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Rep. Tlaib Amplifies “River to the Sea” Call for Destruction of Israel

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 6, 2023 1:22 pm

Rep. Tlaib Amplifies “River to the Sea” Call for Destruction of Israel

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 6, 2023 1:22 pm

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI-12) defended her antisemitic rant amid the GOP's promise to censure her and accused President Biden of being "complicit" of genocide in Gaza. Also, President Trump will testify today in his New York civil lawsuit. The Sekulow team discusses the latest news in the Middle East, Trump's ongoing legal issues, and much more on today's show.

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Today on Sekulow, Congresswoman Tlaib amplifies the river to the sea call for the destruction of Israel. Welcome to Sekulow. We're taking your calls. 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. A lot going on this week. We're going to be talking about some of that today on the broadcast, what we'll be doing as well. But you've got, again, growing tensions around the world as you've seen a growth in public anti-Semitism. People taking to the streets all over the world, not just denouncing Israel, but denouncing Jews.

And we have our own members of Congress who are in that squad group now trying to defend language that has been used since the 1960s by the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The phrase you may have heard, this phrase is very simple, from the river to the sea. So you think about, we can put the image up on the screen, the sea being the Mediterranean, the river being the Jordan River. If the Jews were pushed out of between the river and the sea, where are the Jews?

They're eliminated. And yet Rashida Tlaib, who promotes this statement, dad defended it in a statement on X, or Twitter as people know. She said, from the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate. Well she's totally, that's totally a lie. Okay, so Representative Tlaib is lying. And she knows that.

Of course she knows that. This is a phrase, as Jordan said, that the PLO originated in the early, 1964 actually. And when they say to the river, from the river to the sea, they're talking about the extermination of the Jewish state. Remember, that phrase started being used about 15 years after the state of Israel was established.

So she knows exactly what she's seeing. There's nothing aspirational. The only aspirational aspect of it is the aspirational aspects of groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to remove Israel as a Jewish state. That's what that is. And for them not to condemn it is unbelievable. Now I will say, Bernie Sanders, do we have that bite ready?

I want to go ahead and play that. Bernie Sanders on CNN. This is what he had to say about a ceasefire. I want to just clarify one thing, Senator, if I might. You support a humanitarian pause in Gaza. Some of your fellow progressives say that there should be a full-on ceasefire, which would require an agreement on both sides to halt the fighting. Do you support a ceasefire?

And if not, why not? Well, I don't know how you can have a ceasefire, a permanent ceasefire with an organization like Hamas, which is dedicated to turmoil and chaos and destroying the state of Israel. And I think what the Arab countries in the region understand that Hamas has got to go.

There you have it. And that's Bernie. I never thought I'd see the day where I agree with Bernie Sanders, but 100% correct, Senator Sanders. And I wish the rest of his caucus would understand that. And I think, again, he can speak to those on the left with inside his caucus that take those more extreme positions and understand that Bernie Sanders has been critical of Israel before. He's lived on those kibbutzes before, but also critical of Israel and their politics. But as a whole, he understands, you know, bottom line, Hamas is a terror organization. And if you give them a kind of permanent ceasefire, they continue to rebuild and attack and kill and ultimately carry out October 7th like they promised to do over and over and over again. So that's actually some of the toughest militant military kind of language I've ever heard from Bernie Sanders when it came to taking out a group.

But I think what happened is a lot of these members of Congress saw the videos of what really happened to these people and and their minds started changing. We are into week two of our faith and freedom drive. We're in court fighting for your right to vote. We are in international tribunals fighting for Israel and for these families. We're meeting these attacks head on. You know, we were in court last week on the situation in Colorado trying to get Trump off the ballot. We are in court in Virginia tomorrow and filing also in Michigan.

So a lot of activity going on. Wednesday, we're going to have a major announcement as we expand our defense of Israel that will be coming to you from Washington. Go to forward slash faith and freedom. Any amount you donate is matched.

If you make that a monthly gift, you become an ACLJ champion. Welcome back to secular. We're talking about, again, what we are seeing, not just in the Middle East, but all around the world, in the Western world. And here in the United States, we've seen protests right outside of the White House with people putting red paint to try to look like blood all over the White House gates, even trying to scale the White House gates or knock down the White House gates.

Those protesters were arrested. They are protesting, of course, Joe Biden's support for Israel. I mean, so again, I hear when you talk about you think that maybe Biden isn't the strongest supporter of Israel. This is how extreme some of these groups are just because he hasn't joined some of the world in calling for a complete cease fire, which even Bernie Sanders thinks is absurd to do right now when you're dealing with a terrorist group like Hamas after the atrocities that they carried out on October 7th, considering that they have promised to continue to carry out those atrocities into the future. So the only real the only real action you have if you're Israel is ultimately to get rid of Hamas. You've got to be able to destroy it.

And that doesn't that gets messy on the ground. But what we want to show you is that there are members of Congress. And again, it's not most, but there are members of Congress who are defending some of the most violent anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel rhetoric. Like Rashida Tlaib, who is defending on Twitter, on X, whatever you want to call it, this statement from the river to the sea, pushing Jews out completely of Israel, eliminating Israel, eliminating the Jews in Israel. She was at a rally. We could show it to you on video where she took the stage while people were chanting this and had no problem with it at all. Take a listen. We will remember in 2024.

You know, this is disgusting, OK? Hamas decimated brutally in a terror attack, an act of war in a way we have not seen since Nazi Germany. And she's wondering why calling something from the from the sea, from the river to the sea is not a little offensive if you're Jewish or pro-Israel. And none of these statements are made without symbolism. They love symbolism. They love symbolism.

That's what they live for. They choose the dates that they choose for symbolic reasons and symbolic purposes, whether it's to celebrate victories or to celebrate defeats over Christians or the slaughter of Christians, whatever that is, or Jews. They pick these dates. I feel like I'm living in Berlin, Jay, in 1938. You just feel that way. I mean, I feel like I went to a... I look around and I see that and I believe in protests and peaceful protests, but it looked to me like a Nuremberg rally. Well, I mean, they are hypnotized.

I mean, it's unreal. And these young people in college marching with Hamas, do you know what you're marching with? Do you know what you're supporting? Your liberal cause? Everything you stand for, they would exterminate you for. Yeah.

Everything. Women's rights, gay rights, religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, all of those rights. I guess all these young 23-year-old females, 18-year-old females, want to wear burkas? Mandated? And not be educated. And not be educated because they wouldn't be in college. And allow their husbands to beat them because that's okay in that part of the world. It's allowed under Sharia law. Not only is it allowed under Sharia law, it'd be encouraged. I saw these LGBT groups, they're marching with Hamas, I'm thinking, you'd be the first group to go.

Yeah. And it wouldn't even be a question. They'd kill you in the street.

You might be treated even worse than a Jew. Honestly. Yeah. So these liberal students, but it's this mindset that they've been taught that you would just join any group that's against what they perceive to be the more powerful group. And the world, that's not really how you should just make decisions in the world. There are sometimes countries that are the more powerful countries for good reason.

Because they're the good countries. Yeah, exactly correct. Now, let me tell you the complexities of what's happening right now. We still, the hostage number went up to 240 yesterday. Nobody knows for sure. That's based on the best Israeli information that they have.

It could well be close to 300. I'm guessing it will be. We are taking aggressive action. We're going to announce something on Wednesday, expanding our assistance here, which will include a multi-prong approach to this, legislatively in the United States, in international tribunals, including the United Nations, as well as the European Parliament. So there's a lot that we're going to be announcing that we put together an ACLJ task force that's handling this of senior lawyers.

Three of them are on this radio broadcast today, but there's many more involved. We've got our UN specialist, C.C. Howell's going to be handling a UN portion of this.

So there's, we're handling this multi-dimensionally. But I will tell you this, right now, Gaza City is surrounded by the IDF, by the Israel Defense Forces. There is a real possibility that those forces go into Gaza City today. That is going to cause an escalation. And then you're going to start hearing the cries, as you already are, for the ceasefire.

Now, Bernie Sanders' statement was very helpful. You cannot, there is no ceasefire here, folks. They have to eliminate Hamas. They told the people to get out of northern Gaza. Now, granted, Hamas was trying to block their exit, but there are ways for them to get out.

They need to get out because this is for real. This is annihilate your enemies. And if you don't annihilate your enemies, what happened on October 7th will happen multiple times again. And it's affected the Israel psyche significantly here. But you have to understand that these enemies of western civilization have a very patient mindset. That is also part of the culture.

Yes, one of the differences between a radical Muslim and a moderate is whether one has patience or not. Because their determination here is to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization. There's no doubt about it. The idea is to destroy anything that is based on biblical, on scriptural writing. And that includes Christianity, as Jay said last Friday, because Christ was Jewish.

He came from the root of Jesse, from the house of David. And this is something that is anathema to them. This is something that's anathema to the prophet, and therefore it has to be eradicated. And one way you eradicate it is you eradicate the Jews from the river. What river are we talking about?

The Jordan. What sea are we talking about? Fine, we're talking about the Mediterranean Sea.

I'm looking at a map right now. And if you look at the river, where it says the river, that's the Jordan River, where John the Baptist baptized Christ. That's the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum, the Roman Sea, the sea that was the center of the universe in the Roman Empire. In between that lies Israel. And when you say from the river to the sea, there's no other way to interpret that but the eradication of the state of Israel. The eradication of eight million Jews. Where have we heard of the eradication of millions of Jews before? We heard it in Nazi Germany.

We're hearing it again. Talib's right about this. From the river to the sea is aspirational. It's aspirational if you're a terrorist. It's aspirational if you want to see the elimination of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. That's aspirational if you're a terrorist.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, who by the way now has launched 32 attacks on US outposts and US military installations. 32. When do we say, okay, we're done?

Now I will say this. President Biden, in addition to the two carrier groups which are lethal, has moved a nuclear submarine into the region. Yeah, I mean, and you have to give him credit for that.

Yes. Obviously there's a major potential for escalation here. We talked about even our troops that are based in Syria and Iraq right now who are facing attacks from Iranian proxies. In one of those attacks just recently I was reading about the rocket that hit, they actually discovered it on the base because it didn't explode.

It got like wedged in an area. If it had exploded, Americans would have been killed. And then you would have gotten put into a situation where America directly has to, do you go to war directly with Iran? Do you go hit a proxy of Iran? I mean, but not just like ammunition based, like actual invading of people. So the potential for escalation is very high, which is why we need our diplomacy on a very high level to keep the Arab world leaders kind of as calm as possible.

Because if they feel like they're going to be thrown out of office and dragged through the streets if they don't start a war with Israel, they're going to start a war with Israel. So we've got to get in there and show, hey, we've got a base in your country. We're not going to let this happen to you, but you've got to stop this rhetoric that you were allowing to spread through the world.

No question. All right, folks, as you know, we are in our faith and freedom drive and we are starting week two and we're off to a good start. We're in court fighting for your right to vote. Despite the chaos in the world, and we're handling a lot of the chaos in the world right now, the left is also maintaining an aggressive agenda here to keep Presidential nominees off of ballots. We're fighting back on that. We were in court all of last week in Colorado. We intervened on behalf of the Colorado Republican Committee. Tomorrow we're filing to intervene on behalf of the Republican Party of Virginia.

We're also filing in the Michigan Supreme Court. And we continue to fight for Israel. And as I said on Wednesday, we're going to have a major announcement on how our Israel defense and for the families is going to escalate drastically. And we put together a very aggressive plan on this.

And that's where you come in. We cannot do this without your support. We're in our faith and freedom drive, which means any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. In order to meet these legal demands, that's why we've launched this particular drive.

Of course, your gifts are tax deductible. We need you now more than ever, and I'll tell you why. We've got to keep our eye on the ball domestically, and we've got to keep our eye on the ball internationally. And we're having to do this simultaneously with all of our offices. So go to forward slash faith and freedom. Make that gift. If you can make that gift as a monthly recurring donation, you become an ACLJ champion. And I will tell you that's already helping us a lot. Welcome back to Seccio. We are taking your calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. We've got a lot to talk about today on the broadcast. We're going to get to your phone calls in a minute. But you may have seen, if you follow our social media, something brand new that we are launching with our friend Sean Hannity as well. Logan's been behind this. Logan, I'm going to let you tell everybody about it. Yeah, I'm very excited.

I've been teasing this out for months now. We've been working on a brand new feature film. And yes, it's coming from ACLJ.

It's coming from Sean Hannity. I co-wrote this film with one of our head writers here, Bart Scott. We put together this incredible feature film starring John Schneider.

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It has so much heart and it is absolutely worth taking a look at. You assembled some cast here. It's an incredible cast. You've got people from SNL. You've got John Schneider, of course.

Sean Hannity. Sean's in it. You said Victoria Jackson and Jim Brewer, both SNL alums have come and been in this film. Eric Roberts. John Schneider, Eric Roberts, Academy Award nominee. And this has all been put together this year. Brad Stein, a really kind of popular Christian comedian who is in it.

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Yes. Because we know if this works, then we get into production on the next one immediately. We have great partners like Sean Hannity who said, I want to be a part of this. I want to take on what Hollywood is doing and really help change that culture.

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Back with another half hour in just a moment. A lot to talk about and what's going on in the Middle East and dead. We're also going to be doing work this week in Washington, D.C. specifically on this matter. We're going to have a major announcement on Wednesday of something we've been working on for about, since this started.

It's now matured in the sense of representation. And I will tell you that this is going to be a historic moment. We're trying to do everything we can to help these families. I mean, that's the bottom line. And to help the state of Israel. Everything we can. And we're putting our assets and resources behind it.

So look for that on Wednesday. And that's going to be a major, major announcement. Let's go ahead and take phone calls. John's calling from Illinois online too. John, welcome to the Broadcaster on the Air. Hey, Jay. How are you guys doing?

Great. Just calling to kind of let you know that I'd love to see you guys use the word of not so much Hamas as ISIS. Let's start relating them to a real terrorist group, which they are. And I know Hamas is a terrorist group, but I would almost equate them to ISIS.

And I know we've found some flags and other information. Actually Hamas is, as you understand, Hamas is much more dangerous than ISIS was. Because they're backed by, fully backed by Iran. The difference with ISIS was they went after, they were fighting in the Arab lands. The Muslim dominated countries where they were trying to get their caliphate established. This group is calling, Hamas is calling for the elimination of the Jewish state.

That's why they say from the river to the sea. So they are using ISIS like brutality and tactics. But honestly, in ways that were beyond even the horrific things that ISIS did. You know there are babies, six month olds, held captive right now in Gaza. Think about baby formula, changing diapers. There are 85 year olds held as hostages in Gaza right now.

Think about medications, think about care. This is horrific. So whatever you want to call it, call it what it is, satanic. When you realize this, when they say there's no gas and people can't keep the lights on, they can't keep the fuel on. But the rockets keep being fired.

And keep being manufactured. And gas goes across the border from Egypt. So what do you think is happening? It's just like how Hamas uses the people in Gaza as human shields, which is a war crime. They're siphoning off what is supposed to be used for humanitarian purposes to continue to fire their rockets into Israel. So long as those rockets are being fired into Israel, Hamas, which means the Gaza Strip, has got plenty of oil and gas. It's just not getting to the human beings. It's getting to the Hamas terrorists who are taking it.

They don't care about the people on the streets. They've shown that they are willing to put their facilities under hospitals and in neighborhoods. It's where terrorists hide because they know if they're willing to kill me, they're going to have to kill civilians and deal with the world. And there's no question about it. And I'll tell you this, we're going to take more calls in the next segment of the broadcast at 1-800-684-3110. But I want to tell you what's going on on our end. We have mobilized our resources globally at the ACLJ. That means our office in Strasbourg, France, which already was successful in getting that European Union resolution out of the European Parliament, was very big. First time Hamas has been labeled by the Europeans as a terrorist organization.

So that was a success. We are working within the confines of the United Nations on some other matters dealing with this, including the hostages. We are also working legislatively in the United States.

We still carry, as the United States, the biggest stick of all countries. And we're looking at that. We are also deploying our senior staff. Mike Pompeo, our Senior Counsel in Global Affairs, is working on this.

Rick Grenell, who's coming up, is working on this. So we've got our entire team working on this, folks. Your support of the ACLJ allows that to continue. We are in our faith and freedom drive. And as I said, while we are working on these major international cases, we're also handling domestic cases on voting, on religious freedom.

The list goes on and on. Any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for at So you just go to forward slash faith and freedom. Now if you can make that gift, and many, many of you have, if you can make that a matching gift, I mean a monthly gift, you become an ACLJ champion. I will tell you, we already have seen the increase in support from last month's champions. It's making a huge difference.

That's just by making it recurring. You can do that right on the website at Back with more in a moment. Welcome back to SECO. Rick Grenell is joining us, of course, an expert in all these foreign policy matters.

He is a senior advisor to the ACLJ when it comes to foreign policy and the political ramifications as well. And Rick, I wanted to go to your first statement that was, I thought, pretty interesting, made by President Obama on the war in Israel. Do we have the sound?

Can we play it first? This was President Obama's statement on a podcast. Take a listen. That what Hamas did was horrific, and there's no justification for it. And what is also true is that the occupation and what's happening to Palestinians is unbearable. And the problem with the social media and trying to TikTok activism and trying to debate this on that is you can't speak the truth. You can pretend to speak the truth. You can speak one side of the truth. And in some cases, you can try to maintain your moral innocence, but that won't solve the problem. And so if you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth. And you then have to admit nobody's hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree.

Let me tell you something. I'm sure glad Barack Obama is not the President of the United States anymore. First of all, this moral equivalency nonsense is a bunch of baloney. It's ridiculous. Nothing justifies what Hamas did.

And by the way, occupation? Israel pulled out of Gaza President Obama in 2005. Now, Hamas took it over because the Palestinian Authority is so corrupt, the people of Gaza were looking for anything. But those aren't fair and honest elections. These are terrorist organizations.

To equate the democratic state of Israel with Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, call them what they are. It's ridiculous. It's repulsive. But this moral equivalency, Rick, is really insidious and dangerous. Yeah, let's speak some truth to Barack Obama. First of all, my hands are clean. I don't take any responsibility here and most Americans don't.

But you know whose hands are not clean? Barack Obama. He is somebody who decided to bring Iran into the fold of nations. And he believed that somehow in his all great personality that he could convince the radical regime in Iran to join the rest of the world. He believed that he could cut a deal. It was Barack Obama who put us on this path of trying to normalize relations with Iran.

It didn't work. It got worse. They funded more terrorism. They funded more of their nuclear program. They have more centrifuges.

They have more heavy water. They have more secrets with the UN. This is a guy who has more to do with the problem than anyone else.

Don't try to drag Americans in somehow with their moral equivalency test that TikTok is not able to solve this problem. He was President of the United States. He never solved it but instead he strategically decided to use this moment to try to convince the Iranians his major faux pas. The whole problem with Obama-Biden is that they didn't believe the Iranians when the Iranians tried to tell us exactly who they are. They still thought that they could do something different and they failed. Because they think they can talk to him.

Obama thought he could talk himself into anybody into anything and he failed. I think again what you see there is that moral equivalency of there is blood on everyone's hands, we're all wrong. Rick, what we're trying to figure out really is we're living in a world right now where at least on the street we've seen this unleashed anti-Semitism. Years ago it would be very much anti-Israel but we're not talking about Jews, we're just talking about the Jewish state. Now when we see it on the streets through Europe, we've seen it in our own country, we saw it outside the White House, it is not just anti-Israel anymore.

It is anti-Jewish and it is very violent calls. It's not like there needs to be peace in Kumbaya. These are calls for war. Yeah look there's no question this all started at the UN and with Obama and all these people who thought they were great salesmen.

But you cannot negotiate or talk with a radical regime in Iran, they just simply don't care. They deny people their human rights. What I'm really outraged the most about is where are the women's groups in America who are not pushing back on college kids.

This is largely college kids who are passionate about something but they don't really know what they're passionate about. But when you are supporting the government in Gaza, you are supporting people who deny women rights, who push gay people off buildings, who systematically literally hate anyone who's not like them. And I don't understand where the women's groups are, where's the LGBT groups, why aren't people pushing back with these young people who are helping all of those who are anti-Semitic and somehow they think that they are right.

And this is where we go back to Barack Obama who has a responsibility to really tell people who Iran is and he's not doing it. It's unbelievable, when I see these students marching with, making this statement, I'm going to put the map back on the screen, okay. From the river to the sea, okay, that means, and in between the river and the sea by the way is one place, Israel, so that eliminates Israel. That these groups, so-called left wing or liberal groups, are marching with these people that as you said would throw them off a building, would slaughter them in the streets. This was the same group by the way that stabbed to death 42 times in Gaza in broad daylight a Christian man who was the operator of the Palestinian Bible Society and then the local cleric, Sheikh, wanted to take custody of his children. These were the Christian family, we obviously, we got them out of there and got those hostages released because of the help of Israel I might add. However, these groups that are marching with them, they need to know what they do, okay. So, you know, you could, they could think it's some kind of, they're doing some kind of noble task, they have no clue, Rick, who they are even engaged with, no idea.

And if they do know who it is, it's even worse. The media won't tell them, the Democrats won't tell them, these are the stories that are making it very clear which side you're on. The reality is, and we should say it constantly, is that Jews, Muslims, and Christians all live peacefully in Jerusalem right now. Ask yourself, why aren't they able to live in Gaza peacefully? And it's because of the government and the acquiescence to the government of a terrorist group named Hamas. Shame on the UN for pretending like they can give aid to the government in Gaza, which is a terrorist organization, and think that somehow it's going to get to the people.

It's not. All of the leaders of Hamas are living outside of the area and they're billionaires. There is hundreds of millions of dollars that Hamas has as part of their empire, as Hamas Inc., but the people don't get it. What we need is nations, groups like the European Union, the UN, to be very clear-eyed about who the government in Gaza is and act accordingly. Rick, as always, we appreciate your insight throughout all of this. I think, you know, again, this conflict is ongoing, the protests in the streets are ongoing, and I think the calls for, again, calling out the protesters and saying, do you even know what you're protesting? Do you even know who you're supporting? And if you do, you just look ridiculous because you're sitting there, see the LGBT students for Hamas, and you're like, I mean, Hamas themselves, they might right now think this is great and he supports great, but at the end of the day, you'd be dead there first.

There's no rights for you there, there's no rights for the women there, not even rights for women there, unless you get to choose your sexuality. I mean, it's just so absurd what we see, but Rick, as always, your insight, too, on the international stage is important. Yeah, Rick, we only got a minute here, but I want to ask you this. So we've got a major thing we're doing you know about with helping these families out. The hostage situation, less than a minute here. This is very difficult because it's not like we have one or two hostages, you've helped us with many of those. Here you've got 240, they say there may be 300. What's the hope there?

Look, in some ways, I don't think it's complicated at all. I think Hamas just needs to decide to give up the hostages. I don't understand why the US government and the Europeans and the UN don't just simply say give up the hostages. There's only one entity that is holding people against their will.

It's Hamas. Give up the hostages. Why are we not saying this very clearly and demanding that they give up the hostages, but instead we're talking about aid and all this other stuff. Give up the hostages. You can do it immediately. You don't need a ceasefire.

You don't need a pause. Give up the hostages, Hamas. You're a terrorist organization, holding people as hostages.

Give it up. Thanks, Rick. We appreciate it. There you go, folks.

This is a time to support the work of the ACLJ. We're fighting these fights, whether we're in court. You know, and we're fighting for the rights to your 14th Amendment, this challenge to take Donald Trump off the ballot. We're in Colorado, Oklahoma.

We won. In West Virginia, we're in court. In Minnesota, we're filing. Amika's there.

That's moving on. In Virginia, we're about to intervene tomorrow. In Michigan, filing an Amika that actually has a request where you can make an oral argument there, so not a normal kind of Amika brief. You want to stand with us. With all this work we're doing, support the work of the ACLJ. and this Faith and Freedom Drive. All right, welcome back to SEC. We're going to start taking your phone calls now. Thanks for folks who have been holding on the line. We're going to start with, just run down with who's been holding on the longest and go from there. So let's go first to Phil in New York on Line 3. Hey, Phil. Yeah, how you doing?

Thank you very much for taking my call. Absolutely. You know this $14.5 billion aid to Israel package that passed in the House?

Yeah. Do you think it has any chance whatsoever of passing in the Senate? I mean, I don't think it's going to pass the same way. So what that means is I think if something like that will pass, then they're going to have to go to a conference on it and there's going to have to be compromises made. And the questions are going to be, will enough Democrats and enough Republicans compromise to get that $14.5 million to Israel?

So what are some of the points? Some of it's been funding to the IRS. Some of it has been funding to Ukraine. I think that to get it there to Israel, unfortunately because we have a divided Congress with very tight margins in both the House and the Senate, for that money to get to Israel, there's going to be deals that have to be made that you're not going to like 100% of. But I think that what most Americans who do support Israel understand is they understand that that's the Congress we're dealing right now and the President who we're dealing with right now is Joe Biden. So to get that money there, we're probably going to have to be okay with some money being spent in areas that we would usually fight back and not vote for.

I think that's the only way it gets there right now. Our government affairs team is working on it aggressively to get as much of this a clean bill as we can get. We'll be meeting with members of Congress as well in the coming week. So I think a package will be delivered and it's needed.

But it's the politics and you're going to have to, like Jordan says, the art of the compromise. Let's go ahead and take Chris's call from Nevada on Line 4. If you want to talk to us, 1-800-684-3110 is that number, 800-684-3110. Chris, welcome to Broadcaster on the Air. Hi. First, I'm going to be giving $1,000 to the faith and freedom. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to do that. We appreciate that very much. Thank you.

Thank you, Chris. Okay. And then second, can't the House majority sanction to leave or have her removed for her remarks or what she puts on her website? Thank you. Removal, there is a process.

But I'll take you back just to about a week and a half ago. There was a censure move made. That's what's called a censure move made by majority vote.

And I think it was Marjorie Taylor Greene who brought it forward. But within that, she used language that Talib did also included incitement to overthrow the U.S. government. And there were a handful of Republicans who said, if that language wasn't there, I would have totally supported this censure because of the language she's used about Israel and our allies and what she's been saying in this defense of terror. But this obsession with everybody being an insurrectionist, we got to get past. So I think that there are the votes there. If you could take out some of the language that just a handful of Republicans said, can we just stop calling everybody an insurrectionist and just censure them for what they should be censured for?

That would be the first step before you take any kind of removal. But when that went forward, there were not enough votes to pass the censure because of that language being included. If it wasn't included, were the votes there?

I think they were there barely, but they were there and a censure could be made. All right. We're taking your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110. Joe is calling from New York.

He's watching on YouTube. Go ahead, Joe. Thank you for taking my question. Sure. Can or will the U.N. do anything to keep the Iranian ambassador to the U.N. from leading the human rights section of the U.N. in January? Absolutely not. That's the nasty hard truth. Absolutely not. Can you believe that the leader of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations is the ambassador from Iran? I mean, now think about that for a moment.

Let that sink in. Having said that, our European Center for Law and Justice is an accredited non-governmental organization with a full recognition by the U.N. And we're there all the time. In fact, we're going to be making a move at the U.N. involving these hostages. I'm not going to go into details on that yet.

I will talk to you about that on Wednesday and Thursday. But let me say, even though it's a hostile environment, and it is, we cannot ignore it. We can't not be there just because it's a hostile environment. So it's a very difficult situation, but we're there, we're fighting there, and we're going to continue to do that because you have no option.

You can't not show up. You got to fight back. So that's what we're doing. Jordan? Yeah.

We'll go back to the phones. 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. We'll go to, is it D in California on line two?

Hey, D. Yes. My question is this. We've got all these Secretary of State trying to get President Trump removed. And I'm wondering how many cases it's going to take before it goes before the Supreme Court.

And living in California, our primary, I think, is in March. So it's going to be pushed itself. If it, ultimately, because, you know, I think in Colorado where it looks like the trial in Colorado, I expect we'll get a decision this week. I expect it's going to go against us, and I expect it's going to go against us at the Court of Appeals and at the Colorado Supreme Court very quickly.

That case, I think, is a rocket ship to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court, to take it, understands they have to take it so states have time to print their ballots. We're in Oklahoma. We're in West Virginia. We're fighting it out in Minnesota, about to in Virginia and Michigan as well.

Minnesota moving too. I mean, so, yes. If they were successful in these, you could remove a candidate, a Republican candidate could end up not, the leading Republican candidate could end up not getting the nomination. Yeah, I mean, you need to be like, you know, depending on the delegates from that state for the nominee, I mean, that's what the goal here is. You don't have to get kicked out of all 50 ballots. You need them kicked out of like, you know, 10, 12, and then suddenly that person could be in the lead, but their votes wouldn't count in 10 or 12 states, so they don't become the nominee. And like I've told a lot of people out here, this is not just Democrats doing this.

There are liberal groups behind it, but there's a ton of the Republican Washington swamp behind it as well. Yep. All right. Let's go ahead and take another phone call.

1-800-684-3110. Michael in New Hampshire on Line 3. Hey, Michael.

Good afternoon, gentlemen. Just one comment on Iran, Russia, China, everything. All this running after them and trying to appease them, people don't want to realize that there are going to be people or countries that are just not going to like you. And you've got to live with it and move on with life and actually strengthen your relationships with your friends and allies and just deal with the rest of these countries and ignore them to the extent you can. There's getting everybody to like, you know, trying to get everybody to like you.

It's just a futile effort. Well, I think, look, I think that's the reality of the world we live in, and you've got to be aware of what their capabilities are and their capacities are, and we are. And we have offices around the globe that that's what they do. You know, we have not mentioned the fact that we have an office in Jerusalem.

Yeah. We haven't mentioned the fact that, you know, we're engaging on some of these matters, including these hostages and the situation at levels you cannot, I can't talk about right now. But you also have to understand who your friends and your allies are. And sometimes your friends are friends and they're trustworthy, and sometimes your allies are friends and trustworthy, and sometimes you just got to go with the best you've got. And politics makes very strange bedfellows, so that's the nature of this.

And you've got to think nine-dimensionally, I say that often, it's nine-dimensional chess. And that's what we're in the middle of at the ACLJ right now. And we are in the last two months of the, I cannot believe it, we are in November. And these are the two most important months for the ACLJ, and we've got a faith and freedom drive going on. And our faith and freedom is under attack like never before here in the United States and around the globe. And the ACLJ is uniquely positioned to address these issues head on in court, in the halls of Congress, in the European Parliament, in Jerusalem, and around the globe at the United Nations.

We're able to do this because you are standing with us. I want to encourage you to go to slash faith and freedom. And any amount you donate to us, we're getting a matching gift for. That's forward slash faith and freedom to participate in our faith and freedom drive. And if you make that a monthly gift, you become an ACLJ champion. Go to I want to encourage you folks, these legal demands, because of launching the faith and freedom drive, we're able to work, not just here in the United States, all those different 14th amendment cases I talked about, all those states we're working in. Colorado, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Minnesota, Virginia, Michigan, defending your right to vote, as well as defending the state of Israel. It's because of you. Join our faith and freedom drive today and donate at
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