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THU HR 1 092922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 30, 2022 12:18 am

THU HR 1 092922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 30, 2022 12:18 am

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Experience is haunting and unforgettable. The terrifying and deliciously creepy playing in theaters right click ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio right now.

Good evening and welcome to another digital with what was left.

I'm really about 30 senders and indeed this is the voice still of the Christian resistance and tonight we have our our team here tonight. There are producer.

No, none other than the courageous Craig good evening everybody and we have Randy gay be blessed. No stress. Everybody already and of course we have lock and load lease good evening everyone know about this tonight for the start of America. America needs prayer. America really does work.

We stand in the shadow of a holy and adjust and Almighty God in a holy God must punish sin is what holy God to do and one America is in trouble big trouble now God is giving you the remedy. God knows everyone who is listing to this radio program tonight. God is aware of that he knows you there.

He knows he knows what you're thinking. So how could God possibly do that will that's what God does is omnipotent. He's a Lucian is omnipresent now were going to go to prayer, and I'm going to ask all of you to go and pray along with me because there is power in prayer and believe me, God is is listing. He knows to join with me tonight all of you out there is, as we pray for America tonight.

Emily father Lord God, we the people your people here where the people Lord that when when that corded 1962 in Washington DC the court to call themselves supreme. When they were only supreme in the rebellion under sin Lord when they expelled you from the public school system. When they told told you you weren't wanted and needed. Now that school system because well the other guy came in the opposition. The devil himself. They left the door wide open and Lord, where the people when the pastors failed when the pastors could not find the courage that they needed to march in Washington DC and put that corrupt court on trial for treason against God and country where the people that encourage the pastors to stand. We're the ones Lord with Aston stand up and fight. Don't be afraid. Do not do not failure God again with the pastors, all except for just the remnant just of a very small percentage Lord, they failed the found ways to take and twist Romans chapter 13 in the Bible to to make and say that they had to obey corrupt government because they didn't have the courage to stand up against the 1973 when that corrupt court again when they declared you did and they declare themselves to be God when they said we will take what God has said is unlawful and we will make it legal by license. We will allow you if you purchase a license from the state with Mammon. We will allowed you to destroy the very image of God. We will place herself as God and again we were the people your people Lord that encourage the told the pastor stand up pastor stand up at your time pastor stand up, march on DC go in there, but that corrupt ungodly Satan filled court on trial for treason against God and all humanity. But you pastors they failed you again Lord we didn't week we tried, we stood we fought. We continued we fought and we been fighting against the evil all of this time when the vast majority wanted to stay in the comfort zone.

They feared government more than they did. June the deftly did not want to lose their 501(c)(3). My gosh, no. They wanted to hold onto that and I didn't want to offend the corrupt courts they were afraid the IRS would come and take away the property.

We were the ones Ford remembered it continued to try to make him stand up and the men play the minute and then Lord when when they went in they took your divine institution of marriage and they made something dirty out of it. They polluted that where was the outrage will you had a few more you do it you had so my praise the Lord of praise you for the ones you did rates of the ones that had some courage to stand up and citizens wrong, but again they failed to put that corrupt court on trial and here we are getting out Lord as we come before you where in a police state. We have a government that is so corrupt. We have a man in the White House, Lord. It's a pedophile who is able to the to the bone.

Who hates you and he hates your people. We have up Atty. Gen. who hates you. He hates pro-lifers he hates Christians he hates patriots is a corrupt and extremely corrupt man.

We had the FBI which was once a one time it was an agency that had some integrity they actually fought against the horrors of communism in today those in charge of going over and they become the very enemy of America that they once fought against the tonight here we come Lord. We are here to the were asking Lord, remember us put us in a book of remembrance where those we stood our ground.

We didn't back up. We didn't standdown we continue to ask you Lord God to raise up to raise up the righteous. We know Lord God in that in your righteous vengeance your righteous vengeance you use your elect to execute judgment on the wicked and the evil Lord so were asking you tonight to raise up your righteousness, your bold, godly people, pastors with the courage to rebuke and refute these corrupt judges that have gone a whoring these corrupt politicians, Lord, and of going to whoring rescue knew Lord to raise up righteous and bold and honorable and courageous men to stand in the gap for nation. We know Lord that our sewers run red with the blood of the innocent because the pastors failed you.

They failed to when the time come to stand and be boldly tucked tail and they ran the lore were asking you to raise that godly righteous bold men father got out there to standdown this time and to rebuke the corrupt judges to rebuke these corrupt politicians and to lead the people. As Christian soldiers with their eyes upon the cross of Jesus, so rescue knew Lord tonight to remember us in the hearers and the answer our prayers. This we ask in Jesus name Amen and amen.

That was almost a certain amen already already know.

Speaking of messages. The title of the message was God's righteous vengeance and God does use his elect to execute vengeance on his enemies, and tonight were going to go to first Samuel chapter 15 I'm going to read verses one through 14 and you pick it up in verse 15, Randy got Samuel also said in the so the Lord sent me to anoint the to be the voice of the words of the Lord, the said Lord of hosts. I remember that when Amalek did Israel only laid waste for them in the way in and when he came up from Egypt to go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not but slay both man and woman in infant and suckling, ox sheet S. And Saul get all the people together and number them and tell them 200,000 foot men and 10,000 men of Judah and cell came to the city of Amalek, and laid wait in the valley and sell set into the Kenite go depart get you down from among the Amalekites, lest I destroy you with them for they showed kindness for you showed kindness to all the children of Israel when they came up out of Egypt so the Kenite departed from among them Amalekites and sell smoke.

The Amalekites, from Ebola until outcome is to assure and over against Egypt and he took a gag, the king of the Amalekites alive, utterly destroyed all the people with the edge of the sword, but so when the people spared a gag in the best of the shaping of the oxen and of the fatlings of the lambs and all that was good and would not utterly destroy them.

But everything that was vile.

They refuse, they destroyed early. Then came the word of the Lord in the Samuel saying it repetitive may that I set up Saul to be king, for he turned back from the following man have not performed my commandments, and aggrieved; and he cried into the Lord all night and when Samuel rose early to meet Saul in the morning. It was told Saul same or was told Samuel, saying Saul came to Carmel, and behold, he set them up and place it is gone about and passed on going to bow down to Gill go and Samuel came to Saul and set into Saul and to him, Blessed be thou the Lord. I have performed the commandment of the Lord and Samuel said, what meaning within this bleating of the sheep in my ears, and the lowering of the auction that I hear and Saul said they have brought them from the animal animal Amalekites for the people spirit with the best of the sheep of the oxen to sacrifice and to Lord thy God, and the rest of utterly destroyed than sandal sat on the Saul state and I will tell the what Lord have said to me this night and he said unto him, sale, and Samuel C.

When Val was little inbound on site must Val not made in the of the head of the tribes of Israel in the Lord and wanted be king over Israel and in the Lord say it simply on the journey and say it go utterly destroy the sinners of the Amalekites and and fight against them until Val consumers until Val consumers wherefore then did some not obey the voice of the Lord and did not fly up on our did not fly upon the spoil in this evil in the sight of the Lord and Samuel and Saul Santos are Samuel J, I have obeyed the voice of the Lord have gone the way which the Lord's sent me and have brought Ajay the King of RAM of the gamma cards and have utterly destroy the animal. The Amalekites, but the people took of the spoils sheet oxen and the chief of the things which should have been utterly destroyed to sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in Jill Gail and Samuel said half the Lord is greater, the light and burn often sacrifice is in the obey him of the voice of the Lord. Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice to hearken to hearken than the fat of ringtones for rebellion is a sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as an in iniquity and idolatry.

Behold, thou hast rejected the voice of the Lord, he hath also rejected from the B and King of Southold in the Samuel I have said, for I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord in my words which because I fear the people and obeyed their voice now therefore I pray the pardon my descendent and turn again with me that I may worship the Lord Samuel seven or so I will not return the for thou hast rejected the word of the Lord and the Lord have rejected the from being king over Israel and Samuel turned about to go away.

He lay hold upon the skirt of the mantle and rented and Samuel said in the him the Lord have the rent for the kingdom of Israel from the this day and have given it to a neighbor of thine, that is better than no and also the strength of Israel will not light nor repent.

For he is not a man that should repent then he said, I have sinned it under me now.

I pray before the elders of the people and before Israel and turn again with me in and I may worship the Lord God. The family return again from Saul and Saul worship the Lord then says that will bring you either to meet a gag. The king of the Amalekites and again came in to him delicately in a gag said surely that bitterness of death this past when Samuel said, as I sort have made women childless, so shall thy mother be childless to, among women, and Samuel hewed a gag in pieces before the Lord of Gill go and 71 Kerama and and so went up to the house of gib of cell is seven occasional vortices selling to the day of his death. Nevertheless, them newborn for so in the Lord repented that he had made so king over Israel. Okay, so how do you think of that you can justify the Lord killing all the men, women, children, even the babies help.

How could you justify because all that is corrupt is like to a site map enable it will ultimately work its way back through the people permeate the society and then turn from him with the didn't God and associated Jonah. Should I destroy those that don't know the left from the right. In other words, those that are not at the age of discernment and in Nineveh but but but while they were a threat God gives everybody time and theirs and into the patience of God, because limit when they came through the first time he had not wiped them out, not destroy them. But it it continued the case of the Amalekites were the very first people to attack Israel and God sediment to the promised land rights to go into this land now. I will give it to you. You was. It was a guys to get all yes so not let me ask you this, they had. They were all wicked people. The Amalekites where they were like Democrats today. They were like Democrats and I'm not. I'm not saying that to be mean or nasty. It is true that Democrats are for abortion. Therefore, sodomy there for pedophilia if it if it's incendiary against God. To say yes, and there totally against God affect were going to be showing Lord's will and a film in church on Sunday and it's it's one that shows it goes and especially Hollywood and it shows you some of these people that fell of the played in that movie or in heaven, having one of my senior moments were with the fellow was in the Vietnam War and he got out he made the statement that the mom always said that life is like a box of chocolates.

The wealthy guy to play for sculptor Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks. That's an imprint of the negative. He's in there and this guy watching what he's doing with these little girls in this bill is shows you just how corrupt the boy in all of NBC, ABC, CBS they all know this and Fox News, and yet they idolized this wicked man. Tom Hanks and when you see what he's doing so here the Amalekites were very very wicked people and if God had destroyed just the adults and not the children. What would've become of the children may become BB adult, you still have the same issue helps children need adults to recently see little children cannot raise them so you talk on the very small chance that will yeah but you see, not here, let me let me after this we came. Is God Alysia. Does he know what the future holds. Sure yes so does he know that those children because of the wickedness because their parents would offer children of the sacrifices was God totally confident that the children would be better if he brought him home with him. Yes without weight. If we say that while the opposition used that very same logic for say with. Therefore read that justifies abortion while date they might say that, but that's not true because only because only be given on Flights Can Take Pl. in Arezzo. God says if I decide if I choose okay to kill him to make a life who who can argue with them.

But while God owns everything he created everything. So God has that right and dump nobody else does, because nobody else has that right. That ability of the great things he does comfort looking alright so now here's the God knows and the Betsy's ways are so much higher than our ways.

Did he know from eons ago that this was going to happen was going to go this way. If he did so he was. He was all prepared is what didn't he say as they exited the promised land that the iniquity of the of the Amorites was not complete yet. In other words, he knew they were going to do what they did but they hadn't done that yet that's exactly what he meant was so more concerned with pleasing the people and being liked among the people that he was pleasing God.

The movie was because he never really repented he was. He was more concerned in this whole episode will save in face when he said the Samuel AND bonhomie in front of the people Don't don't do this in front of them will ESA do knows the people that the people get fellowship and Ozarks in the and and all those things now the tradition back in those days where normally, when you would go to war with a tribe like that that they would they would kill off all the men and they would keep the women as servants with the men that were fighting age would be killed off on automatically in the children. We kept us there was none. When God told him no, don't do that so so so all he didn't take responsibility said it was the people that look at the people here, you know, they know that I fear the people right road exactly filter people mourn God because the people wanted to sacrifice so he let him sacrifice and he said we going to sacrifice you but it did, but it's in contrast or conflict with what God told him to do so did Joe Biden that he fear a rock in the squad and Bernie Sanders and these people more than an Obama the Joe Biden fear the fear that more than God. Yes he does say what he wanted to please them more than God, yes. What about Mary Garvin, Mary Garvin wanted to do that absolutely yes okay now Samuel.

He called Saul out by name if he did, should not the pastors in this country be calling Joe Biden out by name, but they have, but they fear the people to whom they fear that the IRS and IRS 501(c)(3). No one lose that to the date they fear other things more than God. Whether it's getting reelected. Where the Ritz be in it at odds with the squad.

They did this so many factions that they're afraid of you Nate menu poison whichever faction they feel help them become what they are.

It's like liver help to get elected. That's who they fear. So do they need to repent of that they asked they may have never yet they need to never have embraced it big time you will be back right after this the local way more to come on the federal government is me sees them, the more they a sign is now Jane you will in March 1933 prison yard bankruptcy Corporation, the American people becoming like living in property insurance for. Don't despair sure to stop within 50 recent. We are back and again we have a whole talk about tonight.

All right, starting here, DO J resurrect Civil War era charge against patriotic Christian faces rarely used accusations in the article. Good. Now I will say to the posted will change so of the words in here because it's the right thing to do weed.

We worked were telling the truth or a quick answer right, the corrupt Democratic prosecutors claim the Civil War era charged strikes to the heart of what happened that day, which they believe was coordinated effort to stop the transfer of presidential power. They don't believe that they light their corrupt to the core and they know that the cave Stuart Rose and his followers of the first January 6. Defendants to stand trial in such a charge. The corrupt Justice Department hasn't tried seditious conspiracy case in a decade and has at one a guilty verdict since 1995, the prosecution of Islamic militants who plotted to bomb New York City landmark. The corrupt Democratic prosecutors claims the roads and Neil Koop Kuyper spent weeks preparing to stop the Obama from becoming president roads, a Texan who allegedly recruited members to come to Washington amassed weapons that the length of this and organized armed teams to be on standby outside the city in case they were needed. Authorities say the plot came to a head. According to persecutors on January 6 when the Christian patriot all keepers were captured on camera moving through the crowd, the president of Donald Trump's patriotic supporters moving into the capital and the military styles back formation. The patriotic Christian all keepers. For their part, have said that their preparations training gear and weapons were to protect themselves from the potential tax of the fastest antichrist left-wing at the five activists were to be ready of Trump invoked the insurrection act to call upon militia to support his bid to stay in empower which was rightfully his, and he Donald Trump is still the legitimate President of the United States and all of them in fake news media that say that's not true they're lying, and they know they're lying and there's not one of them out there. Not one of them would have the courage to come on this program is set across from me. Not one road said there was no plan to attack the capital and the members who went inside went rogue jury selection starting Tuesday for the trial is expected to last several weeks. What is seditious conspiracy law was enacted after the Civil War to arrest Southerners who might keep fighting the US government in order to win a seditious conspiracy case corrupt Democratic communist prosecutors have to prove that two or more people conspired to overthrow, put down or destroyed by force. The US government or gray war against it or they plotted he is forced to pose the authority of the government court to block the execution of a law Rose Kelly Meigs Jessica Watkins Kenneth Carlson and Thomas Caldwell are charged with conspiring to overthrow the government or levy war. Instead, persecutors discharge that they conspired to forcibly oppose the authority of the very corrupt federal government and forcibly block the execution of laws governing the transfer of presidential power.

Specifically, the all keepers are accused of conspiring to forcibly obstruct the execution of the electoral count act in the 12th amendment of the Constitution which addresses seditious conspiracy and calls for up to 20 years behind bars of convicted I meditate right now. Not one of those you would be they would be so hard so hard pressed brigand John returns with us here, big John, are you there on their current rating of this this article here. The DOJ resurrect Civil War charging against the Christian patriots. So hang with me here. Seditious conspiracy calls for up to 20 years behind bars if convicted roads. It is also associates also face several other serious charges total of nine members or associates of the keepers are fighting seditious conspiracy charges. A second trial for the all keepers charged in the case is to begin at the end of November. Three other all keepers have already pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy are cooperated with investigators that could testify against Rose and at trial Rose lawyers have claimed in court documents that these oath keepers are lying and pleading guilty only because they were pressured by the government and hope to keep to get lighter sentences. I will just up there, you know, I spoke on some more than one occasion to the oath keepers. I went down every one of these every one of these men that I meant made a professional Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior everyone of them believed and God the Bible the Constitution and the American way. That's not that panel that corrupt, corrupt, and I mean extremely incompletely and totally corrupt panel in Washington DC.

They're not worthy to tie the shoes of these oath keepers what you say John returning while earning their upholding the and there within the pound are probably right. I mean, we have seen time and time again look with the FBI. Pres. Trump knowing they use document that were falsely presented to the FISA court knowing that it was really coming from Hillary Clinton is not correct concerning absolutely, they they knew it they were to protect Hillary with her hammer smashing light and what you all the corrupt things she did. They were to protect her no matter what right and then the Mueller would be special prosecutor knowing that all information required. They kept on year after year after year. Pres. Trump so they have no credibility, transfer now even going into what happened on January 6 load FBI agents there. I see them as majority of them were agent called agent provocateur.

We know that windows are open from the inside doors are open from the inside and all. So this was a government of the most card was a government operation against the alluring the people in and then ending up with this business plan, but they have now going on now, I believe, was planned before January 6 by the FBI and the just, will you, you're right. Were going to be playing the clip after the top of the hour by John Dole who is a former FBI agent and untiring agent and he he's saying exactly what you did. He was there. They recognize a bunch of these, that rogue FBI agents there doing exactly what you said John well happy. I have zero credibility, zero no credibility actually a criminal court held now that you better watch it but 150 and coming to your house that balances that your you sublease it would take no less than 70 of them with their all the toys and guns to come get you. While earning I do have. I don't believe that the man you have a First Amendment right to correct yeah we do now court would limit does it really mean that much about what we have spoken here is true absolutely and I want to say this but I don't. I'm not. I still know some FBI agents that are not. That way there. Every every bit a good American is you and I hardly believe the Constitution and so I don't want to lump them all together with these with these cowboys. He these these little fellas who got all the new toys and they got to combat gear and they want to go out, not people door down point guns in the face of little children and Carol. Okay, maybe shoot the dog in owed no I'm not comparing these other FBI agents went. My question into that to to the good guys. Is this what you signed up for. Is this what you signed up for now only to tell you something. You have a responsibility you may have heard me start this radio program off and Wheatley said a prayer and we prayed and in that I'm a pastor business been one for half a century now, but we prayed because we recognize that the people that have failed our Lord more than any other, even more than the FBI or pastor but it was my responsibility to tell the truth and you guys out there. You FBI agents that are still in their meeting you say well he knowledges what iconic keep looking until I can retire get out of here want to get no you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility before Almighty God in that nation that oath you took to your country to do the right thing and I meditate you'll either do the right thing or you will regret it. As you read the word of God so they go what you think. John Collier actually) and what what happened go and how do we know the good FBI for the better. I mean, it's so tainted will John gondola will tell you the good FBI agents will be the ones that are blowing the whistle and suddenly not speaking up to the corrupt ones yet so I understand that hand and thank God for them. Break a board order the FBI so corrupt now that they'll do anything could destroy imagination telling the truth about but also citizens. How do we know we engage in the FBI, FBI agent that they are good got a white hat or a blackout you don't do what you have to do is you have to have discernment and discernment means we know what's happening and so we don't trust him. We don't trust them at all, let it not one little bit okay go okay uncle was an FBI agent or any federally regulated FBI caught.

I remember it was an FBI agent. Years and years and years ago that was in counterintelligence and it was a big spiteful roster. I don't remember his name but I remember that happening bottle at that point, I think all FBI agents were corrupt and all, I would.

They got the sky and stop the leaking of vital information. All come to think 2022. When I don't how can you now how can you be destroyed. There there integrity, and here's what happened. Earning I I'm sure I know the polls say, but I'm sure there is a very large nitpicking percent of the population now that has tremendous mistrust in the FBI is an organization other than that, but if not it takes everybody and the FBI has to really operate with the people behind right I mean know what you have, but they can't alienate 60, 70% of the population and expected be like effectively become more like the Woodway KGB was with the people they are the John he is easy to speak to that that this this former agent gun John gondola will be played and what he says basically is that the majority of those agents that may still want you they still hold to to obeying the Constitution and their ashamed majority of our ashamed of what the cowboys are but you know what I should need that we cut wages. It would doesn't assume the disrespect will cowboys went with with those guys with the dirty cops with the dirty 30 are doing the majority. FBI agents are totally against that but they're not the ones in charge.

The ones in charge that Chris Ray and others, and so they just want to hang in there and they wanted to get the retirement taken early retirement. Just get out of there.

They just want to get out jump ship and because the agency is gone, so Ben can you picture this look let's just say during your the Baptist Church. Now you know children in our children have good meeting.

Sometimes when children are children and so you're an FBI agent and you go to church say like our church and you're in there in your your born-again Bible believing that one of the children in the church says to the FBI agents children you know my mom and dad says that the FBI's is really corrupt you guys are doing bad things and you really corrupt, not good people. I do think the FBI agents children you feel about that. Even though the good clean Christians. That's what's happening according to what some of what would what we are hearing out there and so this is why were encouraging those agents. The good guys to clean agents to stand your ground.

See John is it now or never. Hi minutes right now is this the time they have to stay underground and do the right thing or is it never frugal patriot healthcare time standard grout. I think we can expect maybe the FBI could be going on standard ground good people behind them out here are right we we see the Bible always started, always in Genesis with vanilla we see the doctrine of the lesser magistrate.

The doctrine of the all the way through revelation, we see it we shift for appeal of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, well just go to Moses just go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11 the heroes of the faith. It's filled from top to bottom and the doctrine of the lesser magistrate with those with the king failed to do the thing that's right than his people are charged with stepping up.

Does that not apply.

Does does God not expect those of the FBI to stand up and become the lesser magistrates I write. Anyone earning that of all the happy spiritual mentor spiritually. We also have the Constitution and the oath that you when you became a federal agent friend of the trust against enemy and so yeah but John who did you take that oath to the Bible, God trumps the Constitution. Although Frank after learning of the double double thing and that God what we alter God, but also we can feel the Constitution. I took it my Bob became an agent. I did get to an identity. I can honestly say I know you can do. I've done my very very best that I take to keep the oath of never and never stepped back on II thought I'd like I'm contrite here, but mom when I was an agent I retired in 1998 that the little one when I put in a position to compromise like so working with the other agent we never really felt that we were being put in positions to compromise ortho could not window. I would not do it. Back in those days and never really even after my thought is somehow like you, feet coming lie required. Like I people are coming in and politically and that I could I get a prize that can collect where they are now, but I'm glad that I was a teenager when I was earning it I would be in a situation where you are now.

I work at many FBI agent. When I get the service and IQ. My dad told me is that I hate just to tell you this but them. This country is good is good to go.

Kindness the communist of infiltrated this country. They've infiltrated every aspect and the they're playing on the ignorance of the people and the apathy and little by little. They've infiltrated the their parasitical and someday the economy. This will take over American ices not not as long as I get a breath in me and he said when asked. That's the problem. He said he'll be one of the few that stand and fight and he said I'll be gone again. When this happens, he says that he was he was exactly absolutely right. He was earning like a permit that young smarter than I look.

I can tell you that there is no polymeric bill, however, the right will will will will it take over already. The salinities ran a scan article even want to get on this agency said in a letter. This will guide athlete. This is a great article elderly Michigan lady shot while campaigning against pro-abortion ballot proposal and 84-year-old volunteer canvasser in Michigan shot following an argument while not distributing out pro-life pamphlets door-to-door in our own community, which was Odessa Michigan which is near Grand Rapids about state abortion proposal.

She was taken to the hospital for treatment and later released. She's strong dedicated long time pro-life volunteer who is not easily intimidated and were happy she's okay. What's disturbing about this is that proposal three is known as the right to reproductive freedom RFI and is supported by reproductive freedom for all. The coalition of groups including the Michigan ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

The British sales in part. If past the RFI will endorse Michigan's cost of tuition in Michigan's Constitution. The most extreme abortion law in the country. It creates a new unlimited unregulated right to abortion, and in addition on undefined our right to work group reproductive freedom. It also allows all minors to have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of the parents and gives the child the right to procure a sex change without prior peer ritual of our knowledge and also of the grandmom, the Great Lakes Justice Center is also part of this and it it also contends that sex between an adult minor will be protected by the by the amendment as long as a child dies and consent, the, the God Great Lakes Justice and also Arctic concludes by stating that the new reproductive freedom right would invalidate numerous existing state proposals between before protecting women and children and parents on it.

That's really generous to start John. Here's what I like you to do and I like all the people out there all the people listed. Listen, if you're for real. I mean, if you really feel. If you do believe the word of God.

Now imitated God's words as abortion is murder God has says abortion is murder God has said all of those people that come up with that legislation or unclean people. That's what the word of God is set now they call report they call murder reproductive rights think they call pedophilia, a right John, would you please have the people all across the country work and ask them would you lead us in a prayer asking that God would remove the wicked people they came up with this legislation.

These people are wicked their ungodly there unclean and that God would raise up some pastors to have the backbone to stand up and stand against that.

Would you do that, go ahead and monitor where before you in the name of Jesus in the Lord. We are becoming a unclean nation.

I think before your Lord, Lord, there are people who will make a living out of and they are driven to kill babies in the long do something about. There's a bloodlust and then board literally a bloodlust like an actual enough baby that is expanded now, Lord, to mutilating little children wanting to mutilate little Little League, little children especially confused easily led and mutilate them sexually or and then Lord they want to begin with children that don't know enough to have matured they want to legalize blustering them work. This is your bike was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The days of Noah were asking Lord, that you would be visiting Michigan and that there would be a as your people become aware they would stand up by all hands on deck Lord court.

This not only that but the cry out to you that people like this can do this. So Lord where asking now from your people leadership from the churches that this would go like wildfire from one end of Michigan. The other good people would be running to the polls on election day to vote against more that you would you would raise up a boldness in your people, no more no more. In Michigan, no more in the states here that still our righteousness and that we wouldn't tolerate this anymore. And Lord of people that are perpetuating this, they hate you were up against the hard road, thank you for the way that I will be back what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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