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Hold on to Hope, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 4, 2022 8:00 am

Hold on to Hope, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 4, 2022 8:00 am

Jesus, still unknown to them, preached a Seven-Mile Sermon and opened up the scriptures to them until their hearts burned with fresh hope!

In this inspiring, illustrated sermon you will learn how to confront your most hopeless circumstances with scripture and the assurance that Jesus is with you, even when you feel alone.

You can Hold On Patiently Expecting!

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Greetings mentor new listeners welcomed this program at the Archie Heidi ministries. Not that I'm so glad you joined us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and I'll be bringing you today's message hold on to hope personal experience has taught me that there is no lower pit in the pit of despair and hopelessness that technically and literally. Christians are never without hope.

But we can allow severe circumstances to rob us of hope and plunges into this desperate pit this message today will tell you why and how to hold on to hope and charge for three weeks, they were even now, don't you think it might've been a good idea, charge you get your own to get around to expound you the Scriptures you record on your job where your blog and listen to tapes on devils and there does want to be job similar to what you do all but you will with you but you got to take the initiative to go grab Jesus and Sycamore verse 30 and again the past and meet with them.

He took bread, and blessed it, and range and gave it to Dan and there I were opened one now. They got a whole new method going here at the table like the rabbi would've done and said the blessing shall not deny the blessing that would've been over the bread back. For before before didn't know we again you know that they'd already walked 7 miles. You know they were taught real good for three day so I imagine they just went up in my Wing went to bed.

Don't you well that's what they did.

Verse 33 and the same hour long gathered together and when the Lord appeared to Simon what is done in the way he was no drinking red just a moment. Can you imagine for one second, the public, one public condemnation yeah all that time with 7 miles. Jesus was with you and remember you and you and all I got to the devil for very long shot.

There by now. It's dark and you like it didn't matter that they had their own fire burning in the night they got there a lot faster than they got common. They were talking originally and when they got there, they are smiling from ear to ear.

Nearly 11 hi room discouraged just bonded just like they had been just a few hours earlier, but they were so encouraged and they were so bubbling over the joy of the Lord, that Barbara probably put that part in here ladies, I'm really sorry I didn't believe you said that you went there and he saw Jesus a lot and you said you saw angels and we set on terrible women I'm with you, except my apology Luke forgot that part in Joe's soul. The Lord alright so you see just how you get your eyes open early didn't open before it's too late they got there we saw lower story sermon everything that happened because in the middle of it all. Burst 36, said on yes cell now came and stored in the mid-shalom shalom shalom.

That means complete peace. That means peace in every part of your body, soul and spirit, your whole life about you and you know why. Second day you get free and thought it was a ghost but then they remembered things are like they used to be. I will read all but feeling hands is signed goes/1 bread they had just had honeycomb. He sat there and ate with them after they were all happy and in all gleeful and all. All the doubts going down all the unbelief. Jesus wasn't finished. This was too crucial a point because after 40 days he was going to go when you come back from a long long time and know that they knew themselves out of the word of God.

It could be an angel came every two weeks and gave them a new word because of my new prophecy every month new vision and new dreams, and I am not discounting those things because we live in the days and the Bible says the Lord. Not much you drink during that same vision as you prophesy don't think I'm compelling that you can become dependent on that before you went to bed, but the word of God descriptions that talk about Jesus, shall pass away, shall not pass away, so that struck down the verse 44 had something to eat are sitting back and relax.

You know they got their guard down a little bit really like it used to be Jesus like it used to be no like it used to be never going to be like that. It used to be.

This is a new day while I was the light of the world you're going to be the lights of the world and you're like help you need a little igniting on your light right now have a theme in verse 44, then these are the words which I can't do you want yet with you for three years he gave them the word of God over and over and over again which were written in the law and the prophets meet and what he will need to understand the Scriptures.

What you and Jesus said it is written not be Christ or the Messiah to suffer and to rise from the dead, the third day. So what did he did this in the women that were there and others that may have been there and that he had gone a few hours earlier on the road when they with Luke and Cleo opened the Scriptures, starting from the prophet Moses going all the prophets and expound the Scriptures that the Christ because he will see. I want you to go back in and everywhere we say Christ. They were sent Messiah. Everything that's written about Messiah and doing what you been doing is looking to stop rings and jumping to the glory came in, you can ask suffering you much you lost your and you lost your help. But if you'll go back and read the word of God.

You'll find out Christ was to suffer. So what you got to do when the devil comes his way back to remind him well. If God loved you why reviewing this test. Well, if you're such a good Christian God is really watching over you, why you is going on in your life. I can tell that the devil never said that anybody here one person only one aim.

So when the company's top Christ.

Christ suffering hellfire only that we might rain so we had to Dan just a thing with that and then he went on a long read the rest of the chapter he went when he blessed them and gave them the promise of the Holy Ghost again.

Now I know you're struggling right now.

I understand that but it's going to get better if you dare not on when all 500 no day by day. They all begin the fallout and fallout and they didn't know the Holy Ghost was going to come but he said I know you're struggling but if you dare. You shall be due with power from on and when you power to turn your candlepower fire up a whole lot brighter and so easily with doubt and unbelief. They know he's already come.

Here's the point Barry waited Jesus dealt with their doubt and unbelief was the blackest time. I think it was the blackest three days of their life. Amen. I think it's safe to say that because they thought after 3 1/2 years that Jesus was the one and when he somehow or another they just stick and when he was put in back to their home was going the bottom and here comes Jesus and how he remedy the situation. He did not do it with supernatural goosebumps. He did it with the word of God and so Christians today. They want somebody else to do it for them given to him you got it in the Scriptures because when you're in your body else there. Please don't call me at midnight you're going to get the answer machine and is going to give you the number for the church to call up your answer machine, but I tell you what if you call JES US, one more Scripture. Romans 15 for one of my favorites.

Problem with the Scripture. Is it so it just automatically needs into another one which leads into another one which we could be here for a long time but I promise only to reverse for Romans 15 for whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we that we through conference when you when you call when you know you from the Scripture written for purpose read on the learn them.

We might find comfort and hope now that is the word Pericles, Pericles, and what does it mean literally in the Greek means Hera along places, long, long para your side parallel side-by-side.

Okay, so apparently, long time. So when you get in the Scriptures. Comfort whole comes alongside. I got a flashback there.

These two guys walking down the road of Emmaus, there sat there downcast there full of doubt there full of fear and all of a sudden somebody then will walking down the long blue needs where nobody don't look good.

We get down there but here comes along and it's all in the Scriptures, Bible not done I went ahead with the story true story that I just recently in the Lord really hard and I just feel like I'm talking about here tonight and some of you may have noticed the spot. This pretty little box what's in the box relates to the story that I'm about to tell you at first you might think. I don't get it. I think you will later.

And perhaps it might even inspire you to get one for yourself and actually what's in this box is you've already got. We all have this box and every one of us has it in her home every I guarantee we all had an I guarantee you we not only all have it in our home. We all use it every day, and it's not expensive and it illustrates the story about Italian would someone like to guess what's in the soap anymore. Suggestion napkins tissue air, water, Bible, do you really think everybody every day you will forgive me your precious people just being real. I all so air napkins tissue like ball and they're all very good. I should have known from one chart I think this that's for gentlemen to do role not just a total robot in toilet paper how many want to know the story now because I told you probably want to get one for yourself. You're trying to figure that out why you should want to do that but we'll see the true story and I heard on the radio. Not too long ago by a gentleman named Robbie Ryan. You may have heard he was born in India and converted to Christianity and he's a Christian apologist University Christianity. He debates with Muslims and Hindus and he's just a man as brilliant whenever I can catch him hang on every word I know is really good understand.

Over and over again. I mean he's just easily by himself. God needs people like to go to Harvard and Yale places like that and stand up for the golf was on his radio program between 10 o'clock Saturday morning, yes. So I heard the story the other day and I think it is in with our message about how God's grace in a modern way. What we just read in the Bible rings in our modern world. When you are hopeless situation actually given up how the word document pull you out, he told the story about his friend who served in Vietnam. He was taken prisoner and he was put in a prisoner of war camp. A horrible place where the knitting conditions were terrible.

He was tortured daily to deny faith in Christ that deny that he believed in God, but he would not. Even though the torturing went on and on and they did everything in an effort to get him to denounce his faith in God steadfastly refused and he continued to endure this horrible torture day after day, the weary torture days turned into weeks turn into months before he knew it. I year ago by an egg, continued the torture. The horrific living conditions day and night weary endless day and night struggling to survive a second here came and he said I've had. I can't take it anymore and he came to the point that he finally at this point. After two years of going through this day in and day out night and a night out. He said I will no longer believe in God. I will denounce my faith and I will deny there is a God he had come to the place where he had no hope, no hope. The next morning when he awakened for the first time in years. He didn't pray he was called by the commanding officer and he was given the job that day. That particular day he was given the job of cleaning the Latrines.

They know what a latrine is it's a huge outhouse and said that the job and get it.

Remember what jungle stinky nasty jungle so there is cleaning, filthy, putrid latrine and he's got the wastebasket where they discard their use toilet paper. I'm not very on time to be but it's how it conduit nice but were so horrible it was nauseating to him almost could not stand up beat from the smell and the stench that he was trying to empty. This paper was covered in fecal matter is I caught a piece of paper with English writing on it and because he had seen anything written English over two years and just that all might want to see you just read something in English, so we looked around cautiously to make sure nobody was looking and he grabbed a piece of paper, cleaned off the fecal matter as best as he could step in the pocket and went on he did his job that night when everybody else is going to sleep and he sat in his bed under cover of darkness, and he pulled the covers over his head. He got out his little flashlight and he pulled that smeared paper out of his pocket any best as he could.

He began to wipe away any strain to read and to his astonishment. It was a page out of the New Testament. It was Romans the eighth chapter, and you begin to read and we know that all things work together for good to all to God, according to his purpose and he began to wipe the tears away any redolent shall separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus Jewish slaughter persuaded Angels, principalities and powers, nor any other creature, should be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The next day he went like the volunteer latrines today. Okay, sure enough, when he got to the wastebasket begin to look solid piece of paper English writing on it around with anybody looking no white dog feces he stuck it in his pocket every day. He volunteer to test with writer commanding up in English and he was using the pages saved his life. And with new help in his heart place dining this place and he began to plan details about the plan to escape.

One day some of the guards came and got talking and said are you planning to escape Vietnam, fearing for his life. No go back felt really bad.

Sure enough, the next day they came and got it rough them up a little bit, Intel's argument Vietnam again fear. The fear came when he feared for his life. He said no escaping, then go back. He went back he began to weep, begin to cry. He repented it was a shame God if they ask me again telling the truth no matter what the cost. Sure enough they got in the third time the guards grabbed a hold when they said, tell us, aren't you planning on escaping from Vietnam. He looked at him boldly he said yes I am. Are you going to kill me now. They said no we want to go with you as I you want the Lord to anoint you a fresh new, and give you a love for the word if you find yourself reading every body every book about the Bible and not the Bible.

That's not good enough, all the time. I am a reader, you can you can substitute so if you want the Lord to give you a hunger for his word. Hunger, then I like Luke Cleophas and all the rest of their understanding be read and yawning. I'm writing this, under condemnation. If I don't not be guilty and I remember when I read to help me out any reading to open your understanding. You if you make will help to get in the word.

It might be slow start, but you want to hang in there because this is a fee on patient on Amazon. Amen.

I trust you are being inspired and uplifted by this illuminating message. Hold on to hope to disciples of Jesus on a 7 mile journey up doubt and despair were becoming more hopeless with every step until a stranger joined them, why are you so sad.

He asked elicited their woeful words about Jesus death three days earlier. He knew of course, but he wanted them to face their doubts, head on name warned about their debt Messiah. We had hoped that it been him he should have redeemed Israel and now he's dead.

The stranger did not immediately reveal himself, but he spoke from the Old Testament Scriptures that clearly told of Messiah's sufferings and death and of his subsequent glory. The remedy for all doubt, despair, discouragement and hopelessness is God's word before Jesus manifested himself to them. He wanted to prove by the Scriptures, the revelation, the faith and the hope that was theirs from the word of God and this is our answer as well. If God were just to give us a physical sign or an audible word the devil could talk us out of it later, Jesus preached a 7 mile sermon about the time they reached the town.

They were filled with faith and a bade him to abide with them. They wanted to hear more of God's word and as they ate supper together.

Their eyes were opened and Jesus was known to them. They had so much hope they left and walked the 7 miles back to Jerusalem in the dark to tell the other disciples. Jesus had appeared to them and they said Dick now hearts burn within us. When he talked with us. By the way, if you were filled with doubt and at times even hopeless word of God minister to you will cause your heart burn with new hope and victory. I know I've walked this road before God is brought me out and he will bring you out to so I strongly urge you to order hold on to hope for S K-1 31 on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry mail to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or shop again to order hold on to hope request offer S K-1 31 mailto PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Until next time, this is Sharon not saying Maranatha

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