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Meet Me in the Morning, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 2, 2021 8:00 am

Meet Me in the Morning, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 2, 2021 8:00 am

When Moses wanted to see God's glory, God said, "Come up to the mount in the morning and present yourself to me in the morning, and bring no one with you." Spending time alone with God first thing in the morning before the busy distractions and carnal routines intrude on our thoughts and set our emotions on course for the day, is the secret and price for intimacy with God.

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Greetings friends new listeners welcome this program of the Archie Harding ministries I'm shy not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

I'm happy to bring you today's message.

Meet me in the morning. I don't know about you but the most important thing in my life is the presence of the Lord without God's presence orchestrating the daily events of my life, whether extraordinary or mundane, I would have knows why did the no joy of life, and certainly no peace of mind and rest apart and they all flow from my morning time with God. This sets the tone for the day, but I did not always practice this until God showed me his way and said meet me in the morning. I'm glad that we can personally worship the Lord, you know I've heard some people make a little funny remark. You know that Jesus is said that if you don't praise me will cry out and someone said I'm not I. Praise the Lord in my place but you know I'm not.

Neither she or go. Praise the Lord did not like big Bob bring up the burnt offering about how she or go get the race card.

I talked to a middleman priest made me appraised with… Amen. And I think on on oh so not only is it a privilege, but we need them up on the other side and say what awesome responsibility. Can we not praise when God approaches the old covenant, you could approach the presence of God. There's no way that you could come without coming through that sacrifice and the smoke that would ascend up under God because your sins had to be covered. They had to be covered. The Bible says without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin in order for said to be re-mandated.

Took blood to cover it. And God allow temporarily.

Parenthetically, the blood of the goat. The ram and that she cover the sin but the thing about it is, is it could do nothing to deliver them since power showed that held over and over again therefore they had to offer sacrifices over and over again and the priesthood continued from one generation to the next to the next and the next because there always had to be appraised. All sacrifice because there were always sinners. But when Jesus was offered up. The Bible says that once one time for all time. One time, and not only Copperas, but deliver us from the works of death works and since they continually brought the consequence upon us, but the blood of Jesus hallelujah and I'm so glad this morning that now I am called to be a priest without God and so are you.

You know that amen you admit you come on Sunday night. You know the last two Sunday nights I have been exhorting about the feast of the Lord, not the feast of the Jewish people specifically but the feast of the Lord and I've been talking to you about that and I can't wait to go off and there, but because we are right now we're in the second day of the feast of Tabernacle for the Jewish people. These are there high holy days starting with Rosh Hashanah, which is the new year, which is really gone through what the blowing of the shofar and then from there they had the 10 days of all during that 10 days they reflected their lives to see what kind of person they had been for the last year and hope that they had more good stuff on in the book the bad stuff so that their name would be right. You see, they believe that their name is written every year in the book of life, and it depends on how you acted that your brother not it's written in the book of life and/or net 10 days to look over there like in Speedwell and they all the sins all of a sudden think about when Yom Kippur, the day of atonement they repent now before the temple was destroyed. They had sacrifice and shedding of blood harbor, but once the temple was destroyed in the priesthood was battered and now nobody restart. They no longer have shedding of blood. So they fast all day, but the Scripture said without the shedding of blood there is no remission is repentance, but no remission and then after Yom Kippur, which was last Sunday morning to Monday, five days later they start the feast of Tabernacles in eight days and it is not happy happy happy festive time they got the repent behind them and that they enjoy the presence of the Lord as long as there is sin in your life. You cannot enjoy God's presence a bad but when the sin is taken care of. You can draw near, you can come as close as you want to get you what you get on it, father, whether sin is going amen were in the second day of the feast of Tabernacles. The Jewish people call this piece did not in this is one of the great beast.Commandant for all generations was a temporary thing.

In fact, the feast of Tabernacles is the only feast that will continue to be celebrated even in the millennium. The Bible says. I think it's in Zechariah that all the nations of the world will go up to Jerusalem and celebrate the feast of Tabernacles and whatever nation doesn't go up there will get rain that year, so it's not you Jewish thing a man he said all the nation that are left will go up and celebrate this piece. And so the word that they use is called Sukkoth.

So MySpace to cut and now put the emphasis on the second syllable Sukkoth all right you got and that is what is feast of Tabernacles is why, because it's really the feast of booths you know a booth that we think of the booth that we sit down and at a restaurant. No, don't think that kind of think about booth is a little shelter, a temporary shelter not a house that you would build the living permanently but a little shelter.

It could be like a tent or just a little thing that you put up edits only a temporary shelter. Amen.

And that's what the workboots means what God told them to do was during this time, he said build yourself a little temporary Tabernacle and during the eight days I want you to stay in that Tabernacle eat and sleep in the tabernacle.

It is said that you will commemorate the time that I brought the children out of Egypt for 40 years had no start dwelling place. They follow the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Wherever he went.

They went when it stayed stationary. They stayed there and they put up their tent and they waited until God moved along to the next place he said I never want you to forget how I supply their need. They did not want anything in the 40 year period, God said now I want you to celebrate this every year at the same time. Now the reason why we got the word Sukkoth for booths is when they wanted to give it a name. When she thought, returned from his 20 year starter to to his uncle Laban. Remember, he fled there to leaders like Esau, he ended up staying there 20 years, not two wives and 12 kids and now had a hall budget sheep and goats remember his uncle tried cheetah meeting.

Even now the God would let that they made a deal they struck a deal and you know that God made the one on where to get all you get all the ugly ones, the ones with spots and straighten rings and he said fine, give me the ugly ones. I don't care and God made all the ugly one and healthy about the babies.

So he's left with all and he was traveling with his entourage getting back to the land of Canaan. Just leave the get go straight there had to guide people while the kids and animals and people, and servants at one time they came to one place and he stayed there a little longer and build and the Bible said he built booths for his animals.

He built booths for them to stay and he called the place Sukkoth because it means booth. Now let's I will give you little nugget here, let's fast-forward to the time of Christ. I've already quoted before John 114 and the Word was made – and wealth amongst us tabernacle amongst us. He came down and pitched his tent right in the middle of our he tabernacle with us, he took on a tabernacle of human flesh and came down and 12 UL… And the Bible says that he came in the form of life because Mary was conceived of power was part of the Holy Ghost and she brought forth her firstborn son and she made Inanna. She laid him in a manger. Sukkoth a booth that the will stayed in amen just one little other thing to throw out there before we get started here, Jesus was not born in December. He was born in September, October, because if you take the order of his uncle right yes priesthood. He served in the temple remember and the angel Gabriel came and said you're going to have a sonnet he's letting go before the Messiah and what happened is old wife got pregnant.

And what happened when she was already six months pregnant. Gabriel went to bury your cousins pregnant and you're going to get pregnant was with the seed from God. So John the Baptist is six months older than Jesus. Amen. And that you they can tell when his father Zacharias would've been serving in the temple. When the angel came because David he set up 24 orders the priest and they all two weeks at a time. So if they Like when Zacharias was in the temple when April came and they count the time and money that would help his wife are pregnant right away. So what they cannot. They know that Jesus was born September October and I'm not going to detail.

One reason why it feast of Tabernacles can go from September to October because they had a lunar calendar world. A solar calendar so Jesus no doubt very, very strong, strong evidence that he was born in the feast of Tabernacles because were to flat the word of was made flesh and tabernacle amongst us. So this is a very special time. It's a high only time it's a festive time. At the time to celebrate the time when the heavens are open alleluia I got lots of prayers, not lots of worship. Following up lots of praise going up. Amen. Because at the time when the heavens are open and the spirit of God is especially powerful amongst us. Amen.

Now want you to know something.

It was intention that the whole nation of Israel when he brought them out of Egypt. His intention was that we know there was between 2 to 3 million people and his intention was that the whole nation was to be priests.

Did you know that term would be in your Bibles were to be an exodus from a while 19. Exodus 19 Exodus 19 in verse four he had seen what I did on the Egyptians, and how I bear you one Eagle wings and brought you unto myself, you know, I just can't read over the last three words I brought you unto myself this is God Almighty speak. I know I came you have to read the whole chapter but God said I delivered you from the Egyptians and we know it was with a mighty deliverance. He said, and I did it so that I could bring up two or 3 million of you. How many it was that I could bring you to myself, I'm just going to arbitrarily say 3 million.

Okay, one for the father one for the sun one for the Holy Ghost. He said I brought you unto myself. Next verse now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then you shall be a peculiar treasure unto the above all people for all the earth is mine listed as verse six. Here we go, and ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words that he spoke under Moses and told Moses to speak unto the people God intended for the hall. All 3 million people to be the priest for the rest of the world. The Jewish people were to be the mediators between the rest of the world. The Gentile pagan hedonistic idol worshiping world and God be the priest to leave the rest to God.

The whole nation of them. But what happened when they got out there on the mountain Mount Sinai, and God said I'm going to meet with you in three days three days. I want you to get ready. I want to get your clothes washed what you get ready. I'm coming on the mountain. I'm going to talk to you and Moses gave the people all the instructions and the day K and God said Moses alone can come up close up the rest of you be prepared.

I'm going to speak to you. I'm going literally God said I'm going to marry you.

He made a marriage covenant with Israel. Amen. I'm not going all the details but that's what I bring anyone to myself and I'm going to give you my company appear on this mountain you're going to be my peculiar people above all the people of the nations of the world. But what happened when they got there on the mountain. You can read it later in the rest of the 19th chapter funders begin the thunder and the lightning's began to strike and fire came and smoke came in the Bible says that all sounded quite rightly, and God spoke in his voice sounded like the blast of the shofar blowing along the got louder and louder and louder. What happens to me when I get the preacher that is always telling you your turn out. It just happens once I get into it I forget about the I get louder and louder. Amen. And so what happened the papal train old they got scared and look what they said to never chapter 20 verse 18 and all the people saw the phone rings and the like the noise of the trumpet and the mountain smoking and when the people saw what they removed.

Another words they got out of there that were removed as a little little to easy and they start afar off, and they said this, speak now with thoughts and we will hear, let not God speak with thoughts. Lest we die from moment: they no longer were God's priests. It was their choice. They made the decision.

They preferred not to hear God's voice themselves. They preferred to let Moses hear God's voice and come tell them what God said amen and from that point on they no longer were God's priests and so what happened, let me tell you something whenever you make a choice to start backing off and removing yourself in God's presence.

Why, because God's presence is convicting you of your sin.

God's presence is dealing with your heart. God's presence is sometimes it's a comforting and it's wonderful lovely.

I love you.

And sometimes it's a reproof and at the rebuke, but amen when you start backing off from God's presence.

Bad things happen. Amen until we find out that by the time that the 40 days was up that Moses return with the law of God. The tablets in his hands. By the way, that were written at the finger of God. The only part of the whole Bible that God personally wrote with his finger but when he came down.

What did he see an orgy worshiping a golden calf and everybody eating and drinking and having all kinds of sexual parties.

All that's going on.

Amen. Can you imagine coming down from the holy presence of God where the Bible says the God spoke to Moses like his friend face-to-face and lip to let down from God's holy presence into that mass worship and now that they make with their own hands when he's been in the presence of the Almighty Creator himself, and what did Moses do. It was so angry he was so angry he took back now and he crushed it to dust, mixed it with water and made the people drink it and then he doing up and he said is on the Lord, that may about 3 million people out of 12 tribes. Only one try the tribe of Levi, who happened to be Moses tribe. They stood up and gathered every man and from that point on it was the tribe of Levi that God chose to be the priest he had intended for the whole nation but they had backed away from God's presence and they had gone in idolatry and sin and therefore God could no longer use the best priest. So from that point on he chose five of Levi. Amen to be his priests and mediators nose as he went. His his rage, his anger was kindled against them greatly.

Amen. Nothing of it is as God was angry to because God said that he was to kill them all, but what happened. Moses told Lee by the sons of Levi. He said go out there get your sword and slay every one of those that's mixed up in this mess in the Bible says that they went out and back day sleuth 3000 people, 3000 people. The good thing is that with Mount Sinai when he gave the law today that is Pentecost and that the day of Pentecost when God poured out his Holy Spirit and all of those other people from all around would come to Jerusalem.

These heard the gospel in their own home and Peter preached and they believed in 3000 I think on the anniversary of the giving of the law and the giving of the Holy Ghost is the same day understand that if the anniversary Pentecost when the Holy Ghost came with the anniversary of the giving of the law on Mount Sinai and went and got the law they send in 3000 God when the Holy Ghost came. They got statement 3000 came to the Lord and from there was exponential amen. God doesn't do anything accidentally.

You will find out he's a got a great precision of great details. He… He crosses his team so don't think you're going to get one up on God.

You're not going to do it. You just made to find out what he wants to do and follow his plan. So God said, I will no longer go with you. I want you to get these people that are left, and take them in their land that I said I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I can go back on my word. It was a unilateral covenant God cannot change his mind landed her seat, he said, get these people to come in there, but I'm not going with you and I love what Moses said.

Exodus 3311.

Moses said if you don't go with us. I'm not going. He was bold to say to God, God, you don't know with us. I am not going either. Amen.

And that's exactly what God wanted to hear. He wanted to hear from the voice of a man.your presence is more likable to me that all these people, and anything else in this land of the promises of the honey and the milk that's flowing in the great sadness over the phone in the cattle on a thousand hills. Give me a fresh piece that if you don't go with us on that morning and the Lord said in verse 14, the Lord figment of the members begun with cases in verse 11 verse 14 he said, my presence shall go with you and I amen.

What an inspiring word of the Lord. Meet me in the morning, you know, it was always God's intention to have a daily personal relationship with man and he did until Adam sinned, then God chose Abraham and his seed to reconnect the broken relationship when he sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt's bondage they were 2 to 3 million people and no one Mount Sinai God spoke to them and called them to be a nation of priests unto himself.

God told Moses to tell the people to prepare themselves for their meeting on the holy mountain, but when they saw the lightning, the fire and smoke and heard the thunder. They were afraid and ran. They said to Moses you speak to God and you tell us what God says and we will hear but we don't want to hear God speak, lest we die. And sadly, they pulled away from the presence of God but not Moses.

The Scripture says that God showed Israel his miracles, but he showed Moses his ways. Moses beseeched God, not for material blessings or prominence. But he said show me your glory and God told Moses be ready in the morning and come up in the morning to the mountain and present yourself to me and no man shall come with you.

This is the secret and this is the price for intimacy with God. Morning prayer and meditation with the Lord every great man or woman of God you ever had a successful, influential ministry has had a daily time of intimate prayer with God to meet God first thing in the morning before the busyness of distractions and the carnal routines of life intrude on the thoughts and hearts and set the emotions when a particular course and chart the day without divine guidance and spiritual strength, even Jesus the son of God had to rise up early a great while before day to spend time with his father and receive his instructions for the days ministry. You know for many years I had a woefully impotent prayer life of which I greatly lamented I would try to break out of my rut, but always would fall back into powerlessness until I discovered it was not how I prayed that was my problem when to meet God in the morning was the key to developing a dynamic and enjoyable prayer life to order meet me in the morning on CD. Send a love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SKU 145XS K-1 45 mail to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or order you can also order one MP3 but to order five mail center minimum lot gift of $10 PO Box 174, Baltimore, MD 21203 and request offer SKU 145 until next time to share. Not saying that

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