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World Religions - Mormonism

So What? / Lon Solomon
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May 10, 2021 6:00 pm

World Religions - Mormonism

So What? / Lon Solomon

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When you hear the word Mormon what image or images immediately come to your mind clean living a strong family commitment. Maybe the Mormon Tabernacle choir, you know, singing the hallelujah chorus on TV at Christmas time. Beautiful in the Navy.

What comes to mind is Brigham Young University with their perennially powerful athletic programs or maybe when you hear the word Mormon you think of Marie Osmond or Bill Marriott in his hotel empire or Sen. Orrin Hatch, or maybe a whole host of other successful people and enterprises you even 25 years ago. The word Mormon would've conjured up a whole different set of mental images for the average American 25 years ago.

The word Mormon would've met the conservative non-smoking non-boozing non-coffee drinking person who had three wives and lived in Utah but you know over the last 25 years there has been an enormous change in public perception when it comes to the Mormons. This is not been accidental at all.

To the contrary, the Mormon church has spent literally tens of millions of dollars to try to change public opinion about Mormons over the last 25 years and the impression that they are trying to create is twofold. Number one that Mormons are hard-working, clean living, successful, family oriented people who would make fine employees, neighbors and friends and second, that Mormonism is merely another slant on Christianity is merely another Christian nuance is merely another Christian denomination of the Mormons have the money to do this kind of imaging do this kind of marketing, of themselves, the Mormon church is the second largest financial institution, West of the Mississippi River offerings pour into Salt Lake City at the rate of $4 million a day totaling more than $2 billion a year in income and using this enormous financial empire.

The Mormons have set out to market themselves right alongside fundamental Cristiana to they been using radio and television and publications to espouse Christian Road on quote values. They teach their missionaries how to use Christian quote unquote language and it's all aimed at producing the image that Mormonism is merely another branch of true biblical Christianity.

Maybe some of you seen the spots that are running on television around here about Mormonism these days give you seen the one about the gal in the library where she's walking in the library she has is beautiful Marie Osmond smile and she says that that that that that God has brought her peace and God's broader joy in God's broader contentment and that she loves to read books about God, including the Bible. But there's also this other book about God that helped her understand the Bible better called the book of Mormon and if you will call this toll-free number. We will send you this book that will help you understand the Bible better and get the joy in the peace and the contentment that God wants to give you now if you didn't know any better. You would think that it was us on television making a commercial about the peace and the joy that God can give a life, but it is in us. If the Mormon church and these kind of clips are showing all over America today on television stations running on radio stations and the Mormon church has quietly been doing more and more of this aimed at changing the mindset of America and the American public when it comes to who and what Mormons really are and their efforts have been incredibly successful doctor wouldn't surprise me if there were a lot of you here this morning who honestly feel that Mormons are fine Christian people and really don't understand why I would imply anything different, or what the big deal is all about. Let me say this morning at the beginning that I believe that Mormons are some of the finest Americans that exist and I believe that there devoted to morals there devoted to decency there devoted to clean living in family values. When we lived in McLean before we live will relive now we had to neighbors in the little cul-de-sac where we live to families that were Mormons and I have to tell your friends.

They were two of the finest families. They were two of the finest neighbors that we have ever had.

Utah for example is just past the most conservative abortion bill in America, thanks in part to Mormon influence on its legislature and I thank God for them doing that. I just pray it will survive the court. Mormons are fine but in spite of all that, the question still remains our Mormonism and biblical Christianity saying that's the question we want to answer were not talking about whether Mormons are nice people they are. We all agree on that. Were talking about whether or not Mormonism and biblical Christianity are the same. Do they worship the same God do they exalt the same Christ do they present the same way of salvation do they preach the same gospel is a lawn. Is that really all that important. I mean, of Mormon support the family if they oppose abortion if they espouse all of the kinds of Christian values that they talk about God and Jesus and even sing the hallelujah chorus I mean it, not good enough. The answer is no, it isn't even though there is all this outward similarity. The real issue is this our Mormons telling people how to be saved or correctly you see you can support the family. You cannot drink not smoke. You can oppose abortion. You can be a fine American and go straight to hell when you go if you haven't been taught the true gospel. If you haven't been taught the true plan of salvation that God created. If you been taught a counterfeit you can be a nice person and a Great American go straight to hell. That's what the apostle Paul right here in Galatians 1. I want to look verse eight said this, he said, but even if an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel that is contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed Paul that I don't care how nice he is on Many miracles he does not appear when he is an angel from heaven with a little wings and halo if he preaches a different gospel to you a different way of being safe to you that we preached God will cursing and sadly God will curse everyone follows it, even though they may be poor, misguided people, so the issues are very very serious. This is the real issue that we have to confront with the Mormon church. So this morning I want to explain to you some Mormon beliefs and then you decide decide together if Mormonism is really biblical Christianity or is it another gospel. Let's talk about what Mormons believe. But before we do that this talk about how Mormonism began the founder Mormonism was Joseph Smith. He founded it in 1820.

He was born in 1805 he was 15 years old when he founded Mormonism, Joseph Smith had gone out into the woods to pray because he was confused about what church he should joy and so I went out into the woods to pray and ask God what church he should joy he said that while he was in the woods. God appeared to him. He had a vision and God told him that he should not join any established church that every single established church was corrupt that every single established church was an abomination to God. In fact, God told Joseph Smith that the true church. The real church, the authentic church had actually disappeared right after the demise of the apostle and the for 18 centuries. Every church that had existed was an abomination to God and the God was calling upon him Joseph Smith to reestablish the true pure authentic church that had been gone for 18 centuries God was calling him to restore it until Mormonism began with the notion that between 100 A.D. and 1820 A.D. no one had ever preach the true gospel.

No church that had ever existed that was pleasing to God. All churches were perverted all Christian theology was an abomination to God and that the Mormon church is the restored true, pure Church of God that had been absent for 18 centuries.

But God was restored. That's how the Mormon church began one of the Mormons believe.

Well first of all the Mormons believe that God was once a human being a man just like you and I are the God the father Mormonism was once a man who achieved godhood by his deeds here on earth just like you and I can also achieved godhood listen to the Mormons on the subject and I quote Joseph Smith, the founder Mormonism he said and I quote God was once as we now are and is an exalted man and sits enthroned in yonder heaven. God was once a man who dwelt here on earth the same as Jesus Christ. And you have got to learn how to be God's yourself the same as all God's have done before you." Joseph Smith also went on to say, as man is and I'm quoting God wants as God is man may become house after starters. Now we give you some more. This father God of Mormonism has a whole retinue of heavenly wives, with whom he is procreating even as we speak. And the result of these appropriations are myriads of spirit babies in the spirit babies live up in heaven until they are dispatched to earth to enter into a body coming out of a woman's womb, and take up residence. Therefore, on the earth and once they get here they begin their track towards eventual godhood that you want one of these spiritual babies. According to Mormonism, your purpose here on earth is two things. Number one to join the Mormon church and number two to begin earning your way to godhood with all of its commensurate rights and privileges and Mormons will look you right in the eyeballs and tell you that this is exactly what they believe about Jesus Christ.

Second of all, the Mormon say he is Jesus Christ. The Mormon say was the very first spirit baby that father God's phone and that when Jesus came to earth. His body was not created by a virgin birth, but rather by a sexual union between Mary and father God. They also teach that the second spirit baby ever made Jesus's brother was Lucifer, the devil, and the preferred spirit baby ever made with the Holy Spirit right now is living in heaven going around is a spirit baby doing father God's will, but one of these days the Holy Spirit will get a body of his own and get a chance to work his way up to being God. Just like everybody else gets the chance to do that third water Mormons believe about salvation.

I mean if were all supposed to be working our way up the Godhead and how can this goal be achieved. One of the Mormons teach on that with 18 teach that salvation. Achieving godhood is achieved by a combination of two things. Number one, joining the Mormon church and following all of its rules and regulations and number two believing in Jesus Christ as part of that.

Basically, Mormonism is a system of salvation that is based upon human works upon human effort, you will earn your way to being a God, and the Mormons have a list of rules a mile long that you have to keep in order to get to be a God including a mandatory two-year mission service by every one of their young men and you know that you you see these people around right they ride bicycles they were black trousers. They were white shirts.

They were nice ties and they have little badges on it say Elder so and so they go to McDonald's or everywhere so you why did they do that, do they do that because these people have such a AAA, a tremendous fervor for Mormonism that they can't wait to get out and tell people will some of them do, but you need to know that every male must go through this missionary service, and he has any chance at all of the coming of God. That's why they all do it that when you achieve if you get to be a God and Mormonism will Mormons teach that there are three heaven there is a lower heaven that unbelievers like us get to go to. There is a middle heaven that unworthy Mormons get to go to so you're Mormon and you really blower to at least get to the second heaven then there is the third in the top heaven call the Celeste Teal heaven were the Mormons get to go there and in the Celeste Teal heaven Mormon men who are now gods. Don't forget that Mormon men who are now gods are each given their own planet ready for this reach given their own planet just like father God was given this planet and this Mormon God along with his eternal life. You get your eternal life by marrying a woman in a in the secret Temple rights of the Mormon church you go into the Mormon Temple like the one over in Kensington you Mary your eternal life in a secret ceremony in their and then your eternal life. Even though you may have. Otherwise, we'll talk about that admitting only have one eternal life. You and your eternal wife get a planet that you now have the privilege of populating and the eternal life of this Mormon God has the privilege of spending all of eternity pregnant with spirit babies is not worth working for. Mormonism teaches that the highest goal for Mormon woman is not to be a doctor or lawyer, a faithful mother here on earth but the highest goal for Mormon woman is to get her own planet that she can populate by being eternally pregnant with spirit babies numbers a couple of other interesting wrinkles and Mormon teaching the prox practice of polygamy. For example, that you can have more than one wife as a mantis was endorsed by Joseph Smith.

It was pronounced as prophecy from directly from God, it was not only endorsed by Joseph Smith but it was practiced by Joseph Smith. He had one eternal wife, but he had many others, and he taught that Mormon men can have one eternal wife, but they can have many others and and I don't know why this became a part of Mormonism. The only thing I can guess is that historical records show that Joseph Smith was in adulterer there is no doubt about that is historically recorded in the only thing I can figure out in my mind is that he came up with this doctrine of polygamy in order to justify his desire for multiple women is another interesting wrinkle in Mormonism and that is the preeminence of Joseph Smith, the founder to get into the highest heaven, the Celeste Teal heaven, every person has to pass through a tribunal made up of three people. Father God, Jesus Christ, and guess who Joseph Smith.

That's right. Brigham Young Joseph Smith successor wrote and said this and I quote, no man or woman will ever get into the Celeste Teal kingdom without the consent of Joseph Smith, every man and woman must have the certificate of Joseph Smith as a passport to their entrance into the mansions were God and Christ are. I cannot even go to heaven without Smith consent.

He rains there as supreme." Listen to this.

Brigham Young went on to say, if you will believe in your hearts, and confess with your mouth sounds like Romans 10 doesn't. If you will believe in your way in your heart and confess with your mouth. Listen that Jesus is the Christ that Joseph was this prophet and that Brigham is his successor.

You show the same."

The third and last interesting wrinkle. I'll tell you about is baptism for the dead. Mormonism teaches the dead people can be converted to Mormonism. If somebody on the earth will be baptized on their behalf, and this explains the Mormons obsession with genealogical records because if you can find and locate all your dead relatives and then go be baptized for them.

They can all become Mormons and go to heaven. In fact, you don't even have to be baptized for a relative or friend, you can be baptized for anybody whose name you know and they can become Mormons even though they been dead for centuries.

Now this may sound to us a little silly, but to the Mormons. They are deadly serious about this recently Mormon church announced. This is no hoax down tell you the truth of God imprinted that if you want to see recently the Mormon church announced that an elderly member of the Mormon church, a man had just received his 1 million baptism for dead people.

I think of it, baptized of million times that people in these people baptized by immersion were talking serious trouble problem of million. Baptism and a month later he completed 4000 more in one month. The article said a church official said in the article he still going strong. Well that's good he's got a long way to go.

Mormon officials estimate that 150 billion dead people remain for living Mormons to say by being baptized for them.

So, God bless him. You gotta keep going strong for long time is a lot left to do. Baptizing for the dead as a lawn where the Mormons get all the stuff I mean really think that this from well the truth source for the Mormons is for books for books.

The first one is the Bible you say what will that's good right will listen to what they say about the Bible and I quote they say we believe the Bible to be the word of God. So far so good you not done yet. In so far as it is translated correctly." And how to correctly is a translated well.

The book of Mormon claims that a correct translation of the Bible is impossible because it's been so corrupted by 18 centuries of of the corrupt church you know that the church over 18 centuries has so corrupted the Bible that you cannot get an accurate translation anymore. The Bible and therefore Mormonism's real truth sources become the other three books because you can't trust the Bible and they are number one the book of Mormon quoting again we consider the book of Mormon to be inspired." In the book of Mormon is an account supposedly of the original hat inhabitants of America from 600 BC to 400 A.D. to whom Christ appeared after his resurrection supposedly then there is the second book that they revere call doctrines and covenants. It records 139 revelations from God given to Joseph Smith and details all the distinctive doctrines of Mormonism and finally the book called the pearl of great price, which is a collection of various works that includes the articles of the faith which is kind of the Constitution of the Mormon church.

Now, in addition to this, the Mormon church holds to the doctrine of the living prophets, meaning that the president of the Mormon church. The Mormons believe is constantly receiving new revelation from God that becomes immediate unchallenged true for every Mormon in the world. As soon as this man receives it and this doctrine is brought great embarrassment to the Mormon church over the years because Joseph Smith who was the first living prophet of the Mormon church to receive prophecies from God.

Revelations from God. Very frankly, his infallible revelations of been pretty tough for the rest of us to swallow.

Like for example Smith endorsed polygamy as being desirable, but that was so repulsive to the American people that another living prophet in 1890 received another revelation from God saying that the first revelation that had been given to Joseph Smith about polygamy was now wrong and it needed to be repealed so they repealed even though the practice still goes on. Joseph Smith also is a living prophet prophesied that the Jews would never return to their land until they all received Christ as their Savior and that the temple of Zion would not be rebuilt in Jerusalem at all but that the temple would be rebuilt ready in Jackson County, Missouri and donor body will go rush out to buy property there right away.

That's where the temple supposedly going to be rebuilt now today we see the Jews back in their land.

They have not accepted Christ. This is an embarrassing prophecy supposedly that came from an infallible profit third and finally Smith gave prophecies that were outright racist racist book of Mormon prohibited any black person from becoming a Mormon. If you were black you could not become a Mormon.

In fact, the book of Mormon is full of racial slurs that are cognizant and so reprehensible that I decided I did want to tell you about what you think Jimmy the Greek stuck his foot in his mouth.

Big time. Rejoicing nothing so you read what the book of Mormon has to say about Blackfoot that teaching stood in the Mormon church for over 100 years until in June 1978 in response to a worldwide outcry, public outcry that came as a result of the civil rights movement. In 1978 then living prophet Spencer Kimball repealed this supposedly infallible revelation that God had given Joseph Smith saying that he Kimball had been given a new revelation from God that black people were now equal to white people, and be could become faithful members of the Mormon church. Isn't this interesting. I guess even the civil rights movement change God's mind about black people, on come on outlined. Do these people think we all pretty blind know the average Mormon missionary leads nine people to Mormonism year and there are over 40,000. Multiply that out missionaries on the field at any given moment, averaging nine converts a year did you average nine converts last year. Friend to biblical Christianity, you lead nine people.

Christ total membership in the Mormon church 7.3 million people and climbing rapidly. Having studied the personal character of the founder Mormonism Joseph frankly I don't see how Mormons can revere him as they do with the historical record reads way does Joseph Smith was involved in the occult, he was involved in demonic practices of glass looking which is similar to crystal ball looking at and sťance practicing in fact he used this means to write the book of Mormon's he would look into his little glass ball he would cover his face to record the witnesses say this, he would look into his little glass ball and then he would come up from it and he would write that he would go back. It was little glass ball he would come up in any right and that's how we wrote the book of Mormon infected 1826 in New York. He was commit convicted you get the court records. If you want a fraud and lying because he would go around bilking people out of huge sums of money telling them that if they would pay them upfront, he would look into his little crystal ball and find a hidden varied treasure for them. You never found it. He was convicted of fraud in the courts of New York State. He died in a mob killing in Carthage, Illinois. He did not die as a saint.

He died in jail when a mob came to the jail opened the jail decided they wanted to killing but before he died he personally shot to death a number of the mall before they were able to kill him and his brother, the date was 1844 Mormon records tell us that he shot these people to death before they finally killed him. Moreover, I don't see how Mormons can accept the book of Mormon. When it is as unsubstantiated as it is your last week and I did this on purpose. We set a whole message talking from the book of Genesis about the patriarchs and how archaeology had confirmed one fact after another fact after another fact that the Bible records about the patriarch to remember if you were here. We did that, dear friends, do you know that the Mormons reject as corrupt the Bible in favor of a truth source. The book of Mormon that is absolutely unsubstantiated when it comes to its historical accuracy.

The book of Mormon gives detailed references to cities to rivers and mountains that all supposedly existed here in America between the years of 600 BC and 400 A.D. there is absolutely no archaeological or historical confirmation at all. None. There has never been one River found one city found one mountain found that the book of Mormon name.

In fact, the Smithsonian Institution here in Washington not too long ago put out a letter because so many people were writing them and asking them and saying she would. All of the research you do you must have found some indication that the Mormon the book of Mormon is right. Some archaeological confirmation, Smithsonian Institution put out a letter saying categorically that nothing has ever been found that would substantiate the historical accuracy of the book of Mormon and your people follow when the Bible is substantiated with thousands of historical records and they branded as corrupt. Now I think you're getting the idea by now that Mormonism is a far cry from Christianity, are you get that idea is it will on it. That's true, why is Mormonism growing the way it is. I've two suggestions to get number one Mormon missionaries are taught to hide the real truth until your well down the road with when I was living in Greenbelt, Maryland was in the late 70s were actually this was in the mid-seven and I to roommates or three of us going to seminary at the time and one day we got a knock on the door.

It was to Mormon missionaries. My roommate was a seminary scrutiny was a heading ahead of me. I was a beginning seminary student. He was about ready to graduate fine Christian invited the men I got really upset with that because you know it says in in in in John John's letter don't even invite those people in your house if they're not preaching the right gospel, not I got real upset with him, but he invited them in and and played no didn't tell me was a seminary student just told him that he worked for Safeway, which he did and they began and they spent an hour there telling him all about Mormonism. And when they left they said can we come back and see you and he said yes please do them when they left that I read the sky. The riot act. I really good and he said to me, long don't you understand what I wanted to do when I want to see what I want to find out is how long it's going to take these guys to start getting around what Mormonism is all about.

Did you notice he said lawn. They sat here for an hour and every single thing they said squared with the Bible. If I did know any better if I was an untrained nominal Christian. I would've listened to every single thing they said and when I walk out I would've said. Good grief, this is just what they taught me in Sunday school. They came back a second time second time. Absolutely nothing of Mormon doctrine came up. It was the third time they visited that a little bit of this began to creep out and finally my roommate said to them, you know you left me this copy of the book of Mormon. I've been doing some reading unit they sent all that's great that's great. He said will I read in here that that and he started listing about the God is a man that he has spirit babies that there was no virgin birth or the other. That is, that you baptized for the dead, that this happens in I can become a cop that is all right and they said all yes it is and you really done a good job. Understanding and digesting the book of Mormon and then my friend looked at them and he said I'd listen to you now for 2 1/2 hours. I want to listen you gentlemen are preaching. Harrison and that he took to you know what if he hadn't brought all those things up. The third time. I don't know how many times they would visit before they began telling your friends the reason so many people are following Mormonism is because a lot of people are duped into following what faith being is just another brand of what they were taught in Sunday school, and it is second reason I feel that Mormonism is growing so quickly is that Mormons concentrate on meeting people still need friendship, acceptance, belonging personal care in an impersonal world family activities, youth retreat, and they do such a good job that frankly, a lot of people don't really care what their doctrine is just so happy to find a group of people level in a friendly and are nice to them care a lot like our drama demonstrated this morning. They don't really understand theology anyway but only knowing these are nice wonderful followed draw some conclusion. So what's my so what this morning is, no matter how hard Mormons try to package themselves to look just like another brand of Christianity, no matter how close they try to approximate Christian terminology so as to sound Christian to mainstream America. It must be said categorically for everyone to hear Mormonism is not Christianity are true Mormon is not a true biblical Christian Mormonism is another gospel. Mormonism is a another gospel that leads people away from God's true plan of salvation and towards the eternal ruin. Mormonism is a C you LT that's what it is a C you will to.

And it is an unacceptable alternative to biblical Christianity because in direct disagreement with Mormonism, biblical Christianity teaches number one that God is not a man, nor has he ever been a man numbers chapter 23 verse 19 says God is not a man, and in Isaiah 43 and 44 and 45 God says over and over and over again.

I am God. There is no one like me.

No one is ever been like me. No one will ever be like me. I am not a man. I am lifted up way above anything.

A man is or could ever be.

Second of all, God is eternally existent.

He is the creator God is uncreated, he is not a man work himself up to being a God he has been eternally God and will always be eternally God. Psalm 90 before the mountains were born or before you did give birth to the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. God was never man.

Moreover, Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches. Was not God first. Baby.

But he is God himself, born of a virgin John chapter 1 says in the beginning was the word Jesus Christ and the Word was with God and the word was God, Jesus claim to be God's resurrection proves it is not a spirit baby friends, and spirit of God is not spirit baby. He is the third person in the Trinity. That's with the Bible. Moreover, salvation does not involve getting a planet to populate but salvation involves having your sins forgiven so that you can spend eternity in the presence of a holy God worshiping him, serving him adoring him. Revelation chapter 4 presents a picture of heaven where there is constant and ongoing adoring worship of God, you are not going to spend eternity populating planets your saved you can spend eternity serving and loving the living God in the way of obtaining salvation of the Bible, knows about is not true belonging to the Mormon church or any other church but by trusting the shed blood of Jesus Christ plus nothing as payment for our sin in the side of a holy God. I want you to flip over from Galatians to the next book. The book of Ephesians chapter 2 Ephesians chapter 2 verse eight and there it says that by grace, by grace God's grace we have been saved. Grace means something that God does for us that we don't deserve God saved us by his grace through as a result of, in response to our day.

Look at verse nine. Not by works, not by works works had nothing to do with it.

That's why in Titus chapter 3, Paul says, not by works of righteousness which we have done but by his own mercy. God saved the only way to be saved, your friends, the only plan God ever created was for us. First of all to admit our personal sin before a holy God.

Second, to confess our need of forgiveness. Third, to recognize our inability to save ourselves and forth to accept as a free gift from God. What Jesus Christ did for us on the cross and to put all of our trusts. All of our ways on that's how you could say, salvation is not Jesus Christ. Plus, Joseph Smith is not Jesus Christ plus eternal weddings. It's not Jesus Christ. Plus, the Mormon church is not Jesus Christ +2 years of missionary service.

If not, Jesus Christ, plus any kind of human effort.

It's Jesus Christ and him alone as the song says.

My hope is built on nothing less then Jesus blood and righteousness on Christ the solid rock I stand all of the ground, all other ground is sinking sin Mormon church is sinking sin by the definition of the eternal Word of God.

The Mormon church is sinking sin and those poor people who stand on it and say that brings me to my last point this morning and that is that God loves hope you believe God loves those Mormon missionaries that ride around and show God loves Mormons who go and get married eternally. God loves the polygamist God loves even living prophets in Salt Lake City. These people matter to God, to the true political God, even though their doctrine is all wrong. Biblical.

These people still matter to God, your friends, their eyes are blinded, they lost their way. They been deceived. That's true there fine people they are fine people with the zeal that often puts to shame. Those of us who claim to know the real God and how it must break God's heart to see these people so terribly misled so terribly deceived, trying to prove themselves worthy trying to achieve. God had so much wasted energy so much wasted, useless, striving all for something that God wants to give them free of charge if they only knew we need to tell Mormon the strict because God loves your friends not only to these people matter to God but everyone of us here matter to God's will. God loves us so I'd like to end this morning by asking you, you may not be a Mormon, but are you on sinking sand.

What I mean by that is, is there anybody here who is trusting Christ. Plus something to get them into heaven Christ cluster church membership price plus their good deeds Christ plus sacraments price plus baptism Christ cluster Jewish birther, a Catholic birth Christ plus the rosary Christ plus some same Christ, plus their Sunday school attendance, Christ, plus what they put in the offering plate. Is anybody here trusting Christ something friend. Salvation is Christ plus nothing God offers to save us and forgive our sin free of charge as a gift of his grace. All we have to do is admit I need reach out and take God's remedy in God invites not only Mormons to do this. God invites everyone of us to make sure we and I sure hope you have because all other ground all of the graph is sinking, say but stand together for closing prayer spell or thank you for teaching us this morning.

We need to be taught on these subjects, and I pray in these next few weeks as we talk about others of these were religions that you would make us equipped to go out into this world and be used by God to point people to the true salvation true gospel and what it really means to know the true Christ. For dispatchers this week is your missionaries into a world and need you so desperately. We pray these things in Jesus day a man

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