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Faith In The One True God Endures Through All Adversity

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 17, 2016 6:00 am

Faith In The One True God Endures Through All Adversity

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 17, 2016 6:00 am

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The church to bring you greetings here from Central Asia, I met one of the busiest port in central Asia here with Scott and Cindy a couple more church planters is hard to believe that were over halfway through the summer mission experience that we are having some of our teams on the field, because I've been here been disconnected a little bit going on in the United States but not so disconnected. I have heard about. These are really fragile residual of the last couple know that I'm praying not just for our nation a large third ongoing testimony that you have. I heard that Arkansas pastors have done an absolutely phenomenal job of reaching out to mastering Hamas during this time as we want to honor those who serve our country in uniform and the police force awaiting sacrificially serve line same time we want to join with our African American brothers and sisters and in their continued fight for justice, so we have a unique intercessors praying little envious because this weekend to Louisville for some assert one of our pastors being the same as Tommy's bring us on the next installment in our series for through the holes the Bible Daniel Simmons is preaching on the book of Daniel right but we was a stupid that's out to bring up a short message on the Daniel and then we have the distinct having with Sally Lloyd Jones who authored the book the Jesus storybook Bible that we be going through the church. Many of her family and walking I'm gonna step by step with us in his book. It is been incredible.

My family doing it for the past on a big picture devotional book you have in addition to that, she read a book that also love your heart sing on. It's great. I see my son families is to capture the essence of the Bible and we have both those that are at all of our campuses today we have an awesome privilege of teaching are so close of the church keeps his triangle. We have a really special treat cellular Jones is here and where to get to talk to her a little bit about her amazing Bible. She wrote the Jesus storybook Bible, and even a few other books that that she has out and so I started off Sally. I like to know a little bit tells us a little bit about yourself. Well, thank you for having me festival limestone and to begin so I'm British you could probably tell that I was born in Africa and in Kampala, Uganda, the eldest of four girls so we would like for blonde English skills in the in the heart of darkest Africa and the beginning of my life is just like an adventure and it was like going on safari was fabulous. Then we went back to England, which was big gray and cold and then I was sent to boarding school when I was eight and the new Forest and the new Forest hi Charles I in it so I don't know what is talking about is not new tool is quite ancient and that was a wonderful school and then I got a job in publishing and I ended up in America. I came for. Yeah. And that was in 1989 that tells you everything that you need to know about what I know that's true that's true in all the Jews were Bible has an amazing resource for families in particular, we have had one week will we actually had several of them. A couple of the torn apart. My son ate at least two stories out of it and it is on file something once you know my son Ashley got my taste good and what else a little bit because this this Bible does such a great job of telling about the love of God, so, so I think my kids hearing this was your experience with Christianity as a child growing up. Well, I became a Christian when I was full my dad was budget to jumpstart the ministry in East Africa and he came home one day, having had a mission he telling him how great it been with Hayashi Delta little doctrine, which like to become a Christian anything in my office and said he came home he sent me. Sonny Downing was on my tricycle. I was full, he said. Downing would you like to invite Jesus into your heart and thinking and tricycle self supply British. That way, but the reason I love that story is because that's what tells you children know what they're doing and fortunately Innes is a four-year-old I really was very polite but I know that I didn't want to do that. But later that yeah I did become a Christian and Jesus became my best friends and I can't remember a time that he wasn't my best friend so wasn't known about his and then, but really I struggled with God. I didn't understand God the father.

I think I thought he was just a very strict faction of my father was already quite strict, so I was a bit scattered him and I used to just think well I understand, Jesus loves me, but I don't know about God so amazing to hear you say that when I read this will things I know is that your understanding of God as he is a loving father, very powerful but also very loving, so can you tell us a little bit about what happened in your life where like what a God do in your life to make the transition from always very stern strict God the one who is definitely loving, powerful but also incredibly loving. Yeah it took a while because it got west before it got better because I then when I was about six. I was going to Sunday school in England and for some reason I don't know what they were doing meaning well and I don't criticize them because actually think that I should really think them fast for the Jesus trip, getting me to write it because I went to the Sunday school and I thought as a six-year-old, something that like you have II was telling my self when I grow up I'm never ever going to get checks ever again, but I was someone who Jesus is my best friend and yes I was saying that and I think it was because in that Sunday school, however it happened, I got the message that I wasn't enough I wasn't doing it right in God must not be very pleased with me and you know I had this idea that the book that the Bible was all about rules that you keep these rules and then God will love you because you good, but I knew I wasn't keeping the rules of the time I mind is quite good but I you know is anyone you know you're not exactly always good.

So then I got that feeling that was slightly in trouble with God. But then the other thing was in the Bible. I thought we got to be as brave as Daniel had you always bravest David all, and then got lucky so I went. Imagine myself being sent to Lyons and then not be thinking I could to I think I'd say no. Trying to be sale.

I went to it. I went to distance from each alliance. So all of that to say I ended up getting the vague feeling that God must not really be very pleased with me and as a result I now whenever I get into sketches of schools. I ask a question which I will ask you but you don't have to protect your hands in this. You want to. I house children in Sunday schools and these are children who know the Bible stories and the right nonsense. One time I said to them, how many people here know the right nonsense on this boy said I know the ounces very honest that my son so I often festival I say how many people here think you have to be good for got to love you and is usually quite silent and I put my hand up because I don't know about you but I struggle to believe that every single day of my life. And then the children put their hands up and then I ask and how many people here think if you stop being good God will stop loving you, and then they will put their hands up and not just tells me how ingrained in us is this idea that God's love is conditional and it was only when I was older that my heart was melted by actually realizing everything we see in Jesus we see in God is the one you who allowed his son to come who sacrificed his son, who loves us he would move heaven and asked to be with us and when I started saying that that's why read the Jesus story, but Bible because I thought I thought of myself in that Sunday school and I thought I didn't want any child to leave feeling like God will and he loves them if they could. God loves us, not just make itů Because he's good and that one ever change. Well, I'm so glad you did write it because on a personal note that there are nights when I'm reading this to my kids and I will start to euro because I'm really engaging with with God and I'm seeing how much he loves me.

I'm thinking of my kids and how much he loves them and the like are you crying in the watchers was my but I find that such a common theme that this this this just for the Bible is impacting not just kids of all ages like like parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, college students just like you know what, but it is why do you think that is likewise it happened, I think the company. This story is the most beautiful story that you could have a read of self-sacrificing God and there's no other story like it is that most of the stories that we love probably just because of the ultimate story and United you can't get a better story and people is no one I know he doesn't need to know that God loves them when we may think we now but the way we live. Being anxious is basically thinking God must not love me enough to look off to me.

You know these think it's always under the root and it's always like the enemy spring doesn't really love me, will speak how God is like triumphing in that area. There was actually a lady at our one of your campus, and she was just finishing talk to a Muslim woman and this is the Bible that she was taking her through to come and get acquainted with the real stories and that lady actually became a believe that's just amazing. The words are in your are Rodolfo tell us a little bit about your book called the story of God's love for you, like this little different. What we it's exactly the same tax because you see the poor children and adults Taking that book I just write that show that is the adults get there in copyright and of course Nolte adults on the ground up enough to know that pictures and so we took out the pictures and we called it something different because actually will in all seriousness, we realized Bible and Jesus on the cover is immediately connection up the door to some people that's gonna be a huge barrier.

But if you really cut to the chase and it's we called it the story of God's love to you because that's what it is, then suddenly you can get this book to everyone you can give it to people he wouldn't be seen dead reading a children's book and it's the same text so they went realize everything a children's book and that way we can reach everyone and it was so exciting to me to think you could do a beautifully designed book and then it would reach people who you couldn't get the Jesus story, but Bible to God is also one of the things that as I read through this we write like many times my children have favorite stories that they always it seems like we've read the story about Joseph and the story about gyrus and his daughter, about 80 million times my house but will were there any other ones when you are writing it that the particularly had an impact on you. It's hard to choose them just like children saying I see some of my children. I called my children is that my bosses I will I work for them so that he has some on best behavior that children always say that one of my favorites because that's the kind we adults didn't think twice my favorite people. The others send some central question was about question everything in my childhood at what they would just that, but they can we say that's my favorite, so it's hard to say different when I said last time several my favorites but one of my favorites is called seven King because it it's about Jesus washing the disciples feet and all the disciples like Job identity and then Jesus of all people kneels down and doesn't and positive. I love that store as well is that I richly called it stinky feet, which is a very good title.

It is a good title but not for the publisher. The publisher like no, no, we can't have stinky in the Bible we misquoted something else. I change the title but you know want.

This proves that the story knows what it's doing. Every child I know will not just for the seven King males for the stinky feet story telling them because that just shows you the story is what it is, so that you will want to my favorite no go. So I know that God is using is using this book, all over the world.

Tell us about some of the amazing things so I've had about its noninfectious languages, which is amazing to me. Praise God and one of the ways I've had it been used is in China is been used with Chinese prostitutes in Japan. Japanese businessmen a meeting before what to read it. It's been used in high security prisons with women.

It's being used with an all people times and with people with Alzheimer's. It's been used with children with autism. It's just like any God could do such a thing ever imagined.

That's about to be translated in their and and it's about it right now if you want to join in praying is being translated into Arabic. Walking away from God in the Middle East and Africa, but tell us a little bit about your your other book of thoughts to make your heart sing. Yeah, that's the follow-up to the Jesus trip, Bible, and Jacob does the illustration as well. But I register my niece was about six, and she was a very vivacious little couch was kind, one time she called me an American said I want to be an opera singer from Lincoln, which is an opera singer, but she knew she went to bed and and she was singing and dancing away to life and now she's probing to be someone he's into musical things happened at the age of six. That's what she was like, and then almost overnight. She became very quiet and hidden away and you can talk when she spoke. He could hardly hear it was as if she was losing her voice and her himself and then we found out she was being bullied at school. When I asked him why she went to quiet. She said I thought if I stopping me. I'd stop getting in trouble. And of course that's heartbreaking and I also want you reading before you going to school to help you, and there was nothing that she was reading that was helpful. It was all very moralistic and kind of Sunday school in the Westway school lessons and I thought what is always time for lessons, but not when you're facing your enemies, and as grown-ups if we have buddies, but we have resources we know. Okay, I'm scared of going to a company can read a lovely passage. We don't go and read some manual on how we should be like the boy he's got his lunch and we got to get Cheryl lunch that's not help company psycho. She doesn't have anything that's help and I wish there was something to tell her what God says about her instead of what these bullies were saying and I thought I better write it so that's why ranch if I wanted to be a book of hope for children and maybe adults to like this. Speaking the truth of God's love and the truth of the gospel to anybody is reading. So right now, our churches reading through the entire Bible in a year.

There are so many people here that are actually likely to really doing work with gone through Leviticus we've gone through a number almost got the Deuteronomy going here. The way that profits right now. The most interesting parts on the scariest part of the Bible but on were about halfway through structure what you think is the value of some like that and what encouragement would you give us just to keep pushing through and get God's word into our hearts and lives.

Well, I mean, I applaud you and I think it's wonderful and I finally have a read through the Bible once I did it with other friends during the 90 day Bible and it was really hard and Leviticus sweetening glazing areas and in the genealogies know that but the thing I learned and I think that's so exciting.

As I started to really look forward to it. I never used to look forward to reading the Bible.

Sorry, I used to think I'm doing this is a faith about really good. It's that thing again. I thought, 'let me type kind of missed but the minute I realized when not doing it as a favor. We get to read the Bible.

It's a gift. And if we like.

I think about it if you told right now you can have breakfast with Jesus.

Would you say no, sorry, I'm doing email you keep it the chance of me and I realized where the one to miss out when we don't show up when we don't open the why because the word is active and we know that we will read a passage one year and it went speak to us. You read the next year and suddenly it's like oh my, what is speaking directly and why wouldn't we want God to speak directly to us every morning. Pretty awesome. So I think your it's amazing what you're doing.

You will sorry. Please put your hands together so so before you leave because you have one because accidents probably ever been on the stage.

What would you mind reading one of the stories I hear the story of Daniel and Gary sleepover very much. I'd love to use your imaginations because you can't see the amazing which is amazing. Children are used to using their imaginations people grown-ups might not be so good but anyway I put some children here several right Daniel and this Gary sleepover. Things were not looking good for God's people they'd been captured and taken far from home and now they were slaves of the king of Babylon, but God had not left his people he was with them and he was looking off to them. Daniel loved God and he bade him that God make Daniel able to understand lots of difficult things, so it wasn't long before the king of Babylon noticed him.

King Darius liked how clever Daniel was that he make Daniel his most important helper of old and put him in charge of notes about the helpless but the other helpless didn't like this. They wanted to be the king. They wanted the king to like them best. They wanted to get rid of Daniel, so they spied on Daniel. They try to find things wrong with Daniel things they could tell the king things they could. That one tiny none. They couldn't find anything except that was just the one thing every day three times a day without fail, no matter what Daniel went to his room, close the door and prayed.

They smiled to themselves the king to make a little no one is allowed to pray to anyone except to the king. Daniel will not abate the snow and he will be punished.

Pleased with themselves. That being said, and hurried off to tell the king the king likes that idea you didn't know they were tricking him so he made it into a little everyone must pray to me, if you don't the Lions will have you for that dinner. Daniel had this he knew it was wrong to pray to anyone except God. He had to do what God said what ever it cost him even if it meant he would die, so Daniel went to his room, close the door and prayed just a bad menu. Daniel would do they skip straight off to tell the king you will most featuring your nose doesn't know. Everyone must pray to you, and cyan. Yes, said the king, magisterial, then correct us if I'm wrong, but it would seem that Daniel is praying to God not to you. The king was sad keeping tricked. He didn't want to hot Daniel.

But he couldn't change his little and said he let the soldiers throw Daniel to the Lions manual go to you love so much rescue you. The king said the king went back to his palace, but he didn't sleep that night, not a wink.

He tossed and turned until finally the first skimmer of doing touch up bed and ran straight to the 10 Daniel cried, God rescued you. Daniel shouted God sent an angel to close the lion's mouth that resting his head on Daniel's lap the biggest line hiring kitten. The king brought Daniel applicant out of the den. Look, he said Daniel, the king made unusual Daniel's God is the true God, that God who rescues pray to him instead God would keep on rescuing his people and the time was coming when God would send another brave herein, like Daniel, who would love God and do what God said what ever it cost him even if it meant he would die and together they would put off the greatest rescue the world has ever known. Thank you so much and if you have if you have any interaction with Jesus toward the Bible you just know that it is just so so gospel saturated points to Jesus so well and and and like I said in there there been times when I've read the Jesus toward the Bible that it is been been sitting on the edge of my bed in tears. Just because the presence of God is so full and it so it is difficult to come up here for Sally because she's so great and she's so funny and witty object written probably one of the best children's Bibles in the history of the world and just an amazing accent doesn't see you got me an RMA blog post. The two people of red and not sell my golf.

The Home Depot commercial Elizabeth Robin told let's do this. So what are the reasons that it were to take a look at the story of Daniel in this Gary sleepover or Daniel alliance done is because it's so well-known and I'm sure that that probably every single one of you and your you have at least heard that story in some way. So whether you have been in church, your whole life or whether you brought hardly any contact with the Bible or Christianity.

Are you probably heard the story. It's just that famous.

It's told in every single Sunday school is a staple of children's curriculum in churches and in usually usually the way the story goes.

This, like this. It's like Daniel was this great man of faith. When adversity came against him.

He stood strong, and then the that the application is because Daniel was a great man of faith.

You should be a great man a favor great woman of faith because he stood strong adversity, you should stand strong adversity and shake your fist at it and what about the problems with it without is that what there's there's kind of a hidden implication and and sometimes it stated sometimes it's not what the location is if you're a strong person of faith that if you dare to be a Daniel then when you get thrown to the lions metaphorically and got a calm and shut their mouths and one since I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater because I do I want to be a manifest. I want our church to be recognized for the faith that we have in God and and we still believe and we know that God does great things, but the truth is one reality we know that God does not always shut the mouse long we go to our lives and know that sometimes it doesn't happen. We can look at history.

There are other people who really love God. Read strong statement maybe her strongest Daniel. They were thrown to the lions and capital the lines.

I don't lines, but God didn't send the angel at that point is or what we know from that is a point of the story cannot be daywith a point of the story is the object of Daniel spaces trying to trying to get us to think about the object of Daniel space, not just his faith, and in particular will look out today just for a few minutes is what faith in the one true God, looks like in the face of adversity because we're facing that right now all the time, but we can look you can even turn on the news and see how our society is not facing adversity the past couple of weeks. In particular, have been so hard. There's been so much tragedy going on the targets going on, not just in our country not just in our church, but in the in the whole world, but also we know adversity because it comes against us individually like we are probably all have things we had to go through that are incredibly hard, that we can do as we go through them. We look to God. I know what the Bible says about you. I know what I'm supposed to believe, but I'm looking at what I'm going through in my life and it is really hard to bring those together on norms was to come in here my hand up when we sing and put a smile on my face and feel joyful. But today I just can't do it. Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about because you gone through it.

Some of you might be in it right now and if you haven't then you will you will face that type of adversity that makes you ask the really hard questions, but this story has some really good news for us is what it tells us is faith in the one true God. Real faith in the one true God. Real faith in the one true God indoors to all adversity and got ready to submit a little bit stronger faith in one true God can thrive in the face of adversity and faith in the one true God clients overall adversity is always want to look at one thing you Daniel's life. One thing that's true about him that I believe that if it's also true about us that we will have that type of faith that endures in the midst of all adversity. And so I just got a one point sermon today.

You never had that some at your job you ride just one point. Okay so if you're a notetaker just know you got it right.

One thing down page and me and you are good right and this is the point. This is the thing that is true is true about Daniel is true about us.

I think it will change everything that Daniel lived as if he was on his way home Daniel lived as if he was on his way home and I want to just take a look at one verse, illustrate this got think it sums it sums up all of it.

It sums up how we did this in light of this in its first and got your Bibles penalizes Daniel chapter 6 I'm a look at verse 10, when Daniel knew the document had been signed. He went to his house. Windows in his upper chamber open towards Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously.

You see, Daniel never forgot his true home duty three times a day day after day week after week, month after month, year after year, Daniel got down and he faced, where he was from Jerusalem and he prayed to God she Daniel had grown up in the midst of adversity. Daniel, at the age of 11 or 12. The Babylonians attacked the city and tell you that God doesn't always act in a way that that we think you should always come down right you will save the Babylonians won that battle knocked on the walls they burned down the temple. They burned the city they took Daniel out of his out of his home and they took in the battle and that would've been extremely upsetting for him because his whole identity as a Jewish man was built upon the land where he lived the temple that he worshiped out and the people that he was always around, so Daniel grew up in adversity and Daniel Dingle not only not only was he moved like when taken out of his home but he grew up around people who had lifestyles he would've agreed with their little stories and jokes. He would not like to have found them repulsive and offensive. They worship God that were bloodthirsty. He worked for a king for Kings use very simple. He said he worked for Kings and those kings were temperamental and if you messed up you are likely to lose your life.

But not only that, but because he was an Israelite and different than everybody else around on he was discriminated against you discriminated against by the people that he worked with and those people are constantly trying to undermine him and that's where we find it here. They try to undermine him and that the only thing they could do was they were like well will pit Daniel's belief in his God against the law of the land and maybe we'll get so and so this is where we are in India even in the midst of.guess what Daniel doesn't forget where his true homeless and in this is this is one of the things that I think home is a really powerful image for us is like even if you didn't grow up in a good home. We have this ideal of what home should be certain to this. Actually, this memory my dad loves host Christmas at our house on Christmas day and he would smoke a turkey all night he would put on this Christmas music from the early 70s that you know I'm in fact I downloaded all that my wife hates it just brings back such memories and one of the things that he would do as my dad would invite the whole family. When I meet the whole family. I mean, he would invite the uncle eddies of our family. Okay like ants that I didn't know exogenous. I didn't really understand how they were related to us andů: The weirdos but he said, but there are weirdos and that there was always so funny when I got to be a teenager and a little snarky like dad. You are one of the weirdos but the truth is is that I loved it and he loved it and they loved it and is because I think the ideal of home is home is where you belong on that day on Christmas.

My dad said to all the weirdos you belong here, you're our family home is one of those places where it's okay to be the weirdos that you are. You don't have to have your guard up. Because people love you just the way you are and we come to understand that that's the way the world should be that I need a place like home. My wife actually just went out of town a few days ago her for a few weeks ago and she took the kids with three kids, so my house is loud. It's crazy. People always making a mess doesn't matter how much we told the cleanup. I stepped on about 80 million Legos. They hurt you now, but about as a result, he really was just awesome. I might know you know home, not a house but home is the people home. Home is with the weirdos of you have the people with you, that you love and you don't have a home. So when Daniel is facing Jerusalem.

He's remembering where he sprawled but more than that he's meeting with God, he is meeting with his God because he knows where it's true home is and and and as as the story of Daniel goes along an entire book. One of the things you begin that he begins to see and that we begin to see with them is his real home was with God in the Daniel actually didn't need to be in Jerusalem to be with God because God was with Daniel in Babylon. That's one of the reasons why Daniel Spaeth was able to endure because God was with him in the midst of adversity and guess what, the same can be true for us if our faith is in God. If your faith is in God he is with you no matter what you're going through matter where you are, no matter what adversity are facing. So even in the midst of adversity. If you have faith in the one true God. He is with you and he will always be with Daniel never forgot his true home, but also Daniel never made his new home in Babylon. What I mean. This is not that he did not out seated at a house.

We know that, but he didn't even let his horse grow roots in Babylon. Daniel Dingle never held too tightly to anything that was in Babylon he never put his faith in anything that Babylon had to offer and this is really important because that's what the world is constantly calling just the world we live in is costly calling to saying hey you would just put your faith. Here you can just attain this, then you'll have it all but let me ask your question what could you possibly put your hope in this world that you are not can ultimately lose anyway. What happiness do you have right now that if the wrong thing happen if the worst thing imaginable happen.

You could lose with just one phone call your health, family, you're at your reputation your portfolio, your bank account your your spouse. The truth is is that we are only one since away from losing anything we find valuable in this world and where are you going to be.

If that happens in your faces in it where you going to go that thing in this world that you have your faith, and that you have your open crumbles. What most people do is to pick up their life and they just plant their roots and something else that is in this world, but this story, the story says wait a second there's another option in the loop when you read another part of this. Another part of the passage that I think speaks this very specifically verse 22 Darius's surrounding alliance and he loved Daniel he knew he was tricked and we have a very different really go to sleep at night. He so worried as what sunrise he runs to the tomb right this is where this picks up in verse 20 the king cried out in a tone of anguish.

The Daniel oh Daniel, servant of the living God has your God you serve continually unable to deliver you from alliance in the Daniel said to the king okay live forever.

Dingle's reply to just like salad is not what I sent. At least let me make him sweat it on the clock about 30 seconds. God did a very matter you Darius real continues.

This is my God sent his angel and shut the lion's mouth, and they have not harmed me because I was now blameless before him, and also before you okay I've done no harm. Now most people are like that's the climax of the story Dingle's throne in the lion's den and I want one that went.

When the when the tomb is open the safe was actually not the climax of the story. It's not actually the point of the story is what Darius says next that is the climax of the main point that we want to see what you listen to this and remember that Darius is a pagan king Darius doesn't have faith in the one true God. Darius is a love God, but this is what he says because of what you seen this theory says I make a decree that in all my world dominion. People are to tremble and fear before the God of Daniel.

For he is the living God, enduring forever, and his kingdom shall never be destroyed is dominion shall never be, shall be and this is the theme of the whole book and this is the climax of this chapter that there is one God.

He endures forever in his kingdom shall never come to an end unit.

There is a saying there is no adversity that can come against God or come against God's kingdom. I can overthrow it. You see this book is not about one man's awesome life is not about his fate is about the object of his faith that endures forever.

His kingdom will never be to let me.

I love the way that that the Jesus story. The Bible ends this think it I think it I think it it it hits on the nerve center of it. When the limit when you read it, God would keep on rescuing his people and the time was coming when God would send another brave hero like Daniel who would love God and do what he said and whatever it cost them even if it meant he would die and together they would pull off the greatest rescue. The world is ever known. The most important thing about Daniel is who he points to Daniel the most important thing about Daniel is who he symbolizes symbolizes and points to our Savior points to Jesus because, like Daniel, Jesus was in exile who was falsely accused by his enemies and brought before a ruler who sought unsuccessfully to deliver him from his fate before handing them over to a violent death like Daniel, Jesus was condemned to die, and his body was placed in a pit situation could not be changed by human intervention. But Jesus trawls trout went deeper than Daniels did. He would merely suffer the threat of death.

He went down into death itself, and although Jesus was innocent. He suffered the fate of the guilty ones, and there was no angel to comfort Jesus with the presence of God when he was in his bed.

On the contrary, he was left in the blackness utterly alone and abandoned by God, suffering the fate that we, the guilty deserved his body was left entombed in an icy grave for three days before angel finally came to roll away histone. When Daniel came out from the lion's den. He came out alone. No one else was saved by God's intervention of Daniel. But when Jesus came out from his tomb. He came out as the head of a mighty company of people who have been redeemed from the pit, through his death.

Because of the work of Christ on our behalf. The divine judge says not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. You're free and you're free and you're free and you're free in your new creation.

You're my children and you will be for all time.

My kingdom is made up of you because your home is with me and my kingdom endures forever. Guess what Jurgen enter forever no matter when you face alliance no matter when the lines each of you still can enter forever to bring you back from the dead to be my children forever and for all time summit is your faith in Christ is your home with Christ is not about a place we deftly don't want to go to this place to worship together. But wherever you go, your home can be with Jesus. Here's a question for you. Do you have faith in this God in the one true God, and if not where you put your faith church.

All of us. Everything want about me included. There are things in this world that we can wrap our hands around their things in this world that we can have our roots in too deeply. What are those for you know some good news this for you. Just go to the Lord where the Daniel did all you gotta say you say Lord, I'm sorry that it's there if you say, if you ever say you are sorry to God and you mean it.

Guess what forgiven instantly right there.

How often do you go to him just to be in his presence. Dingle had that habit just going to God, just to be in his presence.

When Sally said when she was like it's just like I get to eat breakfast with Jesus every single day. You have faith in the one true God. You have access them all the time is like a good father that loves to be around his children, and when you go to God. I want you I want you to remember three things I want you to remember who he is old.

You remember who you are and I want you remember where your true home is because he is the one true God the living God. He endures for it is endures forever. His kingdom will never come to an end. And if you know him, then you are a child of the King. You are more love than you could possibly believe the Bible says that you are a co-heir with Christ, and that you are a new creation in your home. Your home is with him always and forever was in church. If you believe this, then your faith can endure, and your faith will triumph any adversity, not because your faith is also because his work is awesome and he has triumphed over the greatest adversity for you already.

Let's pray father I want to thank you so much for what you've done on our behalf.

You sent your son, you sent your spine.

Then he lived a perfect life but then he was thrown into the pit and not to all of our sin came down on him, but death couldn't hold him down, not even the adversity of death to defeat Christ for three days later the stone was rolled away and he came out of his tomb as well, but unlike Daniel died again. Jesus, we know you are still alive were not just bring to the air right now we are praying to you and you euros you're interacting with us and you are here with us. God we are home because we are with you so got pray right now that we would seek you God as we are about to stand up in a few minutes and sing. Gotta pray that we would sing with all of our hearts, because we love you and we see what you have done for us and there is no better place to be, then to be home to be with you browsing your name

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