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Philippians 3:1-9

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 28, 2015 6:00 am

Philippians 3:1-9

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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And then I can fill you guys know it's not I am to be back at the moment I'm supposed to be with y'all this morning.

Three years ago we were sent from the summit and while we were being sent from the summit sending was on her mind and so this video being able to start seeing families from our church go out to other church within the network just so exciting for me. Also, before I get going. I just want to say thank you.

Anytime I taught the people from the summit or get a chance to come back and thank you so much for your example. Thank you for holding all things with an open hand. As you are not only enjoying what God is doing here through the summit in the summit but you are leveraging that for the sake of the kingdom, not just the summit so you guys so much for that.

I want to go to diving to get moving this morning. If you have a copy of Scripture. I want to invite you to take out turn with me to the book of Philippians with pastor JD asked me to come. It was just, like a male wants to bring a message. It's on your heart something God is doing in you that's fresh and in me and at our church. We have been moving through the book of Philippians and so much of the truth from this book is very much fresh to us and so I want to bring you guys are all real so I'm a simple guy will bring you a simple message, a pretty simple truth today, though I think it can be profound in our lives and I want to go ahead and give you the punchline I want you to see where were going from the very beginning arrived. So what I want to see today from Philippians 3 is this when righteousness is received, it is valued above all a right not to argue this in the amount of shade, the inverse of this is true as well that when righteousness is worked for, and we believe that it is something that is earned is not going to be valued above all, but when it is received, it is valued above all, in a way that can really change all in our lives and changes in a radical way see what we are learning in the book of Philippians is that there is certainly a vital link between the way that we believe we attain righteousness and then how we evaluate it in the radical effect that has on our lives. All set this up for you guys with was sort of an analogy, you know, if you submit a resume and you end up getting a job or you get into the college. Well, if you believe in your mind that the resume was itself good enough that you deserve that job 100%. That's good news that you got the job but if you know good and well that your resume is nowhere near what it needs to be in you submitted for a job. It's like way over your pay grade, and then you get the job. What is a reaction and you how much value in what you just attain. See, I think that many of us right now could be submitting spiritual resumes with our life. What is a resume resume is nothing more than an argument use you slide across the table, an argument that says I am acceptable you not think about it resume to my comments on the resume to my commitment Mercy Hill know somebody submit a resume archers everything that I be the pastor looking at a got out of the Skype seminary experience and how much experience does he have in ministry really a Mercy Hill would be looking at resume going this guy have any competitive ping-pong experience with telephone to see how decedent supposed let you noticing Ricky Bobby, as you know, these are the types of things we would be try to figure out but in any event, you submit a resume and were supposed to look at is to argue acceptable for this position or not.

Listen, Christian and non-Christian because both of us are in the room this morning.

Is it possible that we are submitting a resume with our life. What I mean by that. We walking through life. Much the way that Paul did for much of his life. We are thinking I am building with my life. A resume that is full of good works, full of things that I have done in one day. I'm get a submit that before God and I just get a hope that it's all good enough. In the end if that is where we are coming from and to show you today that that is not actually Christianity and on. And that's that's for some of us at the simple truth, but the second part of this may be even more profound lease in my life is this, that when we are trying to build and earn. We will never value righteousness and the way the got is intended he is intended for when he gives us right standing before him when he gives us the relationship for him that we are seeking through our work only actually gives it to us in his son Jesus is supposed to blow our minds. It's mostly something that we stand back and we go, man. I'm in all this because I had never have achieved this in a million lifetimes.

When we receive righteousness. We value in a way that changes our life radically arrived. Simple. Simple troopers can move right through what I want to show you guys a little bit of Philippians 3 him actually walk through nine versus here because I know some of you may not have been setting. Philippians I don't want just jar us and and and throw us right into get some context. Let's figure out where were at the Bible were to look at Philippians 3139 were to come out those two big rocks at the end. Righteousness receive righteousness valued arrived was started Philippians 3 were to go ahead and I begin inverse wanted to is what it says. Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord to write the same things to you is no trouble to me and is safe for you. Look out for the dogs look out for the evildoers look out for those who mutilate the flesh not think it's necessary to just start kind of explaining this a little bit so we know where we are in the Bible. Paul is saying here to the Philippian church young believers in Philippi. He is saying hey, there are people on the outside who are trying to come in and distract pick you off grab you and lead you away from the truth that you know these people. If you study the book of Philippians, you will realize that there they are somewhat of a religious elite okay there people that they're saying now to the gospel and take Jesus cross resurrection. That's great, but also along with that, in order to be right before God. You also have to become a Jew pretty much you got a start of the dietary laws. You deftly gotta be circumcised. Got follow all of these rules and believe in Jesus on the cross in order to be right before God, and Paul comes in and what is he do, he says, beware of them. The dogs now this in American culture does not hit us. The way it should hit us in first century okay because for us. We live in a world of like no we say dog coming to live in a world of bark parks and doggy daycare's okay this is just where were at. We live in a world where dogs wear clothes. That's just where we are now. I was his eye was our student pastor over at Mercy Hill. He was in writing on a mission trip young guy. His wife comes, she comes to bring the dog to the office so he can say bye to the dog before they go. He goes on his mission trip great outcomes in dogs wearing a sweater on topic. I cannot not make fun of the dog wearing a sweater in South on Leica hey man, real classy dogs wear a sweater. He said no, it's a vet prescribed stress vest for her anxiety okay. We live in the world of anxiety medication for dogs and some of you guys like that's my dog numbingly dog. I'm just saying for us. We look at we look at dogs little differently. We we think dog and enduring love are in guys in the first century.

That's not where he's at when he says dogs. It's not a term of endearment when he says dogs what he is saying it. Actually, this is what is right in my gut and did there's irony here because the religious elite would look at those on the outside the Gentiles.

Those who are not in their view worthy and that you know they call them they would call them dogs because they would take their unclean there outside of the fold. What Paul is doing here.

We think he's like lobbying though name-calling all at no really what he's doing is employing irony they say hey they call you to the ones that are outside because they don't accept grace by faith. They don't accept something that has been given and they think they're earning it. He goes further in verse three does the same thing submit another metaphor for we are the circumcision to worship by the spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus, and put no confidence in the flesh. He says we are the circumcision summary this your first time in a church like to talk about dogs circumcision is getting very weird very fast. Okay, I understand that but it's it's really not that collocated all he's doing is he saying hey these religious people there, come in and is subverting the church at Philippi.

They would call they would say hey there, you know people are outside are dogs and they would say we are the circumcision at the metaphor, the where in we follow the laws we do the right things and Paul's reverse both of these leasing the they're the ones that are outside.

We are the circumcision, not that we are following all these laws and thought we have to do all the stuff that we understand that righteousness, a right standing before God, what it means to be in right relationship for God's righteousness means we are to be right before God.

We understand that something about faith something not accepting what God has given us usually say very basically, he's looking at the young church at Philippi, he saying this you already are what they act like they're trying to get you to be you already are. The real thing you'll have to do all this other stuff. They're not the real thing for trying to do all this stuff in the end it's not a mark on the body is not circumcision.

It's a mark on the heart, a mark that produces worship and confidence in Jesus alone.

That's what gets you in verse four though I myself have reason for confidence in the flesh. Also, if anyone fell else thinks he has reason for confidence in the flesh, I have more know this will cause you to do will pocketing talking these young believers in Philippi usually say their talk about how great they are doing all these laws easy to say better than all of them at everything they're saying except I still lack the one thing that I needed to look what he says circumcised on a day that means I'm not a convert. I was in his think in the beginning of the people of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin. I was the best child that you could be in a Hebrew of Hebrews as to law, a Pharisee, what I was born in this thing. I was educated in this thing as to seal a persecutor of the church as to righteousness under the law, blameless. What Paul is trying to get them to see is I had everything that they're acting like you need, but I still lack the one thing that I needed which was right standing before God for God to look at me and say you're okay your life and I still lack righteousness. Now what you see.

Verse seven and this ought to punch us harder than up, it probably will if you been in the church very long rightly verse seven but whatever gain I had I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ, my Lord and my fear is that when I read Philippians 37 the familiarity of this verse has sanitized it for us and it should not you read Philippians 37. There are times when the popularity of a verse can steal its power. Okay, I think about this. I was saved I was.

I was six years old I wobble out of been a Christian for Latina for 25 years, a bit that's great.

I pray for that for my kids. I know you probably prefer that for your kids, there's a problem with that though I've heard this verse a thousand times in my life and the only problem with that is that sometimes it can begin to lose its edge and we can begin to think about Philippians 37 it's a verse that we know verse that we memorize and we think about it we set up its poetic it's not poetic it's wrong. It's real it's bloodied when you start talking about thinking about everything that you have lost in your life in order to gain something else. It doesn't hit us with the power that it should.

If there are layers upon layers of familiarity and averted a thousand times and it's on the coffee mug for crying out loud if that's stacked on top. Maybe it is Rob the power and I want to strip those things away. I'll tell you story a quick okay so last year my dad spent all day having all day. Building a horse fence about this old farmer to let me rent his passion for men from a horse but we had to put a fence up and so we were build the fence all day and it's an electric fence is what we are building okay we horse 1200 pounds. It can go through any hope fence that you could ever build, if it wanted to, but it respects the wiring you expects the electricity and so we build this fence out the problem though is in the back of this pastor.

There's no electricity, and so for the first time I've never done this before. I was in have to use a solar panel charger in order to electrify the fence and never done it for as little concern manages thing and be strong enough, the horse will respect it.

We get done with the fence it's like 6 o'clock at night we been working on this thing all day and we not put in a solar panel on the fence and we turn it on and in its flick and the lights coming on and I'm like alright so we can figure out if it's on so you could go by the meters or whatever his goal is right so I just the redneck. Well, you know, you grab a blade of grass that never done it and any touch the grass on the thing and and a real good for you. We put the grass on their it will hurt you would also pop and you'll be able to hear it you'll know that the fence is on the grass on the fence. Nothing can I get the grass all the way will. I'm almost touching the fence myself and I feel just the faintest little discount a little throb going on my own menacing good so I take grass off and like my dad is working in like that.

You still have the touching okay and he looks at me and he's like no man is your horses you get in touch method. Okay, enough sunlight to get my energy going. You know, and I reach out and have been taught before, you know.

But I reach out and II touching and I can feel. I mean just nothing.

It's a like a little a minutes it so much so that I grab it with both hands to show my him him hold onto both hands to show my delegate is not. It's a little pulse in my head. I can feel it, but it doesn't hurt in any way and in and submit will look into the 6 o'clock at night a horse got a stay in the pasture that night will I manage this one we doing and will I and and and will eventually go to the meter and see if maybe this things put out more than we realize. I don't know what to do and then my dad has a brilliant idea. Okay, he looks at me and says hey you know that the issue is not how you feel when you touch it. The we can figure out how does it feel to the horse if he touched it and I thought that's genius that's exactly what we need in this moment right now is thinking like that and so I said what you propose and he said well the thing is you're wearing rubber boots. The horse doesn't wear boots.

Maybe if you took your boots off and then touch the fence after it has literally been raining all day and I'm standing in hotter okay you know so unlike that's perfect I think I boots off right right right before touch because actually you know better than that. A horse has 4 feet on the ground it grounds them more than you usually at 2 feet. You need to put four points of contact on the ground with no robbery types of fifth I got all my knees I to step in and hit me like a 2 x 4 in my face. Okay, I don't know what happened next is what he tells me I went running to the pasture taking my shirt off and putting it back on yelling it's coming out. My back is coming out my pack. You can make that story out right.

This is why tell you that story. The reality is that the fence was no stronger the first time a touch of the left, tested, there was no more power running to the fence. The difference was I had allowed myself to strip off the layers that were keeping me from seeing it from feeling Philippians 37. Much like the other famous person Philippians to live is Christ, the guys gave Philippians 37 is one of those verses that when you read it on a twister stomach a little bit, but it doesn't because the layers it doesn't because of the years because the coffee mugs because the poetry and for just one second here this morning.

I hope that we can see this verse for what it is that when Paul says I have counted all things as loss. That's not poetic it's not something that we go let's admire this and all my faith journey is to be bolstered by this note. You imagine in your life, what it looks like for you to lose all things for the sake of something else would you say everything else is worth trading for that. My relationships everything I've ever worked for in my entire life. All of my identity, my history, my education, my comfort getting to the place where I'm willing not only to suffer but to decide there is rawness and power and the raw power of Philippians 37 is this that when we read in the right way and it punches us the right way we look at Paul Weigle, Paul, what is it that is worth trading in everything for that's the question we all ask for his sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish in order that I may gain Christ is what I want you to see really the point message verse nine and be found in him. Listen, not having a righteousness that means right standing a right relationship with God of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith. The question is Paul what is worth trading my everything for. And the answer is righteousness and what righteousness leads to in your life that is worth trading in everything. The keyword in this text is righteousness. I will show you two things about righteousness, Artie told you what they are right. The first one is this Christians receive righteousness, Christians receive righteousness. What were going to get to is that it is in the receiving of it that we value enough to radically change our life of first don't just talk about what it means to receive righteousness here for a minute.

Righteousness is received, it is not earned. It is not worked for. In fact, I need you to see this morning is that Paul had to come to the place in his life where he repented of trying to earn his righteousness before God about interesting isn't it because when we think about the word repentance what we think, I don't. I think I think repentance I think about sit in a small group or sit over coffee with a very close friend that's a man I messed up in this way or that way I committed a sin I need to turn and repent of that okay faith its actions. We think about it. We think that you do nothing about lying or is pride for law school or whatever I need to turn 90 repent of that is repenting of actions. What makes you a Christian. Not totally see religious people like Paul, they were repented of actions in this way, they were Christians. See you can repent of sin and still be far far far from God. You can repent of the wrong things and be far from God. Let me tell you guys a story that is helped frame this up in my mind. It's a story told by my good friend JD Greer's good friend Tim Keller.

Okay, here's what it says is what he said really help me frame this spring. The way I think about. He said that he said it was a missionary.

It was somewhere in a crazy way off way back country somewhere and he was dealing with a tribesman and the tribesman looked at him and at after months of preaching to the sky. The tribes look back and said okay fine so I'm starting to get it and what I'm beginning to understand is that I can't be a Christian and and murder people and the guys against your front you're getting. That's what it means to be Christian in the assets or to McKinney Chris I go on raids anymore and steal things and different missionaries I get excited.

Yes, that's what it means to be Christian and the guy says to me I can't be it to be a Christian. I can't like steal anybody's wives anymore make them my wives and the guys against you getting it what it means to be a Christian. The punchline of this comes pretty quick right okay so then the baby the guy says that that's great.

Then I guess I'm a Christian.

Because I'm about 85 years old is a long time that I murdered anybody special in a long time as I slowly bought his wife made to my wife seven a long time someone arrayed and stolen anything to the story frames that this idea is not repenting of murder and stealing that makes you a Christian is repenting of actions that way and repenting of self-righteousness that makes you a Christian is repenting of the actions and repenting of a heart that says if I don't do these actions and I do do those actions that I can earn something for God. Paul had to come to the place in his life where he changed his attitude. Maybe not even toward sin. But towards righteousness yet to come to the place in his life where he said that it is not about me doing XYZ in order to earn something from you.

Paul had to come to the place in his life where he repented of saying I will bill with my life. A resume that you, God must accept because of how awesome I'm gonna be yet to come to the place in his life. We realize there are two fundamental ways to earn righteousness before God happed to be righteous and in God's eyes want to try to earn it and submit my own resume and the second is to have a resume submitted on my behalf.

Look at verse nine and be found in him first way.

Not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law. That's the first way had a come to place our repent of that but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith coming to the place in my life where, through faith, I accept the resume that has been submitted on my behalf.

The gospel is that Jesus offers you his resume that your resume is failing, rebellious, sinful, not worthy separated that you come to the end of your life and submit your resume and you don't get in you'll get the job you don't get hired you'll get right standing before God in a million lifetimes. That's why Jesus Christ has come for you is resume in this life was perfect. Where you failed at every turn. He never failed one time at the end of his life rather than receive the reward he took death on the cross he lived the life you did live a diet that you deserve that in his resurrection he might offer you a chance at new life when he extends his hand faces had come to me allow my resume to count for yours. Listen church until we stop furiously building our resume before God and receive the one that is offered for us. We are not Christians, we can look like it we can do all the right things but until we come to the place we realize that righteousness is something that we receive not of our own merit that we are not Christians thereto, ways of application I want you to see this in question form. The first is this in what ways are you furiously building a resume before God, rather than trusting the one that he is given you in his son that is not only true for the nonbeliever I talked with a Christian as well. For the nonbeliever you not. Chris years, checking things out.

The submitting today is the day you need to finally realize I will never be as good as Paul was. He did. He spent his life trying to do everything right at the end of his life.

He finally realize it's all rubbish because instead I will never stand before a holy God. Maybe on the macro level you are trying to build a resume to submit to God and I want you to see the futility of that would you turn to Jesus and allow his resume to be submitted for you in faith. But secondly, Christian. In what ways are you furiously building a resume before God, and maybe you would say today. I don't see what you mean magic is like I get. I mentally assent everything you said you all of my worth and all of God's love for me I believe is bound in Jesus and what he did for me. I understand and there's many times in my life where I totally get it in my mind that you know what this is what happens for me through friends through community throughout my wife talk. I've learned some things about my life over the years. I'll give you one when a mass amount of stress or anxiety comes on the note, you know, typically for me it's not about whatever's going on. It's about the fact that I feel like maybe I could've made a better decision and not put ourselves in this church family. Whatever, for me, not leading well creates all types of stress in my life and all that. If I feel I can have a lead but do you know why because leading well for me as a spiritual resume thing in my mind. I understand totally. All my values is in Christ and all of God's love for me is in Christ, but some kind of way, not leading well has the ability to crush me has the ability to create anxiety and stress in my life. You know what that tells me it tells me that I experientially in my day-to-day some kind away believe that leading well has something to do with my inherent value that leading well has something to do with may be God's love for me and standing. I don't know what it is for you. I know it is for me. What is it in your life.

Are there things in your life that cause immense amount of anxiety and stress. Is it possible that those things are spiritual resume things for you today. If so want to call you to an old truth in my life. I have to realize I am is worthy before God with our made a good decision or not. You gotta come to the place in your life or you know, mentally, but some kind away. You are living out your preaching this to yourself every day that you don't define your worthiness by your resume. Jesus has already done that for you with his and you gotta come to the place in your life or your preaching that every day so that it is working itself out in every facet of your life. The second question I have very simply as this church isn't good news today that it is not your resume that counts. Some of us you look back in your life and you're like me about my spiritual resume that awesome thing like Paul's that also mines not to be some of you are in the middle of the battle with Satan right now where he is reminding you of things in your past, over and over and over and you believe him as if it was your spiritual resume. They got you to the party is not seat.

We don't have to fret our spiritual resume isn't that awesome if we realize that it was Christ. Resume that is been submitted on our behalf and hope you will take that truth can best Satan with that right. The second thing a way to see is this Christians value righteousness above all it is receiving righteousness that read that leads to the value of righteousness that ends up changing our life. Y'all, it creates an ability in our hearts to count. Everything is lost to turn our back on the world is the valuing of something that we have received, that does that in our hearts.

Look at verse seven.

Again, but whatever date I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. He can count everything is lost why because in Christ, he has gained all a relationship with God and identity that can never be strip and a glorious God filled eternity that is coming for him as he knows I receive something of value something and it leads to something. It leads to a resurrection, it leads to a God filled eternity in this world is not my home.

Paul is not a guy who's in delusion stuff for the sake of losing stuff.

He's a guy who realize I value something so much more that I can lose everything else is the pearl of great price is the treasure that is in the field.

I can trade everything that I have for that one thing, because of its immense value in valuing righteousness in this way the categories are like a crazy they get redefined in Paul's life, profit and loss get flip Christianity radically changes the way that we kill profit and loss in our lives. The things that we thought held immense value to us can be pushed aside and the things that we thought were nothing suddenly of the things that we prize and we are changed.

This is how stingy people become generous people. This is because at one point in their life. It was hate money for me is what gives me status and and happiness in and identity in all of this and they come to the place in their life where they receive righteousness and in receiving it. They value it and they begin to realize actually it's in a right standing before God to the gospel that I have ultimate status.

I have an ultimate identity that I have joy internal and so now I am able to tell these things as loss and leverage them for the sake of the kingdom is also how harsh rule following, look down everybody else. People become graceful people. It is receiving something and valuing something that radically changes us every year, that type of person the view that person right now you think may not do the right things and I begin to look down others that do the wrong things.

But when you receive something that is of the type of value of righteousness.

I can earn this in a million lifetime suddenly you not look at everybody else. Suddenly you're just glad you're at the dance right you just glad somebody has brought you now I can look at everybody else with the same grace that God has given me is the value of righteousness received value it changes us know this is how mankind goes from naturally vengeful to a forgiving people man when you see the absolute evil. The Charleston nine this church in Charleston that is absolutely not Darrell but in no way destroyed.

They speak through that television camera to the manna stole many of them the most prize relationships in their life and what did they say you got sought on the news and it wasn't in some weird pie-in-the-sky. Gotta smile on my face Christian what it was tearful grief, but a look at that camera and I am able to say there's not enough hate in the world and we will forgive. We do forgive job that cannot happen if you've not received something that you value that changes everything about you that is what happened in that moment, something I've received on value and in valuing this righteousness.

I know that there is a resurrection, and I know that this world is not it. And I know that I will see my people again Christians live and die differently because they perceive something that they value above all think about Paul and his life. You can't get up all right you beat him these things you don't in jail.

He converts a jailer why because he receives something that he valued above all, and it pushed him to the next life and fixed his eyes on what was coming. This righteousness would produce a resurrection I do the best example of this. I can think of the book of Philippians. What is the punchline of the book of Philippians we just said what the line of Philippians to live is Christ and to die is gain. That only happens if you have received something that you value in order that the profit loss categories of your life, and radically change, listen when the object when you when you gain and death. What was the object of your affection in life then dying is gain, but only then, when dying is gain for us. I would say the categories of profit loss have been flipped there what we can say is I have received something that I value above all, and it is change me on the deepest level that then changes me on every level. One question, do you value righteousness in that way, and if not is it the real thing. Nepal live for a ton of his life under an imitation righteousness a ton of his life, do these things I might be this type of person I'm a make sure I and then one day God will give me what I'm after, which is why right standing before him and any taste of the real thing and it suddenly.

Suddenly Kelly gave him the ability to spot the invitation right.

I'm not a food snob.

Maybe some of you guys are self-professed foodstuffs. Okay, I'm not. I don't think that category was available to me given the fact that my father had been the parties helping stop that steady diet of devastation hotdogs about age 5 years old to my mother's for I'm not a food snob. May my wife have gone round and round about this though, because while I'm not a food snob. I will argue, to my dying day that crispy rice is not the same thing as rice crispy. Okay is a factor not it is in this we got a healthy diet of the real thing makes it really easy to spot the not real thing that was true for Paul spent my whole life building a righteousness of my own, and then he realizes it is something that is received and valued above all, and it will change me like crazy and expense.

The rest of his writing transit may come out of the imitation come over the real thing. Get the real thing. Some of you right now are living your life in religion you are living in an imitation righteousness and I'm calling to taste of the real thing is not something you earn is something that you received.

You submit your will to Jesus today this very morning us as a set right there and associate campus pastor. This campus was praying for you. The people in this room right now and he prayed today at Briar Creek campus, 30 souls would go from death to life. This can be that moment for you. I've been working furiously up and trying to do all these things I would try to be good enough for God can come to the moment right now you realize righteousness is not earned it is received. Submit your will is I trust what you've done for me. I said I trust that your resume counts which receive today, but you know what others of you and I don't know what it is in your life. Others of you who are Christians and you mentally understand you give us in the something in your mind there are things in your life that are still on your spiritual resume before God, what it is for you only you know anything onto marriage. Maybe it's make sure your kids walk in the faith. Maybe lean your family well in a financially uncertain time. I don't know what it is but would you realize today that all of your worth all of your acceptance is not in your resume is in a resume that is been submitted on your behalf. And it is perfection is righteousness which you just pray to God I trust that today and move these things off your spiritual resume trust one has been given to spring follow our prayer today is just simple. Gotta pray for the unbelievers in the room would come to that place. They don't trust the righteousness anymore. Not good enough to fail standing in Doubleday. Submit to righteousness that you offer them doubly submit to Jesus in my place today to chase people in this room break their hearts followed.

Pray for those of us who are Christians got there's things that you have identified will let us move those things off of our spiritual resume is trust on is been given Christ

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