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The Story of Lot: The Danger of Worldliness and the Duty of Prayer

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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August 15, 2021 6:00 am

The Story of Lot: The Danger of Worldliness and the Duty of Prayer

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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August 15, 2021 6:00 am

In this message from Genesis 19, Pastor J.D. tells the story of Lot, Abraham’s nephew. Like us, Lot was allured by the world and its fast-paced, attractive life—but it didn’t happen overnight. The constant battle of what the heart loves reveals to us our desperate need for prayer. In our own battle, will we be like Lot, captured by the wonders of the world? Or like Abraham, interceding on behalf of the Lots God has placed in our lives?

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Welcome Summit church add a bunch of different locations and campuses in the triangle is from Alamance County campus to our north during campus in Chapel Hill campus of Blue Ridge campus and everywhere in between. Coming from our Capitol Hill campus. Also, this weekend is weekend. A lot of our college students begin to come back and so I don't know exactly how many of we have, but I would guess, about half of them are back. If you are grateful for our college students and graduate students that are returning would you put your hands together just to let them know how much we love them.

I will tell you our church is not the same without you. All we missed were gone, which now for about 18 months, we have an been able to see you but here you want to begin all this weekend with a little quiz okay little quiz. I'll make more sense. A little later. Here is a gamble to get you to vote. The question is which avenger series is the best.

Okay, you have the options a one division you be falcon and Winter soldier or you have see Loki you can vote by the uplifted hand and if you're very passionate about your answer. Then you can use your fingers and that will let me know if you're at home. He was right in the comments okay you think that one division is the best of the avenger series. Would you raise your hand right that's a if you think it is the falcon. The winter soldier, you can raise your hand anybody brave enough that when or if you think it is looking you can raise your hand.

Okay, try to correct answer was a one division which team here's number two has brought the most honor to the triangle.

Is it a Duke is it the UNC or is it three N. Anna State University. I if it's a would you raise your hand right now. Try not to yell if it is being UNC raise your hand RA if it is see all UNC student follow instructions right there.

It is like 1/3 if it see North C University. If you would raise your hand and I know you can help doing this right there so that's okay. Why do I feel like there were wildly different reactions of some of our campuses is now for Blue Ridge campus. I felt like it was one way Chapel Hill would get another for me you like which one was your hand up on, you'll know I cannot vote. I love this church too much. I love my job too much to get 1/3 of the church mad at me.

Some of you will try to read a subliminal message from my choice of footwear, but I promise you that is purely coincidental and I asked our IRR team if they could make the shoes appears different colors and different campuses Carolina blue on screen to the Chapel Hill campus. The Bluewater downtown during campus in bright red at the Blue Ridge campus.

They said new blue maybe, but no chance of making these with bright red on camera okay by question number three. You are on a road trip and you have to stop for a meal you choose a Wendy's B Hardee's RC NARA okay if your boat is Wendy's.

Raise your hand. Okay if your vote is B Hardee's raise your hand. I get to choose one FTSE Primera you can raise your hand. The correct answer was the waffle house.

Though I will say judges will give half credit for B Hardee's. The first number is a vastly underrated sandwich.

The Nicholas Cage burgers. I: okay, here's an excellent who is the real Spider-Man.

Is it a Toby McGuire, is it be Andrew Garfield or is it see Tom Holland if you think it's a Toby McGuire put your hand up right if you think it is be Andrew Garfield.

You put your hand up if you think it is. See Tom Holland. Now put your hand up the correct answer is a he is the only real actor out of all of them and now some of your like I know there's a right and wrong answers to these questions there always is.

In my book to see you know, so you like.

I cannot believe that there wasn't a Nicholas Cage question out of these, that's a great point.

So here it is. Who is the greatest actor of all time right is it a Nicholas Cage is to be met, Cage or is it see page Nicholas okay right so well we know all of the above, the right height will does the five questions and open my message at student With this year and I shared them because I'm going to preach a version of that same message to us as a church today because I think it is a word for us also. So Genesis 19. If you have your Bibles Genesis 19, shall take them and open them they IV of the students did about as well as you did, you've raised your your sons and daughters wisely and how they vote because it was pretty similar. Okay right so. Genesis 19 reminds you we had 71 students that made a first time decision for Christ first time decision for Christ this year at camp and that's not just by the way hands raised our prayers prayed that that is a decision they took initiative with to talk to a leader about and we have had several more since then. Decisions that some of our students. For example, on the football team.

One of our local high schools got burden for one of the guys on their team and started to pray for him in just a few days ago were able to lead him to faith in Christ.

So some a church. God is doing something amazing, among our students and were super excited about and I think the passage of the lookouts today has as much to say to us the church regarding our responsibility to them as it does their response toward God and so because God is doing so much I wanted us to spend some time there had to go to a place that many of them have already been okay. Plus, this passage addresses on a focus that myself and some of our leaders really since the Holy Spirit: us to this fall and that is prayer because we are beginning to regather in person. After after lockdown we have said the fall is going to be a little bit like a relaunch and we sense that the Holy Spirit is calling us as we relaunch our church so to speak. He is calling us to lay in prayer at the foundation.

Prayer is always been a building block. It's always been important at the summit church, but we want to lay it in at the foundation this time I one of the distinguishing features of who we are and so that's what were doing and I will spend a couple weeks on this subject. I'm speaking of many of you know that I have a new book out called just ask that you showed it to you a couple of weeks ago. It's a practical book that I wrote for you.

Summit church on how to pray and how to overcome obstacles to prayer. These are available now at your campuses will remind you if you're new around here that nothing we ever sell here profits me or any other pastor. All the money from the sale of these items goes back into the ministries of the church was a God did not call me here to make money off of you know I wanted to write this book.

First and foremost a service to you. A measure pastor, since I know this is one of the areas that many Christians are most unhappy with them when I talk to people and I like what I need to grow in.

I asked them that that's one of things always mention is is is how to pray and so it just coincides with with the fall and so those are available if it will be a help to you.

Okay any rate this passage. Genesis 19 touches on our responsibility as a church to pray for students for each other for our community, and I believe it is what the Holy Spirit is saying to our church right now. Genesis 19 this is the story of Abraham and his young nephew Lot, Abraham's nephew Lot, let me just catch you up on the story as we get into Genesis 19 okay catch you up on the stories we come into Genesis 19 Abraham. Abraham and his nephew lots are having a problem and that problem is they they're trying to coexist in an area that's just too small and their shepherds were fighting it was just not enough space for them to all live comfortably together. They were fighting over the best watering holes in them the best pasture lands.

I, like you, you and your sibling tried to share a room when you were growing out how many of you mean you did that growing up or are doing that now. Write your little brother was always leaving the stuff on the underside of the room. He was always in the bathroom when you needed it. He never flushed.

He left his dirty socks on your side of the of the closet.

It was like that and it was clear that Abraham a lot needed some space to Abraham takes lot up high on this mountain overlooking says lot God's promise to give our family. All of this land so you go one direction. I'll go the other you let lot choose first. Now all the land was was good but the land to the east of where they were standing was incredible. Genesis 1310 says, in fact, that it looked like the garden of Eden itself.

The pastors were green and fertile. There are lots of places of water and shade problem. The problem was that it stretched out toward two notorious cities.

Cities notorious for their wickedness. Autumn and Gomorrah listen to how the writer of Genesis describes the cities, he says, and the people of this area were extremely wicked and constantly sinned against the Lord writes with DVDs or bad news but that that was not very concerning to lot lot just like the vibe in back of the cities that was so much money and culture. An activity that he wanted to be a part of the lot shows the land toward Sodom and verse 12 Abram lived in the land of Canaan. While lot lived among the cities of the plane and pitched his tent near Sodom turned out to be a bad choice for lot. In fact, shortly after he got there raters from Sodom came and stole all the stuff and took him and his family captive Abraham then mounts chapter 14 a Kevin Costner style vigilante posse to go rescue him and you might think that after that lot would ever have learned his lesson, but lot just love Sodom so he moved back there pitching his tense even closer this time. Sodom and back soon enough. Lot moved into the city itself so that when chapter 19 opens, we find that lot was chapter 19 verse one sitting in the Gateway of the city sitting in the Gateway is an Old Testament Way of saying that lot had become a leader, you become a leader because that's where the leaders of the city sat to his chapter 19 opens.

Lot is not only living near Sodom is a leader in Sodom. These popular there were seven speaking to the men of Sodom. He says I beg you, my brothers, he calls the men of Sodom. His brothers, they are his people now Sodom is where he feels most at all. You have to wonder what compromises lot made in order to be accepted in Sodom right to be fair, it seems that lot never went along with the worst wickedness in Sodom impacted it seems like the Most of his major morals intact, but it's also clear that he made a bunch of small compromises. If you read chapter 19 in more detail, you'll see a lot of them. Maybe most tragically, he left he kept his mouth, mouth completely shot about his identity as God's servant and his faith in God. Chapter 18 opens, telling us that Sodom and Gomorrah.

Their wickedness had gotten so bad that God decided to destroy the cities with fire, but as a favor to Abraham. God sent a couple of angels down to warn Abraham before he did it as the Angels are telling Abraham about the coming judgment. Abraham immediately began to think about lot bodily guided taken on the human body was actually there with those Angels over three of men.

So a God is telling Abraham what is about to do and Abraham that want to see the city destroyed.

So the triggers this conversation. Chapter 18 verse 23, Abraham stepped toward forward and said daughter you really go sweep away the righteous with the wicked. What if there are 50 righteous people in the city.

You cannot possibly do such a thing to kill the righteous with the wicked will not the judge of all the earth do what is just. God says yes Abraham if you can find 50 righteous, then I would spare the entire city. Abraham thinks about it for a second, he says, well, suppose a 50 righteous like 5/5 we destroy the whole city for like five now Abraham seems to be a pretty shrewd negotiator for what it's worth.

God surely were not to kill this bill over five people right so that's is okay Abraham, if you can find 45 I will spare the city.

Abraham says about 30 God says I'll spare for the sake of 30 verse 31 Abraham says how much money Abraham started selling an auctioneer -40 May 30 20 just moving through it.

Verse 32 about 10 how about 10 I got answered. I would not destroy it on account 10. But Abraham could not find even 10 righteous in the city you got Lot and his wife and his two daughters that would be for they don't seem to have persuaded anybody else there in Sodom to turn away from their wickedness so the negotiation ends. Nevertheless, in response to Abraham's prayer for lot. God sends Angels to warn lot the whole negotiation had been about preserving lot so in 19 verse 15. The angel show up at lots house just to over now God's gone back to heaven, assumedly great shoulder lots house in Sodom and they say lot take your wife and your two daughters who were here or you will be swept away when the city is punished.

Yet even then get even then it says after hearing about this coming judgment that is just moments away. Verse 16 says that lot hesitated. Even when he's heard that everybody is about to be destroyed by fire from heaven.

He is so in love with the world that he can't leave. These are his people. These are his brothers. Finally, verse 16 says that one of the Angels seized his hand in the hands of his wife and his two daughters and rush them to safety outside the city, because the Lord was merciful lot literalist for 16 lot literally had to be dragged from the city. That's how much he loves it.

That's how much he is made it his whole as they're leaving the Angels worn Lot and his family not to look back on the city as God reigns down fire upon it, but lots wife will know her name but lots wife was just so enraptured with the city so in love with the city, but she could not keep her eyes off of it and when she turned to look back. Verse 26 God turned her immediately into a pillar of salt. Salt here serves as a symbol salt drive things out right what happens when you eat too much salt makes you thirsty turning lots wife into a pillar of salt as a symbol what's happened to her and widened her family spiritually. They may still technically be believers, but they're so dried out spiritually. They have no life or joy left in them at all. So in the end lot is saved by the skin of his teeth, but he loses everything, including his wife. What does this have to do with us. To give you for lifesaving lessons you learn from lot for lifesaving lessons to learn from lot number 11. There is a progression of sin in your life. There is a progression of sin in your life. Most Christians do not intend to become Sodom and Gomorrah lot certainly didn't.

He never intended to make it his home and eat certainly did not intend to be included in its judgment, but many Christians like lot are so attracted to the world that they make their home as close to it as possible and if there honestly end up identifying as much of the world as they do with the people of God to be honest. Whom do you think of most instinctively as my brothers, who do you feel the closest kinship with common easy question to answer. Who do you hang out with most easily. You spend most your time with the lesson from lots life is that you have to make up your mind from the beginning. Who do you really want to be where do you really want to belong. It's what the world go there 100%. If it's with God told him hundred percent said this many times the most miserable person in the world is to have committed Christian who is just enough in the world to be miserable in God and just enough in the God that there miserable in the world. That's what you're seeing with lot. Your heart is filled with salt, so to speak, and it's not in a good way you feel dry and lifeless everywhere.

Charles Spurgeon used to say if you're going be saved. We saved 100% is the worst thing to do is to try to straddle two opinions. You can't keep trying to walk along with your feet in both worlds, like when you're standing on a dock you're sitting on top of 1 foot in a boat and the boat starts to drift away ever been in that moment.

There's a slick split second decision where you had a make up your mind mind about him on the dock because you can't assume their boat, and you got a go one way or the other because if you try to stand there and straddle about getting up there in several parter. The old Chinese proverb and who try to walk down both sides of road will split his pants. You gotta choose one of the other.

First John 215 makes it clear love not the world. All of the running of the things that are in the world. If any person loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. In other words, not just about your behavior. It's about your heart. Don't just evaluate your behavior, congratulating yourself that you're not doing all the bad things other Sodom people do. The question is what you love.

Where are you pitching your tents metaphorically speaking, what does that say about what your heart really desires. The worst place to be is to try to be in both. Are you trying to get as close to the world as you can without becoming just like with lot. There is a progression of sin in your life that starts with love in the world. It ends up with total destruction and you likely never see it coming.

Be honest with yourself is this happen to you. High school middle school students and assume you were at camp, but Ms. ask you again at first you you were alarmed at the things that that unsaved friends around you said and it made you feel uncomfortable were made you feel dirty when you saw sin depicted in movies or you heard it in music, but eventually you got okay with it when you started hanging out with people who were doing those things then you started to do those things for it.

First, you are more concerned you were genuinely concerned with your friends.

You did not know Jesus prayed for them.

You pray for them and eventually just got weird trying to tell them that they needed to be saved and he says that when their high school seem to stop bringing it up now you don't even pray for its enemy of somebody who warns them about coming judgment on on Sodom or the world calls them to escape it. You've made your home there with them.

Your life now is virtually indistinguishable from bears and never feel the slightest bit of discomfort around you because you never warn them about it. One day you look up and you never really told him about Jesus are explained to them in any meaningful way that they need to be saved. Years ago I read the disturbing account of how they they kill wolves out on the tundras of Siberia on the people that live on their there's a wolf that is harassing their settlement or or are killing all the seals of theirs. One of the things that they come they raise and grow it will take a nice drink to edge very sharp two-edged knife and they will dip it in seals blood and up because it's so cold just immediately freezes so they do it again and again until it several layers thick so it's become something of a Leica like blood popsicle stick may bury that knife so that it's just the handle that's under the ground and just the two edged blade sticking out but coded out of all this blood so that the wolf comes along and he gets the scent of seals blood. We just love that smell and so he goes over to it against the litmus blade of a knife course, not realizing it's a blade of a knife.

Just thinking that seals blood in his seat begins to lick this blood off of this knife blade numbs his tongue so that when the PB the blade begins to to be exposed is Tom now his tongue now numb from from all that cold is just cutting itself into ribbons and he doesn't realize that the blood now all over the ground is not sealed.

What is his blood as we lacerate his tongue to the point that that he bleeds out the death and he goes away, and he dies a towel to kill a wolf. There is a picture there, how Satan destroys us this EE gives us a little taste of it and anything. This is not that bad and it gradually just numbs your soul gradually just numbs your soul until you get to a point where you cannot feel more since it any longer. You can filter since it any longer. So it's where you choose to make your home.

It's where you choose to pick your tents and that is what you become like they might ask you several pastor are you saying we should separate ourselves from the world of Money Missouri best possible my job or how it's possible my school I mean I'm surrounded by believers and then we just finished a series from the book of Daniel about thriving in Babylon. It meant the same thing as saying thriving in Sodom. Yes, that is a very us to question God calls us to be in the world but not to make our home there is a difference in living in the world making a home there is so how can I be around Sodom but not commit the mistake a lot. It's got to do with whom you choose to make your close friends you choose to make your community. The ones that you make your inner circle or where you picture tents is the Scripture says that whom you hang around with is who you become like Proverbs 1320 he who walks with wise men will be wise, but a companion of fools will be destroyed. A friend of mine says it this way. You show me your friends and also your future because if you hang out with wise people, you become wise. But if you're companion of fools.

Then you become like them and you will be destroyed.

IEEE said he says you will become the average of your five closest friends. Figure 5 closest friends right now average them together.

That's what you will be in a time and in the next few years.

You show me your friends and I'll show you your future use. Is it a pastor.

Are you saying we shouldn't have any non-Christian friends know I'm not saying that there's a difference between core community and those that you're trying to reach it back. I heard it explained like this is think of your your friendship in three circles the first circle right around you is what we call your circle of intimacy that's going to be like people that speak in your life. We're very close to a best friend. If you're dating it's the person you're dating is the person that your married to Mary that's that circle of intimacy did you get a layer of springs around that will about your circle of influence. Those are people that you're doing life with families of the people your small group people that you work with people you hang out with your influencing them in their influencing you and you get a circle around that we call the circle of concern and those are people that you're trying to reach out to when you try to share the gospel with a point of the circle of concern is reach out to them and to warn them you're actively you're reaching out to them that inner circle what it say that inner circle. That's where your Jesus loving friends are in fact they made their they make up all the people in that middle so that that simple circle and then the ones on the layer outside of those the majority of those end up being believers because that's who you become like that Sue influences you reported that outer circle is that you are are are are building bridges with them and sharing Christ with them. The point of that circle of concern that's where those who were not believers. That's where you have them.

You're trying to warn them you're trying to influence them at the summit. We encourage you to have a 1011 person outside the faith that you're building a relationship with them. Praying for that's that's that circle. You gotta decide the point is you get to decide who you want to be. You gotta decide where you want to go and then you have to pitch your tents. There to surround yourself with that community right where you want to belong is your choice of community to lead you there. How long you go back and forth between two worlds. I'll say it again, the most miserable person in the world is to have committed Christian, just enough in the world that there miserable and God and just enough in the God that the miserable in the world. Their soul is salty, Soul Salty Dr., Spanish miserable. Gotta choose side of the road and Jesus, by the way does not look very kindly on favorably on the have committed either.

It says in Revelation. I wish you were cold or hot lukewarm tepid makes me want to spit you out of my mouth was that he loves you but he wants you to be one way the other. A lot of our students think that they get to high school and college years is to play around the world and put God off until later. That's not true where you picture tents in Sodom when you do that, he gets harder and harder to leave.

You gotta choose who you want to belong to you to decide whether Jesus is worthy of the offering of your life are not mingle one way or the other.

And if you decide that he is worthy, even the most practical application of that will be who you choose to make your close friends or you choose to date because your home is giving them a shaping influence on your kids and you serve your Christian make up your mind that you're only going to date, committed Christians rights there's a progression of sin and never starts in Sodom starts by moving along that journey number 22. Lot teaches us of the coming judgment is real coming judgment is is real. For years, for years God warns Sodom and Gomorrah about the coming judgment that everybody brushed it off as unreal. I went back to party and the God makes no empty promises. One day it came, God tells us that he is slow in executing judgment in order to get people space to repent. But do not confuse the slowness with his absence or his sluggishness in fulfilling a promise. Hebrews 927 says it is appointed unto men once to die, and after that the judgment it is appointed. There's a day that has been chosen for each of us to die, and that day is coming happen sometimes way premature based on our calendar.

I one of the defining moments in my spiritual journey happened when I was about 15 more. The kids are grown up with his name was Jamie and is really popular. He was hilarious. He was smart he had everything going for me had no thought at all about God.

We were to Christian school. He just didn't is not somebody walking with Jesus and referee got his license. He was 16, I was 15 he got a car wreck in and out was his life just tragically taken away and I remember standing there at his funeral. Looking at this task and I was at work in my life and thinking he is now in eternity.

He is in eternity. And the only thing that matters right now is where he stood with God that was appointed to him to die and after that the judgment has begin to think about it. I've talked to that I've telling I knew what was right and what was wrong.

Maybe. Maybe it in this last few weeks. When he came to know Jesus. I don't know. But the point was at that point it's all that matters. Every person that you know is going to spend eternity want to places every person you know is going to spend eternity in one of two places. Did you know that you know the Jesus talk more about hell than heaven or thought about what that must be like if it's true. Jesus was being straight with us. Even with Jesus and told that he did go back and read it. Jonathan Edwards the 18th century American theologian. He said this regarding Jesus teaching on helpless of this imagine is as we take what he says seriously.

Imagine yourself cast into a fiery oven, glowing with heat.

Imagine that your body was going to lie there for about 1/4 of an hour for fire inside and out, feeling every fiber of it the whole time, what horror would you feel the entrance of such a furnace. When you enter such a furnace. How long would that quarter of an hour seem to drag on. It was measured by an hourglass health slowly with the time seem to go in after you had endured it for one minute. How overbearing would it be for you to think that you had another 14 minutes left. But what if you knew that you must library during that torment in its fullness for 24 hours how much greater. Even if you knew you must endure for a whole year. How much greater. Still, if you knew you must endure for a thousand years. When your heart sink if you knew you must bear it forever and ever, that there would be no end that after millions and millions of ages. Your torment would be no nearer to an end than before and that you should never ever be rescued, but your torment in hell will be immeasurably greater than this, Jesus told the truth how utterly inexpressible and inconceivable how your heart and soul would sink in such a case, the question you ask yourself if you believe this is how you call somebody your friend if you believe this, but you never wonder what your friend say to you at the judgment day is never told me can imagine looking at you and say what you you you know this, you never even spoke up.

I told you before about a girl that I was sharing Christ with a young lady of sharing Christ with she never heard the gospel walking through and and we were back and forth. You just always questions and she been educated some Ivy League school, and we were and she says she's you actually believe this a simple yes or because you like what you believe is what you mean I'm done.

I'm trying to explain it to you trying to persuade you. She didn't know you had quicker try to win a debate. You act like there's a scorecard you try to get more points than I do, and that the undersigned I have on my side. She said I believe what you say that you believe that there is a real heaven and a real help and only Jesus makes the difference.

She said I don't know how I make it through the day.

Just as I know I would go to every person that I know and I would plead with them. They had to pay attention and you just talking about it as if it's something you're trying to win a debate you're trying to finish what will your friend say to you on the day of judgment, they would they say, how could you call me friend and just a silent and not speak lots like shows is that coming judgment is real and it's coming for those that are around us in the greatest hypocrisy of all time saying that you believe in heaven and hell not doing everything you can to keep those you care about him going there three or three lots like shows you that you cannot drift into godliness. You can't drift into godliness again like did not make a deliberate choice to make sought missile is drifted there was, and I need you to understand is living for Jesus in this world is always you feel you like an uphill battle because you're going against the current of the entire world and everything in the world to pull you in the other direction, which means if you're not actively fighting injury and pulled the wrong way this thing is drifting into the right areas you ever been at the beach and gotten pulled way down shore by the current.

You know was happening is that Roger Rafter body surfing and jumping in the waves and you look up and somehow you know 15 houses down the coast and know your family is anymore like a pullover world. If you're not actively fighting your drifting away to go with Jesus means you have to swim against the stream that takes effort. Jesus said in this way, the gospel of Matthew uses the highway to hell with broad this gate is wide for the many who choose that way, but the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult to know if you ever find broad it's easy it's the default you're not actively choosing the difficult waves being pulled along the Broadway. So again I say it. You cannot drift into godliness will never drift into spiritual maturity render leadership that takes daily focused effort to become what no one else is becoming you do when nobody else is doing you be different student I mentioned a couple ways I see some of our teenagers that are tempted to drift but intending to get sodomy just just resting places where there drifting when they ought to be fighting my Mercedes apply just as much the rest of us, especially as his parents drifting, drifting is not actively seeking to know God and his word look around in our students is not that you reject the Bible is give all your time to Snapchat tick-tock Instagram reels Netflix binging video games and comparatively none to spiritual growth. You don't do a daily quiet time you're uniting the leadership cohorts we offer take advantage of the discipleship mission opportunities we have spent all your time on Snapchat staring at life in Sodom broad is the gate that leads to destruction, and easy is that way and so many just drift along that way parents or families not to drift into godliness. You know that right. The current of the world will always take them quickly away from God. Listen, I am always disturbed by the stats on high school students rubber churches like ours and then leave it behind, and I know you're disturbed by that you and I know these are some complex questions. We never affix blame God created only to humans directly.

They both walked away so I am not at all trying to prevent a kid walk away. I must say that your fall but I will say the for many Christian teenagers the transition out of church is not that difficult because the families they grew up in were not that much different from the world. Sure your regular church, which eventually led by the same values you spent your money like the world spends their money.

You allocated your time with the world allocates their time doing major difference in your life is that you had a church attendance on the weekend so the kid goes off to college. It's pretty easy to discard that had felt more at home in Sodom anyway.

I was with a builder entire community. Listen, parents, you know that church is a really difficult habit to maintain if God is not a passion for you to get up on Sunday morning and you get dressed and you find a parking space and sit with a bunch of strangers would say church is a terrible habit that God is not a passion for you.

That is an easy habit to drop the child doesn't see Jesus is the center of the passion of your life church is altogether easy to drop out of when you get to college and beyond get your family, parents, your family will not drift in the godliness to become what nobody else in our world is becoming. You gotta do when nobody's doing total students at camp we need a generation committed to go against the flow.

I challenge them to be that group that goes against the current. Together they get on a texturing with our friends and say let's be the broker Princess different.

Let's check on each other about our quiet times. Always pray for each other. Let's hold each other accountable on things like sexual purity or sharing Christ with our friends. Pray for our friends hold each other accountable reading the Bible what to prioritize. Being a small group and serving in student ministry in doing it will even when is lazier and easier to stay home soon as why not do that, parents, why not make the same commitment and how we lead our families. Jesus will come first, that he will be the living breathing center of all that we do. That's one way I see Christian teenagers drifting banality fighting. Here's the other drifting, drifting will be not warning your friends about coming judgment not only like a lot of you becoming more more indistinguishable from Sodom, you never want the people in your Sodom about the judgment you believe you say you believe is coming is too embarrassed or you want to be seen as too extreme for a radical new/okay the message is radical judgment is coming what's going on Sodom and Gomorrah is not altogether different from what God says the end of time is like and only knows.

He says found in Christ can be saved will be saved. How could you say you believe that and not tell somebody you say you care about. How would you call them, a friend and not have your heart broken and say what is it how it's going to pray for you and I can't force it on you. I know that I don't want you showing up on Judgment Day and I never even spoken to you to warn you, how much you have to hate somebody not to even one God put you in their lives to be a warning to be his messenger to them to tell them about that coming judgment in the day of salvation in Jesus is offered to them. How could we let an unwillingness to be seen as different or let unwillingness to be seen as a little weird keep us from warning which leads me to the last lesson from lot here. Number four becoming Abraham to the lots in your life mentioned that when it was time for Lot to flee Sodom when judgment was just moments away. Why hesitate we did.

Verse 16 tells us the angel sees his hand in the hands of his wife and his two daughters and pulled into safety outside the city, because it says verse 16 the Lord was merciful. Here's a question, but it got heavy angels do this for Lot I mean by this point God seems to be as bad as everybody else is on could argue that he's worse because he should've known that he even worn continuously about the wickedness of sodomy ignored it. So the way I he's more guilty than everybody else right now. Less widely, angels grabbed his hand and dragged him and his family and only them to safety. Why verse 29 tells of the answer God and listen Abraham's request and Lot safe removing him from the disaster that engulfed the cities and the blame friends, listen, this is a life-changing. There was one reason one the God save Lot and his family. Abraham had prayed for them. Lot did not deserve rescue, but somewhere back there. That was a man who love them and pray for him and for his sake. Abraham sake, God save Lot using his angel to literally pull him out of Sodom to safety. Eventually lot we can understand this a lot would turn in repentance toward God. The book of Jude tells us in the New Testament.

But the point is that again because God sent angels in response to Abraham's prayer pulled Lily pulled them out with women uniformity hesitates when he hesitates the Angels pull even harder. Why because Abraham prayed no Abraham had prayed. It seems a lot of Paris along with everybody else in Sodom, could we get a clearer picture of the power of prayer.

No, I know that I'm here I'm here before you today because I do mom and pray for me that I told you before I am doing another one of the defining moments of my life was a car wreck that took place when I was actually was just in the process of becoming a Christian to my friends and I dig it up on all weekend ski trip and we will come back, try to make it back to church on Sunday morning and about 5 AM he said while you drive at 5 AM. That's a great question. We should not have been so right is good acknowledge that, but I was in the backseat of this Mustang asleep because my friend was driving there when the call was asleep driving I begin the problem and I cannot get Highway 421 and this mixing our goal when I woke up and never feel like that is what: here's a friend of the window down and for some reason to switch my head.

Once on the cardio that no reason just double comfortable and just a few moments I was 516 that happened 518 three 175 miles an hour hit a mattress on the side of the road. I have no idea how it was a mattress on the side of the room to get a mattress on the side of the road skated for about 2 yards and went off in a ravine and the car rolled in. It flashed on the side of my head a bit on just a few moments before. Remember, as we got out of his car and we get up there looking about us was overwhelmed state on this thing and how close I'd come to dying. Next morning I got to church in the total amount they weird Mr. Barak last night she should happen so well happened at 518 a member that because walking up look at the clock just a couple moments for happen. Should you know.

She says really interesting. She said I was quite sure we were a trusted you, but I do know we were should've 5 o'clock this morning so woke up and I had this burden to pray for you and she said I just got up and she celebrates about 30 minutes every 30 minutes. That one actually I sure that Susan wanted out of which you have the life on the morning with a burn.

Pray for me. I really appreciated if you would do it again.

Number two is to tell you that God uses people who pray to pull people out of safety said it was part of a longer prayer journey to my mom and dad on for two or three years. Pray that I would open my eyes. She said everything she knew how to say to me, and I'm thinking about a new gym today. She said I can't pull my son out of this attraction.

He has to the world she prayed me into the kingdom of God and a mother who prayed for me and pulled me out of Sodom. One of the books of Veronica my wife and I used to pray for our kids. So pray for your children. The author tells a story of a lady in his church lady in his church to think Sarah got a phone call wanting to listen to this voice on the other end of the line when she answered the phone said mom. The good news is I become a Christian. Sarah, the mother said, what's the bad news story that followed was one no parent ever hopes to hear Sarah's sign had been caught smuggling drugs in the trunk of his car brought straight state lines. Those little doubt he would be found guilty and it looked like Robert decide to go to prison for years. Sarah had done her best to raise her son to believe in Jesus.

Every Sunday this young life found them at church but the lure of wealth in the world pulled a middle place. Sarah never imagined. Still, she placed Robert in God's hands, day by day and loved him through her prayers after he repented every been caught in sin and Sarah still green the mistakes he made, but she was grateful to see you. Sincerely, faith in him and thought that would be better, even if you have to go to prison. When the case against Robert was dismissed on a technicality. Nobody was more surprised that Sarah and no one was more please. As her son continued steadfastly in following Jesus was for date decades later this pastor writes that I've met Robert Sarah was celebrating her 81st birthday and her children and grandchildren to gather around her to reminisce the air was full of laughter as one by one they shared their stories. When Robert stood to speak he was doing his best to hold it together to talk with profound tenderness about his mom speaking of her like somebody who literally saved his life.

You might've noticed from their shared glances that there was a special understanding between mom and son like two people who had returned from a long and difficult journey with a story known only to each other. Robert wrapped up his eulogy of his mother with the words of a well-known poem you may have tangible wealth and told caskets of jewels and coffers of gold richer than I you can never be as I had a mother who prayed for me to roll. I got even more good news for you you I can pray for others with even more power than a branded program prayer ran to it was like a negotiation board spare 1545 about 3020 poly reminiscent indicated he just gives out and find him righteous is good news.

You and I need look no farther than one you what I can pray for lost friends in the name of one righteous.

There is one righteous and he is so supremely righteous so altogether perfect and lovely that God says we can pray for the loss of the lost prodigal, and the lost of the lost sinner and for his sake that one righteous man's sake, Jesus, God hears our prayers and delivers her friends or siblings or parents or whomever we have set our love on my gums that one righteous that is so supremely righteous is enough to move. Got to say. I'll spare for his sake. If you pray in Jesus did this for us to pray for us right you came after us. Now it's our turn to do that for our friends. There's a question are you ready is this church ready to become Abraham to the lots in your life. Each of you have lots God sister, your prayers, you pull them out of the city, give you a three-part imitation as a new national prayer counselors wants her pastoral teams will appear get in the place because I have a few have a few questions. I am going to present to you K-3 for some of you. You need to get saved you never trusted in Christ never seen Jesus They get saved get serious human player with the world and you gotta decide right now. This weekend I'm good apologies. That's what I'm to be about one bite she would just a minute lasting job. I don't bite you step out of whatever temperature ran and come up here and take the hand of one of these prayer team members in your home you text the word ready to 33933 and somebody will be back in touch with you just come up here take what is Sam ready to follow Jesus underdone by secondly, some groups of you, especially our high school students middle school students. If you're with friends I should calm and just covenant just get around this altar.

Or maybe turnaround your seat and turn that into an altar and covenant that were going to be that group that's different in order to swim upstream and were going to be the Roman goddess told us to be. Sodom that he's placed us in segmentation. Here's 1/3 invitation is for all of us to think about a lot in your life that you need to be in Abraham to bring in this weekend just by turning this every campus in the tabernacle of prayer. What lot in your life you need to be in Abraham to invite you to come up here and pray for them or yes you can stay in your seat and you can pray that I will tell you, sometimes means more physically move and adopt the posture but just declares your dependence on God who get husbands and wives to become a peer pray for children, young Bruce Peabody, pray for a friend wives and pray for husbands, husbands, and the pray for wives people to pray for neighbors.

I'm not as concerned as to where you pray but I say let's turn this into an altar of prayer. Someone invites you okay when I stand up, invite you to do one of those three things everybody in here should be responding in some way. You need to come to Christ instead of this, take the hand of one of these beliefs try to pray with you. Just come and pray with one of these otherwise us pray they are at your seared or even better come up around the altar. Let's call these names of lot out to God. Okay, when asked all of our campuses. Once you go ahead and stand in right now just begin to move right now begin to move Come up in Phillies altars, and let's begin to pray right just turn this place into a tabernacle for as you're moving as you're moving again one more you got stay with you about going into ministry like look a message like this. This will happen to me. I got gripped what I was in high school and college incentives. One worry about you my whole life to this what you tell when you're campus pastors was and is people coming to pray and I might more of you as you do that to say this, all of us want to be a praying church just a minute. Campus pastors go to table more opportunities get together every Monday and every campus I want to write you be a part of your morning capitals campus pretty regularly about that many other opportunities right now should take a few moments and was turn this into a place of prayer and then worship teams become the leadership pray for the next several moments. The lots that are in your life

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