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The 4 P's of Perfect Faith, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 13, 2022 8:00 am

The 4 P's of Perfect Faith, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 13, 2022 8:00 am

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Arrangement the new listeners and welcome to the sound of pain. I'm Sharon. I thank you for turning in today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message the 4P's of perfect faith is illustrated in the crises faced by G.I. risk of ruler of the Jewish synagogue's 12-year-old daughter was dying when he found Jesus and asked him to come lay hands on her, and she shall live. Jesus followed them home without hesitation, but a game changing problem presented on the way and JR's got a crash course in the 4P's of perfect face now appointment. You've been through you try and you diagnosed you make it work.

The more you will be in your spirit, and it will prevent your faith from operating without hindrance. Amen. And so she knew that it was wrong for her to talk him because what does it say she came, fearing and trembling fearing and trembling because she knew what the law of Moses said the law of Moses said that when a woman had an active flow of blood that she was not to top-notch anyone and is solely by God, so she knew what she was doing was breaking the commandment of Moses, but I have to believe that the Holy Spirit had put it in her heart that I got to touch him. So she thought she could touch him and nobody would be the wiser know that she touched him they wouldn't know her condition. She would just come in yet. Now she would come in under the radar and reach out and touch him, get her miracle and go home and live happily ever after. She Jesus was going to stop the touch of faith, leave my body that had faith to do that. So she came fearing and trembling and she told him all about her history you now technically hard touch would've made Jesus unclean, but instead her touch made her clean and unclean woman clean clean all night on my all that way here were falling behind all this is happening. All I can pay my bills. All the other good habits more and keep talking about being in hostage and sticking your head in the ground and you know that's not faith, I'm not saying that you did not reality. Neither is not faith. You don't deny the reality, amen. But neither do you take hold of it and speak it forth.

I don't if I should throw this out there or not but I will when I was giving the diagnosis that your pathology report came back positive for breast cancer.

So after that when I had to talk to people and tell people to tell people what it said I had to move forward with what it said but I would never say I had let me qualify that I have to explain what's going on so I say I have received the diagnosis.

My diagnosis came back positive for breast cancer. I received the diagnosis of breast cancer from the doctors, but I never took ownership of it leaning thing ownership for one base going. I pray you will pray for me. I got to be the hospital 530 tomorrow. I'm having a lobectomy to get remove now I have a sonogram again before they do it and because they want to make sure that they know exactly where it is going.

Amen. So I wouldn't be one bit surprised if we can even find like don't know what the protocol I don't know what the public call is that they think we can find. I don't know what they think what we still gotta go.

I don't know what happened. I don't even think about that. Matthew 1513 every plant. The father is not planted shall be rooted up, rooted up the larger rooted with it's not there.

I'm not claiming not only did Tom one like about being bullish and say no deny reality. When I kept having to go to see different people.

I begin to think that maybe they think I'm denying reality we had to go before this tumor board to see five different doctors. Not all at the same time, like 20 minutes each and it started off with a therapist and I first had to fill out this form and the format all these questions, I can't remember them all.

But these are the ones like have you been having a hard time eating. Are you having a hard time sleeping.

Are you crying all the time.

Have you been depressed and then they had a thermometer drawn and it went from 0 to 100 and I was supposed to fill it in to my level of my distress I thought filling that thing distress zero requested no no no no no no, left her heart. She was sweet she could be. She did not want to talk about. She was like she probably thinks I wanted those people that is denying reality.

If you deny it. It's not there something that that's what she's thinking. So I told her I said look, I'm a woman of faith and I said I had many many people my home church is praying for me and many others are praying for me and I said I can be honest with you I have not cried.

I haven't had a meltdown. I have not experienced any of those things and that is the truth that's the truth. So she was like okay well you know and see what else can we talk about so she left as a way for the next people to come in and surgeon and always one so in the meantime were between waiting for the next one because each day we go from me. One woman in another room so it was back and forth so they had a little area we could get some refreshments and Betty and I went out in their see what we can get to eat and we were looking at stuff and when the neighbor coming for me again and so the navigator the nurse was navigating between all the doctors that's her and someone I don't know who it was that it said famous Mrs. not thinking about so we went.

We had our time together after they left. Many think they meant by your the famous Mrs. not Austin. I don't know the only thing I can figure out is that they went and talked about how I said I wouldn't haven't noticed, and… Not cry stuff because you thing and I won't take the time to tell you here, but experienced 33 years ago that I was had to go for what they call a suspicious test mammogram and feel not only so bad and that whole week. I had so much fear on me for the report that actually started to have symptoms and I had myself getting in the grave, and when that report came back that was nothing. I thought oh my God, it taught me that fear can actually actually manufacture symptoms in your body of something that got there.

So when happened to me.

33 years later, I said to myself something there. Amen. What she I shall be home. She spoke her face. She wanted and she got her manifestation on the roof quickly was just Jesus willingness to heal sick people that every person who touched him were not healed. We know that he wants to heal everyone and we know we have the compassion to heal everyone willingness to heal all persons that person the bump into him would've gotten healed. But you see, you have to do your part. I have to do my part and we got to believe we got to the first PSA we gotta pray the prayer of faith. She said if I can touch him and she did. She heard she said she pressed her way. She touched him and she received however unfortunately while she's getting her great miracle is now her deliverance is going to bring disaster for GRS. Let's look at verse 35 while he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue how certain which said my daughter is dead. Why trouble is now the master any further and as soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken. He said under the ruler of the synagogue, be not afraid only believe.

Luke says fear not believe only and he suffered real out no man to follow him say Peter and James and John the brother of James, and he comes to the house of the ruler of the synagogue and sees the Tomball and then that wept and greatly wailed.

Let's stop here for a moment says while he yet spake, I want you to get that image in your mind. He's speaking to the woman he sang daughter die. Faith is made whole. Go that way and simultaneously happening simultaneously.

Here comes someone from JR's house and don't bother the master your daughters dead.

So Jesus is speaking to one person and the Greek says when he heard overheard you ever been in. You have, we are talking to one person, but your child listen to somebody else you're trying to really really going on right here.

Your conversation but you really find listen here. That's what was going on here and so while Jesus is speaking to the woman saying your faith is made, behold, he immediately at the same time, the person that came with the message.

Your daughter is dead.

It's to name the master alone. Don't bother anymore. She's dead. No minutes however long it took for him to heal that woman and deal with that woman had the conversation with that woman. However long that was the moment were the precious minutes of life that were ticking away for his little girl. Amen. Now while this was happening.

Do we see the JI risks bonded in and said to the woman coming after all he's a ruler of the synagogue. He's not authority he's constantly speaking his mind.

He's accustomed to saying what he wants done. He's a roller ruler's role do we see him objecting protesting that woman you need to wait your turn to first. Besides that, my daughter is dying and come back to you later.

Do we see in doing now we don't see any of that.

Do we we do not see that he bought it in and said wait a minute, and your knee was in his neatly greater they think is he was greater. I mean, this woman had been dealing with this condition for 12 years, don't you think a few more minutes. A few hours she could've waited. Amen. So he can go and pray for his daughter who was at the very point of death is a very important person. Jesus should know come to him last. But no, he exercise the second.

Faith was he patiently he waited.

He waited amen and so when you have prayed the prayer of faith. Amen. It seems like you're getting some opposition.

You've got to be patient like he was. He was humble. He showing humility for God. He showed humility by saying that an ugly way. You know what I'm trying to say no any take time with Jesus time that was being taken away from his daughter. Amen. Jesus had already agreed to come with him, but he had now to be patient to wait on the Lord and at no time do we ever see that Jesus turned to Jay Iversen said, just be patient. I will come to your daughter, your daughters want to get healed.

She's going to be fine.

Just just be patient and wait while I deal with this lady, we see Jesus doing we see and give them any kind of special assurance know Jesus didn't say anything. Jesus never spoke until the alarming news that came don't bother him.

She's dead.

It's too late and lake as soon as Jesus hired that the Greek word, as I explained, means to overhear. Amen.

He turned around and he caught all that were fear and doubt that he's not only I like to believe only. I guess it really doesn't matter a whole lot which way you say it, but in my mind. Here's the way that I'm understanding this, it means you gotta believe.

What are you talking about. You cannot let this bad report brings fear to your heart. You cannot let this bad news brings fear and unbelief. Amen. Another words if you're going to get what you want.

It's only going to happen if you had all and no doubt say no fear.

Friends of God to preach this message before other messages authority above all, and many other sermons and I had, it's not how big your faith is and first of all let me back up and say you do have faith because the Scripture says in Romans 10 three that God is dealt under every man of measure of faith. You can even be saved. Without faith we all agreed that amen your faith doesn't have any bad faith to give you. God doesn't have junk face. He's only gotten one faith was good enough to save you.

It's good enough to heal you, it's good enough to make her need supply everything else in your life and your faith is how big your faith is all you need is the measure.

God gave you, but it can't be mixed with doubt and with fear and that's what Jesus was saying Jr's head.

Of course he did, he would come in the first place if he didn't, what he said handle my daughter and she shall behold introduce fear because of the evil report.

The report now was going to compete with his faith, and what happens when you had your competing with faith. What did Jane say if you lack anything ask of God gives to all men liberally, and abundantly. He does not scold. He does not withhold, let him ask in faith, Not Seeing Way, Marine, for he is like a wave of the sea, tossed with man thinking thing from the Lord because they is unstable in all of his weight, not just quoted James 15 through nine double minded. The Greek word is so close coast. We get the word psychology from that and that refers to your emotions, your soul how you respond and think in your soul actually are. So man DOP means to so he is logically say that you had two souls to emotions or to thought processes going on at the same time, faith, fear, faith, fear, and he says in that condition. You will not receive your answer. Amen. So we know that he not only had to believe they not only had to pray the prayer of faith that patiently way while Jesus ministered to this woman, but the third P of faith when things didn't get better, but actually got worse. He had to persevere. He had to persevere, you know it's easy to be patient when you're waiting on an answer from the Lord when he's walking right next to you and your you're walking along world were going dark here. I'm going to your house. I want to get there. I will pray for her to be patient when everything is moving in the right direction station get me in the right direction thing when the bad news comes the bad report comes a new patient daughter we hear him doing here what you know, we see Jesus master really if you would just come to my daughter first but now she's dead.

No, he not only had pray the prayer of faith, he now had been patient while that woman got her healing. But now the word of Jesus he persevered. You know there's a powerful verse it says in Psalm 112 verses six and seven shortly.

The righteous shall not be moved. His heart is established shall not be afraid of evil tidings, but that's what he shall not be the evil report. His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. He's not double minded.

He doesn't let that evil report throw him for a loop. Amen. He keeps his heart fixed.

So when Jesus said do not fear believe only and in the Greek it's in the present tense with a negative net simply means this he said stop fearing and keep believing them to say that again in the Greek it's present tense. So he says stop fearing so, we see Jesus all fear when his face, he never seen fear on a person's face, and if your spiritual can see it in their spirit, but you can sometimes just what your natural I see Fiona Parsons so many that report came. She's not the spirit about bearing. That's what he said stop fearing people and believing you been believing up to this point you came through three-piece you prayed, you were patient. Now let's persevere stop fear right now and that's what you have to do when fear comes when the evil report comes when anything like that comes against you.

You have to immediately stop. I mean sometimes you don't mean to be rude, and I certainly don't want to be rude but I got to cut people off when they start telling me all the bad stuff that could happen here about all the good things you know the people that got her healing or deliverance report report for you. So when things get worse. You gotta persevere and when they finally got to the house.

Things were even worse. Let's look at verse 38 and he comes in the house, which is a verse 37, which we already read.

He put you only took Peter, James and John with him. He only told three of his disciples with him. He was keeping the number small and personal. Amen. Because the more people that you have the more potential you have for fear and doubt you know love Thomas very much want Thomas to get with them that day and time as you stay here you feel bad. So I'm going to let other guys stay with you.

Okay you guys stay here.

I'm taking peer James and John.

Amen. And so when they got there they come in the house of the role of the synagogue and see the tomb. All and then that wept and wailed greatly.

And when he was come many sounded and why are you making this a do when we so as not sleep and they laughed him to scorn. But when you put them all out.

When he had put them all out. When he put out all the downers he took the father and the mother of the dam so and then that were with him which was Peter James and John, and he entered in where the damsel was lying. So when they got there. Now we have JR was walking in the third P of faith, perseverance. He said okay I'm trusting you, Lord, I'm trusting you. But when he got there and saw all the professional mourners were already there network to mold me noisy. Do you know that the Jewish people then hired professional mourners to mourn when one of their loved ones died and even if you were poor and couldn't really afford much.

You are required to at least hire two flute players and one amen to whale. Now you all have heard what it sounds like when the Middle Eastern women do that thing I can't do it. They must get that little thing back there jingling. I don't know what makes a vibration to get up there how I know I'm so you hire at least one woman to do that and two flute players to play.afford more than knowing down to that point, you emotionally when you're thrusting and that sort of atmosphere. Luke said all wept and bewailed her and the minstrels were making noise. The main scrolls of the higher mourners I'm talking about. Amen Terry because the Jews buried there dead the same day so they are washed and dressed and probably had on her white living outfit and they were ready to take her to the cemetery and the his area that was on display would have been enough to cause anybody to fall apart.

But Jesus put a stop to it right away.

It came in there. Are you making all this commotion few people will like this one and this one is poor mother and uncles and cousins. Not one she's not and they are not.

And that means they said some remarks on dead when I see dead, what's wrong with you but that girl's dead. Of course she's dead you go see for yourself the he said she sleeping. Amen. But Jesus put them all out. You when you get when you can believe only when you can only believe how many believe just Raven shut down the downers and shut down the liars. If you think out loud to the devil if you're at home by yourself. And there's not another human being there in the you but you keep hearing a voice said that what happened what happened to find my need to stop and say devil you are a liar, I shall not die, amen. Silly throughout all the downers and JR's had come a long long way. He had prayed the prayer of faith. He had patiently waited while that other woman got her victory in her healing he didn't try to usurp his authority. He only had patiently waited and what did he get for his patients. It got worse. But he believed and he persevered and now he was going to receive the fourth P the fourth P of faith is the promise and let's look at verse 41, and he took the damsel by the hand and said under her to lethal to me, which is being interpreted dam so I say under the arise and straightway are immediately the damsel arose and walked for she was of the age of 12 years and they were honest with great astonishment. Any charge, then, that no man should know when he commanded them to give her something to eat because even after a supernatural miracle, and resurrection from the dead. She still had to have food. Amen. You still gotta take care of your body still gotta do what you gotta do. Amen. Because he prayed the prayer of faith and because he was patient and then because he persevered when everything came against him.

That was negative and opposite. He received the fourth P of faith. The promise amen the promise. You know somebody one the country people when the country singers wrote a song saying there's a promise coming down that dusty road and so the devil will try to tell you it's too late but if you persevere, he'll come right on time. Amen.

And so I'm finished here with my message this morning, take just maybe five minutes and I want to tell you about something that happened to me. So, how they be praying for me for tomorrow. I know you are here is my prayer.

If the surgery takes place. I want clean margins and clean lymph nodes so that I do not have to had anything else after that. Amen. And also that I don't have any kind of effects you know from anesthesia, all that sort of thing. Amen.

Knows nothing going on there. Just you know very routine textbook routine. Thank you.

Now I had to go yesterday, and if anybody's ever had surgery to fix all you have to go ahead of time and they take your blood innate. They give you. He EKG, that's just standard procedure which I had to do the other day actually wanted the EKG, because I gotta tell you a few years ago I dock my primary doctor had on retired and so woman took his place and I just did not like this, which was very negative and so I had a EKG is just you know routine and she was like when next time you come in here.

I want to get another one.

I was like why what's wrong with what's wrong well well nothing, but I think we need to stay on top of that we need.

What is it what's wrong with EKG live in answer, but to see the enemy planted that seed so it's been on my mind for a while. I got rid her real quick. This other this medicine for your bone actually causes your jaw to rot so I got rid of her. So I thought I need to tell my new primary I need to get EKG, but I never do and times below minus been on my mind. You should get one well so I'm have to get one for this so you know she didn't lady does EKG and she said and she says with a lilt in her voice is.

I mean, you want to see your beautiful heart and if she held up EKG for me to see down and it was beautiful.

It was perfect. Everything was absolutely uniform and consistent.

It was it was perfect and I thought okay there goes that lie of the devil about that you can get dressed now. I'll be right back. So she left I had told her before that had many people praying for me. I told her that so I had put a little feeler out there of faith.

And you know give her my life story that I told her that people were praying for me and I had faith.

She came back in and she says this is for you. She said it's a prayer shawl.

As soon as she said prayer shawl. My ears perked up. She said it's a prayer shawl. She says there are women.

There's a group of women called the nitwits ending these prayer shawls and the whole time getting them there. Praying over that and that the woman is it will had healing know they get all I keep going and if that's not beautiful to go there and bleed out the door. She also gave me a bookmark of the one the things what about the footprint she gave me that you and I thought oh my goodness that is truly something else and so on out there with this beautiful prayer shawl. Amen. And I looked on here and it said. God bless you and this group of women there from a Methodist Church.

God bless these women – all women to come to call women come in the women's center, whether it's progress, cancers or other women's issues. Amen. And it just goes to show you that if you will just parse error made, then the law will keep a good report on, but I believe the report of the Lord morning. Amen. I pray your faith is being divinely inspired by this word. The 4P's of perfect faith. This story is actually two stories overlapping one another and it birth to miracles J Iris ruler of the synagogue besought Jesus to come and pray for his dying daughter and his first PF petition was immediately granted but enter a problem in interruption by a suffering woman who too, was desperate.

She did not plan on being seen or heard. She just wanted to touch Jesus close and she would be made whole. After 12 years of misery.

But when she touched Jesus. She made a supernatural connection immediately Jesus felt the power go out and she felt to come in. It was in this interim as Jesus conversed with the woman that JR is exercised to second P of patients he uttered no protest of the delay she caused. But then servants came stating it was too late. The girl was dead and that cliff hanging moment Jesus commanded. Do not fear only believe. Discover how JR is exhibited the third P of perseverance, even when things got worse. When they arrived at the house until his faith was rewarded with the final P of the promise. The 4P's estate is an excellent resource for anyone who is facing catastrophic illness such as cancer. I share about my own diagnosis of breast cancer in this message.

It can be ordered on CD for love gift of $10 or more for a radio ministry request SK 204 mailed to sound of faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 shop online at her where you can order on MP3s as well, but to order by mail send your bitter love gift of $10 request offer SK 204 and mailed to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 two next time. Such are not staying married

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