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Gifted 2: Tongues and Prophecy, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 27, 2021 9:00 am

Gifted 2: Tongues and Prophecy, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 27, 2021 9:00 am

Pastor J.D. is helping us get a balanced view of a controversial topic. We’re discovering what the Bible really says about the gifts of tongues and prophecy as we wrap up our series called, Rushing Wind.

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Limit line after Jeannie tackles a controversial topic: wonderful bit dons because clearly there are times that God uses it but don't you see that he's all about discouraging what he wants for what I want for you is for you to interact with the spirit and offer yourself to be used by the spirit of the charts so that we desperately need spirit in our church service. For instance, if your peers were controlling and authoritative.

You might be really easy going and not want to disappoint even when you need to. Sometimes we do the same thing and were interpreting the Bible were so scared of falling into error that we swing to extremes and missed the truth that's probably somewhere in the middle today on Summit life pastor Jenny Greer is helping us get a balanced view of a controversial topic. We are discovering what the Bible really says about the gift of tongues, prophecy as we wrap up our series, rushing with so grab your Bible. Put your thinking cap on and let's join Pastor Jamie in first Corinthians 14 and prophecy. This is a good bit controversial. God wants us to see, to be open to anything. God chooses to do in these areas, but he leaves us clear parameters so that we can know when it is him is doing great 14 verse one person.

Love says Paul and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy for one who speaks in a tongue, speaks not to men but to God, for nobody understands him, but he utters mysteries in the spirit you see that phrase they are. It says that you speak not to men but you speak to God. Tongues are a form of prayer and praise in a language that is unknown to the speaker that is spoken to God. That's very important were to come back to that, but for now Keep reading. Okay verse three. On the other hand soap. Also the contrast in one hand you got tongues on the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and their encouragement and their consolation rights will talk about prophecy for a minute. Prophecy is speaking God's word or speaking God's will into a situation through ground rules when you're giving a word processing number one, a groundwater prophecy. You should never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever got seven average, which is the number of perfection claim the authority of God. When you speak.

Number two is always best when tied to Scripture. When you speak a word from yourself. I can be sure it's coming from God. But when it resonates with the Scripture. Then I have no doubts about it. Number three, you should use it for the purposes that are given deceivers. Three Paul said 03 purposes for the words of prophecy for upbuilding for encouragement and consolation. Those are the three reasons that you give someone order privacy rights that's ground will forgiving it there's a few ground rules for receiving it is my speaks it into three questions you should ask first what does it contradict what God has clearly said elsewhere number two doesn't accord with what God is doing in your life. Number three doesn't glorify God, or the private for six now, brothers, if I come to you speaking in tongues. You will also bring some revelation or knowledge or prophecy or teaching that you understand what I'm saying cannot possibly be building you off. It's useless and balls like you're speaking a language nobody understands you're not benefiting anybody. So with yourselves verse 12. Since your eager for manifestations of the spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.

Verse 13 therefore, one who speaks in a dog should pray that he may interpret for if I pray that's on my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful with me. If I'm talking to Donna tongue, my spirit friend Santos was five and would benefit me. Therefore, what am I to do. I will pray with my spirit but I will pray with my mind. Also I want to choose between the two.

I will sing with my mind about the spirit of the spirit mind for 60 otherwise. If you give thanks for your spirit. How can anyone, how can anyone in the position of an outsider. Say amen to your Thanksgiving when you know what you say verse 20 brothers do not be children in your thinking big influence in regards to evil, but in your thinking be mature, Corinthians are immature, but only what sound do infants make about right there saying something. You'll notice is a play on words there is like you got like you, but your guy got going all over the place. There the Caribbean start their gift elevated them above others. They thought their gift made them feel close to God. And Paul said that is not mature tortillas.

When you find your identity in the gospel, and did you use your gift to serve others tortillas when the finished work of Christ on the cross makes you feel close to God. Verse 21 is very important. Did you teaching it will make you mature in the wall. It is written by people of strange tongs and by the lips of foreigners will I speak to this people, and even then they will not listen to me, says the Lord does got quotes around it because it's a quote from Isaiah 28, 11 and 12.

Thus, tongs are a what sign Paul says tongs are assigned not for believers. There are assigned for unbelievers. While prophecy is aside not from believers prophecy is aside for believers to tongs or assign who is the sign for unbelievers like what you going to the smell out. What kind of unbelievers.

As you talk about the quote from Isaiah 2011 by people of strange tongs and by the lips of foreigners.

I will speak to this people is referred to the Jewish nation of the first century BC, tongues were assign to unbelieving Jews. But the gospel was not just for people to Hebrew tongue. It was for people of all tongs everywhere.

That is the purpose of tongues.

They were assign a judgment in the new frontier of the gospel.

Again, churches, and this is very important were going about doing verse 23 therefore the whole church comes together, all speak in tongues and outsiders run believers, enter not say or write your minds happens when you going to church or by jabbering in the tongue, I could stay home and watch a table you know.

Verse 24 but if all prophesy an unbeliever outsider enters. He is convicted by all is called to account by all the secrets of his heart are disclosed and so falling on his face. He worships God and declares that God is really among you summit this is the kind of place. We want to be where God is alive, God is speaking to his church were unbelievers come in and are convinced of the truth of the gospel as they enter into our ranks because God is doing stuff with members and through me that they think God has to be the one that knows that there's nobody else that could speak to the pain in my heart other than God else you could note this is what I struggle with unlocking address. My heart God Almighty speaking through you if you pause in every single culture and these people believe what you say about Jesus rose from the dead and Paul going to, you know, given defense of why Jesus rose from their the superior claims of Christ comes a point with certain kind of people that's is not that convincing.

You can argue all day long and not moving them one iota and this kind of stuff will convince them a whole lot quicker than anything else will.

Some of what this church is going to be is not a place where preacher preaches a great eloquent sermon, no matter how persuasive no matter how logical it's gonna be a place for the spirit of God is so manifest on different believers in here that God is revealing himself supernaturally through us to people so that people on their face not because a logical argument because they been encountered by the living God knows things about them that only God could no that's what he's talking about. 1425 and 26 Rose verse 26. What, then, brothers, when you come together each one should have a him a lesson, revelation, baton or interpretation might you come ready to come of the Holy Spirit in their heart, ready to speak these words of insight and wisdom into one another's life.

Let all things be done for building up verse 27 of any speaking of tongue B only two or at most three poles." There were tongs on what it be like to at most three seriously in each intern let somebody interpret there's no one to interpret. Let each of them keep silent in church and speak to himself and to God. By the way, what you notice there is no interpreter present and keep your tongue to yourself, which is for the general good will anyway keep the tongue teasing is there going to order present Chuck you notice there something very important.

Tongues are not ecstatic you taken over and you can't control yourself. Some of you that does not tongs but eyeballs mother under the control speaker you can turn on off you said you cannot use them. You'll get possessed aboard a trance start uttering out the things of the present sheep you are in control. That's what you should write it out or not ecstatic their self-control. Verse 29 let two or three prophets speak and let the others weigh what is said if a revelation is made to another, sitting there, but the person be silent. Verse 31 for you can all prophesy you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn, and all may be encouraged. Verse 32 and the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets did know what you see is not some ecstatic transfer your eyes roll back your head bus of the Lord, you know that's not all like this under your control you speak. Disclosures give you supernatural insight you put in your words and your time. It's under your control. The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets, verse 33.

For God is not a God of confusion. God is a God of peace.

Verse 39 so my brothers earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues verse 40 but all things should be done decently and in order to see there's a balance. Verse 39 verse 40 freedom in the spirit and decency in order now you summit church.

I think we got the decency and and in order thing. I think we got that out that we got bulletins and orders of worship and counting down time clocks right so we could probably use a little more freedom in the spirit we will lose.

Verse 41 again. Verse 39, which leads me to a handful of conclusions that I want to make for you about the stock in our church services should be characterized much more by interaction with the spirit than they are. I told you few weeks ago.

The worship service and New Testament worship services when three things are present in abundance. The word of God, the Spirit of God and the people of God were really good of the whole word of God.

Peace. That's all churches and you can to stay home and listen to it on your iPod I can share with you from my living room on a podcast and you can just did it, we can forget all this right here, but that's not what a church service is a church service is not a lot podcast is the word of God in the spirit of God moving through the people of God summit. That's what we need to become. We are so afraid of violating the decency and in order thing that we for our church in a place we come listen to preaching. We, listen to music. We need a living God that is at work in his church and its people manifesting his love and his grace and his power speaking to people who are in real pay in real time about real love is got for them, not something 2000 years ago, only he's got now in the present so that people say to one another.

Romans 81. There is no condemnation to your brother for those that are in Christ Jesus.

To sum it up and down 2000 years ago got to say no to you right now. John 316 Gotshal of the world consulate.

You got what you know that Isaiah 4915 you think God is forgotten you, you think is for safety is not forgotten you and Greg on the palms of his hands and all of a sudden the word of God. Guess it's true it's infallible it's generic it's true whether you believe it or not, the word of God comes alive. You see, most Christians function like deists. The ideas is what you believe is the God grid world and like to know to go back, clean everything up. Most Christians treat Jesus that way. Jesus here many diverse again. They wrote the Bible which gives a bunch stuff to believe and what stuff do and then later to come by and check up on how well he did it.

That's not the way Jesus left us. He said I might come to you and I'm in a commune with you in the person of the Holy Spirit. I didn't leave you much stuff to do for me. I want to do stuff with me. I wanted you to let me use you and give you insight in your to become my mouth going to commune with me, will you love each other working together. Love the world Summit. Our church services need to become places where we interact with the spirit of God.

Number two, we should each therefore come to church or something to give everybody come to church.

I thought about this last week his question.

What makes for spiritual worship service.

What makes for a spiritual worship is because the pastor preaches the taken sermon is that it is because the band plays all your favorite songs and hits every cordless right to choose your style music that is only for spiritual service makes for spiritual services. When you bring a man like a pretty good sermon, but you know what spiritual service you bring a man in the spirit of God is moving on all of you so that you come in with a word to him. Psalm you're ready to speak God's word in the somebody your small group in your church service number three we should not forbid the speak in tongues. We should not and by God's grace we will not forbid the speak in tongues verse 36. I know some of you wish we would know what Paul tells us directly not to do that part of a denomination that in many ways has forbid the speaking in tongues out of state. Right now they are wrong in their incident for doing that because the apostle Paul. I don't how could you maybe plaintiff did not speak in tongues over going to the situation of that situation. Choose me I will Paul not you will forbid the speak in tongues not to do it. That's where people go beyond the Bible, God left the lack of corporate clarity on these issues on purpose will be to fill in for God old Alicia said this could that's dangerous, you shouldn't say that the people abusing if God wanted to say that he will set it but I personally believe God's word is fully sufficient by itself and doesn't need me to fill the gaps that he left out. So I will not, we will not and how you worship God and pray I'm not going to judge it. I will insist however that you abide by the rules always got a prescriptive 14 as it relates to public worship, but I'm not going to forbid you to speak in tongues in a worship service or discourage you in your private prayer time does not happen. Number four. Not all Christians speak in tongues. Not all Christians speak in tongues Jamaica chapter 12 for this receipt of a lot of Christians that believe you know what that is like if you're really spiritual. This is the sign of it that is baloney.

Paul said it first. 1230 now Chris is speaking to all but you probably should pick the picture really close to God skews me humble Paul again that the gift God gives everybody the mistreatment you intend to seek it so the people that say that that the sign that you got always ready to speak in tongues are in direct confrontation with the word of God itself. Number five. The primary purpose of tongues is to signify the spread of the gospel and the non-Jewish peoples. The primary purpose of the tongs. According to Paul chapter 14 verse 2122 is to signify the spread of the gospel. Non-Jewish people. The primary purpose of the tongue is not a private prayer language or the spirit makes you feel close to God, you got the blood of Jesus for that you need anything else. The purpose of the gift of tongues is not to make you feel close to God the gift of tongues is a sign of the gospel for unbelievers verse 22. Specifically, unbelieving Jews, how much plainer propose that some for believe it.

Unbelieving Jews. So when somebody tells me their private prayer time is filled with tongs always when asked unbelieving Jews are present in your private prayer time and on that note I'll say I'm a little skeptical about the church services were people are speaking in tongues and someone else is interpreting.

I just have to wonder how many unbelieving Jews are present, which is one of the main foci when the gift was given. I'm not saying it could happen. I'm not. I just just curious. I don't understand the logic of what I do know I got had a guy that was at one of these services were speak in tongues and everybody speak in tongues and he won so remember the languages we memorize the members of the memorized in Greek from John chapter 1 in our day. Prost on the beginning was the word, and so he starts record that in Greek but the first chapter John the person on the references, I can interpret that tone and gives an interpretation of the whole church that has absolutely nothing to do a John chapter 1 so I must continue. I'm a little skeptical when people are saying they do it and are claiming to do its strength through that out there. I will also say this, I'm not sure I buy the whole I'm praying in the tongue of an angel thing Paul mentions in verse 13 he said even if you prayed in the tongue of an angel. I kinda wonder if he's being sarcastic.

There I have three reasons why I think that one. Paul never identifies the tongue of an angel is a gift, it never says this is a diphthong of an angel.

It's always hypothetical showing.

Even if you spoke in the tongue of angels. Second, there is no case anywhere. It actually epistles somebody actually speaks angel third when an angel does show up in the Bible, but never like that always speak your language. As we understand so I just print the answer boasting of their spiritual accident power poles like oh you speak Angel.

Do you and then goes on to explain what they should seek to build up the body, not ones that inform angels about what's going on their prayer life right but that's it. I cannot say from Scripture that there is not a private prayer line which the God gives you and your personal devotion. I can't say that from Scripture and I can't say that God doesn't communicate to people. The language of angels. I can't say that. So I will say it.

I'm not going to clarify what God did not clarify. I just can say I don't understand the logic behind it and the purpose of it. I don't understand why you would be seeking it, but I'm going to stop the Bible stops and I'm not to forget it, understand it, number six seeking tongues is not a sign of spiritual maturity seeking gifts that serve and build up others is Paul says he spoke in tongues.

We want you to as well, but he never tells you to seek that gift.

Instead he tells you to seek gifts that build up others to some of what you commanded you what's what sort of documented buffer ministry confounds I'm not to do that that's that's a word to me and to our leaders but for you, what you told you to seek all seek tongs to make you feel close to God about that got the blood of Jesus that you're covered seek gifts that build up others for time to tell you this into chapters 10 to 12 or 31 earnestly desire the higher gifts 14 verse one pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy 1412 so with yourselves and your eager for manifestation of the spirit, strive to excel in building of the church regarding not so my brothers earnestly desire to prophesy do not forbid speaking of guns.

So here's my question: one.

Forbid tongues, because clearly there are times that God uses it but don't you see that he's all about discouraging. It's like he's created a seal that only a work of God to get through what he wants for you.

What I want for you is for you to interact with the spirit and offer yourself to be used by the Spirit. For the good of the church summit. We desperately need the spirit in our church services. You've got a bring in this whole series is been about less of you coming to listen to me. Give sermons in us becoming a tabernacle for the spirit of God. God spirit is alive God is moving on your heart. God is using you to speak to one another goddess speaking into real people with real pain, real time with his word to me getting his love, inviting him to be listen to the Holy Spirit leading you to pray for wrapping up our teaching series called rushing wind you're listening to JD Greer and Summit life. If you miss any part of this study, or if you'd like to share with a friend the whole series is available free of Tomorrow is the last day for arsenic like family to get Pastor JD's new 20 day devotional called rushing wind, understanding the Holy Spirit. This book includes short daily insights reflection questions and prayer guides you definitely don't want to miss out on this new resource so contact us today. If you've never spent time studying the third member of the Trinity and you need to work through this devotional. We want to equip you to dig into the Bible yourself devotionals offer a chance to look deeper into Scripture can also help you get in the habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. When you donate today to support this ministry suggested level of $25 or more will your devotional book titled rushing wind. That's our way of saying thanks for your support and generosity of people like you that keeps Summit life on the radio and web reaching people every day. With the life-changing truth of the gospel to give right now. And remember to ask for your copy of rushing wind, 866-335-5220 866-335-5220 get a copy when you donate JD login there. Be sure to sign up for our email.

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