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The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 23, 2021 8:00 am

The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 23, 2021 8:00 am

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Rating thread the new listeners welcome to the Archie Hardy ministries program. I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God today's teaching by my father for the Hardy is exciting and permitted so make sure you get each episode of this outstanding exposition on the gifts of the spirit most important word charisma, charisma, first of all, comes from the word progress covers numerous reading rings breaks Carlos Griggs, Carlos one of its meetings in the meeting pertaining to the gifts is the enabling power and divine ability now, what would the wolves would pick Carlos and come down up whatever male wanted do that we get the word what call rooms well, Emily CMM when we put the MSA on any mall MA in Greek grammar means the result or portions of so careers Carlos is enabling power and divine ability. Charisma means the results of grace manifesting itself in portions of God's enabling power. Once you noticed a very important word here portions portions you don't get all of God's enabling power of the mind ability at once and it's not always there all the time you get a portion. Emily hears me. We can see this in the phrase gifts or Kairos method of healing number because medicine is deplorable. Charisma and will put an excellent they put ETA Emily CMM there are gifts of healings. No one gets and there's no such a thing is the gift of healing. I say it again no such thing as a gift of healing which means that you have all of the healing power in resident in your life at all times that you can use it anytime you want to heal any disease.

Nobody has that when God wants to move in healing, manifest himself in that way the vessel that he just shows portions of his enabling power to heal, he will gently give him a portion for this person. In this particular disease and a portion for this person. In this particular disease.

Emily CMM and when God stops. Given the portion you no longer have the gifts of healing, until God gives you the next portion everybody doesn't get healed because everybody doesn't believe everybody's not right with God Emily CMM and the Holy Ghost knows who believes in the Holy Ghost knows who's on healing ground and then through that vessel will give him a portion of healing give that person I seen some ministers when the healing power would begin to gush out of my totally hands on to which you can spread it out to go to one, God's will give to Emily CMM. Hallelujah. Now charisma is an event in action enabled by divine power. Charisma is divine energy accomplishing a particular result in the world in word or deed by the Holy Spirit through a person.

Like I said there's no such thing as a gift healing which mean that you would have unlimited power to heal anyone at any time at your own discretion. Holy Ghost gives only portions of healing power for a specific tour at a specific time.

He's the one who operates these gifts. When a person whom God is using releases of the healing portion no longer has the more until the spirit gives him another portion of the cure. That's why some people in the line I prayed for the first one have in Rikers. Healings like we get nothing for whatever miraculous healing.

God didn't give anything for the second one although I laid hands on Emily CMM Hemmings got that clear. You see, you only get your gift in a portion for that specific time and need and when you deliver it you no longer have. I cannot bring a prophecy until God gives me a prophecy I cannot bring a word of knowledge. So God gives me a word of knowledge were word of wisdom and when I get back charisma to the person or persons whom God wants to hear but I get another portion of the word of knowledge.

Good to see the word of mouth. They were with portion of knowledge portion of wisdom you will get all of God's wisdom per se, you'll get all of God's knowledge per se. You see, the Holy Ghost operates when he what he wants to move comes into the service he's got his gifted believers that he's brought together gifted them and placed them in that local assembly everyone in her place. Everyone in our office. Everyone ready to function in the function, everyone ready to bring forth their measure of increase of the souls might be saved in a body edified. Then when ever whatever gift he wants to operate the bridge. He comes in and manifest himself through that vessel that he uses that particular gift manifesting that he is in the midst manifesting the gifting try to show off the dip trying to show himself all you want to see he's here and because he's here he sees the need and he meets the need of the people.

That's their that what it behooves every one of us is first of all, which separates from a body of Christ which is a carryover we need to find out what function an office in place. God created us for, and placed us in the body as so that we could meet when we come in the service. Be ready for God if he wants to use our particular gift to use it, you know, we should come in frivolous running around choking. We should come in serious prayed up into him with the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost is the Maestro Emily CMM and he's got all of his gifts that he's placed in the church and individuals because then he wants to orchestrate a healing and a deliverance you no respect for you that understand music. You will play a note because you feel like you want to play the note. You gotta follow the script and the Holy Ghost is a script for each service heavily say a man I said the Holy Ghost is a script for each service and what we need to do is be in the spirit that we could discern the moving of the Holy Ghost and be receptive to the spirit. If he wants to use our particular gift that he uses to us for the main thing of the presence of the Holy Ghost is first of all, the lift up and reveal the Lord Jesus Christ and bring deed ('s to mankind body soul and spirit search will be increased and built up in the Lord Jesus glorified Emily CMM. Thank you Jesus use me Lord like he said as we get it over father on the Paul said that we will covet the best in the sire gifts's desire to be used. Emily CMM, for God wants to use us whole lot more than we want him to use RC just want us to get in the place so that he could use us in these gifts a man all right now will start trying to get into the gift yourself. First of all let's start at first group is a 12 chapter the first verse for God wants you to know thoroughly understand the spiritual manifestations you want to know all about what you know all about the spirituals. Once you know all about the manifestations you want to know all about the cruise not want you to understand because he starts, all saying now concerning spiritual gifts, brother and I would not have you when he makes that statement. He's going to be as plain as he can be. You don't want us to be pretty. Once the snow also now concerning is a keyword in Corinthians now concerning you'll find it in different divisions of the book because these are the things that the Corinthians, wrote Paul about and he's answering wherever you see now concerning he's referring to their letter that they asked him about his answering and they wrote and asked them about spiritual gifts and I remember the first chapter. They had all the gifts operate in the church say that they came behind in the wisdom no knowledge in any They had all the wisdom and the knowledge in the gifts working in the church but the church was full of confusion and disorder, and things were happening that made some good Christian right. Paul wanted to know about this because her body was saying is God, you always find a person that order status God spirit maybe do it.

Spirit doesn't make you do it you are under control anything that's forcing you to do.

It's not the Holy Ghost, the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. Nothing can make me do it except self Emily say a man the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. Nothing makeshift something is making you achieve yourself or a demon spirit right now concerning spiritual gifts, brother, and I don't want you to be ignorant but was there former state what was the state of the Gentiles before they came to Jesus. They were dominated and under the influence of demons windows at second verse as you noted, you were Gentiles, carried away on these dumb idols even as you were led who led him demon spirits Emily CMM now understand the setting at Karen were going to have to go back with Paul to Paul's day in the world of the Roman Empire. Now the people of the Roman Empire were used to spiritual utterances prophecies and spirits, crying out and giving oracles was nothing new to them.

Did you know that it was a common thing all over the Roman Empire. In fact they had in Delphi Greece not been there when the tour they had a temple full of female prophetesses that from all over the Roman Empire leaders rollers would come to get an Oracle or what we would call in our day word from God. You know how in our day people, they run all of the place to get a word from somebody, and that's where they were. That's the same way they were in the Roman Empire. Paul's day, they were use to demonic utterances. Emily say amen prophesy wasn't anything new to them, just like prophesy wasn't anything new to the Jewish people. They had all the prophets, all the gifts work in the Old Testament except to that was Tom's interpretation. Coast Guard reserve that for the last day, Emily CMM, they didn't need tongues and interpretation because they all were Israelites and they spoke Hebrew but in the New Testament he was going to carry the gospel in all the world of all the languages so therefore they are pretty close. He gave the special gift of tongues so that they could speak in all the languages of mankind he reversed Babel what happened at Babel want to confuse the languages one a day of Pentecost. He brought all the languages together happening CMM hallelujah in the Lord one so this was a world that were steeped in supernaturals but they were demon had all kind regards with the demon put the odds were demon Paul what the emphasis may have an idol. All the gods of except that they would offend many doctors are always scared their gods. They'll be afraid of offending mostly wood beams that by their God and so the make sure they didn't take an offender the Godhead of God to the unknown to the unknown God. Paul said on the you don't. Knowing what I do and I will tell you all about it. Emily CMM, they were use to gods and their gods were demons.

Paul said in an attempt chapter for strippers of things that they offered to idols. They offered to demons, you could meet at the Lord's table in human stable. Emily CMM so this was a very, very's virtual atmosphere with humans controlling the people inviting for their attention and are all kinds of spirits find out given oracles given utterances all revenue that when a girl have the spirit of Pythian following the following these men are the servants of the most high God. Paul got tired after couple days and cast the demon out sheet maintain for mass responsive saying, prophesying, bring oracles bring in words.

See, that was the common thing will be, we could collect like it a lot to fortuneteller you know she leaves primary prophecies. Whatever word here. One of her word. There they were to it was a word from a demon the devil had already get out ahead of time, knowing that God was going to bring in his charismatic his gifts real thing. Emily CMM that woman that was saying that these are the servants of the most high God was trying to win the approval so that the people think that she was also right to THE devil out of Emily CMM. So here's the atmosphere discharge would demon powers opposite of the day when people not God conscious. They were super God conscious foot. Paul said to the Ephesians says a senior was superstitious similar. Your devotion to senior superstitious church of record for superstitious means are demonized. Research traumatized by demons. Emily say amen so right Paul, I want to know about some things happening in the services because there's all kind utterances popping up playing them to be the Holy Ghost.

So what does he see in the third verse second verse as you knew were Gentiles. When these dumb idols even as as you were led. Emily CMM third verse wherefore I give you to understand that no man speaking by the spirit of God clue here is speaking by the spirit speaking by the spirit call of Jesus accursed anathema no man could say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost for long time for many years but just was puzzled at this verse I couldn't couldn't see that someone was supposed to be a Christian person, Jesus. I couldn't couldn't see in the services and being allowed for people getting up and supposed to be under inspiration, divine utterance until God by understanding in here.

That's what they were doing in the service.

Some people speaking out supposedly under a spirit saying Jesus is anathema, cursed that we wouldn't think that our day would we shutter would you never heard of never hear it happening any services know what it didn't Karen.

They wrote about, and he's telling them no man speaking by the spirit of God. That was it was. He said no, no one speaking by the spirit of God's going to see accursed as Jesus or somebody said how can content they allow that. Why, why would they allow that because the nonstick doctrine crept in church now what the Gnostics believed was that all matter was evil, including the human body.

The human part. A man was evil. What they taught was that Jesus was a mere human made of flesh and blood, not divine, just the child of Mary and whoever some other man father at his baptism by John the ER in Christ descended out of heaven upon Jesus and took possession of and for 3 1/2 years used him to do miracle at his crucifixion. Divine eon price left the mirror human being.

Jesus to die. That's why Jesus they said, cried out my God my God why has thou forsaken Emily CMM. They believe in a dualism. Jesus was just the man you by the Holy Ghost or used by the eon price.

Paul said listen.

Therefore, it was not a bit terrible thing for them to say Jesus occurs because he's flesh and blood and everything flesh and blood and we would do the nonstick is cursed.

The Gnostic didn't believe in the physical resurrection because it was cursed. They believed in.

Just get loose from the body. That was a cage in the prison, enjoying the great light in the sky but Paul said no not one speaking by the spirit of God says Jesus is anathema may he's not Kirstie's blast and not only that, not some Gnostic Christ eon is Lord blood cells is Lord have any say hi alleluia Jesus is Lord not accursed. Here is Lord price not now speak you have any say about here is the Christ, he believes he is Lord, though nothing about Jesus is accursed he is blast here is Lord Jesus Christ. He said these men are and all of it spiritual manifestation down gifts of the Holy Spirit wants to understand that where in the world of spirits seeking to gain the people's ears and control and there's all kind of spirits out there speaking John I time for 1 foot below, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits to see whether they be of God are not limited to, John 41 below, believe not every spirit, try the spirits whether they were God because many false prophets were going out into the world. Hereby we know the spirit of God. This is how we know every spirit to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.

Notice carefully that the Holy Ghost hooked up Jesus with Christ. Here, be careful when you read Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus Emily CMM there telling your whole lot. Hereby we know the spirit of God. Every spirit that confesses that spiritual driving is one old. I want you to understand spiritual to get my mind speaking by the spirit spirit speaking by you want to get that you want to meet for the Lord, down the line. Emily CMM every spirit to confess that Jesus Christ is come to flesh is of God in every spirit is not that Jesus Christ is come to flesh is not of God is the antichrist, now is already in the world is not, and amen. What an insightful and timely teaching by God's servant. Brother Hardy on the gifts of the spirit.

Thank God that he has endowed his church, the body of Christ with these nine marvelous manifestations of his Holy Spirit to bring forth the works of healings deliverance and revelation to his people and also as a witness to others that they might believe when his son the Lord Jesus Christ. When the early church in acts went forth, preaching and teaching the gospel not work with them confirming his work through mighty signs and wonders how much more do we today need the gifts of the Spirit at this age of counterfeit supernatural manifestations by the kingdom and Prince of darkness. This teaching is vital to our understanding for every believer and answers the question unequivocably and scripturally are the gifts of the spirit for today and you may operate in the gifts how and when you understand the operation. The purpose and the function of the gifts of the word of wisdom the word of knowledge, prophecy, and discerning of spirits and how these gifts often work in tandem with each other as well as the power gifts I faith healings and working of miracles, and finally you will understand the Diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues and what the differences between the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues given to the individual for his own personal edification and the gift of diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues that operate in the church assembly.

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Until next time Sharon not saying

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