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Trump Sued By New York Attorney General

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 21, 2022 1:11 pm

Trump Sued By New York Attorney General

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 21, 2022 1:11 pm

Letitia James, New York's Attorney General, just announced a $250 million civil lawsuit against President Trump, the Trump Organization, as well as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. Jay, Logan, and the Sekulow team break down the allegations, motives involved, and what to expect next. This and more today on Sekulow.


Breaking news presidency will be sued by the New York Atty. Gen. the same Atty. Gen. went after him in her campaign. Now this is just we do indeed have breaking news so limited what's happening a civil lawsuit has been engaged by the New York Atty. Gen. Leticia James. Now I want you to know something guards at the allegations of a business fraud by the Trump company by the former President by the buyer. Trump, Monica Trump and Donald Trump Junior as well as their chief financial officer and Comptroller of the company. Now you have to understand this and put this into a perspective of things really important understand where discomfort is been brewing for years, but let me play for you and add all the Atty. Gen. when she was running in 2018. As Atty. Gen. and what she said about then-President Donald Trump about the office of Atty. Gen. Follow the money believe the practice of money laundering laundering money from foreign governments hearing New York state, particularly related to his real estate holdings. Everyone understand Donald Trump are coming to this is she's running for office and she's threatening that the days of Donald Trump are coming to an end before the cases were made when was that 2018 2018. Multiple years later, now four years later.

Campaign profits just I want to show you how serious the political biases here that this isn't the federal government. This is New York State and they're asking for $250 million in damages, penalties actually may want them barred from serving on boards at that do business in New York making buyer so buildings in New York for five years and she's asking for $250 million fine, but what she said.

Others also should be checking your twitter account because I remember specifically because I was handling portions of this. We were representing the President as to statements she had made regarding the then present in the United States as she is prosecuting civil prosecution of the probably did say that they're making a criminal referral over to both the IRS and to the United States Department of Justice, which read the Southern District of New York try to find out all the details and still am succumbing in right now live as we speak. Questions or comments. I have sure a lot of you do is call 1-800-684-3110 we'll take some of those questions on the Arabs are.

A lot of people can have those thoughts. Good to hear these these allegations, we already are kind of a used to. This is a bias already built into us to go to notice anything we've heard so many times you is anything about anything but this coming from the near Atty. Gen. of the syndicate manager and financially to trying to basically ended up able to run from the understand that that all of this is aimed one thing, don't let them run again for office. That's what this is about whether it's the FBI in Malaga, whether it's the Department of Justice and now the New York Atty. Gen. jumping into this. That's what all of this is about so I want your reaction to this at 1-800-684-3110.

That's 800-684-3110 civil fraud suit now people sing civil and fraud does that even make sense. There are statutes that exist under New York law, and as a demo state were it may not rise to the level of criminal conduct, but it's still a fraud on the on the statement. She said teach James and ovary of these bites pulled that she said that she believes it was a criminal fraud committed here and that's why she's made this referral to the US attorney's office or to the department justice into the Internal Revenue Service.

Some break in all this down for you beginning to be announced to Rick the real story is in the next segment to talk about this 1-800-684-3110 is 800-684-3110 will take your calls and comments on this really important. Hear what you have to say about this newest attack on a former President present giving as much that never he wanted attention. He certainly is getting as it is dominating the news. So again I met today and really put nuclear weapons once it is, the news is Donald Trump in the state of New York, so we will be taking those because of the slowdown that phone number 41 800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110 gives call right now the trick of the great work content on record I'll join you, or $0.31 of the New York Atty. Gen. just add onto the bandwagon of try to shut down political discourse has brought a civil fraud suit against Donald Trump. The Trump organization and his three children is former CFO and the current Comptroller of the organization and in addition to the $250 million penalties they want. There also referring the case to the Department of Justice or had refer the case, the department justice for crime criminal violations and also to the IRS so this is big cases been instituted here for printable political season and the ramifications of this are news what you had asked yourself why now, this moment would they do this is been investigation. I can tell you is been going on for years but Leticia James E. Atty. Gen. ran ran on unseating Donald J. Trump log yet when we have tweets in her that came out years ago. If statements are the came out years ago. Here's one directly. This is from and find exact days here, but this is at real Donald Trump.

This is when names to hunt twitter of the days of defrauding Americans are coming to an end.

I welcome the New York State Department of taxation and finance inquiry call any agency with jurisdiction for the IRS to the New York AG to follow facts whether they leave no stone should be left unturned. Again this is from October 3, 2018.

We have record now Joy is so Rick this is the latest you know we moved last week I was dealing were dealing with the you had the FBI department justice on the documents and I got we have Leticia James and the Atty. Gen. New York who has been campaigning against Donald Trump for five years and now comes up with the civil suit. Of course a month away from the midterm elections totally political. Everybody knows totally political night her office. She should be impeached because not a single New Yorker should be able to feel like Lakisha Jan out to find the back and then prosecute the crimes she completely flipped. She has decided to prosecute Donald Tom and Phil. Therefore she's going back years to find anything that she can lifted yes this is an assault on Donald Trump. It is clear that the Democrats are afraid that he's going to come back there recognizing every single agent. The every American should be careful because it's not really just about Donald Trump about anyone who stands up to them and it's effective enough and impactful enough to take them on what the Democrats want are really nice Republicans to go along when they're defeated, and who walk away when they're defeated.

Donald Trump is the fighter he fights back.

They don't want him so they are going to do what they take hand with the power of government. Weapon nine government go after them with legal phony cases from years ago. This is not stopping in and let me just finish by saying that anyone who thinks that it can adopt with future President, nondefensive or future President Ted Cruz. It is not stopping. They will be rated they will be impeached multiple times these people are reckless and using the web, the weaponry of government against their political enemies and crushing that 42 years, and I've done some high-profile cases. As you know in the country around the globe and I'm done with the ICC dimension from court. They have done at the European Court of human rights have not been this report, 16, 18, 20, whatever is now 20 times and I've handled some the biggest investigations including investigations were present and when I see is a continual pattern here. This is reminds me again of allegations coming out from Bob Muller and others. And then of course it takes us two years to prove the innocence but they try to do it replicate reputational harm me from loving you got some every five years ago. This is what she was 300 were digging into her tweets backdated to cut sure how long this game plan is bent and this was from October 16, 2017. I believe the resistance against Donald Trump in New York City. It will only continue to do so in every way possible. Hashtag New York City votes hashtag this is your unbiased prosecutor who supposedly justice is blind. Not so much right now with one fundamental that's really being harmed here, not just Donald Trump's family but for the entire country as political vendettas weapon eyes by legal systems is what happens in you know countries that don't have a justice subsystem and is happening here right now and that was me. It's the former President but they're going after on this, but that the unrelenting nature of these attacks have one goal she can't order him not to be present United States watching the drug to disqualify him if he decides to run.

This is not so obvious that's what this is. And it wasn't obvious that it's coming literally less than four weeks away from five weeks away and I guess from the general election on midterm elections where they were gone after Mike Mundell the famine that gone after a variety of Republican support. Donald Trump is not just about Donald Trump. They are not stopping, look, we get all the credit card company and now altogether really collusion that they will start reporting on any American who buys animal or gotten this is the weaponization of politics. It started with sanctuary city this little nice term where we were going to have activities that ignore laws where left-wing politicians didn't agree with the law and that an attack on the rule of law that the weaponization of the justice by ignoring laws that you don't agree with.

Now we find ourselves in the position where Republican Trump Republicans are being crushed by rogue prosecutors, the DOJ, the FBI not going to stop with Donald Trump.

He is just the one that standing in the way and I have to be very clear that we are going to see aggressive Atty. Gen.'s going after other Americans who have said that he can serve as a tech guy I said this that I think the most simply and people ignore the Atty. Gen. state can sometimes be the most powerful political force in that state and we have to be cognizant of that and I will tell you this if you look at what's happening in Fulton County with the DA there the case may be the be made, becoming the Lee case.

Now you got Leticia James in New York of sending this over to the Department of Justice and to the IRS. They been investigating this for years. She made all these anti-Trump statements.

All this comes into play and you think yourself gees windows the sand. But here's the truth like you said this is the nature of the way the laws being enforced right now and I want to say this to all of our listeners or people are watching us on our social media application you understand that when when a case like this is coming and the person prosecuting it said this, take a listened to her statement.

This is leading this is not a person prosecuting Donald Trump listen about the office of Atty. Gen. follow the money. Practice of money laundering laundering money from foreign governments hearing New York state, particularly related to his real estate holdings. Everyone understand Donald Trump are coming to this Rick. This is when she's running for office. And by the way there's no allegation here about my money just to be clear from what I've seen so far ago at Rick make that thing to be able to get Democrats to give her money and to further a political agenda but but let's also be very clear about one thing, J we have a system where we did have a rogue prosecutors and rope broke politicians overreaching, but the check in the balance with the media Washington Post would mark them, they would say you've overreached, there would be a reaction from normal everyday reporters and news from CNN or HP would would belong to them. It didn't matter if they were Republicans or Democrats. But today, now there's a cheerleading newsroom there every time that the Democrats go after the Republican the matter what a lore of the crowd from the newsroom.

There is no check. And so what happened that the Democrats keep overreaching because there is no pushback to put this is an interview with the Leticia James Nicholas, this is 49 my name personally repainted his sleep.

This is the Atty. Gen. of the state of New York and ended with no pushback from the media there with laughter and celebratory actions from media, which meant she was encouraged to keep doing that other politicians were encouraged to jump in because she was making money and getting publicity in the media didn't try to stop or they become partisan players media, and they are literally a threat to democracy. No question that we appreciated being part of our team Rick Senior advisor, financial security, foreign policy. Also, former director of national intelligence art brings a cause commitment and excitement 1-800-684-3110 on this topic and break it down for you with Logan 800-684-3110 civil fraud suit. Referral to Department of Justice I referral to the IRS. When I say there we go again. Absolutely it will be taken a lot of calls and because I don't hold. Thank you for holding will get yet coming up in the future segments you give us a call still run it right at 1-800-684-3110. We are going to keep going with a lot more content coming up very early break all this down into deep dive what it all means singularly technical here just about social media as you do me a favor are a lot of people watching right now, there's a lot of ways for our message to get to there.

We hear a lot of different voices you will make sure your voice which is ours is hurt here from ask you to do if you're on Facebook click share but right now share like and comment all those things help get this out to more people. If you're on YouTube.

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That really helps and I will keep us going. That will take some calls yet so I want to recast it for everybody.

So the New York Atty. Gen.'s been investigating Donald Trump for at least four years I was involved in some this early on has now brought a civil suit civil fraud suit against the former President.

His family and his company and to the executives in that company. They are in the suit alleging financing fraud. Basically, bank fraud, financing fraud, they are asking for $250 million in damages and penalties are also asking that the Trump family be barred from engaging in basically real estate practice in New York for five years. They've also referred this to the Department of Justice and to the IRS for prosecution. So this is it. This is another one of the I need to play for you a sound. Some sound will figure out which one in which one you want us to play of what this Atty. Gen. while she was campaigning said about the now defendant in her case is .1 account today what I'll do it all out. I'll read what you said okay she said were going to be a real pain in his blank. He's going to know my name.

When then asked when you sue them. He says I say one name Donald Trump. That's why you vote said it was clearly this is by the way, I could reap 50 of these. This is clearly the approach is politicizing weapon eyes the now the New York Atty. Gen.'s office he specifically said that the days of Trump are coming to an end and that was what she was running on and we see that here that this office has been weapon eyes and weapon eyes specifically against a former President of the United States and his family weapon eyes, though interestingly listening, about the timing of this remote weapon iced five weeks before the midterm elections they been working on this for four years and they decide to date and put it out there is today. Let's put it out there now because now is five weeks from a general midterm election see through the political side of this, they can they honestly take allegation seriously, all those things but when it comes down to the way in the performance that just happened and it is a performance of the text. I'm getting right up collectively out of Batman or you know that the mayor comes up and makes this this very dramatic statement of all these yellow pauses and all these moments of self-congratulatory and then also to call out all of the wrongdoing. It feels fabulously out of the movies and so calculated. Does it feel actually, our government, I should be saying there's another should be saying it, but the performance side of it. That's a lot of comments are that are coming yet we are getting a lot of comments and there a lot of you watching right now, let's take a call a lot of people to hold for a while since the top will get out also open up slides for those who want to call and let's go to Carrie in Montana online to carry my drawl brother. I don't know that you helped me over 30 years ago the IRS and I beat the blank out of and we know Donald Trump seems to be the job. Blake seems to be the word of the day because every soundbite we have from teacher James seems to have edits but go ahead, I'm sorry, go ahead, you're right your writing. Any kind of all I'm worth fighting for a board member to be a field day and many more. God bless you. Let's keep fighting Donald Trump and now they're going after Elder and remember your case from about 25, 30 years ago actually help you out.

So we will disclose that because you are a client. I will say this, here's the thing that are ACLJ supporters need to know when we see injustice we go after and here's a product of your present United States or if you carry we take in cases for Kerry, we taking cases for tea party groups pro-life groups involving the IRS and these other government agencies, but let me tell you something and someone I could speak to this because I did it when you're representing a President. It's a whole different ballgame with you. As you can imagine because the bill that warfare that you're engaged in is multipronged and it's coming at you a lot of different levels and that's what's happening in this today and you and I don't know the individual lawyers that are handling these cases now, but this idea that you bar somebody from a practicing real estate, selling, buying, selling real estate in one sense, $250 million for Donald Trump is not a lot of money they're making that into a big thing. It's like one not so great building in Manhattan. Okay, on the other hand, try to put him out of business is the lead up to let him not run for President. If he gets indicted by the southern district or the IRS brings charges to treasury big event goes to the apartment just so you have to understand the scope of what this is is very politicized right any attacks are constant. They just don't stop that's the other thing I mean you can fight a battle.

But he's been fighting a battle sensing out even before he took office, and they continue to fight and attack him even after he's left office. So there in out definitely trying to wear him down. Definitely trying to take the ship that's right take a shot and a lot of the problem.

This is true, there's the legal implications could be gigantic with major following that work for the perception of the American people I think are getting burned out getting burned out on this consistency of going after Trump for things that even if you whatever their eligibility developer New York right right alleging negative state development issues. I think the majority people go okay you know anything they don't necessarily agree with it but doesn't affect them on a personal level and a lot of people as I get there in the Windy City so much worse. It's only other people, even in this political sphere. Even families of other Presidents that have done allegedly things that are really do affect people's personal lives did nothing. I think they have lines with that and we tested a quick call and then will move up glass of open lines of the body is: Eric in the state of New York and Eric I recall from the New York Lockport okay great.

Glad to travel all over right well I never seen a President so persecuted throughout the whole entire term, and I was just wondering what can we do people do to support him.

You know, listen, I couldn't. I get to testify this person because I handled the bulk of these cases, I handled and I've never seen anything like it either in my lifetime. The present level XLII years. If you look at historically. No President was attacked like this from the day he announced to to to two years after his out of office so look it's good to come down to politics. At the end that's what this is but the lawyers better be aggressive. Okay it's far as having a coherent, logical, legal strategy to deal with this because while we look at this and say this is ridiculous.

This is political, you still got a defendant in court. Still, at the battle send in preparation by the attorneys needs to be very thorough and yes very proactive and go after it and defend it with your best defense is a more because in the second half hour at 864 3110 could follow us on Twitter at Jay Sekulow@ACLJ at Jordan secular Logan Sekulow also on rumble and personal of other social media platforms people share the speed with different support the work You absolutely got ACLJ that are to support the work of their second half hour, stay tuned.

If you're watching on social media get the flower. If your local radio stations log on over seven okay the flower also on Facebook share from YouTube comes up right now and if you are on rumble.

Plus I will be right back. ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today seeing LJ keeping you informed and now is Jay secular is a reticular cause of 864 30 went to bridges during his years with 717 President gave a speech at the UN Food and threatened it to you when to use every Arsenal at his disposal with Ukraine, which is not of the world talking about nuclear issues and at the same time with teacher James the Atty. Gen. of New York decides today would be the day that she announces her civil fraud case against the former President.

His three children and Monica Eric and Don Junior, the former CFO Alan Weisberger, the current Comptroller Jeff McConaughey and others and is $250 million barring them. Also, from engaging in real estate and referrals for criminal prosecution over to the US attorney's office. The Southern District of New York and to the Internal Revenue Service for criminal tax issues. Now that's the charges but I want you to hear from the person that's making the charges not from a prepared speech today.

I want you to hear from what she was saying when she was running for office before the sum of these investigations were even off the ground. Take a listen I present a criminal offense showing with law enforcement and other attorneys general across this nation. Office okay so she thinks that a state Atty. Gen. can remove a sitting President United States from office. But there's one problem with that. The United States Constitution, which is the only way a President can be removed is to be impeached and then convicted of the impeachment charge. They tried that it failed. Not once but twice. That's number one number two. She's joining with other attorney generals to do this is while she's running for office.

This is justice is blind. Okay meanwhile you know is not on this case. Other Atty. Gen. from other offices. So this you have to understand the politics of what's taking place here. I look at the I look at the allegations of the complaint and the thing that is becoming very clear to me is that you have a situation where these charges have been being investigated for almost 4 years and now miraculously for five weeks before were most significant midterm elections are lifetime. Miraculously, this is the day they decide to announce that matching. She told us all on what her intent was.

She had one singular attack intent and that was to go after and bring down Donald Trump.

She said she's gonna do that while he was President.

She didn't get that time. So now she's at continuing her efforts after he is now he's out of office in the former President she still going after him still attacking him with a single focus of bringing Donald Trump down so he coming to an end agent from coming to this are her words were take your calls. 800 684 30 went a lot of people calling love people watching Logan let everybody know again how to share this because we a lot of folks.

Lots of us thinking our folks at mobile. If you want to comment, that really helps if you're on Facebook share this.

It really helps you to pick up some sucks and you too will feature it after more people who maybe don't usually get this broadcast. That really helps out there that we are taking phone calls you call Intuit 1-800-684-3110 let's go ahead and take a call with sealants go to Colbert is in Illinois line 5I, and you're there all along, and I appreciate that Steve, the other media sources of reported this Waco appreciate your car? There since the Department of Justice, but the look and have a look at all Outlook into the body that made it probable or related to the Atty. Gen.'s of various state can initiate investigations on their own probable cause to get a search warrant to get affidavits and to get evidence of the have to be certain there have to be probable cause, but that there should look to to say there's a double standard here is it is obvious I made to say the obvious and common.

I appreciate the fact that you listen to our broadcast and have been for a long time.

Listen we go to break, I want to say something to Ronnie. This is a reason we do this broadcast because one of the wives of why we do this is to get you information in an hour that is concise and accurate you generally not get in any place else. Certainly not get up and people actually did these cases, these issues were take more because we come back from the break.

Logan let you know how to do this, share the speed with your friends orientate normally get back.

That's right Sherrick's call 1-800-684-3110, 100-684-3110 take a lot of calls and answering these questions again tell you a lot of the political ramifications of the resort method to if their successful what is it mean what if the political revocation will discuss a couple in the next major social media feeds on rumble and by the way thank you Rob for putting up pilings on your front pages really made a huge difference. A lot of people watching. We just like this, which he should James soundbite let me take the soundbite that she doesn't want you to play okay this is the soundbite from the same person when she talks of this you made this you notes I played.

We played most of it. You know going after Trump for all this, but listen to what she actually says it will let's pull a soundbite where she says I the one where she's talking to the person and says he's going to know my name talking about the former President is my name personally lapping. This is money is usually harmed a business that has thousands of employees you going after the President states you again for one of the most successful real estate developers in the country and making jokes about it when you're campaigning to you campaigned on taking Donald Trump down now.

You are filing lawsuits to try to take him down and were all supposed to act like this is justice is blind and you're treating this like any other case everybody can see through it.

This is this is not justice is blind here now this is politics is focused on taking down Donald Trump which is what she said. She said it while Nina while she was running for AG. She said it while she's bending AG and now we seen it today when she made this very lengthy drawnout statement and how she's finally going after Pres. Trump and his children. It's all politics and I think we can all say throwing Texaco's Jeff in Oregon, but a hold for a while just texting on their Michael the road and paying attention really know that this is a concentrated and concerted effort by the Justice Department to intimidate conservatives. I view the cachet. This isn't the Justice Department. This one is the state Atty. Gen.'s office so you now have another agency of the government and state government weapon. I should be to have your question why believe it. I believe it concentrated that there there putting this out to everybody that can bring some kind of new or any intimidation that the shotgun affected come from all angles. Give them everything they got capabilities attention away from what they're doing and that's to know intimidate what look what he has to have again not doing these cases right side. I don't know. I'm not handling these cases, they got to have a command center set up the present slur should be where they have different teams assigned to different cases and then one person is the conductor and make sure the train stay on the track and you gotta hit these one at a time you get it is not to be one-shot.

You take that ends two or three grand jury investigations in Washington DC, a state Atty. Gen. investigation that now lawsuit in New York.

Multiple referrals to the Department of Justice for nuke allegations of a bank fraud, and by the way has a bank filed suit here know why because the banks of unpaid so that this is what so interesting that this particular cause. In this 1-800-684-3110 but you have to be more organized.

You have to be orderly and how you handle this in court just was not a great day for the Trump team in court. Now I know I miss a lot. A lot went down there is a call and his calling for Texas who had had a question related to the banks that kind of thing and you're on their call paper here here in Texas. The prospect of buying and selling real estate and a lot of that liability followed on the banks and private parts would have to verify square and evaluated, as well as the values are public record on the appraisal district, County appraisal District page right buyer wants to pay more for a piece of property that it's worth laughing. The banks won't loan the money that the seller can sell it for any price you want. This is there more details to disclose information that may be relevant to the defense here but you know is you can imagine, is a complicated real estate transaction big real estate transaction in New York their appraisers. There are valuation experts their tax value people. I mean there are a lot of people involved so this is not I don't think this is so easy for them to prove by the way, you know, I heard there. Thank you. At the end and that kinda some agreement say it's good that kinda sums up to me what this means but I'm just to say to the public units listening they can make these allegations, but don't underestimate the fact that the political ramifications of this are really the target here and she so much as said it when she ran for office and the attorneys Trump's attorneys need to make sure that they make an outlet to ship prove her case. So everything she stood up there and said today. They need to make her prove every word that she said and that like you said might not be so easy because there are banks and other people that are involved and not just prep for present Trump and his family and she didn't hide away from this. This is something we should be surprise here and she said back campaigning is about 50 3G with 4000 million other problems you got in the state of New York right now those you don't not do this but this is what the Atty. Gen. is now bringing the charges against Donald Trump actually said while campaigning yet is very similar to some of the rhetoric that came out of Biden to let the rhetoric comes out of all these places are to calling him illegitimate President if she could say he is an FBI investigation of her writing her house because he said illegitimate.

That means you try to interfere with the election know you don't have that when you have on the other side, the President, Biden currently going after people he's labeling your magna Republicans calling the evolving autoplay bite from that as well. Alright let's hear this kind of counterbalance that. Here's the resident by working right now as I speak in state after state power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies empowering election deniers undermine democracy itself. It sounds like election to the Atty. Gen. of New York is now going after a form as I keep going with calls Ellis good art whose calling you in Florida on line for art while they are taking my call. My question in three part one didn't Pres. Trump date several months ago that he was suing James prosecutorial misconduct to travel.

How does perhaps tomorrow I'll go raid play into this. It seems curious that they did. You know, the FBI was sharing that data prior to the master being named, and then three who actually initiate an impeachment of this criminal AG to be by the legislature of the state of New York that's happening with regard to the lawsuit.

He did file a lawsuit was dismissed by the judge and as it relates to this have anything to do with the Morrow Largo rate probably not, because that rate is focused on another issue that's going on right now which of these documents and what those documents may or may not have as far as whether there had classified information she got that from setting up multiple you need multiple teams on all of this and then somebody conducting those things go hello yeah there's a lot of calls coming in to take most of them come up in the deck same ligament joint analyst to listen to parenting a call alright let's go to our recent West Virginia. The race MacCallum everything you want, you mention that the New York AG one another AG to go with her on this thing versus strong presence. I West Virginia AG Patrick Morrissey and some other Atty. Gen. could they possibly reverse that on her in incurably connate on the legal issues, estates, and this happens reform the state could file briefs taking a contrary position to this in these proceedings, whether they do that or not. I don't know. They usually try to stay within their sovereign, but that's normally how it's that's normally how it would be done. Let me just say this but you got understand something about this is politics. It's a nasty business, but they have a weapon eyes. Every agency of government. New York federal government, which is been weapon eyes and this is that this is the danger for the American people here in New York and I would say. Also California we see that you know California tries to take aim. So anybody who has liberal government. They are, they have been weapon eyes against former Pres. Trump and now his family and they continue attic from the time he announced his candidacy through his whole presidency and we seen it now, 10 years after he's out of the presidency doesn't stop you may be more information coming on the next immiscible will be estate to for that 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 will take your calls.

We also got a new initiative want to talk about the phone lines number of enough of you can just call 1-800-684-3110, 100-684-3110 to have your voice heard on the air as we headed to this lesson you see join us all throughout the day on all the social media platforms will personally subscribe to my brother and I have valid excitement podcast which runs three days a week did two shows already one coming up tomorrow actually talk about this and a whole lot more, casual, comedic that hope you enjoy it. It's in the flaccid and best of you informed of your day secular or search secular brothers podcast modified on YouTube 684-3110 Jordan stepped in here for say we still resting his voice when they redo their podcast tomorrow, but I got a huge hit on that, by the way tremendous response secular you can subscribe to any of the places you download your podcasts also on Facebook and YouTube, and world. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty much everywhere you can find us on Facebook you can find on our individual pages.

These wastes go secular, and click on the different lakes for the podcast app.

If you have Apple devices or it's on rumble you search secular brothers is on YouTube search secular brothers can find is there. I listened one more call on this at 800-684-3110 Terry Scully from Ohio Terry on their microphone and everything that you did you guys do a great job. My question when going to ever get there hearing when it did me like because of all the previously her coming out saying that she basically lived to get it almost feels like a bandanna and that that can be allowed and how if he ever got Terry stop. I mean you got your silly hostile jurisdiction form you got an Atty. Gen. That's bias is obvious.

I moved to Bercuson again, but who knows what the courts and the do and you got that's like saying they got a ham multiplicity. We did, we had a lot of lawyers on various teams and then I had a small cadre of or small group of lawyers that were kind of supervising everything with me and we made sure the teams kept their cases on track. And then it was all them one at a time when we got new multiples of the time, but each team is responsible case. Hopefully that's what they're doing.

I'm assuming that's what they do it but that's what they have to because is really a political move.

Here is very political.

I think it's another move to try one keep down the front Trump front consider they want to keep them in the news and so while this is a civil case, a fraud case where each of its financial penalty.

We don't know what else is coming with it and adds it affects the whole family. So it's of the whole Trump kind of image and again I think this is twofold. Midterm strategy keep Donald Trump front center fraud you use those words and then long-term is least. I still think they want him to be the nominee yet so you don't flee civil charges don't do silly bar you from running for President. So I think again, but very complicated yes. And like the caller said it is tough to imagine getting it out a fair shake in a lot of these jurisdictions for anybody who used to be President of the United States so we can have more on this tomorrow so this is all breaking what we want today so we know we give you what we do here is to be honest, real analysis of people that actually done this work but there's another issue that we want to go to this last segment and boy folks share this with your friends because our ACLJ action team is taking action here doing what we have.

That's right. So if you're on the ACLJ action email list. If your member at ACLJack. She got email this morning about the open borders, and we had a massive response to what we've asked people to do here, which is to contact their members of Congress close to the house and the Senate before we were on air today.

We already had. At 11:45 AM Eastern time, 332 letters to different members of Congress 5096. Senators had Artie received letters and a total of 2417 people who would send letters and were asked people listen. We heard Pres. We hear talk about the borders being secure our emails very hard-hitting.

We remotely note in one part that many of the young girls who are since as sex slaves across the border.

The only protection they have their set with birth control pills.

That's the only protection they have against the rape and the sexual violence is there that they know to keep is going to write her still a good cry meaning it's the right and these are criminals providing that to them. So we want were also start to see some Democrats start to finally take this issue seriously, so it doesn't matter where you live. We want you to take part in this effort. It doesn't cost anything you ACLJ and you'll see secure our border. 3100 people of already taken action this morning when sent out 3148, so we are again and we contacted almost every house, office, and almost every Senate office. But the more the better we feel like there's some obits about this issue. There's even Democrats talking about bipartisan solutions now Shrewsbury Republicans to the table the everyone else. It's a serious crisis. I so check out your email and encourage.

If you're not yet a member of ACL.

Jack should it's $25 a year to become an official member and you can do that ACLJ and then you can take part in this doesn't cost a thing to get these letters that we have it drafted for you put your information into your Congressman gets the right letter. The house your senators get the right letter in the U.S. Senate will miss you this journalism is important. People understand this when we meet we do wouldn't you know ACLJ action is a new enterprise of ours to really focus on this legislative pushes why today did this because this week is it's become such a big issue. Yeah we we were tracking. Of course the border numbers. The fact that there is a turn amongst members of Congress.

That's why refocusing on Congress your federal level because there Democrats starting to speak out and say I can't wait.

We we even since there could be a shift coming potentially from the administration different kinds of policies and after some of that is politics right you're leading into the midterm elections so we might start hearing about new plans that they were kind of halfway, so we want to do is make sure is that with if these bipartisan discussions start that the conservative ideas about border security are represented front and center that we don't get involved in some bad deal, but that we are taking this seriously with the American people know wherever you live across the country. Whether it's the drugs that have gotten into community.

Whether it's the traffic you get the border whether it's the amount of people of the resources and the lease on Martha's Vineyard people rather than 24 hours and so a lot of communities that have the resources to do that and of the resource. Stephen take care folks. I would deal with a couple billion people estimate, which is the largest number ever so this is a time where I think we either act on border security, or a get so out of control that acting becomes even difficult to imagine what to do not tell you the reactions. Can we not need also say I think you tore ACLJ supporters because we are adding staff to our DC office of argument, their staff and ACLJ action you're adding couple new people list in the next couple weeks. That's right so we at with this team is ramping up ramping up sourcing repair for midterm changes in Congress right and and with ACLJ action.

The new abilities for us to interact with partner a lot more with the organization's people learn about more about that and and were due or doing more out of the Washington office on November 1 side because of the unique abilities of the C4 can do and we can only do that because the sea from the donor's the C4 it by the way up to 3217 or go here for thousands were only 783 letters and communications away from getting to basically all 50 states, all members of Congress.

This is a very impressive start here so we encourage a good ACLJ action takes just moments to sign up. We will have more analysis on the litigation that's been filed by the New York Atty. Gen. on tomorrow's broadcast. You're also to be doing a lot, you will have a lot to talk about under secular brothers Buck as to which we will encourage people sign up for a lot of people are listening and watching and downloading the absolute encourage your secular when you do that, you'll see a list of links for you can find all the different places that you can watch or listen to the show started on Facebook we do it on here but it really help if you would go and subscribe on some like Apple podcast source modify YouTube find another way to get is make sure your independent getting it as well without me greatly appreciate if you find all those legs or rubble. If you want your mama right now we have a dedicated secular brothers rubble channel so find it. Go to secular to you go to Emily/secular brothers, you find all the episodes there and subscribe a few hundred times and right now, let's get that number up a lot bigger on rubble because we like rubble. Great to us platform. We appreciate all of their support over the last few years. A lot of them love people watching.

It is registered to the number very impressive IPO sets into it for today.

More information tomorrow

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