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The Tight Spots of a Christian, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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February 28, 2022 7:00 am

The Tight Spots of a Christian, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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February 28, 2022 7:00 am

If you’ve ever felt pressed above measure with no way out, you can trust God’s promise that He delivers out of them ALL!

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Listeners welcome to this program at the Archie Harding ministry I'm sharing not thanking you for being with us today because we know comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father for the Hardy is certain to uplift you, especially if you're in a tight place. In fact, the title today's message that tight spots of a Christian. So, or if you are in need of encouragement you are in tune with the right station to hear a timely word that tight spots of a Christian like Draco very very good to get out of the couch with Robert Barber stories birthright with his mother, father figure was somebody else sheepskin goatskin on brothers close on smell like his brother father was glad that I care she said you talk like Jacob, what you feel like Esau and his father blushed everything that almost certain you heard it.

Esau was killing was fullbore. Looks a little while man is brothers and I will kill you now. Our morning.

But as soon as you get off the slowpoke to get all the mortgage and say a man named Jacob knew he was in a tight spot that blessed patient that his father gave him a tight spot talking.

You should give it a blessing coming to shame you run a tight spot. He ran in the God is to the medicine man.

He didn't have anything that's when God finds us to help us. Why does she wait till we got nothing whatever bias against us family semen. Esau is going to kill us and the only thing Jacob had sold some sermon total below was a stone forest and Molly areas head on that stone foundation Jacob Jude with the project but because you have an open up He never did she have an open up and see that golden staircase Spot. He never did find Emily say a man and a mother that don't feel so bad because your daughter or your son or your husband or your wife shall apply spot that I love God, to share my God for his life with a few rags on his back bundle to make them stone us a pillow and Molly was laying on their bounty family saying that God didn't want to keep me and save me widely part of the five Saudi you never saw him, he found us. Like you said you have a chosen rehab shows you family. I remember what God found me like Jacob I didn't have a job closest cigarette burn holes.

The one student had to say. A man have nothing more rags than the stone, but actually a finance company want to, the stone you see Jacob substituted and traded stone and Emily say a man just opened the door, the gate of heaven and track down his elevator escalator golden staircase and the songwriter wrote songs and ballads singers sang and we acclimate, Jacob, and I like the climate paper to make to see the latter type spot on the topic come and delivery. She is your presence. You are doing alright, you don't need someone to say Lord I want to see a particular type spot start mumbling this place for Nancy to come down when you tight spots or delivery. Jacob was wrested from Esau. Esau was always track salsa closing almost to the prep damage but it was a tardy thought well the restroom and die anyways, take a chance God made you so far as I am found God opened the gate door and drop down the ladder and went to these guys.

He saw angels ascending and descending.

It was bringing the blessings down on hallelujah they say God I got in touch about working here so you won't hear God to bless everything's going all right. You are hearing some your loved ones that I want to hear about Jesus coming to church. I got to watch the green in my pocket.

I'm going to have a ball, time for Jesus to make some time. They don't give up, for God makes him clean out her pocket in a tight spot runs tight spot. Can you get a hold of God. God get my loved ones and stick him in a tight ship. We need a break my loved one in a tight spot. When I first got say I want to testify dollars for my heart out about Jesus.

You see, I was so bad they all thought it was good. I should say they thought that was good for me because I so bad I thought I was so such a bad character and God.

Maybe it's a good look how much is what you do for you in one of my loved one sent to me saying same from God, praying that I show I went to needs to be saved.

You know a lot of you might want to get same because they got too much money they got too good of a job they got to buy some a whole. They got too much furniture and clothing too much time on my hands and too much money and too much what they think is a pleasure in the devils, all seem to follow this charade all this newfound money and this newfound time and got time for God. 100. We need to pray for God's.

We pray God put them in a trench place until they realize what they say. You say from now. That's what got to America they said we got all our money. We got all of our alcohol. We will we got liver pickled livers say we get to Cobre's. We got smoke one big smokehouse say we we have students work God is fine got there you will find me for God is God, we got money. Well, God dammit give my welfare check too much God who needs a job means anything squeezing that is what God said we've committed two evils too easy.

It was too easy to forget they will be able to rough it only to endure hardness as a good soldier, the church, they don't know what it means to endure hardness as a good soldier to pray no more got too much money to live by faith. I got too much money they got too much close, say, a member start on the second car in the furniture. See America and the church is not safe like share the job got a good job. We have plenty of money would have been okay check company and live by faith. We live about God do it. George still with my Jesus focus is to forget God always so easy to backslide when you get that place.

You don't have to pray no more. So I was telling me about a conversation he heard two sister said one woman called her sister the other lady said that the church prays suppression, which is says for an hour what he would do that for maybe that's well-equipped playing better frame tabernacle and might be assumed. Pray for the pray trust God no back in the 30s they had to trust God saying man. All we have revivals in the 30s and early 40s is how I got here got here a modicum of civic pride in our so the first place Exposing the gospel back in the ferry mission was hard to get redline soup line WPA PWA thought about CPC boards CCC to.

That's the same principle. These machines are working at Wendy's smokehouse as it were false, alone, and no money in the drink make it a tight spot going to the mission they can live in some soup and when I say a man that's how I first heard the gospel message to me.

Some of the young fellows to think that your soul wanted to get that glass of chocolate milk and move so they used to sing honey bring them, bring them boom you think song frame tabernacle spring boom one science that got my spirit Emily say demand see. Maybe that is why some of you have enough trust spot you got so prosperous. God bless just so much you could close.

Nothing wrong with that if you use it righteously see what God gives.

Prepare new shoes or new clothes for some money, forgetting I think you meant much more. I just get down thinking I don't think the blessing and you sitting and consumer hormone loss and forgiving and lose my morning and loose pop lesson windup in a tight spot and tight spot. I call Reaching their happily God's going to bring America to a tight spot for summer. You ones are going to call on Jesus, just what church that tight spot in God for my heart out to Jesus away and says well what do I need to be saved from God's son began the praying now I will show them what they need to be shady 20 years, God has answered my prayer and see what they need to be sure from honey. We need to put our loved ones on the altar and say God take away all that excess money all that time that your way down the other. I believe God of the prophecy said to America to bring you your I think you better get ready honey recession God take your silver and gold away.

You know it's already hard to get a job after St. got a picture why is God going to put in a tight spot because he knew because honey he wants the word of the house honey. America needs to be put in a tight spot so that she can one more time. Remember God made my day. Don't let God take away your money. Blessings to get you to pray and use your blessings to lift up Jake's house backslide earnings report in a tight spot so that they can remember one more time Delivered alternate different question needs to be put in a tight spot so she can remember how that brought her out and gave her the picture think that's low. And that's lost some praise and worship God not part of ourselves tight spot. Are you backslide up and get lost them with the world honey spots are blessings in this is tight spots are blessings in disguise. They're just stopping you on your pell-mell rush towards eternity in oblivion and instruction in the pitfall of faith can make you look to the rock you make, you remember that Jesus never fails Cannot As Jesus Christ for a change of phase change is the same job still wants to say Barlow bonds.still wants us to bring a robot not blessings instead of maker's Mark prideful tribal disclosure God calls us to drift away until we forgot God bless our blessings instead of the plaster God's call my not sit all right, if you will bless you to get your attention if you will be control your mind and your thinking and use you because I lavish my gifts amount blessings on you that I am going to get your attention. If you set up. I have to tear down all the gifts have to remove at all. I'm not going to let you get away. Don't let me get away. God let me fall in the trap door. Let me know. Let me lose my vision. Don't let me come and find out that dusty shelf in thinking that if I lost my touch a tight ship on that there is a God that sits on the one Americans not see why Baltimore doesn't have a revival now you want your love ones are not. See because we've lost our burden.

We've lost our vision all week. You look in the mirror is all we can see because we got so big and so enlarges me myself and I we are destroying people because the Bible said without a seven average people are perishing Americans, perishing because the church it's lost its vision. Emily say a man there's no souls to see because the church has lost her travail and she is got so satiated and so filled with the joy and the blessings of God that they have become stale to know how we felt we were in the tight spots we have the burden when we have a little of the Lord called on Connie Booth that we rejoice with because he but now we just Tired to come to church and shot again after session 2 children. I believe a good cry that producers are not good travail would be a welcome change.

I hallelujah I got Scott's, from children, I thought you said when they shout. No, God confirms the word all shout about. Once God is given us grace to try to keep us to the next service to give us grace to keep us to the next service until he can get screwed up enough until he could talk to our hearts and open our eyes see that there is a world and there's not much to shout about God, thank God is on the main Jesus talking calculators not only just talk to Jesus.

Amen. What an inspiring word of encouragement by God serving brother Hardy tight spots of the Christian Scripture says, many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all. Now the term afflictions does not refer to his sickness but rather to a narrow confining place is that you are being squeezed with apostle Paul described being pressed in the spirit and even pressed out of measure. In other words a tight spot. Many are the tight spots of the Christian God's promise to deliver us out of everyone. First Corinthians 10 for states there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted above that which you are able, but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that you may be able to endure child of God your tight spot will not destroy you because God is faithful to bring you out and James reminded us that we had the examples of the Old Testament saints who also suffered great afflictions and they did so with patients and Peter stated that the same afflictions the very same tight spots are accomplished in our brethren around the world. We believe this message is one you might need to hear again you may know someone who is in a tight spot. You want to share it with. It can be loaded on CD for a lot $10 for the radio ministry request offer 127 and mail to Archie Harding ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 212 and three or go online to Archie Harding.RG friends even if you do not wish to. We want to hear from you and we need your financial support to continue station received a tight Christian request number one mailed to PO Box 17 primarily want to do next time share. Not saying

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