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The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 5

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 28, 2021 8:00 am

The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 5

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 28, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends and new listeners. Welcome to the Archie Hardy ministries program. I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God today's teaching by my father for the Hardy is exciting and permitted so make sure you get each episode of this outstanding exposition on the gifts of the spirit glory the Lord is good when all the time. The Lord is good, okay, last week we left off in the face. This is one of the greatest gifts of all of the power gift for you. Greatest gift of the power grips and we said last week, the power gifts come under the heading of faith, then these other four healing miracles, prophecy, and discerning of spirits work according to the measure of our faith. In fact, the first three faith healing miracles are so close. You know when you're going out a warning to the other really so close and will examine it as we go on. Father, we gave the definition of faith they possess supernatural surgeon confidence with the spirit causes the horizon for a person in a particular situation of the challenge which gives him an utter certainty and assurance that God is about the actual word or an action to miraculously supply the need and give how little you all like the different healings and I want you to know that is just what each one of them have any say in them gifts of healings, which means that you don't have the gift of healing per se.

Nobody has the gift of healing the gift of healing would mean you have God's healing power in resident or on you at all times.

You could use it anytime anywhere to heal any disease. No one hands that we have gifts of healings. Remember the word gifts is what comes from the word what terraces, what grace, what is one meaning of grace and power divine ability put the MA audit, it becomes charisma, charisma and money say man MA means result or portions of of grace, enabling her to my ability, charisma means you get portions of this divine ability, and in the case of healing, it manifests itself in what portions of God's enabling power to heal the sick, you get a portion of the time for an individual sickness. For that moment. And when you release it you will have it anymore. Emily say a man for the gifts of healings or portions of enabling grace, producing physical healing there given by the Spirit for a specific to work at a specific time and there were different as they were different elements as there are so many different healing gifts gift the source only as you receive it to give to a person as the Spirit directs. When you've given it no more you have it until the spirit gives you another portion of healing for another specific disease. Emily say amen they are portions number charisma means portions in the gifts here means convincing us portions of healing power and money. Say a man that that that power just comes on you, like faith, this power comes on you and you release it.

Emily say a man gifts the miracles which means acts or mighty acts of power that working 10 backbone faith. A lot of times healings or miracle healings take when Jesus reached in the mud made mud pack and put it on that man's eyes.

What you think he did.

The Bible said he was from birth born didn't see he was born an incomplete creation.

So what Jesus did. He was doing a lot of things.

20 m mud pack on the ground and placed it in that man's eyes, my Lord. We had eyes for what the sizes would be blind as a bat committee. Save everything you got two good eyes of God put one in your eyes you love will go blind. So to July but what was this man was of incomplete creation in Jesus made eyeballs to prove that he was from the beginning, from everlasting to everlasting and he was the one that made the first eyes of a man out of Emily say a man in the city to the Polo pool's alone which is being sent. When that man washed away the excess money got two beautiful eyes of the Keynesian that was a miraculous healing seed that took a miracle because it had to create an Oregon figure float matter, faith healing and miracles almost don't know what you want either one or the other just like I showed in the world was a word of knowledge working in tandem to go from one end of the other. Emily say amen and in these power gifts here, you're going from one the one other you don't know whether it's the charge of spoken word you don't know it's a portion of healing that you feel the release of the power or whether it's a creative act. Miracles are not just limited to healing miracles is intervention and orderly intervention into the regular operations of nature.

It includes the power to re-create a miracle, means that God can do anything contrary to the law of physics. When Jesus walked on water. It was a miracle when he multiplied the food the fishes and Lowe's.

It was a miracle.

Emily say amen when he created his eyeballs. It was a miracle. And then when he raise the dead.

That's a gift of miracles also takes the gift of miracles to cast out devils. Two ways to cast out devils one these signs shall follow them that believe in my name shall be cast out devils faith in the name of Jesus or the gift of miracles. Acts 86 and Dave says of the people with one accord gave healing to things which fill speak hearing Emily say amen hearing get that word and seeing the miracles which he did. That was a miracle he heard the next part of the verses for unclean spirits, crying with loud voices came out of many that were possessed with them they heard the miracle takes the gift of miracles.

The cast out devils.

Emily say a man and also he healed the sick, and he said and many taken with palsy and that were lame were healed and there was great joy in that city ceded to gifts, miracles of healing work. Emily say amen man that's got a deliverance ministry goes to just work your flowing out of one class that devils are laying hands on the sick, or didn't heal speaking the word of faith in the get healed Emily say a man Emily can see how they flow together and faith is the determining factor.

Yet God to give you a word of knowledge and somatic sick.

If you have faith you don't call them up or if you don't have faith you're not going to pray for Emily say a man so these gifts float back to work. I can for one for another. Another manifestation of miracles of Sadat's 1911 and 12. Seven God Lord God works special miracles by the hands of Paul so that handkerchiefs or aprons were taken from his body to the sick and it said that the unclean spirit one album departed from them in this and the diseases left them. That was a special miracle because of demon spirits included healing and casting out devils. Another manifestation of miracles. The heel was Peter shadow. In acts 512 and 16 membered's fame one out miracle power was working in him and what did they do, they line the sick of the street forever would come wherever his shadow hit him what happened. The got healed. Miracle working healings. These three or going back and forth out of faith.

You don't know others of faith healing. You don't know whether it's a regular portion of healing or you don't know others of the reckless healing, and particularly other characters.

So to get healed. Whatever when you want to do what Lord those letters speak.

Emily say amen.

Let us release the healing power by Leon Adams or B. A miraculous manifestation of healing cast out the devil to people healed and delivered Emily say you ma'am, God still in the saving business.still in the healing business.still in the miracle worker business. You can cease because that's his nature. God can stop doing the things that belong to his nature anymore.

You can stop Emily say a man all right and we have much the gift of prophecy and prophecy is moderate times gets confused with the word of wisdom in the word of knowledge, were going to differentiate between the two prophecy is inspired speech which means that it's nothing pre-meditated it a spontaneous spirit inspired intelligent messages orally delivered in the general assembly intended for the edification expectation and encouragement of the people of God, the church. First Corinthians 14 three said but he that prophesies speakerphone demand to edification expectation and comfort. Prophecy is the greatest gift of the utterance gifts and the Paul prophecy is the greatest gift of all. And the reason why it's the greatest gift of all because it has the ability to build up the church to encourage the search and comfort the church in the first group is a 14 chapter Paul said, for as much is your zealous of spiritual gifts she could to make Excel to the one edifying of the body of Christ the gift the New Testament gift of prophecy mainly operates in the church service to edify and comfort and lift up the church of God Emily say your man. It includes telling the Old Testament the gift of prophecy was mainly for telling foretelling means predicting foretelling means just to speak for fun or divine inspiration under the New Testament the gift of prophecy is mainly for telling the foretelling or predicting comes in the office of a prophet. Emily knows there's a difference between the gift of prophecy which everybody can prophesy and the office of the prophet and all are not prophets first revisit 12 chapter 28 verse seven God assert some of the church, first apostles secondary profits.

Thoroughly, teachers and so warm.

And then he says are all apostles are all prophets no everybody is not in the office of apostle everybody's not in the office of the prophet, but every body can prophesy speak for words of edification expectation and comfort. That's a whole just the first Corinthians 14 showing it's better to prophesy than speak in tongues, unless you interpret because if you speak in tongues. All you doing is building yourself up, but if you prophesy your building the church up and God wants to use the gift to what bill the church up edify and we could bring it over in the English and edifice of building edify means to spiritually uplifted advance.

So one of the functions of the gift of prophecy is a spiritually uplifted advance. The second is his exhortation.

You exhort the people in the message to do certain things. That's kind of the gift of faith hang on in there. Don't get weary in well doing, don't forget hands up don't quit and then the third Avenue of the gift of prophecy. New Testament is the comfort people the comfort the church.

Emily say amen when God wants to bring something to protect. He uses the office of a prophet because they were established in that office and accepted of the people in the old more readily accept the prediction.

All prophecy must be tried. Emily heard me all prophecy must be tried to see whether it's of God are not why because you can prophesy out of your own heart.

Did God say in Ezekiel 1 of the prophets that prophesy out of their own heart that have not seen a vision Emily say amen you can speak out of your own heart and not direct inspiration of God. When you speak out of your heart, you've already premeditated the message there's certain churches not trying to throw anything off warm because I believe they were sincere, but sincerity in your ignorance doesn't change the matter that your ignorant and bringing false doctrine. Each tribe repeat teach people how to prophesy.

You cannot teach people how to prophesy. That is a divine gift that just happened. I'm improper. The horsemen used to be the gift of prophecy. 404 for 46 years and I never went to a school to learn to prophesy Emily say you ma'am because number one what you get is the gift of prophecy and the gift is a spirit I been trying to get that to you the whole time when I come to the word spirit Emily say he met up and try to emphasize it for. Paul said in first Corinthians the 14th chapter in the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet Emily say amen that right. The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet, and then in revelations that I team chapter he said in the testimony of Jesus is what say the word spirit of prophecy.

Emily say amen infected women see as we go on that out of the nine gifts seven or spirits. They are the divine enablement's that God has put in your life. The other two are power the healing do miracles in one God wants to operate that gift spirit in you, he anoints it. You, by faith, letting operate.

You control that gift spirit. He lives right here Emily say a man in one God wants to use tongues interpretation of prophecy becomes real and is in your mouth and in the mornings on your hearts palpitate and you got to do it. My favorite say the first word, thus saith the Lord lender spirit takes your mouth asked you for and they all were filled with the Holy Ghost, and they began to speak, then the Spirit gave them what other say you met somebody got a coliform look on your face with my will try to bring that out more Emily say amen so the Paul, the greatest gift is prophecy is the only gift that God should become, then pulsate covet the prophesy said I would. It's all speak in tongues, but I'd rather let you what prophesy covet the prophesy. Why because it's the greatest gift to build up the entire church by edification, words of edification, exhortation, and comfort where the gift of healing will only really bless that person.

It's receive it totally. Some people while people didn't healing miracles are out there nonplussed the mines, wondering how many say you ma'am but pharmacy has the ability to lift the whole church up. I watch #some Sunday mornings. A prophecy comes in that all sudden efforts over the whole church is raising her voice and praise and thanksgiving. Emily say amen so prophecy is supernatural utterance inspired by the Holy Ghost. For that moment. Bring a world of edification or traditional comfort. It's not a skill but you can learn, you can go to Bible school UK to go to anyone that's prophesy and say now teach me how to do it when I would tell you is to seek the Lord is if you give it a gift manages got the gift, when did your morning comes longer operate the gift that have enough faith to save the say of the Lord and let them take over say it. It's not inspired preaching is not teaching its inspired utterance that comes from God like that in there you will learn and is the congregation's Lord, you have no idea what you're saying ahead of time if somebody said well suppose I hear a couple words ahead of time. That's the word of knowledge. Many say amen you get a little more knowledge and then a whole lot of prophecy was empty save a few words, God did to those few words to help pump your faithful you might be a little low in faith, so retrieve your food with those words so you could start it and then here comes the inspiration and you're saying words that you never heard the rolling out how many say amen see the difference between prophecy of the word of wisdom in the word of knowledge is the deliberate and how it's receive member I told you the word of wisdom or the knowledge that they have no faith for those gifts. All you gotta do is have an ear it's spoken to your word of knowledge of the word was and when you receive it where the faith comes is whether you going to repeat what you received. Now when you speak what you received your thou speaking by knowledge and not by inspiration families follow me as I threaded Emily say amen. But when the true gift of prophecy comes in operation good morning comes on someone so how will I know when the prophesy to get the gift you know when God wants to use you that morning will set on you.

That spirit will come up I want to get activated and then when you say, thus saith the Lord.

It's all you say that you know when you're saying and outcomes with the say of the Lord. Amen hallelujah ma'am because it's working again in this group that faith is the greatest of all of these five you do it according to the measure with a portion of your faith so you gotta portion of the word. For we know in part, that right that we said in first Corinthians 13 nine we know in part, we prophesy in part. Romans full success.

Let us prophesy according to the proportion of our faith in many say amen like I said last week. If you got a little bit of faith. You say the say of the Lord, and you don't say nothing else. If you don't have the faith healing the say, thus saith the Lord.

So you prep prophesy according to the proportion of your faith, and according to the anointing and flow.

When the anointing and flow begins. The precedent stopped and you shut up with whatever else comes out of the you Emily say amen that all right now everyone can have the gift of prophecy and that's why it's so great, but everyone is not a prophet, and when you get in the opposite of a prophet, then you are God's spokesman, the word prophet means he that Caesar God hears for God and speaks for God and gifts of the profit will operate everyone that has healing and miracles, not an apostle. Emily say a man, but the size of the parcel. All signs, wonders and miracles.

Emily CMM but everybody that does a miracle works assigned is necessary.

Prophet may not apostle Emily CMM Philip went down to Samaria. They gave he do the things which you spoke, seeing and hearing these miracles, healing the sick castanet that was what he could lay hands on anyone receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost that belongs to the parcel office and they had again Peter and John, the command to lay hands.

Emily CMM this gift of prophecy has to be judged to the source where the message is coming from and the content but what is said. Therefore it's partner gift discerning of spirits works in conjunction with prophecy discerning of spirits. This is the parable of prophecy it works in conjunction with prophecy. It's a test of prophetic utterances and it's a control against its abuse for script is a 14 chapter 29 verse said that the prophets speak two or three and let the others charge want you to keep this word to with three in your mind, follow it, so bring it up later is a very important part, Emily CMM. First group is a 14 chapter a lot of theologians and commentators believe that God is limiting the gifts of prophecy and tongues, and interpretation when he is not limiting it. He is regulating them because the Corinthian church the whole church which is common and everybody speaking in tongues. Once Paul said the unbeliever and the unlearned are saying you're mad out of your mind. How many say a man and if all the church would come together and we all speak in tongues. That's all we did and go out. We didn't do anything without a fire self Emily CMM so 14 chapter 1st group discussed the regulation gives let me get into it a little fatherly. He said lack remember I told you whatever sentence starts with land was at 99% of the time command is not limited needs to let two or three prop and amen. What an insightful and timely teaching by God's servant.

Brother Hardy on the gifts of the spirit. Thank God that he has endowed his church, the body of Christ with these nine marvelous manifestations of his Holy Spirit to bring forth mighty works of healing, deliverance and revelation to his people and also as a witness to others that they might believe when his son the Lord Jesus Christ. When the early church in acts went forth, preaching and teaching the gospel not work with them confirming his work through mighty signs and wonders how much more do we today need the gifts of the spirit and this age of counterfeit supernatural manifestations by the kingdom and Prince of darkness. This teaching is vital to our understanding for every believer and answers the question unequivocably and scripturally are the gifts of the spirit for today and who may operate in the gifts how and when you will understand the operation.

The purpose and the function of the gifts of the word of wisdom the word of knowledge, prophecy, and discerning of spirits and how these gifts often work in tandem with each other as well as the power gifts faith healings and working of miracles, and finally you will understand the get of diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues and what the differences between the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues given to the individual for his own personal edification and the gift of diverse tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues that operate in the church assembly. This complete in-depth teaching on the gifts of the spirit is available in a double CD set. I can be yours prolific, not gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer 304. Our mailing address is RG Hardy ministries PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 212 and three order again the offer number is 304 for the gifts of the spirit gumbo to see D for you are not gift I $15 and I mailing address PO Box 17441, Maryland 2123.

Until next time Sharon not singing

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