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The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 24, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends and new listeners. Welcome to the Archie Hardy ministries program. I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God today's teaching by my father for the Hardy is exciting and permitted so make sure you get each episode of this outstanding exposition on the gifts of the spirit.

I will okay were intersections session on the gifts the we found out disregarded all of the protocols for the first reverses the first group 12 God what you should know about the spirituals manifestations gifts of the spirit wants to give each and every one of us wanted and usually the services we found out that he answered the Corinthians question from someone of your morning speaking by the spirit of God say Jesus was cursed also know know know a thousand times no fact, Jesus is not accursed please bless and here's Lord and Christ somebody say about not some Gnostic ER hallelujah now the fourth verse we pick up and it talks about the unity in diversity in the Godhead. Even though the Godhead is one in unity.

They are diverse, just like we are one that you are the body of Christ members in particular. Everyone members one of another, but we are not close. We are individuals and the father the son and the Holy Ghost are in unity in the Godhead. What they are diverse and they have a fiber part in the gifts for forces and that there were diversities of gifts, but it's the same spirit. These gifts belong to the Holy Spirit or imparted by him and are manifested by him bears the same ornament and there were diversities of operations all of the gifts are used to serve Jesus lift him up, but it is the same God, but is the same God that is working all things in general. All and all during unity with their different offices were supposedly in unity with far different offices and with the abilities to minister our office, but the manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of spiritual manifestation of the spirit not the manifestation of the gifts manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit with all the gifts are given not for some individuals. Grand prize meant not for the lift him up, but it's the profit the whole body of Christ, the whole key is sincere, zealous of spiritual endowments gifts seek that you may excel to the edifying of the body of Christ, seek that you may be number one in building the body up that should be our motive and purpose in desiring and wanting God to use us with the gifts they are not. Manifestation of gifts. There are manifestation of the spirit and operation of the services he reveals and his presence and ministries of the church through this charisma given to each person for the Goodman profit of the entire church believers already unity in diversity. Now the clones of each other. I'm not trying to be anybody else. I'm not trying to be somebody that are not on the copula heavily say man I feel sorry for trying to copy me. God has us individually designed us individually as a part in office function in the church and we define our part. Our office in function and get in there and function in our office in function and you will find out that certain charisma is not will work through you. To lift up the Lord and build the church a man all right now we go to get a new patrol the chief and at the bit to get into the gifts the list and distribution of spiritual charisma eight through the 10th verse four to one is given by the spirit.

The word of wisdom, to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit to another faith by the same spirit to another gifts of healing by the same spirit to another, working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another divers kinds tongues, to another the interpretation of tongue.

These are the nine charisma that the Holy Ghost will manifest through individuals in the church service to let them know that he is there to lift up the Lord supply the need and advance and increase the church and build it up. These nine gifts work in the church service.

Say these nine gifts work in the church service.

These 900 manifestations of the spirit is the spirit manifested himself in the church services in the assembly. These nine gifts only work in the assemblies I want to drive at home.

The say it with me. The nine manifestation charismatic top of the spirit work only in the church assembly manifesting his presence to meet the need of the individuals in the service and took glorify the Lord and advance the church and build it up later on, you'll see other gifts that work outside of the search committee, CMM. These work in the church. How many CMM and they are to be charged by the people in the church to see whether it is a demon spirit or God spirit and operation or man spirit. Somebody said to spiritual progress in which one causes three types of spirit, the Holy Spirit demonic spirit man spirit and we got to discern which one of the three is operate just like they had discerning Karen which one of the spiritual operate in their how many CMM Kozol, spirit, liberals also spiritual law, spiritual manifesting they thought almost God.

Just because it was a spirit and same thing today.

How many CMM many false prophets, and I just read John said when elderly many false prophets are in the land.

How many CMM and we need to judge the spirits didn't pulsate below but try the spirits to see whether they be of God are not tests.

How many CMM all right, so now we have these nine manifestations manifested as charisma or covers matter through gifted believers to bring healing, deliverance, salvation, advance of the church and building it up.

I want you to notice that there's three groups of the gifts. Most of the time you'll see three groups with the have a lot different than I've got it. Three groups first to involve in Revelation, word of wisdom, word of knowledge.

These work in tandem.

Notice that it's a word or a portion of wisdom and knowledge not wisdom and knowledge per se. How many CMM when I get investigating gifts more outgoing network feral these to work in a tandem.

They work together that you can hardly tell when you're out of the water was when the word of knowledge that are so close to you. The difference will begin finding them.

The next group is a group of five involving faith here.

You have to have no faith to receive.

The word was more knowledge you have no faith at all, so faith involved. We produce have an ear word of knowledge comes to you takes no faith at all for these next five gifts to work. It involves faith and they work according to your measure of faith. The chief than the best of these five gifts is faith.

Faith itself next four operate according to the measure of your faith healing and miracles operate according to your measure of faith. Please also work in tandem. Sometimes it's just very hard to define whether to healing or a miracle. Miraculous healing like Jesus created eyeballs to give that man cite what was at a healing or miraculous healing. It was a miracle he created him, how many CMM and these two were contained on the float back in on the window at the one in the other factor find out that it takes miracles to cast out devils community that prophecy works according to the measure of your faith.

You prophesy according to what your proportion of faith in many CMM little faith you say the say of the Lord, no faith, you don't say nothing prophesy according to your port. Proportion of faith needs to work in tandem, because all prophecy has to be discerned. Wherefore, the gift of discerning spirits with two chapter 1st Corinthians to let the prophets speak two or three and let the rest judge or desire in many CMM's UM's fault that it's in the services that these were because they must be spoken before prophets to charge the content of the message. These people going around these prayer meetings laying on hands, given his personal prophecies. That's not the Bible say a mentor to me. Unclear I'm telling you what the Bible teaches all prophecy is to be judged in many CMM final two of the group involve the tone divers kinds of tongues or species of languages and I want you to take a note of this diverse kinds of tongue you don't get one tongue when you get this gift from God. You don't get one tongue you could diverse tongues. Do you understand what divers kinds of tongues means more than one language and that's a very important thing I want you to file it in your mind because you will meet a little later when I began to open up the individual gifts, specially tongues tongues is the most most understood gift of all is the most versatile gift of all will be getting that little longer. Company see the three groups now and that he sees her.

Can you see how faith is the chief when many times it is a gift of miracles were a gift of faith. That's operate producing a miracle see how they slide into one another. How many CMM and here's me, Jesus said if they'll have faith as a grain of mustard seed never talk about the gift of faith right you will say to this mountain, be removed, be thou plucked up the chaos in the sea, that would've set a miracle or faith. It's faith producing a miracle how many CMM the other slide, and especially these power gifts work according to your faith. You don't need faith to get a word of wisdom in the word of knowledge or you need to do is have an ear but you need faith to speak it after you get because you get a word of knowledge not for you for somebody else you know Sonny like the word was a word of knowledge works. I get a word of knowledge. I get a word of knowledge and wisdom from God, a way to look back and I can tell of God's will have a type of service because the angel of the Lord comes in office and he begins to talk to me and give me a word of knowledge of what's out the congregation. I mean, it's been on the line that is see we had Junior and we only had four of may come up Junior's we had tumors last week we only had four of them come up see he was right on the line. It took faith for me to call amount didn't take no faith for me to receive it. I heard it don't take any faith to receive it, but it takes faith to deliver it.

How many CMM plot. You must have faith for these five do work, they won't work. How many CMM you cannot heal the sick, if you don't lay your hand on speak tool you can have the healing power on you all you want to, but if you don't act in faith and many CMM you can have the anointing to prophesy, but your faith is small and what happens like a said no faith to say nothing will think you say, thus saith the Lord movement were for the sake hear the word of God here the word of God here the word of God, we had to tell him to shut up so we can hear the word of God, we have to say here the word of God twice. That's enough this hear the word of God have any CMM you see the three groupings now have a work in tandem with one another and you can hardly tell what a better one than you and the other member first spirit is the giver and the operator of the gift you can operate it when you want to say you wed like to I like to have all nine operator one award the only one that could do that was Jesus because God didn't give him the spirit by measure and he had also authority to use it whenever he wanted, but we only get gifts what are they, what are the gifts charisma. The result of grace manifesting itself in what of God's what enables me to have word was a word of knowledge, faith healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues, interpretation, correction, the only gift that can work without the director morning and unction of the Holy Ghost is the gift of tongues. You have the gift of tongues. You can speak in tongues anytime you want. You can use it to praise God say a man using an prayer. That's why it proves that you can use it in yourself because the whole church was speaking in tongues and out of order, and the Holy Ghost would've never done it and he wouldn't had to correct them. So the Lotta people say gift is the least. Tongues notice the greatest funds to the individual. That's where the danger comes in to see the speech in tongues edifies himself and that's what they want to do it correct all they wanted to do was speaking tongues build yourself up didn't care about nobody else.

I'll be getting this more thoroughly. Start digging in and telling all about the gift how many CMM I want you to notice what you don't see now but in the Greek God uses three different prepositions about the gifts dear needs through all the gifts work through the mediation of the Holy Spirit not by yourself in many CMM the second preposition is scattered, it was translated by kata means according to his will according to his determination.

Many CMM and the third preposition was in and it marks this year that the gift works. It works in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and that he saying that in his spear. They work in their very very important differentiations and I did. That's how I wanted you to see that and a lot of you don't agree connected doesn't mean anything.

But they're very important through use the wanted is the gifts gives and operates according to his will. What gift you get, and when it works, and in his anointing and power.

These gifts work. A man understand safe to say amen hope you do well television land that wanted to get into the actual nitty-gritty of the gifts defining and expanding the gifts.

The first one is the revelation gift the word of wisdom that's logon's Sophia so you know the woman her name. Sophia soon her names. Wisdom how many CMM Sophia means how to apply knowledge to accomplish a different particular task is how to use knowledge to accomplish a particular task is a supernatural revelation through the spoken word by the spirit of God when how to handle a particular situation and we sure need that in the church and administers of the church shore leave the word of wisdom. How many CMM how to run God's house and it will work in the administrative offices how to run God's house was the one how that's that that's the classic media wisdom, how to apply knowledge do a given task will bring about a certain in perfect illustration is Solomon God gave Solomon the word of knowledge when the word of wisdom, not the word of knowledge.

If you want to gave Solomon the word of knowledge.

He would've told him who was the mother of that little baby.

Remember the story that showed his wisdom to mothers, had two children newborn neighbor sleeping together in one bed, one mother rolled on the child and the child died in the morning to both claim the living child, so they brought the two mothers with the living and dead child. Solomon both claim inferred to be the child see what he would do. God give you the spirit of wisdom. So instead of telling them who was the mother he told him what to do because he knew the mother love the child would rather let it live and die and would give it up that mother instinct when he said okay. You both claim it: first subordinate's are divided in half. Give half the one after the other, the one woman that what in her childhood. That's right had cut it in half. The other mother did and said no that it live. He said that work.

The mother, that's wisdom it's applying knowledge how to bring about a certain task and result the word of knowledge, but aridity and this is the supernatural utterance of facts by the spirit including fundamental principles of the word includes understanding the great facts of life as they were known of God. Joseph had the word of knowledge. When Pharaoh had that dream. Seven healthy cows in the seven lean cows. Those lentil soup. He did know the interpretation he wanted to know about Joseph. God gave Joseph the word of knowledge, telling what that dream meant there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine then because these to work in tandem and you're going out to one and the other king Sybil Hook what she would do so. God gave you the word of wisdom and told him what to do while they were in the seven Goodyear store the food up prepare for the seven lean years setting get some man full of wisdom to do what and Pharaoh said who's got anywhere wisdom that you know the guys going to do it.

See how the flow data one and the other how many CMM now prophecy is not given to give direction to people prophecy is given to speakers in the church on the edification and exhortation and comfort right word of wisdom in the word of knowledge is given to give direction to people how many CMM in their both utterances, but the difference is, is the way that it comes you hear the word of wisdom and word of knowledge than by faith.

You speak prophecy. It's divine inspiration. You don't know what you're going to say this God inspires you and he uses that gift of the church to give edification expectation and comfort not to give you a word. If you go to get a word from God is going to be the word of wisdom or the word of knowledge give you direction in many CMM take like when Israel was fighting the enemy and God spoke in the prophets, eager, and told the enemies planning out a word of knowledge, and then he told the king word ambush would be in giving the word of wisdom said, be sure you don't go by there. How many say a man so when you want to word of wisdom in the word of knowledge from God. Don't ask God to give your prophecy for because he's going to give your word about your Texan edification and comfort.

If you going to give your prophecy and if you listen for a word of wisdom or word of knowledge and who give you direction on what to do. A man is God wants want to get this split down the here perfect so you understand the gift how many CMM still out there. You still with me. Remember you don't get all of God's wisdom of all God's knowledge give the wisdom and the knowledge that to me and amen. What an insightful and timely teaching by God's servant brother Hardy on the gifts of the spirit.

Thank God that he has endowed his church, the body of Christ with these nine marvelous manifestations of his Holy Spirit to bring forth the works of healing, deliverance and revelation to his people and also as a witness to others that they might believe when his son the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the early church in acts went forth, preaching and teaching the gospel not work with them confirming his work through mighty signs and wonders how much more do we today need the gifts of the spirit and this age of counterfeit supernatural manifestations by the kingdom and Prince of darkness. This teaching is vital to our understanding for every believer and answers the question unequivocably and scripturally are the gifts of the spirit for today and who may operate in the gas how and when you will understand the operation. The purpose and the function of the gifts of the word of wisdom the word of knowledge, prophecy, and discerning of spirits and how these gifts often work in tandem with each other as well as the power gifts I faith healings and working of miracles, and finally you will understand the get of diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues and what the differences between the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues given to the individual for his own personal edification and the gift of diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues that operate in the church assembly.

This complete in-depth teaching on the gifts of the spirit is available in a double CD set and can be noise from the gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer 304 I mailing address is RG Hardy ministries PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 212 and three or order online at RG Hardy got at RG Hardy got along RG again the offer number is 304 for the gifts of the spirit a double to see D for your lot at $15 and I mailing address PO Box 17441, Maryland 2123. Until next time for Sharon not saying

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