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Elon Confirms Twitter’s Secret Political Bias

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 6, 2022 11:26 am

Elon Confirms Twitter’s Secret Political Bias

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 6, 2022 11:26 am

Elon Musk made good on his promise to release the "Twitter Files" on Friday through journalist Matt Taibbi's Twitter page. Specifically, there were numerous requests from "the Biden team" to censor posts related to Hunter Biden. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss the leaked documents and the collusion between Big Tech and certain actors within government to suppress free speech. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Today on Sekulow, Elon confirms Twitter's secret political bias. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. What comes next are the House investigations, I feel. I mean, hopefully actually what comes next will be more disclosures from us.

And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Around October 24th of 2020, the Biden team started emailing folks at Twitter with specific tweets. Literally, you can see them now as the first round of the Twitter files have been released. You can see these tweets.

They say they want them taken down. And then you get the response from a Twitter employee, handle these. Now again, Republicans could report when it was like threats, violence, things like that.

That's not unusual. This was all related to Hunter Biden and all started around October of 2020. So right before people head to the polls, it was the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, even though Twitter acknowledges in their own emails that no one from the US government actually said that this was a fake or propaganda, or that it came from a foreign source, or that it was illegally obtained.

I mean, the list goes on. They had no reason to, or that it was somehow classified. There was no reason, but they said, oh, we're being cautious.

So we will, again, do the Democrats bidding. And this again is what Elon Musk wanted to expose, is it right up through the election day, they were literally going through Twitter at the Biden campaign and having tweets taken down. From high profile people to names, when you look at this, you'd have no idea who they are. You know, what's also interesting is, and we found this out in our FOIA litigation, and that is that in the loop on all of this was a name that'll be familiar, James Baker, who is he? He was the general counsel of the FBI when James Comey was the FBI director. He leaves the FBI, and his name's all over the information involving the Russia investigation and the Mueller probe. And then he also was the receiver of the dossier, one of them. And then where does he end up? He ends up as the associate general counsel for Twitter when he leaves the government.

This is obviously before Elon Musk. And his name is all over the documents again, on the Twitter side of this. So you have this ongoing, I hate using this phrase, collusion, between the government and Twitter targeting a then Presidential candidate who happened to be the President of the United States. And remember that James Baker was in the meeting with the insurance plan, was discussed with Andy McCabe and Strzok and Page, which led to Strzok and Page ultimately being taken off the special counsel's team. He also had the Clinton campaign's attorney, Sussman, delivered the dossier to James Baker. So the moment he resigns from the FBI, he's at the top of the list for Twitter to bring into Twitter.

So he's basically running a Democrat operation inside of a business. And we found this out because of our work with the Freedom of Information Act litigation and our government accountability project. And that's how we got this information.

Yeah, absolutely. And we are in the, just the middle of our matching challenge for the month of December. Obviously, December is a very important month for all organizations and we really could use your support. So go to to make your donation today. We are taking phone calls as well. 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. Have your voice heard on the air. We're going to break down this even more as we come up and just discuss even how it was released and the sourcing and all of that. I think that's pretty interesting and people would like to hear that. It was fascinating to watch in real time the kind of release of all of it. Has that ever been done before?

I don't think so. And that was done with Matt Taibbi, who is a world famous journalist. Rolling Stone. Yeah, he was Rolling Stone for 20 years, then pushed back a little and was essentially relieved of his duties. Even though he'd been there 20 years. And I'm a big fan. I didn't agree with him politically. I was a fan of his work. I'm a subscriber to his sub stack. So I'm always paying attention to what he's doing.

I don't even know what that is, but that's all right. So to have him be the one who released this, I really liked that. It was a good way, I think, to do it if you're Elon Musk. So instead of him putting all this out, he went to one of the top journalists in the world and had him do it.

So it's pretty, pretty interesting. Give us a call. 1-800-684-3110. We'll be right back. All right, welcome back to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls this to 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110.

I want to play Elon Musk. He spoke up about this release, these Twitter files. He said there's more to come, by the way. This is just the beginning.

This is part one. And this was the, really what the focus here was, the Biden campaign sending individual tweets to the Twitter team to have them removed or to have those accounts suspended and get in trouble if they're not removed. And the Twitter team always writing back, handled, did it. And James Baker, again, the James Baker, the general counsel or associate general counsel of Twitter was the general counsel of the FBI under James Comey. Yeah. I mean, so the bad actors at play here are the same bad actors we've been talking about for years. They go out of public service into the private world, but this is a fine line between whether it's even the private world. When you talk about all that section 30 protections and communications decency act, and you see this kind of work, I mean, they could have been in serious trouble if they got caught doing this.

A hundred percent. Because corporations are not supposed to be involved in campaigns without disclosure. Well, not only disclosure could constitute an in-kind contribution in violation of the federal election campaign laws.

Let's take a listen to Elon Musk. Twitter is doing one team's bidding before an election, shutting down dissenting voices on a pivotal election. That is the very definition of election interference. And what else would you, of course, it's like, yes. That is, you know, you listen to what he said.

He's exact, Elon Musk is exactly right. It is election interference, but I want to keep drawing this nexus between the players, right? James Comey, we know Jim Baker, general counsel of the FBI becomes a general associate general counsel of Twitter who mysteriously, when they're now communicating with them on the lead up to the 2020 election, what happens?

Presto change-o all this stuff's removed. Yeah, exactly. They have this direct line to Twitter, which a lot of us would love to have. They had it as well as they said, conservatives did have it, but used it a lot less. They also said this was done without really the knowledge of the CEO of Jack Dorsey, who again has been sort of made off to be a bit of a supervillain. And as we've learned over kind of time is he kind of wasn't, he was actually one of the few voices for free speech that was out there, but was so heavily controlled and had sort of given up on the platform because of how toxic I had become, was very supportive of Elon taking over.

And we have really interesting things. I would encourage everyone to go read this, read the Twitter files on Taibbi's Twitter. It takes some time. It's a lot to kind of digest because they did it live on Twitter. And what's pretty interesting, they didn't announce it this way. They announced it with Elon saying, hey, this time I'm going to be going live with the information on the Twitter files. Then nothing showed up.

Then nothing showed up. Then all of a sudden I got an email because I'm a member of Taibbi's sub stack saying, I'm about to release something on Twitter. I know you guys are supposed to get everything first because you pay to be here, but just to let you know, it's a pretty big deal. And I can't, I have to release this publicly. And then within minutes that happened, they released a podcast on it, kind of breaking down how it all worked.

Then all of a sudden it's coming from him. And then people started to put the pieces together that a lot of this content was given to a real investigative journalist, which is great, who was able to break it down. Hopefully we're going to get a lot more information. It's also because Elon Musk released the files.

Now it's, granted they're a private company, Twitter. So, you know, but he released the files. But again, I want to draw on the fact that the ACLJ, we filed a FOIA request.

I'm talking about a couple of years ago to get more than that, to get this information. And then we could draw the link in between the general counsel of the FBI, who mysteriously becomes the associate general counsel of Twitter. And I want you to understand the makeup of Twitter because that's important. And that was in this file because where the political donations come from. So in 2018, there was a total of 309,000 political donations just by the staff, not by like a PAC or something like that. 96.38%, so almost 97%, went to Democrats. 3.6%, $11,000 went to Republicans.

In 2020, almost a million dollars donated in total. 900,000 of that went to Democrats. 14 grand went to Republicans.

But it got even worse in 2022, this cycle. A total of 185,000, so lower because of midterm. Democrats, 165,000, 99.7% of their employees. Republicans got 450 bucks.

Whopping $450. 0.27%. Well, so you know their bias is. The bias, if you were a Republican who was reporting something legitimate, the bias against you was still overwhelmingly strong to not act or to ignore you. Well, we're also getting, we're taking your call. What's your reaction to all this, by the way, at 1-800-684-3110? You think Elon Musk is doing the right thing by disclosing it?

I personally do. I think we need to know what's going on there. Because there is, as Jordan said, these protections that these big tech companies get. Listen to Congressman Steve Scalise, who talked about this just over the weekend. We told the big tech companies, save your documents. There are things we've been asking them for months, for over years, that they haven't been sharing with us. And Elon Musk has been exposing what happened at Twitter. They're not the only ones that have been doing this. But the Hunter Biden laptop story was probably the most high profile that we've seen of many other stories that were suppressed. The problem is, when you look internally, there were a lot of discussions. There were these ministers of truth, and a lot of these tech agencies have them. That's kind of translation is somebody that wants to suppress conservative speech.

I'm just going to tell you, you listen to what Steve Scalise says. We give, they get, congressionally, they have, statutorily, all these protections. There's litigation you can't bring.

They're not responsible for content. And some of that I understand. But what I don't understand is you get all of that, and at the same time, you're basically asking for a total free pass. Let's go ahead and take a phone call. We're taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110. Let's go to Richard in Arizona on Line 1. Hey, Richard. Richard, are you there? Okay, let's go. Hi. Thank you for taking my call.

Sure. I ran a voter ID petition on Twitter, and it was censored so heavily. I had paid for a commercial account, and it was supposed to be made in monthly installments.

Within a month, they took the full amount out of my checking account, which overdrew my account. Yeah. Richard, I'm not sure exactly your details, but there is a lot of stifling on political speech in terms of, I know they weren't allowing political ads to run. I know we've had issues running ads.

On Twitter. Yeah. I know that, specifically during election season, they kind of were one of the first to say, we're not going to take a lot of money based on it. So that may have something to do with that. But it's also, we know now, looking at these documents, what was going on inside, and who knows exactly for your case.

But in general, we know that there was a lot of conversations happening back and forth between these campaigns. Well, let's go ahead and take Kelsey's call from Georgia. And Georgia, of course, in the news, because tomorrow is the runoff election for the United States Senate. Kelsey, go ahead. You're on the air.

Thank you for taking my call, gentlemen. My question is about 18 US Code 241, conspiracy against rights. I think that this is an applicable statute concerning the Twitter leak, that these people in both government, corporate and media at Twitter, they colluded to deprive people of First Amendment rights of free speech. They also denied the right of the New York Post by censoring it. The press has the right to get that information out. And then if you look, when we get to the COVID part of this.

Let's not go, I don't want to get into that. Let's focus on what the topic is today. So here's the question. Under 18 US Code 241, that is the general conspiracy to deny civil rights, criminal statute. So in other words, to establish, first of all, to bring that, the Biden administration's Department of Justice would have to bring that case. Not going to happen.

Okay. Let's assume there was this conspiracy and it met the elements of the crime. And you got to prove intent.

There's a lot of things. But the action, Richard, has to be brought by the Department of Justice. And I just don't see any circumstance where that's going to happen. What is interesting is going to be what does Congress do? And that goes back to the Senate race in Georgia. People are thinking, well, it's not going to change the balance of power because the Democrats have the tiebreaker with the Vice President. It changes the committee makeup. As our friend Senator James Lankford told us at an event we had last week.

And that's a big deal. Part of the agreement when it was, it still is that 50-50 Senate is that you had 50-50 committees. So the Democrats were still chairing the committees. But the votes, when it came down to voting, it was 50-50. So it prevented the more outrageous or extreme liberal legislation from even moving out of committee. And so, and of course, how the committees were run, how the questioning was run. Now at the House level, we know now you're going to be able to bring these individuals forward. And I think there's going to be a lot of names, some of them we may know like the Bakers, but others that are just going to be Twitter staff that we don't know about, who will want to know? Who told you to start deleting these? Because some people were just following their boss's orders.

That's not always a good excuse. But again, I think we're going to find a whole new cast of characters. But I do want to reiterate that we were able to draw the link between the former general counsel of the FBI, James Baker was involved in the Mueller investigation, the whole Russia collusion narrative, all of that, the Steele dossier, and then he becomes the associate general counsel for Twitter. And that's who the communication is going back with.

How did we find out this? Because we did a Freedom of Information Act request on the FBI, and we were able to obtain documents after litigating it. And that's why we go to court. And that's why your support of the ACLJ is so critical right now in our Matching Challenge campaign. We want to encourage you, if you haven't done so, to go ahead and donate to the ACLJ. Any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. And what that means is if you donate $10, we get another $10. You donate $100, we get another $100.

So it doubles the impact of your gift. I encourage you to do that at That's Talking about ACLJ, two cases being argued in two days before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, another case where a brief is due before the Supreme Court of the United States, literally in days. Your support of the ACLJ makes all that happen., back with more in a moment.

Welcome back to Sekulow. As you know, we are always in a fight for life. And since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, it's just gotten up to another level in the states, in the federal courts, when it comes to pro-life speech, which is something very important to us, a free speech organization. Frank Mani was on last week talking about a case that we were working on involving sidewalk counselors. And he mentioned that he was going to be in court this week on another one of those cases involving sidewalk counselors.

He's joining us now, Senior Counselor with ACLJ. And Frank, tell people about this case. Sure, Jordan, this is another sidewalk case, sidewalk counseling case.

I mean, this is, you know, vintage ACLJ work that we've been doing for years. We represent two sidewalk counselors suing the city of Louisville over a buffer zone ordinance, just like the one that we're doing in New Jersey. But here, we had a ruling against us by the district court that frankly was just chock full of errors that we're hopeful will get reversed by the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati this week. The court below and many legislators and city council members who connect these things still haven't read the 2014 decision by a unanimous Supreme Court in the case of McCullen versus Coakley out of Massachusetts, where all nine members of the court, including Justice Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, drew a careful and clear distinction between protesting involving shouting, bullhorn signs, and sidewalk counseling, which is private, consensual, peaceful attempts to communicate with people going into abortion clinics and hand them leaflets.

If you don't make that distinction, you don't understand why these buffers of laws go down. But the Supreme Court could not have been clearer in McCullen, and that's what we're trying to convince the Sixth Circuit of this week. So for those that are just joining us on this topic, so we've been defending this kind of activity, which is very, very effective in front of abortion clinics, literally since the 1980s.

Not to date me and Frank, but I've been going way back. I'm talking about 35 years, almost 40 years of litigation here. But sidewalk counseling, Cece, can be very, very effective. Let's describe for everybody what that actually is.

Sure. Sidewalk counseling has been used for decades, and I think one of our clients actually has been doing it for 37 years in Louisville. But usually it's just giving the people that are going into an abortion clinic, it's giving them options. It's just having a conversation with them. It's educating them. It's letting them know that they're not alone. It's praying with them if they want that. It's literature.

Yes, literature, information. So again, it's consensual. They agree that they want to have that. And it's very effective, because most people going into these clinics have concerns. They're not sure.

And it gives them a time to actually have a conversation with someone that has a different option for them. So Frank, we've been arguing for literally 40 years that the sidewalks, the highways, and byways are public forums for free speech, that when you go in front of an abortion clinic, especially in this kind of when it's peaceful, quiet engagement, is quintessential protected speech. The Supreme Court, we've won unanimously on these cases generally. Hill versus Colorado, the exception, although in light of the Dobbs decision where they noted that Hill, quote, distorted their First Amendment jurisprudence, I think that case is pretty much done.

But we need to, I'd like to get another one up there to undo it. But this is quintessential free speech. It's quintessential, Jay. And what boggles my mind about this is that the Supreme Court, everybody agreed on this. The liberals, the conservatives. There was no controversy in the McCullen case in 2014. And yet in our case here in Louisville, the district court relied on Hill versus Colorado, a case which, by the way, the Supreme Court never mentioned in the McCullen case for good reason.

It doesn't really apply. And frankly, let's face it, they want to get away from that case because the majority of the court, maybe everybody in the court, realizes that that was wrongly decided back when it was decided. Yeah. It was interesting because Dobbs, Jordan, the Supreme Court noted in Dobbs, which was the decision overturning Roe, that the abortion cases have distorted the First Amendment jurisprudence and they cited Hill versus Colorado for that effect. So I felt like we got some real vindication on that one.

That's right. And I think that ultimately, as we talked about with Frank, these cases could end up at the US Supreme Court because of that very issue. Because you could end it with a conflict too in the circuit. And it needs to be resolved. There's this idea that it's a public sidewalk for everybody but the pro-life counselor. Yeah. So this is going to be... Classic abortion distortion, but there shouldn't be as much abortion distortion, especially now that Roe is overturned.

No, I agree. Now, Frank, when are you arguing? Thursday morning, Jay. Thursday morning. So, hey, folks, if you're watching the broadcast, we encourage you to pray for Frank Manion and our team as they present oral arguments at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Frank, thanks for the update. By the way, pray for our team tomorrow again at the... I guess we have a popular week at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. We've got another free speech case, more of a religious liberty case that's going to be heard tomorrow. Tomorrow, yes. And that's just a case that's involving a prayer vigil that... No, that's the prayer vigil case.

I mean, no, I'm sorry. That's another one. Just to correct, the prayer vigil brief is due before December 12th. We've got a whole another week for that one. Yes, this is a religious zoning issue.

Yes. So that's the one that goes tomorrow is a religious zoning issue. Also at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the brief on the prayer case, our reply brief, which is our final brief, is due on December 13th. We're gonna try to get it in maybe even at the end of this week if we can. I think that's the goal here. I'm just telling you, folks, two cases of the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, one brief to the Supreme Court of the United States, that's just a week in the life of the American Center for Law and Justice, one week.

And believe me, I am leaving out most of the other work that's going on here. And I think it's also important for you to understand as we get ready for... We're in the first week of our matching challenge for December. December is the key month for the American Center for Law and Justice because we base our entire budgeting next year on what comes in between now and the end of the month. Your support of the ACLJ is absolutely critical to that. And I just wanna encourage you to go to and support the work of the ACLJ. We've got a matching challenge campaign going on.

It makes a huge difference. Any amount you donate, we get a matching gift for. And, Logan, it also funds all this, I mean, all the media outreaches we do.

That's right. We have a large media outreach outreach. I wish we could turn the cameras around because you'd see 30, 40, 50 people working on this show and all the other broadcasts and all the other content we put out each and every day, whether that's written, whether that is digital, whether that's video content, television, radio, all of that has to be done by people.

And we have an incredible staff and they are, again, supported by the donations to the ACLJ. You know, it's also interesting today, I know you've got a Secular Brothers podcast and I'm supposed to be doing a podcast also. Yeah, let's figure that out.

About at the same time. Yeah, we'll figure it out. We do have multiple studios.

We'll figure that out. But anyways, point is, folks, a lot of work happening here. I do wanna say on Frank's case of the Sixth Circuit, Jordan, this series of cases probably does end up again at the Supreme Court. And I think in a post-op world where the abortion distortion, you got a majority of the court that's not gonna go for abortion distortion.

I think we carry the day. But look, it's all of this is panel dependent. This is a three judge panel, not the entire Sixth Circuit. Abby's case is a three judge panel. So we'll know very, very soon.

Yeah, that's right. And I think it's just important to point out that as Roe was overturned, we were ready to go at the ACLJ and we knew that these new battles, that it was gonna be good to relitigate some of the older battles like the Hill versus Colorado, and to be prepared to go into the states as well, where we've seen the ballot initiatives not do well and not perform. And we're starting to see again, we were just talking about this with our ACLJ action team, Planned Parenthood trying to put more ballot initiative in soon, like in six months when there's like city council races and things like that, to try and make sure the pro-life community does not have enough time to educate the voters on what they're voting on. And I just got a report, I know we're running close on time here this morning, that we're getting contacted by a number now of crisis pregnancy center, pregnancy resource centers that have been either the subject or target of violence. And the FBI says they're investigating a couple, you know they're investigating one because we're helping, we represent the client. But that's another big area that's starting to develop.

Pregnancy centers, pregnancy resource centers, we're always, always fighting and defending them because they are on the front line of this battle for life. There you go. So we're going to be back in the next half hour. We've got, Rick Cornell's going to be joining us.

Yeah. And also phone lines are open. We'd love to hear from you right now is a perfect time to call in. We have about five lines open right now. So if you've ever want to be on the air, this is perfect time to do it. 1-800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110.

Love to hear from people in Georgia about the race you got there tomorrow with Herschel Walker and Senator Warnock. 800-684-3110. Back with more in a moment. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. All right, welcome back to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. Second half hour. We have to mention, of course, the final race in the 2022 election cycle is tomorrow. It's the runoff in Georgia for the United States Senate. We'll determine whether or not it's a split Senate again.

Democrats will be in control either way, but we talked about how those committee assignments under the current rules are split 50-50 because, again, the vice President doesn't come in to break those votes as a tie. So it is more important than people I think realize, though there's certainly, it does not feel like there's the kind of energy. And I have a lot of Herschel Walker also ran out of money at the end here. Yes, and people also gave a lot of money. They were kind of out of being able to donate money too. Now they're in the holidays.

They need to spend money for Christmas and all their kids. And so these asks for, I mean, I'm getting a lot less texts. How many less texts do you get? I've had a couple, but not very many.

I went from being 50 and 60 a day to like two or three a day. It's all Herschel and I get that. All of our friends all of our friends are down there trying to do what they can. They understand the importance, but right now there's 1.8 million early votes. Most of those came from Democrat strongholds. So again, we're going to have to see a massive same day turnout of Republican votes to overcome that kind of margin.

70, what was it? 1.8 million. 1.8 million early votes.

And they're still voting there. I think today even. No, is it early?

No, no. They kept it open Saturday. Saturday. Yeah, it's over.

They were able to keep it open Saturday. Yeah. So I mean, the ramifications are very, very significant here. And as Jame Langford, we had an event last week, ACLJ acts in the ACLJ and Susan B. Anthony had it for new members of Congress and Senator Langford came and he discussed with me. I mean, he said, people are losing one of the main aspects of the Senate race is not the fact that we're going to gain a majority because you're not, but you're going to have an equally divided committee and things don't get out of committee.

That's a good block and tackle move. Here's the problem. You lose the Senate seat, the committees are no longer equally divided. And that will change dramatically how the Senate operates. And I don't think that bodes well for everyone.

We are taking your calls when we get back at 1-800-684-3110. Talked about the Twitter situation. What was the, with the Elon Musk putting out there about the bias and on the, was the Hunter Biden laptop issue.

Logan, what's been the fallout on that? Because a lot of the New York Times made all the way to B5. I mean, the conservative press praised it. The liberal press said, you know, he's disgusting. He's leaking private documents.

This is if he's willing to do this, what else is he willing to do? So all trying to come up with spin but never, never nonpartisan, never anyone saying, oh, well, maybe we should actually look at this. It's all Elon good, Elon bad.

You know, there's no nuance in any of it. So, which tells you that again, because of our work on the FOIA issue, we find that the common link with all of this was the former general counsel of the FBI, who became the associate general counsel of Twitter, James Baker. He was involved in the dossier. He was involved in Mueller and he ended up at Twitter.

This is obviously pre, pre Elon Musk. So it tells, we were able to get that because we went to court and got it, got the documents, which established all of that. Yeah, exactly right. And I think it shows the importance of the work of the ACLJ, what we're able to do with the American Center for Law and Justice with your financial support.

When we have these matching challenges, it's so important if you're able to donate to contribute to that at, because it puts the pieces together. Long-term, you show that these actors who were there in the meeting saying, we've got the insurance policy, who were there actually getting delivered to them, the Steele dossier, and then who are they sought out for when they leave the public sector and government, Twitter. And they're brought over as the Twitter deputy general counsel to then weigh in on matters like suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the Presidential election. I mean, you think about that and the nature of the election interference. First of all, if this was, if the FTC, which isn't going to happen or DOJ, not going to happen, were to investigate that, that could be deemed an in kind contribution.

I mean, it could violate all kinds of federal election commission laws, but I suspect, I can't imagine that this department of justice is going to touch it. We are coming back from the break. Rick Grinnell is going to join us. We're taking your calls to a lot of phones are lighting up. We've got a couple open 1-800-684-3110.

The Senate race tomorrow is still very critical. We'll talk to Rick about that among other things, including what's happening in Iran. We'll take your phone calls at 800-684-3110. Back with more, including your calls and comments at 1-800-684-3110. A lot of people texting that they're going to be praying for Frank and the ACLJ this week. We appreciate that.

We'll be back with more in a moment. Welcome back to Secula. We are joined by our senior advisor for national security and foreign policy, Rick Grinnell. And Rick, I want to go right to you with this because Iran has felt obviously the public pressure because their attorney general has announced that they have disbanded their morality police.

The one that was responsible for the death of was one of the protesters that led to this explosion of protests. Now we have no idea if that's actually the case, if this has actually been done, but I do think it is a small victory that they felt like they had to make an announcement like that to the world. Look, I think the reality is that it's baloney. There's no possible way they're getting rid of the morality police. Remember that the morality police are actually this this outside group that works with the government and they don't officially wear police uniforms, but they are the enforcers.

And so this is, you know, a religious problem. They the regime is a radical religious regime and they're never going to be able to get rid of their supporters or the desire to control people's behavior. I think what's more shameful is that while we're watching people take to the streets, the U.S. media fell for this and they jumped fast. I mean, I saw some headlines from NBC saying possible change to women's rights all because the regime said something. Look, the regime has told us that they're not making nuclear weapons. The regime told us that they don't support terrorism. The regime told us that gay people don't exist. This is a regime that lies consistently. It's interesting, Rick, because at this at the same time you had that they say the morality police have been done away with the Biden administration through the secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, basically said the negotiations with the Iranians is not happening now. And the reason it's not happening now is ready for this. They don't trust what the Iranians are doing.

So here we are. Shock. I mean, it's totally laughable because it's the the message that the Trump team has been telling the Biden team for years is how can you believe the Iranian regime? They've lied about heavy water. They've lied about the number of centrifuges. They've lied about supporting terrorism. The Israelis caught them with this closet full of information showing that they had lied. The Europeans were were embarrassed for supporting them. But you know who hasn't been embarrassed? The Biden administration.

They believed in trying to find some solution. It's this John Kerry theory that if the Iranians tell you that they only have a certain number of centrifuges, you're supposed to believe them. And then when they lower the number, you applaud, even though we don't know what the number of centrifuges they had to start with because they've lied from the beginning. But you know, this is typical of John Kerry. They value consensus rather than the protection of American values and security.

Rick, let me ask you this also, changing gear here. Big disclosure with Twitter by Elon Musk showing the suppression of basically voting information on one side that we found through our work at the ACLJ and our Freedom of Information Act. And I don't even have a chance to tell you this yet, but that the General Counsel of the FBI, James Baker, you of course remember that name from your days. James Baker, General Counsel for the FBI, ends up becoming the Associate General Counsel when he leaves the government to guess where?

Twitter. And he is the, of course, he was the Russia collusion narrative. He was the whole Mueller probe. That was all under James Baker as the General Counsel of the FBI. He ends up at Twitter and guess who they're communicating with at Twitter?

Per Elon Musk. Now we know it was Baker's involvement because of our FOIA request. We know of the Twitter engagement with James Baker because Elon Musk disclosed. How significant was this?

I mean, it's huge. It's swamp lawyer 101 and you know this better than anyone. There's all of these lawyers who just sit around and do the work of the left and they're pretty good at it, but they're not interested in the constitution. They're not interested in freedom of speech. They're interested in controlling us and crushing dissent, which is, I have to say, one of the reasons I came to ACLJ is to be able to get away from the swampy lawyers and go with people who are fighting for Americans. And so I hope people recognize that all of our FOIA requests, all of our pushing are from lawyers who are outside of Washington DC who have the interest of the American people at hand and we're fighting hard.

You should support us. Yeah. I appreciate that, Rick, because we're not matching challenge campaigns. So this is a big month, but I will also say this, this FOIA litigation, Rick knows this, he's been on both ends of it because of his government as the director of national intelligence, of course, assisting us with these matters. This one dates back almost two and a half years of litigation to get this information and we wouldn't have seen the causal connect of the James Baker element of this unless we had that FOIA request. So it was a big disclosure. We keep saying this, Andy O'Connell, our senior council keeps saying this, it's you're going through this haystack of information to get the want, to find the needle, you know, the nugget in the gold mine. It's the same thing. But when you, when you push, you get every one of these cases, we have found something significant.

Jordan. You know, Rick, I think all of us involved in politics, we're hearing different things on the ground. We've got one final Senate race tomorrow will be decided and the outcome will really, the bigger issue is how committees will be set up in the Senate.

Democrats will still be in control, but the way committees are set up, it could be still tied if Herschel Walker is able to pull out a victory. I'm not hearing great things on the ground. I think we have to get a big Republican same day turnout again because of the early voting by Democrats is like in the 1.8 million number.

But are you, what are you hearing from sources on the ground? Cause I think that every Republican I know of has been in that state in the last month or so trying to help. Look, I think that everybody that's listening to our voice should absolutely pick up the phone and call someone who lives in Georgia and ask them, have you voted yet? And make sure that they do.

This is our network. This is how we can actually do, you know, ballot harvesting like strategies. And so every single person who is connected to Georgia needs to be calling Georgia voters. We need to have a massive voter turnout. This is an incredibly important race. We're trying to convince people, but it's all about people recognizing that they've got to make it a priority to vote.

We have to vote and we can make a big difference. Let's go ahead and take Lynn's call from Georgia. Cause I think this is part of the issue that we'll be able to put to rest a little bit here while we got Rick on the phone. Hey Lynn, welcome to Secula. You're on the air.

Thank you for taking the call. I just want to know, we still got one more day of voting tomorrow. The big day. Yup. Yes. And I've already voted. Yup.

Me and my husband. And I'm just wondering why Real Clear Politics has already got Warnock already winning at 50.7 to 49.3. Yeah. So this is the headline in Politico, right? And excuse me, in the Real Clear Politics. And it says Georgia Senate runoff.

Then it has parentheses University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Warnock 51, Walker 46. That is a poll. That is not, early votes have not been, we haven't gotten an early vote report other than we know that the turnout Rick has been breathtaking in number. I think 1.8 million votes have already been cast. But that's why you can't lose hope folks because that's a poll. That's not the actual data.

Rick. Look, the polls are always, always wrong. And what we have to be able to do is finish what we started, which many Republicans vote on election day. I wish that they would vote earlier so that we could have no excuse voting. I know people who fully intend to vote on election day and then the doctor's appointment comes up or they were in a car crash or their kid gets sick.

And so we have to avoid that as much as possible. But now we need an army of people flooding those polls. There's going to be long lines.

So when you wait to the end, it's going to take you more time and you just got to be prepared to do that, but you have to do that. Your vote matters. This is going to come down to a very close race. Get out and vote. Jordan said this Rick and Jordan, I think it's worth repeating again. We've got to start participating in early voting and mail in ballots and all of whatever the state law allows because we're starting the ball game and they're on our 20 yard line. It's something I've been talking to our ACLJ action teams.

We've expanded that team. So I said, you're going into the next election cycle. I think we need to do a nationwide effort that breaks down early voting state by state for people and to encourage it from the ACLJ as ACLJ action from lawyers that they trust, from policy experts that people have trusted with their financial support for years. So if we tell them, hey, we're not telling you who to vote for, but this is early voting year so you've got to take advantage of it. And we're talking about some of this through ads, some of this through actually going into states and hosting meetings on early voting to push back against this unfortunate narrative that it that it can't be trusted. And the confusion between absentee voting, where you are relying on the postal service, which I don't like that as much, but with actually going to a precinct where they're open and casting a vote the exact same way you would on election day. Rick, we appreciate it as always, but you want to encourage people to vote one last time here, encourage folks to get out.

Tomorrow's it. Yeah. I think what Jordan said is key. We've seen races. I mean, look at the attorney general's race in Arizona. It's 500 votes. Unreal. Get out and vote. Get out and vote and your vote matters. All right. Rick Rinnell, senior advisor to the ACLJ.

We appreciate it as always. And I'll tell you something. That race and that attorney general race is literally 500 votes between a Republican attorney general and a Democratic attorney general. So for the consequences are gigantic.

That's what people have to realize. And the consequence for the Senate is gigantic tomorrow because the Senate, it's not going to be outcome determined as far as votes in the Senate, but it is as it relates to who controls the committees. It will be even if Herschel Walker wins, it will not be if Senator Warnock wins. That's just fact. Congresswoman Boebert. I mean, that's still going into a recount. Likely that she'll win that after the recount, but these are very close races. So every vote it counts.

And this election showed. What is the house? 22. 22, 22.

Yep. All right, welcome back to the section. We're gonna take your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110.

Let's start with Sid's call. And James Baker, again, not the former secretary of state. This is, we're talking about the former general counsel at the FBI who's currently, we still, we can't tell if he actually associates in the number two general counsel, but well, he's probably the, if he's still there, he's probably the acting because the general counsel got terminated. So his boss was terminated from Twitter, but it's not clear yet if he has been in the shakeup, but he would think that he's not going to be there very much, much longer. But we just don't publicly have confirmation of that. So Sid, calling from California on line four, welcome to Sekulow. You're on the air.

Thank you very much. What I was calling about was the federal law, but the executive branch who may have had some over an organization and goes to join that organization. I thought there was at least a one year waiting. No, there's, there's restriction. Your question is we had a little trouble hearing you. If you're going from the government to a private entity, aren't there restrictions and that's for lobbying.

So there's like these anti-lobbying prohibitions that sometimes this is a year, sometimes it says two or your position, if it was high up and up, may say you can't do this particular matter that you worked on inside the government. And that's what you're talking about there. And it raises questions.

I don't know what the parameters were at the FBI, as far as what his rule, what his limitations are, but I want to go back to the fundamental thing. We'll take more calls at 800-684-3110 and Logan, how big in the social media word world was this live disclosure? I mean, it was big. I'm not sure there's been really any bigger moment in recent history that's played out exactly how it played out. And obviously, as you said, people on both sides of it, some people not liking that they've got out there. Some people not liking that Matt Taibbi is working with Elon Musk or that these documents were provided to him from sources within Twitter. So all of that kind of happened all at once, but no, I think it's a huge deal. It's still one of the top stories. And now they're trying to spin that, you know, he's a hack journalist and all these things when the guy's had a big career, a huge career, by the way, historically a very liberal guy, not someone who is some bastion of the right now has changed a little bit over the last few years, much like a lot of them, because he hasn't gone to the extreme left.

And, you know, if you're not the, to the extreme left, then all of a sudden you're the enemy. And that's what happened here. And it is a big deal and something that people should really dive into. As you said, it may not make, I feel like there's more press about, there's more press about him putting it out than what's in the content. Right.

That's interesting. Also, let's take Charles's call in Texas. Charles, welcome to secular. You're on the air. Thank you for taking my call. My question is why are Republicans always being smeared ahead of elections?

I'll stand by. Well, I mean, both sides smear each other. I would say this. Yes. There was more there, there on Herschel than there was on Warnock.

Warnock got speared and tried to run over his wife. You know, that that's been out there. It's been out there for years.

A lot of that. But yeah, he he's right. It's been out there for years.

He did not get trouble. And on the Herschel thing, I think what it was, it kept coming one after another. And then remember originally it was anonymous. You can kind of say, okay, if you're not willing to put your name to it. And then people started coming out.

And then his son, the woman, themselves by name. And I think that tied in with just clarity of message. What we saw in this election cycle, we've heard this from Mike Pompeo when he was at our event in DC last week.

And we, we talked about it with him when he was here a week before that. And it, it was about people that they want to trust to go to Washington to represent their state, especially at the Senate level, people that are going to be good representatives of their state, hardworking. It's really a job to bring in a lot, you know, there's the social issues. Yes, they vote on that gets a lot of priority, but what senators really work on is foreign policy and building those relationships, especially when your party's outside the White House. And the second and probably the biggest role is bringing business to your state. You know, and so you want people who, who you know, CEOs of major companies are going to want to say, you know what?

I trust that person. And what we saw this election cycle, unfortunately was economy was the number one issue and more people voted for Democrats on that issue. Yeah. They did not trust the Republican message on the economy. It's an interesting question coming in on, on, on Facebook from Bill says to me, it's so frustrating that the governor of Georgia won in a landslide and yet there's a struggle to get another Republican to win in the Senate.

What's your sense of that? I mean, that goes to candidate selection, right? I mean, if they, I mean, what was the final result for Kemp?

He went by 10, do you know something like that? Yeah. I mean, it was, it was a blowout, a major blow in a state that size, that many votes that's again. So that many people decided not to vote or voted against Herschel Walker, who voted for a very conservative governor and Brian Kemp. Issue wise, there would be no difference between Brian Kemp and Herschel Walker on how they would vote, uh, how they, uh, would get their message out, obviously very different.

Yeah. I think there's a whole conversation of candidate selection. Like you said, can you be for the policies and not for the person? And I think of course you can be, but again, the conversation we're having, especially heading into 2024 is there are still people who are voting for the person, not voting for the party and then voting for who's going to represent their state. Well, and I think that that's a big part of this. And when you look at it from a bigger point of view, we have to start looking to that, that can you find people doesn't have to be one or the other. Can it not be? And maybe campus is one of those examples of someone who is just kind of just exist, exist, like a decent guy, Doug Collins.

It could have, we think Doug Collins would have won by 10 points. I'm saying you don't have to have these celebrity figures on the controversial figure. You can have someone who actually is a decent person and has good policies that happens.

It had to be perfect. It's kind of a reworking of where Republican party was going and kind of getting back to the basics. If you want candidates that people can trust, that can weather a storm because they're all going to get smeared, they can weather a storm clearly.

If they did something wrong in their past, they apologize, they move on. But it's not that number one narrative of the whole campaign. Also that they can clearly articulate a policy message. People want to know, not that you're just going to be a vote for whatever Mitch McConnell says or Republicans say, but that you're going to do something for your state as well, but you're going to bring business into your state. Now, I think Herschel could.

But I think he's been played as someone who is ineffective in communicating. And listen, get out the vote. It was only 50,000 votes that separated them. So this is not impossible tomorrow. I don't want people to be too down.

But if you didn't vote early and you're in Georgia, you better prepare for long lines tomorrow to get out the vote. Let me say this also, Jordan and Logan have a podcast and I'm going to say this, thank you to our friends at Rumble for always highlighting our broadcast and they do a great job. That's why we tell you go to Rumble because we know we're not getting censored there.

We know we're not getting played down in the feeds. But they've got a podcast. If you have not listened to it yet, you need to. It's called Secular Brothers.

And you go to It comes out three days a week. Today happens to be one of those days where they will do the podcast.

So that's more content. It's going to be available on Rumble, YouTube, Facebook, but also all of the podcasting platforms. Yeah, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, we're there. If you want the audio version, a lot of people listen to their car.

That kind of thing. Sure, it's available there as well. You can subscribe on all those outlets. But if you just go to, it'll just take you to a link tree of all of our different links where you can subscribe. Like I said, the show is typically Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. So we give a little break for news to catch up. But we also do shows though, continuing to put out great content on our social media platforms.

But go to Today, we're certainly going to have a very interesting show. I bet you are because, and again, our friends at Rumble, a huge thank you.

As we close this broadcast out, let me say we are kind of week one almost, pretty much the first week of the month of December. Your support makes a gigantic difference. And December is how we determine the budget for the year because it's that significant a month for the ACLJ. Your support, absolutely critical.

I want to encourage you to go to Any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. So that means if you donate 20, we get 40. You're only giving 20, which we appreciate.

I shouldn't say only. You're giving 20. We're getting another 20 as part of the match. So we encourage you to do that at Thanks for all the cases we talked about, all the analysis you see, this broadcast. matching challenge campaign. We will talk to you tomorrow. Don't forget secular brothers podcast this afternoon,
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