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5 Ways to Teach the Word, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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November 19, 2021 7:00 am

5 Ways to Teach the Word, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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November 19, 2021 7:00 am

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New listeners and welcome to the RT heart program and I'm happy you're listening today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If you are a lover of God's word and you know how important it is to not only hide in our own hearts, to get the word into the hearts of our children and our grandchildren. Today's message is just what we need to succeed. Five ways to teach the word of God.

I love the teaching have a natural propensity for teaching but God has given five specific tools in Deuteronomy 6 for his people to use to get his word into the hearts of our children. I have subtitled them, teach, talk, walk right and recite. They are five ways to teach the word of God, then we talk and then we walk and walk is a broader sense than just talking you know how we say you walk the talk, you know, a lot of people can talk it when they can walk it. So do you do your children see you doing in living what you preach to the people on your job see you living when you get enough in a place where you're put in a position where it the natural man wants to get ugly and retaliate and get even. But instead you smile and you pray for them that despitefully use you, and you blasting you don't curse that's walking the talk and not dabble.

I hope he calls and breaks his leg or Christian sounds like when James and John got upset, like Jesus, I would call fire down on the Samaritan like your message brother you don't know what spirit your income to destroy men's not when people want to talk like a dog like the talk like your father. So do you want to see you every day life and your finances today seeing that you are discipline they see you pay your time and see the blessing of God on your life. Do they seem to before you go out and make a major purchase.

That's going to be thousands of dollars, maybe for years on what you know that you got to pay some back.

You did anything you bring in prayer is a lordly and God help us to get the right car at the right price that we don't get somebody's junker that we don't get bamboozled by some sharp talking salesman largest data thing that is give us favor before we get there. Give the same with the bank give us a favor with the you bought a car will not want to think about what kind of car how much we can forward by one word of pain and later then you can make the payments and then you got bad credit. How many same and you will see Proverbs 356. In all my ways acknowledge him and he will direct contact with known understanding. James 15 God's be given on the hand in your life. How many same so if they see that you're walking out what you're talking rule number four, right, and thou shall write them upon the poster my house like I told you some examples that we had the word of God were diligently writing our hearts. The Bible talks about us in Psalm 119 talks about my word in my head and my heart that I might not against the Psalm 119 is a beautiful song for you to try and remember memorizes many of them as you can altogether talk hundred and 76 versus but it's broken down into sets of 22 because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and Henry said it begins with one of the letters in the Hebrew out that why do that well if you remember 176 versus that's a lot to remember but if you can think that and you can think that well.

A is for Apple is that how we teach our children went to ABC we get a word picture that they can see their mind.

They say that letter and they began to learn the word of God. This is one of the ways they taught him they wrote the song was written according to the Hebrew out the debt so that they would get the word picture I would make it easier for them to remember the Psalm, and it's all about the importance of the word of God. That's the whole story of Psalm 119. What how important God's word is. For instance, you take the first Hebrew letter is Alice and the word picture originally for that was and because the letters, made like this. It was it was the picture for her with an ox to men in their day sprints. You know, when we buy a car with a high horsepower to got under the hood right because it it was in the old days before engines how many courses you can go that fast well over there.

The idea was strength was in speed with strength you once being filed course you want strength. Biox okay so that meant strength. So you had the word Alick which is like RA meant strength be thanked, that was 1/2 now.

They did live in houses like we do. They live in tents, so the word picture was like a tent so if you take a B and put it together you come up with or like we know the form of dominoes with money. Jesus said, Abba, father so ABR but means father why because the father is the strength of the house and using that you could get the word of God into your children. By doing this with the that you know when this nation was begun when our nation was first founded that our children learn their ABCs by God's word. They had what was called the new England printer or the New England primer and he was filled with scriptures and they learn that by the word of God. For instance, for the K this is what they learn for a in Adam's fall we send all and that pretty heady for kindergartners as pretty handy for kindergartners is in it, but they got a is for Apple.

They said in Sid's fall we stand all I already had the engine five years only got the message were all sinners and that's okay because if you know that you are a sinner you know that you need a Savior.

When you know that you need a Savior you're on your way. Jesus can say he… You're a sinner. You need a Savior. You think those kids out there think they're doing what they do not pure and nobody told them in Adam's fall we send all for being this is what they learned be obviously the Bible be like to this book attend you got problems you got things going wrong in your life anytime five-year-old whenever you grow up and you get big problems and you want to do, how to think. Some go to the Bible. Obviously, Christ is Christ crucified for sinners dying when the hall three the whole gospel on the sinner.

God's words got the answer. It's Jesus Christ we thought we'd come from the word of God, and did want you to have the 10 Commandments up on the wall somewhere did not say Christmas you got us a winter solstice away from the work you do it all you got to get your kids in charge. You've got to get the word of God and then there was a time that they learned in school but not anymore. When I first started teaching I the first grade I taught everything from two-year-old I started teaching two and four-year-olds back in WingStreet is only 11 but I talked to you and to three and four-year-olds. Now there's not a whole lot you can do with them. You give them some crayons in Utah on the draw Jonah and the whale and you thought Daniel standing about five stories you tell me a little, but no I really was trying to wait taught them songs like I mean, how many know all the BID alley. Yes, that's the book for me. I read and pray and the BID. The BID alley. Yes, that's the book for me stand upon the word of God. The BID alley about God's word shall never fail never fail never fail God's word shall never fail no you get to that's a silly silly song but it's right it's perfect for 2345-year-old. It's just like for them to do their little stuff, but that did not work down in their I mean how precious is this thing Jesus loves me this I know how many kids know Jesus loves them. Many kids are being mistreated and abused and start nine years old. I don't know that Jesus loves them. How many say amen.

We've got to get the word of God and then so we write it, and these are some of the ways that we do and I said you have to talk, walk, teach, talk, walk right and last of all, recite and recite dovetails with right kind of go together is just like I just brought out about memorizing the word of God and install because it is exactly how you learn things is by writing them down and then reciting that you know that when you hear something when you hear something for the first time. I mean information detailed information that when you hear it. If you do not either repeated out loud or write it down within 20 minutes, you lose it. I'm talking about some I was going to give you some details about how to help you consummate and you make that cake we put you found this in 3 teaspoons at 20 and then you put yummy bacon you like what you go to bank today to they say three unknown funds was put in butter or two eggs or three eggs or you can remember that if you don't write it down and I made a cake recipe is pretty basic but what if it's more detailed information. That's why it's college professor stand up there and he talks any talk that a positive talk linkages were now the laptop they're never there. Remember all that stuff but they're going be required know when it comes around while you talk to Beth. I didn't hear what you said there could be expected to know it and that's how we have to get the word of God in us, we would not want to learn a long passage of Scripture that the Lord with me and that I will write it down. There's something about writing it down the gets it in my spirit I don't know what is up I write it down. It'll get in my spirit and then if I do need to refresh. There's something about reading.

My only handwriting that I don't know I just get in there better than just reading it, sometimes out of the Bible so we have to learn to write and recite, and even as I said put it in song. That's why the worship service is so important because it's in the worship service.

Not only were we worshiping the Lord. At least it used to be the song you can get get famous singing songs you think of getting all time and knowing you could get a reading.

Amen. Because a lot of them were written by people like Charles and John Wesley, who started the Methodist Church. I mean, they wrote whole sermons in their how many songs about the blood. What can wash away my sins nothing but the blood of Jesus. There is power. Power. Resurrection power is power in the blood had been washed in the blood of the land.

So you see, even the songs imparts the word of God. This is what God told Moses I'm almost on God told Moses had been walk with the children of Israel for 40 years, 40 years, and I know he had told them everything he knew, how many times and I mean he basically told them there's one place in the Scripture where he says you had been rebellious since the day I met you. That's really how it is worded like that and when I would, read I have to laugh and it's really not funny that they were not rebellious. But how would you like to be their pastor for 40 years in the wilderness, a senior pastor of the first Church of the wilderness, and you minister to the people for errors is still murmuring and griping and complaining twice and rebellious is the day I met you and he basically told him he's at the back is because you anger you made me so angry that I struck the rock twice and now God won't let me go in.

On the other side and I pray to God, and I begged him not plead with that said no notice don't talk about an award answers no Moses went back to the people. He said a few people had provoked me like you did know that it's all your fault, but hearing the end of the journey need to turn his get my to turn over his robe so to speak like they do today to Joshua but God told Moses he says I want you to give the people these words. You know how he totally given tone and heard so many messages they got hurt so many sermons they could probably preach him for Moses he said I want to give it to them in a song. I want you to write a song you can read this in Deuteronomy the 31st chapter now you therefore write you this song for you, and teach it to your children putting in their mouth that this song may be a witness for me against the children of Israel and Moses came and spoke all the words of the song in the ears of the people and set on set your hearts and all the words which I testified among you this day which you shall come your children to observe to do all the words of this law and so you can read that some of these Deuteronomy. The 32nd chapter, the Bible tells us in Revelation. I forget where exactly word is when John was seeing some of the saints up there in heaven, he said, and they sang the song of Moses you ever wondered what that song is go back. Deuteronomy 32 and you'll find out what the song is that they sang how many say amen. So even singing is going to be important we find out in the chapter revelation that John saw the saints of God. They were raised in the white linen which is the righteousness of the saints, and he said they sang a song that no other man could sing. They sang a song that angels cannot say we have been redeemed by the blood of the land to redeem us out of every nation, tribe and tongue and is making trees with our God and we shall reign with him forever know you will never ever go on a style that's why you need to be in the worship service and that's why we need to sing more some more words than just you know one mortgagor P 4000 time. Okay, now sometimes it's what the Holy Ghost wants Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus is only one but you we may say amen amen. You know it's funny because we went on in church weekly sort of thing all the all the hands of the Bible and we we mix them up with the Gospels we mix all that we had a good mix and rarely rarely with her ever, Hannah comes up that I don't know all the words to it and actually I surprised myself when I hear that you and I can immediately sing with all the words and I hadn't sung the words or something that was a little girl. That's because I got in my heart is even sometimes many zeros in on this like to then became a martyr somewhere you know that song too much. You must really be all mom well hello Charlie and entering my spirit. I got a library and made its way back in the back, but all I needed to hear a little bit and it starts at a lot of times when I'm praying because I like to walk and pray. A lot of times when I'm praying honesty. But, as I'll be praying.

Talk praying and I will start singing a song and I'll be singing a couple lines before I realize number one that I am singing enough praying number two where did that song come from number three. It's what I need to be praying.

It's like the Holy Ghost is all right. Shop for a minute, I'm going to give you the answer.

And here it is a start singing the words to a song that is that it never ceases to let me sleep when the Lord… It thrills me to know because I know that the word of God is there, no matter how dark it feels or how long I might feel or how hard the testing no matter what I'm going through is not another living person anything they did not solve my little guy the Holy Ghost can bring it out.

That's why we love to read the book of Psalms is the most read book in all of world, the world's literature was a real person with real problems with real situations real hard and wait until his regions wired and we began bargains over to the Lord, we begin to praise and worship our God, the same time with sounds tutus and we sing them well in place of the most time. You are my hiding place. Search me oh Lord, and try me now my heart and thoughts. We put the words to songs songs to words because are so important to us. How many say amen so writing and reciting go together and I said recite because it's easy to remember, teach, talk, walk right recite, but another worker recited is simply meditate you all can meditate. I there is no substitution for meditating, but I think it's a lost Christian I know what the discipline I'm going to say discipline because people do not want to get quiet enough to meditate. We are so used to having the TV on the computer on this one that on that when everything is client were like nervous like oh my God it's quiet somebody make some noise we become like that. We got know what we do or you can take with that going on. There is nothing like I can just get away, whether on I'm mad or whether I'm upset or whatever it is I can just get away for a few minutes and meditate and attain. The Bible says that the man who meditates will be like a tree by the rivers of waters who brings forth his fruit in his season, whose leaf also shall not wither or hate her. The word of God will write you are so conscious silence. I can remember when I used to be by myself all the time all the time and I cry and cry and cry because I was so lonely. I cried because of the was always alone by myself because I was pretty much bedridden house written. I couldn't get out and you know it was a real got going live their life, and I would be so lovely. One day the Lord spoke to my heart and he said instead of looking at this as loneliness.

Looking at it as solitude and as I begin to think of the well solitude now. Also, what is still the same thing about myself and begin to realize I'm by myself physically but in this time of solitude. I can begin to draw nigh to Jesus and he was closer to me when I not been and being by myself and crying and crying. When I just thought, okay, it's not doing any good is not changing anything and began to use that time with the Lord.

I live close with one Scripture. First Timothy 413.

This is what God wants for us individually and corporately as the church as parents, grandparents for our children for family. This secret is here. First Timothy four verse 13 I love these verses till I calm, this is Paul writing give attendance to hears three important things give attendance to means today. We would take pay attention to these are important things to pay attention to these three things, reading exhortation and doctrine and neglect not to get that is in the which was given me by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery and I'm not to go into that but a lot of you receive the Holy Spirit to receive the touch from God when you had hands. I know a lot of you been in this prayer line at least once in your life. How many say amen for canapé tabernacle. I'm sure you been in a prayer line at some point and hopefully you got something at least once so if you got something to nurture it. How do you not neglected by paying attention to reading exhortation and doctrine. Meditate upon these things myself only to then that thy property may appear to all people commonly think this is Sharon magic formula attention and when you get away with a lot when he needs your property will appear before the that is not something from something something you can bring something. Many say amen. It takes time and discipline. The people don't want that they want to lay hands on but doesn't come that way on to sell doctrine and I think it's very important that we catch this Dr. business because in the back like I know this da Vinci films could become when it comes out this summer you're going to hear a lot of stuff, you need to prepare ahead of time.

Don't try to play catch-up when he can zap you walk get back to you later on. You never get back your chance to witness. You need to read up on it before I had time so that when it comes up, you're already ready to answer it.

How many say amen to the doctor because listening to this continuing then there is no substitution for kids. Continuing then for in doing this. I love this, thou shalt both save thyself and then that here is what we all want what we want we want to be say and we want to save somebody we want to base. We want to be a witness way one might think we want to make people simple that Jesus is the way the truth and the life door to God. The only door to eternal life, and you can do that to shout dance.

You've got to know the word of God. You had God to teach to talk to walk to right and recite.

And when you do that you'll save yourself you'll save your kids. You'll save your grandchildren, your neighbors, your coworkers and others and you'll have a witness that you need not be ashamed, a witness for the Lord Jesus, I love the Scripture that that the wise man said. He said, thou has written to be excellent things in counsels and knowledge that I might know the certainty the words of truth and that I might answer the words of truth to them that are sent on to me. I'm quote from Proverbs the fourth chapter in the 20th. I want God to be able to send people to me, because he trusts me that I'm going to give them the words of excellence out of this word that he can send to me because another town. Welcome back next week and I'll let you know what to say oh I'm glad you asked that they tell you what the Bible said the Bible with you.

The Bible and say I love the word of God.

I'm going to give attendance to it to teaching to write it down and meditate on this precious word of God. I thank you for the word Lord I thank you for the word. Thank you for the word alleluia. Amen.

What a helpful and insightful message.

Five ways to teach the word of God which are teach talk, walk right and recite God is going to hold us responsible for getting his word into our children's hearts to train them in the way they should go the way of the Lord. It is amazing to me that when God chose one man on the face of the earth to bless and entrust his plan of redemption to he chose Abraham and said because I know he will command his children, and they shall keep the ways of the Lord. The Jewish people exist today. In spite of satanic attacks to destroy them because they are the people of the book, the Bible and the Bible teaches that since the time of Noah iniquity has increased in the earth and with every generation, iniquity gets worse. This is an evil law that compels unsaved people to do worse than their parents and is why we have come to our day when men call good evil and evil good when sin and deceivers and evil workers shall wax worse and worse.

And Jesus set up these last days, and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

This is why it is imperative that we teach our children the wisdom and precepts that scriptures teach and plant the seeds of God's word in their hearts while they are young, they are not going to get it in public schools, and by the time they get to college and universities, they are bombarded with humanism and atheism, evolution, and a blatant disdain for the Bible, we have to teach and preach to them, but then we have to walk the talk and let them see the reality of God's truth in our lives and not just when we go to church. I hope you will order this CD. Five ways to teach the word of God for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer.

SK 128. That's as is and Sharon K is in knots 128. Our mailing address is Brother Hardy PO Box 174, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go that Sergey again to order five ways to teach the word of God request offer. SK 128 send a love gift of at least $10 to PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time, this is Sharon not St. Baron

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