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Biden Unleashes Tirade on Pro-Life/MAGA Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 2, 2022 1:26 pm

Biden Unleashes Tirade on Pro-Life/MAGA Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 2, 2022 1:26 pm

Biden Unleashes Tirade on Pro-Life/MAGA Conservatives.


Present embodiment unleashes a tirade on pro-life mugger concern now is now supposedly a unifying speech using talk about politicals Garduno unrest, the unrest, the entire speech personalty imaging will talk about that in the moment, but basically I would brothers in Luxor explore this entire armor, take your calls.

We want your reaction to this is well let me just put this in the context he talked about and this is an statement. This is our bite number nine. Listen to what he says number and I was in this Nevada Republican. Not even the majority Republicans are migrant Republicans not our Republican braces are extreme ideology. I know because I've been able to work with these mainstream Republicans so it's not semiprecious anymore.

It's not ultra maggots, mega Republicans, which is America first Republicans listen to, then how we define what a mega force. Is this what you say these words. By the way that's present by his work number 14 macro forces are determined to take this country backwards backwards toward America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy.

No right to contraception the right to marry who you love. If you are a pro-life conservative you are a mega Republican you're taking away people's rights and you are dangerous to the constitutional Republic and therefore your labeled a again adding caveats to not just being a magna Republican which course they can use as likable demand and say look at this, but then start throwing it what has been historically. By the way, and for you to Joe Biden a issue that has been a pretty moderate conservative issue, which is what life life is been pretty much a mainstay, so much so that when you had candidates like Mitt Romney that flip-flop on that issue and moved to a pro-life platform. Why because it's a mainstay of the traditional Republican platform that what you know I would consider honestly being pro-life part of the mega platform. If you want to say that I feel like that's maybe issue 20 on the list of things it probably would be the what you would label a magna conservative same with with a lot of these issues that you exactly whether that life is it privacy which we know was such a life again contraception which dip life again in the marriage which is something that you historically look back on it.

We've we've discussed this before Pres. Trump made a lot of big movements when terms of the LGBT representation and it dealing with those laws across the world so all this. This is really say we don't mean all Republicans really we do and we would label you as the enemy units had probably the worst speech in our lifetime. The President go on in the yellow doctors look I had my friends who said he did watch it not give them a time of day. That's a mistake. You have to give people you have to watch this you happy with her saying about you that's what it is they're saying about you not about the people January 6, not the people who are doing differently. They're saying this about me like you see, he tries to take talk about the majority of Republicans majority Republicans are pro-life.

I find that hard to believe it would probably 80% of every red state in the country there passing laws right now.

What is it look like pretty pro-life talk about you give me a call 1-800-684-3110 in this divisive mood in the shielded gates of hell you know visual looks like really got a minute to eat. We go to break your yummy. The blood red and you had the military there. It looked like it was out of Star Wars.

It looked like it was the Emperor of their smoke up there making his grand speech of the throne room in front of Independence Hall, but with the theme doubt like this is how it was Halloween season.

So I guess that makes sense pretty much skeletons outside to give us a call.

Though exit 1-800-684-3110. I'm fired up. I think it was was egregious was disgusting in a way, one of the words a little bit like it may be one of the worst moments in the political American history and I hate that was Regarded as not political.

This wasn't a political speech get to said that his own press secretary will play that we get back that this wasn't a political speech. What are you talking about this just goes a Presidential address the major networks in. That's why Fox decided to throw in the corner like talk around for an hour. Give me a break. We are about hello, we are to start this segment.

I miss you. Love you called in my Pompeii was joining us.

Let's first hear from yesterday right before the meeting right for the speech.

This was white as press correspondence was carrying John Pierre when asked the question. Some questions tonight is political speech. Let's hear this is an opportunity again for the President to directly have a conversation with the American's conversation with the American people conversation that really didn't hit most of the major issues specifically attacked half the country, and it's a major issues.

Major issues are pro-life wealth issues actual problems that are happening in this country so well.

You ignored a list of them. We does not about China crime inflation Fenton old border zero references. He does minstrels, the ones January 6 plight insurrection three times Donald Trump three times extremism seven-time violent stands, magna 13 Republican 16 joining us now is a former Secretary of State and our senior counsel for global affairs Mike Pompeo, Mike you want to speech coming this piece starts with labeling extremism is if you're pro-life. He says it the right to privacy, the right to choose. These are out of the mainstream. Thus, your magna Republican, more than likely heard from a practical really one who gave it by the White House direct primetime five-minute and you you you all got it exactly right. His agenda is so disconnected from the American people are ready have to take half of the American public, including monitoring the kids technique doctor came to veteran soldiers, all of whom voted for Donald Trump and the policies that we had for four years and he now basically because you are outside of the American mainstream. Your experiment was. This was a radical speech. This was an extreme speech that the visuals were terrible.

I'm not sure who who thought this was a good idea in advance team but had made him look disconnected in ways that I think will not only hurt him politically, but are so divisive and so inconsistent when he tells us everything he wants to do that you can only describe that speech last night is an effort to guess like the American people and tell them things that we all know, simply aren't true when you look at Holt actually thinks that it was the main topic basically beautifying the nation healing a broken soul of the nation when you come out you attacked half the nation. It's not like he said, specifically people that did this it became a label that got so broad in the first minutes of his speech he started throwing around the pro-life, start throwing in all of these things in decent mainstream Republicans. It's about publicans and pro-life. That's pretty mainstream Republicans going to be like you mentioned the imagery and we were in talk a lot about that in this broadcast with the imagery of that the soldiers there and you weren't served in the military. The way they did the background. This was in Independence Hall. It was very ominous and it's the way it came across. At least I think to the American people. It looked like if you're just watching in your thinking what kind of speech is this actually a net importer of the content. No doubt during their dress blues standing in Independence Hall while the President is rightly impacted American people, American people, who by definition trying to make America great right to make a work that he throws around it called semi – it the app I keep coming back to it and talk about it. Inflation reduction act in documented school physical debt forgiveness program. These are things that are wildly unpopular and it made inflation] in America and so he has to turn to almost a panicked call panic called it the other side is just really extremism so you have to walk away from these people who are ordinary citizens who love our Republic deeply and work defendant, other nation and who care about the unborn and try to protect those lives he could call those people semi fascist make a Republican that were trying to destroy the Republic of that is not the way a President who even even pretend to want to unify the nation would speak in that backdrop against which he said it made all the worse the case inside of this elite week. There are some topics that are real that are happening right now that we need addressed whether that is RC inflation.

Whether that is. That is what happened with the baby formula, shortage of that you have gas problems that have happened and you GTE take some wings on that as much. I disagree with their wins because last six weeks. Things maybe got a little bit better as he is. As you may be seeing the gas pump, their situations even where got to Bobby past guns built no reference to mass shootings are happening, really, or under his watch and school shootings are having others watch issues that really matter issues that your children have to deal with every day instead you have this blanket attack on people who are really label it. He labels it. Magna conservatives I would never label myself as a magna Republican just because that's not the way I talk now by a Christian conservative guess what, that's essentially what he saying yes which is if you have a belief system that says life begins you know I can save the wound. Then sorry you're not with the mainstream. So therefore you are in a in its it's absurd and I hope what this does is wakes people up because they have not been sleeping for the last three weeks and they need to wake up because receiving elections change missing things move. It is times to get there so so Mike E makes the statement, he claims that quote again uses magna Republican statements do not respect the Constitution don't believe in the rule of law. The irony of this is is pretty telling. Because when you look at it.

This is a guy the borders in total chaos. The crime rates have soared while the bureaucracy submit weapon eyes with 87 new IRS agents in the sky sit there like he's Darth Vader. I mean with them with the two soldiers behind him and then we know that they and then got all this issues with the FBI and bias so all of that takes place. It sounds like they're not even aware of what American people are actually thinking about right now probably true in Dearborn earlier to where he talked about political violence, political extremism. I remember the summer of 2020. I remember when the progressives went to the street and cause unmitigated right to take place in law.

They told the law enforcement people about stand down or get it defined you if you want to talk about political extremism that was at them and those of us who have these traditional ideas of our nation. The Judeo-Christian heritage that has made our country so etc. so great he didn't speak to that last night you spoke to that with the war sentiments the worst places in people's heart that he tried to pick to use name-calling if you will write you shouting mega dozen plus times to somehow incite his motive to go to the polls think it's gonna work.

I think the American people can see the destruction of the by ministrations brought to their families and to their community and I am confident that they will hear that speech last night and they will state that is not someone that has any prayer beautifying our country nor anyone is to protect the country in the direction that a conservative Christian like me wanted to go.

I like places like number 20.

This is the President talking about the ongoing attack on American democracy take a listen while the threat to American democracy, Israel. I want to say as clearly as we can.

We are not powerless in the face of these threats. We are not bystanders in this ongoing attack on democracy. There are far more Americans far more Americans revving from every background of belief rejected extreme mag ideology than those that accepted soupçon, Mr. Sec., here's what happens. The President first calls conservative semi fascist that gets panned across the board, including CNN and MSNBC Sanjay that's that's not the right they should be doing that, that the American people so they get away with that. That used to be ultra mag. Now it's extreme mag now just magna Republicans so I'm trying to think if I'm thinking like like they would be thinking politically. What was the point. Who was he trying to reach with the speech group] activated allowed benefits to completely dedicate panned even by his own team. He was he was clearly speaking to a group of people who are the ones who think that the January 6 commission is conducting a fair analysis of what took place at the same group of people who think that it was okay for those rights back in the summer 2020. The group of people who became so abstract so obsessed with the central understated Donald Trump had to be defeated. Think he was speaking to this people trying to figure out how to get them out. The truth is, most Americans 70+ million understand a very different America than what he described that very problem you outline that have happened on his watch. These personnel almost 2 years of the very problem subjugated, thinking about the next week as I go to the polls.

I'm convinced that you're actually right.

Thanks again necessary to say my company, or senior counsel for global affairs Mike, thanks for being with us in a loving we talked a little bit about the atmospherics but the atmospherics of your vision will be working this industry for decades now that was a really bad atmospheric absolutely in front of Independence Hall should look beautiful and patriotic American. Instead he said it looked to Monica looked even talk dark it looked like some kind of a horror movie, and that alone was a bad visual heretics published looking at parity. Then you had the actual content of the speech and in their comments coming in at an unnecessarily disagree with it. There saying how this feeling, which is if you like. Not only is he trying to divide the country. He's trying to pretend that there isn't half this country and it does feel like that moment where it's like okay well for the country. This way fits in the country. This way, but let's try to convince that small percentage of people that those people are evil. Not that we disagree with them. He talks a little bit later on about, you know that you will find that that bite specifically where he said well you know there are reasonable disagreements in politics were clearly the ones that are reasonable. The ones he laid out, which are, by the way, the main frame conservative platforms and really the end of the day the Christian platforms. I think that is really what this is the tack on your faith this attack on beliefs that go against maybe a little bit of what the Democrats I disagree with and that is of the river address in the next segment on placement of bites you here because like you belong spiritually to 25, 26 minutes but a lot of content there.

We walked through it. We also have a full back acculturate our intakes of your cause is nonelective of the lots.

I guess everyone were to analyze discrete calls and 800-684-3110 Prof. Harry Hutchison join us for director, policy bill is going to write the post first again when he hundred 64 3110 to 1 o'clock. It was good to Barbara in Pennsylvania. On line one cannot say Barbara welcome to call. I I'm a grandmother. Therefore, I have our borders to cure. I want small government.

I am pro-life and I am not an extremist.

I found last night as I watched this speech I was horrified that the visuals are horrifying and asked out personally attacked exactly the same way about personally attacks it states this probably isn't look you guys commented on my thoughts like I'm not as hard like crazy like she said that extremist I think you can find the lot a middle ground in some subissues, but when you're attacking people over some very, very basic conservative values and again like I said replace magna for Christian is that's really what it is not it's I don't think that is in the actual sense, but what he labeled as mega as mega conservatives can say that again are issues that are almost directly linked to Christian conservatives, the traditional conservative Christian voter not your heart extremist right-wing person will end them in the mega movement as it's called, and it's loosely defined, but on a lot of the issues that Joe Biden laid out Prof. Hutchinson. Mary was were not issues that the mega movement even addressed what he boy he did not want to drop for a moment addressing those of us that take a pro-life position as extreme mega Republican.

This is not a new history. Unfortunately, I think that is precisely correct and so last night Joe Biden revealed for all of the American people all of the world to see that he is a hate filled individual so Jerry we now know who Joe Biden truly is.

We live in a world of diabolical lies in a world of really universal deceit led by globalist just this week Joe Biden called Republicans semi fascist. During the same week he stood before what appears to be the gates of hell and he then called all Americans who do not worship at the altar of abortion a threat to our democracy.

This speech I think was the most hate filled speech in American history, but it is equally important to remember one thing and one filing only Joe Biden has always been a divider of the American people who can forget his love affair with the segregationists in Congress Jesse Helms Robert Byrd Strom Thurmond. Whenever segregationists needed help. Joe Biden was there to lend a hand. So he is always focused on dividing the American people that would be considerate of his legitimate political differences that bites. This is the bike.

This is 36 from Joe Biden so just in case you wanted a bit more background on this speech essay talk about all conservatives. Let's listen American Marcus. He only works only if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me only if we respect our legitimate political differences can be adding political differences with legitimate political differences because in the very beginning of the speech you just said if you're pro-life legitimate political difference in the art that takes care of so with the people you are already alienating them and then you're talking about the chamber behind you, and I feel like he has nothing about American history when he's talking about the chamber behind him and Prince Hall. The Constitution side. I don't know if your eyes know about this during that whole time we were in a little bit of the unrest. We wish we were in conflict with the conflagration on the extent it's called the Revolutionary war, revolution for reason because we were both from the king.

Now I want to take Tim's call because I think this is an interesting call it Harry's view on this listing number two near my caller starter. When will Pres. Biden learned the difference between democracy and a representative republic. For starters, number two, I give him an F on his delivery shatter more like Goebbels and Hitler then a sitting President of the imaging was whoever came up with that set design could help but think of how you could look you take just as visuals, you couldn't help but invoke authoritarianism, authoritarianism couldn't help but to remind you this is the guy put 87,000 new IRS agents in place. We got an FBI that is so politically bites but does that mean you need that's great.

We have those kind of things build up and also give the speech that is in front of this visual that is disturbing, that is disturbing to anyone out there in the least traditional political looking policing and call them out on oh yeah oh yeah the lighting was bad everything was obscene and call them out on it. Most the most honest, like most will say this journalist with political differences that I disagree with a lot of them, call them out on it said that this was a disgusting speech so you call me a very good point and that is we talked about the moxie which wearied were democratic in the sense of being a constitutional republic, but he conflated all that that wasn't part of this and I think that the fact is that whatever the reason for the speech was on am still trying to figure out that gin up his base.

I don't I don't have any idea the lack of understanding the history of the states was very evident why think that's true, but that has been true of Joe Biden's history, he fails to understand as the caller points out what a constitutional republic is so if Joe Biden disagrees with the decision by the United States Supreme Court.

He argues that that decision is anti-democratic.

Yes it is. It was designed to be anti-democratic Joe Biden, why don't you read the United States Constitution.I think Joe Biden has reached a point in his life where he is no longer capable of learning new things, including old things that include the U.S. Constitution. But here's the thing.

I will take more calls coming up. We got a lot we are not full 30 minute they had we had a couple lines open out 800-684-3110 because we took calls early. There was a bite, is it time to play number 29 was running to to type filter type what I want people listen to the language here today. There are dangers around us. We cannot allow to prevail.

We hear you heard it more and more talk about violence as an acceptable political tool in this country. There is no this was a President that said nothing. In the summer of 2020 when cities were being burnt down Eric and federal buildings were being birthed down on the West Coast. I think that's precisely correct. So the Democrats if you actually analyze their behavior and their rhetoric. They believe in violence when it advances their because they opposed violence when it doesn't advance their cause, but I would also caution listeners to be aware of one thing and one thing only Joe Biden was trying to make conservatives into violent and so we should not take that bait cannot take the bait you labeled this understand most people know right now are coming up. If you get on your local station is broadcasting live right now in a great way also to share is to just click share for much of Facebook is to hit that thumbs-up right now. I would really appreciate it. If you're on YouTube. It's a plus if you're on trouble tickets out the thousands more people to get thumbs up like share right now for coming up thinking about just ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is a secular present line gives a speech that is all putting best and worst which I think is what it really was, was an attack on at least 50% of the American populace voting public and Europe mega Republican extremists. If you're pro-life and that's when he led with so II think it's important for people since that is what he led with does show them. Sure their internal polling all at shows that that is an issue that has rallied the base and we can quickly we can reply to that and say that Dobbs didn't get a large Democrat Jeff audience to probably pay more attention to the midterms and maybe they were due to the fact that Roe was overturned as much as we want to take a victory lap for a minute. We knew this was going to happen. Yet, specifically targets Christians silly targets conservatives labels is extremists and that is to be the playbook that is going to roll out over the next two years, so be prepared.

And I see her here, he said don't take the bait.

They they try to really whip us up into divine rhetoric. Don't do it encourage you not do that. Why would you want you to be very aware of what's being said about you because you may be with us, people who decided not to watch the speech I ith I find that to be a mistake because if you watch the speech you see how you were to relabel to baby by the latest 50% will contribute 50% of your friends percent of parity or school.

It was that of the country. So how are you would know to do that if they start labeling you as extremists for having pretty mainstream point of view, but just because you typically vote conservative.

Just because you attend a church and you believe that abortion is wrong.

That is simple, basic conservative Christian fundamentals in their throw you out there is a right wing extremist mega conservative begin using that as a negative out what I would encourage you to do right now our phones are completely jammed that thumbs-up right after watching on YouTube. There's a couple thousand of you watching that really helps if it gets it. So we were people speeds people have to hear this in the easiest way the free way to do it is to click that thumbs-up you watch on YouTube is hit the plus if you watch on trouble and to like and share. If you are on Facebook because the more interactions that happened in comment more interactions happen, the more the show continues to grow.

Some ask to do that right now before we take this next call before we go to our next set of comments like we talked about the visuals you intern but even just if you watch a mute. How would you feel you we revoke exit revoke Star Wars you revoke a lot of different things.

Your brain can help go to. It really did feel like that was very North Korean, North Korean or are tried and had this look of China or North Korea are Terry and your big proud dictator who walks out with a red background of the military behind it. It says, everyone who disagrees with me is wrong and evil and were used to hearing that were used to hear that in in campaign speeches but to pretend this is a Presidential address is disturbing and discussed will listen to what he says of this by number 23 tackles in the bag Republicans and made their choice. They embrace anger. I thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies but together. Together we can choose a different path. We can choose a better path forward to the future, you can choose a better path them play. Despite this is bite number 14 magna forces are determined to take this country backwards backwards toward America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No you realize what he just said he labeled pro-life Americans as in his view, this casino magna forces that are dangerous to the content the democracy as he calls it to the constitutional republic. Is it really is. We really operate, but that's what he said so the phraseology that he's using the first identifier is if you're pro-life, that's his first identifier, what is that say about where we are. Got it working. At that point, what is this mean politically. Why was he doing this guy who is mostly pro-life. His whole career, until he decided to present right exactly.

So you guys are the just about to line politicians. We know that they didn't do anything to win.

We have stand up to it. We have to make sure that they don't we hear answers answers that make sense to people because not living in your own echo chamber. Trouble really just threw that in the next half hour to club his questions, the covenant is to start with a phone call on US withholding for over half an hour. We appreciated was good to hear who's calling Pennsylvania on line 3 Harry McCall Michael, what about that last night narrating to me to be called everything from packet to a nonentity. But what I wanted to play was about. This is reminiscent may, but McCarthy hearings back in the 1950 if you are or or this guy your nothing.

You're here know what it's it's so sickening that you have that type of attitude and vented to the American public arena. Come on now mod here's the thing you know the speech labeled people any labeled half the American populace and he did it and this is what so to be discouraging about what he did.

Under this guise of American power with this evil red background and then to Marines in their dress uniforms like Logan said, as if this was Indochina and but here you have it on a peat speech that was nothing but political. So Col. what Smith is with us right now and I West.

We spoke this morning before we went on air. You said you found that personally very offensive. Absolutely. And I cannot overstate that Jane did as a career military officer I was personally offended by that backdrop under military regulation. Troops were forbidden from showing up in any partisan event or any political event in uniform. Of course, is the commander-in-chief. He can order troops to show up wherever he wants them to. But he looked for all the world like a fascist strongman and I sat there watching it and again I was truly offended. I felt sorry for those young Marines that were used that way. Having never worn the uniform. I don't think he understands the military ethos and how insulting that was for the military was insulting to the military and it was ominous to the American people. This is the incident the President that's got an FBI out-of-control and Iris were there putting 87,000 more agents in the making sure Special Agent can you shoot to kill this for tax cases and you think yourself. How did we end up here, but this was a calculated move up no accident here. Here's what you're not exactly call you semi-fast as a morgue is a blowback on that with two great ultra magna people were wearing that as a slogan of honor. So now you're an extreme magna Republican that's taking way women's rights to choose. That's always labeling I can say one of the thing. That was lazy labeling it was. It was filling philosophically and politically very unsophisticated. Most conservative Americans support the idea of American greatness and of the principles of making America great again, even if they don't support Donald Trump.

He took all 70 million+ of us and lumped us in one group together likes. It is lazy labeling and stereotype 9 million P right was 75 million people voted for the last, the former President I stay so it whether you like the policies are not aware the motor whichever way you voted a lot of people label like this loaded yet the law is a very large amount of people to label as essentially your enemy not just your political someone you disagree with any tried to do his best ally cites a caveat that the problem was he to have a thorough rhetoric to what he caveat insight to mainstream Republicans when he says makes Republican seems like he means Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, because I don't really see any others that are out there that are these it out.

Non-pro-life, probably at maybe a handful of non-pro-life Republicans that are in the House and Senate legitimately pretty pretty mainstream point of view. I may be those that are coming out of some areas of the country, but the majority are this estimate your labeling, not just an extremist group you are going after that even if you thought you just said from supporters labs you disagree with, but when you started put throwing in their the sort of again mainline conservative points of view view was that you held until pretty recently. Also, Joe Biden as enemy.

I can't take it out on the many people can we have to be careful out over the next couple years I will place them rhetoric.

This is rhetoric. This is aimed at the Supreme Court of the United States by a sitting senator who is now the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer take a listen to this I want you to know you will. Susan Tim drainage in its report. Just as in the cases they heard you will not know what hit you, we would hit them.

Besides protest at their house. One guy tried to assassinate Brett Cavanaugh, so they talk about violence in all this like it's you know I condemned violence on any side. You would also didn't do change the minds, the Supreme Court just noticed Jordan who actually probably backfired on you for being honest and heading south. Of those, the magnetic there were strong conservatives and nothing really not doing it that way but you want to push a Supreme Court justice will see what happens when that's really what when that's what you had Roe overturned something that I was shocked to see in our lifetime we call our Atlas keep going let's go to Alex online for Alex on their there year and I will great you made my point that I was there I met on just before the great no you and Mary. II just trying to hold shop orders to lash out in some violence or something.

I'm also walking away there.

Natalie trying to show people maybe go out. I think being angry or kinder people to be a great portion people. I think this is another issue they're trying to share their base to come out. I think you're right but working so you do not take the bait. The baby listen closely, you need to listen closely to the way people are talking look needlessly by four from Joe Biden what he would say this post to be a nonpolitical address to the nation as I stand here tonight. Equality and democracy are nurse all we do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise.

So tonight I've come to this place where it all began to speak as plainly as I can to the nation about the threats we face about the power we have in our own hands to make these threats about the incredible future lies in front of us is only we choose it this this is coming from a guy Wes that his weapon eyes the IRS. The bias within the department. Just as we spent a week talking about that this week I might go over that again. Nine. The FBI is all these agents lead me to get a Susan's investigation agents are escorted out because of bias and and he's threatening the American people with this release, happy American people. Yeah, he gave what we can only be fairly called an extremist speech in order to counter what he seems as extremism. I thought it was telling observed people and body language.

He was very angry. Not once did our President smile at anything, even when he was pretending to be talking about hope and and and when I came away from from listing to this entire thing and it was painful and and again. It was embarrassing but rather than invoke our better angels President Biden invoked our societal demons last night.

He purposely pushed Americans into their political corners. So I'm wondering if this is a good part of the Jordan question will talk to make it back is when identification is let's talk about this. One of the political consequences of this didn't galvanize his left flank, or did it galvanize Republicans saying I like my pro-life Republicans being called ultra magna are here again. Maggie extremist I think well I see on the next few weeks plays out.

I think also what I said before is.

I hope that enough conservatives executed to see this to see what people are saying about you not only people say about you, what the President of the United States whether you like me calling him that are not says about you and what do you not bring up. This is a great list of our team put together did mention China. Benjamin did mention crime zero mix of inflation zero mention fit model or the border a few references to what Donald Trump extremism violence Megadeth 13 Republican at 16, so that's what this was. This was not a as acute care, John Pierre said this is not a nonpolitical speech and she said that yesterday right before the speech I the feeling she had a head of an early copy of that speech to review and wheeled it to.

As we saw the semi-fascist terms being thrown around that backfired so extreme they come up with something else.

I came up with magna extremist again, which was said what, 13, 15 times of the like that you said you don't take the bait and I agree. Don't take the bait like you do is that you still need to get activated. What is going on because the midterms are coming up. I look at this was six weeks ago.

A lot of conservatives were sit back relax and say we got this.

The times are changing what you hope is a lot of people saw this and say this is not the President. This is not the way I want this to go.

This is not America. I live in and that I mean that even for Democrats.

Couple of Democrats watched and said this was disgusting and disturbing you have. I agree with is not the way we treat other Americans in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia absolutely absurd but prepainted red with written red lights in the military you like you said like a horror movie horse. I'm coming up, and we have a full like a call so they may open up.

They will also 100-684-3110 watched on YouTube.

Thumbs up, plus a rumble she unfazed, because it allowed him a call to do that I will play despite this is again for the press secretary yesterday. We arty pledge the bite where this is not to be a political speech. Here's how the caveat is not a political speech is the caveat that you are one of the extremists. Here's a bite 70 think about will and protecting women's right to choose those are majority of Americans support so how were talking about here is popular talking about agendas that is incredibly extremely talking that in agenda nine where majority of Americans are so the presence going to talk about that. He's not shy away so the country leans pro-life by the way, so this is okay that's number one. And if you said was even 50 or 6040. The other white 60% probe Joyce 40% product labeling 40% of the populace of the electorate as Maggie extremist. I guess in a week ago as Maggie extremist were no semifascist but that phrase daily work.

She was labeling just people who who are against abortion is as complete, extremist, and your time and people are extremely incredibly extreme, or talk about that agenda is not where the majority Americans are what luck it's if if anything, it's pretty split down the middle.

So let's go ahead and take some phone calls. Said he has known for a long time, anywhere they can Try North Carolina Europe 95. Sorry for the late Alma brought I don't like all you know his last speaking to any threatened Americans would use the F6 things that didn't go along with this policy. As a pastor greatly concerned for our nation. When a President gives up their minds comments that there is a battle for the soul of the management is very concerned and not man.

My heart breaks for you and I want to get paid when American you know this is a moderate spiritual warfare at its finest betray I think it's hard not to just jump to some as pastors of the north Carolina when you hear the battle for the soul of America than you hear that this is what were talking about and you say this at this very hollowing, looking as setting the bowl of the soul of America is his loot the termination of unborn children mentally sank as I said, first set, but FYI hands, it wasn't in that last night was another one thing. And like you said, and of living that is a mag and conservative.

We look at them like the sea pops effect poles were like one most important issues which you've that's a pretty that's a pretty magna group abortion ladylike 15th or something. This this year not to get another's importance clue what that really saying is that Megan conservatives going after Christian conservatives. His that's were talking about here is continue on.

Think of your call, let's go to Teresa who is calling Illinois also been a hole for half an hour.

Thank you Jerry so you're on their by the net selling and I can't." It inviting. I can't imagine but the visual I'm looking at it to the real killer and you can barely see American flag in the middle as if it had been contacted by two pillars of communism and that upset me more than anything.

I cannot wait to go to vote do anything out but I cannot wait to get to the polls November activated some people the right leg with the visioning was horrified is I think. Communism North Korea Sgt. this is this is the vibe that was coming out of it. Do I think Pres. Biden sat there with a lighting director, probably not.

He just walked in, showed up and did his thing and left.

But maybe will from now on because that's half the conversation you have is well look like the gates of hell right there on screen so continue on go to Lori's calling Arizona online one you a call and quibble about time 100-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 which is cleared out and calls or slides so we have some room. Lori Arizona Europe. One of the big thing that hit home when he ate the kind that will okay I don't think you will follow the conscious and that watching your choice keep saying democracy were constitutionally there is a difference we have that piloted by 13. Forget about Tiger Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law. They did not recognize the will of the people. Is this a guy that had limited on this speech he gave me today how many references time at the rule of law that he had as it relates to things like crime crime zero the border which is a big problem zero fennel zero but believe me three references Donald Trump 72 extremism 13 to magna 16 to Republicans. I can't judge a way that absolutely any income coming in from Philadelphia for major city, probably with some crime issues. I don't know exactly time Philadelphia's crime rating but I'm feeling not love that rates low. Let's keep going let's go to David his calling line to David earlier today, my culture, Joe Biden forgot to mention reality that the Democrats are the party in power to destroy her energy independent highest gas prices in history crying and are destroying our country.

Our next point they want to divide Republicans don't let them because all mainstream Republicans on negative Republicans now only like the Republicans are not even know if Joe Biden knows what America first agenda is to be honest. Okay, I'm not sure because, as Logan said and dear David this is your point. But Logan said his first name whenever pro-life Americans which lets me honest within the mega capacity is not the big issue in Philadelphia because that is pull up this the stats is the highest murder rate per capita among can't bend the country's top largest city so designate from Philadelphia and not mention crime not majority the problems of having barely mentions gun violence, things that you think you would actually want to address. But no, what is he do he brings up President from 40 times as if he still the President are you 15 times ever was about mega 13 times since the same thing. It didn't feel like a present felt like someone running for a leper for Freddie. Is he trying to send a message to the Democratic Party that that decent run again that was levitate part of this messaging was from from Joe Biden to his Democratic base that those of you to think I'm not running again get what he is, and it wasn't a stumbling bumbling Job I'm speech you have to go to that he deftly said what he wanted to say and it was horrifying at the Starbucks. Maybe I prefer stumbling bumbling goofy Joe Biden that I do you horror movie North Korean job. I would rather let you know.

Debbie really clicked Debbie on their Debbie and their great what you come online will will and 91 of your other college player Frank talking to people and persuading them that Mary and Franklin say something about that because here's what it is. There I try to compare anybody that I may be. To be honest.

However, the imaging that was utilized. If you watched it on mute. Okay it is it was very authoritarian looking and at times sounding and it was ominous so Castro is, it was more that five of this.

History of military China.

These are not good regimes and bad regimes and what look. I think it was a signal to the Democrats. He's running again I don't run against the that's what the messages their committee medicine. So the rest Republicans based on our call today are going out in the polls and voting in the all right for today's broadcast will be back Arabia shows next week. Always stay in touch with sport work there holiday week we can subscribe new podcast luncheon. I just under two weeks secular brothers podcast on secular

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