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Amalekites Among Us, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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November 3, 2021 8:00 am

Amalekites Among Us, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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November 3, 2021 8:00 am

The trail of intrigue that follows the Amalekites' hatred of the Jews leads straight to the White House and the politcal arena where Israel is still fighting for her survival.

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Praise the Lord and welcome to the sound to say I'm Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I'm excited to bring you today's program Amalekites among us tracing God's arch enemy if you love a good story, filled with intriguing genealogy espionage and assassination plot to kill the King as scheming Jew hater with murder on his mind. A beauty pageant to beautiful Queens one exiled in the other exalted God's divine boomerang that saved the Jews from execution and the present political events that threaten Israel's existence because of the spirit of Amalek, you don't want to miss this extraordinary exposť Amalekites among us tracing God's arch enemy.

Let's look at verse 16.

Go gather together all the Jews that are present in Shushan and fast for me and neither eat nor drink three days neither day. I also in my legs were fast. Likewise, and so will I go in unto the king, which is not according against all and if I perish, I perish. Amen.

So she said all right uncle, I hear you I will do what you say but do me this favor. Send word out to all the Jews in the city of Shushan for the next three days. Neither eat nor drink. That's fast and pray and fast and pray here in the palace with my maintenance and after that I will go before the king and it means my Soviet amen. And so when the time came. At the third day she dressed in her most beautiful royal apparel. She was beautified when she went before the king, and she came walking into the throne room of the king summoned an unexpected and when he saw her when he laid eyes on this beautiful woman who probably was rambling from having 93 days. Amen. Because are very light was on the line because the lives of thousands of Jewish people were on the line and because this is was with to give her favor with the King when she showed up. The beauty pageant. He looked at her and extended the golden scepter and she reached down and touched it on the top. Amen. And so when that happened.

He said to her, what is it asked her what is it that you want what you come here for. I mean he knew it had been important for her to actually risk your life to come on summoned something she had never done before.

I mean come on he got nasty because she can come when he called her now she's dominating didn't call her favor, but he knew it had to be very, very serious and so is what is it that you want. What's your petition granted to you and she said this is my petition.

I want you and Haman to come to a banquet that I have prepared for you now folks, this is faith. I said this is faith. She already had the banquet prepared. It was prepared people.

Her name is all of those who took care of her putting a tablecloth on the table is on the table they were pulling the wineglasses on the table everything and she believed that when she and so he said okay and hastily send out word to define Haman and tell him to hurry and come come come come to the feast that the Queen is prepared for you in the king and said that is there that she already had prepared so they come and she has this lavish fees prepared for them and they have a beautiful wonderful evening, and finally the king says, but Esther come on now, what is it you really want time. What is your asking me to you to the Hashemite kingdom. Wow that's brave that's brave.

You could tell.

I'll give you whatever you want to the Hashemite kingdom, but he knew she didn't have a college is greedy, hard, and so he trusted. She had something else on her mind. Amen. And what did she say she said if it pleases the king, and I found favor in your sight, would you come back tomorrow night for dinner you and Haman. I want to prepare you another feast and I promise you that tomorrow night I will tell you what it is I desire.

Amen. So he said fine will do that can you now how is life in attendance on him.

I do have come back tomorrow night and at dinner again.

He could not wait to get home. He was confident wanted, but his joy was short-lived because along the way.

He passed that morning, June, and he was not bowing down and Haman was so aggravated about that. That's read chapter 5 verse nine men went Haman for that day joyful with a glad heart the winner. Haman saw Mordechai in the Kingsgate that he stood, not abnormal for him. He was full of indignation against Mordechai.

Nevertheless, Haman refrained himself and when he came home he sent a call for his friends and his wife so he was so Maxim is joy here that looks no no I don't have time for this right now I gotta get home and tell my wife and everybody all good things are happening to me exactly what he did he got home he was so excited beside himself, and he proceeded to tell her back and rehearsed everything I am the principal of all princes in the king's right hand man have all these riches in glory that he's given me all the Queen thinks I'm special, and he was so delighted and so they had this great wonderful time and so that night Haman went to bed with visions of banquet and wonderful things in his head, but in the palace. The king could not sleep. He got a case of divine insomnia and he could not sleep.

And what do you do when you can't sleep you get a book and you start reading it because usually if you start ringing you'll fall asleep and so the king sent for his servants and said go to the library and pick out one of the books of the Chronicles of all the events that are recorded. The king and common read to me and so they did and all night long there reading their reading and the king is still awake in their reading, but they come to this one event that caught his attention was about the time that Ms. Chamberlain had wanted to kill him. You gave her by the palace and the word humanity investigated and hung them and he said to his servants, but what did we do this thing that he said him and they said we can do anything for, well, that's not right with him because this doll know what he thinks we ought to do my right hand what to do. Time Haman at the castle because his wife and his friends had told him you want to get over this to you need to get rid of the once and for all you need to build the Gallo and hang the morning, but he knew we had to get permission first from the king right now with the king turning down the kill one, you when he was going to kill all the Jews from 20 go tell the king so he's coming in to tell the king that he's decided he's going to hang Mordecai because he's not panicking about them before you get your opinion on what and Haman said all I tell you what you should do because, of course, he thought he was talking again I think you should give him your royal apparel one of your royal robes and put it on him and I think you should put your crown on him and you should be put upon your royal horse and the sound when those before him and said, this idea Mordechai don't know how Haman held it together together folks he had to do that political justice are white chest and he's like a little thing is I got this move. Amen. And God always obtain history and were enjoying the message here two things before you see come out on top God will turn the tables around every time.

Amen. And so that's what happens though in the midst of all this numbers all happen the day the day that would be the evening he had to go back for the second feast. Amen.

And so now he goes home and he tells his wife get ready to get on the shower get cleaned up to go to the dinner and he told his wife.

I cannot believe what just happened.

I cannot believe that is all I never even got the talent and he told her the story he told his wife the story of how that he had to do all this for Mordechai and when his wife Curtis. Now let me tell you something. This had to be the voice of God speaking through his wife read chapter 6, verse 13, and Haman told the same rash. His wife and all his friends everything that had befallen him then said his wisemen and say rush his wife under him all my goodness listen to these words. Mordechai be the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast been gone to fall back shall not prevail against him, but thou shall shortly or him. I mean main recognizes that once you begin to fall before the Jews do not prevail.


I mean, Hitler believed that they had to be dictated out of your he believed that and that's why he came up with the final solution and 6 million of them were killed in the death camps. A lot of people don't know that his scientists were very close. They had already tested some missiles that they had that they were could reach New York City because he believed that New York City is one by the Jews. Wall Street is run by the Jews and the largest population of Jews outside of work, as Israel was in an understand that don't nation door and it came after World War II and the largest nucleus of Jews was in New York City outside of Europe and so he these missiles and he was going to shoot them folks at the skyscrapers in New York lost three lecture history Channel you learn a lot of things he was taking Jews off the face of the earth. Amen. And so they told you begin to fall before the Jews and now things are going downhill fast. There's no way you can prevail. Amen. While they're talking. Here comes the people from the palace and come on you for dinner. Let's get here in America today went to the dinner the second night of the great dinner with Esther the queen and Ahasuerus the king. Amen. And so while there have been dinner.

The king says, not Esther. I know there's something on your mind that you want what is it so she spoke, she said. King, let me plead for myself and let me plead for my people. We have been sold to be utterly destroyed to be killed, and the king said to presume to do such a thing.

He visited the work on coming straight from the bottom right here the adversary.

Amen. Many of the Jews that you Haman swallowed a whole turkey leg was age speechless. Any just gardens.

I guess he was thinking. I can't believe I can. He finally got the king finally got himself together. Meanwhile, he starts pulling Esther for his life spared me old Dell wonderful queen by mean you no harm. He's pleading for his life time McCain comes back in the room time.

Haman is going to where the queen is sitting in when the King Saul that are you going to try to force my wife to and he called for his men. They came in. The Bible says convert Haman space when you cover somebody's face to get ready to put them in the hangman's noose and his people were glad to tell the king and by the way, Haman has built the Gallo to hang Mordecai and the king said hello and then he gave all well on Haman's house to Queen Esther and the ring that was on Haman's finger.

He .1 Mordechai and he noted Mordechai to Prime Minister now we could end the story.

Here we can see the wonderful Haman's dad.

The problem is they eject to kill all the Jews on the 13th and eight are is out there and cannot be reversed and Esther began to plead with the king, Jesus, please, please reverse this law. Please reverse this all the king said, I cannot, but it's not possible, it cannot be reversed, but not what I will do I do this we will send work out nation all the provinces is that the Jews are allowed to defend themselves or to fight back. That much I can do. Amen.

And that's exactly what the Jews were there to defend themselves against them that I like to see this one says the though it was turned to the contrary, that the Jews had rule over them that hated them to God. Around verse two says and when it came to lay hands on such a stop their heart with them for the then fell upon the people that people can because they saw how that their God fought for them and so they began to slay all these people. They actually slough the city to stand in the whole nation may slough the Jews lose 75,000 people who came to kill them in Shushan. They killed 500 people.

Actually I should say 510 and the reason I say that is because the 10 songs of Haman. Now I want you to look at this with me. This is very important. Chapter 9 let's look at verse six and in Shushan, the palace, the Jews slough and destroyed 500 men now is going to name each and every one of Haman's 10 songs. Are you ready okay and son number one and send number two and son number three I'm telling you. Practice I gave up to names every one of the you know I should backed up one a couple verses anyway. They were all killed in Shushan says in verse five. They smoked all them with the stroke of the sword so that the 510 in Shushan okay so obviously Haman songs were killed by the sword, but let's read on and see what happens now the king comes to tell Esther what is happening any reports to her personally about all the ones that were killed and he tells her that Haman's 10 songs were killed and Esther says in verse 13 then said Esther, if it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews which were in Shushan tomorrow. Also according to this days decree and that Haman's 10 signs be hang upon the garlands. I mean we already read the guys were killed by the sword.

So why does she want them hung on the gallows because she wants to make a public display, she wants any secret enemies that still might be out there breeding antis. The Medicaid trip.

She wants to see this is what happens to dikes and kites, against the children of God against the Jewish people, but folks, there is something so incredible and here I want you to pay attention.

This is very important. Get your juices flowing. Because if I were to write you all those names which I cannot pronounce. There's no way I can. But here's something that's a secret thing in the Hebrew school written in Hebrew name on names seven and name 10 each one of those names as a single letter in the name that is written in a smaller point size than the rest of the letters.

Okay let me tag your writing name Sharon in SH ARO and but let's say were doing it in 12 point size which is your normal book size print.

But when you get to the letter a you make the letter a about 8C.SH big small a big RON when you look at that jump out at you made a mistake. You need to go back and fix that okay what I'm saying. Name one name seven inning 10 each other in pain. That is a small point size.

There is no format reason for there's no reason for it. The only reason could be for some reason, you would think me. Now I told you before that the 22 letters of the Hebrew that a numerical value and one of the three letter three in these three name text is worth 400, she is worth 300 design is work seven added together to come up with 707. Now the Hebrew calendar, talk about the Hebrew calendar not the calendar the whole world goes by and the calendar we all go by right now were in the year 20. Amen. 2015. But the Hebrews are not in that there in their own calendar and their calendars is a Hebrews on the ritual of the religious not what the world does start with the five how many know if we want to date something like today. We would just put down. We are in a hurry. We just write down 3.08.15 we bother to put the 20 in no we all know it's 20. We don't need to do it the same way with them.

They don't bother to put the first numbering which is fine.

It's understood that it spotlights okay so we by going to the 707 we come up with 5707, you're with me so far.

We say why do I care if you translate 5707 into the modern calendar you come up year 1946 October 16, 1946 Germany all the criminals against the Jews was given they are to be home and were to be hung on the same time on the gallows, but because they the Nazis gave this to all of their top men with little cylinders of cyanide in there to help places where they could hide that if they were ever taken.

It just commit suicide. What I cyanide any committed suicide before they could hang 10 guys were left to be hung 10 guys folks on the gallows in 1946 and when being hung there. One man this is anti-Semitic editor who magazines and such against the Jews. His name was Julius Streicher before that thing down before he was taken and he yelled out something else.

He yelled out 1998 about this time 19 but that when I wanted to give this a lot of things like that but I said that and I'll close with this this week on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's was invited invited by the head of the whole house of Congress to come and get a beach because I quickly develop nuclear weapons. Remember, Iran is was personal nuclear or anything because the oil what do they need with nuclear power when they got all that will wanted, so they can heat their houses. People may have said I will kill the Jews and unit one make good on his word and is over and the Jews were put in their homeland. They said again that this they went to the one like sheep before the slaughter, but they said never again the next time we will come out fighting. A man to plead because I want to continue to negotiate negotiate negotiate peace. Talk peace talks are like me, find some here is not important. I don't know what I have is not important. Okay, this is peace talks with Iranian document would do with it.

That's how good it can be trusted to tell you anything because built into their Islamic doctrine built in May are allowed to Islam. Islam their enemy and it will not be a sin. They will be rewarded. So peace talks.

All this time I Iran is getting closer and closer to that mom would never once before when the midline Obama in the White House had a fit.

You can do that today backed off. Well now Iran's only closer and let me tell you something. The intelligence that is Israel has is phenomenal. I mean, they have intelligence.

The world does not even know some of the secrets that Israel has an even secret weapons that they have. They have to their surrounded by 22 nations and millions and millions of people that don't like them. We will do it so he did. Doing these tables and talk about it in his will. Says were not talking anymore talk is not going to help us. Now all he said it's only going to make their pathway to the bond quicker because while you're in the piece when talking here in the laboratory building and there were a lot of people that said he shouldn't have come and gave that speech, but he was invited by the head of both houses of Congress. Any pay due respect and homage as he should to our White House into our president. He paid the homage that a leader should pay to another one but he said frankly but I disagree. I disagree. And here's the thing about our lives on the line you choose these talks will be thankful Israel belittled Satan guess what they call the big thing they truly believe Islam is truly believe that America is run by two that behind the scenes, the Jews are running everything they believe that and so they think that they will need some flying over the White House. And here's the thing. I'll close with this, but he brought up towards the end of it is ironic that he was their own forum. He was given a speech important to understand this, we just all showed you and he even alluded to when Esther had to go before the Gentile king, Gentile king and they can implead for her people and he was putting himself as a modern-day Esther going to a Gentile White House and saying what help us on pleading for my people. Amen.

This is the thing about this is not a political thing parties, though it has nothing to do with it has to do with God's word. The choice people are the apple of his eye.

He will get anything. I'll bless them that bless you. God is not going to let them wipe Israel out.

It's not going to happen. It's going to get very close to it. It's going to get very Jesus is going to come my amen.

I hope you enjoy this intriguing teaching Amalekites among us tracing God's archenemy the Amalekites are the descendents of Ishmael Jacobs, uncle and Esau his twin brother, who married Ishmael's daughter. These have proven to be Israel's worst enemies to this very day, but Amalek is also God's enemy when Israel came out of Egypt and journey to the wilderness on their way to their promised land. The Amalekites not only attack them but when after the weakest and frail list of the people God swore that he would be at war with Amalek through all generations. In fact, centuries later, when Saul became king of Israel. God told him to utterly slay the Amalekites, but Saul disobeyed and spared their king a gag. The prophet Samuel later killed him with the sword, but yet his descendent, Haman. They had gag light turned up centuries later when Israel was in exile in Persia, he devised a plot to kill all the Jews in the provinces of the kingdom and he would have gotten away with it. But God orchestrated a beauty pageant and assassination plot and two banquets given by Queen Esther, the secret US who risked all to save her people.

The trail of intrigue that followed the Amalekites hatred of the Jews leads straight to the White House and the political arena where Israel is still fighting for her survival. But if God is for you.

He is more than all who can come against you Amalekites among us tracing God's archenemy is available on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SK 178 mailed to sound the faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go online to sound the you can also order on MP3 but to order by mail send your minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 and request SK 178 till next time Sharon not saying that

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