who supposed to give us our fundamental identity.

God is the one who provides our most stable security while Paul seldom is like a discharge. The rich to see wealth as we admitted a man's heart from this to this world while has a way of stealing away their heart from God.

Make sure they understand that God is to be their treasure in God is to be their trust and wealth more than anything else is going to steal away God's place in the heart and replace it with an idol. That's what you gotta warn the rich people because the issue is not a God needs the money. The issue is that God wants their heart and most rich people. The reason it's hard to go back came over the eye of a needle than it is a rich man to go to heaven is because wealth has admitted their heart to this world and money has become their treasure. That's what makes him happy. That's what they work for.

That's what they're driven for wealth is there security.

That's what they trust him.

That's what I hope in and that's what they'll be condemned because they have a lot of money but because I broke the first commandment because they didn't love God above all those things when I'm saying Jesus in Matthew chapter 6 was can confronting a group about their worship of money. Go to this a lot because that is so significant.

He identified two personality types. You have a problem with money who were totally different and I find this fascinating. First he says Matthew six. There are some who look at money is there source of beauty and significance for that money buys the good life so they work hard for their money when they get it they spend it. These are those of you who are in credit card debt right now what you spend your money because nice stuff makes you feel beautiful, make you feel important. Jesus, counsel for you is he says consider the lilies of the field.

They neither toil nor spin it. Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as beautifully as one of these is doing better.

He is pointing you to a beauty and a significance that God gives that's way beyond anything that money can give God to be a better source of beauty. God can be a better source of identity God to be a better source of significance and link to me. Nice house or nice car.

That's one person out. But then there's another personality type. You look that those who think that money is there security money for them is there safeguard against a rainy day so when they get money and spend it.

They what they save told you in God's sense of humor. These two kinds of people always get married to each other, building a menu you connect $2000. Once on a binder TV and the other was trying to put in the bank and I just did that you make fun of both of you you what Jesus says your Jesus says all of this, consider the ravens in a pot for the future. But God takes care of them. Are you not. Jesus says, are you not of more value to God than Raven. By the way, ravens, ravens, ravens are not good birds right nobody got a Raven for a pet right ravens are dark, ugly, ominous bird to show up saying nevermore and you know portending death right.

Nobody likes ravens there considered to be pests unless you're a sports fan this season. I would say that but you, his point is if God even takes care of the nasty old ravens. Of course I'll take care of you. In other words, God gives a security way beyond anything money can give you personalities the saver and the spender very opposite one another but United but one thing they worship money and money has taken the place in her heart that God should have as their primary security in the primary treasure what Paul says is tell the rich to make sure that they set their hope on God, not on the uncertainty of riches continues to richly provides us with everything to enjoy it now.

I love that you see it's not that money is bad and need to feel guilty about it. God gives money is a blessing, and God is glorified when we enjoy the money that is given out by the way that verse right there gave me the ability finally to start to enjoy some the blessings that God gave me without guilt you now I realize this, dad and I loved about my kids gifts and I love it when they enjoy the gift that I give them the heavenly father gives blessings. One of the blessings that he guilt sometimes is money. And God loves it when we enjoy the blessings that he's given us, and you should enjoy it and not feel guilty verse 18. Better to do good by the way, what pulses do good is always talking about taking care of the poor they are to do good. They are to be rich in good works.

That's an action plan words and rich in good works.

Here's a question. If we could apply the word rich to only one area of your life.

If I could apply the word rich to only one area of your life.

What Ariel what I apply that to rich and what you drive rich and where you live rich in the clothes you have on what we say rich in good works rich and giving money away from me there is nothing all the nice car, a nice house but that should not come before, being rich in good works, not to challenge by the way direct challenge for some of you, you should start reallocating your money until it could be said of you that you are the richest in good works, and only secondly secondarily a distant second. Or you rich and in cars and houses that we can apply the word rich told one area we would say the richest thing they are at the rich in good works and giving money away. Tell them to be generous.

Tell them to be ready to share. Actually Greece is eager to share that you eager share or are you begrudgingly write the giving series. This one, eager share you giggle in the offering plate goes by the logo for my money and how much planning and course and does it take for you to share, just tell me eager to have loose hands with her money that they see a need, and it just goes thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future so that they may take hold of that which is truly life can you see that it's her eternal investment give away your money to what truly matters that which is truly life you see how these are the exact same things were learning from David to the chagrin of all you rule following type A get the Goldstar legalists. I mean, you guys are in the house when you have one of you right to the chagrin of all you rule followers.

God never once gives us a fixed command a set amount on how much money we should give away and that's because he does not leave his mom need our money. God sneezes out fully furnished universes at will. He does not need our money. God's focus is always on our hearts.

So rather than rules rather than rules what God's word does is just ask questions and answers questions watch about what our money says about her heart. Here are examples of the questions that Scripture poses to us what does what I do with my money sure that I delighted what you do, your money wanted to show you delighted you understand your mouth can talk a big game, but your wallet tells the truth about you. What is what I do with my money show that I trust in what is asked for what is what I do with my money show that I really trust in his again your mouth makes a confession of what your God is, but your pocketbook tells the truth about what is what I did with my money indicate about what kingdom are really building. What does the trail of your checkbook. What does the trail of the money you spend the money you save what is it say about the answer those three questions Frank quit kidding yourself.

The confession of the mouth is cheap. The confession of the wall at the confession of the pocketbook. That's what tells the truth.

A lot of people will be condemned because of their use of money and that's because they're spending indicated a severe fixation on themselves.

There condemned not because God needed their money there condemned because they broke the first commandment. And they love something more than God, and a trust is something more than God, how they spend their money show that thus God invites us toward generosity so that we can go to war against the idolatry that corruption destroys our hearts. Generosity is not something that God wants from us. Generosity is something that God wants for us. God doesn't need our money.

God is concerned with the idols of our hearts to state that I gave you last week.

The primary purpose of giving is not that God would get the money out of our pockets. The primary purpose of giving the God would get the idols out of our hearts. In light of that, let me when you identify just giving cues, bullet points, the person I got told by just a tad five bullet points of five different kinds of financial gifts that, in light of this Christian should make five different kinds of gifts you might have time to explain most of them but except for the first one is the first in light of what we just learned here's the first to get the Christian should make first forgiving first forgiving I told you from that the David story that your primary obligation is to do with your money will God command you to do what the first commandment God gives us in regards to our money is to give the first fruit of it back to God. The first fruit as a crop term because most of you if you are not farmers when explaining to refer to the fact that when God gave you a crop. You acknowledge that it came from him by giving the first portion of it. The first fruits back to him in the Old Testament that first fruit offering was almost always 10% now. People say will tie the tide is not really taught in the New Testament, we are no longer under the law, and that is true, but the principle of first fruit give me is a universal biblical giving principal in the Old Testament, they give 10%. So we say 10% is a great place to start if that God went so far as to say that the first fruit belong to him and that when his people kept it for themselves. He considered it stealing from him that you shouldn't touch the first fruit belong you belongs to me that is a principal my parents taught me from the time that I got my first allowance when I was three years old. There like here's your $0.40. By the way, for since about belongs to God. So here it is in Penny's taker for since it about. I kid you not, that I'm very grateful.

He told me that because at first fruit was a way of saying daughter that I got from you. None of this, negative so me flip around you positive promises attached to it, namely, that God multiplies what you have when you give the first fruit back to him numerous places in the Bible talk about this. I used to is a is a seriously legit be embarrassed of these you know what there in the Bible as I got told.

Deuteronomy 14 Malachi 3 second press release upper nine here's one for my quiet time this week. One gives freely, it grows all the richer. Another withhold what he should give yet only comes a poverty that means what people say to me. I can't afford to give the first free back to God. My response to them is you can't afford not to. Because God's promise that when you acknowledge that it comes from here when you get that person back the empty multiplies the other 90% that you keep.

There are too many stories that I know personally what I've seen in my own life when in college, there was a semester where I was working a little bit and I was trying to save on this mission trip.

That's a good thing right and I thought I really can't type because I can afford it. So what what I did is I was a God I'm a nut job is not tied to something will break little boys present. Note that the first fruit don't touch it belongs to me, so I dutifully it will be begrudgingly broke got a check out of that and did that walking time for the first down payment for this mission trip to be do I choose you over the final payment and they came and I still have the money in my heart is like if I hadn't given the tide.

I would have money for Mr. and I kid you not. Some your schedule you like this. It the day.

The day had to mail it off that afternoon to get it… Morning the job that I worked at six months before calls… Or negative comments of your letter.

They say we had a miscalculation we underpaid you when you worked here on something. Here's a check for the exact amount to the dollar that I owed on this mission trip except that it had $0.32 was that my medulla plus $0.30 which I concluded was God. 70 money for the stamp to mail it in. I kid you not, and I have heard story after story of people in our church that tell me equally wacky things I'm telling you God has a sense of humor.

And God loves that first fruit hive we sale to be given to your church because the Old Testament they gave to God's chosen instrument of work on earth and in the New Testament. The focal point of God's work with the local church and so we set out to be the focal point in your giving a ministry that's reorder you give that now people I will like one guy got what you got my money see that your first indication that something is way wrong in your heart.

It's not your money. God is the supplier of it and God says is a way of acknowledging that I want you to be back the first attempt on it's almost like you know some rich uncle you never even known lead you $10 million and says $10 million house. What you think 1 million of it is charity and you like how stingy that guy asked me to give it give you $9 million you will give dogs a guy we don't want you blessed me. Of course I'm going to not touch this part that you gave no more than this in your past long enough and I love you and I've heard this from people say this, but, well, this is not a great time in my life. I got so many expenses right now and I can afford it.

I want to be sympathetic. I really do want to make fun of you, but I'm going to but I can tell you listen as a data for kids.

Now I can tell you there will always be excuses well the college student. Well, I graduated. Now I'm single never had nice things out in college because a living on borrowed money and so now the makeable money humbly got mad about you. Some of the money to buy myself a nice doctor that I get established really had nice things out. But this will be accepted.

Oh, now I'm married now turn a pale college that we need to get caught up all now were pregnant.

We gotta provide for our baby.

Now our kids are getting older, they just get more expensive right there will always be an excuse is got technology for scruples. God is what God commanded. This is it a belongs to you. Her story right at the end of our the top of a couple who told us to babysit. We start come church or nine years ago were college students but the girls that I made $100 a month and I decided that all you said we should give us. But God shall do it with $10 a month. She said that was not that was a pattern we begin to set it came in our marriage. Not only we given the 10% she said we go way beyond that. Now we are giving away a lot more. She said we are on track. Give away $1 million by the time that we retire that's that's not bad to integrate eternity with Jesus started by simply giving the first fruit of $100 were making a college to start somewhere, but that's one of Jimmy's other resort number two mercy toward others mercy toward unnecessary your sin is why God gave some of you access did you access because there are those around you in need. That's been rich in good works, 2000 verses in the Bible deal with your obligation of the poor. God didn't give you access so that you can build bigger barns for yourself. You access did you want you to be a channel of blessing. He gave you more because some have less. He wants to bless others through you. Number three. Investments in God's kingdom investments in God's kingdom. Leveraging what we have for eternity. Investing in those things that are truly like a renter church. We say this if you get this principle you will live in a safe sufficiently and give extravagantly if you get this principle you live in safe sufficiently not do that. But you live in safe sufficiently will give extravagantly. You be rich in good works because you understand that your giving to those things that are truly life you got something about your life from the perspective of living that way.

Five minutes after you got five minutes when you wish you had allocated your wife money.

Number four love offerings to God.

Love offering to just make a statement to God about his worth to you and how grateful you are to if we were to take your gifts of the last two years and to say what are these gifts say about how worthy God is God look at that site. I see their heart.

I see the great love that number five Holy Spirit Holy Spirit prompted gifts from tell you I can't wait.

Holy Spirit is what you lay it out to got this is been a powerful out correctly and strategically stewarding against giving you here on Senate life with Jeannie Greer if you like to hear this message again or catch up on any previous message in our series called Alden visit JD your latest resource is called be the movement so what time movement like a big idea for us to achieve on her Molly from from the very beginning, God intended for his church to move it's not. We often say this is not supposed to be a large audience basking in the anointing of one or two great teachers or leaders or worship leaders. It's supposed to be a movement were all people say the same thing. One of the reasons people burn out in Christianity is doing listening activity and they're not sensing and seeing on the run member. God told Mr. one time about, grandfather sitting on the porch with his grandson, country 10 dogs on the porch and all of a sudden one of the dogs, perks up and he lets out a single bark and he tears off across the field. What that rouses all the other non-dogs. They all start barking and yapping and tear off across the skull and the grandson is not watching what's happening and other grandfather said he said some limited what's about to happen. He said in just a moment, every single one of those dogs is going to come back one by one their tongues going to be, you know, out there, there had to be down in the take their place back here under the board. She said that'll take no more than Bob did 10 minutes.

He said in about 30 minutes that first dog is, come back and he's going to have the rabbit in his mouth that he saw that started this whole thing. He said the reason that he got the rabbit is not because he's the best rabbit, dog.

The reason is because he's the only one that actually saw the rabbit. I kind of like that's a metaphor for the church is you got somebody a handful of people that are up there because they seem the mission, and they see Jesus in their pursuing him and everybody else starts pardoning algae marketing yapping because that's going to be a group barking and yapping. Well, what we want to do with a study like this is to help you see the rabbit because one of the reasons that you use the falloff in the Christian life is your trying to live off somebody else's vision of Jesus. The best thing to do is to see it for yourself. We want you to not just be an audience member.

We want you to be a mover in the movement somebody who owns it and somebody else as much as we did hear some of why I think this is definitely a resource topic bigger than anyone of us I think is one of the best things we've offered. So to help you do your part. There had never been a better time for the church to truly define itself movement that got us interested to give you this short four-part Bible study that works through these concepts tell even movement study guide comes with our thanks me Jenny today to support this ministry numbers of people to guide the message of the gospel with an requested copy that I one more time. 335 28 Molly native express you to join us. The record straight on our series on prayer ministry

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